Feb. 13, 2014: Babies & Birthdays

welcome and we appreciate you taking the time to join us tonight we’ll be talking about birthdays and baby projects and all kinds of ways that you can celebrate the little ones that you love and and the birthdays that come around each year for all of us unfortunately all of us get a birthday or even when we get a little older but we look forward to sharing these great projects ideas with you as well as answering your design questions live we’ve got the wonderful and talented Brooke Mayer online she can individually answer the questions that you type in so don’t hesitate she knows her stuff people so ask away and we also have our wonderful creative team manager rock excuse me Roxanne Buchholz with us and she’s going to share inspiration and information tonight that you are just going to appreciate I’m sure as we always do and of course I’m Cynthia cool on I’m the studio project manager and it is always a pleasure to be with you so thanks again for joining us and I’d like to thank you if I can look at my attendees here I’m going to grab a name off the list sorry about that guys crazy crazy okay I’d like to give away some publishing points and the name I grabbed off my list is let’s see where is she Denise Neil soda nice meal you have got yourself 20 publishing points coming your way and will deposit those into your heritage makers account in the next day or two well tonight I brought or invited a very special guest than a friend to join us her name is Carol steam and she is from lethbridge alberta he’s one of our top heritage makers consultant and she is an enthusiastic advocate of the power of heritage makers products she knows firsthand just how meaningful and it can be to make and share our custom keepsakes like cards and storybooks so just last week I had the pleasure of being with Carol on an eight-day Caribbean cruise that she earned along with other heritage makers top achievers and during that time she shared a really great story with us about a book that she recently made in honor of her mother-in-law’s 90th birthday so I wanted her to share that with others and invited her here tonight to tell us about her experience and tell us about her project because it’s going to be the perfect way to set the stage for this class all about celebrating birthdays and babies so as Carol speaks to us I’ll flip through her story book so you can get a little taste of just how great it is so thank you again Carol and go ahead and take it away oh thank you cynthia it’s wonderful to be on can you hear me okay I can thank you and I will get her myself ready here to show your book go for okay thanks oh I sure appreciate being invited on i love these studio you webinars that we have and this topic is dear to all of us because each one has been a baby in each one of us has birthdays every year so what’s not to love about this topic so i’m here to share a little bit about my mother law whose name is Mabel I don’t know who names their kid Mabel now there it’s common but way back then Christian she is as unique as her name is and I was blessed enough to have a good mother and then to luck out in a mother in law department too and so she’s just been a real gift to me she celebrated her 90th birthday recently and to do something special for her my husband and I and my husband also does heritage makers he makes mabel card using her old pictures from the past so he and i put together a storybook for her using the leather legacy book and created it over several months we designed it in such a way that the first several pages are her history of her life and so on there she is in the bottom right more who she is now and she in the upper left one of her many costumes that she has and that she dresses up and has fun with all through the years so so we did the first several pages were her history beginning with Mabel the girl we moved on to Mabel the wife Mabel the mother and as her kids you see there she’s getting married and then she also was a real adventurer and

love dogs and so you’ll notice a Mabel ism there we put Mabel isms through the book this one says do it today you could be planted tomorrow that’s the kind of sense of humor that she has you know nothing is sacred and nothing is off-limits for her so she’s just one of those rare individuals oh there’s my wedding picture on the left it looks like Sonny and Cher but really it sucks anyway we went through her history like Mabel’s a mother-in-law Mabel the here’s a Mabel ism you can get used to anything except hanging that’s um that’s what she says as well so then through the children the grandchildren two great-grandchildren and then through the rest of the book we had contact at all as many of the relatives and family friends and so on that we could contact through the years and had them submit some photos and also some of their recollections and memories of Mabel or Nana or great Nana for great great Nana through the years so the project came together it took several months we designed it we are not great designers so it because until the design of the book it’s more about the contents of the book but when we gifted it to her we had a surprise party for her on her 90th and had people come from all over to honor her birthday because she just has that effect on people so when we gifted her with the book she was just beyond words and that doesn’t happen very often for her and I just loved the way it was laid out the fact that so many people contributed to her and brought back so many precious memories for her of her kind of her life at a glance and that’s at the birthday party almost everyone who was there picked it up and spent several minutes leafing through it and looking at it in and marveling at the way that it captured her life and that’s what the projects do that we create in heritage makers say they capture the essence of a person or an event and in this case it just captured her life and interestingly enough after the party was over and the thing just sort of got back to some semblance of normal I popped him to see her one day were visit her regularly and she was looking at her book and her eyesight isn’t great cheddar magnifying glass out and she was looking at it and reading some of it and and talking about it with me and she stopped for a minute and he