My House Tour!

♪ I got you under my skin, yeah ♪ ♪ You are a bad, bad thing ♪ ♪ Care about no ones ♪ ♪ But you under your skin, yeah ♪ – Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel Now if you’ll notice, we are not exactly in our normal filming location I am currently at my front door and that is because for today’s brand new video we are doing the one thing you guys have been requesting for a literal months, and that is the finished house tour Now if you guys have not yet seen my video from Tuesday, make sure to click right up here because I teamed up with literally one of my favorite YouTubers of all time, Mr. Kate, and we decorated my entire house Now in case you missed it, I moved into a beautiful big house about four months ago now and my life has changed so much for the better Myself, my little brother, my friends and my family are all able to come over here, relax, get some work done, and just feel so at home and I literally am so beyond excited to finally have it fully decorated and looking so incredibly beautiful And this home would definitely not be possible if not for you guys So like I promised at the end of last video, welcome to my finished house tour (uplifting music) – [Drew] Wait twist around, let’s make sure your foundation matches, for a real one – Does it? – [Drew] Yeah it looks good I just wanted to make sure – Okay – [Drew] ‘Cause this is where you got caught last time – That’s so true So walking into the front door of the sister sanctuary, we have a big open kind of like formal foyer which I really, really love You can basically open the front door and see all the way out to the back yard which is like probably my favorite part of the entire house Obviously we’re gonna walk all the way through it, but I just love the open floor plan, it makes everything feel so connected On the first wall of the house, we put a beautiful huge kinda circle mirror So when you walk in, you can check yourself, make sure you look beautiful Or if you’re heading out for the day, you can quickly pop right back into the mirror and see if you still look sister snatched, which of course, we do It is my job But as you can see in the background of this mirror is the first room of the house, the first thing that you see when you walk in And it is this beautiful formal living room that was actually completely style by Mr. Kate and Joey This was like the surprise room that they do for their little series, Oh My God We’re Coming Over! Favorite series literally in the entire world here on YouTube But, they basically locked off this entire room and decided to sister style it for me When I first moved in it and started decorating the house, this was literally the only room that I had absolutely no idea what to do with it I know I kinda wanted it to be like a formal living space for when you first walk in, ’cause I feel like that’s how a lot of houses are I guess But I wanted to give it to the hands of Kate and Joey who I absolutely trusted, and I trusted them for the right reason because this room literally looks so beyond beautiful I feel like it is the perfect entry way into the sister sanctuary So if you guys wanna check out the full transformation, make sure you go check out the video on their channel I’m gonna link it down below, I absolutely love them But if we do a quick little walk through, we have a beautiful little chaise lounge right here to just take your shoes off and relax after a long day of work We also have a little table with a sister safety pin Because the earing that I always wear I thought that was such a cute little detail We have a fireplace to keep warm because it does get a little chilly here in the California nights This beautiful piece of artwork that Kate and I did together is a little DIY project And of course this beautiful, brand new, shiny black baby grand piano Oh my god you guys, I am absolutely obsessed with this This was actually gifted to me in secrecy by Linda Morphe, the founder of Morphe As you guys know I did my palette with them and this just means literally the entire world to me As you guys know I do have such a huge passion for music and playing the piano I of course have the one upstairs as well which we’ll get into later But working with the Morphe team on my palette collaboration has been literally like a dream come true and I’m so grateful to every single one of them and the fact that they wanted to go out of their way to buy me such a beautiful and timeless gift that I can play every single day, like means the entire world to me Now that’s pretty much the formal living room all complete Like I said, if you guys want full details, head over to Mr. Kate’s channel But if we move onto the next room now, we have the dining room (laughs), which I’m so beyond excited to actually have in this house Obviously the center of this room is this huge table that we got from Ikea I really, really like this table because it’s so large and big and can fit so many people When we first moved in, I really thought I was gonna keep this because of the fact that the color of this wood is so similar to the color of the wood floors, but Mr. Kate suggested that we get a really cute carpet to kind of separate the two and I really, really