Gamecom.Dota2 WB Dignitas vs Dark Falco g3

you’ll over this purge bring you guys the next game of dignitas versus dark falco stack we’re in the winter’s bracket finals of the let’s see if i can do this right again the plantronics gamecon dota 2 event i’m just going to call it that whatever if you guys want to check out the prize pool or any information go to gamecom.plantronics dota2 if you’re watching this on youtube video i’m going to put the description in the box below the comment section below that’s what it is that’s right i’ve i’m i’m the youtuber i promise um the first prize is uh two thousand dollars second place is one thousand third place is 500 so both of these teams guaranteed at least 500 and prizing so make sure that you guys end up uh supporting all the teams and the tournament and thanks everybody for watching so we can look at the picking and banning right now things are starting up uh if lifestealer is going to get banned by dignity house again as well as the next assassin they banned the same heroes in the previous game dark fico stack this game actually banning wisp it looks a little gray there i don’t know about you guys but uh maybe it’s just my my uh flux here it looks a little blue on my right monitor that router band as well two heroes used by dignitas in the last stream game and instead now digital says okay well you’re not gonna ban loan druid we’ll take that instead um always very very good to have all of the top tier heroes and strats up your sleeve because that way you can shift things around that you don’t have to rely on one hero that is going to be easily target bannable and we’ll see if dignitas can do the same with bloon druid now i’m expecting they definitely can um uh aui 2000’s lone druid is very very famous actually in the sense that he was one of the first to pioneer the uh maelstrom build which is the the lightning shooting hammer um it’s actually put on your bear and it’s used as a substitute for radiance actually um if you’re doing really well it’s advocated to get a fast uh maelstrom instead it can’t be used to push creep waves when your primary hero isn’t around but the extra attack speed as well as the aoe that it does provide is still actually pretty reasonably awesome for an item so that build was stolen by the chinese i believe but it was originally an aui 2000 build at least that is what i hear maybe this is all rumors but favorite from pro players is probably true right um loan druid picked first magnus shadow demon is the response from dark falco magnus is the other hero that was banned in the in the first round in the previous match and dark suit this time from dignitas we’ll see a long lane darksteer most likely sometimes we haven’t seen actually a mid dark sear at least in european dota and occasionally chinese as well i’ve been actually watching a lot more replays lately of high level dota and dark stream mid is is becoming somewhat common now you don’t really expect him to get kills necessarily but if he’s mid rather than a long lane he gets those levels up so much faster you pick up a bottle sometimes an arcane boots and you should have the vacuum wall combo quite rapidly so great mid roll especially if you have a melee hard carry just fantastic because you can support him so much earlier with level four iron shells and vacuums so it’s a pretty good build but usually it’s mostly used to counter any melee solos very popular in the chinese scene to do strengthy melee solos like panda or beastmaster but regardless we’ll see what ends at mid as we saw last game was a puck queen of paint and i don’t know if we’ll see it again rubik actually drafted by dignitas not too surprising though arguably one of the best supports still in the game and most importantly dark falco stack has one of the best abilities in the game which is going to be reverse polarity if you guys don’t watch too much dota 2 this is essentially dark sears vacuum and an aoe stun which sounds pretty overpowered and you could argue yes this ability is one of the best in the game goes for magic immunity did i mention does it sound good it’s good only does 150 damage that’s probably the only thing i could say sucks about it and 120 second cooldown is moderate quite a bit for an ultimate but very very good ability uh vacuum plus stun just lets you set up for so much damage potential dark fact foco actually going for an aoe carry which is going to be gyrocopter um he has flat cannon which hits all enemy units within 1000 radius includes creeps for his regular attack damage and cold on also just some very good aoe so magnus in combination with gyrocopter sounds really scary actually if gyro has some decent farm and they’re at comparable levels to dignitas so that might be a little scary for dignitas the real question is who are they going to put middle lane magnus darkster is a possibility like i said gets a melee hero like meg uh iron show will be a nuisance at the very least so we could see that but more likely it will be a long lane dark sear um and also magnus can have to be very very careful about the rubik if he gets rp stolen in the middle of a team fight it’s going to swing things around just the opposite way assuming rubik can position well with a blink dagger or four staff or simply just walking in so magnus got to be careful especially because rubik’s in the game second round bands we do see an undyne start things off another really really strong hero i didn’t talk about that very much last game though he did get banned but um still seen as uh one of the most powerful trialing heroes in the game and that’s just because tombstone is a beast if you’re fighting it you get into a lot of trouble so you either have to focus it down or you have to simply just walk away from every

