Ultra Simple Golf Episode 22

today on eltra simple golf we’re out at the Durban Country Club practice facility which I’ve just moved into now and joining us on the show today form a springbok and World Cup winning coach Jake white – Jake welcome they don’t think so much right really good to see you again almost been 10 years now since the last time hey yeah thinking about it this morning when you obviously invited me again I thought she’s lost time so my load wasn’t even voltage and I hadn’t even won the World Cup so a lot of things have changed I mean I’ve been back and forth to Australia really and as you’re not living in Durban and coaching the shop so yeah I mean it’s a lot of a lot of things have happened in those 10 years well it was just if you want such a high in 2004 I think just having won the Tri Nations for the first time and really got yourself established and then you know just an amazing road over the last 10 years and established herself now I mean back then obviously Springbok coach but now one of the all-time great rugby coaches it you know when you look back on it it must be I mean when you say that I mean that’s ambling when you say one of the great wall tom coaches I mean I’m still relatively young and you know look I have had a great run and who would have known in 2004 would go on to win the World Cup so look a lot of those guys collectively playing and that’s the scary part I think still get tapped on the shoulder sometimes to think that the 2004 saw that played in one that foundation some boys are still incumbents in the international set up so yeah I mean it’s it’s obviously a part in my life that’s now gone but I’m obviously then exciting part now we’ve got some young guys at the shops and who knows your name ten years from now there might be like great big religions as well it’s gonna be great to track their progress because I remember sitting at dinner down there in Isner talking about what your plans were for those particular players and seeing how that’s all come to come to fruition and you’ve got a similar sort of planning in place now with the shock don’t you yeah I have you know I mean funny enough was watching your dad coach Peter Steph the other day and obviously brings back memories of you know where John Smith’s Golf was in 2004 so yeah I mean it is exciting and and as you quite rightly say a lot of a lot of young talented players and I’m sure you know if we if we hang around here and if the plastic together there’s no reason why they can’t become not only great shots players with great Springboks now fantastic for you were really getting into your golfing and loving whatever time you had is that still the case now used to enjoy the game I do I mean obviously as you know in that program I was lucky enough as a youngster to get a golf scholarship in America as you know and look I didn’t I’m fortunate I didn’t take that scholarship I’d be a very poor man now and but I just feel that my Golf and I think the one thing that’s obviously happened as I’ve got older is the networks that you build up the opportunities you get to play with some business people you know lucky enough to you know obviously the sports people you play but I think sometimes when you get to play with some of the sort of you know the celebrities that I applied with you know played with Ronan Keating that the Daniell since I last saw you and I’ve played with a couple of pros you know a salmon Dawson and when he went on to win the Daniel so look I’ve absolutely enjoyed the fact that I’ve I’ve managed to play not only with good people but I’ve some great golf courses that’s what it’s all about well we had one here today do the Country Club you know getting itself established again is one of the great championship golf courses in South Africa for sure so you know you know today spend a little bit of time with with my dad now having a look at you hit some balls out yeah and then we’re gonna go into my new logical golf studio and do some drills just to find iron out one or two of those areas that we might find them in you know from there we’ll we’ll take it over to the course of the later stage but looking forward to seeing you hit it I know you loosened up a little bit but let’s call the old man over and see if we can make some progress great thanks doc thanks a little good swing there Jake okay fantastic now if you don’t mind I’m just this just swap places here I just want to explain what the story is now Jake fantastic shot nice hi you hit at what 170 180 meters gentle drawl fantastic but unfortunately they’re compensating errors now the first thing that I noticed when you are warming up your lift arm comes way inside the line now again when you look at the camera my club inside here I clear I’m going to hit the ball straight right with a

conventional grip but your grip is very strong so instead of from here if I had a conventional grip and I brought the club in here it would go straight into the bush on the right so to get it back on line I’d have to come over the top which you don’t do you clear beautifully your right shoulder drops your left side clears fantastic but because you’re inside you compensated with a strong grip now as you take the club back I’ve got a very strong grip now you can see that it waist-high my hands are in a perfect position but look at the club face it’s at this now that ball should go into the highway lift but it’s compensated by you coming inside the line so it’s great when you’re not under pressure but believe me when you’re under pressure and your legs go but quiet and you come over the top you’re gonna smother hook it so far left it’s a joke so all we going to do and you made the comment off-camera you said to your wife Linda you want to return a bit fuller correct yep brilliant u-turn fuller inside the line you’ve got problems because now your club is way behind your back yes so your whole torso is the obstacle yes you’ve now got if you turn fuller you’ve now now come over the top to get you back online and that’s what you said you do you hit a big pool lift straight into the straig lip yeah so all I want you to do I want you to weaken your grip because that’s what my left hand on my right hand okay you’ve got to understand the difference between a strong and a weak grip now it’s