09/23/15 Albuquerque Police Department Crime Prevention for the Home Workshop – Part 1

working at waiting list to try to get a good Ian I wanted to be here I’m Jill Garcia and I’m the crime prevention specialist for APD at the foothills area command this is lieutenant Bob Milton and he is our mission watch commander so on earth would you want to say any worse I bet but Jill was on a really good presentation is really gonna be fast paced she’s gonna try to come home and really she could talk 48 hours of this listen listen what she says I think you’ve narrowed it down to the very specifics and can we leave the view more police officers back Jill one hundred percent because the tips that she gives you helps prevent those calls coming in and they’re covered property being taken you know and it can happen to anybody a friend of mine that I worked out with at the gym he thinks I’m I tell my family and friends you’re an angel about crime prevention of jealousy Miceli the same thing but I tell don’t leave stuff in your car is just opportunity take it so here’s that the gym who left the cell phone in the car people and because what about smashing we still sell it just doesn’t happen and you know like I don’t think so but I told him seven so it works for crime prevention 60 works good well thank you and we also have a special guest tonight helping me out and this is my counterpart crime prevention specialists from the northeast area command and this is Sharon press and we share a border of eubank so if you’ve heard me out workshops before I’ve explained where the foothills area command begins noon this is a map of our area command so basically we’re from Eubank to the open space in the mountains from the county line down to Kirtland and then Sharon district it’s from this size you may have gone down so it’s a pleasure to have you here my promise at these workshop went up days at foothills is to get you in and out in an hour we’re going to hit the highlights I do have time built in at the end for questions and answers so don’t worry if you have a question we can address it towards the end of the program but if you’re worried that you’re going to forget it by all means just raise your hand and then we’ll address it um housekeeping we have restrooms across the lobby water fountains I’ve got bottle of water and we need chips I don’t know who the mystery donor was they can’t even brought a grocery bag of chips for us I know it’s after work so if you’re hungry Thursday help yourself at your places at the table you’ve got a no soliciting sign you work these are for you to take home and post by your front door ok now this since a visual message and crime prevention is all about the visual message it sends a visual message that I did not want to be disturbed even if it’s not a solicitor is still sending that message don’t bug me and also a sit here i will call 242-cops if I’m disturbed we’ll go into a little bit about door door later in the program the top sheet in your packet is notes page that’s for you to take note scribbled notes everybody has a pen I’ve got to ask you to please leave depends on the table when you leave so I can be used them for the next workshop you’ve got a flyer on workshop Wednesday at the foothills and this is something that I’m doing once a month on the Wednesday right here there are always going to be five four three different topics next month is Christ mention for women and the member would be holiday presentation and then we’re going to take a break in December and then we’re going to get to again next year lots of good topics so that will explain a little bit about that another page in your packet is on the foothills website this is where you get all my crime prevention if you sign on as a subscriber and a number of you come in tonight already said i read your blog every day it’s kind of like a blog sharon has one as well at her station and the Northwest substation so we’ll put crime prevention tips on there with the daily watch notes and that’s the report of property credit happened the past 24 hours I’ve got it to do this in there because that’s just

the way I am I’ve work off of this just like I read and I feel good when I check that item off my little chocolate so I got the to do list and this is just kind of distilling things that we’re talking about tonight in the class I’ve got a brochure a neighborhood watch how to start when I believe a neighborhood watch neighborhood watch works but they would watch a citizen driven I can’t start one for you that’s up to you guys so this tells you how to do it it’s free easy we just want you to have a couple of social events in here how to block captain that serves as the point of contact how to report a crime to be a good witness this is going to tell you how to describe a person or a typical if you have to call it please in this place difference between four tops and 911 and it tells you how to file a police report if you are victimized how you can file that report online or over the phone then I’ve got a packet of different for you for the long as we move outside the home to the inside so we’ve got lighting ginseng landscaping front door got doors and windows okay and then a last page the feedback page I would ask that when you leave tonight please fill this out before you eat so I know how I did so that i know i’m covering everything you guys want to know potential topics the next year and if you leave that and the beginning on the table i’ll pick them up when the workshop is over yeah because we got to have those pins for the next one I’m it up a little dungeon up to pin it if it’s of it but the workshop Wednesday series this has been a really big success it took off like wildfire because I know you guys want this information and every single women I’ve done impact with the waiting list so this tells me that we’re on the right path crime prevention here in Flint Hills we’re going to offer more my goal also I want to do a spanish-language one next year I think that would be so great you know I’m get an interpreter and reach out but these workshops