HẸN ĂN TRƯA #25 | Bố đơn thân xúc động khi làm quen cô gái miền Tây thương con mình như mẹ ruột 😍

Hello everyone, welcome back! Are you having lunch right? Don’t miss any episode of the show Love Luch – Special version of Wanna Date This show is for couples and during the show they would eat, chit- chat and get to know each other Initially, they can not see each other Then all couples will talk through a heart-shaped window to make further steps in their relationship After that, when the heart-shaped window is opened, you two will be able to see each other and enjoy the lunch together Before making the final decision whether to press the dating button If both of you press the button, you both will go home hand in hand Coming to the show today, we’re sitting in a wonderful romantic, cozy atmosphere of The Rooftop BBQ Restaurant And here we will meet a couple to know what are their expectations in a loving relationship The American style Rooftop BBQ Restaurant is located in an expensive spot in the center of Saigon like a green small village with the decoration opens up with the nature becomes the perfect atmosphere for you to relax after a long-tired day They expect to give the customers diverse cuisine from around the world in order to satisfy all tastes and customer’s pockets Building a restaurant like an unique food court where the customers can enjoy and experience multi-senses Coming to the Rooftop BBQ, you will receive relaxing emotions compensate for stressful working days When I chose this tree, the florist said that a girl who likes cactus would be FOREVER ALONE till death My opinion on love is “we fall in love then we get married” o you worry about the common issues between kids and stepmother If you love me, you will love my kid too I was going to say today is a beautiful day but in fact, It looks like rain But I’m ok with this, let’s ignore it and we continue talking about this love story Hello guy!!!! Hello sister!!!! Do you know me? You are Ms Cát Tường, right? Is that her? Maybe yes You said “maybe”, it means that you don’t even know who I am at all I’m just kidding!!!! I will invite your girlfriend to meet you She was waitting outside in the rain, poor her Please open the mask You both look so adorable!!!!! Hello everyone, hello our host as well as the opposite man My name is Thúy An I was born on October 9th, 1987 Currently, I’m living Binh Chanh District And working in Long An Province What is your profession? I’m a testing staff Wonderful! Your partner travels “half way across the world” to meet you! Hello MC and everyone as well as the opposite girl My name is Võ Văn Mẫn Võ Văn Mẫn? Yes I come from Ben Tre Province My occupation is restaurant manager Where? At Tan Phu District Ah.. Tân Phú District I was born in 1989 You was born in 1987 He was born in 1989 Perfect, she 2 years older than you Our audience, how do you think about this couple? I think they are a perfect couple From their face to their appearance This age is also very interesting Are you worried about the age difference in a relationship? It’s all alright, I’m just nervous that this guy will confront problems Do you have any problems with this issue? No I feel that both of you like two magnets which are attracted to each other What are your strengths and weaknesses? My strength is that I can cook I can take good care of children OMG. These are the tasks for women, what’s else? Those are all of my strengths what about your weaknesses? Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes There is something wrong here, you’re quite passionate about taking care of a child but your weaknesses are smoking and drinking when you’re smoking, you can’t stand next to your baby Because of the nature of my work Working in the restaurant industry, sometimes I have to smoke to please our customers Your belly full of beer!!!!! oh my God What do you think about this man’s bad habits? We can not get rid of man’s bad habits Why do you keep on defending him like that? With whom do you live? Now, I live with my kid I used to get married but now we are officially divorced With whom does your kid live? My kid lives with me Really? How old does he or she is? 7 years old Boy or girl? She is 7 years old when you are busy with your work, who is responsible for taking care of your kid? I send her to my parents that they are responsible for taking her to school Your parents getting old? My mom is 51 years old, my dad is 58 years old Have you got any brothers or sisters? I’m the only child in my family Do you live with your parents or live separately? I’m working in Ho Chi Minh City so that I rarely go home Your parents live in Ben Tre Province Yes, exactly! Now, your kid lives in Ben Tre Province? Yes Ah. You are from Ben Tre but you live in Tan Phu How often do you visit your child? I visit home every month!!!! What are the challenges you face as a single dad? Lots of things I have to face as a single dad!!!! Since my kid’s birth, I had to feed, bathe as well as raise her through times of sickness but I’ve overcome it successfully

