Working with Text and Fonts in Cricut Design Space – Beginner's Guide

hello and thanks for joining me for another cricket tutorial today we will be taking a look at the beginner’s guide to working with fonts and text in Cricut design space we will be learning about the text edit menu how to work with script text writing fonts when to use attach and weld as well as how to upload and use new fonts let’s get started so here we are in design space since we’re going to be working with text we really don’t need the grid lines at the moment and I prefer to work without them especially for video purposes so in order to turn these gridlines off if you go right up here in the upper left corner right between these two zeros and click that little blank box once you’re going to get rid of the quarter-inch grid lines click it again and you’ll get rid of all of the gridlines I think this makes that a little bit easier to see what’s going on on the screen when we’re working with text so let’s click on text and add some text I’m just going to type my name perfect and once we have text selected you’ll notice that the menu bar up on the top turns into a text edit menu and there’s lots of buttons up here we’re going to go through each one I’m going to show you how they work so when you click on this down arrow you’re going to notice that you’re going to see a whole bunch of fonts these are fonts that are in Cricut design space and their fonts that are already on your computer system that’s one of the awesome things about Cricut design spaces it allows you to use not only their Cricut fonts and there are tons of Cricut fonts you’re probably most likely going to be able to find what you need right there in the Cricut library but if you have favorite fonts that you have on your computer or if you are a font collector like I tend to be you can use all of those fonts that are already on your computer so that’s what you’re seeing when you first click on the down arrow you’ll see the all button is selected and that means you’re looking at all of your font selections now you can click on system and that’s going to weed out all of the Cricut fonts and just show you fonts that are on your computer or you can click on and that’s just going to show you the fonts that are in Cricut design space now you’re going to notice that some of these have an a by them that means if you are an Access member subscriber you’re going to have access to those fonts as part of your subscription there’s no additional fee to use those fonts if they have the a and you are an Access member and then some of these fonts have a price next to them and right here this all mixed up is 498 once you purchase that font it’s yours you use forever you never have to purchase it again but that just means I don’t own that font already I can play with it I can design with it and if I want to use it to actually make a project to cut it or print and cut or write I’m going to have to purchase that font but again it’s a one-time purchase once you purchase it it’s yours forever now you’re going to notice a couple other pieces of information over here when you’re looking at Cricut fonts they also tell you whether it’s a multi layer font meaning that it has multiple layers usually a shadow layer it’s going to tell you if it’s a cutting font if it’s designed to be cut or if it’s a writing font which means you can put your pen in your Cricut and write with this font so we’ve covered this button right here that’s going to show you all the fonts that are in Cricut design space and all of the fonts that are on your computer keep in mind that’s going to show you fonts that are not only fonts that you have purchased or that are part of your access but it’s also going to show you fonts that are available for purchase so let me just change this back to Cricut sans font just so that it’s easier to see now let’s move over here to the filter button if you click on the filter button this is going to show you just fonts that I own that are a part of access if I’m an Access member or fonts that are on my computer so if we click on that filter my fonts this is just showing me fonts that I can use without paying anything so if you want to save yourself some time you know you don’t want to purchase anything you just want to work with fonts that are on your computer or that you’ve already paid for or that are part of your Access subscription you can just click my fonts this will show you multi layer fonts meaning that these have a shadow layer or maybe these circle layers or some kind of other layer these are just single layer fonts these will not have any shadow layers and this right here is going to weed out

all of those fonts that are not going to give you nice writing lines so that’s a quick way to filter that out these are going to give you fonts that are going to give you nice lines to write with the cricket okay so that is the first menu item we’ve covered the font and the style buttons and what those are used for this is font size now this is if you’ve familiar with word processing programs this is your font size so this is a 72 size font I could change this to twelve that’s a typical typing font size or you can resize just by clicking and dragging if you drag on this corner right here it’s going to keep everything in proportion with one another if you unclick this lock button you can move it disproportionately click that back up next we have letter spacing now this comes in handy sometimes if you’re trying to fit text within a box or something like that