kind of got tears in her eyes and she said you know I will read this book for the rest of my life every day I will pick it up and look at it every day and I thought wow that is the power of story that it that meant that was worth more than anything we could have gifted her with at this point in her life and I I’m just pleased to be able to share that story with you and and and let you know a little bit about how heritage makers has impacted her life in such a critical way through the power of story is wonderful that is so great you know yeah I love how you say it’s worth it so to me whatever the cost was of the book you know and and then of course there was a huge time investment but completely worth it completely worth it and also think about what this is going to mean you know 10 20 years now from now if Mabel departs from us she think she is still just going strong here so we’ll give her another decade here we’re happy we we put her on the youngevity products in China never felt better so all right good round for her hundred that would be a joy right so you’ll have to do another book then but all those grandkids all those great grandkids all the other people who are going to know Mabel through this book are also blessed by your efforts so what a cool scene yes Thank You Cynthia and thank you for letting me share it with you well thanks again for being on and we’ll let you hurry up to your next meeting because I know you’ve got one but thanks again to Carol are to Carol so we will go ahead and continue on with our class thanks again ok I’m going to give the presentation over to Roxanne did you did it did you have anything else to say ok I’m going to make you the presenter

Roxanne and hopefully we’ll see your screen wonderful that should be it yes beautiful I see you and sorry again for that little bumpy start everyone that’s guys were forgetting to the parts where you need to see things and I’m glad we got to see Carroll’s book to I a special thanks for carol de for being on she’s just an amazing woman and she just had me laughing and crying through that little segment it sound like she really captured the personality of maple so it’s just a wonderful thing that she’s she’s done alright let’s go ahead and we’ll start I’m going to start with some template gallery inspiration tonight remembering that theme is kind of what carries you through some of the parties and invitation so i want to show you how you keep the theme together alright we’ve introduced some new stylish baby items in basic so we’ve got a lot of new basic things out right now my last art collection was released and cynthia released it as a basic set which is wonderful it gives you a lot of flexibility and there’s so many things you can do you would never ever know that it’s a basic and not premiere elements so basically any of these designs here since their basic they are easily color changed so if you want to do a purple you just change out the purples and then just change this little color block through the little blanket on the crib to purple and you completely change the color theme change the pattern of the paper whatever you want but remember to keep a theme going if you start with a shower invitation if you host a shower for someone why don’t you also give them a little as a gift maybe a pack of 10 or 20 thank you cards that they can also give out or you can send the as a host you can send out the thank you cards as well so you can carry this theme even further with you know the little treat labels and all sorts of different things welcome posters so just keep your thing going it just really makes a large impact when you do that these are also in basic the whole new baby shower was released this month and it’s got all sorts of little baby elements and umbrellas these would also be great the umbrellas for a wedding shower could be used to just change the colors maybe choose more sophisticated papers for a bride but it’s a great way once again real simple with the four by eight photo cards and a cute little four by six thank you card as well so inexpensive but carries it being through and it’s just a beautiful set we also have this that I kind of developed off a last month class where we talked about the mask if you remember this one from watching the class there was kind of this brush mask and these papers in the background too so I kind of showed you how you can do this brush edge here with a white and it looks like you kind of brush the center pattern in but I love this little set is this real flexible and cute and easily change colors once again all in basics so you can change it up if you don’t like the little stroller you could put an umbrella you just change out the elements there’s so many elements that we have in our art collections it could be almost any little icon that you want to feature they are but the invitations are nicely set up with for you already so go ahead and use a template and just swap out the colors and the embellishments to fit what your theme is and these here are the little or return address labels and they actually wrap around little Hershey’s Nuggets they’re called I think they use called treasures but I think they’re Hershey Nuggets now but you just use the address labels and wrap it around makes a cute little party favor and then moving on to birthdays after they’ve gone through the baby stage we also have some cute little things for birthdays this month once again just a simple little element and some copy which is easily swapped out for any little theme that you could want if you want a whale or if you want to elephant easily change papers can easily be colorized just this is a nice eleven by fourteen toaster you could put that up at the front of the party invitations thank you cards address labels you know don’t forget the little cupcake toppers are so fun I love making them and they’re always a huge hit at any party that I have lots of different things can be done with these this is a great new adorable icon theory from Carrie / at one of our team members and I just love these little icon sets that she sent out with just several for Christmas and I know she has them for Valentine’s Day now but she came out with this cute little way to put all these little icons together and form a number one of course you could do it yourself if you wanted to do a number two or three but it’s all the fun little icons that you want I think here on the boys there’s airplanes little cars and rocking horses and it’s a cute way to get lots of little fun icons all put together and once again she’s carried

