welcome back to my Channel today I’m doing my best in beauty for 2015 and i have chosen one product from each sort of cat a great one and I’ve done one high end and one drug store a bit of a disclaimer i live in australia and makeup is expensive here so some of these things that i have put in the high-end category would be drugstore like in America and the UK so I’ve done it for Australian viewers ok so and then there are some that are literally quiet products as well where I’ve got makeup everywhere ok let’s start off with face ready / but to a promise of course oh my high-end primer and here’s the Loreal infallible mattifying face I love this climber I got it probably was the end of 2050 and yeah it’s fast becoming a favorite piece so don’t feels like a silicone a sort of primer but it’s also that really nice and mattifying feel as well so as I said before this is literally classes high and my carpet in Australia because this is about thirty dollars in Australia so and then my favorite for and in these categories I haven’t picked out like a mattifying primer and a mattifying for hire and about applying primer for loi I’ve just picked out my favorites from each category so my other my low-end or drugstore / primer is my designer brands pore minimizing primer this has also been a late 2015 purchase but I love it it kills the other pore minimizing primers that I have got in my little collection as well so it just seems to fill in my paws and it doesn’t it seems to hold everything on yet I love this and foot thick is only like something like that yet leads exite it will stick to face products and then we’ll sort of work our way along the desk and oh this video’s I’m going to like you’re going to try not to chat too much so beauty bombs tinted moisturizers that sort of thing is my next category and my fav favorite is my estee lauder double wear light this is really really nice and lightweight up on the face I have this in the intensity 18.0 so I do tend to make skin baby more bronzing primer into this to make it sort of more follow in that summer but yeah I really really like that it’s really nice in life and going on the bandwagon on designer brands at my late 2015 pick up I picked up the BB cream beauty balm in medium dark from designer brands oh my goodness this has got amazing coverage I have not seen Abby bar with this much coverage if not try a lot of white drugstore type beauty bar as well yeah this is just fantastic yeah if you like Beauty fans or something that’s really light so it’s really light on the face go and pick this up but i’m actually going to pick up a lot of color in this that transition once we come out of somewhere and continue to foundation this will come as no surprise to anybody I don’t think as to my favorite for 2015 and it’s the to face to board this way foundation I really haven’t you know feel like I’ve used tons out of the bottle it feels like because I don’t need to use much of it because I don’t like it really full-on coverage either so um yeah I love this foundation is so absolutely beautiful and my drugstore alternative which I know it’s going to be confusing but because some of these brands with this particular brand I’ve put in the high-end version but in this particular category where I’ve chosen a foundation that’s like sixty dollars this is a low engine alternative and it’s a l’oreal infallible 24 hour and this has been in my favorite foundation as you can see up imagine that there if I want my foundation to last all day at work this is what I go for us so yeah I love this foundation and that Paul l’oreal infallible line just seems to be fantastic powder foundation and if I feel like I want a little bit of coverage but I don’t feel like putting

heaps of stuff on my face I just pop on some concealer and then I got on a powder foundation and it’s nothing really something that i started doing coming into summer in australia don’t know why i wasn’t doing it earlier anyway so my high end version is the is a new one and it’s the Loreal infallible 24-hour powder foundation this has got beautiful beautiful coverage nice silky formula yep can’t say enough about it and then my low-end version is the Rimmel London lasting finish powder foundation I love this fits sames of thing beautifully finely milled beautiful powder foundation in Paris pressed powders and my high-end one is the mac mineralized skin finish natural so this is really nice and light so I usually like to use this when I’ve got a full coverage foundation on and I don’t want to add too much more really nice and finely milled and it’s a baked products as well seems to last me forever and then my low-end or drugstore alternative is the Australis brush and flawless pressed powder these are amazing value and they’ve actually they used to only have like three colors and now they’ve got five I think so yeah I really want to try and pick up some of the different colors as well because and this one’s in darkest brown which is odd for considering the color if it’s like not darkest breath but it’s kind of maybe a touch too dark for me so I think that come out with yes Andrew lighter colors so yeah where to next okay um bronze is so my high-end broadens up and this is not contouring or anything like that lease is for on bronzy is my pool a benefit for my cool if I benefit and this is just the best cool toned bronzing powder in a box last forever having you can have it this great and then my