– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel It’s your girl, Jackie Aina ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jack– ♪ Happy Black, Black, Black, Blackity, Black History Month I know it may seem like I’m a little late, I’m not I felt like I haven’t really filmed that much in February so I haven’t really given you a proper, like (grunts) for the people When I tweeted about this particular launch, I felt like my Twitter was going to blow up I’m going to be testing out the ever so coveted and infamous KA’OIR Cosmetics by Miss Keyshia Ka’oir herself This ain’t a formal bio, honey, I am not Wikipedia Keyshia Ka’oir is, as most of you guys may know, married to Gucci Mane, the rapper Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it Miss Keyshia, I don’t know why I keep calling her Miss Keyshia, is that from a Vine or something? For those of you guys that don’t know because I did definitely see some people tryin’ to throw shade at her on Twitter, whether you like her or not, Keyshia Ka’oir is a trendsetter, okay? She was really putting on and rocking these bold, funky, pastel lip colors, glitter lip colors, way before anybody in mainstream media was, she just was In the height of her career as a video model, going on to being with Gucci Mane, and just becoming like an overall socialite, she launched a makeup line and we gon’ show you what it looks like in a minute Before we do get started, if you like what you’ve seen so far, you might as well subscribe ‘Cause I’m willin’ to bet if you here, that means you probably see me on the top of your homepage If you see me on your homepage, chances are you probably watched another video And if you’ve watched more than three, why not just join the Jackie Aina family? Imma stop rambling, ’cause that’s not why you here Let’s go ahead and begin So, Keyshia Ka’oir launched this eyeshadow palette and the reason why it pretty much went viral and has been getting so much attention is because she is shaped like a K I just thought this was so cute and the colors in the palette actually look remotely interesting They do look a little washed out on my lights So when I turn the lights down, that looks a little bit more true to color Like, this is what I see in person Unfortunately, I can’t film like this because then I look undersaturated and the video overall is just too dark So, today we’re going to be trying out that bad boy As I introduced earlier, she is kind of known for her lips She essentially started the brand with the lips, so I did pick up a couple lil’ lip things or somethings I am a little bit biased, I love lip products, so I kind of feel like I can never have too many She also has this product called Glow Sticks, which I don’t particularly, like I wasn’t naturally drawn to these but I figured I’m already putting in an order, might as well just grab a little bit of everything A little bit of this, a little bit of that, started with a kiss and went on to that Really, I came for the palette though, the palette is what came for me I saw it on Twitter, I was intrigued First, we’re gonna start off with primer Some Hangover primer by Too Faced One thing that we can definitely say about Keyshia is she always, always looks beat There’s just not a liner out of place, a lash out of place Shout out to the makeup artists that work for celebrities, because it is a line of work that I don’t think you guys, a lot of people understand how hard it is Her makeup artist is killin’ it Whoever they are, I don’t know who they are If you’re watching this video, you’re freaking talented For my base we’re going to take Chai from Too Faced, Born This Way As soon as I pump out the last, I’m on my la– I can’t believe I actually used a whole, entire bottle I can’t remember the last time I used a whole bottle Come on, dang it, I’m tryin’ to really save money In fact, this might even be my second bottle in the past year Time to throw that one away I have known about Keyshia since when she was Keyshia Do you guys remember Keyshia Dior? She started as Keyshia Dior I’m sure she ran into some legal discrepancies with that That’s how long Keyshia has really kinda been a figure, like other super-stylish black women There’s room for everybody, to me, in this industry There’s room for the nerdy black girls, there’s room for the hood black girls, the ghetto fabulous black girls, smart black girls, there should be room for all of them Keyshia to me, gives me the perfect mix Hood, but super classy She’s flashy, but she also gives us southern belle charm One of my favorite parts about her is that she really expresses herself through her style in an era where people are constantly being told what doesn’t look good on you, what you shouldn’t wear She just seems so care free I concealed using my, what’s this called? Multiuse sculpt and concealer I don’t know why I acted like I didn’t remember the name, like I don’t use it every other day now and I officially ran out of that one, too ♪ Bronzing, bronzing, know when to keep the line in ♪ ♪ Gonna keep you shining, like me bronzing, bronzing ♪ As usual, I’m filing my brows with Benefit Precisely, My brow and what you called? Goof Proof Brow Same old, same old Nothing here to see people, move along Now that we got the base poppin’, we’re gonna finally jump into the shadow palette, which is why most of you guys are here This comes in what is described as thirteen richly, luxuriously pigmented eyeshadow shades They’re pretty adamant on their website that this is a cruelty free brand, so shout out to them I will say that the swatches online were a little sketchy I saw the swatches that she did on Twitter, some people just don’t know how to swatch That’s what were here for, girl I get it, I’m not blaming her for that