through the theme of the party invitation but thank you to the whole set of twelve by twelve scrap pages is actually a full set and that’s party before there’s banners cupcake toppers little treat bags we have gifts to give away at the end so this is a great set that would easily be changed again with colors and elements you could change them out pretty easily too to pick your favorite icons that you can find and this is a new cute little set I know we’ve got several pet fans out there and dog lovers I mean I actually had a god scene party for my son when he turned to and it was just so funny love dogs at that point so I would have loved him heritage makers at that point but I use this cute little pug because I’ve got a girlfriend who has a whole bunch of little pugs and they’re so cute but these little balloons here you can actually put any little animal in there it’s easily swapped out to you know a dachshund for the Dalmatian or if you’re a kitty fan it to be a kitty or you could find you know an elephant or a bumblebee or anything you want you could actually have it look like it was trying tied around the little animal here and change the theme up but once again when instead of just sending out the invitation use the whole scheme of everything to tie everything together it just make such a bigger impact when you’ve got the theme carry throughout from start to finish and i want to show these to these are these are our large address labels that we released a few months ago and they’re actually throw the treats at the end you would give out for a party and we call them doggy bag treats so it’d be a cute little thing you put them on a cell phone philippine bag or even a brown paper bag with a little ribbon on top cute little tag to add on there okay well that’s for inspiration tonight so now we’re going to go into today’s lesson so today and if you’ll remember just a few minutes ago I showed you a couple of new designs and templates that has some alphas and elbows and word art can sometimes be tricky I know people try to use them a lot with the align and distribute tools and there’s actually some tricks to alpha so we’re going to talk about that today alright so before you can just start putting the letters together you have to know a few things about alphas and fonts in general so when we go over the important things to understand about the anatomy in fonts so that you can use them and place them properly and effectively so here’s a set of alphas if you’ll notice the top parts that go up above the base line here is called an ascender and we also have defenders the parts that hang down and say if you didn’t know the difference between the sans-serif and a sara face sans-serif are the ones that are plain or kind of flat on the top where sara has the little little hooks that you see Sam’s hairs are usually more contemporary and modern in nature where Sarah’s are definitely more traditional and let’s see we got ascenders and descenders is also important to understand about shoulders and overshoots especially a lot of times we’re working with alphas we tend to think that anything with the overshoots and shoulders should be lined exactly with these flat parts but if you do that those letters actually look smaller it’s a visual thing and it’s hard to explain why but if you’ll notice on my aides anything rounded the curvature of the letters actually extends above and below the lines here as you can see that if you make it within that area it’ll look too small so we’ll talk more about that too the x height is based on the letter X and it’s a flat top and bottom so it’s kind of this space in here and let’s see what else oh and then turning our letter spacing we have the ability and studio to expand or letter spacing or condense it letter spacing is the space between your letters so the more spaced out it is if you want to do it that way is as a more modern feel to it the important thing to remember about alphas when you place your individual letters is to make sure when you squint your eyes that’s the letter spacing as a kerning between the letters all looks even sometimes visually you look at these wider spaces here these little triangle faces so the letters will have to be tucked in pretty close together so when you put your eyes you shouldn’t see any obvious what we call rivers running through between the letters so it looks like one letters off a little bit to make sure it fits it they all seem equal and even that way so we’ll talk more about this as we go on all right and then a lot of times people

ask me for different word art pieces and when we create art collections we try to come up with a whole bunch of different words but it never fails that even though we create these great collections there’s one or two words missing for somebody and there’s no way that we could possibly cover all the different words out there so I’m going to show you how you can take different pieces of Ward arts and then actually you cross them apart you find all the letters you want within the body of the word art you individually crop them and then you treat them just like their alphas so it’s the same thing once again you’re going to crop out all the individual letters like Al pH to spell the word alpha and then we’re going to line them up and once again those little overshoots tank up above the lives just a little bit not a ton but just enough so that they all look even and the important part to remember about when you’re propping word art is go in reuse that zoom tool and go and super close to make sure that your cropping it exactly right because it’s sometimes you go in close you’ll notice a little sliver of maybe this r was still showing or something so you need to go into the maximum zoom ratio to see that so i’ll show you how to do that as well and there’s also ways to creatively work with word arts even if it’s a straight face the one I showed you before was a condensed you know kind of vertical type type pace which is easy to cross but with a script face we can actually rotate our