are designed to get you in and out in an hour we’ll hit the highlights if anybody has to leave I understand my feelings won’t be hurt you’re busy people I’m just thrilled that you’re here so to get started I want to talk a little bit about the triangle of crime do you guys know about the triangle of crime think of well just like a diodes tripod here like a three-legged stool or triangle so the triangle of crime if you think of that you’ve got the motivation criminal you have the target which is you or your property and then you have the opportunity so if you have a motivated criminal you have a week to target and that would be like an unlocked vehicle with a briefcase in the backseat and you have that opportunity comes up because a lot of the crimes are just the opportunity came up the target was there that criminal was motivated so now you have a crime and if you think about it what goes to the criminals mind before they victimize you or your property what’s the level of risk is it low risk high risk am I going to get hurt can I get in and out of here fast if I commit this crime and somebody sees me are they going to do anything and that’s where you guys come in you’re into extra eyes on the block for these guys that’s why we need you that’s why we need neighborhood watches and that’s why neighborhood watches work it’s having all of you as extra eyes on the block because lieutenant Middleton can’t have everyone if its officers up and down the street three times a day the volume of calls are high and the other thing about that your block you live there you’re there day in day out you know what normal behavior is for that block this officer may not know oh that guy doesn’t belong here or gee I don’t recognize him in that truck or whatever so that’s where you come in being extra eyes and for a criminal if they’re going to commit a crime and thing because any if they see me what are they going to do are these I’m going to call the police that’s where a lot of crime prevention comes in because it’s maintaining what you’ve got controlling your environment by locking up securing things going out

I’m a big one on this going out at night go across the street and look back at your house what do you see does it look like a week target do you have burned out life goals or your light covers so dirty with with dead bugs and birds dust that the Lighting’s not effective or maybe you need to tweak it a little bit and adjust it do you have a fence that locks properly how about your front door so you have a good solid front door so those are the kind of things that we need to get in the mindset of thinking about some of the things too about controlling your environment and taking care of your property I’ve had incidents where I read reports of auto burglaries and somebody had a broken window didn’t fix it for two weeks reached in got hit there be victimized so if you have something broken be prompt and repairing and fixing it because that’s a weak target it’s an easy target so I’m going to start with the home from the outside and kind of work my way in with tips and highlights for you and then the details are in your packet with the lighting remember of vendors don’t want to be seen if you have good effective lighting that’s going to really help you reduce your odds of being a big baby look at your home across the street at night look back at it and if you have a partner or family her that can help you out one thing I recommend is have them stay inside the house while you’re out and have them adjust the blinds up down lower whatever your situation is just to see what they see on the inside I think it would be helpful for you to see that from another viewpoint we’re just so into our our world our busyness and our to-do lists like me intervene but you know if you go out and have a different perspective and take a look and try to put yourself in the criminals shoes and think okay you know do I see the computer right next to the window do I see that big screen TV glowing in the dark what kind of property do they have that I could break in or you know you’ve got to be careful to just for protecting your property and making sure that those things are doing the job they’re intended to do the different types of lighting out there we’ve got motion sensors you can have lights on a timer strategic placement is important where you’re putting your lighting the benefits that deters criminal activity and also you can reduce trips and falls if you have to go out or have visitors you’re going to reduce the likelihood of somebody getting injured on your property if you have good lighting your stucco and your paint colors can leverage your lighting if you have lighter walls the light with bounce off of those walls and it kind of gives you more bang for the buck if you have dark paint dark walls that’s going to absorb light so that’s one thing you may consider if you’re thinking about restocking or painting or adding light crime prevention is all the balance for what fits into your life so if you want to go with a darker tone home just keep in mind it would absorb more light so maybe you’d wanna up your amps so to speak if you’re in a home owner association you’re subject to rules and covenants and some cities have dark sky ordinances about lighting where the lighting can’t go up because people want a dark setting to be able to see the sky at night so you can still work with that within those rules and covenants if that affects you just see your board and ask them you know for a copy of that and you go over it before you invest in lighting that you can have lighting it goes down to the sidewalk or to the pathway we’re going to move to fencing fencing the goals of having a fence a barrier right napkins for noise reduction and you can have fences for privacy but the fence is defining territory and that’s a key cornerstone and crime prevention is defining your territory and what I mean by that is from public space to semi public space to your private space and fencing is one of those things along with landscaping the pathways that establishes and