like how it turned out We also got a farmhouse style dining chair set from Living Spaces which I really, really like how it pulled it all together and of course, a black bench over there as well For some more sister seating if we have a lot of people to kind od squeeze in I honestly cannot remember where this light is from but I do know that it way cuter than the one that was there before, so I’m very, very excited on this little switch out I think it really brought the whole room together, again kind of continues the whole modern contemporary farmhouse vibe that we have going on So that is pretty much the dining room, where all of our family dinners happen Like I said, so excited to finally have a space to all just enjoy and relax and eat really delicious food Moving onto the next room As you might see, we have this really large open entrance area, which I absolutely love

The ceilings of this house are so high up and because of the fact that we have these railings and balcony up here, I can sing for real and it echoes around the house One of my favorite past times when I’m not working all day long (laughs) So we if we actually take a little bit of a step backwards, this is what is called a mudroom, which is apparently not that common in California houses for some reason The house that I grew up in upstate New York with my Mom and Dad and brother, obviously, didn’t have an entire room dedicated to being a mudroom, where we just left our shoes and coats and jackets and for some reason, just having this here still very, very nostalgic and it’s like a piece of home back here I don’t know why, this area’s just like kind of weirdly special to me, even though we literally just take our shoes off here, but it’s the first thing you see when you’re coming from the garage and that’s the mudroom And then next door to the mudroom is the sisters office Now, this is definitely like the one room of the house that is still a little bit under construction, ’cause recently my manager just quit his firm and now works for me full-time only, which is really fun, really fresh We get so much work done and I am so blessed to have him in my life We just hired an incredible new assistant as well and also, my editor is in the process of moving out here to L.A. very, very soon, so we can work even hard on my videos and get them done faster, which is going to be such a huge weight off of mine and his shoulders So, we tried to make the office look as cute as we could for the sake of this video, but it’s probably going to be changing a lot within the next few weeks I will of course update you guys on Snapchat and as well, I kind of want to do a behind the scenes production type video later on So of course, if that video goes up, you will see the finished office with my editor kind of walking you guys through it But regardless, here we are So the first thing you see when you walk right into this room is this huge sister neon sign, which is probably blown out on camera, I’ll make sure to inset a little overlay so you can see actually how good it is But I am absolutely obsessed with this Obviously you guys know that sisters is like my entire brand and this is the logo that we have on all the sisters apparel pieces, which is my clothing line And because the fact that these windows are facing away from the sun, there’s not a lot of natural light in this room at all, and the last thing that I want is everybody to be working in here kind of dull and dreary and like falling asleep during the day So this is a beautiful light source to kind of brighten the mood Along these two walls, we just have a cute little L shaped desk to sit and get work done I custom made this out of different Ikea pieces Of course, we have the iconic ALEX drawers that literally every single beauty guru and their mother has in their house They really are so convenient to use and also these two table tops with the legs below as well Above the iMac, we have these two floating shelves, which Mr.Kate also picked up from Ikea I really like how these look in the room and it’s just a really cool way to just kind of store a few extra pieces and storage items I keep some important files and different stuff in these boxes and we also have some cool achievements here like my People’s Choice Award and the Shorty Award as well, which by the way, a really good plug here, a perfect promo opportunity, we’re actually nominated for YouTuber of the Year in the Shorty Awards this year, which is so incredibly cool Last year we did win Breakout YouTuber of the Year, which is already such a huge honor, but I think we did this when we had two or three million subscribers Now we’re at a good and fresh 14 million So I feel like YouTuber of the Year is such an incredible and huge honor If you guys want to vote for me, it would mean so, so, so much You can vote every single day and I’ll leave the link in the description box down below You guys continue to surprise me every single day and how much love and support you’ve given me And we’re one of the fastest growing families literally on the entire platform, so I feel like we’ve got this in the bag So if you guys want to go vote, vote for me for YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards And also vote for my best friend, Drew, Lone Fox in the house and home category You’re welcome for that (laughing) Final touches of the room, we do have these black rolling chairs for my film editor to sit at But we also have these super cute little kind of hairpin stools as well Just so we can kind of sister spin around for a real one in here and a lot of the meetings we do have are held in this room, so it’s really good to have extra seating area in case you have extra guests, for my lawyer or my assistant or somebody joining us And then finally, last but not least, on this wall, we have this TV screen that is live broadcasting our calendar I’ve been wanting to do this for a very, very long time I’m someone who lives my entire life by my calendar I have to know what is going on at all times of the day Super good to be able to walk right into the office and look at the screen and see what’s going on, what I need to do, what time I need to wake up, who I need to be on the phone with, and what is going on later on in the day, that I need to get ready for And last but not least, as we head out of the office, we have a poster with my favorite quote in the entire world, work smarter, not harder A quote to live by sisters Here is the wine cellar which unfortunately is still not filled up You guys so I am a sober sister and do not drink I really want to fill this with Mexican coke bottles because they’re so cute and so vintage and I also have a little bit of severe addiction to them But I cannot find a bottle that is actually big enough that doesn’t fall through these things If you have any suggestions, please let a sister know because this is looking very empty and sad Regardless, let’s move into the kitchen and living room Even though I personally do not do any cooking, well I guess we do do a little bit of baking The kitchen is probably the room we spend the most time in in this entire house and I love, love, love my kitchen Not a whole lot has changed since the empty house video

but I do love how we decorated it We just have a cute little vase, a lantern, and a little plant and table, and also a very conveniently opened issue of Vogue Australia thank you to my assistant for doing that (laughs) There’s me We have this huge black planter behind the sink we three different plants in it There is a huge beautiful bay window that leads out into the backyard So this is a really cool way to kind of separate the outside from the in with still like a living element, if that makes sense? I just really like it We have this huge Viking professional fridge and I though I would show you guys since we are pretty much a fully sister stocked right now Love it, as you can tell, lots of a Red Bull, I need a whole lot of energy while I am working all day long and not getting any sleep Gatorade for Ian, lots of coke for the addiction Fiji water so you can stay nice and hydrated, salsa, syrup for waffles in the morning, lots of fruit, lots of apple slices, eggs, and my bits and bobs So once we’ve prepared our breakfast foods in the morning, we head over to the breakfast nook, which is right over here It’s a simple round table that I got from Ikea and just four of the iconic white IMS chairs I really like these chairs for some reason I got them because literally every single interior designer ever uses these on Pinterest boards that I was following when I wanted to decorate my first apartment, I just kept them ever since Did I just do a chair review? 4.5 out of 5, would recommend I have a little tray on the table from CB2 and also this plant I got from HomeGoods Mr. Kate and I just replaced the old light that was here with this insanely gorgeous super black pendant light It was gross and white and crusty before and I think this just ties together the space so incredibly well, I just love how it looks Behind the breakfast window, there is this huge bay window that leads out to the backyard area, which I’ll get to in a second Mr. Kate and I decided to add some curtains to the area just to kind of add a more homey and comfortable vibe when you’re eating breakfast But I love how this window lets so much natural light in and like I said, when you walk in the front door, you can literally see through the entire rest of the house I feel like it just brings the whole house together And last but finally not least, on the wall, we just have some typography posters that I custom made in photoshop and got printed over at Staples We have this, good and fresh, for when you’re eating your breakfast foods and it’s just so good and fresh and then also this one from Andy Warhol at Morderna Museet in Sweden, I like boring things Flowing right from the breakfast nook and outside, we have the living room, which is once again, similar to the kitchen Me and my family spend a whole lot of time in and this is by far one of my favorite rooms of the entire house I am obsessed with how this room came out I think it just pulled together so, so, so well Obviously the biggest piece of this room is the huge L shaped sofa This is literally the most comfortable couch in the entire world and I’ve gotten so many questions asking what this couch is and it is actually not the cloud couch, which is like