Gordon Ramsay, Chef Andi & James Battle Against The Final Five | Hell's Kitchen

for the first time in Hell’s Kitchen history yeah times yep the team of Chef Ramsay chef Andy and chef James will face off against the final six chefs I mean they’re great but we cannot let them beat us you have to do with their work clearly cut out for them the black jackets are taking their best shot at success by picking their own stations with Jennifer plating roe on meat Sade on garnish Latasha on fish Bryant on appetizers and Santos floating between stations helping where needed do this here we go guys black jackets yes you’ve earned them now prove you’ve got the right to wear them on order four covers table 12 two scallop two risotto yes chef seven minutes Hey being on hot apps I want to shine business all day every day Jenna my walk with scallop garnish right now scallops with two lobster tails please yeah let’s walking come over to scallops walking here you go it looks is raw who took this Lobster look it’s translucent it’s [ __ ] raw come on get it back in there please got another one ready chef get those up I can’t do this this is not the night for me to let fish take me down Oh lobsters coming in 30 seconds guys this first table go go walk it walk it come on guys come with Latasha quickly correcting her error on the lobster the black jackets send out their first appetizers – they’re eager diners while over in the red kitchen here we go yeah the dream team not surprisingly are fast and efficient sending a steady stream of appetizers to their diners appetizers using the second set of scallops okay I’ll do that second set it’s fun I mean it’s fun to finally be on the other side of it and show these guys and girls how it gets done we have this in the bag these scones coming out yes yeah let’s go behind chef my hands see the salads in my hand yep plate the two colors please don’t nice anyway let’s go come back for the lobster risotto booth you know we’re going yes this is really good meanwhile back in the blue kitchen six-six seven-seven 22 season two results of two scallops let’s go her could this be pumpin Bryant on appetizers is pushing his team to pick up the pace six minutes six minutes it’s Asha should have nailed this [ __ ] the first time are you looking to drop those lobster tails I’m not gonna let that happen again time to run the [ __ ] so you got some more tails down right give me one minute to take got it I’ll walk with you okay go let’s go Santos I’m that’s in a minute walk those two seasons walking two Caesars two lobsters here two laps they’re ready I got two risottos coming two risotto here I’m walking two scallops yes check everything let’s go yeah without overcooked rubbery they’ll get rid of them I need to scallops all day right now no good hurt really this is rookie mistake scallops are the easiest thing to cook across the board come on hey guys hey Thank You Man black technician maybe black [ __ ] inside the [ __ ] salad who seasoned that I did chef what is all that my pepper chef I really let seasoning hurt Santos what the [ __ ] is this