it also comes in handy when we’re working with cursive text but if you just click the down arrow it’s going to move your letters closer together if you click the up arrows it’s going to move them further apart and it’s moving the space between each letter proportionately we also have line spacing so let me put another line of text here and I’ll just actually I’ll put my name below it perfect so if I was going to use this in a design I might not want that much space between the top line and the bottom line so I can just click the down arrow and it’s going to move that spacing between the two lines of text simple enough then we have the alignment feature which means everything’s going to be aligned to the left that’s how it currently is everything in Center or everything to the right super easy all right now let me edit that text again and bring it up to one line perfect the next button we’re going to look at is the curve button this is the curve feature for Cricut design space and this is how you get that curved text we are on the zero mark so that means it’s not Kurt if we move it to the right it’s going to curve it down if we move it to the left it’s going to curve it up this is great if you’re trying to get text around a circle and again you can play with this and then go over here and move your spacing out so if you’re trying to go around a circle maybe you don’t want it to quite so bowed I could pull it back up and if you want to mimic this text let’s copy this text I’m going to duplicate it so say I’m gonna go around a square and I want to go up on our me around a circle and I’m going to go down on one side and I want to go back up the circle on the other one if you click this curve and you see the number twenty one point seven eight nine if I click this one click curve put that same number in but with a negative number so I’m just putting on – in front of that 21 point seven eight nine click enter and now we have a perfect matched curve with the text going in the other direction so that’s a little fun way to use the curved text feature let’s move this back to zero or we can just type in zero that’s going to put me back into a straight line of text now we have this advanced feature so if you look at my name I kind of when I just look at it I think it looks to me like there’s more space between this e and the K then there is the rest of it and I don’t particularly like that and this is a feature that you’ll use a lot with script text so I’ll show you that in just a second but if I wanted to move this e closer to the K and I’d hit letter spacing unfortunately it’s moving everything else with it and that space is remaining proportionately different so I want to change that that’s when you use this advanced feature you’re going to click on it and click ungroup two letters now what that’s going to allow me to do is I can move any one of these layers by itself and you’ll notice everything went to its own layer over here our text was all on one layer and now every single letter is its own layer but now I can click on just this E and

just use my arrow keys and move it over and now for me that looks more proportionate and now that we have all these layers separated each one of these layers I can adjust in the text menu as well so I could if I wanted for whatever reason to make this particular letter larger I can do that and I’m doing it with the buttons so maybe I wanted to do something fun like this and makes this one big so now I have the ability to work with each one of these letters separately now keep in mind if I wanted to move this word I can’t do that because each letter is separate so let’s get this back to the right size so their 108 point two four I’m going to change all of these to 108 point two four get this back alright so now we have our word back now if we wanted to be able to move that all together we would select it all right click and attach and now we can move this as one item again or you could group it together either way I prefer attach because then it still gives me the ability to move all of these you can also weld this together but if you weld it watch what’s going to happen in the layers panel everything’s back to one layer which is nice but I can no longer go in and edit this as a font it is now a shape so in order to keep a word together but still be able to go back and edit the text if I want to I click attach if you click weld it’s no longer text it’s now a shape it looks like text but Cricut design space is looking at it as a shape and if you save the file you’re not going to be able to unweld it and the only way you could unweld this now is to click undo and undo any step that you have done after so I recommend when you’re working with text don’t weld it unless there’s a reason for it so I’m going to get rid of this and I’m going to put some text back in here let’s just do my name again and I’m going to do my name like this all right so again we’re back at this advanced menu now you’re going to notice when we click drop down we also have ungroup two lines what that means is if we click ungroup two lines now I can edit this line of text and this line of text I’ve just made two layers out of the one layer by the line so that’s a great way if say I wanted to do I was trying to do something maybe like this and make a logo I could do that without having to undo or reset the size of each letter I can change the text to ungroup two lines does that make sense let me show you that again text Loree so here we are we have this text you’ll notice that is