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Hello and Namaste! To our friends here and abroad Watching this program – a hearty welcome! I am Nisha Adhikari And I am Niraj Baral Well, friends! You must be surprised to see us here instead of the regular VJs Don’t be surprised! Because today is a special day, we – Nisha – and Niraj – Are here as the guest VJs Do you know about today? No worries, Niraj Even if they don’t know, we do, don’t we? Of course, we do Or, have you forgotten? No way! You are my best friend, come on! You have a gift for me? Yes! Do you want it now? No, not now It is a surprise for me And we want to tell our viewers about today– It’s Friendship Day! And, to all of our friends around the world We want to extend a heartfelt greeting Happy Friendship Day! Nisha! Yes? Can I ask you something? Of course! But you already know everything about me That’s true, but still, I want to ask you What do you know about Friendship Day? Friendship Day? It is a day for you and me! Of course! We dedicate this special day to our friends And we call our closest friends to wish them Or, perhaps we text them If they are abroad, we email them That is the cheapest way, actually There are so many other ways now Regardless, we give them heartfelt wishes Not just that If a friend is angry or upset at you Today can be your best opportunity To win them back Like I’m trying to win back Nisha today

Right, Nisha? What? When was I ever angry at you? Have you already forgotten? In our recent movie ‘3 Lovers’ Weren’t you angry that I spoke your lines? Okay! But I wasn’t angry at you You were speaking my feminine dialogues You looked so weird But you didn’t talk to me the whole day! Really? I don’t remember doing that Really? Forgive and forget, I guess Hello! Good Morning, sir! Just to inform you that you have a meeting At Radisson Hotel, with your Swiss associates Send someone else But, sir I told you yesterday not to disturb me today Don’t you get it? L\ \ \ \ \\ ! Good day, sir! Hello! Son! Where are you? You’re late for lunch. Come home! What’s wrong, son? You don’t talk to anyone You don’t laugh You refuse to get married You used to be different What is wrong? I forgot to tell you When I went shopping earlier I ran into Sakshyam Saanjh! Son! What is bugging him? Let go! Click! Hello! Of course! Okay! Please come to the office tomorrow Bye! Hi Saanjh! Hello Sakshyam! I am writing to you after nine months Perhaps you don’t recognize me anymore It’s me – Jasmine Saanjh! Saanjh! Saanjh! Sakshyam! Sakshyam! Sakshyam!

Yay! I won! And, of course, I am the best! Give me my wager! Quick! Quick! 200 dollars! I didn’t bring any money because I was sure I’d win Can you lend me 200 dollars? No way, man! You’re always borrowing money! What? I don’t care! Money! Money! We need it now! If you change your jobs every week How will you have any money? Oh Mister! I’m not a permanent waiter like you! Three years at the same job! How boring! Talented people have their own style If I don’t like a job, I get another! What say! So, talented people can earn for themselves Why do they need to borrow money? Bloody idiot! Quick! Quickly! This time Money! Money! Money! I promise I’ll pay you back this time Don’t embarrass me, please! Please! Please! Make sure you pay me back Yay! Thank you! Yah!! Why are you stopping here?

What’s wrong? Oh, I just felt like stopping! Don’t you see the car broke down? Shit! Not again! This piece of junk! Don’t call my car junk! What’s wrong? Something is wrong with the engine Can’t you guys fix it? Madam – we are IT students Not garage mechanics Shut up! You shut up! Don’t shout at me, alright? I’ll kill you right here! Would you? Okay, fine Give me a kiss! I’m ready to die for you, baby! That wasn’t funny! Are you looking for a fight? I’ll punch you blue Give me a kiss! Shut up! The car’s broken down, and I’m tense Don’t rile me up Why are you shouting at me? Tell him to shut up And you? Before going for a long drive Shouldn’t you have checked the engine? No matter what you do to this junk This was bound to happen Shut your mouth, you! Jaz – Can I use your phone to call the workshop? I told you the signal is bad here How are we going to get back? We’ll take the Number 11 Shut up! No way am I walking back! How’re you getting back then? If I ask for a lift like this, anybody will give me a lift Check it! We’ll see! Ooh! You blind bastards! Don’t you have eyes? Fuck! Cool down, baby! Cool down! Let me show you how it’s done! You could have killed me! He nearly ran me over This pretty little face I’ll show you kids how to hitch-hike What is he doing? Have you gone bonkers? Are you going to strip naked? He’s a gonner! Hey! I’m Maria I’m Saksham Hey guys – want a lift? Maria! Your time starts – Now!