the couch that every single person ever buys They’re literally $20,000 which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life This one I actually got from Living Spaces and it is the same exact thing, but it was a fifth of the price and it was actually being discontinued which leaves me to believe that they may have been getting sued for copying Not my problem, it is now here and we get to enjoy it On the couch, we just have some different textures of pillows from Target, HomeGoods, Ikea, CB2 as well And then in the middle, we have this gorgeous coffee table that I am obsessed with Before we actually redecorated, there was a clear acrylic one here, which I really liked too, but we ended up moving it upstairs because the fact the couch is so big, we really needed a bit of a bigger coffee table to kind of anchor the whole room together That was Mr. Kate’s suggestion and I literally agree and I am so obsessed with this concrete and glass asymmetrical moment that we have going on On top of the table is just a few different coffee table books We have Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and also the new Balenciaga collection as well, and just a super simple vase with fake plants in it because I can’t keep a real plant alive to save my life Below the coffee table and couch, we have a good and fresh Jute rug that Kate actually picked out Now, if you guys remember in Tuesday’s video, we were actually having a little bit of a dilemma when it came to this rug When the installation was first starting, I was really, really scared because it had been raining all week in L.A and this carpet was looking very, very yellow, which is my biggest design no no I hate tan, I hate yellow, but Kate convinced me to just wait it out and see how it all looked in the end And now that the natural daylight is kind of floating in here and illuminating the room, I actually really, really like how the colors of this rug turned out and I think it adds a beautiful texture to the room Should have listened to her from the beginning, but it does go to show that the design process is never perfect and sometimes you have to wait until the end to see the full picture Speaking of pictures as well, we also have three prints here on this wall We have another Andy Warhol one right there, another typography one that says good things take time on the right and then in the middle is this huge photograph that I actually took when I was on my trip to South Africa last year This is an iPhone photo that we got printed on canvas and framed and I just think it looks so sunny and it’s a really nice break as well from the typography that you guys see going on a lot in the house Behind me on this wall, we have of course, the entertainment wall There’s a huge TV that we got from Costco right here on the wall I’m not even sure how many inches that is, oh, I love that sentence Under the TV, we have a few different decor pieces,

some books, and also some and Xbox controllers for gaming during the day Then we have two black massive shelving units on either side I was very, very skeptical about these shelving units when I first kind of moved in here because I feel like they are very, very dark, but we just finished decorating them and putting all these different pieces on there from CB2, HomeGoods, Target, Ikea as well, and I really, really like how the shelves ended up looking fully styled We tried to pick a lot of bright items such as different white decors pieces and also plants as well, to brighten everything up from the black and I’m obsessed with how the styling looks And last but finally not least, we have this massive love sack right here, that we just sit and chill on and I threw a blanket and pillow over top And I think that’s pretty much the living room all complete That is pretty much where we spend most of our time during the day Let’s head upstairs and I’ll show you guys where we spend most of our time at night Now we start heading upstairs, all the light comes shining in and the lighting should look really good and beautiful and fresh This is literally some of my favorite areas of the entire house because of how bright it is and how alive this whole area feels When you first get to the top of the landing, this is the first wall that you see and I just decided to put two more typography photos up here we have this one saying be yourself and this one, once again from Andy Warhol, saying all is pretty Me Along this entire wall is just more shelving units, just like the downstairs I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with these but we did decide to turn this awkward height little shelves into kind of benches which I think is so, so, so cute and they’re really comfortable We just got some sheep skin rugs from Ikea and some more pillows from CB2 and Target and then this little area right here is where I get to take all my selfies during the day because if you come this way, right here, oh sun’s right there It’s a little bit early still to be taking my golden hour selfies, but at this angle, so good If we just keep walking this way, we have this cute little desk area right here Once again, more decor pieces We have the original James Charles 100,000 subscribers plaque