How I Used To Do My Makeup vs Now (As A Former Beauty Guru) | Rikki Poynter

RIKKI POYNTER: What are you doing? Like (LAUGHS) (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) RIKKI POYNTER: Hello and welcome back to the channel As you may notice, there’s nothing on my face and my hair is up, like, which never happens At least, not on film So, there’s a petition, apparently, going around, for me to start doing makeup videos again, and, well, while I have no plans to come back as the traditional beauty guru that I once was, I was thinking of possibly incorporating some for Sunday videos, which are more like more personal, more laid back videos, but I want it to relate to what I do and not just be, “Here’s a makeup tutorial.” So, I got inspired by a good, good person on YouTube, Samantha Ravndahl I’ve been watching this woman for years She is a makeup artist on YouTube and in real life We met at IMATS before She actually recognized me and I will never forget that day And she did a video recently titled ‘HOW I USED TO DO MY MAKEUP VS NOW’ And basically, it was half of her face with the makeup that she used to wear, and the other half would be the style that she wears now, and I thought that was really cool Although, I must say, I’m not gonna do it exactly like that My whole face now is going to be how I do my makeup now But recently, I had a video with colorful makeup So, background story, I used to be a beauty guru on YouTube for a couple of years, and I was really into colorful makeup I was known for very big winged black eyeliner and a lot of colorful makeup And since then, I’ve just been not doing that so much So, I wanted to give you a little more insight on how I do my makeup now If you are not yet subscribed, I’d love for you to do so, so make sure to click that subscribe button down there and hit the notification bell beside of it And if you are interested in my content, if you learned something from it, please consider being a pledge on Patreon You get exclusive content for as little as $1 a month So, I will have that link down below, as well Now, let’s get to it I’ve already gotten my face moisturized and since it’s summer and ridiculously hot, I’m gonna use the ColourPop All Star Matte blur primer I used to use primers a long time ago, and then I stopped using them, ’cause I felt like they didn’t do anything I think it was RawBeautyKristi that made me want to steer away from primers, just in case Just to try it out Because she also has dry skin And it’s fine, when it’s like spring, but now that it’s summer, I’m finding that it doesn’t really work very well See, I live in very humid, muggy, wet, sweaty North Carolina She lives in the Pacific Northwest, so it makes more sense for me to have a primer on A long time ago, I went back and forth between using foundation, and then I would only wear concealer because I was absolutely terrible at finding a foundation match So, I just wear concealer And also, I just didn’t like how heavy foundation felt, and sometimes, I used just a moisturizer instead, because then I felt like I hated how uneven it all looked, and I thought I looked weird So now, for the last like a year or two years, I’ve been using foundation And I had two shades of the Too Faced Born This Way, because one is too dark or oxidizes, which means that it makes me orange So, I was trying to find a lighter foundation, but I know that this is too light on its own, especially right now in the summer, so I mix them Sometimes, I get that good shade, sometimes I don’t It’s okay I used to wear that on its own Which is fine when it’s not as hot, but now it’s so hot So, instead of buying a brand new tinted moisturizer and wasting more money, why not just make your own tinted moisturizer, with your foundation and your moisturizer? There’s no reason to buy a new one, unless you’re stinking rich, which, I don’t even make the monthly YouTube threshold to get paid every month, so I shouldn’t do that So, I’m gonna take this e.l.f. moisturizer that I just bought I’m actually trying it today for the first time I have it on now, it seems fine I’m gonna do about two pumps And then I’m gonna do more of Porcelain, the darker shade, because I am closer to that shade than I am not And just a little bit of Swan I have really bad under-eye circles, so I have the BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector, which I bought because of Sam Ravndahl So, way back when I did not really use any corrector – oh no, I just always looked like a panda I never really did anything for them And I always thought, “Wow, all these concealers suck!” you know, but no, I think it’s really just the fact that