terminology it’s actually got nothing to do with physical strength it’s the spin of the ball and again it’s a great point to bring up hook spin is not right to lift it’s over spoon so that ball will pitch and run you’ve lost all control the power fade Hogan Nicklaus left-to-right spin pitches and dives it’s not lifter rights but it’s understood they are going to explain if I stood here with the medicine ball firstly I’d grip it like this do you agree if I had to swing it similarly to a golf swing the palm of my right hand is facing my target to the back of my left hand now if I just swing to and fro and you freeze me at the bottom of the arc here where will my hands be in this position we know they won’t be there and they won’t be here right now in a golf swing it’s identical now this is the area everybody makes the clubface is square the left hand is facing the sky and the palm of the right hand is facing the sky now if you took that club back there no one would change you because look at the clubface but I’m now rotating my forearm too much that doesn’t happen yeah you go straight back like the medicine ball your hands actually work counterclockwise to get into the perfect position look at the clubface it’s now shut there’s your hooks but now if you go to the other extreme you go very weak there and over the top now I take the club back my hands are in exactly the same position but the clubface is now open yeah so at impact with a weak gripped by hands a square where’s the clubface open open I now get a strong grip and impact my hands are perfectly square there’s the clubface left now to do the whole job properly did simple two things only number one I’ll allow you a knuckle and a half of your left hand so you put the clubface dead square with your target the right thumb lift thumb sorry is just off-center a fraction so without cheating look at the ball and then look down at your left hand I can see that knuckle and half of this one it’s called a knuckle and a half grip yep now the key comes which you’ve done perfectly there none of the fingers of the right your lifeline of your right hand here overlaps and brilliant now again all the magazines and they quite correct will tell you that the two V’s the V on your left hand and the V on your right hand both point your right shoulder now you can have a look what happens from here as I turn my clubface is deep square with my hands at impact both my hands are square the club face is square all I want you to do is to weaken your grip and take the club along the line plus you’re going to turn

fuller you’ve got caught blood the fully you go the better before Plessey golfers that never choked under pressure player Nicklaus hogan Tiger Woods have you look at their terms they turn forever get connected then allow because your legs work beautifully but you are very short because you had to be yes does that make sense us so we can the grip along the line turn fuller and clear your left side let’s have a look Curtis now try and imagine you going to cut it just take it a little bit outside the line and then let the hands go you will never ever hit it left brilliant little bit more over the right that’s what that’s unbelievable that’s unreal now try and hook it you can try and snap hook that you will not do it does the grip ever get feel like it’s stronger what I’m saying is that cuz it feels like the cut of my hand so watch again Jake it’s a hell of a good question that every golfer I know has had this trauma yes when I was first turned pro in 1968 Trevor walks told me said moose you hooked the ball too much you’ve got a weak in the grip then I was on tour then I was playing for money yeah you know so if you play bad you don’t eat you know it felt horrific for about three days but then it’s if I win strong now I’d feel exactly like you do you get used to it very very quickly please believe that’s brilliant now turn right now there’s the test that now went right you’ll see it on camera your left arm is slightly inside the line so now what I want you to do a wind like this instead of it on a second I’m gonna put this club down here now try and take you lift forearm along that line and see what happens physically try and cut that ball now now outside the line just let me soak purest Ajoke how did that feel perfect absolutely brilliant we’ve persisted here for five ten minutes the average golfer I promise you Jake it’s so frustrating they give it three or four shots and obviously it’s diabolical oh I can’t do that you have to persist but I’m talking three or four days that’s all and it gets rid of your hook forever it’s the most traumatic yes and I have apart from coming over the top it’s changing a guy’s grip the first thing they say to you must I’ve come to see you my problem which is a hook but don’t change my grip yeah it doesn’t solve the problem yeah yeah that’s my point got it absolutely brilliant thanks to you thank you so much as we look here Jake is set up to the ball very nicely he is slightly hunched with his shoulders which is going to result in the club coming inside the line on the takeaway as you can see here the left forearm has moved significantly to the inside line and his club face is facing the ground which is slightly shut the net result is he’s going to have to really dominate with his left hand and rotate his hips just to keep the club square enough to get it to travel down the target line Jerry talking shoes today and tell us what’s taking the world by storm as far as shoe technology I think the biggest thing is companies like Nike and Adidas Puma you know have done very well in athletics world and it makes sense the natural movement of the foot you know if the best athletes in the world are running in these shoes they just customized the best facets of a golf shoe and they put it into their running shoe so you finish up with a golf shoe that is totally functional it’s incredibly comfortable it’s light and it allows you to move your feet in the correct way and you know give examples of this Nike little lot okay it looks a bit classic it’s the same shoe that Rory McIlroy wears and and you know I mean listen if you take the Rory McIlroy’s ball striking at the moment you know you can say I don’t notice the shoes that are doing it but I mean he wouldn’t choose substandard shoes to play golf in but you can see how they’ve designed the flex points is one day one day one at the back and so it allows the foot win moving through the shot to rotate onto the left side without easily and from the right side to push off onto the right side then a lot of the companies have gone very very athletic this looks just like a trainer this particular shoe and this shoe here which is tiger soup this one oviya is the tiger woods’ range and this shoe he asked him to make for him it was born out of the Nike free-range talking about freedom of movement and he trains in these he does his weight work in these he you know he’s jumping he’s doing plyometrics in them and he said listen

