basic fkn egl makeup tutorial

okay hello everyone! I say everyone like there’s people watching but more or less it’s gonna be like one maybe two people looking at this we’re gonna do my basic EGL look it’s very simple, fairly monochromatic but first things first we’re going to shave our eyebrows! you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but I do. So here we go! Just trim off the excess hairs that have grown since the last time we shaved and the ones that we missed last time you can get these for like like a pack of five or something at Daiso for like three dollars They’re decent. Yeah. It doesn’t matter too much about your eyebrows because this is EGL and we’re gonna be wearing a wig with a fringe Because it’s not lolita if you don’t have a fringe Anyway, we’re going to do it a little bit of colour correction because I’ve got mad spots Which you thankfully can’t see all that well on camera So I’ve got this shitty little cream colour correction palette that I don’t use very much on account of I don’t usually bother to colour correct my pimples on account of I don’t usually care! but we’re gonna pretend this is a day where I care so *doot* *doot* *doot* *doot* *doot doot* hrmmmmm some of these spots are gonna be hard to cover because they’re actually um scarred but whatever this is very exciting isn’t it fucking whatever moving on. We’ve got this pale ass foundation Now you don’t necessarily need to wear pale ass foundation but this is the one that I generally use for gothic lolita because it goes with the porcelain doll kinda vibe it’s um gross! it’s really bad. It’s kind of old – I don’t know how great it is to use on your skin It’s kind of like a weird moussey formula? and it’s actually the darkest shade that TonyMoly sold at that time which is tells you a lot about Korean beauty standards I suppose I’ve gotten some on the back because I was trying to smoosh it down, so I’m just gonna use that cool whatever and this is a really matte foundation as well usually I hate matte foundation but because we’re trying to look like a dead doll corpse creature thing it’s fine! doesn’t matter! I assume you guys how to put on foundation right? It’s not rocket science next thing we’re gonna do is umm what do we wanna do next? Let’s do blush Just dumped my shit all over the floor. Who gives a shit So. Blush. Red blush It does have to be red blush not pink, not coral, not purple not ~natural~ RED because we’re trying to look like we have tuberculosis and we just pop that right on the top of our cheeks and into our temples… and a little bit into our eyebrow area this is why it’s a good idea to always do blush first so you don’t mess up your

eye shadow or eyelashes doing this trying to blend it together so for our eyes I’m gonna take the blush this blush. Red blush and we’re gonna bring this up to where my eye fold is This is makeup on me, not makeup on you so I don’t know if this is gonna suit you, and I don’t really care if you got an eye shape like me then you can copy it because I never see tutorials on people with eye shapes like me That’s why I’m doing this now if you’re doing these with an iron oxide red you want to be careful around your eyes because some people are allergic to it around their eyes Not like deathly allergic but it can be irritating I don’t know what this blush is Carmine is bugs, isn’t it? This is made of bugs. And iron oxide Most red is gonna be iron oxide Unless it’s like, pink But I think the main colour in this is bugs It’s all natural~! so very lightly get under the eyes as well don’t try to get it underneath your eyelid fat if you don’t have under eyelid fat, um Imagine where it would be I guess? now, let’s go to eyeliner I’ve got this (: etude house play pencil. It’s very smudgy and now I’m gonna take this halfway into my waterline the outer half and now I’m gonna go under to that same halfway point and just bring it straight across why does that cheek look so patchy…? because it is. okay hold on what the fuck ever so by bringing that straight across we’re getting that droopy eye effect which is what we want with lolita. With Gothic Lolita specifically we want to try and bring everything down. We want a sad look Up on the upper lids Just following the lashline when it gets to here pulling it down not up you’re trying to go down you want this outer corner to be going like this *swoopy hand movements that mean nothing* why does my blush look so weird on camera……… Oh cause it’s shiny that’s why. The camera doesn’t like shiny maybe a matte blush would have been better for doing this on camera oh well