tombstone fight and now what teams usually do is just force you to fight they stun you then they throw the tombstone down you try to save your allies it just gets messy and there’s zombies everywhere not a fun situation to be in so pretty easy ban from dignitas there and i’d also like to point out that gyrocopter is a great trilling carry a rocket barrage at one skill point does uh was that 11 damage per rocket he shoots 10 rockets per second in the last three seconds so we’re talking 330 magic damage for a one point skill that’s insanely powerful um we’re obviously assuming there’s no creeps around which isn’t always the case or uh but this damage can be distributed across all of your targets within 10 seconds within the small range so if you do hit that on one person at a seven second cooldown that skill is extremely powerful and if you can catch somebody with the skill it is very very uh very very usable and really trolling throw on dying on top of that and another stunner and you are talking about a scary trial and so pretty understandable that dignitas is banning strong trial and heroes and there’s another one i’m going to see a leshrac band up next um shen ben x some dark falco stack dignitas did use that in the previous game to send back some allies push and just generally farm actually feel like the chen actually didn’t do that much in the last game other than push but he’s definitely very good for good at that uh similar to a hero like enchantress or enigma you can use them for ganking you can use them for farming into pushing and uh in the previous game digi toss did go for farming so dating tassel next to bannon enigma because they’re worried about more team fighters though i would dare say enigma versus arubic is a scary matchup because rubik has the easiest time in the world stealing black hole goes through magic immunity he channels it for four seconds there’s a giant window if rubik doesn’t get black hole that he can take that spell and oftentimes even if enigma black holes if somebody stuns him out of it the first thing rubik does as soon as that black hole ends his steel black hole and you usually will be able to swing it on your opponents so um i am guessing dignitas is just a little concerned about a possible jungle advantage especially since the early game is pretty passive and um maybe team fight ultis or uh getting early push done lone druid darks are not the best early game heroes if uh there’s a lot of team fighting going on so i can understand why they would want to ban a hero like enigma could make things a little iffy especially with the magnets on top of that i mean if you get behind at all that could be the end of the game because it’s so impossible or so difficult to fight against that so last band is going to be a tinker actually here that we don’t see that often in the pro games currently uh dignitas will not be able to use that as their mid they are still waiting for a mid hero dark suit will be their long lane rubik’s support lone druid most likely safely and farming could be a long lane but londred as a whole is being played in the safe lane form by almost every major team that i’ve seen now you can still do long leans a little but i find personally that’s very difficult because if you ever make a mistake and get behind then your hero ends up being uh very under leveled and under farmed and he’s not the most survivable long lane sure you can pull the creeps around with your bear but it’s a little dicey and things can go bad pretty fast not to mention they have a dark skier anyways why would you put a long lone druid in the long lane so uh waiting on a pic it’s gonna be a jug actually this is looking like push strap out of dignitas here dark seer with iron shell and jug is a lot of early game potential most likely dark seal just solo to get the exp up and then they’ll do some pushing later but um this actually makes their lanes a little weird now uh what they’ll probably end up doing is either a dual lane mid with jug rubik um or more likely what they’ll just do is put load druid on the mid lanes arguably one of the best made heroes in the game he’s a very very um that’s that’s a little uh that’s kind of a let me explain that statement arguably best mid here in the game um that’s not true he’s arguably the best solo versus solo hero in the game any hero has a lot of trouble beating lone druid in the mid lane um or in a solo lane if loan druid is on a safe lane farm versus a long lane solo he almost always has a good chance no matter who it is there’s very very few heroes that can actually outlane lone druid and it’s it’s very it’s honestly it’s a very small number um it’s because you have two damage sources with your bear and your right click you can use those to focus on one guy you can last hit the same creep using both damage sources if you time it correctly it’s very very potent and of course you can just send the bearer you can right click the bear on the enemy here and he has to run away from the creep wave in most situations so um laundry a very very good 1v1 hero he obviously doesn’t need runes but you can still run control you can send the bear over to a rune if the ruin ends up being there you just kill it with the bear or you take it and that will deny some creepy xp it’s despite not having aoe he can still do that so long drew very very capable in a mid role he doesn’t necessarily he can’t snowball with the runes or the rune control as much as other heroes but he does get to do a good job farming he can contest farm from the opponents unlike most mid heroes or at least some mid years and all around great soul hero to have so excited to see dignitas possibly put him there he might be in midsole he might be safely in solo he could be with a rubik duel as well maybe they’ll put jug made who knows i’d be really surprised about that especially versus meg most likely we’ll be loan druid uh win run of the x pick out of dark

falco they’re taking a lot of time to pick here as you guys can see the reserve time is down to low numbers for both teams windrunner shirley will be their long lane uh windrunner versus the lone druid is an okay matchup um loandruid usually has the advantage there though unless windrunner is insanely good at last hitting uh that really comes down to the player being very good so hopefully for dark falco their long lane player i don’t know if it’s gonna be hannah playing the wind runner this game but um i haven’t seen him play the hero very much but i’m assuming he’ll do a decent job he’s definitely a solid player last pick from team dignitas now they are looking for a possible jungle or another support here they currently have a great trial and rubric juggernaut they just need something else and an ogre actually cool i love ogre magi as a hero great bass uh great strength gain actually so despite being a support here actually has good hp and one of the very very few interiors actually be melee but his skills