Growing a Listenership!

good afternoon podcasters how are you doing today uh i i’m feeling great i’m excited for a training thursday that i super joe pardo i’m here to walk all of you through and and probably maybe even learn some things myself i am always excited to get to do these on training thursday so uh today our guest is uh bright brown i’m gonna say brady brandi hi heidi montague uh who runs for animals and i am excited to dive deep into what she has going on with her podcast and see what we can find out because she is looking to expand her listenership as well as a couple other things that she listed in her uh in her submission or application form i should say uh here and hey what’s up jody how you doing yeah i am feeling better thank you i i have uh complete hearing out of my ear it doesn’t hurt anymore um you know big secret i stopped using q-tips all together like i was trying to like stay away from using them like a little bit uh and have totally stopped using them uh and i’ve been using ear drops uh basically isopropylene like any time i get out of the pool uh so that the the water dries up in my ear anyway this episode uh is brought to you by indie pod university and uh you can learn all about what you can get out of that how you can learn how to and there’s a lot of learns there uh learn how to launch grow and monetize your podcast and uh if you’re looking to get a free ride to the indie pod university you can go over to indiepodcasters.comtube hit that subscribe button on youtube because we are at i think we’re at 31 or 32 subscribers now looking forward to get some more awesome dave says yes youtube’s head yeah i i agree uh they it is a it’s a bad addiction that uh you have to kick um for sure don’t yeah don’t let it don’t let it take over your life so anyway that’s coming up tomorrow for a free ride friday go and subscribe to the youtube channel and the podcasters uh so you can do that also get featured on go to grab a and apply uh there to get your show featured on the site we’re uh we’re getting closer to doing that i’ve just been kind of inundated with a whole bunch of things including uh ver the icon 6 virtual conference that’s coming up here on september 12th uh tickets are on sale now speaker submissions close tomorrow afternoon or evening i should say 8 p.m eastern they close uh so if you were thinking about it get on get a get on the uh yeah pen cast my dad does that thing with the pens i don’t know how anybody does that that’s just no i just can’t can’t deal with it um tomorrow we will have an announcement uh i don’t know about tomorrow maybe this week i think this weekend we’ll have an announcement uh based around the icon six uh event and i’m looking forward to getting the schedule set up and and getting people uh getting in there so if you uh if you if you want go pick up your ticket right now icon6 we will be having t-shirts for this event uh they they will not be included with your ticket you’ll have to buy them separately but there’s more to come on all that front so uh you know stay stay tuned uh for that also uh for anyone who doesn’t know i don’t have a scrolling thing for it i forgot to create one but i’ll get one created uh we have uh the first workshop uh was well the first workshop was supposed to happen a while ago first workshop is happening uh august 20th yeah august 20th the third is wait is that the actual third thursday yeah third thursday so going forward we’re going to be offering workshops in the indy pod university uh for third thursday so uh real specific narrow focused workshops um you can go check out the the one that we’re doing on august 20th is build your sponsorship kit so i’ll be walking through all the things that i do and why the sponsorship sponsorship kits i have are set up the way they are and if you don’t have one yet it could be a good time to get get on that uh that sponsorship train so go over to indiepodcasters.comworkshop and later on i will uh definitely excuse me create one of these floating tickers uh for that so that we can get that filled up uh with people seats uh

yeah so uh yeah anyway today we’re talking about listener growth and uh our our guest here brandi we’re gonna go through her show and see where you know where she could move the needle faster that’s the whole goal here so if you’re watching and you want to if you get ideas pop them in the chat uh and i will i will throw them up here on screen everybody i need a super claps in the chat for super brandy heidi montague that is a mouthful of a name it is a mouthful i guess when you say it the way i say it it doesn’t it’s not rolling up the tongue i don’t think it rolls off the tongue for anyone it’s my old last name my new nat last name like i kept it all together so it was still all me yeah i wasn’t sure if that was like a middle name and you were using it because there was already a brandy montague that yeah there are a million brandy montagues which is a lot of why i hold on to my old last name in there too but yeah understandable understandable so uh brandy so we’re gonna we’re gonna pull your your side up first off how long have you been podcasting for since may so that’s awesome i uh i started recording in february and i did this like first um go at it by recording everything for the first season first which i’ve now learned i you know shouldn’t have done that but i was scared that i wouldn’t have the capacity to make sure i’d be consistent so i recorded um 12 episodes in february and march and april and then have been rolling them out may june july so yeah um so okay so so you have recorded how many episodes have you recorded uh recorded so far 11 nope 12 12 are recorded so far and uh distributed out are eight okay all right well that’s uh that’s a great start i mean uh you know and you’re already thinking about uh season two as as it said in the notes yeah yeah so it’s funny because i don’t remember exactly what i said in the notes um i signed up before do you want to say i applied like five to six weeks ago you know a lot changes over time oh i know i know um so it says i’ve recorded and edited the sessions that will air season one a total of 12 episodes so i’ll be able to make changes to format etc going into season two i’m debating whether to spend a few months solely marketing or going straight into season two that may be a good topic for conversation uh i realistically have about 10 hours a week to put into the podcast and marketing combined okay yep yeah still seems pretty accurate i one thing that i did decide since then was that i would start using stream yard uh which i think will save me a lot of time on uh editing video because right now i use zoom i record video and audio and then i break the video into clips that i upload daily to youtube but that process takes me hours of cutting that up and i also have spent hours editing mostly uh mostly because i want to to help like my guest sound comfortable and good and so i feel like if i go live everybody is under the same assumption it’s live it goes out it’s not going to be edited everybody knows that ahead of time and so i think it’ll save me a lot of time to move over and use stream yard so i have an interview scheduled for um august 24th to do that for the first time and that may or may not be the start of season two you know i could save that and use it as the start of season two or i could just add it in as an episode 13 to season one i’m still kind of letting that decide itself out a little bit but i think i think it would be probably a safe bet to try to do season two like save it for season two and be like hey like season two we’re gonna do it live and and uh you know then if anybody asked you’d be like well it saved me a bunch of time so i could spend more time in the marketing it and getting more people getting it in front of more people uh so i think you know doing it uh i mean doing it live is just awesome right like i’ve talked about it numerous times here on the show about why this show is live and how i’ve used repurposed io and and other programs to be able to like make it so it all goes out very quickly and pretty seamlessly um so it you know so i i am uh definitely a big fan of of doing it live and and and the interaction right like we we like we have you know people in comments telling me about q-tips being bad you know people using pen caps for for