Fuck! Shoo“. Our stuff! Oh Shit! Hey! Who are you? What are you doing in my apartment? What happened? Why are you shouting? Jackass! What’s wrong with you! Always at my apartment! It’s too much! I can’t take it anymore! Quit lecturing me! The other woman threw me out That’s why I had to come to you And you’re lording it over me You’re a failure at job and love At earning a living, or a home You seduce any woman who’ll have you And then move into her place And you do overtime on top of that That too, in my apartment My door is closed for your shenanigans Understood? What’s going on? Why are you fighting? What if Jasmine gets here now? Look at you be holier than thou! You think I don’t know? Every night, all alone, fantasizing I’m leaving Honey! Please wait! Sarah, please! Yeah, you get lost, too! Condom? Rascal! The man is naughty, but likes safety! He’ll never change! He’s getting on my nerves Jaz? Hello! I was about to call you! I was about to call you! As if! I swear – I was about to call you What are you doing right now? Just got out of work I’m going shopping now At this hour? Yes. Why not? I’m giving you guys a special treat tomorrow Special treat? Why? Did you win the lottery? Yeah, I have to win the lottery to give you a treat I’m not a penny-pincher like you By the way I won the best event manager award Congratulations! Thanks! Be there on time tomorrow Yes, I will Saanjh – the bus is here I’ll talk to you later? Bye! Okay, see you, bye! Shit! Aah! Stop irritating me Call Saanjh Why is he so late? What happened? He’s already left the restaurant Don’t worry, he’ll get here Here – your crown prince arrives

Saanjh! What happened? Hi, Jaz Hi! What is wrong? Is everything Okay? Tell me what’s wrong! Saanjh! Don’t be shy! Tell her about last night If I’d known you were not well I’d have canceled the program today It’s nothing like that Our friend was attacked yesterday Attacked? Who attacked? Are you serious? Of course, I’m serious He was attacked by a cockroach! In the ensuing combat Saanjh fell and injured himself Isn’t that true, Saanjh? Shut up! I was so worried! And it is all about a cockroach! Dumbasses! I’d stopped breathing for a bit So – Miss Event Manager College is closed from tomorrow What are your plans? This is just how I plan to spend the vacation Part-time office, part-time sight-seeing I have nobody in Nepal to go back to Except SOS I grew up in the orphanage But, I’m proud to be a part of it I learned cultural values there I’m implementing them here at my job I know, Jaz. I’m happy for you You’re preserving our culture abroad Thanks! That is why she is The top Event Manager Typical Nepali She should’ve been Miss Nepal Hey! Cheers! You know guys – I always question myself If they couldn’t bring me up Why did they give birth to me? Who are my parents? When I think of these things I get upset But after meeting you guys I’ve forgotten all of that I used to feel very lonely But now I feel like I’m the world’s luckiest person Give me five! Is there a God or not? I don’t know But I always pray to God I pray that our friendship lasts forever I feel that we’re made for each other What say, guys? Yay! We are made for each other! Time for fun! Come on, guys! Come on! Come on! We are made for each other If we’d been made for each other Why did we drift away from each other? How did these circumstances come between us? Whose fault is it? Come on! Do you know what tomorrow is? What is it? I know, Madam, I know! I’ve taken the day off tomorrow You boys will spend the day with me Alright? Okay! Yay! Hello! Good Morning, everybody! Hello! Can you hear me?

Hello! I wanna sing I wanna dance I wanna be in love Hello? Who is this? Your grandma! Granny? It is already 10! I’ll kill you Sorry! Sorry! Didn’t I tell you yesterday? Okay, I’m coming Get here quickly! Where is the other one now? With the golden light of the morning The heart is filled with new happiness I have a world to win I have success to make mine Hello! Good Morning, everybody! Have good day, everybody hey! Let’s live to the fullest! Hello! Good Morning, everybody! Happy Birthday, to you Happy Birthday, to you Happy Birthday to you, dear Jaz Happy Birthday to you! May God bless you! May God bless you! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday, to you! Yay! Yay! Now it’s time for Party! Saanjh! Let’s go dance