I didn’t have anything to correct You have to correct your problem first before you can cover it up And I take a wet sponge – this is from Real Techniques I was using this sponge for the longest time, and then I went back to the Beauty Blender because I thought it was better, but the Beauty Blender is a whopping 20 bucks So, you see, it’s brightened up a little bit more And now, I’m going to mix this little experiment that I had This looks like it’s so much product, which it is, but because it’s mixed in with moisturizer, it should feel thinner than if I just used the foundation on its own, which, it does feel a lot thinner already, just me mixing it It doesn’t feel like the traditional I have two pumps of foundation mixed together But I’m not gonna use the sponge to blend this out I’m going to use this Smashbox blurring foundation brush Why did I buy this? Who did I buy this? Who gave me the idea? Shelby something something, who is also a makeup artist on YouTube and in real life She lives in Tennessee And she talked about how she loves this foundation brush, so I wanted to try it I mean, I like this brush I don’t use it on its own, because I do find that I still get streaks So, it’s not perfectly blended, but it’s doing most of what I wanted to do, so now, I’m gonna take that sponge and just press it in and make sure it’s really like, just put together So, just a heads up, I use natural light, so what it looks like on camera may not be what it looks like in real life A lot of the time because the window is right here My face looks three times lighter than the rest of my body My problem area is my nose Foundation always just leaves my nose, no matter what And now concealer I just like to match the foundation that I use So, this is the Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer Also, I have two shades Who’s using way too much concealer? I’m using way too much concealer So, I’m just taking that, and first, I’m going to blend it with a brush Now, I’m gonna take my sponge again OK, this snowball, snow white paper effect cannot keep happening So now, powder. It is summer, so when it’s colder, I just really use a setting spray But I think, just because it’s so hot, it’s so sweaty, I’m just gonna take a little brush like this I used to bake, or whatever sad attempt at baking that it was, and it made my face so heavy It works for camera, in real life it looked horrible I have dry skin, I can’t be baking So, I just put it where I really need it Even though I have dry skin, I do get sweaty in the summer, and it usually happens in the T-zone So, basically, I’ve gone from what used to be a really, really heavy foundation, concealer, powder really pressed in to more of a natural finish by including more moisturizer than foundation, using way less powder, and using a fluffy brush, instead of really a sponge to pack it on Oh by the way, this is the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder…really nice And it’s in translucent light Alright, now we’re gonna move on to eyes So, as you know, as I’ve already stated, I used to do a lot of colorful makeup My favorite brands ever were like Sugarpill, because they are known for the really bright colors And I still love Sugarpill I just no longer own it, except for a couple of lip colors, and actually, yeah, that’s it I just, I don’t really have the energy or the time anymore for the massive colors, the massive bright colors, because they do take a very long time to work with They take more finesse Now, I just really like more of the neutral colors I do have some color in my collection, but it’s more of it’s more toned down It’s not like really bright neon First, you’ve got to prime your eyes if you have really greasy eyelids like me, and this is just the NYX one I have this Wet and Wild brush You know what? If you are a vegan or cruelty-free like I am, let me know how you feel about the whole Wet and Wild controversy I am disappointed, and then they said that they were still cruelty-free, and PETA was like – but PETA, well, we say they’re cruelty-free and everybody is like, well, PETA says so, but I don’t trust PETA at all But then, there’s that whole thing where they were still obviously like, lying about their status and lying about selling products in China, so I mean I’m still gonna use the products that I have, because it’s a waste to throw them out, but So, now that my eyes are primed, I like to set them with a powder You’ve seen this quad before This was once my only eyeshadow quad that I owned Now, my collection has grown a little bit again,