defines territory so your fencing is going to be important if you have a loaf in scraped you can see it opens up your sidelines but you know remember i said about a balance somebody can climb or fault their way over that one thing to keep in mind is homeowners if you have fencing that is designed as a barrier right so you don’t want somebody going around the side fence into your backyard don’t put anything nearby they could be used as a step up like a trash bin patio furniture things like that cinder blocks on the side those can be is to climb up and over the fence so part of your fencing whole not only for a barrier privacy or noise reduction but you want to make sure that you’re not actually enhancing somebody’s leg get over get over that fence height tab gives you more privacy but again talking about the balance you have more privacy with a high fence or wall that you limit your sight lines to so sight lines are the view from the neighbor’s house to your house or from your house across to the neighbors and for the backyards we tend to have the higher fences it walls because that’s our private so that’s our private space were being wined so keep in mind though for the price of privacy you probably won’t have the neighbors able to see if somebody was back there trying to break in it’s a balance what fits your situation the types of fencing we’ve got wood some wood it can be very attractive that keep in mind about the maintenance you’re going to have to maintain it it degrades over time the flash to fall out or be kicked out to gain entry to bypass the fence if it’s wood and it can be graffiti cinderblock strong you can easily heighten it by adding bricks but again it can be easily climbed and it’s a target for graffiti iron bars the wrought iron fences that’s more high-dollar item very beautiful but the benefit of that low maintenance you can see through the bars so you have your sight lines still but it’s very hard to get through and it’s graffiti proof pretty much you could spray paint maybe the individual bars that you tag it with your moniker so that’s something to think of it here in an area with a lot of graffiti and chain link fences a chain-link graffiti proved right who would graffiti a chain-link fence its prey right through but one thing to keep in mind if you have a chain-link fence you’re going to have to have the bottom going under the ground a couple of inches probably five inches why because chain link can be pulled up or it can be cut or folded up so you want that bottom to go under the ground and you want to have a bar at the ground wait securing that bottom part it can be climbed easily that’s another thing and you need to get the proper thickness or gauge to prevent it from being cut so those are just some types of fencing and things to keep in mind we’re going to move on to garage doors Henry’s The Pajama watched notes pretty microwave your meeting Suzanne you guys know I talk about garage doors a lot yes I’m gonna nag you a little bit work I’m garage doors here’s the thing and may mean is I have to tell your stories out of chaos Wanda okay marine lives in the wonderful Hills neighborhood and she is so supportive of APD and her community and her neighbors she’s out there always trying to talk about neighborhood watch in the benefits and she’ll actually go around and see which neighbors have the garage doors open a couple of feet and then she actually told one of her neighbors I’ve been in the military and if I see your garage door open halfway like that again I’m gonna roll under it at all military style and I’m going to but it’s serious it’s very it’s a serious matter because a lot of people want to leave those open for ventilation

to vent the garage but with what goes along with that anybody can get under offenders have been known to send a child under if you think I’m an adult can’t get through that they’ve been noticin children in go in and open the garage you know we hit the hit the platen so I can come in and that happens I think less time like right things but even if you crack it a half an inch obviously kept it in a half of chopping up here no animals but there’s a tool that burglars got made and it’s it’s a wire tool with two hinges on an upper / created this and you can even go on youtube or in because burglars post these things on YouTube so they created a tool they can fit in that little half-inch gap you want here Roger I’ll raise it up and they’ll grab the hook on your garage door opener and lonely at least the lock and we’ll get to just look it up so shut your garage doors Holloway yeah not even a half an inch they can also use that same device of a long wire hook through the rubber portion on the top of it and also capture that in Poland just get a zip tie papa okay yeah it’ll get you dead and YouTube has two companion videos on that if you do a search how to open a garage door in six seconds I think it’s six seconds or 10 seconds but there’s a companion piece on how to prevent that and it really cost like a dollar for these zip ties that’ll show you I mean we won’t get into too much detail on that but these things do occur they happen and what I want you for your safety and for your family’s safety to remember about the garage door that’s the biggest door to your house we don’t think that way we don’t think matter we leave it open or we think I’m just with yard work in the back I’m right there well the thing about that is it only takes a second to get into the garage when it’s wide open and unattended nobody’s in there and the other thing I want you to think about i’m not trying to scare the heck out of you put most of us our homes have a door from the garage into the house how many have dead bolts on those two actually lock the deadbolt good very good yeah because if you think about it you know someone can waltz right in your garage you know your vehicle’s in there a lot of people out there keep vehicle keys in the vehicle I actually have a report from the lady that was victimized she had the garage door open her purse was on the front seat of the car and