Do you keep in touch with your ex-wife? I cut off all contacts with my ex At that time, why do you have to raise your baby alone, not her mother? When we divorced, I negotiated with her to let me raise my child I have been raising my child since she was 13 months old we will continue talking about this story later Intitially, how do you feel about this man’s past? I’m quite nervous, wondering why that woman decided to divorce her husband! Please repeat again, how long did your first relationship last, why did you fall in love with that woman…? When I was 22, I knew my ex wife and then we got married When I was almost 24, we had our first kid At that time I did not have a stable job So, I and my wife had many conflicts We started with small conflicts and then they grew up over time I and my wife came to a decision that we should go in separate directions How could you negotiate to gain the right to raise the child Normally the court will give this right to the woman Because I only negotiated with my ex wife The court gave custody to her After that, my ex wife gave me this right I understand, how could you…? My ex wife has many brothers and sisters But I’m alone My parent love my child so much!!! I told her to give the custody to me and my parents I agree with you, it is better for your kids to live in a good condition Are you OK? You already know a little about this man, right? And we will dig into the details later Tell us about your love story? I went through 3 relationships The closest relationship, we broke up after 7 years in loving relationship Why did you break up? At that time, we were too young and did not have a stable job We had known each other for 2 years, realizing that our personality did not match perfectly Why haven’t you been in a relationship in 7 years. Will you be single forever? Maybe because of fate Have you crushed on someone? And vice versa? Because I am too busy with my work so that I cannot have any serious relationship Why are you so busy? I work and study simultaneously Ah Do you have any burdens? Are you carrying weighty responsibilities in your family? You must allocate time for finding your own lover! I has 2 younger sisters, I’m the oldest sister and I don’t have any brother I’m the eldest sister so that I need to meet all the needs of my sisters Ah What about your parents? My parents are farmers, they had to work hard all day but we could not earn enough for our living You are the eldest sister and have to take on so much for your family, right? Do you really want to get married? Not yet When do you intend to get married? I think, in the next 2 years In the next 2 year? I see you two are responsible people, one is responsible for children and the other is responsible for the family It seems to be a coincidence, I hope you two will go deep and go beyond in this loving journey, looking for more empathy from each other What type of guy is your ideal man? I just need a sincere, warm and responsible man Sincere Warm or not I don’t know yet Responsible, I have seen What about his appearance? He should be above 5.57 feet (170cm) tall How tall are you? Nearly 6 feet He’s 1 cm taller and 10cm bigger in belly size This is the result of drinking beer too much I will force him to lose weight Do you have any bad habbits? I am a hot-tempered person Have you ever hit someone yet? I did, but it did not hurt anyone From now on, you should beat so hard, just beat him on his belly Then he doesn’t need to do any exercise anymore Do you have any bad habits? It’s very difficult for me to get up every morning because of the overload of my work at workplace I usually go home late around 1 or 2 A.M I have to manage the work of my staff And then I have to finish my reports So, I really need a good sleep to recover my energy He was tired so he slept too much Personally, I think it is not a bad habit Do you have any exceptional ability? To be honest I don’t know Can you sing a song? Yes, I can Let’s sing a song for our audiences !!!! Let’s give some courage to her !!!!!! *Vietnamese’s traditional song* Such a typical Southwestern girl!!!!! After listening to her voice, let’s guess your partner’s appearance!!!! What kind of girl is your “type”? I want to find a girl who is above 5 feet tall She also has shoulder-length hair and a nice face About 5.05 feet (nearly 154cm) There are a lot of men, you are more likely to feel jealous than anyone!!!! On this picture, just girls with boys , like couples Who is that girl in these two photos? Do you have any photo? Here. This is the picture of your future husband who’s 2 years younger than you! How do you feel about this man? Is he good looking? Not him This is him I’m sure You will see your man as an adult Find out your man

Let’s compare the first man with one of those 3 man here being in this picture You have to try to find the right person I think this is the girl that I need to find Tell me the reason why you choose this girl? Who is that girl in this photo? She appears in these two pictures Please give your answer !!!! If you choose the right girl, I will marry that girl for you Choose carefully!!! Have you realize this opposite man yet? Personally, I think this is the man sitting in the middle position We will check if your prediction is true or not later Why did you choose that girl? I’ve got a feeling Feeling? You you did not choose these beautiful girls but the girl doing this weird action This is the girl that he chose Now we will open the window and see whether both of you choose the right person? One…Two…Three Does anyone guess right? There is something wrong here, I guessed incorrectly I gave you the right photo of this man when he was young but you didn’t see clearly