crop a little bit and crop it on an angle so here I want to come up with remember our heroes but I pulled these words out from an existing word art collection those portraits of the past and I had remember our hero but I wanted to be heroes ES and the heroes does not exist in this collection so what I did is I went through all the other words and i found an es together so basically I’m cropping out this es pert and it’s going to be cropped on an angle and then I just attach it here so you’re actually forming your own word art pieces once again remember to zoom in to your largest magnification and then I’ll show you how to crop on an angle / script font it’s easier with fonts like this that are a bit heavier we do have a few word art collections with script fonts that are very fine and thin and lots of squishes and stuff those are really hard to work with because it’s just impossible to line up those tiny little details but once that are heavier like this are fairly easy to work with okay so now it’s going to be our studio time so go ahead and start typing in any studio questions that you have into the chat box and I’ll go ahead and get my studio set up ok and while you’re getting studio open why don’t I go ahead and give another twenty publishing points away so I right got the name of Holly Welker so thanks for joining us Holly welker and we’ll get 20 points into your heritage makers account in the next couple of days great all right and while the questions are coming in i’m going to go ahead and show you this we don’t as a design team we don’t tend to do a lot of templates with the alphas because they tend to be difficult for people to work with is it’s hard to kind of get the trick of it at first it takes a little practice and it can be done but sometimes it’s easier to use a font to type in like David here but if you notice what these alphas if you use the alphas they make such an impact I mean what little child or even a friend wouldn’t want their name and little sparkly colors and really bold and fun so it really adds another dimension so if you can figure out how to work with them it’ll make a big impact on your you know your books and your cards and all your fun projects that you’re working on ok Roxanne I’m going to interrupt right now we’ve got a basic question and I appreciate this question so you’re talking about alphas what do you mean by alpha ok great alphas are if you go to your art collections let’s see if I can find one here let’s design Justin type in the letter A into the search box here so basically you’ll see alphabets is basically what they are so our alphabet show up here you’ve got your embellishments first and then your alphabet followed by your papers so alphas are basically alphabets you can see them so they actually they pull up and they’re just individual letters so

they’re not a full text or anything so you’re just going to put all the different pieces together as you can see here these are all separate individual letters that you’re placing so it’s not a piece of word art or not a text box but individual letters that’s perfect okay got it great so in another key while you’re looking for questions is alphas or alphabets are extremely important to use your rulers so here under view go down to rulers and then say rulers this is an absolute essential when trying to line up alphabetically to see that all the baselines are lined up you want the flat parts to be on the exact same line it sounds a little high I’m going to unlock it and I’m going to move it down like one with the arrow key one little notch so you can see my letter A’s and my peas are all hanging over just a little bit so use your guys and kind of fit it I always kind of work a little bit bigger so I can get them to fit exactly in the lines I want and then after I’ve got it exactly what the guides I could then grab it all I’m just clicking in the white part and then clicking holding down and dragging to grab all of them and then I’m going to unlock it grab the corner and I can just scale it all down together if I want that to be maybe the headline on my scrap page and then I just move it where I want it but I always start bigger so that I’m able to use the grid lines so here’s a question I know that it’s rare but sometimes you’ll find an alpha and you’ll pull up all your letters and some of the letters are bigger than others yes what did we do and that happen that does happen occasionally and it some designers just work that way for some reason we’ve been as the design team has been working on our own collections and in-house we’ve been really aware of that so we try to make all of ours the same size so they drop in correctly and you can line them up easily if per se let’s say this one is a smaller one came in small for some reason I just get all my other alphas lined up the way I want them let’s see let’s grab all those I’m going to click it up a little bit so that’s on the line there and you can either find you can try to do it yourself visually with the kind of rules i showed you by having the flat parts all line up together or the other thing that works that i do sometimes is if you find something with a circle shape and you appease the right size you can actually take the a or something with another circle and the circles should be the same size so that you’ve know you’ve got it correct but all in all you really should use your grids and just make it match you know tops here we’ll all go together and then the bottoms will slightly hangover so just use a grid and then sighs and a lot of times if you shrink it down to and then split your eyes like let’s turn off the rulers again and squint your eyes sometimes you can notice if one letters smaller than the other it doesn’t look right or if maybe be a centerline ones like too tall or something you can kind of tell that they’re off all ascenders and descenders should be on the same line keep the same baseline and then the circle top the rounded part should hang up and over the top and bottom is just a little bit very good that’s excellent so we’re talking right now about alphas and individual letters but we do have a quest about can you curve text can you make curved text in studio you cannot at this point make curve text in studio I know that’s on our wish list to be done we do have a few like kind of ribbon banners that we like to use and you can actually let’s see the turn of the rulers here if you take a line of text let’s say let’s just do a text box here I’m just going to pull the text box you can actually do you kind of can stake out the curve a little bit you can say like Evans birthday celebration a little bigger so you can see it i’m going to my toolbox i’m just going to bring it up in size a little bit and since we can’t curve it what i would do is I’d actually copy