their ears and things of that nature so um you know plus it it really it enables you people to quickly hit that share button which by the way if you’re watching right now you should totally hit that share button uh and share this so that any of the podcasters in your network can see what’s going on here with the indy pod community um so so all right so when it comes to so i i think that’s great i definitely applaud the idea that you’re gonna that you’re going to do do it live i think it can you know are you scared are you worried are you concerned no no i’m actually feeling pretty relieved i i have been doing an instagram live interview series since july and um i was scared uh but that interaction with people has been so much fun and yeah so now i actually just have fun with it i mean yeah a little bit i’ll be scared when i’m i’m interviewing a guest i don’t know for sure but um for sure on yeah but for the most part no i’m excited yeah so yeah i mean it gives you it gives you the the the instant feedback right of the listeners and people interacting and you can take it or leave it you know it’s totally up to you but um to me like it just enables uh like so much more interaction and to know like you know because i’ve recorded a few of these epis this show episodes of this show uh where we weren’t live like in the last six months and was not nearly as much fun that was not nearly as like even even times where there’s only like one or two people watching you know if you get just a couple of comments it just it just charges everything in the in the right direction in my opinion so um it gives you you know gives you a lot of insight too into what people are thinking i yeah it makes a lot of sense and i think too i that energy i think there’s something to be said about that live energy that even though you’re not in person there’s still something there that makes it easier to just be in the space and and be there um so yeah i agree i’m with you on it i really love it so far right now like we’re like right on we’re on the stage right now like performing for people and hopefully i’m performing that may not go so well so um okay so let’s let’s so mainly what you’re you’re you’re asking about it’s like growing the listenership getting this in front of more people so let’s let’s take a look and see what we can find so um the name of the show is four animals for earth right right so i’m just gonna type in four animals for earth and see what we get uh dot com right yes wow okay great you got yeah that’s a that’s a good good start right there that’s that’s exciting because um so i’ve had the brand for about a year but it was a really tough climb to try to get four animals for earth to show up because it’s just such a for the four animals for earth itself is not necessarily um but if you type for animals i mean there’s just so many things out there for animals and for the earth um so i’m excited to see it yeah i’m excited to see it there yeah uh facebook user i totally agree you need to go over to facebook uh i’ll have it scrolling down here below uh and and enable it to enable it so that we can see who you are and and uh know who’s who’s you know giving us the the comments here so right off the bat like definitely a great looking website right i’m i’m i’m uh definitely happy are you happy with it i i loved i love i actually loved my website until my theme developer pushed out a an update last week and trashed it so i’ve been working on getting it back to looking okay well i you know okay so so well i mean one thing i would say is is some of these things are quite large like all of this seems a little over overdone especially because i’m on a 1440p monitor so like this is going to be super like if i uh hit f11 oh wait f no why is this not no f12 sorry uh if i go to f12 and we change it to like i don’t know an ipad pro okay so it scales well on the ipad pro but it doesn’t stop getting bigger it doesn’t seem like it’s capped out and maybe maybe if i had a 4k monitor uh let me see if i so if i make it smaller no smaller yeah so like 50 50 yeah so it just seems like this needs to find like a slightly

smaller space uh yeah and all of that is things that yeah i got really whacked along with the the font i don’t know they they went from version twos to a version three and it was a massive jump but to be fair i bought it six years ago and got a new version that’s awesome you know i can get behind that using uh i’m a big fan fan of bee theme um and using that like they you know they they’re always update they update like four or five times a month it’s crazy but but it’s all included like you pay 60 one time and you get i mean i’ve been using it for five years now so on many many of many many many many websites so um yeah so i and i you know i i could sing the praises of that that theme for forever um and i don’t know how they would continue to make money because like they must have other themes and things but it’s supposedly like the biggest theme of on for wordpress which i assume you’re using wordpress right yeah yeah okay i kind of figured but i wasn’t wasn’t certain so so when we get here um so it says start here so it’s you got a video so what i’m what i’m noticing is that uh what you could probably utilize is like fuse box to get your your player in front of like at the bottom of every single page uh or at least any page that you don’t like blacklist so right off the bat like because you’re you’re you’re there’s no like other than the word podcast up here uh okay so you guys scroll down here to listen so you have multiple podcasts then well so i i’m doing three different shows so actually so the whole thing is like an advocacy platform you know for for animal welfare and for the earth and so there’s the podcast is the newest thing um then there’s another like show that i do um about reiki and then there’s the instagram live chats and then there’s other there’s a blog and there’s other parts to the business um so the podcast is the newest part of it it’s the part you know that i’m the most excited about um that in the instagram live chats which at some point may become the same thing i’m not sure but we’ll see yeah um i mean right here i i mean i’m seeing like there should be some kind of heading here today yeah that used to be that wasn’t oh okay that was one of the things that broke i’ve had that happen in the past i’ve been there i’ve been there brandi like you get the you get these themes and you use them and then all of a sudden they update or they don’t update and things start breaking on you um yeah i and i i totally cause i think um for a little while there i like back in like 2015 or whatever i you the way they’re they didn’t have like a drm system so like i was using the like the theme for about like both myself and some clients and things so once um they you know i know and i was still able to get those updates but then they introduced the drm so it’s like you only got to a certain point of like updates and then it’s continued to work for like a couple of years but then after a few years like people wordpress are still updating and then it started breaking features of the website and then some of my people were like well what’s going on like well that was like three and a half years ago now like it’s been a while yeah and you know yeah you didn’t it was never actually paid for um you got it for free effectively so you got three years of a website that you know didn’t it didn’t cost anything for the theme and for 60 bucks you could update it but now you you know things might not quite work the way you might have to put some things back together um so you know what would you um because you mentioned you know kind of a header for you what would be helpful on this page uh i guess just explaining that there’s a you know there’s three different podcasts you know it doesn’t have to be much just something to explain like because i’m because when i clicked on podcasts i thought i was looking at blog posts just that one oh okay that was my first thing so like now i’m looking at it and it’s it’s weird because everybody looks at pot like websites differently right people are looking for different cues and different like fonts like what’s bigger how they skim everybody’s got you know something different um so at least here yeah you have like a header here right that says like this is this is what this page is um and so if i let’s see if i click there okay that’s set up right android and spotify okay cool so and then you have all your players right there which is awesome and then you click on the notes and it opens up in a different page um which isn’t terrible wow you got a lot of notes there yeah i made i make each show into like a blog post as well so the show notes are basically a blog post as well good that’s all