so it’s getting rid of most of it and then really being minimalist I still have this, and I’m trying to hit pan on this skintone shade right here Now, I’d just like to do a light dusting of that I hit pan! Oh my god! Look at that, I hit pan! That’s so exciting! Thank you for being her with me for this moment I appreciate you So, in terms of eyeshadow, I have one very, very colorful palette that’s not Sugarpill and it was a gift I don’t really use it, to be honest I use it very occasionally, like for that bisexuality LGBT Pride video that I did And then, I just had that little quad But then, admittedly, I started getting back into the makeup eyeshadow palette whole, thanks to ColourPop So, I have a little more than I would like And then, in my mind, I was learning I started gravitating more towards single eyeshadows, then making your single eyeshadow palette, because what I noticed is when you buy pre-made palettes, you’re not always using every single color, so you’re kind of wasting money So, when you make your own palette, you are picking shades that you know that you will use Even if you don’t use them all all the time, you know that you will eventually get use out of them, versus maybe buying a palette that’s 12 eyeshadows and only using three, and then the remaining nine are untouched, and it’s a waste of money So, I do have many ColourPop eyeshadow palettes, and so, what I’ve been trying to do is I’m rotating them now So, last month, I was primarily using their new Spring eyeshadow palette, and this month I’m using their Yes Please, which is more of a summery, yellow-orange palette But I’m not gonna use that today, because it isn’t where I would normally gravitate towards on a regular basis But here is my eyeshadow palette This is the eyeshadow palette that I created, more so as a travel palette, one that I would definitely use when I’m traveling, and I wanted it to be I wanted it to have multiple options, so not just something like And this, which is just as efficient and just as good But it’s four eyeshadows, like, sometimes I want a little extra uhm hmm something, you know So, this consists of mostly ColourPop This one in this last row here are Coloured Raine, so I wanted to really try those out This is my palette And I’ve been gravitating towards just more neutrals, like a really light wash of gold, maybe on the lid, and then on the crease, it’s mostly really light browns Just something really quick and easy But of course, you know, I still do have some of the darker ones, just for when I really want a little extra something And sometimes, I like to play around with my makeup, still I have this really light brown shade, and I just put it in the crease And I just really like these light colors now, because they’re just so easy to put on You don’t have to be perfect at blending That’s an issue that I have I’m not really a great blender, to be honest I don’t think I am So, with light makeup like this, you don’t really have to worry about it Let me see if I can zoom in for you people Is that OK? Wow! I look so white! Does that look OK to you? So, if I do my makeup videos in the future is this…do you like this? Let me know Well, I should take another brush and just really feather that out This is from Milani Most of my brushes are Real Techniques and Wet and Wild and Milani I used to buy Mac brushes a lot, and then Mac stopped being cruelty-free I honestly miss the simplicity of Mac, but they are no longer cruelty-free, which makes me so sad I miss them, I really do I miss it being my birthday, and then I get so excited to go to the Mac counter at Norsdtrom at SouthPark and buy a lipstick or an eyeshadow Now, I’m gonna have a gold shade I just really love ColourPop now I like how affordable they are I used to look for the expensive palettes, always looking towards Urban Decay, which, Urban Decay is a fine brand There’s nothing wrong with them, but they are expensive Alright, and then I just take that brush then I just take that brush that I used the light brown on, and kind of blend these two together I think I might go for something a little bit darker right now, just to give it a little bit depth Alright, you know, I’m gonna use one Coloured Rain, because this is the one darker brown that I have in this palette, and just give that a little something Woah, that’s a little too much something Wow! I said that’s a little too much something You know I changed in my makeup taste, when I no longer want boom boom pow on my eyes I mean, sometimes, I do They’re not all that often, anymore That seems OK And now, just to make sure I got it light, take that same brush that I had that Anastassia shadow on Actually, I just realized something One of these shadows is Anastassia That one I bought it at TJMaxx and I have yet to use it