drugstore or alternative is the Maybelline master sculpt and I put it in a light medium I do think I’d like to pick up the dark or the medium dark one and I’m just talking about the actual bronzing powder on this side it’s cool tired it’s Matt works a treat well done mate a link on that oh ok contour kit so I feel like 2015 has been a year of the contour I feel like every man and his dog he’s bringing out a contour kit and there’s been some good ones and the things are not so good ones and now this one I have pulled out of my pocket I have occasionally used on myself i use all right every single client and it’s a no-brainer it’s anastasia beverly I have the light hunter kit and yet there’s not much to say about this the colors the pigmentation are amazing i love the fact that you can when you run out take out the little pan and you can buy fresh funds and anastasia beverly hills shifts to australia usually takes about a week and i think it’s under 20 or so here if you’ve got a friend who you both want to go in together that makes perfect sense so you can customize one of these or you can just buy a light even more done as well so the only thing I don’t clearly like which doesn’t really bother me because it’s in my pocket and but it might bother people who want to pick it up themselves these oh no be so my drugstore alternative and this is you know la 2015 favorite I did have another one on my favorites list but this one has knocked it out the water and it’s my designer brains are pro contour kit this I have only just found out is limited edition so if you want it go and get it now it’s got a big mirror and the powders are beautiful and the only thing is that this one doesn’t have like a shimmery highlight in it which I don’t really think is a bill and end also because most of the other contour kids do have a shimmery highlight in it yes really that big a deal so the colors are beautiful all of the bronzes are really nice and cool time and then the one sort of contour colors are really nice and cool tone and this bronze in one is just a beautiful color and then our money or anything like that so great value okay so contouring cream I guess this

would be the category and I absolutely love my Chanel what is it quick and get the gettin I’m like what is this called again it’s the Chanel Sally detent so they can be Chanel this is a beautiful I’ve had this for quite a while it is the most amazing and bronzing cream ever it smells it’s got quite a heavy heavily perfume smell to it but honestly i can overlook that because of it sorry dear great and it’s a luxury item so my low-end alternative to that is the Maybelline fit me shine free foundation stick I have the color 330 toffee caramel so it’s really quite cool tone I do have another contour and stick it is very very warm in comparison to this one so you can see very very similar is that real sort of it’s a really cool toned brown that’s what you want if you want to be contrary you want that cool toned color highlighting ok this is comes going to come as no surprise what’s all about what my favorite highlighter has been and it’s the becca shimmering skin Perfector I have all three I could not choose I wanted to get all of them out but I just grabbed the one that I sort of did get the first and I do tend to reach for the most and it’s vocal beautiful there afterwards and my favorite highlighter from the drugstore has been and this is only a new one and I saw love it is probably Marilla was talking about this short with her and it is the Maybelline master highlight this is the high right now I had previously looked at this in the store and thought how is that going to be a highlighter it’s got like dark brown and but just the mix of those colors together like that nice shimmery sort of color there and then the sort of real white color just yes well it all together and it just makes the most beautiful highlights so yeah that’s a winner cream highlights I love a cream highlight it really brings out we live within with lit-from-within look and my favorite high-end one is again back up better just do the best highlighters there is there’s no other words for it and I really love this one n is opal it’s beautiful and on the drugstore slow things is my australis highlights and is it in the pearl shape and and these are really good because the pump comes up from the bottom so you don’t actually miss out on any product and you can see where you are as to how much products you’ve got left and there’s heaps and heaps of crack in these so yeah it’s got a pool pump as well so get really really great six um my favorite blush client has got to be Mac they do the best blushes and this is gingerly it’s a beautiful match and this is a sheer tone blush there’s nothing she a tone about this it is beautiful it’s pigmented it’s the perfect everyday neutral colors so if you’re ever thought yourself I’m not really sure about spending so much money on a blush and gingerly or warm so which one soul is a mineralized ones that they are my top picks for colors but then if you don’t want to spend that much money on a blush these are new ones that came out maybe three and the could pick the Australis show some chic now these are matte blushes and presentation is crazy amazing so just poking huh a real city theory that terracotta be peachy tone are they are just and then a special mention to one of my other favorites for blushes this year’s and this was a new fine for me and a new product and they’re the essence silky touch blushes and these are so cheap and so damn amazing so yeah if you can’t find the Australis notion cheap blushes which i’m not sure where limited edition or not these are just greatly from target I think they’re about five bucks bargain oh and on that little bandwagon this particular color here which is called natural beauty Duke