Let’s go! I’m not coming You guys go Saanjh! Please, come on! You always do this! I’m not dancing You guys go ahead Are you sure? Okay! What is the nature of this love? What is the nature of this love? Without my knowledge, it happens It quenches thirsts, satiates hunger Everybody’s only desire is this – love What is the nature of this love? What is the nature of this love? In days, in nights, in every moment What is this thirst, this attachment? My heart searches only for you Without my knowledge, it happens It quenches thirsts, satiates hunger Everybody’s only desire is this – love What is the nature of this love? What is the nature of this love? Don’t! Jaz! Who the hell are you? You’re too drunk! Let’s go Stop this, alright? Please, let’s go! Hey! What’s your problem? Do you know who I am? Sir, please! Leave him! They are friends! Please, sir! Hey you – go away! Shit! Saanjh! Are you okay’? I’m so sorry, Saanjh, I lost it, Please, Saanjh, Please don’t go I’m sorry, alright! Saanjh, come on! Hello! Saksham! Where are you? I’m right here I made a mistake Please come quickly! The same place! Okay! He isn’t here either Where did he go to? Don’t worry! He’ll come back

I’ll call him Voice message system After the tone, please record your message His phone is switched off I did a wrong thing I’ve hurt Saanjh I’m so sorry, Saanjh I’ll never do it again Don’t worry, Jaz He’ll comeback Where else will he go? Let’s wait for him here Don’t worry! Her name is Jasmine Today, when I saw her for the first time I realized Fate has drawn me towards her For her to be my love, my life I don’t know what this love is like But, I’ve instantly fallen in love with her Started loving her Perhaps this is what’s called a one-sided love I love you, Jaz Every moment I spend with Jasmine is precious to me I can’t think of a life without her She is my choice, my first love I’m waiting for the day when I can tell her- Jaz, the man who loves you the most ls standing before you I love you! Well, friends, today we are discussing One sided love! L-O-V-E Love! The bond between hearts It is a strange beast Love is directly connected to the heart And the heart, although it is in the left, It is always right! That is why people want to spend their lives with the person they love Share their grief and joys Those whose wishes come true become happy Those who are spurned become melancholy A music video that talks of just that Enjoy the number! Hey, Jaz! Saanjh! Saanjh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Saanjh! Saanjh! Please forgive me! Saanjh! Please listen! Stop it, Saanjh! I know that you love me! But So much? You know what? I love you too! I love you! Take me somewhere

With warmth and joy I have new dreams now We will always together Let nobody be jealous of our love Let nobody envy our bond I pray our love lasts for many lives Let there be no lonely moments Let love be there for a lifetime All of days filled with happiness And all of our nights with love No evil eyes sully our love Let our relation last an eternity No evil eyes sully our love Let our relation last an eternity My life will be spent in your love Tomorrow looks bright and happy with you Let your eyes never have tears Please be my support when I need you I pray our love lasts for many lives Let there be no lonely moments Let love be there for a lifetime All of days filled with happiness And all of our nights with love No evil eyes sully our love Let our relation last an eternity No evil eyes sully our love Let our relation last an eternity We are made for each other

Yes, Saanjh! Dumb ass! Your phone was switched off for two days, and you also quit your job Which new girlfriend were you romancing? I only had one girl friend But you stole her from me What? Aren’t you ashamed to call your future sister in law your girlfriend? Anyways… Happy Dashain! Same to you May Goddess Durga give you good sense You know well who needs good sense You quit your job for love? Tell me – where are you? I am on my way to the airport Airport? You’re going to Nepal? Were not we spending Dashain together! Mother just wouldn’t relent And grandmother is also ill Otherwise, to leave Jaz and you I’d never want that You have a silver tongue! Admit it – you’re using this trip to arrange your wedding with Jaz! I might do just that, too! Okay, dude! Have a safe journey Take care, bye! Bye! Mom! It must be a lot of fun at home It’s been three years since I saw you I’ll come next year to celebrate Dashain I’ll hang up for now Sweetheart! What’s wrong? I miss home! Don’t cry – you have me! Everyone is having fun Come, let’s dance Come! Don’t cry! Come, let’s dance Hey, Pinky! Saksham! Hi! Happy Dashain! Same to you! I finally got some time off So late even for Dashain? Who understands Dashain here? Is Jasmine here? Don’t talk about her She’s been on the phone for an hour You go to her I’ll get some wine I understand your concerns, Wife But don’t worry I miss you a lot I don’t look at any other woman I swear on you! Hey! Jaz! Love you! Bye! Happy Dashain! You’re totally under his spell! Yeah, right So – when is that jackass coming back? Soon Hello! Hey! Happy Dashain! Sakshyam – ring Saanjh and call him back Or this woman will go crazy Shut up! Look at this woman’s drama As if nobody else has a boyfriend Saksham – take this Should I? Why? Is that too little? Jaz! No Take it No, I’m alright Has he forbidden you to drink? No, he hasn’t! Then why are you pretending? You need a tankard of wine normally Friends – She’s putting winemakers out of business Shut up, you rabble! Why should we? I’m just telling it like it is Let her be… don’t force her We are strangers now Jaz! Yay! Goddess Bagalamukhi!