And also I kind of think swatches are a scam You guys know how I feel about eyeshadows, you’re not gonna just do one swipe This was $59, you guys I actually did pay my own hard-earned, American dollars on all the products that I’m going to be featuring today This is not a PR sample $59 is a cute little coin, but lets just see what Miss Keyshia got in store for us Hey, how you doin’? Now we’re really getting to know each other in 4K If you see a pore, if you see a booger, if you see an eyelash growing backward, Imma ask you to kindly not judge me I really wanted to get up close and personal to show you guys the colors But first we’re gonna start by laying a little bit of translucent powder under my eye to catch any fallout that we may incur (explosions) Oh, we can fold it backwards, look at this And the Kardashian didn’t steal the K idea? Keyshia, you are on to something You’re a revolutionary, man I’m gonna start with Fire ♪ Fire, fire, fire, put out the fire ♪ I wanna start with this color It is a corally, oh, that’s cute Now she does have an eye base, and I actually purchased the eye base but it’s really light and it’s quite pink It’s supposed to be an eye and lip primer So let’s take fire, fire, fire, which by the way did not really feel super pigmented when I swatched it on my finger but let’s see if we can build it up Okay so, so far not bad First, basically what I’m doing is patting it into my eye before I go in and blend I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and it just, for me, really gets those colors to stick ‘Cause everything just tries to clock out early when you’ve got oily-combination skin By the way, the palette comes with a brush It’s really fun, it kind of has like little liquid hearts situations inside of them I personally would not use this I’m not really a fan of brushes that come inside of a palette or you know like, travel size brushes They don’t have the range, girl But it’s cute, at least you get something with it It is kind of neon and normally I just expect neon’s and reddish colors like this to be super hard to blend I’m not finding that this is difficult to blend, at all So, after patting the color in, I’m going to go back and forth, back and forth, sweep and also start blending Girl, I might have to change up the direction of the look and get into some of these matte reds, girl ’cause I was not expecting Fire to look like this And to be honest, it really didn’t take a lot of dipping to get it this pigmented I’m gonna go in with a clean brush, a clean, unused brush just around it and soften and buffin it out Hey, you guys take note, no fallout yet I’m surprised to see that I was actually expecting it and somehow she hasn’t showed up to work yet It’s the one employee you’re hoping doesn’t clock in everyday Not that fallout bothers me, just pointing that out, you know the drill I’m taking this color right here, Georgia Peach, she is definitely not that light in person, but it’s kind of like a yogurty, peach shade and I’m using that to blend around the edges of the shadow I initially thought this color was going to be too light and too ashy, but it actually layered amongst that red quite nicely I cheated though, I had to try it on first, girl ’cause I was like, I do not like surprises This looks so pretty as is that I don’t even want to do, ’cause this look, I was gonna go very dark Now I’m confused, now I’m conflicted, man I’m going in with the M441 brush from Morphe I’m just defining Fire a little bit more in my crease, like really making it stand out and again, not an ounce of fallout yet Error 404, fallout not detected I totally change my mind, I’m just gonna go with what my heart is telling me to do I’m gonna keep this red and more light, ’cause I was tryin’ to jump into Night Glitz, girl Girl, I was really gonna try it Look at this color, like the sparkle and it swatches pretty nice It swatches sheer, but the silver, look at this, look at this, look at this, the silver just jumps at you First, let’s give her eye base a chance We would love to see more colors, because she’s quite pink, she’s very light I’m gonna pop that onto the center of my lid It’s very creamy, I will say that I’m gonna start off with a little bit, and just really spread it around The crap we do for looks, man You do all that damn blending, and then only to carve it off with some damn eye base Such a shame I’m gonna take Flirt, which is this fun, frosty pink color It’s really light, so hopefully it doesn’t come up too silvery for me Yeah, it’s really light, just as I suspected But you know what, it’s cool We’re definitely gonna have a gradual build up of colors working around it so she feels more at home It’s cute I wish it had a little bit more purple-pink in it, like more color We’re gonna go back again, to Fire, fire, fire, that color there and make sure that everything around Miss Flirt looks right at home No, we not gon’ let lines of demarkation stop our destiny, oh, no ma’am Oh my God, that looks so pretty next to the red Wow!

