Lets Play Plants vs. Zombies 2: JALAPENO Far Future Days 6 7 8 9 10 11 = CITRON & GARGANTUAR PRIME

greetings earthlings me fdtv dad from the far future what’s up guys alright so I played 1 through 5 in the last PBC 2 gameplay video thingamajig Bob so this time we’re gonna charge a good – to trone little do there his name is the citron or cetrone or or a sitter on maybe you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your boogers wait I don’t think it said that but some of my best friends are pants I don’t like to wear pants whether you survive a zombie attack with the given pants whoa what’s all this talking about pants for some reason today I can’t see the letter L yes I was almost gonna say that word L that’s not really a word unless you’re enchanted Ella Enchanted alright we’re gonna get this we’re gonna do this I’m gonna kick some zombie book and man I’ve just I’ve been wanting to play this you just have it at the time so much so much stuff to do let’s go ahead and block you I love this fast-forward button up here that’s why I don’t wish to play PBZ one the kids actually play that Michael X and even chase chase like just got the whole walnutto he’s like I’m leveled – he’s not like level two and a half but um yeah unless he’s got like 16 Grinch he won’t spend her money let’s just knock you out really quick go boom boom and you’re gone wait we need a guy back here there we go what stopped you there didn’t think about that one – good let’s go ahead last year boom Shakalaka Oh somebody lose his head yes there was you oh man we need a laser beam we need the laser beam we need a laser beam attention all being makers we need the lasers all snap oh snap fast forward fast forward you what No boom here we go oh yeah hey don’t you touch myself um power went got myself some plant food I just like to call it a leaf but a achiever and one of the last videos was like it’s not called the lead okay like a fairy whoa blow you away smithereens peace out say hello and Leila dude let’s get another laser beam going right no that wasn’t a laser beam that was pointillist oh my goodness I totally switched spots for the laser beam and the bok choy not good man not good I mean I’m still gonna win I’m pretty sure especially if I go ahead and do it a little bit of that right there all right there we go and then um whatever let’s just get but yeah give me some of that wait oh no that was a waste guys guys I promise I didn’t mean to do that I meant to put the power I’m not gonna do it but I meant to put it right on that guy right there we’re almost at the end so we probably will be doing that very soon blast you boom boom boom he’s gonna take me out huh yeah a new way a new way oh yeah whoa oh I have to use it ready where should I use it on that’s usually not you yeah break down your barrier he’s gone he’s a goner he’s a nerd that’s gone a gone nerd get it get it Oh looky here looky here boom into some give me some sons it sounds like something like like if the word high-five wasn’t invincible invincible invented over like oh goodness my sons oh snap blow you away all this we’re done right might as well do a little bit of that do a little of this and then even do that oh snap we still got that speed well we got so much money let’s go ahead and be funny and punch out him and look at that he’s done it done done done I got the citroën I’m gonna sit on the throne that’s like a throne with no age like it’s at Roane built for king and queen shoots powered balls of plasma I usually get the names like I get it all nut you know I’m saying to give it like what is that thing called a lightning read that my class I love dad oh I adore I bought the jalapeno the student jalapeno I’ll show you the jalapeno oh yeah jalapeno bro oh that’s cool all right so of course we

need my team mr. bunk oh wait wait you know what I want to get I want to get another leaf tile thing whatever it’s called not a tile but nevermind you’ll see what I’m talking about maybe I don’t really know if I want to sit roni yeah we’ll try alright I’m not sure if this is a good team actually actually this is a bad team because I have no shooters alright he did Wow what was I thinking guys I just made a very very bad decision I’ve got no no thing I’ve got no hitter oh man I’ve got no shooters I’m gonna have to get a lot of money why did I just do that man I’m doing so bad so bad oh my goodness that was just like off to a crazy start please take him out oh he’s gonna eat me oh my goodness can I redeem myself stick around and find out you know I’m just getting frustrated I’m just gonna there you go get