There is a huge difference between these two pictures It is him and there is no difference between 2 pictures Successful puberty !!!! He looks really cool with a pink bubble In general, both of you guessed wrong Oh my God, what is this? Give it to her I have bought some specialties in my hometown to give to this girl This candy is very good but they are very sticky so be careful with your teeth! Thank you. I also have a gift for you let’s give a look at the spines of cactus, why do you give him this plant? When I chose this cactus, the florist said that the girl loving cactus will forever alone till the death Can not believe it, such a “charming” salewoman!!! How could she say such a sensitive issue like that to you!!!!! I asked for reasons, she said that the girl who loves cactus is usually a strong girl Thereby, this strong girl (me) might be single and won’t be able to find a partner in life What kind of people are you? I’m quite a strong girl but I long to see my future man that I will transfer this strength to him Do you like a strong girl? I’m attracted to a girl who has strong personality Now, I will give you two private space to eat, drink and have a chit-chat together Now, let’s bring food here!!!! This dish is really delicious! I’m so hungry right now Let’s enjoy good food and pleasant atmosphere This is the Roof Top BBQ restaurant’s grilled beef dish It’s time for you both to start eating together, I will comeback a liitle bit later Remember! if you need any further information about this girl, feel free to ask at any point Usually, I rarely call younger people by “brother” I feel a little bit shy when having this conversation I am 2 years older than you Would you be embarrassed to date a girl 2 years older than you? From my own perspective, It doesn’t matter if there is an age gap between 1 year or 2 if you are in love What is your definition of Love? Luckily, if I can find a TRUE LOVE, it will be enough for me to head to marriage My concept of real love is that Love must end up in Marriage There is a problem, you used to have your own family Are you worried about the problems between mother and your step daughter I think if you love me, you must love my kid too The vital thing is that you have to show my parents the respect and kindness at all times What do you think about me? According to your introduction, you’re responsible for your family and your own life As far as i know, mothers are still more likely to get custody when parents divorce, but you are the exception If we can go further in our Relationship, i will let fate decide. If we were meant to be, i’ll be together Later, if we can go deep in our loving journey, do you have enough time for a Date? During a week, how much free time do you have? All afternoons of weekdays All afternoons of weekdays? On the contrary, I am quite busy on the weekends In my field, i also don’t have much free time on weekends 5 days of the week, if you want to meet me, I will arrange my time for you Is beef delicious? Really nice! I am very sad because I cannot eat, I have to complete my mission From your own view, who will be the person that play the financial manager role in a family? It would be better that my wife will manage all my sources of income and all our expenses Are you afraid of being a daughter-in-law? No Because i’m a girl in western Vietnam Are you afraid of having to look after your husband’s own child? I’m not afraid to take care of his kid I feel depressed when facing with gossips of folks “stepmother and daughter” it was just a concept in the past Now, being a daugher in law really is very happy and blisful Don’t think you’re a stepmother Give her your love, she will love you too We’re living in a modern world When our children grow up, they tend to be more independent and have their own life Indeed, they will not live with you till the end of this jouney

The most important thing is that you and your partner have to get along with each other Do you have a stable life? Are you “strong” enough to take care of your children and your wife? Yes, i can do it by myself Such a confident guy! I have a stable life for several years Very good!!! Do you have savings to get married? I bought a piece of land Ah In my hometown Later, we will live at paternal line What are you planning on that piece of land? Buy or resell or…? I intend to do business on that land It’s so stable now Very good. You are young and you got yourself a piece of land Do you have a piece of land? Do you? Not yet. I know. He is better This couple is good Now, I have a question for you both Each of you will pick one card Lady first! Speak it out loud! Give him your Facebook and Zalo account info No big deal! Not bit deal so just give him those! It’s your chance, take it! Can I borrow her phone to do it myself? Lend him your phone! He wants to do it for you on his own. Be careful if you don’t want to see what she’s hiding in her private image gallery So quickly Save it in your phone! Do you bring your phone along? Yes, I do. Now you try to call your mom to see if your daughter is currently at home Hello? Mom, I’m in a TV show right now! “Love Lunch”, do you know it? Now, they told me to call you and my daughter (The man’s voice in the phone: Talk to your dad!) Wow, hello! I’m Ms. Cat Tuong – the matchmaker Hello, little girl! Hey little girl! Hello! She’s got a very cute face! She’s