Alright, so that’s the top of my eyes, and I basically just do the same thing underneath And then, the last thing is taking a very light, sparkly eyeshadow, something like this, and that’s gonna go in the inner corners to brighten up my tired, tired eyeballs OK, so my apologies, but my camera’s battery died, so I had to do the rest of my eyes off-camera You may notice something really big right now You may have noticed this in the past couple of years, but if you’re new, if you haven’t been here for a while, eyeliner isn’t really a big of a part of my routine anymore. (GIGGLES) Now, if I tend to wear really dark eyeshadow, I do kind of put eyeliner on sometimes, just because I feel like it balances it out better, especially since I don’t wear false lashes, I just wear mascara But now, I…I love it It will always be a part of me, and I think it makes me look a little more bad-ass. (LAUGHS) But I just don’t have the spoons for it anymore My little disabled, chronically pained, fatigued butt does not have the spoons for it anymore So, now I just use mascara, and right now I’m using more waterproof This is actually sweat-proof mascara, because it is so hot This is the Cover Girl Lash Blast Active Cover Girl is now cruelty-free Also, we have – what are you doing? Like (SILENCE) (LAUGHS) So, for my brows…my brows have never really been that different I used to leave them unruly, and then I really got into the habit of like shaving and shaping, and honestly, I hated that so much And now, for the last few years, I’ve just I’ve kept them as unruly as can be I’ve gone through different phases of how I do my brows I’ve done eyeshadow, I’ve done pencil, I’ve done just gel A couple of months ago, I was just using gel But now, I seem to be using both a pencil and gel This is the NYX Microbrow pencil in brunette On top of that, I have their tinted brow mascara in the same color Cool! OK So, now we move on to the face I used to be a strict powder person for (INAUDIBLE) most of the time I only really wore blush and highlighter, and I used to also be really heavy on the blush Sometimes, it will be a really heavy eye and blush Other times, it will be like no blush and eyes, or just more blush, no eyes I’m kind of whatever about it I try to be more on the natural side, if you will I also never contour, because quite frankly, I’ve always never really understood how to do it But my face is rounder, I’ve gained some weight, so I thought, maybe contouring would help me out So, I’ve been contouring a lot I don’t think I’m doing it very well, but you know, I’m practicing However, now that it’s summer and I’m trying to go more towards the – once again – natural Take a shot for every time I say natural, of whatever beverage you drink, alcoholic or not So, I’ve been going more towards cream products, ’cause I think they suit dry skin better They do, because they’re not dry And I just got this Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula in the latest shade, and it smells like coconut It makes me feel like I’m on a beach So, I’m just gonna take the same side of this brush I use for foundation let’s go So, I kind of do it the same way that I will contour, except instead of doing it right in the contours, I’m trying to do more – you want to do it more on your actual cheeks, ’cause you’re just trying to give yourself that natural sunkissed glow where you want a guy or a girl or you know, just your everyday human being, to fall in love with you, which I will You know, everybody used to talk about doing that free on your face, so, alright This is the second time using this bronzer, and so far, I like it I don’t really have any problems I think I definitely picked the right color, it being in a lighter shade I think the second lightest would be also OK, but this one seems fine One of the things I’m really trying to practice now is using a lighter hand with everything I am still so used to just going to town with anything eyeshadow, blush, foundation, contour, and it’s much better to start small and build up, than it is to like, just go to town And I think I’m doing alright, so far, with this That seems fine, and I smell like a nice coconut I now have cream or liquid blush and highlighter I have for blush, this e.l.f. cream blush stick This is the only one I have It’s in glistening peach I don’t wear like really hot pink, coral blushes anymore I really just stuck to the more natural shades So, I got this new – like, this is brand new, I bought this like two days ago It’s from Real Techniques and it’s a blending sponge It’s supposed to be specifically for highlighter and blush, so let’s see how this works

