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HELLO! Thanks for watching Gwai Mat Talk I’m Carmen I’m Agnes We’re going to do a get ready with me today with us I mean We’re also going to talk about our Halloween 2020 experience also what we did before Halloween we already did our base makeup (foundation) we don’t want to scare you guys with our bare face hahaha we already showed our no makeup face on our previous video let’s show a better version of us today let’s start with showing what products we used Agnes, you first Let’s talk about what primer used first the primer I used is this one BT21’s product I’ve never used their products before the consistency is a little tacky Carmen really doesn’t like it I don’t think it fits my skin type so I gave it to Agnes I think it’s good it also brightens your skin I think it’s good for winter or if your skin is a little dull this can help brighten up your skin I am combination skin more and slightly dry I am DRY for sure dry skin I will not use this during summer, I’ll only use this during winter I like it a lot I did not use primer at all she doesn’t like to use primer As for foundation, I used RCMA this pallette is BK 10 it’s very easy to use you can use it as foundation or concealer where else can you find such a multi-use product Carmen’s turn! I used this YSL Touche Eclat foundation my friend recommended this to me I like it a lot especially for dry skin girls out there also this foundation is special because the longer you wear it the better it looks yes, I noticed when she used it last time her skin just got more glowy as the day went on and then for setting powder I used this All Nighter Setting Powder It is my favorite I also bought one I convinced her into getting one also I also bought this one it’s SOOO GOOOOOD! it’s soooo good after using this on top, even if your base wasn’t that good it becomes so flawless I also saw online that this is waterproof yes it is which means it prevents your makeup from coming off So I had makeup on and had to wear a mask Barely did it got on my mask way less than other foundation it’s also the longer you wear it the better it looks oily areas also don’t look greasy it just looks glowy we both super recommend this setting powder thanks for recommending I already hit pan on mine so fast so the week before Halloween we went to Pumpkin Patch we were super lucky that it was super nice weather because Pumpkin Patches are in Half Moon Bay If you came from Hong Kong or Asia and is not familiar with the Bay Area Half Moon Bay is super close to the ocean so a lot of the times it’s super windy, or it’s super foggy or it’s super cold most of the time it’s cloudy over there it’s so rare to get good weather there Also it wasn’t super cold when we went it was warm, which is even more rare we were SUPER lucky when we got there it was blue skies and sunny we got so many good photos that day Pumpkin Patch is especially for pumpkins, a lot of different farms they plant pumpkins and then near Halloween, they’ll harvest them for sale to the public there’s also pumpkin contests for the biggest pumpkin, heaviest pumpkin there’s also a lot of weird looking pumpkins there were SO many I doubt you can find these anywhere else in the world it’s so funny, it’s either super big or small or weird shapes or different color there’s just a lot of pumpkins we can show you some here after we went to the pumpkin patch we both bought some mini pumpkins about the size of your palm super small so cute we did not end up eating it though I already threw mine away what? so fast? No, because there were a hole in it it was a little moldy…so it’s ok, just for fun true, it’s just for fun we did not even do pumpkin carving but it’s very common in the US Pumpking carving is carving different shapes in the pumpkin

and then you put a candle in it so it glows this is one of the things people do during Halloween people start putting carved pumpkins out starting from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving which is coming up it’s almost thanksgiving and also Black Friday If you haven’t watch what we did on Halloween, go watch it!!! the link is also in the description box Let’s talk about Castro we didn’t really talk about Castro in our previous video Castro in San Francisco is a very well known place with a diverse LGBT community very popular and well known place in the Bay Area if you’re a visitor, you should go there if you have the chance not many counties have a LGBT community as popular as Castro in Hong Kong, there tends to be stereotypes towards LGBT people people here are way more accepting I’m going to start doing my eye makeup I’m going to use this Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Palette her new toy it’s SO PRETTY! so so so pretty mainly because I think it’s super user friendly it has eye, check, and highlight it’s all there in one palette very good for traveling and even on a daily basis don’t need to think about what to use the night we went to Castro, you can tell from our video that there were a lot of people everyone was relatively chill and peaceful I think so too but there’s less people than usual due to COVID bars closed earlier than usual so there were less people than past years true I’d want to go again in a normal year I think it was very fun you don’t have to dress up you can just go to see what people dress up as everyone is very welcoming you can also take pictures with them they don’t mind