are you using yoast seo for it yes okay good good good so that so that’s helpful um so that you’re getting the most reach out of what you’re putting you know putting forth um so yeah i you know i let’s see so that’s good that’s good um yeah so i i think that other than than getting the maybe putting the podcast in more like like i said like putting the player at the bottom using uh fuse box from from pat flynn uh could be helpful just to give you an opportunity to get more plays without having because you think like when you when you send people to your podcast right when you tell people about your podcast where are you sending them to i typically send them i’ve been sending them two specific episodes i guess i haven’t really told anybody like i’ll just send them my guest to four animals fourth dot com podcast so it would take them to that page where you click on podcast um i i’m not sure that i’ve actually sent anybody there but i guess that’s what i would say in terms of like when i post specific episodes i send them to the um the actual show note page that has the player on it as well as the link to the videos it’s just saying in general like when you when you meet somebody like where are you like my website yeah right which is not helping me find like the play button very quickly right like so to me like or even if you i don’t know the capabilities of like the play like the um of the theme but like if you could like even just put like a small playlist here or like the newest episode like right there so like oh okay so like this is all cool i click the down arrow which probably needs to be fixed it’s just to scroll down it’s basically just to tell you to scroll down yeah yeah um yeah so i i i could put a newest episode on there i think pretty easily it’s the revolution slider plug-in oh then yeah you should yeah yeah you could totally do that yeah you’ll be able to um you could just put in um the like your embed code you should be able to put an embed code right in there i used i’ve used a lot of revolution a lot um okay it’s great i’m not a big fan of the newest versions of it like i like how it you like how it used to operate but uh it you know taking a little bit of time to reorient myself and it’s it’s not bad i definitely uh definitely like it um uh chris is asking if you also use youtube at all yeah so um i do it nobody looks at it but i have it and what i do is um i take i video record the episode and audio record it and then i take the video and i split it into um so i mean you could actually just pull up youtube for animals for earth maybe that’s easier yeah yeah yeah it’d be explaining so so is this a separate channel that’s the same channel but those are the instagram live chats and then the um yes i don’t know if you if you look at um maybe videos or playlists any of those that have the um the branded overlay there with the cougar those are all different episode clips and so i’ll take an episode and break it into roughly like 12 to 13 clips and then release one per day until the whole episode is up in clips so that’s how i’ve been doing the youtube piece of it okay definitely gotta get on the thumbnail game there so thumbnails are the same yeah well they are all they’re so it’s interesting i purposely made the thumbnail for the episode so like the first ones are you know like that’s episode one and then you’ll see but i’ve wondered so there are they’re different thumbnail based on the episode so like the 12 um videos for episode one have the same front thumbnail and then the 12 videos for like episode two have the same front thumbnail but i have wondered if it looks too similar to to just throw people off yeah yeah yeah you definitely and it’s almost like completely like washed out so it almost looks like don’t don’t click on me that’s that’s what that’s i mean that’s just what i’m looking at yeah yeah okay you know because and it and if it was a standout picture like it wasn’t like a white like filter over top of it then you know muted then then i wouldn’t feel that way at least it would just be like oh it’s a lot of the same uh thumbnail but like i mean you can see like on my screen like it’s it’s quite small so like i can’t even read what’s in there right so um my my suggestion there would be maybe go to fiverr if you’re not in the like if you’re not in the you know photoshop game or something and just be like find somebody that like for like 15 bucks we’ll do like five you know five thumbnails and just and just test it and see what happens right um and if you uh i would totally

recommend using tubebuddy which is what i is showing up right here in the middle of my screen uh it’s it’s so it starts free there’s a free version i think the base one is like four dollars and fifty cents a month or something but uh but it’ll it’ll show you like what keywords to be looking for like to put in and and that kind of stuff okay a good checklist like a se like um yoast seo to to do that um but yeah so that that uh that that that’s what i would be looking at like just yeah just to test so so maybe take one of your more pop like one of the ones that like okay so like this one has seven views so it’s it’s getting it’s gotten some kind of traction so like make that one of the ones that you go and change the the thumbnail on and see if you get more views on it okay um because that means people are probably finding it especially when you compare it to like all the ones that don’t have views or have one view or two views so it’s like do that one maybe the one that has four views or even one that has you know 60 views but if you get um i think tubebuddy might be able to show you as well like where that traffic is coming from so if it’s searched like you know you’ll be able to see like oh is that because it’s organically being found and people are clicking on it which if that’s the case like that’s the one that you want just to like see if you can get more com you know click through rate on yeah i think it’s because i’ve sent people to those like so i’ll share one to two of them on um facebook and instagram and yeah so i think that’s probably why and then this one here is part of the instagram live series oh okay okay which right now yeah go ahead no no go ahead no i was just gonna say those basically it’s a little bit clunky so i have not found a way to shoot live like so stream yard for instance won’t go on to instagram live um so we just shoot them in in instagram and then i use an app to download it and then put it onto youtube basically is what i’ve been doing um so i could obviously add a thumbnail to this too um yeah yeah i mean you wanna you wanna put the money put the time and the effort to where that’s going to get the most you know the most move the needle the most right so um actually i’m just looking right now on restream because i feel like they might be able to do instagram though no they can’t do no they can’t do instagram huh that’s surprise i’m surprised on stream yard they say it has something to do with the api that like instagram doesn’t allow it um yeah i’m not surprised yeah i mean it’s it sucks but i’m also not surprised so okay it’s probably a matter of time too yeah eventually hopefully well eventually hopefully um that’ll be that would be the case but um so what i so one thing i would uh like when you’re um like again when you’re going to tell people about this like uh i if you you know if you’re telling people like hey go check out my podcast it’s for animals fourth dot com like that’s where like i think like really getting that player a player right here or playlist i don’t know if anchor probably offers a playlist i would think they might um you know get that right there and at least then when they get to your site like bam they they have the play button they can hit that play button right there um and and then they’re not miss you know they’re not missing an opportunity to like dive deeper and figure out whether or not they should be whether it’s for them right and and like okay so but even even up at the top like it’s pretty small like the the head like compared to the rest of the image and if i just click i mean right now obviously you need to fix yeah yeah that’s one of the big things i’m waiting on support on is the the menu and the header but yeah but yeah still it’s one of of multiple things up there yeah and and and that’s why i think i think so i think you’re on the right path i think for right now just get that player up there uh would be huge in helping you get that so then you can send people to your website and be like hey there’s the podcast it’s like it’s right there um yeah i mean trying to to me like i’m always about like repurposing things right so if i’m taking the time to do the instant instagram live chat like i’m i’m gonna find i’m looking to put a way to push that into my podcast feed if it makes sense right it might not make sense but i’m that’s how i’m always trying to look at things like how do i push it so that everything can can make sense and i can get the most out of the time that i’m spending to do it just like here right like we’re we’re we’re doing a coaching session uh this is marketing for for indie pod it’s marketing for indie pod university it and it’s gonna get pushed into the