are fantastic he has a very low cooldown stun with fireblast 12 seconds this does get decreased as you get more levels of multicast uh i believe uh i think i’m correct on that yeah yeah 246 for cooldown reduction so at level 16 he’s gonna be casting that every six seconds a lot of mana cost for it but regardless fire blast great spell you also have a second disable at level two which is uh very uncommon for most of portugal’s rubik has one disable and one nuke a hero like crystal maine is one of the other few that actually does have two disabled so crystal maiden has an aoe slow and she has an entangle or frostbite as as you might call it uh but ogre magi has a slow pretty potent slow at level one by the way twenty percent for four seconds only does about 100 damage but the two together makes for a very very good ganking roaming nuke support hero and it only gets better by the time you hit level eight and you actually scale quite well as the support late game because you’ll be picking a bloodlust which actually helps you buff up the attack speed of your allied carries and most importantly man the bear the lone druid bear you can cast this on the bear attack speed is exactly what that bear wants 50 attack speed 16 movement speed is insanely powerful so look to see ogre magi in the mid late game using bloodlust on the bear it is exactly what he wants to go for and also in a y’s benefit here he’s not going to have to get phase boots or any movement speed increasing item on the 100 you can just keep regular brown boots and uh bulletpress is gonna absolutely help them out in the late game so better get ready awesome drafting by dignitas and uh looks like uh dark falco stacks can finish up with a nagasar and this probably it’s looking yeah nagas supporters look like looks like what it’s going to be the reason she’s played as a support now is because her base damage is much lower um she still has very good skill set for roaming big disables uh decent damage and her utility ulti can also be very usable there’s actually a lot of teams that are running her as a support hero at the moment so ooh looks like they’ll be doing a mid pull here one power shot from hannah montana dark falco may be able to skewer this he does he has leveled skewer here uh we’ll see if he does take it but this could be enough here and it does look like fnc is gonna be pulling mid it’s a little harder to do this i think in the past than it was but uh we’ll see if that’s what he goes for here so let’s go over the players quick for the radiant team hannah montana he’s playing windrunner i have never seen this hair before 30 seconds the protector’s hair um regardless he is going to be playing mid uh going for the long lane here 250 gold he’s expecting to be up against the loan druid so this is why he’s saving some money probably go for a bottle here for extra mana and hb regen smart choice uh we also have dark falco playing the magnus dis mech is on the shadow demon again mojo storm stout is on the dog iron and fnc playing gyrocopter this game um i think they’re pulling mid i assume that’s why they did enough so i’m sorry there’s a fight going on here universe using this spin now running away might be in a little trouble without there’s no disables really they would have had to net that to keep them in place but they’re just going to walk away there’s an aggressive tri-lane by the way and one clarity potion for universe is going to put them back up to full mana so tides of time on the ogre magic take over the rest of the team f and c i did okay for dating toss here we have tides on ogre badger jugger not being played by universe actually normally the long lane hero way too sexies on the rubik mid lane is gonna be fogged playing dark so he’s going mid and uh we have a 2000 on the laundry so it’s an aggressive trial lane we’re gonna try to shut down the gyrocopter despite them having a safe trial it’s actually pretty dangerous to do as a dire team because you actually don’t have any creeps full tides might be in trouble there’s the disruption well will we have the net we will have the knight here comes the net onto tides trying to run away here there is going to be one nuke on fnc telekinesis as well he wants to get him out of rocket barrage range he’s barely gonna catch him there’s a spin from universe trying to help out and that is gonna be first blood fnc and some trouble though eating some tangos couple more right clicks but i think they have to give up on this and they will actually a couple more right clicks on log sign there’s the down way too sexy he’s got a telekinesis in two but a really good start for dark falco’s star stack here that’s going to be a 2-0 starting things off like i said guys rocket broad serious damage output a little greedy from tides to go try to award there and he didn’t actually get it up successfully but he gets killed and that starts things off very rough for them drug is still going to have a spin here but what’s the level advantage fnc now hitting two shadow demon as well and here comes the nuke way too sexy is in trouble disruption there’s the soul catcher will they get the net off another rocket bridge oh he actually dodges a lot of the damage there big mistake from the dire team net

finally getting put down a way too sexy telekinesis as well and he’s going to do an aoe stone on these guys so they’re going to be absolutely okay there’s a spin fnc might be in trouble putting him low 150 hp still doing slight damage but he’s gonna run him actually slight movement speed on gyrocopter nukes gonna hit actually he might be in trouble here can he get hit by the ogre it’s not gonna be enough actually another disruption 100 one hit on dismec universe getting that this actually could be his death does he have a stout shield will it be enough taking one hit stout shields up one more hit to go and he’s gonna go on five hp actually the fly cannon comes through but that great self pop from universe is gonna keep him alive just barely there sick plays from fnc to actually level flat cannon to try to get the kill maybe he could gotten him if he leveled it earlier who knows but he did put the flat cannon down to try to score the kill and it was not enough damage on universe but regardless sal being popped from his ally now not a whole lot of regen left in the bot lane so nothing not a good start for