George Hotz | Programming | learning unity on my new computer (real noob ish)

kevczy: Sup George hotz cIvIcbooks: Yo codevisionary: hey george aerotone: windows eww kruger3117: Ayy Harm133: Pog mrgh0st0: CoolStoryBob knilecrack: wsuppp zenkai_oogway: PogChamp foxubu: George o/ Quev1337: yes dkingdoms: yooo kruger3117: OwO smokingbud: yass javadragoniv: we missed u, u crazy bastard <3 yousef19961: Wsupppppp nlztw: yes we can filipenunooliveira: Hi from Portugal jamesred2313: Windows Kek jrubenoide: Yes mkdrmnd: welcome back george codevisionary: yes I can hear your voice audio th3_maj0r: We can hear you erichtp: Yes dekassssss: hi foxubu: Windows? Woow Xandoo: HeyGuys Gentris: Finally zenkai_oogway: yes jamesred2313: Windows 10 kekekekek zenkai_oogway: we can hear you JohnnyWangPepega: yooooo george whats up! kelvin99: yes filipenunooliveira: Yes kruger3117: Yup yousef19961: Yes Zasuslive: Hi knilecrack: no instagram please Nubadoxd: GeoHotz is really hot ashlolLick ashlolWaifu ashlolLick ashlolWaifu ashlolLick ashlolWaifu ashlolLick ashlolWaifu ashlolLick foxubu: Your voice has echo Scrumilation: windows? erichtp: HELL YEA NO MORE LAG th3_maj0r: omg this quality george trader_f: not anymore IMAC PepeHands dbroers: Yes nlztw: sick knilecrack: fuck yeah Nubadoxd: Inception Hotz incept me ashlolBad tanoshiizo: legal PogChamp Cube_Is_Life20: qira for windows when? capsimirhd: holyyy dorkmo: windows10 lol adamalex16: yo data_day_life: it's crispy as fuck ainschtain: yo george watsup jimmyadaro: omg legal windows funwayz: WE ARE LEGAL er_ricotta: HOLLA HERMANOOO kevczy: Why are you using windows jamesred2313: Windows 10 is free aerotone: PogChamp codevisionary: try linux jimmyadaro: why windows tho adamalex16: making a game? zenkai_oogway: @georgehotz Did you see the new windows terminal ad? mondeverest: bogaEdna bogaEdna bogaEdna kevczy: Ok good no_step_on_snek_: 720p? :/ the_middle: Hello world! mondeverest: bogaFirewall bogaFirewall bogaFirewall eyep1e: windows? Nubadoxd: Use kali noob CoolStoryBob jimmyadaro: omg ls in windows data_day_life: you have to enable *nix support Zasuslive: Learn UE4 not unity! jimmyadaro: how about ls -latr? knilecrack: yeah Scrumilation: No, the actual new terminal, you ahve to compile it yourself or some shit kelvin99: unity ml do it please zimxtv: What do you think about Uber going IPO this month knilecrack: you can install wsl bro aerotone: no its fine markovchain21: Hello :) it is an honor. i just finished the 10hour slam stream foxubu: Install wsl flovvvvv: hi adamalex16: pp mode knilecrack: welcome :) aathove: hey dude jamesred2313: Windows crashed Duschjenkovic: xDD foxubu: Stream stopped? emi1ie: emi1ie subscribed with Twitch Prime markovchain21: Hello :) it is an honor. i just finished the 10hour slam stream. <3 hoffs: much better Nubadoxd: @georgehotz daddy the stueam is gone ashlolOhNo ashlolBulbathump ashlolBulbathump acheesedanish00: uping the resolution capsimirhd: lmao kevczy: Stopped xyrtha: How did you learn to code ? mrgh0st0: Blue Screen deR_Ed: insta celeb waow bpostalci: What happened xyrtha: do you have tricks ? ;p Johnnymamen: refresh stream menchedanem: windows power kevczy: Crashed foxubu: George exploded lol javadragoniv: meh quality, camera is not really nice lol kevczy: George your stream crashed flovvvvv: you cool J3rwin: Your good billymack: does anyone know which keyboard he uses? th3_maj0r: He didn't chrash avagyannarek: Duude we missed you knilecrack: :D aathove: @billymack hhkb 2 flovvvvv: woww tanoshiizo: PogChamp th3_maj0r: refresh guys UniversalGeneve: noice Scrumilation: LMAO LazDays: LUL adamalex16: saxy J3rwin: ...the fuck codevisionary: OMG knilecrack: rofl smurfd0: no, 238 .. crisp dorkmo: lol tanoshiizo: who's this guy? PogChamp Chris_XIX: WOAH konradcho: hahah funwayz: ?????? FartKnockGomez: the future! PogChamp avagyannarek: DAAAAAMN trader_f: LMao jdquintana: Happy Hacking Keyboard zenkai_oogway: PogChamp nlztw: haHAA Nubadoxd: @georgehotz you're 2 much to handle ashlolCool Aerdeyne: PogU FartKnockGomez: @tanoshiizo dude is a straight up genius ranjaman: wtf J3rwin: FeelsWeirdMan no_step_on_snek_: haha damn jamesred2313: Is that a Zuckerberg meme kelvin99: cool stuff kevczy: Crashed purpbroccoli: very fashionable yousef19961: Lol flovvvvv: ahahah HanksPlay: i want to see you walk outside with this tanoshiizo: diy? PogChamp LazDays: PogChamp HanksPlay: WALK OUTSIDE WITH IT yoyo_brobro: YEEET HanksPlay: lol nmuntz_: I was really starting to miss your streams dude! konradcho: like alien from rick and morty FartKnockGomez: geohotz is the shit UniversalGeneve: LUL markovchain21: i just have a LeapMotion jamesred2313: No msjuck: hey dude Nubadoxd: @georgehotz that's 2 much, I can't handle it Kreygasm Dimendz: I finally caught a live stream Pog knilecrack: is it working on that laptop ? funwayz: Some matrix shit Cube_Is_Life20: fuck wires mondeverest: i take 4 veomx: Hi George austin_1_2: @hanksplay he hasnโ€™t been outside in years Kappa nightknight0000: new house? WoockieCookiee: hey @georgehotz still CEO myaocat: i thought you was going to buy macbook HanksPlay: HanksPlay subscribed with Twitch Prime kevczy: George your stream crasheddd knilecrack: I thought u need better config for that jamesred2313: Refresh the stream Bombapil0t: 10k followers gg wp aathove: can you check your balls temperature on it J3rwin: would people beat me up if you wear one of those and go outside knilecrack: like really good GPU 1070 knilecrack: ahhaha HanksPlay: congrats on the new office btw UniversalGeneve: is comma ai dead? was waiting for you guys to hit L4 first nlztw: u look dope dude Bombapil0t: futuremen kelvin99: would love to see walk t0mcr00se in this AR headset yoyo_brobro: why cant i donate FartKnockGomez: real version tony stark LUL Zasuslive: George how we gonna hack the simulation Protoxus: VR is the future jgrTARD myaocat: congrats i thought you hate office but your in office all day alxhotel: Where do you work ? veomx: simulation in a simulation. r&m mehi9h: I hope ur not switching to win Scrumilation: that looks like some shit kim kardashian would wear Cube_Is_Life20: fuck wires I wanna take that shit around aathove: auction your keyboard WoockieCookiee: i dont know why u arent CEO acheesedanish00: George is gonna prove the simulation by making another simulation jxeus: you look like a nerd FartKnockGomez: lady gaga wants one to go with her dress th3_maj0r: Bombapil0t: what the heck kevczy: Iโ€™ll pay 10,000for that keyboard

codevisionary: that’s why you should be using linux @georgehotz UniversalGeneve: so is the camera on that modular? seems detachable. it would be nice if its a tack-on to regular glasses veomx: where are you george alxhotel: Instagram Zasuslive: million subs on insta? data_day_life: 1 million followers on IG Bombapil0t: get big o ninsta knilecrack: thre is no dream dorkmo: instagram HanksPlay: get instagram famous dbroers: Iโ€™d pay $2000 for that keyboard trader_f: 1M follo on IG FartKnockGomez: wireless quality vr? aathove: just bot your insta myaocat: pewdiepie? Nubadoxd: @georgehotz this is the equivalent of a cowboy hat, in the hotness mesure, 10/10 all the puss you can get Kreygasm markovchain21: i think i finally found out how to exploit our simulation @georgehotz Protoxus: @veomx T H E C L O U D dbroers: Instagram kevczy: Instagram celebrity!!!! th3_maj0r: ahaha grootdoloot: <3 <3 <3 <3 smokingbud: i can legit send you 1m followers @georgehotz Dqyijote: omg new computer :O :O :O capsimirhd: lool nlztw: jerk off 2 times twice is a dream Goooshlrific: literally anything else porbably jamesred2313: Why don't you use brave browser? eyep1e: 1m followers insta dream flovvvvv: George you awesome HanksPlay: YEAH i want to see those IG thots in Virtual Reality aathove: why are you learning unity?? Dimendz: What are the specs on your new pc? th3_maj0r: instagram will remove public likes number George ISD_Schogol: Whats better for insta then AR? You should get some titties :D myaocat: did you try the new terminal on windows? Nubadoxd: Call Jabril Kappa kevczy: Omg codevisionary: don't worry george, you're better at coding than all of us here Zasuslive: can we talk about the simulation later or something at least trader_f: 10K ANDY Pog adamalex16: just followed kevczy: Dude Iโ€™ll teach you unity seriously dbroers: You just need a gold necklace knilecrack: it's not out yet, the terminal mehdirussel05: happy ramadan tybutnowyoudie: did you move to san diego? ranjaman: lets hack things Harm133: what language HanksPlay: yes he did kevczy: Would you text me back in instagram Bombapil0t: windows ffs myaocat: c# nanodanger7: nanodanger7 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 12 months, currently on a 12 month streak! 1 year lol th3_maj0r: grootdoloot: #hacktheworld Zasuslive: learn Unreal Engine 4 not unity :)))) Adolfich77: karmikS karmikRaid cmonBruh Nubadoxd: Only follow if I can get some Lorno in the IG story's TheThing aathove: pee or poo, which is the best? myaocat: you create unity programs with c# or c but adamalex16: ue4 is a fucking power house KtothePop: WutFace headset FartKnockGomez: stream from the future PogChamp knilecrack: start pwershell windows btn i or A veomx: how much is one of this cccnrd: fancy profile pic knilecrack: x 1* zoloviski: unreal engine dude is much better Dimendz: Use source engine :( poopboy7: VR Hentai game ? PogChamp yoyo_brobro: yoyo_brobro subscribed at Tier 1 kevczy: Is it gonna be vr? Harm133: C# is awesome Pog LazDays: wut c# PogChamp adamalex16: well heavy but if u wanna make a killer game go to cry engine that is a fucking unit m8 myaocat: oof cccnrd: wooow northstar? Zasuslive: why unity m8 use unreal engine zimxtv: Is pixetech his new company? knilecrack: windows x and I knilecrack: that's all you need FartKnockGomez: seems legit tanoshiizo: so anime is real now? cccnrd: prototype from u or leap? Acles123: techwear Adolfich77: is this guy is tesla auto pilot killer? cjaynowski: PYRAMID SCHEME trader_f: Shopify 4Head tanoshiizo: LUL aathove: you're on coke right?? trader_f: RICH POG Bombapil0t: TriHard myaocat: we cant see the glasses nlztw: FUNgineer FUNgineer FUNgineer SpecialAgentSkye: Pog baymer1: Do you think real time tracking will come soon enough to make AR relevant? Toaster_PG: lmfaooo CoffeeD2: how the fk are u not rich already? lol Bloodspark_: LUL veomx: with sugar UniversalGeneve: SeemsGood SeemsGood J3rwin: FeelsWeirdMan cccnrd: ar overrated KtothePop: 200 grams of adderall ? D: rattata400: AR? :P myaocat: did you try the new windows terminal???? psYch0maD: You seem to happy for not being drugged dorkmo: B-12 Dimendz: What processor and gpu are you running? Bloodspark_: lol rattata400: what is AR? rattata400: :P Duschjenkovic: LUL Dqyijote: pls hacking nasa u re the best veomx: pls tell hehe knilecrack: it's all good Bloodspark_: you're so hype Bombapil0t: :) zenkai_oogway: Kappa trader_f: Kapp 740ii: normal people always think you're high as hell markovchain21: i saw a pic on Instagram, where he played the beta version of beeing rich with a new BMW @georgehotz Bloodspark_: hyper* jamesred2313: We trust you brah myaocat: you arent rich because you quit working on google. you said because of being office but you are sitting on office. trust no one Bloodspark_: new pc? :o gl3nn_wolf3: George your back ! Bloodspark_: RAZER OFC LUL J3rwin: You have 300 viewers already? what did you do gl3nn_wolf3: we love you KtothePop: RAZER OMEGALUL brevan04: The real George Hotz got a windows!?! FAKENEWS kevczy: Weed temperature lol codevisionary: dude he's ready to program, and has 300 viewers. Of course he's hype Chris_XIX: How often do you go live tho? That's what I wanna know if I subscribe yellingdog: yellingdog subscribed with Twitch Prime Kvann1 : PogChamp cccnrd: prototype from u or from leap directly? we are trying to build a northdstar at our interaction design course Mac_33: Are you becoming an AR boy? UniversalGeneve: UniversalGeneve subscribed at Tier 1 tybutnowyoudie: PogChamp Zasuslive: who cares it does the job it needs to Dimendz: Fair enough rattata400: dont show activation code dxxdpools: Why windows? baymer1: Isn't AR kinda weak cause of poor real-time tracking? How much longer until it's gooood stale2000: PogChamp veomx: you welcome your new subscriber? ISD_Schogol: 1800?? O_o aerotone: monka brevan04: Drive car with VR myaocat: why didn't you buy i10 cpu?