just one line of text here I can’t resize one word without the other so in order to be able to resize or change the font of maybe one of the lines without the other without having to ungroup each letter I can advanced ungroup to lines and now I have two lines of text I can click on this one and change maybe this font to this maybe that’s the look I’m going for but this allows me to edit different lines of text one other thing I want to show you I’m going to add my name again and we’re going to choose a script font and I’m going to click on the style and click regular that means it’s a cutting font I see this in design space quite often people will have a very pretty script font but that they’re not connected the way they should be when you’re typing script it should be connected and it’s meant to be connected so the first thing I do is start with letter spacing and I pull this letter spacing down and see if I can get it to connect like this and see it’s starting to connect but now these are getting out of they’re getting a little too close between here and these two are not

connected so that’s another reason to use the advanced feature you click ungroup two letters and now I can manually move these letters maybe I won’t move that one as much move this one so now I can make those look any way I want I can also pick and drag this if I want to get a little more control so that it looks more like script text should so it looks more like that instead of you know six separated script and letters that are not connected that is another reason to use isolate text now another thing I will tell you if you’re cutting vinyl a lot of people will say oh my gosh I cut it and I’m getting it’s cutting between each letter I don’t want it to do that it looks on the screen like they’re all touching and I can make these a little bit there we go it looks on the screen like they’re touching but when it cuts it out it’s cutting between it that is because these are all separate layers everything is looking like it’s going to cut individually let’s hit make it and you’ll see what I mean see it’s cutting each letter separately it’s not they are not connected these are not even in the order that I want them so that is when you select them all and you click weld once you weld something anything that’s touching or overlapping is going to be quote-unquote glued to the next letter so if you look here now everything looks just the way we want it you can see if we zoom in there’s no cut lines in between those letters the next item I want to cover is another problem I see quite often and I probably get messaged at least once or twice a week regarding this a lot of people want to write with their Cricut they want to put a marker in and have it right on a card or write on a project and what happens is they choose a font and they go over here in the layers panel and they change it too right and this is exactly what’s going to right it’s going to write the outline of the letters and the message B and say oh my gosh I just want it to write a single line why isn’t it doing that well that is because they have chosen a font that if you click over here in the style menu does not have a writing style so if you when you’re choosing your fonts and we covered this when we were looking at this menu but you see how this one says single layer cutting but it doesn’t say writing watch what happens if I choose one that says single-layer cutting comma writing this one has a writing style so we’re going to change this one to writing and over here in the style menu right up here we’re going to change it to writing and there you go now you’ve got a single line that the you’re going to be able to put a marker in your Cricut Explorer your Cricut maker and it’s going to write single lines rather than an outline so if you’re getting an outline when you’re trying to write it’s probably because you don’t have a writing style font chosen so make sure when you pick your font that you’re choosing one that says writing if you choose one that does not when you go to the style menu drop-down right here it is not going to show the writing option and you’re going to get the outline of the letter so let’s click undo and get this back to the way it was now let’s look at these menus up here on the top we have undo redo that’s self-explanatory if you change something and you decide you don’t want it you can hit undo decide you want it back hit redo deselect I have the font selected if I click deselect now it’s not selected the Edit menu this means I can cut that’s not changing it to a cut file that means it’s going to delete it I cut it out so if I click that it’s going to take it out let’s hit undo hit edit I can copy and paste it as well I can hit copy paste which is the same as duplicate copy edit paste the difference between copy paste and duplicate is copy you can copy it and do some other stuff and then paste it back later where duplicate is or duplicate is instant so that’s the edit button we also have flip so if I wanted to flip this horizontal I