that out of the way here we go give me some point of food I need some plant food I’m gonna go crazy with it I need to get this plan for to get some Citrone ease ivy some Citrone ease and cheese they’re cheesy they’re loony they’re Kraft Mac and cheesy Rooney’s I used to love baby Looney Tunes and in this cartoony they’re invading your TV they’re comic dispensers they crack up all the censors Tiny Toon Adventures come and join the fun and now our song is done here we go baby whoa look at that oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about let’s get a little bit of you up in her come on get a little mad get a little mad bro boom oh we got a shoot yeah let’s just light you up get going you’re gone oh snap this is ABC oh it’s not strong enough for that dude it’s not strong enough for that dude we’re gonna need two in each row get a little bunky get a little joy oh yeah we’re gonna need some more citron let’s get this yeah yeah here we go and let’s get a little citron Ronnie oh this is going bad yep this is bad you know get get this is bad oh snap let’s go ahead jalapeno who do we want a jalapeno you don’t you touch my plant boy punch a bunch of punch him there we go yeah Citrone ease in the house I like to actually like this intro knee the Citrone is only good that one you’ve got a lotta mony but s it Roni hold us it drove it Oh a huge wave of zombies a huge wave of zombies is approaching here we go sit Roni time baby oh yeah what’s the hang-up in you who like a spicy food you want the spicy food boom eat it Friday mama I got water for you you want water go to the bbc1 oh look at that so easy still not my I probably wouldn’t have chosen those guys if I had to do it again a little nerve-racking luckily you had that sent Rooney but the jalapeno toilet oh look at that mouse on the screen whoops can you communicate depending my name is Goomer did you unplug it and plug in the back in have to continue Oh Maya this is gonna be crazy how many ways can we defeat I hope we could defeat at least two more this day seven wait this is eight what wait wait survived a massive attack from the far future survived without any loud modes wait a second wait a second oh wait a second oh this can’t be number eight oh my goodness it’s day eight already wait where are you bro are you here yeah you’re here I’m gonna save that save the clover other blow over I see creative named blow over oh yeah we can’t stop you oh we can oh yeah right here go fire them up boom zap boom boom crackle I don’t want to use it just okay fine we have to get here get you oh get you who said I’m sorry I don’t own a Ferrari car but that don’t mean I can’t get through there yeah

she’s in Nick box and I’m more of an Atari I’ll say the word that’s a play okay I’ll put it up now in there but you would not know I just thought you should know but Mike used to love that song you might have seen the video on our other channel where he’s singing it yeah you didn’t see it he was like 2 years old and I mean when we put it out people didn’t believe he was 2 like there’s no way that kids – I’m like that’s a big boy let me tell you that boy he big cuz he’s a he’s a big boy oh man yeah blast it you all snap blow over blow you out of the water I like using this this speed-up thing in the jig pops you know oh yeah oh snap I’m gonna need power plants get them push them yeah you’re destructive you destructive I got you mean let’s just go ahead and put a little power play yeah boom whoo I’m eating power plant food like ain’t nothing to true it hey fire him up blow him away let’s blow those guys away whoa oh my goodness this is getting to be really bodacious oh snap crackle pop er blow you up but we’re done let’s just blast everybody use them all up use them all up yeah I got a key I got myself a key I got myself you know what it’s contest just kick it sound like a like a little contest no see I got a key and I want you the fever’s to decide which world I am Loch Ness Loch Ness monster Loch Ness Oh next the piracies or the wheeled West let me know news at 10:00 just kidding seriously tell me who would you like me to defeat next I’m which which worldwide it five six seven two eight nine ten middle stop it ten never have more than 15 plants oh this is going to be a challenge I’ve got a new text message who is it from it’s from my body rub it welcome they’re from coin-op TV ok rub it well yeah what’s up do shout out to my boy quite out TV all right both check this out full weight more than 15 plants yeah that’s cool we could do that and then a little shooter here Yeah right all right that’s cool