uh dignitas here once again they won’t be able to ward this camp i don’t believe um he’s going to put one on the high ground here so give him some pretty good ward vision and fogged will bottle up this illusion which will give him some good farm mid if we compare cs15 lasted out on dark side and only nine on dark falco so a good lane advantage going to darks here but regardless magnus is still getting some good last hits and exp on the top lane hannah montana finishes his bottle of course aui running back popping some tangos here uh hannah montana doing a great job 13 last hits i wish i would have been able to watch the start of this lane see how he’s been doing it but the bear is actually being sent back because it does want some heal it’s got an hr it’s got boots low hp and an orb of venom to start things off for aoy here but in just a second he’ll re-summon this once it gets towards the max hp he will continue the wrasse on hannah who is now trading hits on a y now he does have a range advantage just slightly because we have 50 range advantage bear is back and now he will trade hits once again back on the safe lane looks like fnc is getting some good last hits uh just hit up six here universe is at level four and now getting some solo exp going for stats spin build pretty common little iron shell by the dark sills and that was really cool very very cool way to get extra farm by fog very smart actually never seen somebody do that before but um awesome to do the drill i might as well send it over there for some extra gold and also it’s going to prevent the enemy long lane from getting the xp just leaving the ghost here by itself is going to mean that when he does eventually go to farm that he’s not going to get as much exp as expected but while look at the room actually they’re gonna try to get handle on ten of the bear is chasing but will they have this on the yep he’s in a lot of trouble here’s the first stun he’s gonna save the second stun no he’s not actually going to he’s gonna throw him back and here comes winter no he doesn’t he does have the mana just barely now running through the river and he’s gonna have a pretty good chance a good duke from way too sexy puts them down to 21 hp will we see fog shift over is the question courier’s gonna be flying over there’s the bottle and hannah montana is actually gonna survive here great decision making here maybe they should have saved the telekinesis until he chose the wind road i’m not quite sure maybe they thought they could burst him down in time but they were very very close there maybe did way too sexy was his faithful it’s the question or did he save it until the south i’m not quite sure but maybe he could uh fade bolted in the jungle i’m not quite sure tides looking for ganks or at least heroes in the lane it’s gonna be hannah montana finally showing back up another power shot to get two cs and he’s doing pretty good considering 17 last hits how’s universe doing level three only so this actually did mess up dignitas uh lane up by quite a bit by dying those two times exp advantage in the raiding team gold advantage as well actually so going pretty well for the dark falco stack much better than the last game that’s for sure and fog picks up a quick energy booster for the extra mana regen three levels in iron shell now and he can push it very very impressively as you can see i mean look at this damage wow that was just literally a second of two iron shells you got put quite low actually puts the ulti down could be looking for some new skewers under the tower here comes a little bit of rip type and then that as well dark falco goes invis man that was solid play from dark falco really really nicely done there i love that skewered under tower killed all the creeps and popsy invis right when he was at a little threat of dying great room from the naga siren as well as the shadow demons so they kill it get another kill it’s a 3-0 right now so looking really good for dark dark falco stack even the gank on hannah montana wasn’t successful and now he picks up a blades of attacks so more damage can be done to the barry pigs of a style shield elise which will help him out a bit nice deny from hannah universe now level four just trying to get as much exp as he can after their failure in the trial fnc picks up a phase he’s got a ring bacillus as well it’s a little bit of armor for the creeps and nice i love this flat cannon harass while getting last hits by fnc you can only eat it for three attacks at level one but regardless some damage done to push the creep wave and some harass on the juggernaut at the same time so shadow demon looks like he’s gonna start the pulling going the same skill build as we saw in the last game wind runner bottles the double damage rune being pursued by fogged actually and some right click actually some really good damage to fogged here and the rest of the supports staying close one smoke a lot of wards actually ogre magic with four see what he does with this it’s gonna take at least one hits about a hundred damage and tango so he might actually be in threat of dying power shot’s gonna hit 80 hp he’s using

the tango hannah montana wants to go for it there’s the nuke puts him at 12. can he get the kill there’s obviously some more division somewhere and he’s going for it hannah montana wanted he’s got the boots advantage and ogre magic i think will be getting killed power shots gonna whiff again can he sacrifice the neutrals this can be really close tide’s gonna do his best he’s waiting for it but hannah does get the kill took the last hit at just the right time and ties us doing his best to sacrifice but it can only do so much so good escape there but uh not gonna be enough hannah now roaming towards the middling can he get the shackle on fogged there’s one nuke on him dark falco wants ulti as he doesn’t have the mana will he pop the wand there’s the disruption it’s actually looking really bad oh man he might be go oh he’s not going to does the scooter back still cool down on the rp and he gets a kill another power shot mid 500 is going on now and a really solid start so awesome start for uh dark falco stack here this is way different than the last game but spin on universe he looks pretty dazed he’s gonna try to tp out will he be able to get there in time one right clicking the rocket bra six oh starting things