could do that I can flip it vertical like that hit undo now if you’re working with vinyl and you need to flip it you can do that on the cutting mat screen you don’t need to do that here but perhaps you’re working you want to let’s just say let’s duplicate this and maybe you wanted to do something cute like this flip horizontal and you meant to do it on your design like this you can do that I really don’t use that feature very often with text sizing when you’re sizing a width or a height keep in mind it’s going to size everything that’s selected so if I’m looking to make four inch letters I want each letter to be 4 inches and I type in 4 inches right here it’s not sizing each letter 4 inches it’s sizing the entire word to 4 inches you can see the 4 right here that means from this end of sunshine to that end of sunshine is 4 inches if I want each letter to be 4 inches wide or 4 inches tall then I would have to do the advanced isolate 2 or ungroup 2 letters and then manually tell it to put each letter I’ll just do it ungroup 2 letters so then I would go in and hit H and change that H say I wanted each letter to be 4 inches high I could do that so keep in mind when you’re working with a word that when you’re whatever’s chosen everything that’s in that box it’s going to take the widest width and make that the width that I choose or the height that I choose if you want to size things disproportionately again you can unlock this or this lock right up here between the height and the width does exactly the same thing that’s now allowing me to say I want my width to be 5 inches but I want that height to stay at 2.4 I can now do that if it’s true if it’s in the lock position and I choose a width it’s going to automatically adjust the height so next button we have is rotate and this is going to do exactly what you think it’s going to do it’s going to rotate get back to zero so if you were working with a design and say you wanted to make sure everything was at the exact same rotation you’re going to maybe do some slanted text you can just type in say 45 degrees and then you can do your next text and type in 45 and then you know they’re all going to be exactly at the same angle position is the next menu item so if we move this text over here you can see the x-axis is where it’s at horizontally it’s right here it’s on the thirteen point nine seven seven and the y-axis is where it is horizontal or vertically I’m sorry so it’s up here it’s actually above the zero there we go so that’s just where it’s at on the mat I really rarely use those buttons you used to use that to align things like if you wanted to make sure you had two words in exactly the same alignment you would use that a little bit more but now they have the alignment feature we don’t really need that so that is the Edit menu and that is the basics of working with font so one other thing I wanted to cover is perhaps you have a design and I just typed this up this is kind of silly but so you have it all set up and you think oh this is exactly what I want to put on a shirt I want it to print out just like this so you click make it and you go oh no that doesn’t look like the way I set it up this is all over to the left that’s hearts not where I put it the reason it does that is you need to attach design space looks at it and says oh this is a cut file this is a cut file this is a cut file and so is this I’m just going to put it on the mat to make it cut out in the way in the manner that it’s going to save the most material I don’t really care about how you had it laid out but you worked a really long time and you want it to come out just like this so what you need to do is select everything that you want to keep in place and click attach that is telling design space I want you to keep all of these words exactly where I had them so now if you click and make it it’s going to keep that set up just the way you had it it’s going to cut it out just like you had it okay one other thing I get asked a lot is how to add your own font I’m on a Mac but a PC is very similar so I like to use

all I do is go over to the font and I’m just going to pick a font here I’ll click this one click download it’s going to download to my computer I’m going to open it I’m going to open the file and you’re going to see either an OTF font or a TTFN font if you’re on a Mac and you have the option to use OTF use the OTF if you’re on a PC you can use either one and if you’re on a Mac and you don’t have the OTF you have just a TTF file you can use that but if you have the option on a Mac use the OTF so I just double click on the font and click install font and it’s now added that font to my font book that’s called the road ahead so then you flip over to a design space and you hit text and you look for that font the road ahead and you see it says no search result the reason for that is when design space starts up it looks at all your fonts and gets everything ready so it doesn’t know that you just added a font it’s already looked and already figured out what’s in your catalog of fonts so what you need to do is sign out of design space and then you’re going to sign back in new project and now I can type text and look for that road ahead and there’s that font that I just installed so you don’t have to do anything in design space to get a font you just need to sign out and sign back in that is the end of this tutorial I hope it answered any questions you may have about working with text or fonts I do have many other Cricut design space for beginner videos I’ll leave the link to the playlist right below this video if you have any questions related to this tutorial please leave them in the comments below I would be happy to answer those and help you out if I can if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up that lets me know that you want more of this type of content please subscribe to the channel click notification so that you don’t miss any future videos and feel free to share the video I hope to see you guys later as always never stop making bye