when you’re gonna need a little over a jalapeno wait we need a jalapeno we need a jalapeno don’t do this to me man we need a jalapeno oh man we need a jalapeno wait a second never have more than 15 plants all right that’s all right all right but let’s just check my Zen garden because if I have I don’t water my thing go in alone oh wow oh wow oh oh oh I got a alright well we know it like she does she just sprinkles the dust then he gets tired right I want to do it oh I want this guy she gets he gets tired just goes out goes back in and does it again so like every 15 seconds you can do that but that way I think you could shave off like 3 or 4 seconds like 3 seconds with so anyways yeah let’s let’s just you know what oh we don’t have to okay alright let’s roll with that we’re gonna do this we’re gonna get this I got I got I got a good feeling about this I got a good feeling about this we got 15 left a little bit of X right here yep yep yep we’re gonna do this got 10,000 coins boom if not I might just have to use one of my little power-ups cuz I’m not in the mood to prefer to lose done that was bad I should put that wallet up a little bit closer that way oh man oh man I’m gonna need I’m gonna need a bok choy really soon if I don’t get a pump Balcombe choy him there we go now I just need some plant food oh yeah baby claim that’s what I need I like it like dead nine left fast forward oh man not good not good I’m good a choo-choo eight left we’ve got eight plants left a plant’s left let’s do this seven left there we go there we go yeah Oh lover four left

five left cool oh man let’s just let’s just get you at it away goodbye tell your mama I said make some more apple pie is she’s a good Baker oh man three left three left three left we just my my wife sister she made these good these good cupcakes the other day they were delicious who’s next I gotta get this guy to left one left we’re getting a little bit too close for comfort so let’s go ahead and dig up two sons bunch of jalapeno this dude ah destroyed my plan good thing this isn’t a no plant loss challenge three left three left we got a lot of sons I wonder if we could just kind of uh-oh what should I do here let’s do this alright wasted it let’s do that and then 21 only two sunflowers left huh let’s blow over I did some bad moves man there’s some bad news not ideal I wouldn’t do these ideally oh yeah let’s go ahead and do this in it yep let’s go ahead and dig that up twenty five fifty I think we got it I think we’ve got this two left yeah we got it let’s just yeah I got the apple with the afar in his head with two metal fruit loops oh it’s a.m. peach Oh like EMP get it elect an electromagnetic pulse that’s a real thing that’s a real thing yes are you calling me mr. Beeman hey mr. B man tally me banana daylight come and me Wan go home hey you say that I wish I could just get like find a gems hack a gems hack all right let’s go ahead let’s maybe see well one more I think one more is good ten how many is there oh wow Oh wowzer x’ wowzer Bowser’s yeah let’s do ten well let’s see how let’s see how quick ten is if tens like a little hard oh man we got a half of a beehive on wheels or belts I don’t know what that is of course my jalapeno let’s disable this machine yo let’s get some of this you know and some of that no wait a minute it seems like a lot that’s kind of bad right yeah there’s no shooters should i do what should i do man who should i do why don’t we get rid of the tall nuts get that get rid of one other guy let’s get rid of the blower let’s try our luck without the blow over cuz there’s only one guy there let’s get that all right I don’t know I don’t know guys I don’t know we’re gonna try it okay come on all this is bad this is gonna this is gonna be bad it’s on be stopped on me it sounds like the electrician landscaper from PVC garden war fee for future date end oh man hit me some songs he missed some songs you get him he’s gonna stock eating me no I did it too late Oh there we go we got one citroën in the house that’s it troll knock them out go go go citroën go go – go go search phone one sit troll in the house that’s it’s wrong he’s knocked about I said go go go to the truck yeah give me some plant food yeah buddy yes buddy I will do this one whoa niceness niceness in the house I like I love this fast-forward button tell me I couldn’t do anything without this we’re gonna need a citroën e up here punch him that’s a night no no oh no oh no no no just do this sorry auction that you did so soon that was a waste of a power plant man oh he’s gonna eat them what am i doing