the youtube channel and it’s gonna get pushed onto the website and it’s gonna like and it’s gonna get pushed into the podcast feed so like bam bam bam bam like all that comes from sitting down for an hour and having a conversation about what we’re you know what we can do to move the needle with with our efforts yeah i think um i’ve been thinking and i’m still like i said kind of letting it come together but uh with season two being the chance to kind of make changes be able to announce like okay within season two we’ve got some full podcast interviews we’ve got some because these instagram live chats they’re about seven minutes long and it’s very shallow in terms of like you know what do you do why do you do it how can we you know what’s one simple idea we can use to help and that’s it so but i do think there might be room to bring that into season two um because yeah i’ve been the same way i’m like i love doing them i’m doing them i really would like to get them into the podcast uh they are on everything else so i am using them on youtube pinterest instagram facebook um just not in the podcast yet i mean one way that i’ve seen people utilize the youtube podcast like in conjunction is uh wherever they have the bigger platform so a lot a lot of those cases like the youtubers have the bigger platform on youtube so what they do is they create a youtube video based around their podcast episode and they use that as the driver to push people to the podcast because like the podcast they own that right they own all of like they they own the platform i mean in the case of anchor you know but you could always take your rss feed somewhere else that’s you know with youtube it’s like once you have all this video like there’s nowhere else to really put it you can put it on vimeo but that’s not really the place for it right so there’s only really one place and they’re the gatekeepers so with um so utilizing that that theory of like using instagram to push people to the podcast you know maybe utilize oh of course mr softy comes by today hasn’t come by in like a week [Laughter] um sorry i heard it in my headphones and it’s driving by my house i wouldn’t be surprised if it stopped out in front of my house for a minute he definitely slowed down a little bit this is he drove fast anyway um you know utilizing the instagram live and and doing it in conjunction with with the podcast to push people to that full podcast episode might be a way of of doing that with insta like i guess with instagram live you it has to be live there’s no way for you to do like a pre-recorded thing um you can do pre-recorded videos and pop them on to ig tv um so i have i have done that that’s what i used to do like so about a year ago maybe was when i started doing the coast to coast reiki chats with a friend and we did those super casual poor quality which is very embarrassing at this point but you know like still very fun and we’re bringing it um back around to do do it a little bit differently now but um the content of it i absolutely loved and i really loved um doing it so with those i would just take that video and pop it on everywhere on instagram tv and in all the different spots but as far as instagram live yeah it’s just and unfortunately it’s the vertical with the two thumbnails one on top of each other and it’s pretty like from what i can tell at least that’s the only way to do it um and yeah so yeah i’m not i’m not the uh the the instagram connoisseur when it comes to anything past the the image like the picture taking and posting and that stuff um real quick to answer dave uh dave yes you will you can catch this over on youtube if you go to indypodcasters.comtube you will be able to watch it uh probably within the hour uh of this going live uh it’ll be here in the group as well as uh it’ll be on the website later today so you’ll be able to get all that and i i appreciate that we are getting so much information all at once um and then uh chris asks how should a thumbnail be designed should it follow a branding look yeah there’s there’s definitely a lot of science behind the whole finding your color scheme and all that i don’t know how much that’s going to move the needle because here’s the thing you have to keep in mind that most people are have never heard of you before when they’re finding you right so the the having like similar based uh you know the the uh uh thumbnail sorry there’s a bra i’m still thinking about mr softy uh having a similar like thumbnail scheme is great for the people that are like getting to

your page like and looking at all the videos lined up like that but you know at the end of the day like you know it most people are gonna find you through search right like that’s that’s where most of it’s gonna come out of so it’s uh to me it’s more important to like have eye-catching stuff looking doing those google searches and then figuring out like what does your uh your video thumbnail look like next to who you’re you know what’s coming up for those results once you know what those look like then you know how to go back and like redo it and it i’ll tell you it’s um watching i was watching this one youtuber she has like i don’t know like over a million subscribers and she was talking about like sometimes she would spend like eight hours just on a thumbnail versus like the video might only take like 45 minutes to shoot and then edit like you know another hour or whatever but she would spend like six to eight hours just on the thumbnail and because she’s like the thumbnail can make or break it could be the difference between a hundred thousand clicks and like a thousand clicks wow because people just don’t know you right like even if with a million subscribers that means nothing that’s a drop in the hat of the 7.8 what five billion people on the planet and how many of them are on the internet like almost what like two-thirds of them are on the internet so you know you can have you’d have five million subscribers doesn’t really mean anything you know in the grand scheme of things because like people still don’t know your brand um only maybe once you get to the level of like you know millions and millions and you’re always gonna have the super fans and that’s awesome but you know generally speaking you’re not making content for that you’re making content to be found right because that’s where majority of the people that are going to become fans of you are going to find you and they don’t know who you are and they don’t know the inside jokes and they don’t know this and they don’t know that and they don’t necessarily care they just want to they they’re looking for a specific thing and you’re boom here’s the video like so it’s it’s one of those things that like people just don’t necessarily get um you know out of the gate and understand really understand so um but yeah so i i as far as chris’s question about the the thumbnail and having a specific like look yeah it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt to have like a a a scheme of colors and things of that nature uh make sure those colors make sense from a marketing standpoint go i don’t know if you’ve i mean um uh what’s it called uh you know anybody that’s ever i don’t know if you’ve anybody’s ever seen this thing before but it’s kind of like makes a lot of sense from uh from the color standpoint which is it even on this page dude where is it oh it’s all the way at the of course it’s all the way at the bottom but yeah so it’s like it’s a whole color guide of you know emotions they explain like why colors are for certain brands and why they you know why they use them like you kind of get an idea of why they use them based on the words that it’s describing so yeah that’s uh i you know look that up the marketing color wheel i think uh is what i or yeah that’s what i typed in to get it um and there’s there’s other versions of it but this is the one that i’ve used to like figure out what colors i want to use when i’m when i’m putting something together so you put together your color scheme and then you say okay what do i you know when i put these these things together like these are the colors i want to use because i want to be eye-catching but at the same time again you have to go back and look at who um you know what the other thumbnails that you’re competing against are and and this is like a really big uh like rabbit hole if you will right because you’re like hey i’m gonna create this content and then like tomorrow i’m gonna create this content i’m gonna do this content and this content this content and this content this content but the fact that matter is is like unless you already have like thousands of tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people that are already consuming the content um you know you might be like well i need to make a thumbnail that makes sense so i might need to spend six hours or like go drive somewhere to take that picture that you know and then edit that picture to make it look right or send something off the phone you know take a few pictures and send it off to fire and say like this is what i’m looking to achieve um and here’s the color scheme that i work with but but it’s just hard like and then you you add like seo on top of that right like how how do i how do i get my stuff so that it actually is found because like leaving it up to just the closed captionings in my videos is not necessarily good enough either so you need descriptions and you know it’s it’s a lot and then as creators we’re just i’m just you know we’re like oh i you know especially with live like it kind of uncaps what you can create because before it was like okay i gotta get my camera out like set up the tripod do all you know do the video then clip it all together so it’s like you’re already investing a ton of time to create one piece of content where it’s