You are the goddess of love You fulfill the wish of all lovers I have but one prayer for you Let nothing come between Jasmine and Me Let me give her all the happiness in the world May we live a long, happy life together That is all I pray for! One bottle! Two bottles! Three bottles! Yay! Yippee! Happy Dashain! Happy Dashain! I’m loving it all! I’m loving it so Look at that star! Stars don’t come out in the day Shut up! They do too! No they don’t! Oops! Hold on, hold on! Stop it! Saanjh! He)’. Saanjh! I love you! Shit! Shit! Jaz! Don’t touch me! Jaz! I said – Don’t touch me! Listen – Don’t! You knew You knew that I lose my wits when I’m drunk You should have controlled me, but I hate you! I hate you! Go! Go! Just go! Good morning, mom! Good morning, son! How are you?

Want to see Jasmine’s photo? Yes! Show it! Give it to me! Here Let me see it! Here Come on!See it See it She is beautiful… I like her She is very pretty Jaz – Everyone misses someone someday But I miss you every day, every hour Every minute and every second Miss you badly, honey! Love you! Hey! Surprise! Hey – How are you? Jaz! What’s wrong? Hey! Stupid! Why are you crying? Am much as you missed me I missed you more I will never leave you alone No matter how important the work I promise! Okay? Now stop crying Jaz – you’ve cried enough I’m right before your eyes And, look what mother sent for you Wear them Wait – I’ll put it on for you Do you know what mom said when she saw your photo? Wait See – When will you become my daughter in law? After seeing your photo lam in a bigger rush than my son Please come soon We’ll have a big wedding And soon you can make me a grandmother Okay, daughter, take care! Bye! Hey, teardrop! You are very heartless! You could’ve lived in my Jaz’s eyes But you hurry to leave Hey Jaz – Please never let me go from your eyes You must be hungry Should I make something? No! We’ll go out for lunch Hey – Don’t you know? There’s a Nepali concert in City Hall Let’s go see it But if we go by ourselves Sakshyam will get upset I’ll call him, too Why isn’t he receiving my calls? Where is he now? Hello! Jackass! Why didn’t you answer my call? I was in the bathroom When did you return? Just now! I know why you take so long in the bathroom Now wash your hands carefully

And come out for lunch At the City Hall Jaz and I will be there See you there Bye! To this concert organized by NRN Society My respectful greeting to all our guests And best wishes for the upcoming Diwali lam Babu Bogati, a singer I’ve sung many songs in my musical journey You’ve shown love for those songs For that, I am grateful I have something different for tonight A gazhal, for the first time Before I sing, I want to share a story I had a friend, who was very close to me But, life is sometimes cruel I’m singing this song because of him This gazhal is dedicated to that friend I’ve had help in putting my feelings in words from my respected sister Shital Kadamini “I’ve lost something precious” I’ve lost something precious from my home On that day it was on the day God left his beloved temple I’ve lost something precious from my home I’d given a friend the key to my trust I’d given a friend the key to my trust How the smile How did the smile of my lips get stolen? It was on the day God left his beloved temple My beloved friend who lived in my heart

My beloved friend who lived in my heart Ruined me Ruined me from within, my name was lost it was on the day God left his beloved temple God has forsaken this country God has forsaken this country The Geeta, Bible and The Geeta, Bible and Kuran are all lost it was on the day God left his beloved temple I’ve lost something precious from my home I pity that singer How could a friend do that? I’m really touched The singer might have been exaggerating Just to win the people’s heart Maybe And Jaz – are you okay? Yeah I don’t agree You didn’t eat Sat quiet and alone like a stranger Something is wrong with you I can sense it! Something must have happened Sannjh! She’d cry if something wrong happened In Superman and Spider comics Imagine what the song must have done to her What happened? Isn’t it starting? I’m trying You car is always broken Wait – I’ll check Take a look What’s wrong? Hey – What happened? There must be a problem with the engine Call the repairing center Repairing center isn’t picking up Take a taxi and drop Jaz home And you? The repairing center will call back I’ll fix the car and come