guys I want to golf shoe that works like my training shoes and they built in these not particularly affordable I’m in a 2,800 ran but I can tell you that when you put them you can feel the comfort in the quality for me I think the biggest strides have been made by Nike and by adidas a perfect example is the adidas grip more range you would have seen modern Karma and Justin Rose wearing these particular shoes they’re wide so this African food we grow up as kids running around with no shoes on so our feet tend to be a little wider you come in a medium and a wide fit so you know if you’ve got a narrow if he doesn’t mean you can’t buy pay the big technology the grip more range I promise you now these shoes grab like you can’t believe but the beauty is you just feel the way to their done and you know you can say it’s a different class compared to the heavy shoes we used to wear as juniors as amateurs as kids just a quick question what what is a soul like that doing to the putting surface yeah that’s a contentious issue some of the clubs were complaining I think a lot of it boils down to etiquette some guys drag their feet you know and I don’t think they do any more damage then in spikes you used to do in the old days but as far as my favorite shoe as a retailer it goes I have to go with echo you know there were a little known brand in South Africa and and in wool golf it’s it’s made in Denmark and I can tell you that I’ve never in my entire life put on a pair of golf shoes that are more stable yeah more comfortable especially the biome range which is made from yak leather it just is incredible in terms of the way it molds around your foot and every round you can go to literally step onto a golf course and put on a brand new pair of shoes and there are like slippers I just think that they’ve really done a good job here and once again the technology behind the pump or sole it grabs it grips there’s no chance of slipping the only time I think there could be a little bit of an issue is in the in the winter months in South Africa it gets a little dusty and you know it’s a bit like standing on sawdust I don’t even think sparks will help you in that particular case so I’m not concerned about the grip but I will tell you that people’s feet or golfers feet are a lot better than they were 20 years ago plenty to choose from absolutely thanks to a star but Jake we’ve had a session outside now now we back inside the logical golf facility that I’ve set up here at Durbin Country Club and you know as you can see around you here we’ve got two carnitas Technogym units and lots of different apparatus and what happens is with every single unit it develops a specific fundamental of the game and the swing I know you spend a lot of time behind the scenes getting this going a corn wait to see how it’s going to help my game all right Jake why don’t you tell me what you picked up in the actual physical hitting of the golf ball front from my dad now I suppose one of the most important thing is I mean this grip now shows me that uh my grip was wrong and then I suppose the most important your dad taught me was that I was taking the club inside yeah exactly like that yeah and what was happening is obviously because I didn’t want to hook it I would actually just come through it like that you’re it and I would make sure but because my hand was strong yeah it’s a very different now yes but obviously this is what I was doing and I can actually feel now I mean I’m obviously you’ve got this apparatus now what I’ve found is if I want to go there it’s very different to what your dad told it is and I’m sure as you say this is probably a teaching tool for me to make sure I do it right definitely it’s very visual and it you know it sets you up in the perfect posture and gets what’s most important is that first sort of two two and a half feet of the takeaway through impacts down the target line so now what we’re going to do we’ve got the shorter Club there which is you know for the grip now if I’m gonna give you the weighted Club now you can see the the disc on there that’s got the two colors now what I want you to do is address the the center panel there get yourself set up at address now as you go from there I want you to feel like your forearm is working away down an extension of the of the target line and you want to keep that panel nice and level so that the arrow is facing down right you see the nice square clubface there yep now you come down through impact you’ll notice you’ve delivered the clubface squarely now you rotate down the line of the trainer into this position you notice the perfect release as the club rolls over the ball now so basically what you’ve done beforehand was just whip it across the line just dominus I tend exactly so the key for this now is to really give you a visual idea of extension away the correct rotation but setting the club in position so you’ve got the freedom to hit with the hands down the line no one’s denying the hands work in the swing but they must work on plane and they must work in sync with your lower half the lower half is what generates the power it’s just for me don’t I suppose the most important thing is uh which I’m not used to is I didn’t know that it’s almost like a topspin in tennis now you know I didn’t realize that I mean I’ve I suppose what your dad was telling me is because I got inside yeah and I almost like I you know I’d do it as a cricket almost like a cupboard drive shot you know sob I’m terrified to even do anything that at all because I think it’ll end up it will so that’s why the freedom taken and it sort of defies logic because the more you get the club outside your line is you think you’re going to come more over it but by