cccnrd: why pixie? what does it mean? J3rwin: Razer wat dxxdpools: You putting Ubuntu on that? cccnrd: cringe name foxubu: What are we going to learn today? ๐Ÿ™‚ veomx: how much for one? dbroers: Shoulda got the Dell XPS NolanBridges: @veomx $599 Mac_33: I know some people who work at the company who developed the lens system for the HoloLens cccnrd: love u bb veomx: ah thx ๐Ÿ™‚ ArfArf: hi dbroers: Itโ€™s too big though codevisionary: hire me @georgehotz . I want to build your website for pixetech brevan04: Eye tracking? KtothePop: FOV Kreygasm myaocat: pixie like pixel animations foxubu: What are we going to learn today? ๐Ÿ™‚ NolanBridges: @foxubu Unity redbullwiiings: dont get started on FOV Kreygasm myaocat: united nations brevan04: Will it have eye tracking? Good eye tracking is worth $$$ in research Bullanguerock: HYPE alxhotel: pixie like in pixel 3a is the best phone foxubu: @nolanbridges Okay, letโ€™s code ๐Ÿ˜€ Zasuslive: its easy Mac_33: You should watch this before you drink more La Croix: baymer1: Damn, recognizing AR needs improvements to be actually enjoyable is a huuge step, I’m excited for Pixie Tech J3rwin: does he create companies every time he streams myaocat: geo did you try the new windows terminal?? ranjaman: sounds good to me Bloodspark_: Pog CaptainAshtar: hey @georgehotz good to see you online Dimendz: Learning is the fun stuff, go for it don’t be worried dorkmo: buy pixie s4ngim3d: hello cccnrd: @brevan04 eye tracking overrated mouse tracking is betta onu4r: dude we missed you ISD_Schogol: In b4 sued by nigerian company Pixie Technologies Kappa cccnrd: just use unity and done onu4r: where were you yellingdog: no emotes yet? what is this a twitch chat for noobs? HanksPlay: Hey George, how long this stream is going to be? because im going to lunch but i want to watch everything myaocat: did you see the new windows terminal??? cccnrd: join the northstar discourd, nice community UniversalGeneve: push an MVP and connect with SF insta ppl = more $100 in your pocket(s). i feel like an MVP should be enough. like real-time environment snapchat filter tech kinda stuff. (P.S. not trying to backseat, just genuinely interested in this) stale2000: PepeHands What about 999 mode in OS class? PepeHands Does that not count as game programming? brevan04: Dead Reckoning kevczy: Iโ€™ll pay u as a tutor 5000 dollars HanksPlay: PokPikachu brevan04: Fake news ranjaman: don’t you using a mechanical keyboard ? Bombapil0t: magic magic brevan04: Dont do stupid looking animation myaocat: ar isnt new.. snapchat doing it HanksPlay: the video is too loud and i cant hear you kevczy: The user interface is reallybD tho J3rwin: so “hardcore” trader_f: Do a Woman can suck my d pls Kreygasm CheeseburgerB: ๐Ÿ™‚ claymorehack1: hey man what’s up trader_f: TRUE HanksPlay: true CheeseburgerB: f crusher_az: lol trader_f: fuck this shit kevczy: Lol Zasuslive: its clearly fakezzzzz myaocat: you are scam robinduckett: HTC Vive has the same deal kevczy: Dude tho if you donโ€™t even have few thousand bus dbroers: Agreed myaocat: stop throwing fake news CheeseburgerB: LUL

robinduckett: I’m paying ยฃ30 odd a month for my Vive tybutnowyoudie: LUL veomx: what you think about oculus rift? nlztw: LUL Dimendz: For me AR won’t be worth it until I can’t tell I’m using it lol UniversalGeneve: PWNED trader_f: Lmao J3rwin: OMEGALUL Acles123: LUL rhytual: LUL joiput: LUL KtothePop: LUL brevan04: Lol knilecrack: ahaha Bloodspark_: LUL flovvvvv: lol Rlchibi: LUL kevczy: Lol thesidjway: LUL CaptainAshtar: wtf that’s insane 2bumbum: LUL pyythonn: lol crusher_az: LUL slimpimp007: lmao nlztw: yee, right JBirch10: quality and functionality Bombapil0t: ๐Ÿ˜€ brevan04: Show off hardware SanyBarbie: Hahahah! Legend!! andrex_andrex: FortOne FortOne FortOne skinzo1998: !time Dimendz: 3 billion dollars and that’s what they come through with? dorkmo: shipability! Roudkill: Aw shit, here we go knilecrack: don’t u need vs for unity? SpecialAgentSkye: Will you be able to capture what you see through the ar headset? @georgehotz KtothePop: TRACK PAD LUL cesaaron88: Here we go agane knilecrack: windwos btn arrow to fix windows codevisionary: A professional website design is key to marketing whatever it is you’re trying to sell, whether or not you have a Shopify. @georgehotz If your site looks good, the product your selling looks good, it will sell more. Plain and simple. Hire me, please? kevczy: Vs is free JBirch10: get a mouse you barbarian lol J3rwin: “Im new to windows” cromize: cromize subscribed with Twitch Prime myaocat: i dont think its nice to trash on company. why dont you trash about apple and their prices? did magic leap do something to you or are you trying to compete them Zasuslive: george doesnt need a nice website to sell kevczy: C# is really ez Mac_33: @myaocat You just contradicted yourself CaptainAshtar: @georgehotz what is this windows now? robinduckett: first mistake saulgd: trackpad and laptop keyboard NotLikeThis Bombapil0t: collecting data Kreygasm Risx: Risx subscribed with Twitch Prime J3rwin: LOL SpecialAgentSkye: OG jailbreaker. Dont bash! virgoshlok: hi! hoffs: debt is part of american dream myaocat: would you mind if soneone trash on comma ai? smurfd0: you get what you pay for .. ๐Ÿ™‚ myaocat: Tesla is doing better o_sagga: you’re awesome man JBirch10: YES WE ARE rhytual: no pressure Kappa aerotone: PogChamp content onu4r: you would be a great sales guy fjeuber: Mate I have 128 gigs of ram do u even try xddddddddfdddddddddddd Zasuslive: its 10x easier than the stuff you’ve done in the past Cube_Is_Life20: qira for windows when? saulgd: @georgehotz are you using WSL? Bombapil0t: not yet ^^ Dieun: I heard this guy is master game dev codevisionary: check out Magic Leap’s website @georgehotz. I bet the product design and branding play a key role in whatever sales it has igorovich: windows SwiftRage J3rwin: something tells me you will be at the end of this stream o_sagga: get a second screen! tybutnowyoudie: comparing commaai to tesla FailFish CaptainAshtar: owww that will be amazing to watch ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll get the popcorn robinduckett: Apple has financing too ffs Nesquik80: @georgehotz why windows? myaocat: @cube_is_life20 he didnt test it but you can try elfacu00: will this be reuploaded? flovvvvv: Uniti so simple for you p0pmart: G E O H O T B O I S SpecialAgentSkye: Unity UX Pepega th3_maj0r: Cam bottom right would be probably better with this editor CheeseburgerB: F codermark: Can we except a new AR glasses from you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ BilgehanB2: !uptime knilecrack: ahahaha KtothePop: F JBirch10: get a mobile external monitor for your laptop Bloodspark_: LUL FargioFarmani: F Zasuslive: do unreal engine instead!? Bombapil0t: fml purpbroccoli: Unity setup stream Infinitelym: rip dorkmo: unity upgrade streammmm igorovich: specs of pc??? seanxedge: F Zasuslive: Why not use Unreal Engine/!?! mehi9h: mega F Dqyijote: omg poor guy o_sagga: F Dimendz: I do think unreal engine would be much better for AR CaptainAshtar: ๐Ÿ˜€ love it mental SpecialAgentSkye: NotLikeThis Y UNITY YYYYY d0neall: LULW alxhotel: F robinduckett: lol I wanted you saulgd: NotLikeThis J3rwin: F o_sagga: get a second screen! surfNsmurf: Hack something instead, let’s see that SSH wizard Toaster_PG: omega lul imageliner: F robinduckett: warned * cesaaron88: setup stream Kreygasm funwayz: 420 haHAA cccnrd: boiiRollt boiiRollt boiiRollt fimonlark: why you choose unity instead of ue4 seanxedge: Unityhub makes everything easier ๐Ÿ˜€ myaocat: did you look on windows terminal? i think you will like it CheeseburgerB: NotLikeThis allthesm0ke: “burj khalifa cost to build” are we the same person hotz…? robinduckett: mistake two cccnrd: unity is better for noob Kvann1 : Blender PogChamp

aerotone: dont show ur id WTF cccnrd: what did u verify!!! codevisionary: oh no, you just showed your drivers license KtothePop: @georgehotz you could do some jumping jacks while its installing PogChamp asherism: KYC? you buying crypto? MatiGoG: just get godot LULW Nesquik80: @georgehotz why windows? zimxtv: Ur license bro Dimendz: just get unreal engine SpecialAgentSkye: PogChamp ITS DOWNLOADING keepingtrckofthisacct: you back! @georgehotz saulgd: nice 3rd world internet speed LUL c19946: open that pic showing id please duzy: too small 2 read Zasuslive: go for unreal engine Staredad: Hey geohot tornyl: is it laptop? benjibanjobenjo: DOWNLOAD t90Hype smokingbud: speedtest? myaocat: why cant you just apt-get install unity KappaClaus Bombapil0t: razer blade? robinduckett: it’s not like we don’t know who he is Acles123: do you know c#? Cube_Is_Life20: hey George does zerodium actually pay out? FargioFarmani: preread the tutorial gofoboso: why waste time on creating games? imageliner: I want ti see the download Kappa HanksPlay: show us your chrome history pyythonn: unreal engine is where its at KyleUE: why unity? cccnrd: dont do this cccnrd: just directly build ur project myaocat: this will be fun to watch PabloBree: I’m pretty sure that in less than a month, you will learn unity completly @georgehotz SpecialAgentSkye: sudo apt-get install unityhub tornyl: @georgehotz is it laptop? virgoshlok: unity vs unreal which one should a beginner learn?? eyep1e: @georgehotz stream more man i miss this onu4r: @georgehotz give me ssh access Trenz2: Hey ๐Ÿ˜€ cccnrd: F SpecialAgentSkye: F NolanBridges: @tornyl it is laptop robinduckett: can’t apt get on a Windows machine Kvann1 : F Bloodspark_: f asherism: F Bullanguerock: F 1Riaxma: F coaker30: F veebii: F fimonlark: F pyythonn: f Zasuslive: This is a good opportunity to see how georges brain breaks down a new field/industry myaocat: f acheesedanish00: f Cube_Is_Life20: F benjibanjobenjo:

aathove: where’s the rgb lighting now you’ve got a windows pc avagyannarek: ResidentSleeper stathizzzz: I dont know about Unity either but would choose Unreal engine I like more playing with C than a pseudo language like C# LUL wall_streeter: why unity? alluxua: so geohot is moving from self driving car to gaming industry? NolanBridges: @aathove agreed, it’s a Razer too LUL keepingtrckofthisacct: I’d suggest Unreal kevczy: Heโ€™s just doing whatever he wants Zasuslive: AR isnt gaming aathove: @NolanBridges get a load of George using razer and NO RGB keepingtrckofthisacct: @stathizzzz rhytual: @cIvIcbooks you are not a real hipster if you dont version by year allthesm0ke: RATTED dxxdpools: Where did he go? alluxua: By the way, what’s AR? Zasuslive: augmented reality pentaquant: Hi @georgehotz I’m 27 and in Finance in SF, and it fucking sucks. Do you think its too late to make a pivot to data science or SD? saulgd: is he a babyface now? Kappa fjeuber: Augmented Reality NolanBridges: @aathove look what you did LUL Bloodspark_: LULW Bombapil0t: litstuff saulgd: @pentaquant make your monies and GIT OUT jellyjar: ah he has a razer blade? P0LY: LUL Nesquik80: @georgehotz what razer do you have aathove: @NolanBridges fuck he’s gonna start coding his own keyboard Bloodspark_: GAMERS haHAA kevczy: George how about the defcon that is coming up Dimendz: Do you ever game? codevisionary: thanks to gamers, us programmers have better hardware @georgehotz Cihonidas: LUL JBirch10: You need to understand them with what you are doing now Dqyijote: Gaymers UniversalGeneve: @pentaquant bio major in SJ, pivoted to DS/ML, beel loving it HanksPlay: AND DELETE BLENDER HanksPlay: download Maya Toaster_PG: i am gaymer Darth_Kirias: Hey man, is that a razer laptop? @georgehotz riddari_: holy shit windows looks fucking hideous slimyoof: @georgehotz have you tried vr porn? OpieOP Kvann1 : @HanksPlay DansGame o_sagga: @georgehotz just finished college, what should I do? rauluz: have u seen the new windows terminal? c19946: why u not try using react native ar or sth like that learning c sharp for ar is wasting time jellyjar: lmao dxxdpools: Did he say he will be back? slimyoof: LUL erichtp: AR porn tho alluxua: what is vr porn? saulgd: @georgehotz just came out of the womb what should i do? rhytual: LUL Bombapil0t: LUL Hjorthlol: @riddari_ the fuq u say pentaquant: @UniversalGeneve how long did it take you to pivot? raikkonen933: windows ResidentSleeper stathizzzz: VR what?? PogChamp riddari_: @Hjorthlol windows sucks myaocat: till the batteries die HanksPlay: and LIDAR is a SCAM TheTastefulToastie: and who wants life amirite? HanksPlay: lol codevisionary: AR is the future Jeppelelle: So, when can we expect a haptic penis sleeve? stathizzzz: Augmented chicks > virtual chicks, makes sense PogChamp Jannnik: just create JOI from Bladerunner 2049 Acles123: wait until vr becomes life markvlk: Do you miss living in your office aathove: where are the stream snipers UniversalGeneve: @pentaquant if you have drive, you could do it in a year, it took me 6 months, just taking moocs and doing a lot of relevant projects trader_f: no more vim cccnrd: where r u rightnow? o_sagga: @georgehotz just finished college, what should I do?? kevczy: Unity asset store still sucks alluxua: game developer veomx: the cloud hehe th3_maj0r: @georgehotz doesn’t work HanksPlay: masturbate PhelpsGG: @georgehotz I appreciate you and the work you do brother. You’re a brilliant mind in a society of mostly stupid people. We need more people like you man. Much love <3 gofoboso: pay your loan :p cccnrd: learn programming riddari_: how does one become as good with vim as geohot? 0xBADBADBAD: You should focus on your instagram influencer career fumundaqueso: why do you keep chugging an empty soda mkdrmnd: too late ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ asherism: what inspired this new venture or "hustle"?????? HanksPlay: learn python and javascript and get a 6 figures salary =D revolutionist123: PogChamp benjibanjobenjo: hack the next playstation and get infamous :) aathove: yo geo are you gonna move to denver with the new law saulgd: i'm already thirty NotLikeThis pentaquant: @UniversalGeneve thats the shit thing about finance, long hours Bloodspark_: PogChamp BookRaider: what do oyu mean by sell out? Dimendz: Be the first person to make VR and AR actually good please Cihonidas: life hacker elonzupsk: Hahaha but you did with comma veomx: a word Kvann1 : stop NotLikeThis Bioaim7: true Bloodspark_: Nice movie plot LUL cccnrd: r u feminist? ApexJnr: @georgehotz americans on reddit told me 25k is low for a web developer at 22 (then i realised that they have no concept of what people make outside of the us ) NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis J3rwin: sellout? maxviaa: are you using a monitor?

stathizzzz: Unity’s ECS model is crap, build a custom ECS model in python that is gonna be 10 times better with less effort than learning Unity PogChamp erichtp: define selling out knilecrack: Whats wrong with selling out o_sagga: thanks man myaocat: One who betrays a cause for personal advancement codevisionary: dbroers: Why not make games in the App Store? A lot less risk and work, and you make money alluxua: geohot, how about sing a song? ApexJnr: @georgehotz make a game where u hack ps3 rhytual: @ApexJnr 25k is like the lower boundary for a web dev in central europe elonzupsk: Real bs hahaha veomx: i miss your small room VertXY: Thanks for the advice, just split up Zasuslive: he doesnt want to become a game developer guys, he wants to create an AR product/platform JumpTwiice: PogChamp aathove: you should kickstart it SgT_Vimes: Sellout! dbroers: @vertxy lol codevisionary: you’re right @Zasuslive ApexJnr: @rhytual if you’re 22 years old, 25k is fine and you’re ahead of most people your age on average XD Acles123: headset looks like something out of ghost in the shell myaocat: elonzupsk: Damn that looks great HanksPlay: i dont believe in what i do here at google, but i have bills to pay =/ pentaquant: Like private equity…. pure sellout SpecialAgentSkye: unity LUL aathove: are you sure there’s nothing in the can, you keep drinking from it LUL elonzupsk: Lets raise seed for that th3_maj0r: Installing unity is harder than learning unity Zasuslive: its never too late to switch to UE4 george dbroers: Kids Zasuslive: ;D kevczy: What are you drinking Adolfich77: where is coding?????? ApexJnr: @rhytual i got flamed and they were talking about 80k but then i realised they dont understand 0xBADBADBAD: Imagine getting life advice from a person with that desktop background lightofhel1: too many reloads ResidentSleeper asherism: lifestyle creep!!!! 0xBADBADBAD: love you tho aathove: i buy poo on the deep web LUL HanksPlay: idk, i like to buy stuff, makes me happier i think Hiladina: does stream freez for ou guys aswell? eyep1e: green tea have to live in cali cucks HanksPlay: idk, im a little empty Bombapil0t: ๐Ÿ˜€ UniversalGeneve: @pentaquant i was a lab rat – 8 hours a day, plus i had to devote an entire day for taking care of my grandmother. i’m not trying to give you a sob story, but what i’m saying is that if you want it, you’ll make time. i was sleeping 4 hours maybe 3-4x a week, just so i could fit my studying in. you can do it, you have a background setup for it, i had to relearn a LOT of math JBirch10: Electricity lol and internet, insurance, you know bills lol data_day_life: !ig elonzupsk: Hit some angel meetings with that prototype ApexJnr: @georgehotz ps3 hacking game 2020? 0xBADBADBAD: No Bloodspark_: depends on who you are yeah javadragoniv: gee 800$ where did u find that lol myaocat: no one is talented like you. no one can hack iphone, create a self driving car under a month knilecrack: What if you are happy selling out eyep1e: wen ps2 hak revolutionist123: @georgehotz How 1m goal goes? nanodanger7: @georgehotz this is my 1 year subscriber anniversary any discount? ๐Ÿ˜€ Acles123: true kevczy: Now you talk like my dad SpecialAgentSkye: Like in game skins LUL pentaquant: @UniversalGeneve thats not a sob story thats a fucking motivational story. I’m going to DM you 0xBADBADBAD: What else will I do to fill the void in my soul? aathove: should i buy poo off the deep web anthraxvirus322: Any Pepega in chat aathove: TehePelo Bloodspark_: Pepega Clap WaIeed: First time on unity? SpecialAgentSkye: Should i sub to you for the dopamine rush @georgehotz ? ๐Ÿค” rhytual: @ApexJnr its a good starting salary at 22 for sure (guess u are from europe?) – muricans also have a different tax and social system, so the numbers dont rly work that way (ofc SV is a bit different LUL) Poethick: @georgehotz F2 to rename davidsit_site: lol aathove: 4Head BookRaider: i can sell you high grade poo for $1 kevczy: Iโ€™m going out for defcon! myaocat: nice aathove: @BookRaider please I need my daily hit of poo Dimendz: I genuinely think if you want to make the best AR product, unreal engine is the way to go myaocat: @kevczy who pay? orochiviia: LUL youngsachi: PogChamp Dimendz: ooo PogChamp kanogger: ๐Ÿ™‚ sharmajee: NotLikeThis HaywoodJabroni: whats up forsenE anthraxvirus322: BUT can you put Pepega in unity ? myaocat: f kevczy: No pay, itโ€™s gonna be tmrw for ctf Zasuslive: yh so ease of use = unity Johnnymamen: any antivirus preinstlled on razeer laptop? aathove: wait isn’t that just blender?? HaywoodJabroni: any bajs forsenE showzennn: Are you going to be a game develepor now @georgehotz ? myaocat: @kevczy what team are you? ZiklarxD: Upcoming gamedeveloper? @georgehotz JumpTwiice: bajs๐Ÿ”ญ HaywoodJabroni: forsen1

Bioaim7: he already is @showzennn anthraxvirus322: Game developer PogChamp Dimendz: Need a second monitor lol myaocat: @kevczy i also play ctf but im really bad at it smurfd0: kindof like 3d studio or blender myaocat: maybe i should ditch the lifestyle anthraxvirus322: just add one more screen 4Head showzennn: @Bioaim7 what games has he made? kevczy: I work on reversing myaocat: i don t know what it even means th3_maj0r: almost 500 viewers boys HaywoodJabroni: PogChamp Hjorthlol: DatSheffy / anthraxvirus322: PogChamp HaywoodJabroni: monkaS youngsachi: PogChamp Dimendz: PogChamp alluxua: I like his sweater HaywoodJabroni: monkaS powerful kevczy: Iโ€™ve won about 3ctf by now Dimendz: u r god Bloodspark_: PogChamp HaywoodJabroni: speshial forsenT NolanBridges: Dabbing John Lemon anthraxvirus322: it is alive monkaS cccnrd: boiiRollt boiiRollt Bloodspark_: Who is this god? Pog HanksPlay: i recommend you to go back to T pose cccnrd: boiiHip boiiHip boiiHip NolanBridges: @HanksPlay I agree tho eyep1e: john lemon for potus anthraxvirus322: FeeldAmazingMan myaocat: @kevczy did you debug a .net application? i am trying to attach process but cant see locals and i dont know how to resolve it anthraxvirus322: FeelsAmazingMan HanksPlay: unity and skeletons are messy NoneFuture: what’s going on guys? HaywoodJabroni: pajaShrugL forsenE pajaShrugR HanksPlay: just go back to T pose showzennn: prefabs implement Composite pattern? NolanBridges: @nonefuture learning Unity Kvann1 : Character anthraxvirus322: just go back to T pose 4Head HaywoodJabroni: 4Head NolanBridges: @nonefuture so he can code games for AR I think gal40: Any node in the hierarchy is a gameobject NoneFuture: @NolanBridges thanks gofoboso: getting Boro gofoboso: boring ร— showzennn: he is going to create a simul ใ—ใฎใ—: auto save above scene woobot: auto save is top right of the scenes NolanBridges: @gofoboso You know you don’t have to watch if you think it’s boring veomx: hey george you have really a BMW machinelearningbot: you definitely need to create the CLI version of unity stathizzzz: John Lemon is it the guy singing “Imagine all the gameobjects”?? myaocat: 448 views what anthraxvirus322: sure SeemsGood veomx: Im from Bavaria thats why im interested Dimendz: Parameters, now we’re talking NoneFuture: Okay knilecrack: Bavarishen motor werke spoco: wysiwyg = cancer HanksPlay: @georgehotz change the model back to Tpose, maybe is going to offset the arm animation anthraxvirus322: Just make unity CLI 4Head Quick_001: WhatTheHeck.. George on a windows machine anthraxvirus322: its a VM Kappa myaocat: Is it John Doe?