at all a lot of them want you to take pictures with them even if you don’t want to take a picture, they’ll ask you to but due to COVID I think people don’t ask as much people do social distance themselves even though USA pandemic is No.1 in the world but everyone wears masks and maintain social distancing even if you take a picture with other people they’ll ask if you mind them standing too close they also won’t take off their masks everyone wore their masks to take pictures which made me feel acceptable and safe let’s talk about my eyeshadow I stole her pink (cheek color) to use as eyeshadow and then I’m using Atomy’s eyeshadow palette it looks like this I like the colors of this palette a lot of bling bling color I thought it was Shu Uemura’s palette because of the white packaging it looks so much like it I think their products are alright I also haven’t tried too many of their makeup products I used a lot of Atomy skincare not so much their makeup product we plan on going to SkyStarWheel after we finish our makeup it is relatively new in San Francisco I’ve heard that it might not be there permanently so sad it’s called SkyStar Wheel it’s a big Ferris Wheel it’s inside Golden Gate Park After we finish our makeup we’ll go take some pictures hopefully it’s nice weather it’s been raining like crazy the last few days it was pouring rain and super windy I need to hurry and catch up to Carmen I’m using Shiseido’s eyelash curler As for mascara, I am using drugstore brand Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof formula Both of my mascara are not American brand it’s these two This Kiss Me one is very popular so I’m not going to explain too much I like this one because of the brush it’s like a comb very good at separating your lashes I usually use this first as a base

and then use the Kiss Me one I’m so happy with this CT palette I only used this palette all the colors on my face were from this palette it’s also very affordable for what it has in this palette I got it during the Sephora VIB sale it was such a good deal I think this palette will last a long time I think so too I also think it’s suitable for all year round the colors are all very neutral and the size is also not too large very good for traveling Let’s talk about why we started this channel because I’m still doing my makeup We started this channel because please do not search, but you don’t want people to search but you have to mention it…haha but a very long time ago during college I made videos I didn’t use a camera to film my videos I just used the laptop camera the quality was pretty bad so I made videos before and realize editing videos is very hard so I eventually just gave up but during this pandemic we spent a lot of times at home and because we had the chance to be a part of Continuation Continuation is another youtube channel with our group of friends that’s how I met Agnes and we just became friends really fast we both really love makeup our personality are also very similar two crazy girls haha so we came up with our ideas to start our own youtube channel she also thought about doing it but couldn’t find a friend to film with her I also want to film but couldn’t find a friend to do it with me especially when it comes to vlogging outside if I did it myself, I’d be a little embarrassed but if I were vlogging with a friend and she likes it too, I’ll feel much more comfortable true, you’d also be happier so that’s why we started this channel and we both really love to drink coffee so every time we film we have a cup of coffee this is House of Coffee it is located in San Francisco, Sunset district you guys can search House of Coffee on Yelp if I’m not wrong, they are a family owned business the boss is also the founder of this coffee brewery there’s only one store there’s quite a lot of small stores like this in SF they also sell a lot of different coffee beans even if you don’t want to buy coffee, you can buy their beans and brew coffee at home So these 2 years, I barely bought any makeup pretty much except for base makeup foundation, powder, this CT palette should be my first palette in these 2 years I pretty much didn’t buy any makeup in these 2 years I think as you grow you tend to care about more skincare than makeup yes, true, I bought more skincare than makeup I don’t think you need a lot of makeup, but if your skin is not good then no matter how good the makeup, it still won’t look good on you I had really bad cystic acne before hormonal acne on both of my cheeks so I have a lot of scars left on both sides of my cheeks and then occasionally I get some small pimples whereas before it was super huge bumpy acne when you press on it, it hurts a lot same as me so we’ve had similar experience it was very painful and now that it’s over and I’m only left with a bit of scars I think it’s such a big improvement I also believe that, maybe some of you that are watching us right now might also have similar experiences I want all of you to understand that it’s only a period of time, it will all pass you just need to give it some time to heal just like most products won’t show results overnight at least a month or 3 months to see some visible results the first month you start to see some small results you need to have patience I believe you just need to give it some more time, take it slow especially now that we all wear masks if you can, don’t wear any makeup concentrate more on your skincare it’s good for your skin I cannot agree more with that I pretty much don’t wear makeup unless I need to film I am usually makeup free when I go out