the keys in the ignition well bye bye there when everything now you’re looking at identity theft you’re looking at fraud and forgery you’re looking at a stolen vehicle was stolen plate whatever else was in the vehicle and you know the potential for somebody to just walk right in your home too is is there so I ask all of you keep those garage doors closed and locked that door between the garage and the home and you will be controlling your own environment you will be doing what you can do that’s within your power to harden their target and that’s what we need not only is it the property that gets stolen from the garages Sporting Goods things like that but the vehicles we touched on personal attacks thank you or is it like a couple of years ago I think we had females coming in from the grocery store unloading the groceries so your back is you know to the outside taking the groceries out of the car go into the house and somebody was hanging around the garage and the lady saw somebody smoking cigarette by her garage but thought nothing heaven but to prevent those kind of things awareness scan the area if you see anybody hanging around drive on go to a safe place call a friend to go back with you it will call the officer you want to check the house it happens we forget you know we leave the garage door open my accident be a good neighbor be those extra eyes and block for each other rely on each other and go call or tell the neighbor hinges you realize your garage doors open Joe okay so like my house was built in a good game so I still have the director just goes up rather than oh right are those these regain access through it could be but you know you could get a lock on that you can upgrade you want I would see if I could get a lot maybe yeah yeah I mean there’s all kinds that everyone’s going to have a little bit of a different situation it’s just try to remember that’s that’s the biggest door of my house and I would have leave my front door hanging wide open for hours on end so I’m not going

to do it with my panel yeah yeah oh is that I have one I love it it’s secure right members yes I’ve never had any problem with it I love it but what I do as a companion piece and Susan’s talking about the little box that you see next garage with keypad entry one thing you can do is change your passwords often another thing if you use it to cover your hand the other your punch in your code you never know I just do that because this is my job I see a lot of stuff on police reports the other thing that I was going to touch on with that oh the companion piece on my smartphone I’ve got it’s called my cube but there’s an app like there’s an app for everything right but there’s an app where I can remotely open or close my garage door through my smartphone and not only that but every time it’s opened or closed it sends like a push notification and that’s like a banner sort of on your smartphone so you just know i will pay the garage for openers 135 okay that must be somebody coming home from your job in the park or for example I tell this story a lot i had ankle surgery at the end of the year so good walk on painkillers my mom come over to check on me and I could open the door the garage door for her up and close it from a smartphone but fit so I’ve just food for thought it’s interesting you know all the technology that’s come out there are new things coming out every day and that one worse for me what is the app it’s called like you my cute QE I’m just the letter to you yeah I love it I love it or if you ever drive off and you’re halfway to work and you think to the door actually closed it will show you and you can you can open-close check on it throughout the day it’s got a password I like having it it works for us I’m going to move on to landscaping so when we were talking about sidelines that was from your house to the street and the house across the street for your house so you want good clear open sight lines for car intervention you don’t want to have overgrown shrubs our rule of thumb for crime prevention we like the shrubs to be about three and a half feet high we like the cavity on the trees to start at six feet or higher because that opens up this big nice sideline so your neighbors can see your house if anybody’s tampering they’re looking in Windows trying to tamper with the door kick in the door give around to the back and you can see your neighbor’s house as well so when you are out looking at your house from across the street like Jim told you to do just check and make sure that your bushes and shrubs are not blocking the views that your porch you can see to your porch pretty well landscaping rocks that’s one thing to consider and again crime prevention is a balance and if what works for your situation I’d love to see landscaping rocks but keep in mind those can be used to break a window whether you park your car out from the driveway to break a window to the car or a break religious house so if you have landscaping rocks you may want to have really small ones that can’t do that or you may want to have strategic placement or if they’re really big and heavy but I would watch the medium sized rocks yes I have the nice size and station was stolen I’m life right now yeah unfortunately sometimes I mean it’s not nailed down they’ve been at my house ever since I lived there for years Wow I heard a patio furniture and all that but my desk eating rocks and sometimes too you know we had her in this couple summers ago the big SUVs and trucks retires were being stolen off of them a crew would come by in the middle of the night and they would use the landscaping rocks or they had their own cinder blocks that they brought with them or jacks and they would get the vehicle up even on that and the poor home winner would wake up go out to get the paper in the morning it’s like oh my god my truck is on my landscaping boulders with no tires and they were quick these guys were really good they were quick and they knew what they were doing so just keep in mind and like I said it’s a balance you don’t