So cool how far we’ve come and we’ll be getting to that in one quick second And I’ve just this little desk area that we filled with some different color pencils and Sharpies, of course, some sister scissors if we’re getting any crafting or work done And usually my assistant will just leave his laptop right here during the day This first door right here is the guest room for friends and family, where different people will stay I am obsessed with this room Just like how Mr. Kate did my front little living room, my best friend Drew actually did the same thing but in this guest room Over on his channel, Lone Fox Home, I think he did an incredible job styling it So if you guys want to see how we turned a tiny, little, drab room into such a fabulous guest room, I’ll leave the link down in the description box down below as well But I’ll give you guys a quick little overview We have a massive California king sized bed right here, smack dab in the middle, and we decided to go for a kind of more darker gray sheet just because kind of all the bedding in the house is so white and bright So we thought this would be a really good contrasting piece and I really like how Drew actually styled it We just have some more dark gray and different textured pillows This braided one is from CB2, this one’s from Target, and I think these ones are just from HomeGoods This adorable hanging mirror is actually a DIY project that Drew made out of an old belt and an Ikea tray over on his channel I love how this looks above the bed It is so frickin’ dope Next to the bed, we just have those side tables from Ikea and then over here, we just have this kind of strangely shaped shelf from Living Spaces I really was not convinced on this one when Drew first showed it to me, but I think in the room with everything styled and on top of it, it looks so good And last but finally not least, we have this huge Ikea mirror right here I’m obsessed with these, I think it was like the STAVE mirror, it was called And it’s just large so you can take your OOTDs, check your outfit, check your makeup before you head out and that is the guest room all complete Now heading out of the guest room, we’re going to head into probably my favorite room of the entire house It’s where I get all my work done, the sister studio But quickly before we head into there, I do want to show you guys something that I am very, very proud of As you may or may not know, us YouTubers, when we hit certain subscriber milestones, we get these things called plaques from YouTube This was one of my biggest achievements and I was so excited to get this in the mail for the first time, but it has been about two years now since we had a 100,000 subscribers and the family has grown just a little bit at least, to a good and fresh about 14 million, which I cannot thank you guys enough for I am so blessed to have you guys watching and supporting me and I kind of wanted to showcase that in the house in a very, very special way So after 100,000, the next big milestone you get a plaque for is one million and it came with this little gold pipe on right here But it was actually a dark gray background, so I decided to get this all reframed so it’s nice and bright and white Very matching with the whole aesthetic But after the 1 million plaque comes the 10 million plaque and that is proudly displayed right here I had an amazing and lovely dinner with a few of the YouTube executives a few weeks ago and they actually gifted this to me live in person, which was such a cool and honorary moment But when you get the 10 million plaque, it actually just comes like this, it’s like a trophy But I thought it’d be really cool to get it framed in the same exact shadow box that I was doing the one million in, so now they are matching and looking so cute right next to each other on the wall and it’s quite the glow up Speaking of the sisterhood growing and a little bit of a glow up,

if we head this way around the corner, we get to the best room of the entire house, the sister studio And if you’re wondering, this door right here leads to Ian’s room It is not exactly aesthetically pleasing to this whole video, so I’m sure he’ll do a room tour at some other point You can watch his video for that, but this door right here leads to the sister studio, come on in As soon as I got confirmation that I moving into this house, this room was literally the first project that I worked on because I have always dreamt of having a room where I can get everything done, have friends and guests over and film comfortably A room where my manager, assistant, videographer, editor, writer can all be in and it won’t feel cramped and this room is exactly that In the middle of this room, we have this brand new white dining table actually which is my new filming desk As you guys remember, in my old one I had a tiny little Ikea desk which was so inconvenient to film in front of You have no idea All my stuff would always fly off of it and it was impossible to film collabs in front of So I’m so glad that I have a massive space to spread all of my makeup out on, so I can just concentrate on the filming production process I keep a mirror on my table, a charger for my second phone that I take my