But don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! Super important! sometimes I wear sunscreen even if I’m at home Always put on sunscreen right after your morning skincare routine otherwise you will get a lot of hyper pigmentation and skin aging you don’t want your skin to be very dry which will cause premature wrinkle so no matter what, I will wear sunscreen everyday VERY VERY IMPORTANT I’m almost done Let’s talk about what highlighter I’m using my highlighter is also from the drug store Essence do you want to try mine? I can mix them Be My Highlight let’s give it a try wow so pretty! I’m someone who doesn’t use highlight often but this highlight is so natural You don’t need a lot of highlight, just a bit is enough highlight can bring out the high points of your face and give it a lifting effect I used to not know how to put on highlight I didn’t think it did much to my face actually it does help a lot but if you have oily skin, don’t put on too much highlight if you have oily skin and put on too much highlight you can look very greasy I used to have oily skin You changed from oily skin to super dry skin I went from super oily skin to super dry skin very interesting I have 3 different lip products this is so cute! Pat Mcgrawth super mini lipstick did you get it in a set? my friend gifted it to me oh, I see but I ruined this one because I put it facing down when I opened it, the whole lipstick came out I think this happens with a lot of mini size lipsticks because it’s not melted well into the bottom We are planning on a giveaway please support our channel we will try our best to come out with more videos because I think during this pandemic, a lot of people are at home which means you’re always watching some type of youtube videos hopefully you guys will support us and our channel hopefully our videos also brings you some joy and some similarities we won’t focus on doing a lot of special effects because I want to show you all the real US it doesn’t matter if we have makeup on or not even when we go out it is the real us we don’t want to do too much extra things a lot of the times, people on youtube seems very unrealistic like it seems like they are very rich but you don’t see the things they did to get to that point in their lives we want to show you that we are who we are more simple lives we also have a different price range for the products we use in our video we also might not use all American makeup products even though we are in America, there are also many ways we can purchase products from all over the world just like Canmake you can get it on Amazon and some stores also carry Japanese/ Korean makeup we are finally done!!! Ta-Da~~~! I took so long our makeup looks are pretty different especially our lip color, it seems like my lipstick all came off from drinking coffee You can fix it later We’re going to take a break, eat lunch, and then we will head to SkyStar Wheel We will show you guys later 🙂 See you all soon Need to walk a bit before we get there a short walk… we were lucky to find parking so close WAAAA, we’re here! look behind us Super big looks like Hong Kong AIA ferris wheel I think Hong Kong AIA is a lot bigger true, you’re right and it’s not night time yet the lights should be a lot nicer at night but it’s still pretty nice right now during sunset hours

there’s also a museum here one museum on our left and on our right there’s the museum that is Academy of Science on our right side is De Young Museum I like it a lot. I’ve never been a lot of arts if any of you are visiting the bay area, I suggest going to both of these museums I suggest going to Night Life at the Academy of Science although I think they don’t have it anymore now but before, it was very nice because it’s a night event, the whole museum is open and there’s drinks you can purchase it’s 18+ but I think it’s only around $15 per person but that’s more for adults true but not really but I think it’s more worth it since it’s only $15 the whole museum is still open during that time the one that Carmen’s talking about I’ve never been to I’d like to go too but because the lighting inside is nicer at night, some parts have neon lights so if you have the chance to visit the bay area, I highly recommend going there Ferris Wheel is relatively new I don’t know how long this will be here I’ve heard it’s not a permanent thing Agnes is so cold it’s not really cold, more like chilly especially when there’s no sunlight this Ferris wheel is $18 per person to ride I think this is a little expensive but I think it’s worth coming here to take pictures especially at night and as you can see, there’s not that many people here you can take a lot of nice photos you can take your time we thought about sitting down on the grass to take pictures but the grass felt very wet so we decided not to get our butt wet let’s show you around it’s so coldddddd I’m starting to get cold too you can also see the light on the ferris wheel now it is pretty nice at night worth coming See you all next time! Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe to our channel! and we will have a giveaway coming out very soon! Also follow our Instagram (gwaimattalk) share with your friends and family and comment down below if you have any suggestions we will take in consideration all your comments and try to improve Bye Bye!