It feels way more gritty than the regular sponge This is more soft and velvety or silky or whatever This is like, almost like those cleaning sponges, but not as scratchy Which honestly, you probably wouldn’t need this if you just have the regular sponges, ’cause really, if you’re using creme, you know, so whatever Maybe it’s just the texture, but the texture of the sponge is supposed to make it easier to blend these types of product OK, I think I see why they made this OK, actually, maybe this does blend out the products more than the regular sponges, even the Beauty Blender The texture of it definitely grips on to – you know what, the foundation and the cream blush are definitely, like different textures So, cool! Alright, you know what? I like you! I found this at Target, in case you’re wondering Now, for liquid highlighter This is the Milani Strobelight in number two Dayglow and So, I put way too much You know what? I am going to glisten That’s gonna be a little bit too much, but you know what? So, let’s try this for highlighter I like to highlight my Cupid’s bow I am pretty much the same with the highlighter You know, sometimes, I use liquids, sometimes I use a powder I actually just bought a whole blush and highlight palette that I created with the singles from ColourPop, that I would use for travel, so when I have options If I’m just taking like a really quick, like a one or two day trip, it’s not something for me to worry about, but say, I’m gonna go see my boyfriend, and I’m there for about a week, you know, I like to have options, so I just take the powder palette And also, I don’t have to worry about the liquid rule This is really nice I thought that this would be gimicky, but I understand it Alright, and now for lips Lipstick was my kryptonite, lipstick was my weakness I bought so many lipsticks A lot of nudes, a lot of hot pink And then I really stopped wearing lip products all the time And then recently, I kind of stuck with another ColourPop, I kind of started wearing lip products again Not as often, but at least, if I were to film, I would try to put one on A long time ago, I was really into lip gloss, when I was younger, you know, when you’re in high school And then when I started doing YouTube, I was more into lipstick And then, liquid lipsticks started coming out, and everybody was fawning over them on YouTube For me, now, I just don’t really like them anymore, which is unfortunate, because I actually just bought, not too long ago, some new ones, and now, I’m like, “But why?” I really like that they are long-lasting, and they’re really potent, but I have such dry lips, I just…I don’t they don’t work so well for me Now I’m gravitating more towards regular lipsticks, and also, I like lip gloss I don’t like a whole lot of lip gloss, but there’s one in particular, I really love Also, I like using sheer lip colors now I’m turning into a Samantha Ravndahl, basically, which I’m fine with, because I love her and I love her face, and just her I’m gonna try this lipstick I got from my boyfriend’s sister for Christmas This is from Winky Lux and it’s a nude Oh, that’s nice It’s really pretty It goes on really nicely It’s actually very nice, and it’s very cute and small It probably looks a little strange on its own for me, but that’s why we top it off with a lip product, another lip gloss And this is the Fenty Beauty lipgloss in FU$$Y And this is the only one that I have It’s pink and I really want to try the first one that came out, the rose nude I wasn’t sure if I would like that color on me, but I really like the formula I don’t like lipglosses because they’re so sticky But when Sam said that this was great because the formula just felt so smooth and it wasn’t sticky, I wanted to try it, and I’m very happy that I did, ’cause I really liked it And there we go! Voila! And I’m growing my bangs out ’cause it’s summer, so why not? I feel like I look silly with longer bangs I don’t know how I like them on me I don’t know Oooh! My hair looks really nice! Look at this So, yeah, this is what my face looks like now, and this is what it looked like a lot before Definitely, a major difference In terms of face, I feel like I’m much more I have much more makeup on my face, compared to what I had before, but this is mostly because it’s for the camera, and not so much in person But in terms of like eyes, and whatnot, I just – I’m pretty sure, it’s just because I’m getting older Back then, I was like 23, you know, it was very much in my early 20s, and now, I’m in my later 20s, and I’m just really into like keeping it simple And sometimes, I do like to amp it up a little bit I hope you enjoyed this video I would like to do more videos like this, like for example, a routine when I’m at work, like when I’m doing a public speaking event, like something like a YouTube conference versus a school or a more business CEO type of setting, fancy pants deal

A camera-ready routine, things like that Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in for the more laid-back Sunday type of videos I’ve also considered maybe doing like a get-ready-with-me’s and just chit chatting about life It’s just trying to find different, various kinds of things to do If you would like to help translate this video, I would very much appreciate it It always helps out, and I will leave a translation link down below for you to do so Thank you so, so, so much for watching I really do appreciate it, and I will see you later Bye! (INSTRUMENTAL ROCK MUSIC)