anthraxvirus322: John Doe monkaS anthraxvirus322: monkaGiga Zasuslive: painful to see him waste time with this stuff Kvann1 : Turn off PlayMod onu4r: @Zasuslive this is how learning works stathizzzz: George on Windows is like Game of Thrones season finale 4Head gofoboso: BrokeBack Dimendz: It’s like vaadin designer but for video games lol zimxtv: Lol chat needs python and ML Luki512: Hello @ all zimxtv: And most importantly chat needs Vim gofoboso: Yeah py ml gal40: All nodes in the heirarchy are gameobjects. The outermost John Lemon is a dummy gameobject which encapsulates everything. The inner John Lemon is just the actual model Kvann1 : just drag and drop it in obejct Jeppelelle: drag ub ubti tge cibtrikker fuekdยจ pyythonn: drag it to the right hintz3y: LMFAO birrdd: ratirlCoffee JonThomasK: whats up mr. hotz Jeppelelle: drag it into the controller field Staredad: Iirc changes made during playmode is not saved, does this apply to animator controllers too? Jeppelelle: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Luki512: The mic sounds like its stuck into a bread ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeppelelle: This is gonna be a 27 part series ๐Ÿ˜€ Zasuslive: @onu4r I guess if you wanna become an indie developer but he wants to develop an AR platform/product, theres quite a bit of this he can skip (e.g. character animation) knilecrack: why it’s good myaocat: mic is ok gal40: You are currently in Play Mode. Changes are not saved when in Play Mode birrdd: broski machinelearningbot: what is he drinking>? JumpTwiice: Kappa sure SpecialAgentSkye: Mic isnt that bad tbh. Its good for a laptop mic imo rhytual: Kappa knilecrack: piss JonThomasK: liberal tears @machinelearningbot revolutionist123: Kappa myaocat: macbook mic is crap myaocat: also you hear the keys Bloodspark_: it’s okay mondeverest: drink more coffee to speed things up Kvann1 : @georgehotz Turn off PlayMod, changes are not saved trader_f: Show a tour of your million dollar mansion showzennn: @georgehotz Click JohnLemon Add Component and add a Script than u can use GameObject references and drag the Unity objects to the Script references spoco: If you could just write code, I would pick up Unity right now, but this stuff is so off putting that I can’t even pentaquant: @georgehotz I bought a new razer blade advanced mer white. Fucking beautiful knilecrack: he is walking away from you myaocat: john lennon gal40: @spoco I use unity and I never ever do this. He is following some tutorial but you can do everything with code myaocat: ^ i heard veomx: order a starbucks cold brew venti Kvann1 : @georgehotz Turn off PlayMod, changes are not saved BlessRNG Bloodspark_: alive monkaS gofoboso: maybe you should do that tutorial beforehand slimyoof: LUL redbullwiiings: goddamnit john lemon knilecrack: told ya Bloodspark_: Fisicks Pepega stathizzzz: John lemon has left the building…oh wait.. no buildings !! Kappa Bloodspark_: No gravity spoco: @gal40 ok good to know saulgd: click and drag strim ResidentSleeper Darth_Kirias: wtf that doesn’t look like john lenon

trader_f: game designer ResidentSleeper Bloodspark_: Noob LULW mybestman: Try rigidbody 2D? Darth_Kirias: blueprints ResidentSleeper gal40: You are editing the Prefab. The john lemon in the scene is not connected to the prefab pyythonn: increase mass? SpecialAgentSkye: Should i sub to you for the dopamine rush @georgehotz ? ๐Ÿค” myaocat: HYPE LETS GO slimyoof: monkaS Dimendz: MonkaW gofoboso: u Kvann1 : Need some RigidBody youngsachi: WutFace revolutionist123: BibleThump veomx: ๐Ÿ˜€ c19946: it ‘s impossible you can write code in this stream gofoboso: tutorial inception redbullwiiings: BibleThump hes dead gofoboso: watching a tutorial inside a tutorial knilecrack: ๐Ÿ˜€ Bloodspark_: BibleThump byebye imageliner: @specialagentskye you asked this twice now do it and don’t regret it! KomodoHype c19946: lemon fucked up discipleyo: yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aerotone: its z pos aerotone: nvm rstk1: windows machine, veomx: almost AAA already veomx: at least alpha Bloodspark_: yeah hitbox Lazysloth: john lemon = lemon grab unacceptable slimyoof: VoHiYo Bloodspark_: PogCHamp Clap c19946: why they name this animal john lemon? revolutionist123: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Bloodspark_: PogChamp Clap grizvok: how long has he been live? Kvann1 : You can use JavaScript Kappa Lazysloth: his head looks like lemon probably Bloodspark_: C# :/ Hazor90: !uptime Lazysloth: no u can’t use javascript gofoboso: because it’s catchy gal40: JavaScript is no longer supported aiis: He’s been live 49 minutes Lazysloth: it was never supported gal40: It actually was never supported because it was a javascript clone named UnityScript not javascript itself grizvok: @aiis thank you JumpTwiice: outdated visual studios LUL

Zasuslive: Isit cool if I shill my indie game just once ๐Ÿ˜… c19946: he said script Dimendz: C# Pog Lazysloth: does he have unityvs installed Yellow_turd: you’re so hot when you type like that leveledgod: @Zasuslive ask forgiveness not permission PabloBree: white IDE NotLikeThis Bloodspark_: NotLikeThis youngsachi: WutFace knilecrack: ctrl shit home/end to select everything revolutionist123: my eyes are burning with that white IDE WutFace Staredad: LUL asthmaa: vs2019? Bioaim7: that he even uses an IDE is gigantic Bloodspark_: D: knilecrack: change theme Zasuslive: @leveledgod check it out on yt Project Fox Online. Based on metal gear solid 4โ€™s multiplayer Harm133: you can set the IDE to dark mode Zasuslive: Forgive me guyzzz Lazysloth: install vim extension for VS Kiddepants: Not gonna lie, first live stream from tomcr00se ๐Ÿ˜€ Hazor90: you can change theme to dark in settings mehi9h: just make it dark pls darkwon_: visual studio has dark mode built in gal40: Tools > Options > Environment > General > Color Theme > Dark stathizzzz: George there is a Dark Mode in Visual Stdio if it suits you Bloodspark_: :horn: smurfd0: .. or just grab gvim Lazysloth: gvim is meh twitchistrash788: Csharp is best with VS Dimendz: People that don’t use dark mode in any IDE are psychopaths aladdin_mck: Use Emacs! BookRaider: use notepad like a real man veomx: after comes the yoko ono extension pack aladdin_mck: Yea fr elyaizen: your setup look really good man, you need dark mode Lazysloth: thats for controlleers probably Zasuslive: A real editor has yellow as its background, easier on the eyes :)) Lazysloth: for joysticks gal40: Input.GetAxis returns the displacement from the middle of the controller. It works for both joysticks, and wasd/arrows KyleUE: did this dude just gatekeep editors? Bioaim7: duduuumm BlackSords: how about using unity platform instead? Lazysloth: does self driving stuff quat is hard tho myaocat: @gal40 are you israeli? gal40: Yes myaocat: ma kore ๐Ÿ™‚ spoco: @Zasuslive with cyan text right? Kappa liquidcomb: WutFace STOP avagyannarek: @gal40 Are you illuminati?

grizvok: vscode intellisense is incredible Lazysloth: gal = wonder women SeemsGood supremad: jetbrains FTW Kiddepants: Xcode or Visual Studio? asthmaa: @grizvok have you tried intellijidea? keepingtrckofthisacct: @gal40 hi, do you stream? gal40: No gofoboso: ReSharper twitchistrash788: Intellij requires a beastly machine to run smoothly BookRaider: get off his dick guys give him some space Acles123: ctrl shift end/home keepingtrckofthisacct: @gal40 looks like you should ๐Ÿ™‚ Knarez: whats the deal with his new computer Zasuslive: @spoco cyan is a godly colour :] CraftyGaming: OnAnimatorMove is a built in function Lazysloth: new computer = windows gasp zneel_73: bro your can is empty since at leat half an hour Bombapil0t: windows, bling bling ide, game dev NotLikeThis twitchistrash788: T POSE Bloodspark_: No, 1/2 dab gal40: The Animator component will automatically look for the OnAnimatorMove and call it xaxxjs: hi bro miths: georgehotz stuck in tutorial hell LUL Knarez: right click task bar -> cortana -> hidden Knarez: thank me later Kappa Bloodspark_: LUL Lethly: what are the specs of the new computer? Knarez: LUL Lazysloth: ew Crypod: LUL smurfd0: strutting like aboss Bloodspark_: PogChamp Clap shinzxc_: PogChamp grizvok: LOL revolutionist123: PogChamp Kvann1 : PogChamp youngsachi: PogChamp orochiviia: PogChamp the_best_russian_bear: PogChamp PogChamp cIvIcbooks: fuckin jon lemon stathizzzz: Walking on his toes PogChamp BookRaider: time to run away kids JumpTwiice: LUL gofoboso: they see me rolling Bloodspark_: no omnidirectional movement LUL CraftyGaming: Man, for once I know more about something than George JumpTwiice: gachiBASS ASS ETS zneel_73: empty can bro aiis: LUL Lazysloth: nice headset Bioaim7: LUL Zasuslive: ffs g2g. Near the end of the stream if George has a lil break and does somewhat of a Q/A can someone just ask where we sign up to help break the simulation (im srs loll) will watch the stream on yt later Bloodspark_: LULW EddieTex: you using windows bro? lol stathizzzz: Nice sunglasses

Bloodspark_: what Lethly: what are the specs of the computer? M03x: am an c# student should i get into unity ? or just switch to java it has more job opportunities 4Head ? Lazysloth: judge dredd cosplay Bombapil0t: ๐Ÿ˜€ twitchistrash788: He’s drinking redbull JumpTwiice: LUL true UniversalGeneve: LUL LUL revolutionist123: TriHard Bloodspark_: It’s a Razer Laptop, I saw an i7 8th gen and GPU idk asthmaa: @M03x kotlin asthmaa: java old shinzxc_: @Lethly razer blade 15 CraftyGaming: I just got a job in java because it pays more, fuck java grizvok: or go Lethly: cheers elyaizen: have you found a name for your AR machine? Muratandjose: D: Knarez: LUL manutdgeo: @georgehotz dude, you are like an idol to me, been seeing some of your wokr since the ps3 exploits, keep it up man !!! Zasuslive: lmaoo borkloverr2: What do you think about swift? BookRaider: Java died in 2007 when oracle bought Sun twitchistrash788: lmao trader_f: sardBan sardBan sardBan Bloodspark_: monkaS Maakishoot: where can I find this unity tutorial? stathizzzz: Im a JAVA hater too SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood M03x: LUL Bloodspark_: BAN monkaS tigopotter: george why did you quit shinzxc_: JAVA (puke) miths: Java is love, Java is life <3 Dimendz: Why do java devs need glasses? Because they can't C# PepeLaugh Zasuslive: me Harm133: me me Muratandjose: are python questions banned here aswell M03x: @asthmaa is kootlin based on java ? CraftyGaming: Mod me JumpTwiice: me PogChamp grizvok: @Dimendz LOL elyaizen: me nanodanger7: me discipleyo: me Bioaim7: TypeScript <3 Zasuslive: oh nvm subs only Lethly: i have subscribed for a long time miths: MEME Knarez: me Kappa youngsachi: TriHard Muratandjose: no me :) trader_f: not me Bloodspark_: me :) pls Lazysloth: lol don't even want the power nanodanger7: one year man :D asthmaa: @M03x yes avagyannarek: JAVA is PHP hintz3y: cheer1 me the_best_russian_bear: me Kappa tanoshiizo: that guy gl3nn_wolf3: I'll do it shinzxc_: 12 mo PogChamp Maakishoot: JAVA suck Python for life Bloodspark_: fuck Erciks: i dont. Mod means responsiblty Rellekz: me Kiddepants: This is my first live stream lmao khronicz: khronicz subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! Knarez: LOL dude the blue crown is not a sub Kiddepants: On here stathizzzz: Who s in the mob??? PogChamp JumpTwiice: not even a sub LUL Knarez: it's only twitch prime zneel_73: LUL MatiGoG: monkaS imageliner: LUL Knarez: LUL trader_f: sard17 Bombapil0t: mod @nanodanger7 :D slimyoof: LUL Knarez: no khronicz: khronicz subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! orochiviia: froggenPega aerotone: LUL no Zasuslive: xD Knarez: only if they subscribe with it haha gal40: If you are seriously interested in using windows, you might want to look into WSL (ubuntu in windows) grizvok: you get the same from twitch prime zneel_73: scams Muratandjose: he doesnt know LUL CraftyGaming: shhh nerds relax M03x: @asthmaa is it only for mobile ? discipleyo: if I sub can I get mod? nanodanger7: im here UniversalGeneve: LUL eyep1e: just mod everyone Knarez: LUL th3_maj0r: a lot of subscribes now ahaha mondeverest: bogaShh bogaShh bogaShh trader_f: he wil ban all LUL M03x: scammed LUL JumpTwiice: monkaS incel mods kaanfsd0: love making money is meh :((( hintz3y: kappa1 I'm the top cheerer meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenz: hey. what are we doing today? twitchistrash788: Elevate me Erciks: LuL Dimendz: Go for partner ship the_best_russian_bear: desertukMoncat stathizzzz: Mod me for non subsrcibers PogChamp o_sagga: me toooo nanodanger7: yay asthmaa: @M03x no, they working for native, ios, android, web server all zneel_73: LUL Bioaim7: aren't you sell out now ? @georgehotz LUL Howi_: LUL javadragoniv: @georgehotz i can only guess with a name like mine i can sub for eternity and i wouldnt get mod huh Luki512: Where you see the follow date? grizvok: he's a shifting fucker revolutionist123: This chat this some more emotes grizvok: shifty* Scheback: how long will be the stream ? M03x: @asthmaa thank you SeemsGood eyep1e: VR sims coding JumpTwiice: WutFace grizvok: MY EARS shinzxc_: WutFace twitchistrash788: WHoa Bioaim7: aren't you sell out now ? @georgehotz Zasuslive: woahwoah myaocat: yes MatiGoG: WutFace Muratandjose: WutFace Erciks: yep sDeRs122: yes zneel_73: monkaS tanoshiizo: WutFace eyep1e: REKT youngsachi: WutFace aerotone: WutFace Bombapil0t: CurseLit Yellow_turd: WutFace grizvok: FUCK MY EARS ARE BLEEDING Staredad: WutFace trader_f: owh shit revolutionist123: This chat needs some more emotes** nanodanger7: lol Xavur_: monkaS discipleyo: NotLikeThis Dimendz: WutFace Kiddepants: That's loud lol UniversalGeneve: haha Lazysloth: fireplace is loud Kvann1 : WutFace javadragoniv: fuck yeah stathizzzz: I cant hear nothing, Im deaf Kappa Bloodspark_: Bloodspark_ subscribed at Tier 1 Zasuslive: its called ambience and its killing many speakers and headphones rn grizvok: my earssssssss imageliner: LUL Yellow_turd: still there WutFace Rlchibi: stop play slimyoof: NotLikeThis JumpTwiice: WutFace WINDOWS SOUNDS M03x: WutFace sDeRs122: omg that kinda painfull jedynka_trygonometryczna: @georgehotz is it you bmw on instagram? youngsachi: WutFace WutFace the_best_russian_bear: sova96RipEars sova96RipEars avagyannarek: same slimyoof: i hear static gofoboso: it's windy shinzxc_: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap Bloodspark_: WutFace PLS M03x: windows WutFace mehi9h: oh thank god Xavur_: why no linux :( revolutionist123: WutFace grizvok: my headphones were kinda loud grizvok: jesus Bloodspark_: mod me :) UniversalGeneve: sound card broken? Kvann1 : @georgehotz Turn off PlayMod, changes are not saved BlessRNG Lazysloth: play mode isn't saved Rlchibi: yeah any changes made in play mode doesnt stick CraftyGaming: The only changes that will save in play mode are prefab modifications like materials and such gofoboso: kookoobird miths: What kind of game are you going to build? georgehotz JumpTwiice: wasd to move cam around Enriquetecfan: Why are you learing unity ยฟ? gofoboso: this one 1-0 Bombapil0t: squeeze some $ @Enriquetecfan Bloodspark_: So close to cam monkaS meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenz: jhon lemon = john lennon? Staredad: @Enriquetecfan AR Kvann1 : Double click on game object, to zoom it IWasnotDemi: @georgehotz I love you