off what is going on this game man i saw those chat comments guys you said just go on to the next set and that is not what’s happening right now this is looking a whole lot like the dark falco stack is gonna have a comeback here six oh i didn’t think it was gonna happen after the last game but it is definitely happening impressive players uh making some solid plays so on the bright side dignitas does still have a y2000 getting a lot of form he is actually going to go for phase boots it looks like yep face boots on his bears what he opts for tranquil on his primary hero um orba venom plus stout shield the skill builds also very interesting picks up one early rabid also true form so a little extra attack speed a little extra movement speed you will be able to use chase down opponents and bot tower gets killed by gyrocopters so man what is going on here exp earned is looking solid for the raiding team dire team uh also behind on gold so two thousand gold advantage for the raiding team just swinging up getting the tower there hannah montana completely out of mana level six almost at his phase boots as well he’s not sure maybe shopping there just kind of playing it safe here maybe missed the last hit aoi still doing a nice job to deny and as he levels this up probably will max out synergy next it’s kind of nice to have the early levels of rabbit i’m sure but generally you want the extra bonus damage on the bear as well as the movement speed s synergy most importantly does give movement speed to the bear very very important in the early game but he will just use rabbit until the team fights with the kill start oh one here gets caught at the ruin it’s going to be dark falco looks pretty that arpy actually going to buy him a second will he square high ground he’s going to do it great play by him puts him high almost gets a double kill fog now on high ground he could actually ran away from that the opted and said to try to make plays and they’re going to get a double kill from this fog definitely doesn’t have a tp scroll and he does make the play very very smart there’s a spin actually universe does some damage and a great net actually keep hannah alive he’s going to try to do some more walking to guarantee this kill he’s got to be careful oh man is he going to feed universe universe are you going to get it he’s going higher getting him phase boots just in time hannah gets away and now more right clicks his dismay is going after him and the rocket broads universe is in trouble he does go down playing a little too greedy there and way too sexy under tower now the bear is doing the right click and aoi is playing this really safe just wants the bear to hit looking for entangles there he gets an entangle on the creep for the last hit not exactly what he is aiming for but that’s gonna make it less one-sided ten to one once again sick plays from the magnus ops to sacrifice himself for a double kill absolutely worth there he tried to just skewer them and put them all here one got before the logon that was uh the ogre magi tides but killing the darks here another big play and fogged is now a three dash one kill and three deaths though he is at level eight doing pretty good with a buckler and an arcane boots uh a lot of mid dark series usually just completely skip the soaring i think this is pretty smart because they can just get arcanes as well as a bottle a bottle is very very useful in the mid lane as you can tell and the arcane is also very good for overall max mana pool over time though this is going to hurt him late game i think soul ring is a little bit more useful late because the passive mana region and the fact that you can use it every cast essentially um still very good build regardless so they’re in the jungle now or i’m sorry on the roche pit uh juggernaut with three spins all these up one bracer probably going fast drum but two deaths on him and a really fast shot i don’t know if the radiant team realizes going let’s try to check some vision here um if you take a look at radiant vision they do not realize he is throwing some shadow poison over there to try to catch this out but regardless they have a bear what do you do versus the bear who knows age has picked up a little surge on darks here and way too sexy with the tp scroll oh they’re going to trade a tower for that once the reigning team does get the top tower but considering their advantage i think they were pretty likely to snag that one no matter what regardless of trading that for a roshan so kda is looking fantastic for the dark falco stack four kills on gyro they want to fight this they do have a reverse polarity 1500 gold on magnus as well he’s gonna start off the missile here

will they dive this is the question i think they are thinking about it support heroes can hit this couple times and we will see the missile get killed one of the reasons why gyrocopter stun is uh usually not leveled pretty easy to counter it and he’s got a claymore picked up so this means he’s going for a shadow blade um oh i love what universe is doing here he’s just waiting for supports to come into the jungle spending some time waiting for it he knows that if any of these supports show up he might be able to get a solo kill naga siren shadow demon possible kills here low vision on fog shackle it’s gonna land on way too sexy and ulti as well from the naga sign is that worth it though because they did have two stuns here comes ulti oh dark falco’s be able to catch two in the rp and two heroes immediately getting killed nuke also untied power shot lands on him and universe is trying to do everything he can but he’s got to be really careful damage output is huge mojo is getting low and the bear is still chasing as well another good nuke mojo looks pretty dead here i think aoi is gonna be able to grab it he is gonna go down though aegis will be up it’s like oh great integral fnc this might be his life it’s gonna be really close oh man down to 38 hp he’s got to resume this great skewer to put him away and aoy now might be in trouble great nuke and he is so dead wow he died fast three levels of synergy and a lot of burst damage before he could transform even way too sexy might be oh great turn nuke there wind runner goes down mojo net in one second there’s the split telekinesis puts him away great new from dark falcon and another spin this could be at