like here we’re live so like brandi i could get you know as soon as we’re done together i could just jump on the next live and go with somebody else and go with somebody else and like creating way more content than i’m able to like actually optimize to ever be found by anybody it’s it’s it’s uh it’s kind of self-fulfilling in a way um in the sense that like man like i want to create all this content but like how do i how is it ever going to be found by anybody if i don’t take the time to like do the back end writing the post and you know optimizing it to be found um so so yeah so going back to your your podcast i i i think that um you know i what are you doing as far as getting it in front of people like do you have a newsletter that you’re sending out to like uh email list already yeah so i mean it goes to my mailing list um goes out on instagram pinterest facebook youtube um and but all of those have very small followings you know um i mean do you do you ever question like is the content just not good enough like do you or do you feel like there’s somebody out there for all content you just need to keep it moving and get it out there you know what i mean um look i i i am a big firm not only believer but like actor in the sense of you have to keep it as simple as possible right so that people can actually understand because um you know people don’t necessarily know or care about your brand they care about like what their incentives are and their incentive when they’re searching for something is i’m looking for a solution to x okay great i found a video oh man it’s eight minutes to tell me how to tie my shoes like that’s insane like why’s it gotta be eight minutes it should be like a minute and a half and i’ll be complaining about why isn’t it 30 seconds so i’ll watch it at two times speed but but uh i totally do that for like every video right exactly right you find the video and you’re like oh man why is it gonna be seven minutes i just need to know this one piece of thing and they got the hey um and it’s like there’s a there’s a fine line between like i’m never gonna look up how to do that x y z thing probably ever again but they’re they’re trying their best to try to draw people into it so i get it but i don’t get it you know and it’s it’s a crap shoot right because uh and and you’ll see like if you dive into like youtube um you know there’s plenty of people that have videos where it’s like they hit that one video that made sense like and i used how to tie your shoes because i actually looked it up the other day uh for something and they’re like the the lady had like i don’t know 100 subscribers or something like that but that the how to tie shoes video was the number one video uh on google like search results and had like hundreds and thousands maybe even i think maybe i think maybe millions uh but you know what on how to tie shoes so it’s this video which they you know simply have been like oh just start at the eight seconds and and here because this is where you need it so when you click on that like okay so so okay wait is this oh this isn’t even the video uh this definitely isn’t the video but you see like 1.5 million views but somehow has five point 19 million subscribers i don’t oh because it’s dave hacks so it’s all different hacks which is cool but that’s definitely not the video that came up on my radar when i searched the other day because it was she she was number one and yeah so but you’ll find lots of things like that where it’s like they hit like real big on one video and then the rest of the videos are almost not no you know like a thousand views versus like the millions uh hey what’s going on there uh shirley um so i forget what the original question was i was i was asking if you ever think like there’s a content issue or you know just keep creating content that would kind of lean towards creating content and at some point something resonates yeah well you’ll find you’ll you’ll eventually figure out what resonates and that’s uh who was it uh roberto blake was like talking about like create 100 crappy videos um and and just keep making crap videos that don’t necessarily go anywhere and the reason is is you’ll figure you’ll start to at least figure out like the breadcrumb path to figuring out like what is it that people actually want from from me because and and i’ve

talked about this in the past where it’s like you think you know who your audience is and then you end up finding out who your audience is um like you might think like oh i’m making something for you know uh females uh 20 to to 40 year old females right that live in north america and and it ends up being all guys listening to the show because they want to find out what you know what those females are attracted to or whatever you know and then it turns into like a whole different thing um uh like ramona rice uh who’s a uh an icon in our community she she had the uh sports gal pal and it was supposed to be for for women to like figure out this you know sports and like how to have conversations with their significant others well i ended up being all guys listening because they liked her you know they found out about her and they liked her take on on sports so you know sometimes like you don’t always get what you think you’re going to get out of it um so yeah i would i would say you know keep creating the content with the with the goal in mind like what is the what is the goal with your podcast it’s to share like simple ways that people can make a difference so every episode you’ll see it’s titled with i bubble it down to like one simple thing that people can do if they feel compelled after listening to that to make a difference either for animals uh or for the earth um so the whole brand is built around you know inspiring each other that we can make a difference with just simple ideas in our daily lives you know i see that up there at the top of the difference because it’s pretty overwhelming you know when you think about animal welfare or the earth falling apart you know it’s kind of like it’s you feel like it’s it’s really tough to make a difference on it um but there are so many little things we can just do daily um yeah and so it’s the whole platform’s built around that so uh every episode every blog post everything is like another simple idea that people could try if they’re compelled to do so um yeah so so i was just reminded of a video it might have been a curse kirk kirk khazar video um where they talked about they talked about that uh oh really the difference between like staying home and like working like working from home uh versus like commuting 20 minutes or 30 minutes um it’s kind of they kind of actually offset each other uh because you end up like having the air on all day yeah like the car yeah like like it actually makes it really hard to uh oh no actually i think it was a um casually explained actually where he was explaining like the differences and it basically it’s it’s really hard to like reduce your carbon footprint because like even if you just work from home that means you’re still using air you’re still using like all these things it’s like if you have a gaming computer that uses more power then that’s even you know could be equally or as bad as going and driving 30 minutes to go to work like and back so it’s kind of crazy uh in in some regards like pretty much the only answer is we got to get all solar panels uh to reduce that that that power need uh power consumption um but even that’s a problem like i was just watching something about the uh was it the goose effect they called the duck effect duck effect so the amount of power like the more solar panels we have is actually a problem because we produce power like or the usage goes up at the end of the day uh when people come home and there’s the sun goes down so the solar panels aren’t effective and they’re over creating power during the day and i guess we don’t have giant batteries to sleep yeah to use later so it’s actually a problem where they actually shut solar panels off because it’s too unefficient for them to shut the like the coal and the the gas uh power plants down during the day because they’re not needed it it takes too much energy to to turn them off so it’s you know so they just reduce ever like basically reduce everything and apparently it’s been getting becoming a bigger bigger problem like over like the last eight to ten years which is great like you think like oh solar panels like it’s gray like everything yeah you know we all need like our solar walls from tesla so we store the energy for the end of the day that we generated off the you know out of our house or from the grid you know solar panels so yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s a crazy problem um anyway that’s a real topic you know kind of but not completely because it is with like everything and that’s why it’s been so cool bringing on experts in different areas