want to feel like you’re living in a prison you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your home but just remember you know they some of the rocks could be used to break the window items on patios many yards to be used to climb over fences to keep in mind don’t keep it clear and if you have maybe an area that’s private you can have that type of patio furniture in the more private area rather than an area that faces the street and if you do have that I just did a a home security submit the other morning and the lady told me my patio table and chairs were stolen right from my front front patio open to the street it does happen her neighbor has her Panthers chained down hey good to see you again shortly paranoid no problem you know yeah so stay on top of your trimming remember the three foot six foot guideline we’re going to move over to the front door now we like to recommend solid core for metal front doors we recommend I viewers on the front door if it’s solid and you don’t have the windows I viewers and we recommend 180 degree range of vision so you can see a little bit more through that I viewer deadbolts we want the throw an ethical piece that goes into the door frame you want to throw to be minimum one inch into that doorframe strike plates we want the strike plates to have four three and a half inch long screws going into the gorge am that’s going to strengthen the weakest part of the door if someone’s going to try to break into your house through the front door I’m going to try to kick their way through and that’s the weak point so you want to strengthen it with those long screws that go into the door jamb you want to have a good throw that goes at least an inch in there and use the deadbolts when you have the double locks to use them you can have the finest on the market but if you don’t use it it’s worthless glass panels if you’re like me and I’ve got a glass panel and my friend or its security from I recommend that and security film is a very tough film that’s applied to the inside of the glass on the inside of the house it protects UV so if you have furnishings near that area and you can put this on your windows too it will protect from fading for the furniture but it’s very strong so it’s very difficult for somebody to break a window from the outside to get into your house if you have the security film on the class and then the other thing that’s nice 15 homes you know there are different private companies all over so just check it’s nice when it comes in different shades you’ll see them a lot of a lot of commercial buildings so if you go by look kind of stand on the outside and see if you can see in it’s difficult to see inside but if you’re on the inside looking through the film you can see outside pretty well also it might help you with your heating and cooling as far as keeping the hot air in in the winter and your AC or cooled air in during the summertime do you know if that affects the plants plants I’m not sure I don’t know if it would i haven’t heard anything about that because it does let light in sunlight does come in but it does have that protection for the UV and the fading so i don’t know if the plant we need that so if you put in your window somebody tries a big rock and the stop it repels it is very livable to bring more room yeah and if you have normally like a good crime prevention rule of thumb is if you have a door lock you don’t want glass near it you want at least 40 inches because that’s our reach most you know that’s like the average reach because if someone breaks glass near your door they can reach in unlock the door just given that way a lot of people don’t want to do that though I mean they take a risk of hurting themselves and they also take a risk of being DNA behind if the detective Cobbs gets a swab runs that you could ID the perpetrator yes I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this but we put a double cylinder deadbolt so you actually need a key again adding in front floor as long as you have the key in a convenient spot or you know is he’s got emergency yeah and you know what

that’s the thing is it’s all a balance and that’s what works for you it may not work for everybody yeah I mean that’s one thing that you could do definitely for the security doors those are those heavy gauge doors that you see I like seeing those around town because they’re practically impenetrable for an offender if you’re on the inside of someone’s on the outside of the door you can see out they can’t see you it’s heavy gauge steel they’re hinged to open outwards so I mean you have to be in pool to try to kick it in I think you’d probably break your foot you can get through they usually have dead bolts and you get the ventilation but you still get the privacy so those you know it’s a somewhat high dollar type of drawer but I’d like to see those just because of all the benefits the note solicitors sign those are free I mean as you know we don’t really have many more here at the substation i pocketed a group for in the workshop but if you go to other substations they may still have some left we have a bunch so if you come down to my substation which is a no sono in wyoming 8201 it’s just west of Wyoming we have a whole slew of them so is there a limit no I think you’re gonna have a visitor tomorrow all right my life everybody got one tonight with your your packet and hand out and they really do Burke they do I mean I’ve been home at lunchtime and finished lunch I was rinsing a dish in the kitchen and somebody came up and their hand was hovering over the doorbell and they saw the side and the body language was hilarious it was like Bobby knob they never knew I was watching from the kitchen window but I thought oh great you know now I’ve got a story to tell when I meet with my community members that the signs really do work and for you guys you’re in a home owner association control the area you’ve got the signs as you enter your neighborhood but i really recommend every home have one and it doesn’t have to be this sign you can go buy one at a hardware store or a big box retail store you can