Bloodspark_: John Lemon: The Adventure ๐Ÿ™‚ JumpTwiice: the keys W, A, S, D to move editor cam JumpTwiice: NotLikeThis Enriquetecfan: Thanks Chat ! CraftyGaming: With the Directional light selected, you can press ‘e’ to change to the rotation widget dorkmo: vladimir lenin? CraftyGaming: r, to scale, and W for transform miths: y u no create own game engine? PepeHands zneel_73: freezes smurfd0: think ur dropping frames Lazysloth: fps = 11 lul flitnlockphilly: Dude just make your own game engine in visual basic, like bisquit would Bloodspark_: @miths LUL funny M03x: @georgehotz can you get rich with unity ? 4Head UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz do you have a stream schedule, or just whenever you have time? stathizzzz: Bisqwit god ! flitnlockphilly: don’t worry, it is JumpTwiice: u bet LUL CraftyGaming: It’s pretty hard to watch tbh miths: I don’t know unity but it is still painful M03x: @stathizzzz 1 SeemsGood HanksPlay: trihard1 trihard1 trihard1 trihard1 trihard1 flitnlockphilly: Hackerman spends 12 hours learning how to use basic UI Bloodspark_: ol M03x: LUL JumpTwiice: imagine using vim LUL gofoboso: 666 birrdd: ratirlCoffee interesting gofoboso: 999 CraftyGaming: nav mesh is the real magic kevczy: Vim for unity? That sounds disgusting Bloodspark_: true ๐Ÿ˜€ gofoboso: 333 M03x: @birrdd ratiirlTip M03x: nvm FeelsBadMan birrdd: @M03x ratirlTip my_curiosity: @georgehotz is this project related to the car ai thing or are you doing something other for fun ? adriaroms: new computer? birrdd: ratirl subs in here, LUL M03x: @birrdd while he is live LUL kevczy: @adriaroms yea Zasuslive: 160p exists wtf lol least I can stream the audio

birrdd: amazing! Bloodspark_: LUL adriaroms: @kevczy specs? birrdd: @Risky2001 so bored? gal40: NavMesh is the mesh of where an ai agent can walk kevczy: @adriaroms umm it was in the beginning of the vid birrdd: is there a command for ur new pc specs? miths: What are the specs on your new pc? Zasuslive: gal40 indie dev? mikeyyinspace: !specs adriaroms: !motherfuckerSpecs Bloodspark_: !specs Kappa CraftyGaming: Ctrl s is muscle memory for me now, along with ctrl shift s in visual studio Yellow_turd: What are the specs on your new pc? HanksPlay: i dont think is boring gal40: On my free time Lazysloth: Intel Pentium Processor HanksPlay: crash kevczy: The stream looks pretty decent birrdd: pentium PogChamp Bloodspark_: Thhis is pretty entertaining for me at least JumpTwiice: PogChamp adriaroms: !newMonsterPCspecs Bloodspark_: PogChamp BEAST JumpTwiice: monkaS deth my_curiosity: i thought he was a mac guy ๐Ÿ˜€ youngsachi: PogChamp UniversalGeneve: bigARms mikeyyinspace: i heard soda improves blood circulation Kappa M03x: can i use unity on my i5 820m geforce ?? DeelsBadMan flitnlockphilly: What would you do if george hots slapped your girlfriends ass gofoboso: Al Xavur_: slap his ass kevczy: @flitnlockphilly Iโ€™ll Give it to him gofoboso: all the muscle is in the fingers Bloodspark_: @M03x barely maybe but the more complex your project becomes the more it’s gonna lag and shit Lazysloth: probably some rich people water in a can kevczy: What is that drink? Bloodspark_: LUL flitnlockphilly: Can I run this project on my voodoo 2? Bombapil0t: DansGame Bloodspark_: HAHAHA HanksPlay: eco? why not google home? stathizzzz: Bad boy tigopotter: george why did you left kevczy: Why are you going doo doo UniversalGeneve: *NY accent* computer~ Bloodspark_: WHAT FartKnockGomez: this is how skynet starts DansGame CraftyGaming: I think I’ll name my next dog Alexa, just to create a little chaos UniversalGeneve: LUL Muratandjose: i thought i heard my name hawkield: Windows? DansGame gofoboso: lol Caene: Justin who? Kappa UniversalGeneve: WutFace mondeverest: bogaS stathizzzz: Justin who??? WutFace FartKnockGomez: LUL what a douche UniversalGeneve: justice beaver CraftyGaming: You will use multiple cameras in most solutions kevczy: Ok now itโ€™s about comedian gofoboso: blieber jotembruv: how come u didnt go with ue4

JumpTwiice: this tutorial is scuffed af LUL stathizzzz: Only justing I knew was KrakkenTM: Hellooooo @georgehotz adriaroms: specs? W1lkins: Was the refactor of minikeyvalue from python to Go streamed? Kheri0n: will you be creating ai world in unity? KrakkenTM: still not verified here? LUL knilecrack: you should’ve named him GeorgeLemon Caene: monkaS gofoboso: DrinkPurple stathizzzz: Change this house to a rock Opera hall and let john give a concert PogChamp kevczy: What is the drink)))))))? gofoboso: BCWarrior SwiftRage PJSalt KrakkenTM: F? Caene: F Muratandjose: f youngsachi: f zbszx: LONG LIVE THE STREAM mondeverest: bogaBusted bogaBusted bogaBusted foxubu: foxubu subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 1 month streak! mondeverest: bogaQ Bloodspark_: F salihyil1: why u learn unity? gofoboso: long live rock n roll Lazysloth: refresh plebs Bloodspark_: no ๐Ÿ™‚ CraftyGaming: You dropped frames, they are paying respect. F in unity will focus on the selected object el_pirulote: it’s the f word Kheri0n: PogChamp gofoboso: rainbow PhosphoricAcid: F KrakkenTM: f Caene: Would be fun to see you progress from noob to not-so-much-noob over streams. Could be fun mondeverest: keeps freezing for me zneel_73: F zbszx: alright guys, does anyone know neural networks built with pytorch? i am struggling w/ my homework stathizzzz: 0.5 Fps knilecrack: yeah gofoboso: lag the_best_russian_bear: F karmik4 foxubu: freezing Darkhunder1: f CraftyGaming: Full F kevczy: Focus markovchain21: unity ate him alive KrakkenTM: markovchain21: razer pogg mondeverest: bogaGood HanksPlay: i want to see @georgehotz playing VR Chat! Rlchibi: are you still streaming to Taiwan xDD kevczy: Iโ€™m good Lazysloth: saved! Bloodspark_: LUL Darkhunder1: ok markovchain21: @KrakkenTM ellinas ? Caene: It said Taiwan there though LUL Caene: Legit foxubu: 0 kb/s ๐Ÿ˜ฎ KrakkenTM: @markovchain21 yy naix_1337: PogChamp live again buhrmi4tw: aaayyy Bloodspark_: oh back foxubu: pppkay Xavur_: omg thats bad Caene: The pixels LUL kevczy: Hm unity never helps my lige

KarlaVxleria: : ( foxubu: blurry ๐Ÿ™ kevczy: Life* stathizzzz: 75 Mbps download, 3 Mbps upload LUL Bloodspark_: potato stream HYPERS Caene: It’s better than nothing! Xavur_: have you tried turning router off and on again? LUL Caene: LOL kevczy: There itโ€™s back Nougekai: @georgehotz what do you think learning machine learning (python) as a neurosurgeon? Worth the try, or is it too much? salihyil1: 160p spoco: welcome back to 2005 Kappa Bloodspark_: oh saved again lol foxubu: Someone is jamming your wifi ^_^ THX1342: ะŸั€ะธะฒะตั‚ ะณะพะฟะฝะธะบ Bloodspark_: quality is fine again PogChamp knilecrack: okay Caene: Smooth fps now though kevczy: Dude I bet Starbucks WiFi will work better then this stathizzzz: Are you on 56k modem? PogChamp Bloodspark_: except fps Caene: Check for shady vans outside Fantasma56: F zneel_73: you fucked up showing your ip markovchain21: sony devs are payback time ๐Ÿ˜€ NoLimitFitness: are you connected to teheran again? THX1342: ะณะพะฟะฝะธะบ ัั‚ั€ะตะผ Dsplits: @georgehotz you look alot skinnier mikeyyinspace: get off the phone itll speed up ur internet Kappa UniversalGeneve: LUL kodApan: RIP jotembruv: NotLikeThis knilecrack: hi agagin CraftyGaming: Here we go boys joiput: LUL naix_1337: 1 Megabit? PunchTrees Caene: Is this NA internet? knilecrack: 0 CraftyGaming: squint your eyes and maybe you’ll be able to read some of the larger text mikeyyinspace: PunchTrees mondeverest: bogaHacker SpecialAgentSkye: Close Limewire. Sometimes takes a lot of bandwidth Kappa kodApan: saved mikeyyinspace: F CraftyGaming: Actually looks good markovchain21: F Chris_XIX: F Bloodspark_: cant read SeesmGood Chris_XIX: Lost it again Bloodspark_: SeemsGood knilecrack: it’ good markovchain21: good now mondeverest: bogaGood spoco: works now kevczy: Yea THX1342: cheeki breeki cat Rlchibi: probably the server you are on Xavur_: zeeman internet icanthitthose: what’s happening THX1342: just code an 8bit game CraftyGaming: refresh if your screen is black Bloodspark_: it’s shitty nevertheless LUL knilecrack: you can focus search bar with alt d THX1342: make a roguelike kevczy: Recommend youtube Caene: Use your phone for internet. LUL THX1342: there~s no graphics knilecrack: it’s good now Caene: Phone hotspot LUL SpecialAgentSkye: Its fine. Its not bad at all Dsplits: moving into the game dev industry now? markovchain21: it is like 100% fine now !! Harm133: can jailbreak the first iphone but cant properly stream LUL knilecrack: tes knilecrack: it’s good mann markovchain21: you need jailbreak Xavur_: call your provider and complain CraftyGaming: Since you went to 1Mb it looks fine man SpecialAgentSkye: Can break Sony security but cant get good internet LUL THX1342: it~s good kevczy: Dude just go to McDonaldโ€™s Bloodspark_: not 100% but okay LUL Caene: @markovchain21 You will eat those words, just saying th3_maj0r: Faq windows JumpTwiice: 4Head just get a house kevczy: McDonaldโ€™s WiFi looks like to work better markovchain21: @Caene ? CraftyGaming: Seรฑor lemon Caene: @markovchain21 You will see Lazysloth: u made that headset brah Bloodspark_: PogChamp John Lemon AR markovchain21: @Caene not even humor or jokes allowed?