vacuum at least if they can pick up one kill here it’s gonna make it a lot more worth of a dignity toss but there’s no extra mana or spells to use on universe it’s a couple right clicks on mojo and he’s gonna change his mind he wants to go high ground i guess oh that was so smart i love that it baits them into a great skewer lineup for dark falcon once again they’re going to put a hero top lane magnus does get killed by ogre magi but mojo with the dd surge great disruption once again chase is not quite over yet tides does have another nuke there it is dismayed takes the damage no shackle latch will they continue fighting dog oh great ulti and fogged and now the battery assault once again doing the damage another kill and dignitas is once again diving a little bit too hard here constant team fights going on tide’s also taking the rocket broadcast level four does so much starting the missile off he is gonna back off from this actually laundry picks up the noggins sorry a little bit of a late chase double gloves of haste picked up actually i think this might be for a hand of minus as well as a millionaire i’m not quite sure though oh great you can from aoi so far entangle in two seconds he’s gonna start to fight this can you get the integral no great shackle of powerslide land on aoi is he a nuke rp in five seconds and he’s gonna try to hold him off running back to his jungle possibly we’ll see it’s gonna get a full heal here there is still a lot of pressure going on 16 to seven despite the better team fight heroes out of dark falco stack a little surprise isn’t going better for them i would have thought within one sided considering that the early was that ten does tend to one lead it’s not a one-sided game five deaths on fog teams still does have 61 last hits which is second from the top so despite their deaths they’re still farming very very well blink daggers finish on magnus though so they will have to worry about rp and wow fast treads i’ve never seen a fast threads on a shadow demon before actually almost all shadow demons actually play very very conservative aim for things like just a magic stick and a lot of words but he opts for the extra hp attack speed is not bad either and he can switch this to interviews largely just casting mana so can be very useful in the mid to late game or even early on they still do have to worry about the burst damage and that is probably why he did opt for the strength treads so a little damage done here dismants going to do one disruption there’s the blank forward oh great screw on fog to start things off for one nuke gear vacuum to start off as well there’s the net and a couple right clicks he’s taking a lot of damage so there’s a spend great initiation from the universe and we will actually see nago go down fog’s gonna bottle through that 44 hp ends up staying on oh the omni slash is going to catch on or hannah montana as well and another perch brought dismayed five hp i can’t believe it [Applause] healing ward’s going to keep universal alive and he does actually get entangled down another dead here of two oh three dead heroes what’s going on dignitas is winning the fights apparently goes down i mean everybody barely slide for survive fog did not die five hp or so universe got very low as well puts the healing award down keeps him alive and they got three kills they lost zero heroes there if i’m not mistaken yeah uh shattered even died magnus died in august and windrunner four dead heroes actually is that correct did four years die in the fight i think they did it’s a huge advantage from dignitas coming back 16 to 10 look at the graphs it’s a swing back exp is back in dignitas advantage and gold is also in their advantage very slight amount though so it’s not the end of the world let’s see what the radiant team’s working with in terms item shadow blades finish from gyrocopter you can use this for things like starting a missile going invis and then breaking invis rocker abroad you can also invis break and vis with the rocket brush there’s a lot of options hannah montana almost has mech about 700 gold to go

and there’s shackle on tides you get double stunned way too sexy he’s looking for a power shot one nuke on him actually and here’s the power shot puts this back low gets the kill actually soul catcher is not going to catch me he’s going to tell kinesis way too sexy looking just fine here once done great rp for three dark falco’s gonna put him through oh man the call down as well it’s gonna catch up great team fight out of the reigning team but the illusions are spawning now hannah montana running away a lot of illusions up sick play from dark falco there that was going to turn around great stunt from dignitas but man three dead heroes great combo out of the dark falcon that is why you ban magnus that hero is scary if that stuff happens you just get crushed i love that coordination as well the gyrocopter didn’t even ulti on the pack he knew that the skewer was coming back it wasn’t quite perfect but still very very fantastic bear with 11 hp powershot gets it nice play it’s going to cost him a resume level 13 on load reading he’s actually looking like he’s saving for radiance despite picking up the two early gloves of haze just wants the early attack speed it’s going to go right into the uh radiance this is actually comparable attack speed to a hannah midas a little bit um less cost efficient in the late game in terms of farming and mites will give you more gold but double gloves of haste is not a bad thing and there’s the one level of bloodlust that he will be using on the bear later you can also use that on juggernaut very effectively because more attack speed on this hero will allow you to slash more times when you end up using omnislash and the typical phase drum build is what he does go for so phase drum on the hero 53 kills on his sword that’s important right way too sexy looking for ruins shockwave is actually his pickup great skill to steal powershot’s also very good but a nine second cooldown shockwave does more damage on average uh to lots of targets because if he does hit a creep wave first i think the final hit will do more at least on aui now going on the ancients that is an armlet that is an armlet okay um i’ve never seen an armlet before in the bear but that’s actually pretty sick let’s talk about what this does um i am so surprised