make one on a computer you could even have a grandkid color one and make one for you one of our block captains in Sharon’s area came up with a great idea when they ran out she had this photo copied on cardstock and kinkos or fedex whatever they are now and she just passed them out to her neighborhood so you know she just reproduced it but those signs are effective posed by your door key custody if you read my blog you know how I am about key custody your house keys and your vehicle keys make sure that you’re up to speed on who has copies of your vehicle in your home and are they still trustworthy relationships sour maybe some people’s behavior goes south and they’re no longer trust worthy to have your keys so just keep that in mind you know we do have break-ins where keys were used both in vehicles Evan homes so just something to keep in mind if you have an alarm as well who has custody or who knows your code and should they still continue to have that just food for thought children I want you to teach your children how to respond to the door and there’s somebody at the door the I viewers teach them to use I viewers and if it’s too high for them to look through get a little stool and show them how to use it but as a family this is going to be your responsibility to teach them how you want them to respond the porch keep that free of hoses other things that people could trip and fall just for safety reasons so we’ll move on to windows if you have screens that are torn or hanging get those replaced fix them up we’re having residential burglaries I noticed a pattern over the last couple of months where the screens are being removed from windows at the back of the home so the offender is going to the trouble to remove the screen why because they can see the window is open so we’ve got to be really careful about locking up keeping things close if you want to have that window

open for Ben get an anti lift or anti slide mechanism to put in there it could be as simple as a broomstick or a dowel or fancy as you want sure yeah so we had a home invasion at Quantico hills like you had a month ago the residents are an elderly couple they had the same routine every single day they’ve lived in our neighborhood for eight years basically as well as on your mother’s existent they know that the greatest thing that you will ever imagine they know everybody they know movements there they are pretty fantastic the only thing that they did wrong was half the same routine every day where they open their windows and they left this screen or they went upstairs for about 20 minutes three guys came in armed two at the back one at the front they pried open the screen they just went in names zip-tied then was walking it was on there went through they basically platinum it and they said that themselves these guys came in they own everything they had yeah I did was that they had zip ties they zip-tied them they beat them and people think these things can’t happen if people to that the thing that failed them with the fact of sight lines jalisa front to back you could not see all the way through it was a rental next door as well and the fact the matter is is that it was very easy to watch them because there was open space across from that house so you could be sitting there behind bush watching them in the day or at night there were no lights visible in the open space area so they just made their way in and they were comfortable in and out in 20 minutes to everything this is still nope investigation so oh yeah but from that case you hear about lighting yes you’re about locking up yep even when you’re inside the house you hear about landscaping keeping those side lines open and neighbors relying on neighbors if someone had seen something out of the ordinary called two for two or 911 we can have an officer dispatch there and I don’t want you to think Oh what takes forever or the police or too busy I don’t want to bother them we could have somebody clearing a call that’s a minute away from you we could have somebody around the block so our worth of the call and the data helps me to on my end when I do those daily posts about the property crime that happened the day before all of that data it helps me and it helps antenna Middleton or other lieutenant the commander the sergeant’s the impact team of detectives that we have here on how to better focus our resources so if you need an officer please call and get that call because it does get into our system as far as they every time the address area if you have subject descriptions you may think it’s not important but it could be helping somebody else’s case across town fits that description so thank you for sharing that another thing I wanted to talk about again we talk about the blind testing the blinds lifting them doing the different openings just so you can see what somebody else would see it they’re outside the house just so you know I think it’s a good thing to know don’t advertise your TVs computers right next to a window having that glow if you can I would move them a little further back why advertise you know and it happens at Christmastime alive people have these like showplace kind of windows and they put the tree in front of the window light it up all the gifts are underneath and then they throw over the draperies at night and boy every Tom Dick and Harry can drive by oh okay that’s what they’ve got hmm remove items you’re my windows that could be used to smash them to break in strategic planting you can plant holly cactus roses near your windows to prevent somebody from climbing in that way security film we talked about that for privacy and for breakage and doggie tours if you read my if you read my blogs you know I’m kind of a stickler about doggie doors too if you moved into a house with an existing doggie door and you don’t have doc seal that off if you have a dog and you use the doggie door keep in mind you need to secure that at times because people can get through and they have gotten through doggie doors to commit residential hurrys there is something one of our