this you can go control C or copy edit copy and then edit paste and then edit paste again so you’ve got three different text boxes and then put your words into different individual text boxes this is kind of a quick and dirty way to curve your own type on simple things I wouldn’t do a lot of it but maybe on a simple little banner or something it would work so the text box is a little smaller smaller let’s see maybe I can grab a little curved element somewhere down here let’s of my art collections I’m going to search for banner let’s see what I can find and maybe just this one here so we’ve got a little banner here so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to send that to back so that we can see our texts are going to click on the element and this one here is sends it back and then you’re basically going to kind of find the center and then you’re going to take these individual pieces and you’re going to grab the little handle and you’re going to rotate them just a little bit so it kind of matches angle pull up the celebration and we’re going to rotate that little big [ __ ] and it’s a little too big right now so I’m going to grab those three pieces i hold down the shift key and select all three pieces i’m going to bring it down in size a little bit and then kind of try it again it just takes a little bit of playing so i just kind of keep rotating it a little bit so that it looks fairly normal so you know it’ll take a little bit of playing but you can get the general idea about how to fake curve text right now very good now here’s an interesting question as well and I’m sure it’s based on the assumption that you pull up some different letters and they aren’t all exactly the same size and so how would I decide say I pulled up the a and Alpha’s now I pull up the L how do I know how much taller that L or whatever should be then the a how do I admit let’s see okay let’s see how it would do that that is a good question let me turn on my rulers again just have to think about how I do this for a second so on and make these all different sizes and let’s just see what happens so you basically just have to start with one letter and I would choose something that has an a sender or addy sender and then probably line it up so let’s go bigger here so you’re going to find something with a tall part around part so so here’s your top line and here’s your bottom line so then all you do is you start fitting the pieces together you want the curvature of the age going to be the same height over the line so I’m just going to pull it say down and so let’s see we’ll make a little bit bigger so a lot of it’s just kind of playing a little bit so that looks about even the bottom look good the flats are the same now the curvature devrey is going to be it’s going to start at the top where the a is you pull it down so the point is all on the bottom line so you just start fiddling a little bit and just making sure everything lines up on a grid basically don’t ever try to work really small because you really need to be able to see how they work on that the grid lines so this one’s too small still so we got to pull it up see they’re lining up on the top they’re lining up on the bottom and then the same thing with that so you just start with one letter that’s got a height at all one and then a flat base one and then go from there okay yeah that makes sense so show us once one more time how did you pull up those rulers how did you get those grid ah yes you have to know how to do this so up under view if you scroll down a little bit rulers so and just say show rulers or you can do control are the shortcuts so the faster you learn shortcuts the faster you can work in studio so learn shortcuts it’ll always do the shortcut here so control are you can change your grids to black if you want whatever color you’d like to work in I just always prefer to use the red but if you’re working on a dark background the white grid might be nice so and then just control our off control are on so and if you’re working with a Mac its command R to do it so matthews of

command and pc users control wonderful ok i don’t think there any more questions yet ok so i’m going to go on i’m going to show you how we talked about taking different word arts and cropping the letters well more questions come in so basically ok but oh sorry sorry Roxanne I’m just going to say so if we had some people wanting to know what else is meant when you were talking about them they might want to have defined well you say word art where r dices sure let’s go back to our art collections and word art you’ll whatever you type in searching for something and we’ll have the collections will show at top then our embellishments also if there’s alphas included in their paper and then word art so word art is something that has a word on it basically anything that has like a little banner here that has some text on it let’s see what else there is so all these just have different little things these are all word art with the banner I’ve got banner and my keyword search but if i type in what happened here where did money sorry about that let me close that one up xvideo let’s see I know there’s the word war let’s type that in so some of the art collections come if you look at the little preview you can see little words here so that means that there’s word art attached and there’s a PNG file what you’re easily colorized i created this set i like this font it comes in this kind of open one or a solid one but we don’t have a lot of narrow condensed typefaces so i like working with these but basically if the word is created for you it’s like it’s uneditable text you can’t I can’t double click on it and highlight it like I would a normal text box so they’re all just pieces of words that are already pre-made for you perfect thank you