so shy ! Look, she keeps on scratching her head! She’s really cute. See! You should say hello to this little girl She’s too shy to say anything Hello little girl. Can you speak to me now? Can you speak a little bit louder and tell me your name, please? My name is Gia Nghi – Her name is Gia Nghi? So what are you doing? I’m having lunch – Oh, you’re having lunch too? So where’s your grandma? She’s busy right now! – oh, she’s busy OMG, such a bonny lass! That little girl only talks to her, forgetting about Ms. Cat Tuong already! probably because of my extremely cruel face! Enjoy your meal! Ok, thank you, little girl! Your dad’s phone is running out of battery Bye bye, little angel! We seemed not to have time to talk You’re really “not good” at all You only talk to that lady who can be your mom in the future And that I’m a witch makes you ignore me! Thank you! And now, it’s your turn to choose your card Look into her eyes in 30 seconds and feel it! One…Two…Three Time’s up and tell me your feeling! How quick it is! You think it’s too fast for you? *lol* It’s just 10 seconds I’m cheating Can you tell us your feelings right now? I feel that she’s… a nice, honest lady And she really cares for her family that’s all I can feel from her She’s also very confident when talking to your daughter on the phone And how about you, girl? I think he’s got some matches to what I expected Warm Tall and he’s also a responsible man! Until now, have you got any little crush on him yet? today, it seems that I’ve yet to catch his wave of love Is there any possibility? – yes, there is This lady says that you have potentials but she doesn’t feel anything from you So I just want to give both of you one more chance because you two are so cute! It’s a pity if you can’t relate to each other due to lacks of time So I will give you one more request as a priority in order that you can understand each other more, have more time to approach each other Read it out loud, don’t just smile like that! Can you read it for me? The die is cast !!!! Hold her’s hands and tell me the feeling you get This turn I will give you 30 seconds not cheating Stand up, please Please hold hands and listen to your heart-beat. Consider me invisible!!!! Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you Who feels first tell first Why do I have to hold his hand so long? Count up enough time (30s) he will speak up This female told me that i cheated on him, eventually i have to wait Are you ready? I’m ready Now is the time for you to say anything with her Take her hands and speak up your thought at the same time, please! The most obvious would be that her hands were so cold Hold her hands and feel again, you have 30 seconds to express your thoughts To be honest, i don’t know what to say You are a father and don’t know how to say it? Generally, my heart starts when i hold this girl’s hands Look straight into her eyes and say, you don’t need to tell me Let’s talk to each other Please say something *this guy too shy*

My heart in your mouth !!!! We should not hold hands anymore How do you feel? Warm Do you have any special feeling from this guy yet? My heart is also beating fast Guy, i will give the last chance for you, grab it Say a sincere sentence from the bottom of your heart with her! Initially, this girl conquered my own child. Many find it difficult to feel close to my daughter Somehow this girl can break the gap and have a conversation with my child, i’m so thankful for that She goods at pleasing a child Thank you guys so much, sit down please This is a man who is wonderfully sensitive I think both of you should give another try another chance to see if what you feel for each other is real lets not waste anymore time Our audience, how do you feel about this couple? How do you feel if they agree to date with each other For me, It would be a pity if this couple do not press the dating button But it all depends on your own choice I gave variety chances for guys Put your hands on the button I will count from 1 to 3 After counting, if you agree to date, press the button If you don’t agree to have a Date, you take your hand out It’s your own choice, I’m just a catalyst for you two to get to know each other deeply Life is a sum of all our choices Pressing the button means agreeing to date and getting to married If both of you don’t have any special feeling, please don’t press the dating button Let’s make a serious decision after 3 countings and be responsible for your choice One Two Three Oh my God, can you understand for my feeling ( it’s really hard to be a matchmaker) Each time i have to count, my heart beats very fast People have their own lover, i still alone *feeling sad* Let’s hold her hand tightly in your hand A while ago was a fake, now it is real They are officially in a RELATIONSHIP They are a match made in heaven A first kiss to mark the first date of meeting each other So cute. I’m sure this couple will get married She’s so cute. Remember to let her met your child and your parents Announce me if both of you have a good new Congratulations I would like to give you two movie tickets of 212 Lý Chính Thắng Cinema You can come there to watch a movie, confide to understand each other more Congratulation on both of you Thank you for your watching Today I successfully completed my mission as a matchmaker Please give me a ROUND OF APPLAUSE Good bye and see you again