Capricorn the Sign that Grants the Power to Rulers

with all the stuff that’s happened in the world today with the corona virus outbreak all the stuff that’s going on with the media it’s making a lot of people really concerned about what’s going to happen you know who’s in charge there’s gonna make us do this what are the new law is going to be all ready to be allowed to do this are we going to be forced to do this and so on so there’s this element of fear of our rights that I’m seeing around the internet people are fearing if their rights may be abused in the near future so I wanted to talk about Capricorn which is the sign of that which grants the power to the rulers okay I wanted to talk about the sign so that you can understand how the power structure actually works the wonderful thing about astrology is that it’s a perfect model of how the world works if we study astrology we understand how things work now what happens when we start watching the media and seeing what’s happening and people saying they’re going to do this and people hoping this will happen and all the tails of information out there some of which is very daunting and and can feel very power Robbie it’s important to get back to Ground Zero and remember how does it really work you know with all the stuff going on a lot of people are feeling very helpless and powerless same like were children you know some people as we go through these changes may feel like children powerless hopeless like there’s despair but that’s not true we have power every one of us always has power and it’s so easy to forget that it almost seems like we’re designed to forget it and then we remember it okay and every time we remember if there’s a shift and what happens in the world of how the world’s being ran and that all happens because of this sign of on the sign that grants the power okay now Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac the tenth sign or the tenth house like in your chart is charted the ruler of the power now in the zodiac the tenth sign Capricorn is the sign of that which grants the power so who has the power in the world it was granted to someone at some point okay it was always granted by Saturn though now who is solder solder is the common man salmon’s the clock signers the common man it’s the common man that always grants the power to the ruler and a lot of you is saying oh that’s not true so on so I went over there with a bunch of guns and forced their way into power yes and now is the common man determining who was in power going who is in charge as well so when I explained all this you’ll see how it works so don’t get impatient and say this doesn’t make any sense if it sounds that way so far Saturn is the common man and he rules the natural tenth house of the zodiac the house of power okay so what happens is who is ever in charge however type of government we have at some point that was put into power by the common man like us take a democracy it’s easy to understand that one in the democracy resetting the majority wins we vote the majority you know rules rubber has the most votes or the most electric votes if it’s done on that however the majority is counted the power is given to the most people that’s the idea of democracy okay 50 people 70 people 70 people have more power than 50 people simply because there were numerous and the idea is every person’s equally valuable therefore more people vote for this than this it goes with the more because everyone is equal so we put this scale of who’s going to win who’s going to be in what law is going to be passed and we put the 4 and the against and whichever part of the scale weighs more than sine wince and every person’s worth the same amount ok now that’s real simple and easy to understand it’s easy said yeah in a democracy the power choices are made by the people ok but it’s really not way in every government let’s take a dictatorship one that’s a little more difficult to understand in a dictatorship the more powerful people designed who’s going to win who are the more powerful people the ones with the biggest guns so you’ve got a million people over here with bows and arrows and ten thousand people over here with machine guns and tanks and grenades