for explaining that sure so as so I pulled up a couple i know i like this collection of these condensed but it didn’t have the word i was just make an alpha here but if i wanted to make someone’s name or anything all i did is i pulled up different pieces from the collection let’s unlock those and right now you can crop any embellishment peace award art paper you can crop any of these so why not just find all your individual letters and you can crop them out to form your own word these are all individuals i’m going to unlock everything let’s see edit and i’m going to unlock all on page but if you see if i highlight all these they’re all individual letters so basically all i’ve done is i know i needed an a so i’m just going to go over to my tools i’m going to crop am i’m going to just crop the a here and say done you’ve got an individual letter A so it’s just like an alpha now so what I was saying before is go in big because it looked like I had cropped that letter a clean but if you’ll notice here you can see a little piece of the r is still showing so i’m going to go ahead and click on it again and i’m going to adjust my crop and just pull it in a little tighter so done we’re going to zoom in even bigger so i can see yet so now it’s a nice clean crop so now i have the a i’m going to do the same thing I want the L here so I’m going to click on this one I’m going to crop and i’m just going to crop the elves so it’s just a quick and easy way to make your own letters and then they become alphas and then you just start lining them up just like you would the alphabets that we looked at before so it’s a great way to increase your fonts we’re a little bit limited in our font selection but we’re creating so many great word art pieces these days and I’m when I create them I’m really aware of leaving enough space so that you guys can crop them out and I try to make sure there’s enough words and I make sure that every the alphabet is represented within that collection so that you can do this cropping and form any word that you’d like to so we should make word art sets like the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and then you can have an alphabet but yeah I really appreciate you showing this because because like you say we are a little bit behind with our fonts now it’s not because we like to be behind with our fonts as soon as L are very soon after we’re able to within our system incorporate rich text that

means bringing in a lot more fonts more easily and for example changing the font or the size within a single you know text box we surely want to do those things so boy I tell you that’s on our list so as soon as we get those capabilities will make it happen but in the meantime we’ve got some really good work around here Roxanne thank you yeah I mean yeah you should not ever feel hindered by the amount of fonts because i love that we can import these kind of exotic typefaces and you can really create virtually anything that you want by just cropping out pieces and i think people sometimes don’t realize that not just paper you can crop it you can crop these word art elements and crop you know you know even some of these script ones to which you know people don’t think about cropping the script ones very often kind of make their own pieces that’s why that’s why we have you Ruxin we don’t say about it but you do well I have to have a way to do certain things so if I get stuck I got to think about it and think outside the box and there’s always some work around or some trick that you know you can come up with if you think about it long enough or try enough little thing so there any questions or should I show how to do this script one higher I think we’re good we’re getting a lot of fun comments like oh this is so great I never thought of it love this idea thank you so yeah continue under I’m sure we’ll think of more questions this is great so I’m going to go ahead and i am going to unlock all on Paige again so once again these are just word art pieces they’re not I can’t double click on them and edit them they are from I think the portraits of the past collection and I sent several collections using this font now so there are lots of pieces of this word art that you can mix and match together to form your own phrases so I pulled up I wanted to say remember our heroes but of course I didn’t think about making heroes no es there’s no way you can do every word that I could watch or anybody else could want so what I did is I went through the whole collection let’s actually let’s go here for the art collections I’ll show you hero have taken that let’s see if I can find so this collection here portraits the past and I can scroll down and I can see all the different pieces I’ve made some kind of nice little headlines for you already i look forward a look back you know the ampersands are fun to play with so you can put different pieces together you could say beautiful and blessed or something you know put put your pieces together to form your own things but sometimes you know I might have made the word brother but I forgot to make the word brothers with her f on it so a lot of people say oh can you make brothers I need the one with the S it’s like well we can’t go back and abs later I mean maybe to another collection but you can really do it yourself so heroes oh and I went through all the other words and i found an es together so basically you’re just going to take the EF if you’ll see here i actually to make it really nice and neat i actually cropped the E and the S separately but I think you can do them as one individual piece so I’m going to go ahead and crop that’s happiness here to get the es so we’re going to crop and before the condensed letters it was really easy to do it straight up and down let me go bigger you’ll notice that on scripts since there are more italic looking they’re hard to crop because they’re on an angle sometimes so we go ahead and crop and to get it just right sometimes like here it’s getting tight on this letter here on the f so what you do to make it really nice and neat is you take the rotate handle and I’m just going to rotate it so it’s almost on the same angle as the font itself and then you just say done and if you I can go in that you can see real close there’s this little piece hanging here you can see that left over from the other s so you’re going to need to adjust your crop a little bit pull it in a bit so is this a lot of fiddling just don’t ever work on these super tiny go to your maximum viewing size so that you can really see that you’ve got your crop clean and then we can go down let’s take it down with us let’s go back up get it i’m just going to drag it down with me and then let’s say I’m going to kick these two off and then basically you kind of work it to fit it together so if you’ll see that’s a little small so another trick I’ve use is to the e here i have the sea