KrakkenTM: @markovchain21 na fantastw spoudazeis/spoudases kati panw se upologistes? Nougekai: @georgehotz what do you think learning machine learning (python) as a brain surgeon? Worth the try, or is it too much and better make a friend who knows ML/DP? Bloodspark_: Chat is annoying ๐Ÿ™‚ knilecrack: twitch chat most toxic ever Bloodspark_: ban them ๐Ÿ™‚ meshuggahsahin: o hey KonCha THX1342: “work” hobbT JumpTwiice: @knilecrack chats like this one are the least toxic ones compared to big streamers’ chat knilecrack: it’s awesome now Bloodspark_: It’s working now prakyath_kantharaju: learning is always is good.. But if you are looking for a friend icanthitthose: what kind of game is he building fuuqtv: true KrakkenTM: @georgehotz hows going? fuuqtv: if i have bad internet i dont like the place Xavur_: 5G is coming soon lol Caene: I think @markovchain21 is right, it seems stable now. SeemsGood knilecrack: @JumpTwiice that’s what I thought, twitch chat in genral. This is fine Xavur_: 5G will be good for streaming eyep1e: building simsAI? markovchain21: @Caene i am sorry, if i offended you. i am new to this stream Caene: Huh? I love you Caene: @markovchain21 <3 stathizzzz: The CIA is watching out for you and reroutes all your traffic to thir servers, hence the bad internet PogChamp fkndean: BOOOOOOOOOOO fkndean: hi Xavur_: unity looks so outdated :/ knilecrack: yeah THX1342: @georgehotz have you heard of Godot? Open source competitor to unity gal40: Why are you dealing with post-processing so early on? Lazysloth: if cia is watching order some pizza tigopotter: which one is your new computer? foxubu: So much clicking to get things work meatballsimproved: what's the game going to be about? Bloodspark_: Raytracing PogChamp CraftyGaming: See, this tutorial is telling you how to make a scene look great but isnt teaching you major design concepts

KyleUE: i need raytracing on my AR girlfriend Bloodspark_: same ๐Ÿ™‚ foxubu: @CraftyGaming true words Poethick: @KyleUE LUL markovchain21: maybe it will get better at the end again gal40: I don’t get why you are messing with post processing when you don’t have much of a game yet Bloodspark_: He’s following this tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ Lazysloth: it is because he is on the camera section osaidaz99: is this going to be uploaded on youtube? Dsplits: you should make a game from scratch in C Bloodspark_: PogChamp Lazysloth: what can go wrong lol CraftyGaming: get into using delegates and events, coroutines and fun coding stuff UniversalGeneve: he’s going off the grid! foxubu: @osaidaz99 Search for Comma ai archive. Disclaimer: not his channel Lazysloth: autopilot off asaalgk: you should check out unity machine learning agents toolkit, its fun and easy Dsplits: btw can’t believe that you’re on windows Lazysloth: YOU MADE IT! knilecrack: why everyone hates windows JumpTwiice: background makes it seem like you’re streaming from heaven CraftyGaming: Guarantee someone followed this tutorial and it is a game on the google play store Kappa Zipzipcekirge: fun fact you can enable unity dark mode by changing a branch instruction Kheri0n: do you have any degree? bunnydd: use godot engine CraftyGaming: I frequent r/gamedev and r/unity3d. So many people post their store pages for tutorial games dMunkei: @Zipzipcekirge what you mean?

dragan2271: hi bro dragan2271: whats computer specifications Zipzipcekirge: get a debugger and search for skin symbol. There is a jmp eq instruction if you make it jump not equal it will get into dark mode @dMunkei Rojaster: he is doing game right now? dMunkei: @Zipzipcekirge What do you mean by get a debugger? JumpTwiice: @Rojaster he’s just tryna learn unity Lazysloth: you can just change the hex in the unity editor and it will be dark mode Rojaster: @JumpTwiice for fun ? JumpTwiice: @Rojaster possibly for future projects? CraftyGaming: There is a unity plugin for VS that will allow you to attach it to the unity process for debugging, its fantastic Chris_XIX: @dragan2271 8th gen i7, 32gb of ram Nesquik80: @georgehotz you like mac or windows more? ayman_saleh: Why windows and not linux? asaalgk: lmao Panda1Express: LUL UniversalGeneve: good friend gal40: When in 2d mode you have to seriously scroll out, because the canvas is huge Bloodspark_: LUL PogChamp CraftyGaming: “she” PogChamp Xavur_: do another speedtest then ๐Ÿ™‚ funwayz: she PogU lukaakul005: ur crazy knilecrack: what means pogu knilecrack: twitch ebonics fkndean: if you only knew the way fkndean: of twitch ebonics

mikeyyinspace: why ebonics mikeyyinspace: twitch isnt black cmonBruh JumpTwiice: cuz TriHard Xavur_: CruW knilecrack: cuz Bloodspark_: cmonBruh Dsplits: no it’s like that visual studio forces that name convention mikeyyinspace: he must not know what ebonics means mikeyyinspace: itd be twitch lingo youngsachi: TriHard knilecrack: it’s ebonics black ppl lingo? stathizzzz: Unity’s procedural coding style is not your style, you’re more generic guy CraftyGaming: abstraction! gal40: You accidentally put two instances of the script CraftyGaming: public variables can be set in the editor, or those marked with [SerializeField] estilen: 500k in my account by next year JumpTwiice: @georgehotz favorite language? dont say python erenesmer: !keyboard smurfd0: he kinda looks liek Rick from rock and morty ๐Ÿ˜‰

knilecrack: where is sprint? julien9877: todo: sprinting julien9877: LUL CraftyGaming: literally just change one float, LUL Artbarte: sup knilecrack: gg erenesmer: !keyboard CraftyGaming: You said you wanted to move faster Darkhunder1: camera julien9877: no change 1 float to increase walking speed knilecrack: it’s good don’t bother man Bloodspark_: LUL gal40: Application.quit is ignored while in the editor RRHDS: going to make a game? showzennn: is at the end LoLskiller1: what tutorial do you follow? JumpTwiice: no mikeyyinspace: fine for me knilecrack: no aathove: no knilecrack: don’t touch Darkhunder1: no liquidcomb: fine nanodanger7: no UniversalGeneve: it’s good youngsachi: maybe nestradalink2: good for me Quidos: VoteNay aathove: you dude <3 julien9877: do it xqcM JumpTwiice: PagChomp pvc viewers julien9877: xqcN ? showzennn: change turn speed JumpTwiice: being a pleb FeelsGoodMan nestradalink2: kfc emotes are the best knilecrack: if you need g's IP you have it alluxua: sing a song, please, geohot tigopotter: which one is your computer? gal40: After you normalize the movement vector you can set its magnitude julien9877: put it to 500 PogChamp JumpTwiice: Input.GetAxis() is between -1 and 1

Vjasal: hello @georgehotz knilecrack: wooooooooo julien9877: xqcFast bubabii: omegaLuL CraftyGaming: Hacker PogChamp showzennn: ahahha showzennn: LUL andrex_andrex: ehehe cIvIcbooks: fuckin jon lemon Bloodspark_: Speedrun hacks zneel_73: LUL julien9877: new sonic trailer PogChamp jacopo_l98: xqcFast tigopotter: which one is your computer? knilecrack: gigasonic razor Lokimjolnir: hello everyone th3_maj0r: Razer 15 lsxyzOk jagger_rsw: whoa… george is programming in spreadsheets or sth ๐Ÿ™‚ grizvok: ROFL gal40: When you edit inspector variables while in play mode they are not saved Darkhunder1: camera ArcherCreatlol: hey geohot, ur qira docker file doesnt work, could u update it?

mikeyyinspace: !uptime Darkhunder1: change camera in stream JumpTwiice: 4Head noodlearms_1: hey ShinzoLK: Did you leave comma ai? If so, why? gal40: Well I g2g. Have fun learning unity ArcherCreatlol: what’s ur goal in learning unity? data_day_life: data_day_life gifted a Tier 1 sub to gal40! This is their first Gift Sub in the channel! Dqyijote: Well I g2g. Have fun learning unity littlezippy92: I think unreal is easier to learn to use th3_maj0r: ahahah codevisionary: have you considered building your own game engine @georgehotz ? local_root: whaaaaaaaaaaaat? geohot and windows????? fkndean: first time i seen george on a windows BIakerTv: why the m_name syntax?

fkndean: KappaRoss knilecrack: 1st time george seen georgd on windows local_root: m_ = member variable th3_maj0r: lol JumpTwiice: python syntax LUL fkndean: syntax game BIakerTv: gotcha thanks fkndean: If you wanna write good code write it in HolyC Kappa local_root: @fkndean on templeos of course too fkndean: oh yeah bby fkndean: I would pay to see George try that lmfao caslecasle: caslecasle subscribed with Twitch Prime julien9877: xqcPrime BIakerTv: little hint i learned in college – if you type it all out yourself, it’s not plagiarism ๐Ÿ˜‰ (jk) local_root: what’s the sudden change or the reason why he’s programming a game?? knilecrack: because of AR alluxua: geohot is always random. No reason dorkmo: AR knilecrack: he is making some AR set with big field of view caslecasle: Am i subscribed local_root: interesting dotEXEguy: out causes arguments to be passed by reference knilecrack: dude wants to be better on every field smurfd0: caslecasle: – local_root: im just glad it’s not java alluxua: probably he always has passion on tuning hardware littlezippy92: @local_root geohot is getting into pirating games and making cracks local_root: @littlezippy92 definitely! littlezippy92: KappaClaus julien9877: just use || DansGame Knarez: that tutorial isn’t consistent about its spaces between the if and condition parenthesis REEEEE codevisionary: every real programmer’s goal is to do everything you can possibly do with a computer, and one of those things is developing games local_root: @Knarez probably because the person who made the tutorial used tabs instead of spaces smh caslecasle: Mod me ploxerino codevisionary: tabs > spaces Knarez: nah it looked like they just forgot it it one of the snippets lol local_root: tabs that convert into spaces >>>>>