they’re the more powerful group and so they’re going to dictate the policy but it’s still given by the people the more powerful people in this case the each person’s power count how strong they are to make things to determine the ruler is based on their capacity to kill that’s all so in the democracy every person has a value based on I am one person I have a value of one in a dictatorship everyone has a value of a my value to influence my world is based on my capacity to kill how big my guns are ok but it’s still all the power is given by the people there’s not a single person that can show up and just say hey I’m going to rule this country and there’s nothing you can do about it right I mean maybe Superman said right because you can shoot superb done with bullets and it won’t hurt and Superman can just fly really fast and mow thousand people down in a second and then burn the rest of people up with as long as well he’s one person but he is he’s more powerful than you know he has more capacity to kill than 20 million people so even then it would be based on a dictatorship idea that the more powerful to kill is how much power a person has been their world but Superman doesn’t exist neural dictatorship The Dictator has this guys his army has got the bigger weapons and they’re going to choose to determine the policy and then you know but those guys anytime they want they can all just go shoot the dictator why don’t they because they chose not to care for one reason or other they’ve chosen to put that person out there you know on the throne that they want to see occupy it’s always the people okay it’s just a strength the value of a person’s measured differently in a dictatorship the value of how of a person is how much you can destroy so but still one single dictator can show up and say this is how it’s going to be he has to have enough people with enough guns to be more powerful than everyone else okay so it’s just how much power each person has to influence the choices of the nation that’s different in the dictatorship in a monarchy it’s the same idea the monarchies are not very prevalent anymore but of course they used to be the cornerstone of human society in a monarchy the idea is that people believe that this person has a right to rule there’s a belief that they’re noble they’re from this lineage on this person proved that they could lead us they demonstrated it most kingships occurred when somebody at some point in the long ago past proved their capacity to rule and then after that that their offspring were thought to be born with the capacity to rule sadly they were not always born with any capacity to rule but that belief was there so tamariki the power the ruling power is chosen based on the faith that people put in the ruler I believe that this person has the right to rule or at the capacity to rule it’s really based on belief and the more people who believe a particular person determined who’s going to be king ultimately you know and so we looked at England like in all their days of Wars you know the wars that have England for the monarchy for the throne and we see during these wars it’s not like one team had all the you know one side had all the big guns and other people were throwing rocks no they were military wife they’re equivalently equipped what determining factors were who people’s were their allegiance to which King did they swear their allegiance to who were they gonna throw their lives away for basically you know who did they believe not a great a right to rule all right and so in Amarna key the leaders chosen based on who people believe have the right to rule based on some cultural idea this gives the person the right to rule this makes them better than us and therefore don’t have the right to rule it’s different than a democracy it’s similar those you know in a monarchy there’s this idea this person is better than us to rule we’re in a democracy it’s like any one of us blokes can rule equally well you know we I knew one of us could do it given the chance and education to do it but who do we want who does the majority back so there’s a subtle difference there but you can see the power always lies in the hands of the people and we forget this we always forget this you know and so we always come to points in history in every nation where people start feeling like they have no control over along their lives they forget go look back in history of when your government was

found and go look got French the French democracy how did that start let’s when the people’s decided that wait a minute we don’t believe in monarchy anymore and they went and killed a bunch of monarchs okay they they killed the nobility in the late seventeen hundreds in France the people decided that you know so you see the beginning of our modern French you know nation the government of that nation was chosen in the late seventeen hundreds okay you know and if you look at American history we can see how the government we have today was chosen by the people who said screw King George you know so this is what happens changes happen when people wake up and remember wait a minute we’re the ones who granted the power in the first place look back in any country and see when there is a power shift who really granted the power you know who granted China be granted the communism to China Mount Saint Tom and the horrors of people who backed him you know without those words of people China would be a completely different country today it’s like that for every country so if you’re losing hope and you feel like oh the powers that be you can just do whatever they walked in my life no go remember go look at the founding of your country and see how it’s always the people who determine the rulers okay it’s always the more powerful group of people who determine the rulers and when a country remembers that have when a dissatisfied country remembers that like the French peasants the American settlers when they realized that then there’s hell to pay right then there’s no stopping them and historically you look at look at every country why was there a revolution because it caught to a point where the people realized wait a minute we’re the ones who decided in charge you know they know enough of us besides we decide it’s always we it’s always sat on the common man then trusting capricorn rules the needs it’s all about getting on your knees in a democracy I want to start with the democracy and the monarchy it’s obvious you’ve been the need you get on your knee and your bow your allegiance to the king the person you believe is better than you and more suited to rule you okay you get on your knees in a dictatorship you have the bigger guns and you put the opposition on their knees right and the democracy the hard-working person which is the average person’s a hardworking person which means he symbolically has to get on his knees to do is work whether he’s doing farm work cleansing work construction work you’re on your knees a lot you know so every government is determined bond who gets on their knees Capricorn okay it’s all about the knees okay so it’s just kind of an interesting how that symbolism really carries all the way through and Mars of course is exalted in Capricorn you know the power the overseer the one who’s going to make decisions its exalted in Capricorn it’s always the common people who dictate that but then they forget okay and they start blindly following blindly leading blindly going along not staying informed and getting lost and when they’re pacified they forget then they just let the rulership do its own thing that’s shown by the son of the ruler being in you know an enemy sign when it’s in Capricorn okay it’s so easy when we’re not paying attention not being vigilant to just let the rulers do it they want it was not impacting their life in a big way we don’t care and it’s been that way throughout history that’s why in Rome they hunt gladiators because it gave people something to focus on something to piece them with so the government we must sort of do what they wanted okay so you know but that never lasts eventually there’s always the time when people go wait a minute I don’t like this who’s the ones who get that power in the first place it was us and then we have a change you saw a little disc during the Vietnam War in America where there was just you know there was some protests all around the country about the Vietnam War that the people of Vietnam did not want to be involved in Vietnam and so on we’re even seen a little list now where people are protesting lockdown people like wait a minute you know we’re the ones who decide you know we don’t want to be in lockdown so when things get scary when things start feeling unfair to a dramatic degree that’s when the people start saying wait a minute you know we’re the ones who get the power and so I think it’s important remember or not these times where there’s these possibilities of our