police officers told me about he was at a house on a call and the dog had a chip embedded collar so as a collar of the chip that activates the doggy door to go up and down other than that when that dog is out of range that door is closed from secure so like I said all the technology for crime prevention uses it’s amazing there’s new stuff coming out all the time I get asked a lot of questions about cameras and alarms so cameras what i can tell you placement is key quite often people put them high up and you’re just getting a shot at the top of somebody’s cap like yours back there or you’re getting a hoodie pulled over at the top of the head so if you can get it placed like a door jamb can where you’re going to have a facial shot if you have an offender and something has happened you’re able to download that downloading is important so you can hand it off to a detective they can probably recognize who it is we have a lot of repeat offenders in the city and that facial recognition or the facial shot is important for a detective to help solve your case if you’re more concerned about cars going by try to get it at an angle where you can get the license plate you want to have historical data going back at least two weeks if you have a camera system why because most of us go on vacation if we get burglarized you’re going to want to go back in time and also if you get burglarized you want to go be able to go back in time on that data to see if you were being cased it’s bright often you’ll be cased before your burglarized also download quickly don’t do dummy cameras I really don’t recommend those offenders know they can spot them and it doesn’t do you have one bit of good if you are victimized because you can’t hand anything over to the detective help solve your case so I mean I think it dummy cameras or something probably to help the purchaser feel good and that they didn’t have to go all the way that camera system but it’s really not going to help you out and it sends a false impression that you have something on film and that if anything happens to somebody that is a safe place for them to be when it really wasn’t as far as cameras there’s so many types and price points out there there are even smart doorbells that have cameras that activates and someone rings your bell there’s all kinds of things out there so if that’s what you’re into do your homework do your research alarms we have to register alarms the apt false or motor pinion one as the city ordinance I remember when that was enacted 13 years ago joke they said you had to take know to protect your own property no joke I mean it’s a city ordinance and a lot of people you know install the alarms and do what you want to do but it’s a city ordinance on the books code custody remember you know just make sure that whoever has your code that they that is still appropriate for them to have it arm it when you’re home I recommend that you may have a false alarm here and there by accident but I would arm it when you’re home I think that’s safer it only takes a few seconds to break into a home and if you have a solicitor out the door and you don’t acknowledge anybody’s home when you are there they’re going to assume great the house is empty I can break in so again solicitors or strangers at your door you didn’t invite you don’t expect keep the door locked that acknowledge your presence business i go for when you have that promise anything go towards um I i’m not sure where the funds go I don’t know if it goes to the general fund or you know in the CPC there you go yeah yeah we’ll go do that go because sometimes people have a lot of false alarms yes some people are surprised you’re starving of all kinds of stuff alyssa is to drain on resources and this happens all the time when is very very windy in Albuquerque and it happens to live where you get the canyon winds a lot of alarms get activated and the officers are running call a call to call to call for these alarms and it’s just the wind blew it so and it got activated yeah i would say again you know that’s a

person decision for your property what you want to go that route is canvas an alarm but at least you know if you a few tips there can help you out making a decision i want to talk about property inventory really quickly if you don’t happen do one you have property inventory and you need to keep it updated a lot of us have good intentions and we start and we don’t keep it updated but if you get burglarized or property from your vehicle or something thats stolen you should at least have to make model the serial number or it’s a special item in grave maybe jewelry keep that in a safe place because quite often is an officer recovers stolen property we want we wanted to our best to match you up with your property get you reunited but quite often people are doing or they don’t have property inventory so say you know sony TV stolen 20 minute or whatever you know you can’t prove that that’s yours so the more detailed the better we have one that we recommend report it leads online and that one is a free account for the user it’s stored digitally you can upload photos or videos if you take pictures of jewelry please let your jewelry next to a ruler so that we can see the scale the size right often my hat maybe jewelry stolen in a residential burglary and you can have for example yellow gold diamond band well that could be 20 different kinds of yellow gold diamond bands so be specific on your property inventory and your homeowners insurance may even have some value some kind of format that you can use I’m going to move into a few questions that I always get asked by the community of these types of things should I get a dog even sure if you have a big dog that could delay or picture somebody food from breaking in if you have a small dog they’re very alert and they bark at anything so it attracts attention if you post beware of dog signage on your house by all means do it that’s another deterrent the same if you have alarms or cameras go ahead and put those stickers up put the signs out you want to show that your place is going to be very