Wansie: why are you doing this? sharpblade95: cheer1000 th3_maj0r: Probably asking for mod is the worst way to get it caslecasle: Nah not with him dorkmo: heyguys1 caslecasle: seen it happen ef_0ne: because why the fuck not ef_0ne: stop asking th3_maj0r: lol pandatastisch9: what’s happening here? gznn: he having fun whats the problam codevisionary: things are happening poopboy7: tabs are overrated smh codevisionary: nope codevisionary: tabs are superior cosmoz_AI: why unity ? godlessmonkey: Is this your first time with Unity? codevisionary: @georgehotz build your own game engine and go head to head with Unity th3_maj0r: Richard in Silicon Valley use tabs and he is a great programmer. Need any other proof? ef_0ne: PogChamp sharpblade95: cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 Caene: PogChamp Dqyijote: lol dorkmo: heyguys1 MonsterMannen_: HeyGuys CraftyGaming: My IDE knows when I press tab, to enter 4 spaces mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 data_day_life: this is why I hated unity Lazysloth: change ur camera settings Lazysloth: its not revealing other stuff mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 ef_0ne: why not ue4? mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 showzennn: project -> SampleScene? dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 local_root: what computer did he get? dorkmo: heyguys1 Bloodspark_: bruh mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 CAPTN_136: heyguys1 CraftyGaming: double click on anything in your scene dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 data_day_life: bad bot mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 boy_milk: george gimme ur cummies CraftyGaming: middle click and hold with move the scene around while right click and hold will rotatte your view data_day_life: quality chat mikeyyinspace: heyguys1

dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 dorkmo: heyguys1 mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 Bloodspark_: HeyGUys 1 Kappa Bloodspark_: fuuu Bloodspark_: HeyGuys 1 kappa mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 JumpTwiice: Kappa = GreyFace smurfd0: u have an error in the bottom of the screen mikeyyinspace: heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 heyguys1 pandatastisch9: my ubuntu image stops at booting wtf knilecrack: asell out Bloodspark_: 1 bit LUL julien9877: my chat experience BibleThump mikeyyinspace: LUL pandatastisch9: started user manager for uid 121 zneel_73: sellout local_root: what computer did you get @georgehotz ? youngsachi: LUL pandatastisch9: what does that even mean codevisionary: where’s the morality @georgehotz ? th3_maj0r: lsxyzLS lsxyzLS lsxyzLS lsxyzLS JumpTwiice: sellout LUL knilecrack: bitcoin out CraftyGaming: You can visualize your raycasts through Debug.DrawLine cankoloz: LUL Kadyen: why Unity? Risx: what’re you drinking? Bloodspark_: why not? smurfd0: UnassignedReference something something error Rojaster: we love money too man, give us money cuz we’re watching you aiis: Is this running on a Tesla computer? Bloodspark_: @aiis yes Kappa aiis: LUL codevisionary: no, only linux runs on tesla computer Rojaster: Oh, I got it, that’s why he is on windows CoffeeD2: he’s like a supervillain “this new invent will get me all the moneys” Bloodspark_: exactly ๐Ÿ™‚ local_root: it’s so weird seeing him coding in an ide instead of vim codevisionary: removing tesla hardware just to install windows on it would be a disgrace to humanity JumpTwiice: D: nestradalink2: VSC > VS change my mind mikeyyinspace: PogChamp winner stream smurfd0: game over man Caene: monkaS Caene: I got caught monkaS codevisionary: atom > vsc CraftyGaming: obby working code Kreygasm cosmoz_AI: why unity ? bubabii: i dont understand what is the reason bug? knilecrack: text editor wars begin pentaquant: @georgehotz penis local_root: notepad.exe >>> ef_0ne: real programmers use pen and paper ef_0ne: scrubz codevisionary: why does that create a link? Caene: pen and paper A4 scanner >> Giammanaco: Why he has bought a Windows Computer?

knilecrack: cause it’s cheap knilecrack: with 32gb of ram local_root: @knilecrack what kind of computer did he get? CraftyGaming: Unity has a great editor language used to streamline certain repeated actions. Just another layer to learn knilecrack: razor something local_root: razer blade? knilecrack: razer* yeah pentaquant: Yes local_root: nice pentaquant: I just got one and fucking love it local_root: @pentaquant enjoy it :] codevisionary: step one: buy razer laptop, step two: overwrite windows with all zeroes, step there: install linux codevisionary: step four: be a good person Sydowh: Hello CraftyGaming: Hello @Sydowh pentaquant: Well, I’ve partitioned for linux pentaquant: but fuck a wipe of windows for linux. I still need to play roblox ef_0ne: just use proton codevisionary: cringe CraftyGaming: Quaternions inc Sydowh: Good to see you are still learning Kappa non_pc_character: Heyo! first time watching George non_pc_character: whats cracking th3_maj0r: ctrl c ctrl v programming

codevisionary: isn’t that what people go to college for? @th3_maj0r MichaelMcMillan: windows, come on bro? th3_maj0r: @codevisionary exactly dragan2271: hi xxtakki: is there any particular reason why you are learning unity ? th3_maj0r: He wants to build an AR local_root: @xxtakki im guessing because of the popularity codevisionary: @xxtakki codevisionary: codevisionary: this is why xxtakki: tyy Pryetranka: george hotz x reason, choose one dragan2271: @ NonTrivial778: I try to learn unity and I got bored Kheri0n: @xxtakki i think he wants to become god by creating his ai world in unity dragan2271: @knilevcrack CraftyGaming: You know George, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Unity in Linux with these new 2019 builds. Anyone here know more about it? local_root: @NonTrivial778 probably because the engine does too much for you Smokinate: george how often are you in san jose bro im from san jo @georgehotz NonTrivial778: LUL pandatastisch9: can u program on dmt next time ibimsmarry: What are your intentions behind learning unity? NonTrivial778: @georgehotz you made a raw bitcoin transaction Lazysloth: he has ar headset CraftyGaming: I do tasks like these in batches between coding NonTrivial778: yeah non_pc_character: If george reads this message we are living in a confirmed simulation Kappa CraftyGaming: click the topmost waypoint, hold shift, then click the bottommost one

Smokinate: so who is george talking to if he never reads chat vickson12: WHAT IS HE DOING? Nevermorewinz: @georgehotz is commai still alive? CraftyGaming: You can change each axis independantly with multiple selection stathizzzz: Raw bitcoin transaction > game dev, PS jailbreak >>> game dev non_pc_character: @codevisionary monkaS metalneck69: Unity DansGame CraftyGaming: You plebs don’t see the potential Unity has in the AR/VR field. John Lemon doesn’t mean shit, he is a tool for learning more advanced systems stathizzzz: I think geo wants to make a Unity world to simulate autonomous car driving with insane ML algos PogChamp Lazysloth: nope CraftyGaming: Link your github @codevisionary th3_maj0r: o Lazysloth: get rekt stathizzzz: RE KT Caene: ^ th3_maj0r: aggressive twitchchat pandatastisch9: toxic Lazysloth: unreal engine is ugly, c is painful metalneck69: โ€œLink ur githubโ€ monkaS th3_maj0r: quite yeah lol non_pc_character: no sound? DansGame vtmr: LUL funwayz: WOW sharpblade95: you’re not getting hired with no sound Caene: Sounds is overrated anyway ๐Ÿ”‡ nestradalink2: the game for deaf people Kheri0n: make a sounds with your mouth LUL pandatastisch9: that’s the job of the sound programer Lazysloth: he turned it off because the fireplace was loud finessin95: I play an mmorpg from 1997, doesn’t have sound and it still has an active player base dorkmo: hot take: soundtracks underrated stathizzzz: John Lemon is deaf, hence the deaf game KeyboardOreos: why Unity WutFace KeyboardOreos: I’m a 3D Artist Kappa

vickson12: @finessin95 Are you talking about old school runescape? KeyboardOreos: Unity is nice Caene: @finessin95 Tibia LUL matt4kr: dude you should check out Unity ML-Agents, it is crazy shit dorkmo: heyguys1 finessin95: @vickson12 No, what Caene said, Runescape came in like 2002 or something KeyboardOreos: That room is so bright! Holy shit Caene: Tibia, super nostalgic stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ non_pc_character: Pog Rlchibi: we a twitch gamer now?? ArcherCreatlol: POGGERS osaidaz99: big fan from saudi arabia :)) JumpTwiice: ANELE ? osaidaz99: ? stathizzzz: John Lemon for President monkaS finessin95: @Caene Probably the game I’ve had the most fun in th3_maj0r: wow you should change the topic from Basic Programming to Hardcore gaming Caene: @finessin95 Yeah, good memories JumpTwiice: D ๐Ÿ’ฟ C non_pc_character: Can we preorder this? CraftyGaming: Casual playthrough th3_maj0r: Progamer non_pc_character: 60 dollars and DLC included? Lazysloth: one eye ghosts GeorgeHopkins: cheer1 cheer1 mikeyyinspace: ill take this and the season pass Lazysloth: that ghost is camping darkwon_: needs sound KeyboardOreos: PogChamp finessin95: We found a bug boys CraftyGaming: Need to up that turn speed in navmesh agents Caene: John Lemons looks so depressed FeelsBadMan Muratandjose: is there a point where his eyebrows arent just sad? slimyoof: stealth god th3_maj0r: Anyway this is better than Fortine stathizzzz: JOhn Lemon has shited his pants, thats why he walks that way PogChamp Lazysloth: lol ghost stuck smurfd0: ruh roh, u got ghosted ๐Ÿ˜€ th3_maj0r: Fortnite*

routerbomber: Which is your new computer? Lazysloth: this is new comp prakyath_kantharaju: razer aerotone: his trajectory is prolly fucked up, u might have moved him so he gets stuck Caene: The ghost can’t reach the set point fuuqtv: delete him NotSnuffy: !specs lightofhel1: go Jonny, go! KeyboardOreos: Look at your instagram, so you’re wealthy now ? KeyboardOreos: looked* ArcherCreatlol: make fortnite PogChamp vtmr: monkaS Caene: LUL aerotone: speedrunning the_best_russian_bear: 1 step – write game Caene: Delete ghosts, beat the game, put ghosts back in again – ship it cIvIcbooks: this is front page twitch quality the_best_russian_bear: 2 step – finish game the_best_russian_bear: 4Head aerotone: ghosts have collision you know Lazysloth: i would just move him undefined_behavi0r: what’s that game? cankoloz: Who is this guy PogChamp th3_maj0r: Strategy game guys. 2k19 Starcraft KeyboardOreos: NotLikeThis

drag0s92: 5 speed JumpTwiice: speedrun PogChamp codevisionary: this guy is geohot @cankoloz lightofhel1: speedrun PogChamp codevisionary: google him Caene: Yeah, the collision is making it so that ghosts can’t reach the set points. AI doesn’t even know it’s stuck. LUL JumpTwiice: @codevisionary u didnt get the joke LUL stathizzzz: Issue a run command Caene: Damn ghosts! cankoloz: @JumpTwiice LUL th3_maj0r: Hack the game! Yeah! codevisionary: what joke codevisionary: ? JumpTwiice: PepeLaugh dorkmo: no clip b_______________________b: ALL WRONG ๐Ÿ™ Zepcon7: Why on windows? cankoloz: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh siwySF: he lacks critical information PepeLaugh JumpTwiice: han ved inte PepeLaugh codevisionary: ^ toxic b_______________________b: clint2 b_______________________b: damn it julien9877: he is unaware PepeLaugh Nameless770: Waypoints were added to group and then groups global position was changed Taddell: From making self driving cars to creating childrens games in unity? drag0s92: :)) codevisionary: @Taddell exactly codevisionary: @Taddell we’re joking though, right? codevisionary: @Taddell toxicity gets you banned kevin99gh: hey @georgehotz RalpherZ th3_maj0r: wait, toxic again? JumpTwiice: LUL i dont know if this guy is a troll or if he’s serious JumpTwiice: @codevisionary Taddell: Joke a joke th3_maj0r: No, I’m joking, I don’t know why he banned u, probably he didn’t understand JanTSV: Heyy, whus Up? NonTrivial778: @Taddell bro take it easy with george CraftyGaming: Just came back, each of those ghosts are children of your “Enemies” object. Make sure enemies is at 0,0,0 kevin99gh: i cant wait for VR to be more popular…i wanna live in vr BibleThump youngTrick: nice new crib CraftyGaming: I have to go play softball dorkmo: when vr doesnt make me feel like puking youngTrick: white on white on white kevin99gh: yay nom nom lunch CorgiDerp th3_maj0r: ahahaha yeash so easy drag0s92: ‘eazyest game ever’ smurfd0: “who u gonna call?” ๐Ÿ˜‰ osaidaz99: happy Ramadan codevisionary: have you seen Ready Player One @kevin99gh ?

aerotone: NotLikeThis drag0s92: that one is in tub ? Ustunner: Whatโ€™s good George kevin99gh: @dorkmo they are fixing that…newer vr headset should be fine for u i think kevin99gh: @codevisionary no CoffeeD2: ready player one is pretty bad codevisionary: ikr cankoloz: @CoffeeD2 I think it’s average codevisionary: at least we agree on something kevin99gh: i cant wait to sit in a giant forest near a river with rtx on in vr BibleThump cIvIcbooks: OOOO Caene: PogChamp Lazysloth: YOU MADE IT! kevin99gh: prooo cankoloz: PogChamp youngsachi: PogChamp drag0s92: circR circR circCosy circAmazing circAmazing circAmazing circAmazing circAmazing circAmazing UniversalGeneve: LUL twitchies Caene: Great journey! siwySF: sound was 10 hours dorkmo: heyguys100 JanTSV: when are u joining dem? JanTSV: tsm Jewishrambo: BibleThump ending? Bloodspark_: @kevin99gh same about vr BibleTump knilecrack: nice Dsplits: you should do a music production stream codevisionary: LUNCH @georgehotz drag0s92: circLewd Johnnymamen: l a u n c h Bloodspark_: ANYWAYS PepeHands ? th3_maj0r: TSM is a professional gaming team Caene: Lunch and rant PogChamp Ustunner: Go smoke stathizzzz: Now lets break Android kernel PogChamp markovchain21: use AI to make beats/music ?= vtmr: sound engineer PogChamp Caene: Sound is overrated ๐Ÿ”‡ drag0s92: what laptop is is ? kevin99gh: george needs to be in the vr/ ar industry th3_maj0r: Razor 15 2k19 drag0s92: it is* purpbroccoli: How’s the keyboard? Dsplits: what are you working on now? drag0s92: thx cIvIcbooks: are you going to use the headset camera to slam the user environ? zneel_73: no more python tmux coding? Caene: How is the keyboard on the Blade 15? They look sleek and the hardware seems fine for a laptop kevin99gh: mod me? th3_maj0r: Now u can swipe up on instagram right? pikkuuu: I just don’t like doing dev stuff on Windows for some reason Ustunner: You a millionaire yet th3_maj0r: You can link the stream on your stories sharpblade95: bye JumpTwiice: PogChamp

