Katy Perry Inspired Makeup From Superbowl 2015 Possible Valentines day Look

thank you guys for watching today I’m going to be recreating the look katy perry had for the superbowl it’s just an easy slight cut crease a little bit of glitter bright red lip if you guys want to learn how to do this just keep watching so to get started we’re going to be using NYX eyeshadow base and skin you and then from my Maybelline the nudes I’m going to just take a fluffy brush and I’m going to use this color right here and run that all over the lid and I’m going to bring it up into the crease as well because this will help with the transitioning you next I’m going to take just a little flat brush and I’m going to pick up this color I’m going to bring that kind of like a winged effect into the crease I’m just doing this as my outline we’re going to darken it up here in a second you and then I’m going to go in with my pencil brush I’m just going to take the tiniest bit of this darker gray color just barely tap that in there and then run it run it along that line as well you you a clean one and I’m just going to blend that out and i blend it up we’re going for a cut crease effect but not a harsh cut cut crease you next I’m going to go in with my maybelline eyestudio gel eyeliner and blackest black we’re going to do a pretty pretty bold wing

and I’m going to take my wet and wild mega liner in black and just fill that in and do the same thing to the other eye I’m going to let that dry for a second while that’s drying I’m gonna highlight the brow bone is colors silk from Ulta next I’m going to take a flap tiny brush my camera will go into focus and I’m going to take a pick up that dark grey color again and I’m going to pack this underneath the lower lash line I’m bringing a war that wind is so I’m eating it right here on the edge then we take another fluffy brush and I’m just going to smoke that out then I’m going to go in with just a brown liner and bring that into my waterline next I’m going to be taking my NYX liquid crystal liner and crystal silver and we’re just going to be putting this right above the black

and don’t worry if you get it on the black you could go over it with the liquid liner and fix it obviously be careful opening your eye because you can see it transferred I’m going to go grab a q-tip next we’re going to pry my lashes for falsies just by adding a little coat you the glitter liner is easier to clean up when it’s completely dry so I’m just going back and cleaning up from when I opened my eye and I do apologize i do not know what lashes days are I know there are Dells there’s probably a 45 and I don’t know what the other one is I glued them together so they are like nice and long and curly I’m just going to run my L’Oreal telescopic in carbon black on the lower lash line ok so now that the eyes are done move on from to the rest of the face I already

have my foundation or my primer my foundation and my concealer on I’m going to take maybe if I can find it I’m going to take my NYX HD concealer in nutmeg you you that’s a little harsher than i wanted so i’m just going to take my foundation brush and blend that out a little bit you you and then to bronze up a little bit I’m going to be using my ELF golden bronzer and then for my highlight I am going to be using the Furby or wet and wild fergie center stage collection this is in rose champagne gold looks like that I’m just going to run it on my fingers highest place or highest point on the cheekbones and then for blush I’m going to be mixing these two together be careful with this shade this is really pigmented this is my BH Cosmetics special occasion 39 color eyeshadow and blush palette you so for the lips I’m going to be going in with jordana lipliner and sedona red you so I’m going to be going in with nicks and this is chaos and then I’m just going to go over that with my next mega shine lipgloss and this is in the color plush red and here is the finished look

I think this look is beautiful you can wear it for Valentine’s Day you can change the silver glitter to gold you can add a little bit of pinks and maybe purples in there do a pink lip instead of a bright red lip so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed thank you for watching and until next time