and heroes I kind of just sometimes line them up together and I can see that aeon top let me change the color that I help to just just something so we can see it better you can see the e is smaller so I’m just going to drag that a little bigger I just want my keys to be the same size and then I know it’s tips together it right so just a little bit bigger and then we’re just going to slide that over into place and you’ll notice see the eaves hanging down here so i need to do another adjustment on my crop and i’m just going to pull it over real tight it’s a done a little bit hanging still so it’s just a little bit is just fiddling and playing adjusting a little bit here and there a little bit tighter done will change that back to black you sex color we’re going to go black and then you’ve got heroes made so it’s just a great way to make those extra little words that were missing or that you want a lot of times we have main sadly numbers names that are one of a kind we don’t really make names in word art so it’s a great way to make your own pieces okay that was super cool so I think we’re hanging on with you here so okay Roxanne is someone’s hero well she’s on my hero just so you know she had a fantastic okay so we are ready with bated breath to see what happens next okay well great I want to show you a couple of designs here let me turn off the rulers I’m doing control are again i want to show you these designs of creative uses of word art so we have this is a metal cut here by kiri parech and then we have a five this is a foot book by Cynthia cool on and then a card here that I had designed and you might say where did Cynthia come up with love you to the moon and back I love this word art well this word art an individual in a group does not exist but there’s ways that you can put fun different pieces of Ward art together and it’s this kind of fun playful look and carries done the same thing too and I’ll click on this this is actually Cynthia created this case of word art love you to the moon and back I’m going to copy it and paste it so you can see it is actually a chalkboard pattern and it’s all white so how did Carrie get love and pink and moon and yellow like how did you do that because we can’t individualize we can’t colorize pieces within the word art so let me show you how Carrie did that real quick so what carrie has done if she’s taken the base that actually move these off unwelcome and move them so she got her word art all in place it’s one piece she has gone to edit copy edit and then you’re going to go pay special paste in place which does an exact image on top of the other one you don’t want to just paste that paste it somewhere else but if you go to edit paste special paste in place it puts it right on top so I’ll choose on now as you’ve gone through her tools to prompt so she’s cropped out the word love so just like this so let’s see done and then she’s just chosen a nice fill color of pink to put over the top and she’s done the same thing with moon so there’s ways and tricks on how to make these special customized pieces just wonderful i love when the creative team members or any of us come up with these tricks on how to do these fun things and then cynthia was trying to come up with love you to the moon and back she created this piece we just thought over here in the chalkboard but she wanted to do it a different way and when she went to do the art collections you can type love you you could type the whole phrase if you wanted to but there’s no love you to the moon and back necessarily so what she did is she typed in each of her individual words love and then she would scroll down to see what the selections of word art are there’s 5 104 word art pieces for love and she just checked picture favorite one and a lot of these that have multiple words once again remember using crop certain pieces out so if you just wanted the your you can type you can crop out the you’re so you can form all your own individual thing so Cynthia just found this cute little love so and then she would type in you next and see the selection for you by

now this view actually if you visit the tool box go to tools unlock it and say we’re going to remove the crop because I knew this was a double piece so this was love you originally but she wanted the fun playful love so all she did was cropped out the other love and you’ve used the you so it’s a combination of word art pieces along with sometimes you can’t find the right to the so if you unlock it this one is actually a text box so you can double click on it and edit it so you can change this Lainey day right now but you could change it to another font if you wanted to click on it and then you can double click on it and I know this is a text key so I can highlight it and edit it so I can change the font if you can double click on something but you can’t highlight it then it’s a word art piece the other way to tell if it’s word art piece too is to go to my projects and on my current project we’re working on page six so if I click on current project page six I can see all the pieces that are on this page layout so like that word view here I can see it was originally love you so it kind of is a way to identify all your different pieces and how they were used or if you think this is a text box and you can’t edit it just go down here and check and you’ll see that it so actually a word art piece and this was kind of the same thing once again click on this I’m going to remove the crop you can see it originally said baby girl but I didn’t want it to say baby girl I just wanted the girl part so I just went ahead and cropped out the part I wanted so it there’s really no limitations to these pieces of word art and Alpha’s