so that they can talk about you know like yeah this is the problem that i found and then this is like what i’m doing and here’s like something that you can do too if you want to and so it’s been i i feel like it’s like an endless amount to learn which is really cool about everything that could make an impact you know um but it’s easy to freeze too because it’s it can be overwhelming to feel like you could ever make an impact you know it’s yeah there’s a lot to to fix it is it it it it absolutely is um so as so yeah getting back to the the content creation um you know i think it’s you have a nice simple way of of explaining you know you know for animals for simple ideas to make a difference so i i think you’re you’re there on the the the wording and the explain explanation um so i you know i i think that you’ll you’ll eventually see what the people you know resonate the most with and then you can kind of focus you know start to like narrow it down into that and and it’ll happen the more longer you create content in general right like it doesn’t um it does like you can set up with the best intentions and you can like go through the charts and like figure out like oh well you know who’s the the person i’m going to create and like i said you might not end up hitting that target at all and it’s not for a lack of you trying it’s just for a lack of the people that you thought were going to be interested in it were actually it ended up being the complete opposite of people that were interested in it and that’s it just sometimes it happens that way um probably more often than than not uh so i i think that uh you know getting just so i assume you’re involved in a bunch of communities and things that like you could find ways to share that that message i mean i could probably be involved in more um i don’t proactively like join communities specifically to share my message um you know the yeah i don’t um so far you know there has i have been getting more traction over the summer through especially the instagram lives because that’s when i like will connect with somebody who i really love what they’re doing so highlight it you know for everybody else um and so that’ll kind of help expand my community a little but i haven’t like really joined i’m in one group i would say well maybe two that you know kind of overlap um will definitely overlap they definitely overlap with what i’m doing but i don’t actively like join communities and use communities to try to push it and it’s it’s a it’s a lot of them you know you can’t just be like hey here’s my newest episode right like you gotta you gotta find ways to like you know right and and i wouldn’t want you to because i don’t like when people do it here in this group like hey like great this is not that place for you to do that do it on sundays that’s awesome we want to support each other but like yeah so what i would do is look uh you know see how you can get involved see how you can reach out to those like admins and see if like hey um come on my show admin and then all of a sudden you have a reason to like hey let’s let’s share it to the community kind of thing right because you’re giving them a platform and you’re giving you know vice versa so hopefully it’s reciprocal at that point uh podcast guesting yes brent that absolutely uh shout out to brent basham we gotta we gotta catch up sir it’s been it’s been too long uh is definitely far been far too long um yeah cross-promoting so the idea of like swapping interviews with other podcasters that are in the same niche um is another great way to again to be involved with those you know those types of people um so chris says do you think a name change might be helpful in drawing a larger audience um i don’t i don’t think so necessarily uh but you know that might come at a later date right as as brandy gets more involved with figuring out what her audience actually wants maybe they maybe you end up with more animal rights people versus you know for earth people um because it is it is kind of broad as it is right like animals are on earth but like this is also about earth so yeah and it came from originally i had just an animal advocacy brand and then it kind of i realized that actually you can’t really help animals without fixing the earth because we’re basically killing the animals because of what we’re doing to the earth you know what i mean so they’re very very tightly related um outside of just animal um cruelty obviously is a different story but yeah

well true but that you know what that’s um that’s a different yeah but but like i guess that brings up the question like is this about animal cruelty because it’s for animals no usually not so much i mean if if something came up about it but it’s usually more focused um kind of on the positive side of things and like what can we do to help animals yeah yeah yeah um i mean i suppose if i found somebody who yeah i mean there are different animal welfare groups who rescue but we’re usually talking about like the rescue and re-home side of it or the rescue and repla you know yeah re-home side of it versus necessarily the the cruelty side of it but it certainly could come in at some point depending on the guest i suppose um but yeah yeah i mean i i mean look i don’t i don’t hate the name i like the name but i i i think that there’s might be something there for chris like as you get deeper into creating your podcast it might make sense to to like narrow the name down a little further so that it you know and and i would even reach you know reach out to anybody that you know listens to the show and say hey what like what do you think right also sending out a um a survey form right to your email address have you done that um yeah yeah okay quite a few to my mailing list you know sometimes two or three people will fill it out so i’ve never really gotten much feedback but that’s but those three people i mean are gold right like they’re the people that are taking the time so they’re really invested so like have you uh reached out to those people to have like a sit-down conversation and just like talk about it i have not specifically about the podcast you know i have in the past and i did a rebranding when i came into this name a year and a half ago that was all through like a big rebranding process um and i switched over it’s a really long story but um yeah so i did a lot through that um and you know we’re talking like family and friends still are basically the people who support it you know what i mean all these years ago what it used to be and what it is now um but yeah so i mean i did i haven’t specifically about the podcast um maybe maybe do that about the podcast and see what kind of response you get if you you know even if you get two or three then you you find out who those people are you put it in the survey so you find out who they are reach out to them and say hey let’s have a like a 15-minute conversation because i’m trying to figure out like how what i can do to get more people so like what do you love what you know what do you like what could go does the name make sense like from a all the like all the pieces that we’re putting together like like let’s see um let’s clicked on it here so let’s see uh fight uh acne and non-toxic products share photos of animals in need and a need of a home plant milkweed so so these answer the question right of of the simple ideas that make a difference right so non-toxic non-toxic products uh for you know animals that need a home milkweed safe to say monarchs that’s awesome that’s been fun there’s actually a couple people who have joined her group to do it it’s kind of fun and they’re all posting pictures now of the butterflies they’ve like literally created kind of it’s i mean they didn’t create them but you know what i mean they they allowed them to come to life it’s pretty cool to watch yeah that’s awesome that’s awesome so um well so like this i like exfoliate daily to combat in anti-aging how does that fall under well so it’s basically like not using toxic products to do it so the the whole conversation is about like green green options for combating anti-aging um that are not like so that title could be more honed in then okay because you know because you can see how that doesn’t fit the for earth like it’s not the the topic it doesn’t but the title that you’re using to get there doesn’t speak to that right yeah yeah yeah uh just join up join the free five day clean beauty challenge well again that doesn’t speak to the two simple ideas that make a difference of four animals and for earth um so you know so maybe looking at some of that and like figuring out um because like that uh like these two titles specifically sound very much like uh the ads that you see on like most websites that are like at the bottom of articles like you you know you won’t believe what you know what this person looks like after the expo is daily like that’s what it sounds like right so and we as people have been pro programming our minds to kind of ignore that stuff i i’m actually i’m really shocked that those types of ads still exist