all right guys this is what armlet does it does plus damage gives you attack speed it gives you strength and when you activate it it gives you extra of all that stuff as well i believe uh not so much the attack speed and it you know is this really worth it i mean the strength does nothing for the bear 25 strength on your spirit bear does zero um so the 25 strength is wasted the hp drain apparently doesn’t work on the bear so that is a benefit and uh it does give them 31 damage though and the total cost is what 2700 so i guess technically if you compare this with something like a demon edge demon edge does 46 damage for 200 2400 armlet is a little bit more expensive than that and it does marginally less damage but also gives attack speed so is it worth it possibly but it’s weird it’s very weird very weird shackle on no it’s actually had some actually great ulti purge put on fog he puts a vacuum ulti down and he does get killed though so a little too close the enemy team there now the tower gotten killed by uh dignitas as well so the dignitas takes the tower in exchange they did lose the tower though courier one hit to it gets it nice play by universe raiding team not paying attention there but a nice snipe by him good foresight on that one fnc will take out the creeps he’s actually going to go for helm in the dominator which will allow him to stack creeps later if needed lifesteal is also pretty useful but i’d like to point out his hp is very very low right now 967 at the 20 minute mark is not extremely healthy now there’s not that many stuns on dignitas’s lineup so grabbing something like a bkb would be less useful that’s undeniable but um regardless his hp is still pretty scarily uh that’s not a word pretty pretty low so it’s an armlet maelstrom all right he’s going in all they must have a gem they do have a gem and that’s going to be jar going down immediately so there it is armlet maelstrom the new aui 2000 spirit bear build so weird another ulti being done to universe and universe looks like yeah he’s gonna put the ulti down won’t start the team fight off right a lot of damage being done actually and nagasa is gonna stop this will be able to kill universe it looks pretty likely here comes the power shot turns it off a little late in the power shot from hannah doesn’t matter still gets the kill i dismec in trouble oh i love his positioning look at this aui just sitting in high ground simply just micro in the bear here comes the roar dark falco’s getting a little iron shells while he’s getting killed before he’s able to cast his ulti and more right clicks on hannah montana is going to go down as well a white farming in the meantime doesn’t even have to it’s not even concerned about this at all oh my gosh such sick play from him it’s in the safest possible position on the high

ground not worried about it mojo is going to take some slow fog take some damage as well vacuum and universe going for the spin stun in two seconds there it is blood lust on the bear he’s going after him and that’s the kill nagasa iron goes down so 22 to 16 now dignitas fighting back i still think this bear build is so weird he’s got plus 88 damage he does have a lot of attack speed but dang it’s so unusual okay so it gives a total of 25 attack speed gives a total of 40 damage and 5 armor and it gives hp regen actually you know that’s that’s actually pretty good if you add all those up it’s not bad slightly more than a demon edge gives comparable damage minus six six less gives you 25 attack speed you don’t get the strength and you don’t get the degen but you do get five armor which is good for the bear cups to keep them survivable in the 8 hp regen this is actually really cool um makes a lot of sense but that’s because you’re kind of not saying he’s cheating but like you’re breaking the item you don’t have the hpd gen so pretty cool bear item i must say with the mouse from the top that picks up a demon edge probably going for an mkb next this bear hits like a truck at 22 minutes and while just making a lot of trouble he is gonna get netted uh call down double called i don’t know what’s going on dark falco looking for an ulti actually blinked in just then taking a lot of damage he’s got a skewer out to stay alive for a couple seconds but the iron shell is going to disable blink dagger once again still hasn’t been able to initiate more right click on the naga siren and a bloodlust as well in the spirit bear though the bear may be in trouble one shackle on him net as well more shock waves they really want to kill this thing but the regen as well as the armor is actually pretty impressive and he will get out of mid there takes some creep damage and the rest of dignity’s also going to hide back in the jungle they have all of their ultis ready to go though so they are not going to be against fighting in a fight the fuselage is actually the choice on drug pretty cool choice and they want to kill auis got a missile coming after him can you get the entangled dismay oh there it is that oh my god that damage is so huge disruptions a little laces late as well the missile is going to stay alive connects with its target regardless they’ve got a dead hero they’ve got to defend this and it’s going to be a really tough hand montana use the power shot and there’s the riptide as well bear using the roar look at the hits on the tower they don’t have a whole lot of time they could tonight there’s rp great rp4 are caught but the fountain not a fountain that is the human word putting a lot of heel down universe gets his old tap just in time and to kill the gyrocopter another spin three dead heroes despite the perfect initiation not even burning in aegis the radiant team was not able to follow up on that i think the gyrocopter tried to go and threw the call down down but his hp is just not there he spent 2 000 gold on helm in the dominator and what he really needs is probably a bkb dare i say much more expensive than a helm of the dominator of course there’s the bloodlust again going after hannah hannah disrupted it’s gonna buy him a second but he looks dead man oh no he’s gonna get saved by the naga tsar and great usage there way too sexy actually died illusions he intentionally walks into the silence very smart or the sleep that is tide’s gonna be okay two times multicast there’s the spin and the ignite the bear is also diving