Honestly, I’m really decently surprised I was not expecting this palette to give me looks like this I mean I bought it ’cause I thought it was cute, but you know, you never know You’re pretty much just shooting in the dark sometimes when you buy makeup, especially when you’re buying it online And KA’OIR Cosmetics is the only retailer, so you can’t go to any store, try before you buy, nothing like that I still don’t know how I’ve managed to skip fallout, but I don’t know I don’t know if you guys see this, but this is a pretty high def lens Okay so, I’m gonna take Sexy, which is this color here in the top corner It’s the deepest shade in the palette, and I’m so glad it’s here Every eyeshadow palette should have like at least one dark brown, dark burgundy, or matte black to really help define the eye so I’m gonna pat Sexy ain’t showing up yet I’m gonna pat her in the outer corner I’m basically trying to pop this on top of a red Oh, there it is You just gotta kinda layer her a little bit And it’s not really giving the depth that I want it to, so let me see if I can pat it with a thicker, more dense brush and a clean brush I would describe these colors as very soft, but they’re also like, not like there’s a difference between being not pigmented and just being soft, these colors are very soft It’s very, very, very faintly showing up, but I do see it I don’t know if you guys can see it, but I definitely see it Oh, why did I just notice, she also has a matte black! What? I didn’t notice that! So this color is called Night and I’m gonna to put a little bit of Night right on top Easy I don’t know why this is looking like somebody’s team flag, somebody’s country colors Some of the fallout has finally showed up to the party Fine though, you cool, just wait over there while we get your paperwork ready The black when blended on top of the red is much better applied patted in than trying to blend We’re gonna take Extreme Black, one of my favorite black eye pencils, at the moment, from Miss Pat McGrath and I’m going to line my top lash line We’re going to do something really fun with that black glittery color ’cause I just can’t help myself, I can’t resist I’m gonna take Night Glitz, this color here, in a pencil brush and go right on top of where we applied the pencil liner and just press it and smudge it in That is adding a fun little pop of glitter that I’m living for! ♪ Living spaces ♪ That liner is also gonna go in my water line You guys, I’m really feeling this look and it’s so flirty and cute I’m gonna take V-Day from the palette, this red shade here and start smoking and smudging along my bottom lash line I know some people have reservations about putting red eyeshadow down here ’cause they feel like it makes them look drunk but don’t be shy girl! Just a look, it washes off tomorrow It’s not that serious I think it’s a look This is Fluff Lash from, can you cooperate, darn it Imma just show you one, the other one is in the box (frantically screams) She’s a modest lash, very understated At one point, I refused to wear any other lash Before this goes live, I’m stocking up on that lash too Not gonna let y’all heathens out-shop my favorite lash from me You know what, sometimes minor offenses like this, unless you lookin’ at me in 4K or you right up here in person, first of all, you not gonna see it and third of all, if you that close to me, you need to back the hell up, uppercut season And you know what I really like about red eyeshadows is they really make brown My eye color is so dark that it almost looks black and it’s really sexy and sultry, red is making them pop even more Adding more dimension Now, I did not forget about my inner corner highlight and if you thought I did, you don’t know me very well I kinda wanna keep it matte, so let’s just see what Georgia Peach does If I could just find the appropriate brush that I’m looking for, there it is And bloop! How fun is that? With the yogurt, Jackie with the yogurt That’s fun in the inner tear duct Let’s also go back to Flirt Pop that in the inner, inner, inner, inner chicken dinner most corner Lashes are on ♪ It’s lash time, it’s lash time, a whole new world ♪ Once we add that lash, girl Is that Aladdin? Did I say Aladdin, right? A whole new world? I’ll figure it out later Good call on this lash, because honey Or as Miss Lovely T likes to say, honey This is probably just gonna be a rough draft for my makeup tomorrow ’cause tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we’re gonna call Dennis in and see if he likes the look Not that it matters or anything Imma still wear whatever the hell I want but we’re just gonna see if it’s bae approved Okay guys, so the eyes are finished Next step on the roster we have, I just really wish I would have considered lotion Now we have what is advertised as Keyshia Ka’oir’s Glow Sticks They come in three colors and I bought, clearly, all three of them