Jaz – Taxi! Take care You too Jaz – I’m going to miss you Bye! Bye! Jaz! Whatever happened between us Perhaps God wanted that Jaz! Please try to understand me Please! Jaz! Jaz! Hello! He?! Are you home? Yes, Saanjh What are you doing? Are you missing me? Saanjh… Please don’t mind I’m tired Is it okay if I talk to you later? Yes… Okay… bye! Rain down cloud Rain on me Through my sorrows I’m in pain Take me home To the place Where I can be with you Once again What you did is Hard to see Just cannot stop from My tears to be I’ll wait for you At the same old big tree No matter where I go No matter what I put you through Everywhere inside I’m blue I will always miss you!

No matter where I go No matter what I put you through Everywhere inside I’m blue I will always miss you! No happiness remains for me No smile dances on my lips I try to distract my heart But your face floats before me When I am alone Memories remind of the past My heart cries Every second of the day No matter where I go No matter what I put you through Everywhere inside I’m blue I will always miss you! No matter where I go No matter what I put you through Everywhere inside I’m blue I will always miss you! Cigarette? What’s so urgent? Tell me Jasmine! I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by asking you this question But, I never thought you’d make such a mistake You are not my best friend anymore You know everything about me But you Saanjh! What Saanjh? Since I went to Nepal Jasmine has changed She wasn’t like this before You were with her Something must have happened to her Why didn’t you take care of her? You know that I can’t see her sad Done with your lecture? I never thought you’d blame me for such a small matter You say that it was my fault that we aren’t friends Listen – we were friends in the past We are friends now And we’ll always remain friends There’s nothing wrong with Jasmine You are imagining things You are messed up, man! If that’s the case Why is she becoming a stranger? Why is she different towards me now? This is driving me crazy! You know I can’t live without Jasmine I can’t!

Stupid! Don’t weep like a girl! Fall in love first Then you’ll understand I have been in love too, my friend I want happiness for her If she isn’t happy with me I don’t want to take her happiness away Please, Sakshyam! Help me, buddy! You are her best friend, too Ask her what is wrong Please? Listen – If Jasmine ever loved anyone It was you If Jasmine still loves anyone That is still you And if she will ever love anyone It will always be you Understand? Still – I’ll ask her once But, listen – If she says she loves me instead What will you do? You idiot! Jaz! I can’t lie to my friend anymore For you to not tell him is to destroy three separate lives I won’t let you destroy our lives I’ve told you many times Whatever happened between us Perhaps that was Gods will And so it happened As much as Saanjh loves you I love you too Just as Saanjh fell for you at first sight I had fallen for you too Between Saanjh’s love and mine the difference was that- He showed his love I never learned how to When I see tears in your eyes Just as much as it hurts Saanjh It hurts me, too Perhaps if what happened between us Hadn’t happened I’d never show my love for you With your wits or without Because wished it or without You have already given yourself to me I want to give my should to your body And give you life Please! Understand my feelings Try to understand me! Listen- You can lie to the world But never to your soul Whoever lies to their soul Nobody in the world is more miserable Swear by me – Can you be happy by deceiving Saanjh? If you can I’ll walk away from you forever Because, I also want your happiness Leave me alone! Sakshyam, please! Is this you being punctual?

I thought we’d work together But you come late like a lord Where is Jasmine? Put Jasmine out of your mind Are you already drunk? Jasmine might have been yours till yesterday But now she is mine Hey! Remember your limits There are no limits between Jasmine and I We have crossed all limits Sakshyam! Mind your language Just because you get mad That limit can’t be drawn Jasmine and I’ve had physical relations You bastard! Saanjh! Greetings, Mom! Greetings! What are you doing, son? I have a night shift at the restaurant So I am going to Jasmine’s How are you? What else? When will you finish your studies? When will you bring Jasmine home? When will I play with my grand kids? I think about these things all day I dreamed of her last night Looks like you are more in love with Jasmine than I am! What is up, Mom? Of course! I want to talk to her Let me talk to her on the phone When I get to her place, I’ll call you Okay. I’ll hang up now Okay. Bye, Mom! Jasmine never used to switch off her phone Yes, Saanjh? Is Jaz with you? No, she isn’t. Why? Her phone has been switched off since morning She must be at her place Alright – I’m going to her place Hello? Is Jasmine from apartment 19 here? Hold on, Sir – I’ll check it Sony – She isn’t inside Where is she gone? She isn’t in her apartment The phone is still switched off She must be at her friends Let’s go Hello!