and what sites like that are respected sites that have them on there and it’s just like come on really like this is this is you know and i’m not saying that some of them i haven’t been like oh i kind of want to click on that but yeah i don’t know maybe maybe it’s just me maybe i’m more immune to it than others but um so you go uh cook more with the food from earth like there you go that that fits that title right that fits the simple ideas of things that you can do to make a difference um borrow and trade when need when you need new clothes like that that definitely fits that title um that subtitle so you know like a lot of times like you just sometimes you you gotta just narrow the the focus um a little bit and always keep in mind like what’s what’s what is this title going to do to drive the right people to my message which is for animals for earth simple ideas to make a difference um okay so uh chris says idea animals i was gonna ask him what uh what names he had in mind uh animal smart yeah so these are the ideas uh that he i guess he has in mind there um shirley real quick i asked what what has been the best uh what has been the best way to podcast gusting uh he says is it email dm well i mean pot it is great shout out to to brent basham um so p-o-d-d-i-t dot net uh definitely go go check that out um yeah emailing uh private messaging tweeting at somebody um those you know just re reaching out uh and there’s like templates out there maybe i think i’m gonna write this down because i think we should do a uh oh thank you for putting that in shirley um we should do a guest outreach workshop probably at some point um yeah i think that would be really interesting i i yeah yeah and i mean i’ve done i’ve done things where like i’ve called people like based on their phone numbers like they were like a professor and like i found their phone number and it’s like ah give it a call and they actually answered you know very early on in my journey very early it was scarring i i i should i wish i could have gotten an easy win there but um but it didn’t quite happen that way so it’s just uh yes the workshop would be wonderful yes i would absolutely love to do that so i wrote the note on my notepad notebook and old school pen and paper here um let’s see facebook groups are good sometimes too yeah i mean just getting getting you know um once we can get back to going to conferences or or or conventions and things of that nature definitely would be a great you know great to be able to get in front of those people hosting a panel or something to that effect just gets you you know more tied into those people looking at your titles uh definitely would help uh you know tell tell people like that this you know makes sense with what you’re what you’re uh doing you know that the mission after the at the top uh and then let’s see what’s what are your what are your freebies uh send me the book okay cool so this this this definitely helps getting this get this in front of more people right um i’m planning to do that and i’ve kind of forgot but yeah that’s that’s something i actually i haven’t done ads for a really long time on instagram or facebook but this was actually an ad that i was going to um try to run although i am cleaning up the welcome series on this because the first email is solid and then the next three year they haven’t really held on to people so i’m actually in the process of redoing that welcome series too um but with with some feedback from other people so i think it will help improve it a lot so that that sequence of like four emails that they get after this will help keep them in to actually look at future emails and and like what uh and i think well i think i asked earlier but like what’s the what’s the goal with the podcast right like is it to get them to come to to the well the web shop’s closed but your etsy shop like to buy to yeah not really i mean my goal honestly my biggest goal is to to create a community you know what i would like to do is just continue to inspire people and have people inspire each other to make a difference so the clothing line is what used to be my business when i said that i had changed um so the clothing line was my business from like 2015 to 2000 in uh um and then i shifted over because the reality is like

when it honestly when it comes down to it i just want to make a difference for animals mostly but also for the earth and the clothing line itself was not doing that so um my goal honestly with the podcast is just to keep building the platform along with everything else that i do to keep bringing more people in ultimately building a community where people support each other to help each other with our missions what we’re doing you know so where is the button to join the facebook community or the wherever you’re going to host the community yeah so i have like your message board or something something right yeah i right now it’s just joining the mailing list um or i send people to i basically send people to join the mailing list or join our instagram um i haven’t so there’s been a lot of discussion around building a facebook group a private facebook group and i haven’t because um there’s not really enough people following right now i feel like it’ll die off almost immediately so i’ve been kind of hoping to grow more numbers everywhere else first and then start the private community mostly because i’ve been watching also other friends starting private communities and it’s just like no movement there so i’m afraid it’ll die before it ever gets a chance just because right now i’d probably be lucky to have like three people join it maybe five you know um well okay so so here here’s here’s what i’m thinking where where is maybe maybe what you really need is a central goal like save the blah blah blah from extinction in the blah blah blah forest and so that you can make it real like as soon as you make it real for the people that are watching it like then it makes it real for you too and it all of a sudden it becomes like a real goal that like we can really make a difference in this one thing right here right now and that might not be the thing forever that might be the thing for six months a year two years whatever the mission you know whatever the mission is but like really just focus your mission down to one mission that’s uh like a um i don’t wanna necessarily say obtainable but at least it’s it’s tangible right and once you make it tangible now people can get behind us it’s like hey we’re you know i’m raising money for this this thing right and we’re building a community based around like we’re we’re gonna do save blah blah blah blah and uh and go from there because then like i said it once it’s tangible and people like can get behind that now you you can start to build around that momentum of bringing in people who you know respond to like oh this is really cool because it’s one thing that we’re trying to do in the here and the now right like this thing is going going to go extinct in the next you know 12 to 18 months if we don’t do something like let’s route let’s rally everybody around that and then you can say okay well we hey we we did it like it’s not going to go extinct anymore or it’s the situation is much improved let’s take our mission and move it to the next thing right because you have this umbrella of four animals for earth and once you put that mission in there it’s like that that could be rocket fuel for you to get there uh regina’s is so cool on the spot coaching session thanks regina uh yeah i uh and good good to see you um so yeah i i i would really think about that like think long and hard about like what mission could you rally you know specifically and maybe put it out you know put it out to your your your email list right how big is your email list currently uh like 200 people that’s not bad that’s that’s you know that’s not bad at all although most of them joined back for the clothing line so i’m not sure you know like in terms of opening it um yeah i don’t know off the top of my head but i get like maybe a 23 percent open rate so that’s still pretty good like 40 people that is that’s not the end of the world that’s something to build off of right so um get you know get people uh rallied around one one actual mission that that’s tangible and all of a sudden you’ll find like if you do a few facebook ads like you’ll find those people real quick right that’ll be like i cause now it’s not just like yeah yeah i want to save the rainforest right yeah that’s like that’s a cool idea but like what’s the act what’s our what’s our activation mission right now or or what mission are we activating around and uh then you’ll find those people and and it’ll it’ll go so much quicker for you because i just feel like it’s kind of not all over the place because it’s