for Mac Warsaw really almost be sitting in there and I heard me ok so my favorite pie and concealer for this year has been my urban decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer this is beautiful it’s really doesn’t priest it’s great pigmentation it’s really quite thinner sort of consistency you do need to use a bit more on it in a consistency that is just a beautiful and then lie drugstore one is the Maybelline fit me when I first got this I was like I don’t like it at all but I found that there’s two things that made me fall in love with it one don’t apply don’t um blend it in with your fingers because it will be cakey and Chrissy so use a brush or a beauty sponge and to use a lot of it works and then my special mention of poor concealers is the mix darker circle concealer this being a lifesaver this year get it from target in three different shades it’s great ok browse my this has been my brow kit for years muse me is until a lot of the sort of drug store really started picking up that they needed to up their game with their or our products and I’ve noticed that every drugstore brand is coming out with all these different types of brow products and good for our products as well but this is still my tried-and-true favorite brow product for high end and it’s the benefit for hours a go-go so this is actual kit as such so it comes with two different colors a wax as well and then I’ll highlight us but tweezers and a little brush as well so that has been amazing me and my drugstore alternative is the chichi morale for me this is only a new one as well late 2015 favorite oh my goodness I have tried the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade and i found me I got the wrong color that’s probably my own fault but it was really quite and I’ve also used smitten one as well and it was I know it just felt like it was not a slider this is amazing my browser in place I don’t I’d like to get to set my brow I don’t need to with like a brown star you don’t need to because this gets it in place this is 15 15 14 15 get some target or online chichi okay I primers um this yeah this is one of my favorites that I tend to always reach for and it’s the lorac behind the scenes by primer it doesn’t feel like too much like coverage but it really helps my eye products stick and stay there all day and yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the IE either so yeah I love the Laura behind the scenes by frame I have this in my kit as well and then my drugstore one is the NYX eyeshadow base you can get this in pearl which is sort of like a white shimmery sort of color white which is obviously white and then skin tone skin tone is my favorite for everyday use and it is kind of a color wise hybrid mix between the soft ochre people and painterly Paint Pot it could cancels out any discoloration in your eyes in your eyelids and yet just provides the perfect face for Elijah sort of thing all over the place you’ve got so much stuff you and the highlighting type of pens fearless and my favorite has been my I was guessing is my YSL touch√© √©clat and this is the radiant touch now I don’t know which color i got i think this might be true so sad event so many sort of i lightly type of pen it is amazing it’s lux I got a half price from chemist warehouse when I had set up cosmetics what tips them no 50 cent of cosmetics go online and 42 sep somewhere and then my address or often visit is an oldie but a goodie it’s the Maybelline instant age rewind and treat eraser dark circles the treatment concealer and I get it in the brightness shape which can be really hard to come across I’m not going to lie there at all so always seem to find the light pale colors in the shuffler to order this one online so yeah but if you can find it the treatment what is it all right now illuminates but that 70 undertone to help cancel out and

brighten it’s great brow b-school brow brown the skies yep for our scars where’s my brain and my high end one is the loreal brow artist plumper this one’s inner medium dark they also have it in like a blonde in transparent as well its got the fibers in its this one is just great I think yeah you know it’s expensive in Australia so I know expensive oh geez but yeah it’s my high-end favorite and then for my low drugstore favorite it’s the Maybelline four-hour drama you know that I haven’t issued with this ball knob on the end but apart from that it’s a really great for like oldest of my shows okay well this was a hard one trying to figure out what was my favorite eyeshadow palette for high end for this year and I think I just kept going back to this palette because it’s got everything in it it’s probably going to come as no surprise and it’s the toothpaste original chocolate bar palette right knows what it feels like it smells like it’s beautiful there’s yes there’s a beautiful beautiful palette to face from knowing how to do their shows and then my eye my drugstore pellet that I’ve absolutely loved in it yeah I as soon as I first tried it out I was like wow I’m really