over here picking up some creeps aoi doesn’t even carry just farming dark falco tries to snag somebody with the scooter but they get nobody back up to the high ground another bloodlust hannah’s in trouble has to win run to get out of here and i don’t think there’s a whole lot that the dark falco stack can stop to this dignitas push and this bear is so stacked in items i think he’s even going for a bachelor’s we’ll pick oh no sorry that’s mkb excuse me just finishing up that mkb 1200 to go and look at the synergy as well between the healing ward as well as the bear it’s insane a percentage-based heal on a 2700 hp bear is just absolutely usable it’s so viable and this build is really cool i must say aui truly the creator of awesome builds apparently raiding team being a little worried right now they do a vision of the diary team there’s not really a whole lot for them to farm and most they could take this large camp here this camps can be pushing in so all they can do is set up for the next fight but i don’t think they can take a low ground fight if the spirit bear entangles somebody the fight starts it doesn’t matter if you have a shadow demon because they have enough follow-up where they can shut that down a lot of time left on the roshan if we check out the numbers big gold advantage to dignitas big exp advantage to digest despite getting behind so far in the early game it doesn’t even look like it’s mattering comes another blood bust also maxing out bloodball’s pretty fast just to get the bear up faster but man i love the drafting here they’re actually working ogre magic into a lineup and making his third skill very very usable on the bear so pretty impressive play from them looks like fog going for a uh shiva’s garden next and this is pretty much a last dis uh last ditch desperation attempt i believe is what i’m trying to say for the reigning team i love that they’re smoked up what they’re going to do is they come south here and try to jump on the enemy team uh looks like aoi is actually positioned

with his bear in a safe place can they initiate on this not exactly they want to go these supports possible there’s the naga ulti comes in i think they can grab three with an rp we’ll see it’s gonna be close he’s gonna get this in here comes here comes rp great blink actually only catching one and it’s just the support over madrid he does go down looking for the vacuum does catch a lot of heroes the spin as well and this is not looking good for the raiding team nagasana goes down f and c running for his life but the diffusal blade has been used there’s the disruption to buy him a second but this mech is wealth there’s the drum gyro goes down shadow demon in trouble and this is looking like dignitas is going to take a 2-0 in the winter bracket finals here great recall trying to save the bear but he does still go down it does disjoint auto attacks one bottle on the floor because they want to pick up that gem and aui 2000 resume and the bear takes the tower armlet’s currently off but who carries he’s got a monkey king bar and the bar racks is going to go down as they lost a five-man team wipe solid blink by way too sexy revealing of course one of the counters to the naga siren ulti we have seen that for the last six months or so but how effective was that good luck in finals is what hannah montana calls so that is the end of the game davey toss will take it to out despite the great early start from dark falco stack the synergy between the items and the heroes were just fantastic really really impressive play out of dignitas they did mess up their trial a little bit and there were quite a few deaths on fogged but i’m not faulting him for that at all i think those are great plays from the radiant team to get those kills on him and simply put aui’s item build was just so fantastic and merging that up with the bloodlust is just really fun to watch so bear is dead at least they’ve got that consolidation what a fun match from dignitas really showing this new strat even the diffuse blade fall from juggernaut to give them a little bit more disable is just really cool elsa does remove empower which is sweet giving something much needed universe really wanted that kill the uh map long shackle shot the worst part is i can’t even push that well knocks the bears dead for another 40 seconds wouldn’t even bite this one he actually didn’t even have an ac which is very unusual it’s very very common to have an ac oops he’s going to go and takes one kill almost always we see an ac on the lone druid bear but he has equivalent attack speed from just the armlet as well as the mule or maelstrom and on top of that picks up an mkv another 15 attack speed and a lot of damage from that so looks like they want to fight this one will the radio team get here and time is the question gets turned off ay running for his life they are all out of it way too sexy running for his life tide even does a nuke and a big ulti from universe but actually not enough damage being done here a little mini stun hero that looks dead is probably gyrocopter here he puts the healing ward down once again still hasn’t been target great multicast gonna take out the gyro the rainy team is just having fun at this point hannah montana does get killed and last hero is gonna be the shadow demon actually i mean other than magnus of course magnus you look dead diffuser played and that is gonna be just about it range creep can you suicide nope it does get killed and that’ll be it all right i’m gonna speed this up let this game roll on through okay good game actually one that was a fun game so that means dignity sausage in the finals here they win at least one thousand dollars and uh dark falco stack goes the loose bracket they’re gonna be playing against the other team which is i tweeted it i did not actually remember it though let me go check this out um grass though um i heard from ayosein that they’re a very very talented team super good team so we’ll see if they can beat out the dark falco stack in the lucid bracket we’ll be back in just a second guys with game number i’m sorry the lower bracket set uh my name is purge of course go check out my website if you guys want to find out more about the tournament it is going to be at a website called dota2 so make sure you guys stay tuned for the losers bracket finals and we’ll be back in just a second