Hello! Is this Banepa SOS? Yes, who is this? Is Jasmine Shrestha there? No! She is abroad She is coming in a few days Who is speaking? Hello! Hello! I can’t hear anything Hello! Mom! Hello! Mom! Saanjh? What is wrong, son? Why aren’t you talking? Son! What is wrong? Mom Saanjh! Why are you crying? Tell me that is wrong! Mom! Tell me what happened? Mom – Jasmine is lost Lost? Did you call the police? Don’t cry! Be brave! You’ll find her, son Stop crying! Jaz? Jaz! Jaz! Yes? I’m sorry! It’s okay Listen – If she says she loves me instead What will you do? I had but one girlfriend But you stole her from me You are hiding something from me Tell me – what is it? ‘MW doth you speak’? Tell me the truth! If you still lie to me I’ll forget that you are my friend What are you hiding from me? Tell me! Can you bear the truth? Can you? If you can, then listen – You’re a great friend! You’ve glorified our friendship May everybody get a friend like you Good! Very Good!

I’m proud of you! I’m proud of you! I trusted you blindly I trusted you! But you You have shown your true colors I pray to God That I’ll never have to see you again! It is so easy for you to say we aren’t friends What was my fault in it? What happened was because of intoxication O God! Please forgive me! Saanjh! I hope you understand me now After that incident I lacked the courage to face you If I had wanted I could have deceived you But my soul wouldn’t let me Sakshyam – You knew about me and Saanjh But you still wanted to marry me That was big-hearted of you I could have married you But, my heart wasn’t in it Somebody has said – A true friend is an aspect of divinity Therefore, keep a friend not in your heart But in a temple Perhaps we couldn’t do that That was our mistake That is why we’ve lost our happiness I thought a lot I didn’t want to punish you for my errors I didn’t want to break your friendship That is why I left your lives I had thought I’d never meet you again But, life doesn’t follow our whims The hide and seek I’ve played with life Has brought me to such a turn to escape which is impossible I have very little time I want to meet you for the last time before I leave Will you come to meet this friend? I am at Banepa Hospital Counting my last moments in life Sakshyam! You got my body Saanjh! I had given you my soul I couldn’t learn to live with my body and soul separated That’s why I went far from you Will I see you again or not I don’t know that But, the soul and body that have separated I’m uniting them as a souvenir for you Yes – when I returned to the SOS in Nepal I was pregnant

To forget the times I’d spent with you I spent my days with the kids at SOS –children singing– It is raining softly Thunder and lightning in the sky Sir! Something wrong with her! Her case is very complicated If she gives birth It is impossible to save her life Therefore, she should get an abortion Daughter -the doctor is right If you lose your life What sense is there in having anything? No, dad! I want this child to be born I am sick, but how is it the child’s fault? It is its right to see the world And, it won’t be an orphan like me Won’t have to cry in desperation I will give it my name Every woman dreams of being a mother I want that dream too Every mother in the world would gladly die for the happiness of their children Please, dad! Understand me! I want to give life to my child Not death! Yes! I oversaw Jasmine’s case Yes! I oversaw Jasmine’s case It was a very complicated case We tried our best But But what, doctor? How is she? Where is she? She is in the throes of life

There is no hope Doctor – What are you saying? Where is she? According to her wishes She has been taken to the SOS Orphanage Perhaps you’ll be able to see her one last time They must be Saanjh and Sakshyam Wow! What a friendship! She took her name when she was ill Jaz! Open your eyes, Jaz! We have come! Yes, Jaz – look at us! We have come! Open your eyes just once Don’t punish us like this OPEN your eyes! Jaz! Jaz! I’m sorry! Forgive me! Please! Open your eyes just once! You used to say we’d always be together Jaz! We are made for each other Why are you leaving us behind? Jaz! How can you leave us here? Jaz! Don’t leave us, Jaz! Open your eyes, Jaz! Please open your eyes once! Jaz! Jaz! –You know, I used to feel so lonely – But now I feel like I’m the world’s luckiest person! Give me five! Jaz! Jaz! 1:53:53.940,1193:02:47.295 Daddy!