still four animals for earth but it’s you know when when you’re talking to other people it’s like okay great i want to save the rainforest or i want to save this or i want to save that but it’s like we want to save everything like okay well if it’s for everybody then it’s for nobody and everybody will tell you that but the point being is you get yourself just rallied around just one mission i think you’re gonna you’re gonna find it’s gonna be a lot lot easier and that mission you know doesn’t necessarily have to speak to your um to like to like change your your name or your subtitle right now like in like here and now um but you you’ll be able to get more people for sure yeah and it aligns with because something i’ve been wanting to do is build a fund so that we could fund you know like different bigger projects over time and i’m trying to decide right now whether i make the switch over to being a non-profit or not and i’m letting that kind of figure itself out over time as well but um the fund idea hasn’t quite come together but what you’re saying is a little bit of something that’s feeding into that a little bit for me which is we could have the fund going each year for a different project so this first year could be whatever project it is and we’re saving in the fund and then in december you fund whatever it is that you were saving for and then the next year start a new mission and that um that aligns kind of with that idea and helps it start to solidify a little bit more so i think that could yeah that could come together right and and and you’re going to get people that are saying i don’t really identify with that that new mission and you’ve got people that are like yes i can get behind that because now again it’s tangible like we’re we’re saving the the mount you know the the snow leopards right and that’s that’s awesome like but next year might be something i’m not that interested in but they might stay on because they like them like they like the progress even though it’s not necessarily the progress that they would yeah they wouldn’t join for that progress but because they know you and they trust you they’re going to stick around right and that’s that to me is is super super important um so yeah i think i think you got a lot there to think about yeah yeah thank you so much for taking your time to talk to me about it uh as far as the clothing line have you looked at doing something where um you wouldn’t have to actually print it like using a print on demand kind of service i have if i get to uh higher volumes i can do that the um the reason i haven’t done that i mean i sell like one a month maybe two so um it’s by far more realistic for me to print than myself here um i have like a uh screen printing press and everything and i just print it quickly yeah so i screen print yeah wow okay so i just um right now i just as an order comes in i make it and i send it out um ideally i would love someday yes to have a big enough volume that i can and i even know some guys that i would have i mean i use printful i mean you don’t have to have any amount of shirt that you make it just i mean it’s a little more pricey but what you’re asking for is you know effectively a donation as well so you know yeah it’s a different like it’s a different thing so like if a shirt costs like 27 for a t-shirt like and it’s a high quality shirt at that it’s not you know to me i don’t think it’s that big of an ass to be like okay well it’s a 35 shirt but five dollars of it goes to you know the the mission for this year yeah i mean that’s what we do right now five dollars of every p spot goes to help the animal that’s on it um but yeah the the i do have i have guys that would do it for me and do it on um eco-friendly clothing but it has to be at a higher volume that’s the big problem there is the the eco-friendly piece so i spent a lot of time trying to outsource it a couple years ago and um nobody will do that because the margins aren’t there you know my clothing businesses while the margins just aren’t really there well that’s why that’s why we need to get you we need to get people on board and rallied around a mission so that you can have grow that email list and then you’ll be able to be like hey here’s my shirt it’s fifty three dollars five dollars of it is going to you know save the blah blah blah that are being endangered uh and you know it’s not a big deal because you have so many people then it’s like okay if only you know four percent or five percent of them those people are activated to buy something it adds up right yeah yeah yeah and that’s why i held on to it and didn’t just completely close it down because i figure someday you know this could come back together so exactly exactly so you have the designs and you have it set up so i wouldn’t yeah i wouldn’t uh i wouldn’t have erased that any time soon um because and all the blank clothing sitting over here and um

in our closet so like some someday i’m really hoping it’ll go at some point yeah well i i for your sake i i hope so too um [Laughter] um yeah no i i i think you got a lot to lots of work on there brandi yeah thank you so much for taking the time and for everybody else who tuned in and gave ideas it’s really really exciting to have people who are willing to like think about it with me i really really really really really appreciate it so thank you you are you are absolutely welcomed and uh i you know i look forward to seeing big things and big uh big changes and and big growth uh coming coming soon from you um yeah i’m so excited to be a part of the university too because it’s something that i can just continue to keep working you know what i mean with people so right and key and you know so yeah so for anybody you know thank you for softballing it in there for me i appreciate it um yeah for anybody who who’s looking to launch grow or monit and monetize their their podcast efforts go to uh you’ll get you know into a private community you get over 150 hours of uh videos and tutorials and uh um you know the workshops will are included in that as well so you’ll get those as as well um you know so it’s it’s a really great opportunity to get to work with you know and partner up with some other people in that community that are engaged and are all looking to take their stuff to the next level and and really like plus it up so uh i you know thank you for being a member brandi i appreciate it i appreciate you taking the time today i appreciate all the people that were in the chat shirley brent regina rhaegar uh was a regular and uh was wrecker in here oh no wasn’t it uh dave uh jody angel uh facebook user thank you so much facebook user we’re going with chris and chris uh krista could she use the affiliate sponsor idea um i’m i’m guessing you’re talking about i’m not sure specifically what you’re referring to uh chris so uh you mean like like getting uh uh like a amazon uh affiliate link do you do you have enough phones do you have an amazon recommendations page that affiliate links over to amazon so those are basically the two income streams that are potential income streams right now are the affiliates to amazon um and um the clothing line you know so neither of them um amazon you have to get to five dollars to get paid and i’m not quite there yet for the past six months or so it’s hard but i mean yeah they’re i mean and well amazon has changed their payout uh scale so it makes it a little difficult uh they’ve they’ve they’ve definitely shrunk it up uh and people are are mad to say the least uh you know i and i don’t kind of don’t blame them when jeff bezos made like 13 billion in like a day or something something crazy like that uh and meanwhile they’re slashing the affiliate links so uh the affiliate link rates i should say but um but yeah so i and and again if you grow the community around a mission all of these things can be clicked on by more people uh that you as as you bring them in so get it get it a little more focused in um maybe consider a name change you know depending uh and once you have a mission uh you know maybe consider changing the the subtitle as well um so it’s a little more focused and and i think you’re gonna find that you’re it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to uh oh chris has any affiliate links that fit her biz yeah well i’m sure the the companies that you’re having on to talk about their products they’re giving you an affiliate link right um yeah i mean right now they’re i don’t think anybody who they sell on amazon like let’s see one person sold an acne product that’s on amazon um yeah what do you know about from like from their website like hey if i’m sending like people to your website can i get like a kickback because they’re listening yeah so that yeah i was just thinking that there’s only one that’s selling something and she only sells it on amazon um she doesn’t sell it on her website but yes it’s a really good idea for future people like to ask them for an affiliate link you know if any if i have other people on that sell a specific product for an affiliate link to their website okay yeah yeah yeah it definitely helps to have them all in one place as well um so yeah so brandy thank you thank you so much again for being here thank you everybody for for being here and uh thank you very much it’s it’s been fun uh if you have gotten something out of this episode

of the indie pod daily show please share it with the podcaster in your life i will see everybody tomorrow for free ride friday where i will be giving a one month uh one month free ride into the indie pod university and uh i i look forward to that and uh don’t forget to uh tomorrow night the speaker submissions and for icon six which is happening september 12th uh it’s gonna be on zoom and i have a big announcement that will be coming uh probably on like sunday maybe monday uh about that event so i’m looking forward to it uh aside from just like there’s something else that i’m going to announce about it so it’s going to be it’s going to be a really fun event you’re not going to want to miss it go get your ticket now uh prices for that will be going up but probably not for another week or two so you got a little bit of time before the before the price goes up so anyway everybody have a great day and i’ll see you tomorrow