getting it more out in front of you as we as we say it more it allows the body to work the more the club gets behind your body as them as you know the American coaches talk about getting deep with your elbow and you get stuck now you know any leg drive is going to produce the block so the legs tend to hang back and you drive it with your hands and release that way so Joe dared was telling me which now comes back is that obviously the legs are massively important that is and when he was saying about dead legs or weekends when the pressures on yeah obviously what you don’t want is this rate and that’s what happens so you know Ben Hogan made a statement fifty years ago he wished he had three right hands so everybody then you know misconstrue that is that’s a dominant right hand you know right size because if you look at the footage of Ben Hogan the amount of weight shift the speed of the hips clearing gave him the freedom to release the right hand which is what we want to do under pressure so you’ve got to create a scenario where you can do that if your legs are dead which is what 99% of us do under pressure we quit we stop and we flip so we that’s why this is the first part of the puzzle getting the swing let me ask you is it is just this part so that’s what this machine is Apple is just this porker it keeps that correct means this this year and this year is no important year you know and Jim Furyk is a perfect example of that he’s putting the club in the correct positions even though he goes inside but when he comes down through the impact position through impact his club is beautifully on play and he can release down a lot so that that’s point number one what do you think of it I can understand now you see because the little pieces and the jigsaw puzzle come together it’s now used getting this wrong and then thinking that everything else can be straight you know on this week’s a chillon did you see that moment we take a look back to the 2002 Ryder Cup at the belfry Paul McGinley came to the 18th hole where he rolls this putt in to give Europe another historic victory okay Jake now I want you to get the feeling of how inactive the hands are to initiate the downswing to get the club into the correct position how we transfer the weight by rolling off the right foot into the left side there’s a distinct transference of weight and as that’s happening there’s a natural rotation as well so what I want you to do now is go ahead and get the grip which is attached to the car nice this unit yeah take your natural posture over the ball now from here I want you to drive towards me keeping your hands in active can you feel how the weight is shifting towards me as your belly button turns left yep now you’re creating the late hit and also you can’t gather it you can’t come over the top and we’ve set a weight is manageable for you and as you get better at it we set the tension a little higher and also I suppose I’m just thinking your do it your debt or not to do Theresa’s go inside yeah then the first reaction is absolutely not actually it actually makes sense because it’s almost like a shoulder – now yes and I mean absolutely absolutely so what you’ll start to see is the shoulders work on the correct plane it is fractionally vertical and the hips are more on a horizontal plane so what we want in the golf swing really is for your your body to drive lift of the target but the club to release at the target what everybody does is they stop using their body and the club head moves left to the target now there’s no physical way your club head can swing lift it’s coming down the target line but it’s being driven by your stronger muscles being the stomach the hips and the fly again sorry I don’t know what I’m thinking aloud but your dad said dead legs weak legs correct and the pressures on absolutely because in this situation if there’s no legs this thing doesn’t move on do it don’t do it so it’s just that perfect muscle memory all the time but to get that simulation of what it is to get that late hit now I want you to put this behind your back yep grab your elbows under and put your elbows underneath yep just take a step a little closer to me okay take your posture yep now from there now you’ve got no upper body movement now I want you to slide and rotate your hips at me rotate lift just pull can you feel the motion yep and you see howling like that right now we’re getting it now you see how the shut the right shoulders working down towards the ball but your left hip is clearing lift yeah so now we’ve taken the whole process we’ve got you on plane we’ve got your late hip drilled in the other hands and now we’ve got the snap of the hips so in all we’re really training a very very dominant left side so that you know 10-15 minutes on this type of technology and you know now you got on the range a club head speed is increased the hands have got nice and relaxed the posture is correct but does it make sense it does it does fantastic I mean I suppose the interesting thing for me Don is how you got in the golf course and put all these things together but do you agree and you know obviously being such a great coach it’s about you know understanding how to execute it but what the feel is so if you try and do it all in one go you can’t do it so what I would suggest when we do this even for the regular you know golfer practising when you go to the range practice of feeling so today we’re going to practice rotation of the shoulders tomorrow we

can reproduce transference of weight the next day or whenever it is we’re going to do we’re going to practice the correct release of the club and gradually over time you put the pieces together but that’s where people are struggling the game is difficult it’s stressful and it’s time-consuming there is no shortcut but if there is a shortcut that’s been developed I think Robert Baker’s nailed it here with us it’s just the most amazing technology and I’m you know the heaviest in my facility here it’s just such a boost I can’t wait to to get people exposed to it I look up and I’ve no doubt you’re going to be inundated with a lot of golfers firing you don’t have so Jack thanks very much thank you you