Wasn’t sparing any expense with this review They are $29 each So, these are kinda meant to be an all-in-one, multipurpose glow product and it has a built-in brush, which also is kind of triggered or ignited by the click Whoa! So, this is basically designed to be used on the face, the brow bone, the cheek You can kind of just throw it in your purse and use it The problem I have with that logic is sounds great, love the idea, but we definitely need a more tapered brush because this is just too thick I wanna use this on my body, I don’t wanna use a brush like this on my cheeks Most certainly not in my brow bone The brow bone is just a really small area and unless you’re not wearing any makeup at all, it might work but I have a full beat, so I don’t wanna disturb my brows and all that good stuff By the way, I’m using the color Glow The champagne-yellow one is Mrs. Davis Glow The pinky-icey one is called So Icey Glow And because this brush is so big and fluffy, you can’t really get It’s just gonna disperse the product a lot more freely than what I would want I’m just going to buff it out with a more softer brush that’s a little fluffier I guess just don’t pump it ten times and maybe you’ll be fine (gasps) Jackie And this is also very hard, like this is not the softest brush we’ve played with Brushes are definitely Brushes have come a long way and I just feel like with what the competition is now, this is not gonna cut it How am I supposed to get it back? Oh, there we go That’s what I was looking for I was looking for that maneuver there Kinda wanna go in also with So Icey, the pink one I’m just gonna dab on ’em Right on top This damn brush got this damn highlighter in my hair Now, what I could see this being very handy is on the collar bone, honey because collar bone, it doesn’t need to be super soft but it helps and plus it’s such a big brush that you can really kinda cover a bunch of different surface areas at once These are so glittery that it just ends up everywhere with this brush This brush is just not the wave, sis We’ve applied highlighter so now I’m going to spray my face (pump bottle spritzing) As it pertains to liquid lipsticks, I personally prefer regular lipsticks but there’s certain colors that just look amazing in liquid lipstick form Red is one of them, dark purples, I like deep, dark, sultry colors to be in liquid matte form, so I only bought one red of her lipsticks Most of them were like, Wifey is like a bubblegum pink I really wanted a really cute, Barbie pink This is something that I notice immediately with all of the glosses It doesn’t quite want to stay put, I guess you can say? So, yeah, this is quite the inconvenience You’re probably thinking well, once you put it back in, that’s probably what happened No, this was what I noticed the first time I ever pulled them out So, let me show you the next one Open it up and the wand does he exact same thing It spreads like a butterfly, stings like a bee For lip products, that can be extremely inconvenient This one also did the same exact thing, so there’s clearly a defect in these lip wands And here’s the last one, which is the color that we’re gonna use I haven’t opened this one yet so, oh, this one’s good This one passed the test I don’t know why all the other one’s are doing that and this one isn’t but, doesn’t matter, this is the one I was going to use anyway So, first I’m going to take Keyshia’s Cashmere Liquid Matte Lipsick in the color Showstopper We’re going red first I’m gonna surround the outside of my lips with this red color This is very hydrating Am I sure this is the liquid lipstick? Or is it a gloss? It feels exactly like a gloss, it’s very comfortable Now this was very comfortable to apply Glided on and it literally felt like a gloss when I put it on I’m gonna grab Mistress lipstick and apply that in the center so we get a mix of pink and red I don’t like the smell of this lipstick It smells like they way lipsticks used to smell in the 90s Can we