impressed and it’s the Maybelline the nudes palette so give yourself a hot tip wait till they have it on about thirty percent off because it is around the 25 door mark in Australia and so you can get it for my thirty percent off for Half Price yes so it’s a great little pellets but max two minutes that sentence so this is kind of in the eye shadow um section and they’re my sort of two little shout outs to amazing props and I did pick out a lower than a high in front and the best one is my Urban Decay for mini here and I really only want to show 1 run open one color and it’s this side here and it’s the eyeshadow called sin it’s an amazing eye shadow I’m wearing it on my list today I just did it tutorial on this particular look so yeah if you want to pick up one eye shadow from ever decay yeah that’s Palestine which is actually also in the naked one palette as well and then this is my little shout out to an amazing product and it’s the Australis one of these for the metallics by shadows and I just picked up a few little color probably my favorite one switches guns and rose petals which is a sort of rose gold hello she’s my eyes day-long delbridge is a beautiful service okie gray and then this one is called fum diddy although they did repackage and rename some of the shades so this is sort of like a black and red hope you can see it yeah black and red burgundy sort of color they are amazing and I’m really sorry to my overseas because that can get australis products like they are just fantastic okay so with mascara um my high-end mascara favorite has been the Lancome Hypnose doll eyes I really do like the Lancome mascara as they just seem to do a great job I did have another one get my to being a monk oh I it was in those days anyway so yeah it was not a long one it was a mini and I love that and then my drugstore favorite which kinda threw me a bit when I was like I really like that because I think you’re either a Maybelline mascara person or a cover girl skull person and the last couple of Maybelline mascara I got so I picked this up on a mammoth and I love it it’s the covergirl lash bloom so yeah i’m almost at the very end of it it’s got a really great brush yeah i’ve just love love love you can see how much I spiky bits on the ones have got hardly any product on it but I have picked out the star wars one but I’m a bit like musical so cute star wars so yeah maybe all alone I do want to try that out of the covergirl clump crusher so maybe but then insane I have three more unopened ascaris in my drawer down there sorry I’m trying to be really good and user or I have

maybe that will be my knees resolution okay favorite lip products yeah this was so hard so so hard oh hang on I got two more products for a high that we’re sort of quiet in here ok so my high-end sort of by pencil and this is the eye of horus smoky black goddess pencil only recently got this and it is freaking amazing so there are no words about how amazing this pencil is and then my drugstore alternative is the Australia n hour wear waterproof eye pencil I have only ever tried the bombastic runs and it is beautiful is most amazingly beautiful from Z color so really do you think I’d like to pick up some other colors in that particular line liquid line this is my high-end pick and I’d say it’s high end because it is around the 25mm are here and it’s the Revlon Colorstay skin with good liner I have been quite a few colors hate black one because of the applicator but I love all the other ones so that’s my high-end pick and then that’s my low-end drugstore pic is the Maybelline have a sharpie so this one or the must precise are my favorites maybelline does a great it was good line art and that’s all I advice that’s a great liquid liner okay now we’re on to lease my favorite lip pencil from client and in saying that I’m down to like the last little bit so it’s really like I only use this of a special occasion and it’s my mac um lip pencil and this was actually in subculture and it’s perfect a sort of and then the drugstore one that I absolutely love is the Rimmel exaggerated full color lip line and now these are the retractable ones so they just yeah you don’t need to sharpen them they are just great and the colors are really really good right lipsticks because I always thought quite a few different things ok let’s start lip glosses okay so this is my high-end favorite and I hate that they don’t write what they are this is a l’oreal lip gloss harish I have no idea they don’t put on what it is they say what color it is but I don’t say what it is but yes these are around thirty dollar mark here in Australia so that is definitely high hand in Australia and then my favorite for the drugstore is the Rimmel oh my boss now this is in the car smog and is the best you look for better lip gloss color perfect lipsticks I feel like this year not only has it been a year of the contour and highlighting crave but it’s also been liquid lipsticks / matte lip colors matte liquid lipsticks so my first favorite in these are the liquid lipstick non Matt and the high-end is my too faced melted provide long wear lipstick speeds are beautiful but a huge range of colors yeah and they are just bear with money and they of you so my drugstore alternative is the LA girl glaze let’s paint now the only thing i don’t like about these is that on the applicator side of things it’s kind of messy so you do need to and they are really strongly perfumed