you can create literally anything that you want so you just a little bit of creative thinking and some cropping and you can do it it’s true that was awesome loved it that I think we are giving them some fun ideas it that people are going to use great I know I had to mention the align to a lot of people try to use a line quite often and it works sometimes with alphas but not if they’re all flat and all the same x height they work pretty well but if they have a high a Sunderer defender if you click the align tool and like for pictures and you know other shapes is nice to kind of a line bottom and they all go straight to the bottom but that doesn’t work when you have alphas with offenders and descenders is so it works better with all caps all capital letters the time it does work is if you have a letter name like David that has all flat bottoms or all flat tops then you can grab all the pieces and align to bottom so you can actually let me throw these off a little bit more grab them all will align to bottom but there’s no way to really distribute them evenly in the middle you would like them to distribute equally but they don’t because the x height of the letters like some are thin and summer fat so they don’t always work that way so I always just try to get them on the same baseline and then I just grab my letters and I use my arrow key and I’m just tapping over a little bit it just kind of get them to the even spacing so I’m just clicking with the arrow tool just to kind of bring em closer you can either click the arrow tool or you can go over here to your toolbox and use layout and that’s the exposition that goes across the x-axis so I want to pull it in closer so I can hold down the arrow key to bring them over faster I’m scrolling making it goes down so then you kind of squint your eyes and make sure there’s no like those rivers between the letters that I was talking about I just make sure a nice consistent flow between the letters and that looks pretty good right there that is really cool I time is running out so fast as it always does but I wanted you to clarify something someone with a suit and notice that when you change on the chalk on the chalk color technician or word art you change the color it’s pink but it still retains the look of cockiness where if you were to fill or change the colors of the word are those alphabets or some other word art it would suddenly become solid and it wouldn’t retain its texture why is

that because this word art is actually created with the texture in it it’s a PNG format which we talked about last time as well so it’s actually made with these little but textures in it a little let’s go bigger so if I go bigger if see-through so you’re seeing the elements of the chalkboard show through so they’re transparent in areas as keeping this texture with it it’s not a solid piece to begin with whereas words like where’s another word art piece here this love here if I added a fill color on that to the pink it becomes solid because it’s it’s not created with a texture to it that you can see through so these chalk pieces are great because they do retain that character to them so how you would explain it something else yeah that is how I explain it and you know we could have a full class and I think we have had full classes on using color fills but it’s just so fascinating the the variety of looks that you can get and depending on of course the art we get different different looks too but that was cool so unfortunately we’re running we ran out of time for questions we need to have Roxanne wrap up this class she always leave this money for more which is okay and we know you’ll join us next month but I did want to say we have gotten a few requests throughout this class about holding a beginning class so a totally dinner studio class and I know that something that Roxanne would love to do for you so since ya amali embarrassed yet let’s absolutely do that and we’ll also do it in a way that we can open it up and keep track of your questions so we’re so we’re walking you through and getting your questions answered so you watch for that keep an eye on the page it’s um online the tutorials and classes page on the website and we will keep that updated and let you know of and so watch for that will do that great i know we’ve just really really fast on these classes because we do have some beginners and some more advanced what i would recommend to you is if you’re a beginner or even if you’re more advanced to as you go back we’ll post the recording and later what I do when I’m learning something new like I want to learn a Photoshop technique or something on YouTube I actually pull up the youtube video and play it kind of small and the edge of my screen and then i’ll have my studio or my photoshop up at the same time i watch the video and I try to do reenact like what I was just doing at the same time if it’s not go ahead and pause the video try it and then replay it if you need to replay it just it’s better when you’re in there actually practicing the techniques that I’m showing you as it as you know it’s watching but if you’re actually doing it it kind of sticks better and it makes more sense when you’re doing it right along with me so that a good tip that I have for going back and watching later yeah that’s a really great tip thanks for that and before I let you say good night to us I just want to shout out to Beth Moore who is on the class with us tonight because she is our final winner of a set of 20 publishing points so we’ll have those in your heritage makers account in the next day or two and thanks again to all of you who joined us and thanks direct sin and I’ll let Roxanne say good night well thanks everyone and thanks to our special guest Carol for being on we appreciated her and her input and we have our next class schedule which is all about weddings wedding bliss and it’s going to be Thursday March thirteenth remember class is always the second Thursday night of the month so go ahead and mark those on your challengers so I’m going to show you a lot about wedding things and wedding canvases which are really popular and we’re going to be talking about scaling and sizing and how to make those great and canvases so I hope you’ll join me then all right well thanks again and good night everyone good night