anyway next thing we need to do is go over our pencil eyeliner with a glittery black eyeshadow *CRASHING NOISES* I specify glittery because it makes the like teary look more effective um if you don’t have a glittery black eyeshadow I don’t know how you don’t because they’re in every fucking palette in existence but I’m using this electro black from Medusa’s Makeup I think the whole set is on sale for like thirty dollars or something like that and they’re pretty good skinty brush I’m just going over what we did so this eyeliner style is called puppy liner because it gives you puppy eyes as opposed to kitten or cat eyes that winged eyeliner does that winged eyeliner gives you, I mean now if they don’t match because your eyes aren’t even like mine you can attempt to make one slightly bigger and then realise you’ve messed it up even more and just continue doing that until you feel satisfied or give up completely 😀 the last thing we’re gonna do with eyes is put on some inner corner and under eye highlights so get out a highlighter, your choice. I’m gonna use the white shade in this palette which I’m not gonna open because it’s broken. 😀 :s it’s very broken I’ve tried to squish it back together but um it’s still hmmm questionable at best I’m gonna use this weensy little brush and just put that in the inner corner you can do this with your fingers if you want, but my fingers have foundation on them so I’m not gonna do that once you’ve done that go back to that halfway point where we stopped doing eyeliner and now back to our eyeshadow brush that we used before and just blending that back into the red because I put too much on that one hmm it is a lot easier with fingers yay so now we’ve got our sad eyes we can go put on a little bit of highlight on our cheeks using that same white highlighter I just wanted a little tiny bit because we’re trying again to look like again like we have tuberculosis, not that we’re healthy I like to do this C kind of shape to get that sweaty kind of look just using basically the leftovers down the nose just very very lightly again for the tuberculosis vibe um and then mascara I trust that you know how to put on mascara? I use this one it’s called Lash Accelerator Endless by Rimmel It’s fine in my opinion the lower lashes are more important for a Gothic look

or at least for a sad look I’m pretty much just doing the top lashes out of obligation yeah that makes like no difference, whatever what have I forgotten to do…? oh eyebrows With eyebrows, I just kind of use whatever is left on my liner brush because my eyebrows are black just making them a little bit less patchy just gonna add the tiniest hint of a point for that v-kei feel Vulcan-kei! wow they’re completely different looking I do look like a Vulcan, don’t I I’ve forgotten something I don’t know OHHHH I usually put like a shiny nude eyeshadow like a beige eyeshadow up there but um I didn’t bring it so I’m not gonna do that What I will do is I’ll get some of my finishing powder which is this horrible smelling um meteorites shit’s not really shiny is it? okay I’m gonna get my eyeshadow brush, cover that in meteorite stuff, then go back to my highlighter palette and pick up some of that excess highlighter dust that’s just kind of smooshed all around there and hope for the best oooh that’s a lot of highlighter yeah that’s fine. Anyway Lips I use this dear darling tint from etude house again I got a lot of shit from etude house and I didn’t realise It’s fine I guess, it’s cheap here. I don’t know if it’s cheap wherever you are Wow your finger will be stained if you’re not into that maybe use a little blender or something Or just be like really skilful with your lips. Eww It may also stain your teeth so don’t like talk while you’re waiting for it to dry We’re just gonna ignore that Last thing, lip gloss. With questionable powder on it. (???) It’s my favourite lip gloss. It’s from Revlon, was like 10 dollars I think It is… Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer 560 HD Fire Opal. What a name It’s red I like it because it looks like fresh blood you want bitten lips? Or do you want about punched in the mouth lips? anyway trying to blend out the top lip little bit of highlighter that’s it basically so last thing you want to do is get out your wig if you’ve got long hair, put on a wig cap if you don’t have long hair you can just do that! To brush your wigs I recommend using these combs this kind of comb… usually for natural curly hair. This is unnatural

but it works fine let’s go like full old school let’s get some twintails up in here. YEAH ow. OW. that’s attached to my own head. ow. ow. ow There we go woo they are uneven doesn’t matter, this whole look is uneven yay how cute ideally you’d be dressed but I don’t want to put on clothes I’m just gonna wear this hoodie and we can just pretend that it’s a nice dress and that’s it! [fake cute voice] that’s the whole look! yay~!