I just like got a whip of in the lip oh that’s right they smell like cleaning products at the hospital once you get over that these are really really great but you do have to apply it with a lip brush only because the applicators part of things is not so great inside but the product itself is really really good now a special shout out and I’m doing this one because it’s only a very recent pick up as in like two weeks ago no one week ago and I don’t quite have never picked this up before and if the chichi of dramatic little blacker and this isn’t a color bombshell and I put this over the top of one of the lipsticks today the mat once apon is just oh Beautiful is just a perfect color if you want to pick up any of those little liquid lipsticks that sort of long-lasting gives lots of nice pigmentation this is really really good Anna colors just perfect okay we’re on to the final last one okay and it’s the matte lipsticks and I’ve got four

products in my hand because it was really hard to marry understand because there was some things that I thought were really great and some that I thought needed a bit of a shout out as well so my high end which is really the only one that I have and don’t tell me people who have issues with lime crime but I they started off the liquid lipstick matte sort of trend and yeah I still really really love them I love these for the girls that want to have when I’m doing makeup that want their lipstick to last they don’t have too many like natural set of colors but i really like yeah the formula on them so yeah that’s my high-end pic so all my low-end pick um what am I say the Rimmel apocalypse with the Velvets now these apocalypse smell revolting yeah but they are super moisturizing on your lips and once they’ve set the smells no longer there so you can get over the smell putting it on then yet and they’re just really really beautiful so yes they are really really nice and then my turtle shout out and one is the Australis of the lower lips they have an amazing assortment of colors in these like crazy assortment of colors I think there is something like 20 or 25 I colors just any for all lips and yet they are really really matter so that’s just probably one thing that maybe a little down for you need to have super moisturized and not check the stall to wear these and then my little one shout out which kind of hold it right or should I be mentioning this consider it’s only today was the first day that I actually used it it’s been sitting up in like thing in my like collection up there for maybe a month and a half maybe more than that but yeah and I was waiting to do like a bit of a first impressions on camera with quite a new products love it and if the designer brands Matt long wear lipgloss I’ve never used a long wear lipgloss actually I’ve just realized I’m an idiot it says lip gloss on it and I was wondering why it was so moisturizing could have missing a few brain cells today aren’t I I didn’t get much sleep last night so that’s my excuse I’m going to pick up some more of these for my kids this is the color I’m wearing today underneath the chichi one and just feels so moisturizing and it had a little bit of where I did test there I had a cup of coffee and some biscuits the biscuits do tend to stick to the lipstick a bit by an idea to prevent velocity set aside things and I think you couldn’t just sort of what after the tissue and then I just have to reapply this one it means I bit so yeah I really like them and for ten dollars what steel right that is it I hope you’re still with me i hope you grabbed a snack at the beginning cuz yeah i can see this is going to be a really long video but um yeah i hope you liked all of my makeup favorites high-end drug store for 2015 and i cannot wait to see you all in 2016 okay great new years I don’t know when this video’s we thought that’s going to go up before New Year’s or after new years but if go that beforehand how great new years stay safe if it goes up afterwards I hope you had a great movies and let’s look for to an amazing 2016 give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching if you liked this video and you’re new to my channel and please hit the subscribe button over here or down here depending on with your watch and tablet or a phone or a computer um thanks for sticking around I’ve had a great year and see you in my next video bye guys and i can’t believe that i did is i just finished packing up all of my favorites and I’ve left out two really important things and it was a lipstick like I love lipsticks and like just yeah I had so much in front of me I am totally cut them so I’m doing this is like a vlog type thing at the end anyway so my high-end lipstick favorite has been my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick this is just beautiful I want some more I really really want some more and they’re so expensive but they are so so beautiful and then my favorite sort of a drugstore one are the Maybelline a lot of these color sensational and they yeah really nice a creamy and beautiful so now i’m going to go upload all of this and I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave anything else behind because i have just

packed up everything that I had so bye guys hi guys welcome back to my channel today i am doing my 2015 favorites hi guys welcome back to my Channel today I am knocking over stuff holy hey guys welcome back to my channel today i am doing my best in