selfies with and then I just keep my brushes displayed on here as well for easy access The James Charles X Morphe palette is also always here as well because it really the only palette I ever reach for Also, the iconic sisters fan is here too because when you’re filming in front of bright lights, it definitely does get very, very hot Behind me, I just have this white hanging backdrop roll This one’s from the brand, Seamless You guys know my YouTube backgrounds are always white I don’t know why, it’s just very aesthetically pleasing This bench right here, I believe, is from All Modern and it’s really, really comfortable, but we did order a different bench from the brand, Article, it was just on back order, so it’s not yet here When the new bench does come in, I’m actually gonna put this bench below the two typography posters in the hallway Apparently there’s a chair here Right now I’m really not sure why Over on this wall, we have the iconic sisters bench that was custom made for me by my best friend Ethan Dolan He got this for my Christmas gift and I’m so grateful for it It is so comfortable and chic It is a beautiful black cushion bench with a sisters cut out in the front and it does have LED lights inside as well, so the sisters is glowing which is so cool Right here, I just have my brand new pro photo D2 light and also this beauty dish right here I got this for myself as a Christmas gift this year and I am so beyond excited because I feel like my video quality is like the best it can possibly be, but my photography game definitely has a long way to go and I’m very, very excited to learn and use literally the best equipment So that is chilling right here until I kind of wheel it out to wherever I’m taking photos There’s a simple bathroom right here that my guests or I can use the bathroom while filming or of course when I do in the sink as well I got these two super amazing black directors chairs from Amazon so my assistant or manager or writer or myself can sit back here and feel very, very professional like we’re in an actual sister studio And then speaking of sister studios, is this beautiful, insanely large acrylic sign that Mr. Kate and I actually got from Sign Makers here in L.A They custom laser cut all of this together after I designed it on photoshop and I just think it turned out so, so dope I think it is such a cool piece to kind of anchor the whole room together and remind everybody where they are They’re in the sister studios Now moving onto this wall, my makeup studio would not exactly be a makeup studio without makeup in it and that’s what is inside these double closets right here Hallelujah This is pretty much where I keep all the makeup products that I use for my videos They’re all organized into little clear shoe acrylic organizers I got this technique from Desi Perkins, Down here, I just keep pretty much all the excess stuff I definitely like to keep the boxes of all the different equipment stuff that I buy just in case something is not working or if something breaks I can read through the manual and figure out why and how to fix it Here I just keep the Morphe X James Charles PR box just to remind myself of what an incredible collection we’ve created I usually keep extra cameras right up here but I’m filming on my extra camera today It would normally be right here And then at the very, very top, I just keep all of my beautiful wigs, so I can pick one out and just look stunning and beautiful if I’m doing a drag look or just taking a fun Instagram picture or hanging out with friends Last but not least, probably the most important part of the sister studios, what makes everything happen is the different camera equipment that I have and that is pretty much all right here in the center of the room Now you may have noticed, pretty much the entire room is filled with this like strange metal cage and all these poles going around the ceiling and what this is for is basically so I can hang all my different equipment pieces from the ceiling And what that does is basically open up the entire room so people can actually walk around and not have these ugly stands literally taking up the entire floor space Now, I do really, really want to do a video documenting the behind the scenes process of what actually takes to make a YouTube video Everything from just thinking of a simple idea, turning into a full on concept, actually sitting down and filming the video, and then fully editing and getting ready to post If that’s something you guys would be interested in, please let me know I think it could be so cool and if I was to do that video, I would kind of like to do a full equipment tour I’ve shown the different equipment and stuff that I have on Snapchat a few times now and it seemed like a lot of you guys are very, very interested in that So please let me know But to summarize here,