what’s the matter with me Oh finally whoa what I lost it roma wow this is going bad am I even gonna make this oh this is bad this is a fail in and of itself this is really bad oh man I need to be like really oh my goodness just do that wait wait wait wait wait wait fire him up boom there you go he’s dead wow this is bad I’ve got no defenses up here way to come on Citrone ease I need some cetrone ease disable machine ease man all right go get him centro knows one two three four five how many do you need come on I need I need I need a jalapeno I need a jalapeno yes oh wow bad choices but I’m still making it get him get him that is it is this the end of it that was it huh was it really that forward take it too long go ahead eat that bok choy get you in the next pot actually that one’s gonna get you oh boom alright finished with 175 Suns I lost one mower though besides that bad because you don’t really get many coins for a more you get like ten coins for a more they should reward you heavily points points points for your power some we don’t plant foods needs I want to get that that plant that gives you the like an extra an extra plant plant it and you get a plan I like to save some Sun for a rainy day if you can’t get having people or an e/m peach you know what should we do plant your defenses and defeat the zombies oh I got a plan it you know what I guess this should be kind of fast cuz I’m planning it right so Oh what maybe we’ll save that guy for last but then we’ll oh this is bad let’s do this oh I have 20 how you have that many sons though huh alright I don’t know if this is gonna work 2750 huh I don’t know man I don’t know what to do alright let’s try this oh I don’t know man 25 maybe oh wow this is bad this is I’m not doing good alright let’s plan it what’s getting you going you going oh there we go take him out take him out put him on put him on put him on put him on my Tim on put them on and then load that load this load this load this way that little fish whoo 900 huh let’s just blow you guys up in the front all right that should be good notes now let’s just be going ha ha ha ha ha bomb happy alright we’ll leave you there and we’ll get you will get you will get you and then boom boom boom not good not good this isn’t good hold on alright wait a second not good not good let’s take you out take you out put you there it’s pretty bit wait whoops let’s put you there I got a seat at least one for my buddy the jalapenos all right I don’t know man 325 left let’s just try it let’s rock fast forward all right guys sit back relax that stinks they’re all gone they’re all gone why are they all good you don’t mind if I do a little bit of this right well I’ll just wait T are you no I’ll wait I don’t want to use it until I need it right don’t use it until you need it that’s the lesson no stop that stop that Oh go get them don’t disable them oh snap I didn’t use blowers bad move man am I gonna get any more plant foods I’m gonna I’m gonna just buy a flicker and just start flicking people away get them all oh not cool whoa I can only do that one

more time just if I use this yep man it’s all right though it’s not wait is this another come on kill him kill him no he’s not going come on get him get him peashooter oh you’re a stinky pea shooter yes he’s kind of down fast-forward who’s left to get all I’m not gonna make this huh I’m not gonna make it I’m not gonna make it no it’s not if there’s still another wave right think so come on right now come on everybody get in get in oh man no I shouldn’t have done that I just waste I lost you know what quick time quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly yeah oh dude I almost forgot about those flickers Wow all right I don’t usually like to use the power up since why have all that money whoo very sophisticated blow over I shall call you miss Bluebird oh yeah what we got here what you got for me what you got for me you just need me to come on come on B man there you go go back sprinkle your little dust and get out of here all right that’s it guys we’re gonna call this little we’re gonna call this little video quick oh snap pinata party is on too bad next one is 12 okay so we’re gonna stop that six through 11 that’s good all right thanks so much for watching guys we’ll check you out please like thumbs up subscribe do whatever you got to do help us support this video we thank you for supporting the channel watching our videos I hope that you enjoyed your time here today on the FG TV channel watching this after you okay bye I’m gonna try to use that for the thumbnail I have to see how it comes out them alright