UniversalGeneve: bone induction headsets kevin99gh: omg im happy kevin99gh: geo headset dorkmo: showlove1000 kevin99gh: hype pikkuuu: LUL zneel_73: LUL Caene: LUL vtmr: LUL youngsachi: LUL showzennn: LUL kanogger: LUL JanTSV: LUL kevin99gh: we need ar using the power of the cloud vtmr: 4Head salamifred: LuL zneel_73: LUL kevin99gh: ez money funwayz: MOST OF LUL julien9877: how dare they! tacorising3: LOL yungosk: LUL pikkuuu: just keep the money 4Head julien9877: pay em in equity xqcM codevisionary: I would work for you for free @georgehotz codevisionary: hire me drag0s92: i do love you bro, no homo! how can i make my money ur money ? Lazysloth: just don’t pay em duh Dsplits: how do you expect to grow a company without employees? BookRaider: is comma ai gone? what? MalhadiJr: why the font rendering look awful ? showzennn: you making headsets? really? what a waste lol simon8162: You get paid in exposure dorkmo: psy them in AR headsets th3_maj0r: You can’t make more money with hacking? lol dicapriyo: so it all boils down to money ๐Ÿค” codevisionary: I’ll be your employee for free @georgehotz pikkuuu: ez money PogChamp cankoloz: @georgehotz show the headset ๐Ÿ™‚ JanTSV: high voice = real shit JanTSV: LUL kevin99gh: when do u see ar replace phones dicapriyo: Kappa vtmr: Kappa cankoloz: Kappa youngsachi: Kappa nestradalink2: if put_your_money_on_me: CoolStoryBob dicapriyo: PogChamp julien9877: LUL aiis: Please give us 60 pixels per degree headsets @georgehotz pikkuuu: CoolStoryBob drag0s92: circClap circClap circClap circPaid circPaid circPaid circPaid circPaid circPaid Lazysloth: magic leap is shit showzennn: making headsets is about moving the world forward and not money Kappa dorkmo: 2 burgedubais th3_maj0r: I think this AR is too small btw, anyone else think the same? codevisionary: the problem is that they have a professional website, and you don’t @georgehotz (hire me for free) julien9877: wtf MDSZilla: 0 Dsplits: lol barely aerotone: 2000 Lazysloth: they are giving them away siwySF: more than 2 youngsachi: 1 Dsplits: is magic leap a public company? julien9877: JUST 790M LUL Dsplits: @georgehotz the point is taking the company public.. that’s when youll get the return Dqyijote: u only talk about money bro MDSZilla: So they raise money but dont deliver? UniversalGeneve: LUL UniversalGeneve: RIP elizabeth Zasuslive: George I see u making awesome software for this AR headset/platform.. but ergonomics, build quality, mass production etc donโ€™t seem like your thing funwayz: comma ai 8.1m Zasuslive: Maybe that shit comes later zneel_73: do you recommend for niche startup to raise money ?

emilwallin: Mรคstare UniversalGeneve: it’s not that she didn’t deliver, she FAKED everything, which is worse Dsplits: theranos was the biggest scam MDSZilla: That’s a total scam then wow JimsGlock: !playlist pandatastisch9: i wish i would be smart th3_maj0r: Commaai 8 milions? not a lot pandatastisch9: will nsi-189 fix my brain? aerotone: 300 comma ai’s PogChamp aerotone: I M A G I N E MDSZilla: What ever you spend your investment is to grow if you dont then it dies true P0LY: LUL JanTSV: does that mean 300 geohotzs?? lpdon2: why did he dump the macbook pro? zneel_73: do you think that there is still place for new social network startups? dicapriyo: i thought elon musk bootstraped tesla once Kappa kevin99gh: i hope nintendo next console will be vr only followed by playstation 6 vr RalpherZ cIvIcbooks: those valuations depend on litigating the fuck out of their ip not producing value youngsachi: LUL Dsplits: why a headset company? funwayz: scam is everywhere JanTSV: @dsplits why Not? jamesred2313: Big difference between we have this and we Don’t have this Zasuslive: Headsets kinda make sense as the next step after phones Dsplits: you should start a company that builds tools for the financial industry kevin99gh: im a communist RalpherZ stathizzzz: HOw much money did Elon offer you? Why reject him? codevisionary: they had separate visions @stathizzzz Zasuslive: Bro now your talking about other stuff pls talk about the simulation briefly an update since your talk cankoloz: Iphone DansGame kevin99gh: @zasuslive respect mr hots BibleThump drag0s92: romania – the same thing Sun__G: software communism is good for security though LUL siwySF: jonh lemon dev became communist? LUL emilwallin: Overpriced stathizzzz: Id be happy with an alternating vision provided the money is good youngsachi: LUL pikkuuu: that’s what a communist would say Kappa knilecrack: communisam forces you to share

enzozordan: how long have you been working on this? (vr) Sun__G: free software is the most successful implementation of communism Keepo BiszkopTT: what do you think about slavoj zizek? Kappa JanTSV: @knilecrack nah knilecrack: yeah Dsplits: so you’re not going to raise money for your new company? kevin99gh: communism= vr chat for ne julien9877: I AM not A COMMUNIST julien9877: Kappa kevin99gh: me codevisionary: most people don’t even know what communism means ssssimba: all about illusion aerotone: how can i short this shit? stathizzzz: Dont talk about communism, CIA is watching o_sagga: thoughts on bitcoin? knilecrack: but there is nothing wrong with the ideology it’s the people funwayz: i was born in USSR LUL aerotone: how can i short magic leap smurfd0: isnt it always like that when new tech appears.. people pretend to have stuff for sale Dsplits: they are not public aerotone: ill just short the current market then LUL aerotone: tech bubble 2 aiis: which doesn’t work if tech in general overachieves…like he said Zasuslive: @kevin99gh was I being disrespectful? hardtarget4: lol kevin99gh: im joking @zasuslive lol stathizzzz: Uber going down due to automation Zasuslive: My bad lol Dsplits: uber is going bankrupt in the next few years julien9877: PepeLaugh oh no no no JumpTwiice: why did it plump austin_1_2: I think Uberโ€™s Ipo is at a better price thang Lyft vtmr: BOGGED aerotone: have u seen beyond burger IPO price? holy shit what a short steal LOL JumpTwiice: poomp eet Dsplits: @georgehotz start a hedge fund julien9877: ๐Ÿ“‰ Dsplits: no no please tell us JumpTwiice: PepeLaugh ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ“‰ julien9877: finance is just a funnel scheme Frogtech_: kaceyThink pikkuuu: hedge funds etc. are not about creating value, if somebody actually believes that they’re crazy, they’re about making money for the the people running the fund naturally undefined_behavi0r: traditionally the “value” of finance is providing liquidity: allocating capital where it is most needed. (However I agree that modern finance has strayed far from the ideal) Zasuslive: Entropy ๐Ÿ˜ฎ JanTSV: Change title to: learning economy on my new computer pikkuuu: dab PogChamp aerotone: hedge funds create jobs tho Kappa

tkslots: @georgehotz would you prefer freelancing to salary career? JumpTwiice: KKona stathizzzz: That applies to software too julien9877: PogChamp kevin99gh: @georgehotz should debate destiny RalpherZ pikkuuu: KKona wealth you say strippersncoke: would you see AWS as an example of this? @georgehotz JumpTwiice: PogChamp Dany4k: 5Head stathizzzz: Destiny is a crook, geo is the real thing hardtarget4: hardtarget4 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! ssssimba: what are your thoughts about google keynote P0LY: kurzweil 2029 monkaS mikeyyinspace: Oil? KKona MDSZilla: So a business that allows more buisness to depend on that buisness to run Kustex: just joined, are you talking about the coming singularity??? Dsplits: Would you ever work for a company again? the_middle: what about AR? Did u finish lemon? eyep1e: budge phones before headsets Kustex: PogChamp cankoloz: Why do you thing google is gross zneel_73: can u recommend good books to read? related to business eyep1e: budget cankoloz: think* o_sagga: why? stathizzzz: Amazon is the new hype!! o_sagga: which big company you recommend? Microsoft? lefg7: where do they A players work nowadays ? aerotone: @georgehotz is it time to short the tech bubble 2? P0LY: a/b/c? what does it mean Blizzie: what do you think of the new microsoft terminal ? meridiansis: ceilingboob JanTSV: YouTube is buggy af Caene: @P0LY Skill grade deadpool_reynolds: @P0LY good/normal/retard MDSZilla: Amazon still isnt in my country so it provides no value to me LUL kevin99gh: i want a vr headset with 8k per eyes using 2 hdmi 2.1 cables n 2 pcs MrDestructoid Dsplits: But amazon has a lot more b and c players than google littlebighead82: @georgehotz what are things that you consider a scam that society does not KAZERKE: LIVE moon2POGGYWOGGY o_sagga: @MDSZilla AWS aerotone: amazon is in every country, prime on the other hand MDSZilla: Not in mine Dsplits: But ads provide value to company Caene: So true LUL aerotone: where do you live? iraq lol? hubabuba1243: I love amazon th3_maj0r: But amazon uses his warehouse workers as slaves MDSZilla: Somewhere on planet earth Kappa escapd: doenst google provide value to you? Caene: Microsoft is smart. They set a low bar, so that any minor improvement is hype o_sagga: @MDSZilla you’re benefiting from AWS, doesn’t have to be in your country aiis: not real 8k Caene: LUL thirteenn: wouldnt ads probide value to you if they’re targeted correctly? hubabuba1243: I buy stuff on amazon all the time Sun__G: @georgehotz thoughts on social purpose as a company form? (like purism)

MDSZilla: @o_sagga I guess o_sagga: @MDSZilla Also Twitch ๐Ÿ˜€ Dsplits: google provides value with android ssssimba: Do you think google could ever be controlled by any rules in the future, when AI become big enough to be scary? tkslots: @georgehotz will you create the first 4d environment? ๐Ÿ˜€ Sun__G: why do you think its hypocrisy? MDSZilla: @o_sagga Oh yes ofc ๐Ÿ™‚ minmaxy: as an amazon employee, i’m not sure about the assessment, google still has the top talent afaik Kustex: how many % of your worth is in bitcoin? smurfd0: .. or googles slave ๐Ÿ˜‰ KAZERKE: LUL dunehazard: LUL youngsachi: LUL MDSZilla: Loads of videos about people quitting google on youtube itself LUL Alpasfly: wait, are you using windows?? stathizzzz: Android has led mobile industry a decade back, due to bad implementation decisions and adoptions Jakobo06: im guessing you dont like fb too :p Blizzie: dont be evil OMEGALUL notpikrua: Probably Netflix is #1 kevin99gh: cant believe oculus quest require a phone just for initial setup wtf KAZERKE: quitting Google is profitable because of the 1M view YouTube video you can make out of it LUL stathizzzz: Kotlin is much better implementation wise and platform independent wise Dsplits: so facebook definitely provides no value deR_Ed: clean coal, clean oil Dimendz: A players are doing their own thing for the most part cIvIcbooks: big companies with shittons of cash demonstrate the lack of ideas to reinvest their capital zneel_73: netflix only recruit seniors JumpTwiice: HeyGuys drope77: byee austin_1_2: Only reason why Facebook is still a thing is Instagram drope77: love u JanTSV: bye rushd0wn23: thank you! o_sagga: byeee ๐Ÿ™ love u zneel_73: bb kevin99gh: bye we love u dicapriyo: bye breadobtainer: tata Dsplits: later Caene: Good stream @georgehotz! KAZERKE: I just arrived moon2PH Alpasfly: besides netflix doesn’t really do that much in terms of adding features deadpool_reynolds: C You tanoshiizo: hediHi bye UneekPlayer: Bye Sun__G: Kappa / cIvIcbooks: <3 tacorising3: thanks geo stathizzzz: BB BiszkopTT: later my guy Caene: Bye bye <3 emilwallin: Bye o_sagga: BB baxteriia: byee slimyoof: take care george KonCha BiszkopTT: <3 Zasuslive: Talk simulation o_sagga: <3 qlo_sca: budiHI Zasuslive: Pls tanoshiizo: bye char KonCha tanoshiizo: chat* treestompztv: <3 mikeyyinspace: @austin_1_2 do you realize what you just said? Raritetus: i definitely need more