difficult to break in and a bad choice to try to break in and to move on to the week or target and if you have a dog that’s just another deterrent I’m wrought iron bars a lot of people ask me about those that’s a personal decision for you at your home some people feel that it’s like living in a jail other people love them and they you can feel secure I did a residential security assessment over by academy and the lady even wanted wrought iron bars over her skylights I mean she was into it she wanted them other people don’t want anything to do with wrought iron bars so again a personal decision that if you get them you better make sure those release latches work and you know how to use them and you practice if you have a fire and you need to get out you just want to get right into that mode if you know how to operate those so that you can get out safely broken glass barbed wire on the top of my fence is that okay no it’s not it is not okay i think i was at a security assessment at somebody’s house and they wanted to put carpet tack so let me talk about that book i mean the thing is you can check with the code enforcement team and they’ll clear up any kind of questions and answer them specifically for you and you can get a hold of them if you called the citizens contact center and that’s dialing for you in one remove ladders and trash bins put them away those are used to break into homes and it may not even be your home I had a case recently where the neighbor left their ladder out and there were three kids and then they were gonna came and stole the ladder from this neighbor’s house try that it over to this neighbor’s house and broke into the house through the second-story window go figure they stole a cell phone and a tablet or an iPad so you know clean your stuff up control your environment put your things away don’t need trash bins out where they could be used as a stepping stool over your fence that kind of thing one thing that one of my block captain’s has four neighborhood watch is the driveway center and it’s so cool so that may be something you’d be

interested in if you have to park your car outside overnight new driveway you set it up and it’s got a beam and if anybody crosses that game it sets off an alert inside sheds if you have a shed in the backyard keep it locked I’m not worried so much about your lawnmower or your rake being stolen I’m worried about your safety and quite often of officers are in a foot pursuit and the criminals running down the block looks over your places I shed unlocked I’ll hang out there until the officers are gone now you’ve got this person in your backyard so padlock it keep it locked I’m going to go over a few ways to partner with APD as community members we have neighborhood associations that you can join in your neighborhoods I encourage you to join them get active homeowner associations as well the City Council coalition of neighborhoods there’s wet in district 8 Trudy Jones’s district thursday night and councillor Herris whose district nine mostly this area his coldish inert or the neighborhoods not his be the east gateway coalition meets quarterly if you go to the foothills website I post those on the events calendar monthly we have the foothills of community policing council meetings may range was mentioning that we want you guys there this is your meeting and I’m hearing that 10 citizens showed up every month month after month we need you we need your input this is your forum to talk to our apt foothills leadership the commander has gone to meet people but it’s really lieutenant Middleton and Lieutenant Jordan go and this is your forum to ask how things are done why are they done this way etc those are the first Monday of every month six o’clock at the Holiday Park Community Center over the Comanche no real quick if you live in my command in the northeast area command we also have them every single command has a community policing council ours as every second Tuesday of the month 630 at North domingo Baca my commander lieutenants sergeants everybody shows up to those so you guys are also welcome at those we do border against the foothills so if you’re curious because criminals don’t know borders for our commands that’s why we encourage you guys to come and see what’s going on on both sides so they’re great they’re informative sometimes we’re there sometimes we have different folks that come in and talk like heading home for the homeless and maybe some of the city councilors and different things like that as well as the council meetings for them ours are at six-thirty and I also post those out on next door com out on email and on the website as well do you post it in your daily e-mails just too I post it in the dead section on the foothills website so if you look at the advanced calendar that’s where it’ll be but we need your participation we really want to see more citizens showing out of these also forming neighborhood watches again this is in your packet these are easy to do we just need minimum fifty percent of the home run the Brock homes on the block represented at the meeting and someone to step up as a block captain yes what what days was the medians at the convention oh the holiday park community center it’s the first Monday of every month for the foothills put time six o’clock and they have to lock up the center by eight o’clock so you guys are out of there at ten too late right at the latest and then yours it’s at the same location ours is it north domingo Baca which is at 75 21 caramel which is Wyoming and caramel just past the San to the north ours are at six thirty and those run at every second Tuesday of the month they are on my website also as under the events calendar just like Jill’s so we’re hers is foothills area command line is northeast area command so you just put those into the website addresses and you can capture both of ours yeah and we both have you know subscription services so if you sign on as a subscriber you’ll automatically get those emails and the good thing about that you don’t need to remember to check the website it comes