get some vanilla or something, some cupcake Auntie Keyshia? On top, I’m going to add Bubbleyum Lip Gloss, which is glittery fun and very pink This one has a smell Oh, that’s gorg I applied that just in the center And there you go guys, that is the final look What are my final thoughts? What did we learn today? I think a lot of people just automatically assume oh, you have a name, you slap your name on a product, and you try to dig your way into the makeup business That very well could have been her motive, I have no clue if she’s actually passionate about beauty but I don’t necessarily think you have to be a makeup artist to have a successful beauty brand A lot of your favorite brands are owned by old white men who just had a lot of money and saw an opportunity to cash into Real tea A lot of people were just calling her stuff

flat out trash and I’m just like well, have you tried it, yet though? I have, so I’ma give you my thoughts I love the eyeshadow palette I thought it was adorbable, I thought the shape of it was really unique Yes, it is abnormally shaped Is it a deterrent from using? No It lays flat, sis, it lays flat Keep calm, it lays flat You can still put it in your bag amongst your other big ole’ Morphe palettes I actually think the products and the quality of the products are good Packaging I feel could, for some people, be a deterrent It looks very generic, it looks very, eh However, however, how and comma ever, I mean, look at Morphe’s packaging That’s no shade to them but packaging won’t make or break you, those are just things that are small nit-picks for me Definitely need to fix these wands, that’s for sure I actually liked the consistency of the liquid lipstick Liquid lipsticks, most of the time, I stay away from ’cause they’re so dry! I was the least impressed with the Glow Stick, not because of the product itself but the functioning of the packaging, I wasn’t that wild about it You guys heard my comments and thoughts about the brush applicator I think if we got a maybe a softer, better quality brush head that was a little more tapered, more defined, more precise so we can really get into those tight areas, Keyshia, this might do way better And this is a really glittery product, so just be mindful, a lot of people don’t like glittery highlighters As far as the colors go, the pigmentation surprised me The pigmentation surprised me and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of you because the first thing people were quick to say was those swatches were atrocious, and I do agree I would definitely love to see KA’OIR come out with more eyeshadow palettes I think she has a pretty good eye for curating and putting colors together I would love to see better wands for these glosses and better packaging for the glosses too I also think that KA’OIR Cosmetics should consider maybe gifting the products to, not necessarily beauty bloggers, like I said, I don’t have a problem buying products, I’m not necessarily speaking about me and my peers I wanna see Trina wearing KA’OIR Cosmetics Does she? I don’t know I wanna see the other people that she mingles with also posting and promoting this brand I feel like its very limited as far as visibility because for the most part I only, really see Keyshia posting about it I would love to see that change I think that her company should be way more open to sending out to her celeb friends I would love to see more launches instead of just the lips, ’cause I feel like, came out with the lips and we didn’t really hear from her anymore This day and age with makeup, you gotta have something every three months, girl! Just think of it as an excuse to have another bomb photo shoot, okay? ‘Cause every time you launch a new product, you gotta come out with the promo shoot I’m just saying Thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you guys enjoy this first impressions A lot of you guys asked for it, so let me know in the comments what surprised you? What didn’t surprise you? Have you tried the products? Do you recommend anything? Do you have any favorites? Do you have any dislikes? Whateva you gotta say, vent in the comments Shout out to everybody that’s not getting dragged this good Black History Month and is minding they business Make sure you watch the next video for a real one Imma put it right here It’s easy, it’s free, and you ain’t doin’ nothing else anyways, so you might as well click the damn thing Click the video