rights being taken away for vaccinations vaccine ID cards who knows what else you know the media is possibly talking about without we hear about the media you know our health not being our you know being something we have permission to make choices on those types of things you know when they’re really coming stuck in our face like they are right now with this little epidemic we’re having can cause a lot of feeling of powerlessness but it’s not true it’s the people are always going to choose now the wreaths what happens is that what else happened people stopped paying attention because it’s not important enough to them you know the people are down on their knees doing their work you know we got to get through our lives we got to have a little R&R and then the day you know but there’s a point where things get to where they’re staring a person in their face and they’re like wait in a minute do I want to live this way or not and that’s always the time where people make a shift so I’m saying is you found nothing to fear about unfair governments in the long term you don’t in the short term you know and the short term usually creeps up on us and we go wait a minute some things are kind of stuck in here you know some things don’t seem fair anymore but there’s always a point or they’re glaringly unfair and you look at history when things become glaringly unfair that’s when the people remember our copper coin wait a minute we’re the one that put these blokes in power in the first place what we built we can change and so I think it’s important and the reason wanting to give this talk for those people who are little nervous or apprehensive about what we may or may not be forced to do in the future as a result of this virus to remember that we designed if you’re in a democracy you decide because you know you you have the power to vote the majority will win you’ll have to live with the majority you know you always have to go with the majority of power if you’re living in a dictatorship you have to go with the majority of who has the biggest guns and maybe the people carrying the biggest guns now go wait a minute we don’t want to keep carrying the guns for this side this is you know that happens too that’s why within dictatorships you see dictators being overthrown by other dictators you know because their army the people carrying the guns themselves go screw this you know we’re the ones who decide you know not the Godman raised as dictator twenty years ago you know and now we want it to be different so remember the power is always in the people so the best thing to do always is to stay informed you know communicate share and you know just be informed and informed on in a healthy level you know observe what’s really happening and there’s always a point when things become absolutely unfair that there’s always some change that happens eventually it’s happened in every culture it doesn’t matter what condition a government puts the people and one day that people always remember the rule of Capricorn and that’s they decide who’s in charge okay so each of us has value in our culture we have value to choose the people who you know for the leaders okay the spokespeople ideally the overseers you know Mars is exalted in Capricorn Marcus as the overseer he’s the person who looks to make sure everything gets done that was agreed upon to get done okay the people get the power and the overseer says okay okay Bob get this mission done that’s how we really need to look at our rulers you know that we give them the power and they’re the overseer the manager you know of that big project the person who can get it done and that’s all they are and then people always realize that true but they give the power so we got nothing to worry about except the friction that builds up if things do become unfair you know that’s a very apprehensive time and if you study history you’ll see the time leading up to big changes in history all this apprehension of things building up because people slowly realizing that they have all the power but there’s a state where it always begins with feeling powerless and unable like a three-year-old child trying to figure out how to survive in a world that they don’t understand but that passes as things become more obvious as information gets more clear as people can confront it with unfairness they always take their power back ok so remember that as you see some

of these crazy media stories that are coming up now about what may happen it’s only gonna happen if the people allow it to happen ok and we’re at a point in history now where so much stuff is company and that’s waking so many people up people are spending time at home getting informed because they can’t go to work all the football games boarding events are canceled so the games that keep people occupied they have to find other sources of and payment entertainment which is information these days so people are learning more and more and you know it’s a very wonderful thing but yes there’s a lot of people are feeling this apprehension of dread all the powers are be they’re gonna screw us yeah they’ll screw you until you realize they’re screwing you and when they rip when you realize for people when enough people real lights are being screwed that’s when it changes big-time so we got nothing to worry about you know we got nothing to worry about in the long term we just have to live only by moment in the short term it’s why as possible and the long-term were resolved itself okay this is really helpful Capricorn’s every man’s friend by choosing the leaders now if Leo had been on the tenth house oh we read be in trouble right then there could be people had such power they could just show up stay on King and there’s nothing you can do about it it’s not like that though it’s count for corn that grants the power okay thank you