we have basically a diffusion sheet that makes the light very, very soft I just got this brand new light panel that hangs from the ceiling and it’s literally the brightest thing in the entire world We have my massive camera and lens right here, they sit on my tripod to get the perfect angle My microphone is wired right here, so I can make sure to turn it on and never lose the audio like has happened several times at this point and to make sure of that, we also have a pair of headphones that sit right here as well, so we can hear and make sure that it is on Once the camera is on and rolling, I have this monitor right here so anybody watching behind the scenes can see exactly what is going on And then we also have one last monitor that is in the front, so I’m sitting behind the camera filming the video, I get to see exactly what you guys are seeing Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel So yeah you guys, that is pretty much the sister studio all complete Like I said, let me know if you guys want anymore in depth studio tour of all the equipment that I use and the behind the scenes process of making a youtube video I bet that would be so much fun and I would love to show you guys what it actually looks like and how much work goes into it and also just let me nerd self come out and talk about the different equipment and technology Let me know in the comments down below But without further ado, let’s head into the last and best room of the entire house, the master bedroom Before we walk in, we have literally my favorite thing that I own in the entire world And that is my family photo I did go ahead and post it on Instagram, so you may have already seen this picture and everybody inside of it But basically when I had my Morphe X James Charles launch party, it was my first time ever having my California family and my actual like birth family, my Mom and my Dad that you guys have all met in the room at the same time and I hired my favorite photographer, Brandon Lundby, who did all my campaign images, to take a family photo Actually getting everybody to stand still and smile for this photo was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my entire life, but we did do it and literally one shot out of the entire ones that we took and it is beautiful and it is framed and I get to look at this every single night before I go to bed and just say I love you to all the most important people in my entire life Every time I look at this photo, I start tearing up It just means a lot that it is right here Moving on, we have two double doors right here that lead to the master bedroom Now, as soon as you walk into the room, there are two doors on the left and right and that is where my closets are It is supposed to be like a his and hers type of closet but it’s just a sister and sister closet because it’s literally just me living here But this is pretty much the closet where I keep all of my like more kind of nice pieces Moving over across the hall, this is more like ath-leisure type of closet It’s just like everyday type of pieces I have all my hoodies on top, organized by color The white stuff is here, gray, black, black, and then the occasional few color pieces that I do happen to own, are up here I have all my different t-shirts on the bottom row and then I like to keep my sister apparel stuff right here for super easy access. So walking out of the closet, we get to the actually master bedroom, which is literally my favorite area in the entire house I could not imagine this coming out literally any better and I am so blessed and lucky that I get to go to sleep here every single night As you guys saw in Tuesday’s video, before this kind of whole house restoration started with Mr. Kate, the only thing that I had in this room were a mattress and also a leather poof from my old closet in downtown So it was definitely time for a full room makeover and I filled this up to actually feel like a master suite So I got this bed from Gets Laid Beds in the UK I love the name, unfortunately hasn’t happened yet, but who knows, maybe 2019 is my year, probably not This quilt, my best friend Drew actually made by sewing together a bunch of different textured patterns which I love how it turned out I think it looks so frickin’ cute And once again, we just have a ton of different textures on the pillows This one was a DIY project as well, this one was from CB2, and this one HomeGoods, HomeGoods This is the bed and it’s literally so comfortable and I love waking up here every single morning It just feels so bright and lively and I’m actually excited to start my day, which is rare I feel like for a lot of people If we roll off the bed this way, did you love that little action that just happened? We have the sisters piano, gifted to me by one of my best friends, Grayson Dolan, just like Ethan’s bench in the beauty room, Grayson got this for me for our Christmas video and it’s probably my favorite gift that I ever received from anybody I started bawling crying when he revealed it to me Obviously the twins have a very, very special place in my heart and the fact that they went out of their way to do this stuff was literally was just like insane I have this proudly displayed in my master bedroom, so I can now play piano on both floors of the house and serenade any boy that I may have over Although, that would maybe scare them off Coming over this way, speaking of having boys and other friends over, in the middle of the bedroom is this beautiful living space which I’m so excited about because obviously I did not really know what to put in here because there was literally just a poof in here before But since there as so much space, Mr. Kate and Joey suggested that we should make it into a kind of like formal living room in the bedroom and I love how it turned out Oh my god, I feel like this just looks like so, so good The couch, the side table, both of these chairs, and the acrylic coffee table that was once downstairs,

were all from CB2 and I love that this area all came together Now there is so much space for all my friends and I to sit down and chill watching TV, by the fire, keeping it nice and warm Also speaking of fire, we have these super cute fire and fireplace tools and also this little log rack, even though this fireplace is 100% electric and we can’t even open it up anyway But it’s for the aesthetic purposes of it all And last but finally not least, we have this shelving unit once again, similar to the ones downstairs It’s all black so we tried to pick some more lighter pieces and lots of different textures and shades to kind of bring it all together I’m not really sure why, but I feel like this shelf is like my favorite one of the entire house Walk over this way, we have another huge selfie mirror Same exact one that was in the guest room Same purpose, taking cute little OOTD pics and I love how this whole background of the bedroom and sitting area looks, especially with the light in the upper corner You’re just gonna check your makeup, make sure you still look flawless and good and fresh, and we’ve looked better, we looked better in the guest room, but it’s okay We’re just gonna forget about it and move on and hope that the youtube quality saves us That is pretty much all of the master bedroom all complete and last but not least, heading into the master bathroom, where I get to sister shower Basically this entire back wall is all a mirror which I really, really like There is so much space to get ready in here I could be brushing my teeth, my friends could be getting ready and doing their hair all along this countertop space which is so convenient I keep all of my toothbrushes and hair supplies and different skincare stuff all right here on a little tray and all these drawers are just filled with personal care items which you definitely don’t need to see The master bathtub is right here where I get to sit and just take my bath and kind of relax I don’t actually think I’ve taken a single bath in this house yet, but it is on my bucket list and I do have some bath bombs at the ready for a nice and relaxing night And of course, we do have a major shower here as well, which is literally the best thing in the entire world Oh my god, you could fit 100 people in here, not like there’s ever gonna be anyone in here with me, unfortunately, but it is so fun We have a regular shower head and also the rain shower as well which is so fun for a full showering experience, if you will, I guess The acoustics in here are pretty good and fresh so there’s lots of concerts going on in the shower as well Can you see the rainbow? Love that – It’s so cool – Is it right there? – Yeah, just a little reminder that you are in fact gay – I think they know (laughing) Alright you guys, that is pretty much the master bathroom all complete Which means the master bedroom is all complete and which basically means, I think we’re pretty much done with my house tour Oh my god Well, I really, really hope you guys enjoy this video and like all the decor and stuff that we came up with I have never been happier in my entire life It is truly the best feeling in the entire world to have a beautiful, fully decorated house that I get to wake up in every single morning, that I get to get work done in, and that I get to invite friends and family over to create memories every single day and this would not be possible if it were not for you guys, so thank you so much Well you guys, I really, really hope you enjoyed my finished house tour video I am very, very proud of myself for actually getting it done and not waiting until literally the week before I move out in a few years So I really, really hope you enjoyed and if you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below It means so, so, so much to me and also as well, please don’t forget to click that subscribe button if you haven’t already Come join the sisterhood, we’re over 14 million Sister Shauna and I would absolutely love to have you join the family And if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on instagram and Twitter, they’re both just jamescharles My Snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with an extra S after Charles This video’s sister shout out goes to sister Maya Thank you so much love for always following and supporting I love you literally so, so, so much and if you’d like to be the next video’s sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet the video links, they go live on Twitter and also turn on my youtube post notifications Alright you guys, thank you so much for watching this video today, I love you so much and I will see you in the next one, bye ♪ I’ve got you under my skin ♪ ♪ You are a bad, bad man ♪ ♪ Care about no one else ♪ ♪ but you under your skin ♪ ♪ If this is sad, sad man ♪ ♪ Don’t have no one else ♪