Boat Heads – Part 6 – Holding Tanks and Anti Siphon Loop

baby fiberglassing would knitted me this big TV I swear I love you a plan to have you back okay yes Plan C certainly not gonna be able to do that with a tank in here range shit like that now there is another choice that’s easy yeah be a lot easier before that’s a lot of work you trade things off gave it a cover pass because I wasn’t happy with the first one I like I’m hot and I like them fast I’m not going for pretty I’m going for done well this masquerader pump came with a threaded fitting but it’s not a standard Imperial fitting it’s um no social is your choice that’s right the communist fitting so I got work this one down a bit okay that’s really close and I could probably force on there now we could also heat this up and force it on too and it would probably have a smooth and the fit then that we could just use PVC glue but we want to be able to catch these threads and everything so it’ll be much better with epoxy because epoxy has a gap-filling ability it won’t matter that’s not a really nice fit it’s good well sure makes it easier rain roll the vibe around their practice nice crash start any more heat than that and you can buy half couplers which you’re designed to be welded on but if you buy a full coupler which they make a lot more of you’ll find they’re much better priced and all you do is cut them in half they’re not quite as thick but that just means your welding has to improve a little bit more are obvious and serious if at any time you think you cannot go beyond your farthest at 1882 if the polar pack shows signs of disintegration if you are personally incapacitated for rapid travel if any member of your party is badly injured in a beautiful spring day any would the weather just been

fantastic first came in for this and yeah it’s pretty much the same thing aluminum coupler and we’re gonna yeah make some connections to it there’s a dolt bit little diamond ho and it works great on wheel here we go flat surface help I’m not sure you plenty of videos out there but I can tell you what watching a bunch of videos it’s not gonna help you get any better at it you got to get out here try hopefull I swear I think there’s a whole group of people in this world that watch videos and then watch other videos until people men those other videos how they’re not doing it like the people in the first videos but it doesn’t make any difference until you get out there and try look at that it’s making shaving randomly eggs you know I guess to me what’s important isn’t what you learn from YouTube it’s just information you gotta get out there and do it and then you’ll have knowledge and experience and skills and more joy from it the joy isn’t actually doing it don’t live vicariously through these videos that’s not the way to live life that’s just a way to buy time until you die get out there and try it yourself you’ll find a lot more enjoyment in that TIG is pretty but you can hardly beat the speed of mig now everybody would tell you aluminum needs to be clean really good and that’s true if you’re doing a well that matters if you’re not then get it done now another thing y’all don’t know about aluminum is don’t well aluminum flush to aluminum so that there’s no gap between them because you’re gonna have to weld all the way around it make it perfectly sealed because if water gets in between two pieces of aluminum they’ll start a poultice corrosion thing so anytime you can leave a gap this helps out really nicely because I could drill through it I can tap through without using any special tools and worrying about it going into the tank itself so it’ll be easy to drill holes later on for mounting and I don’t want huge welds attaching it because if I have to move the whole plate itself I just easily cut those loose move it well to back on someplace else for you know a new pump there’s an idea for you keep these games with screws there’s stainless steel that’s what we’re using on the boat every place but what I was to do is I keep in each drawer a drill size and a tap size for these particular screws it just makes it a lot faster to get your stuff together now I’ve been using a drill a tap with for years but these new clutch drills make it really easy you can set the clutch so that it doesn’t break the tap hopefully and yes I broke a tap use some lubricant wd-40 or anything when you’re tapping but you know I try not to what I’m gonna be welding around because it’s gonna screw up the well not to clean it’s on yeah sometimes shortcuts don’t pay off that is how you get a 5/8 inch hose to go on 3/4 inch fitting water weighs about eight pounds per gallon so 30 gallons that’s 240 pounds that’s what it feels like I’m not preheating to welde I’m preheating to get the water out of that hole right there so it doesn’t splash the steam when I start trying to weld it whole world is kind of rough so I’m just gonna take the whole thing rough on the top and you can see it definitely has a big air holes in it so

cutting the whole thing back turning the gas flow up doing against the right thing all right done and done and the way these things work is the toilet don’t have a hose that goes out comes down it goes in over there pump will draw from there through here master it ejects it through a one-inch hose here comes around and joined up the Y that’ll go in the other end of the wire will come from a bilge tank we have to build down over there and then those will go up and over and back down and out there’ll be a hose fittings that go up into the bottom of these and then through this valve it’ll be open of the boat to feed the fishes now not only do these make great handles what happens is this is all below the waterline more lines down here so what happens is if you pump out of a tank and into the ocean you create a loop it’s full water when you stop pumping the water starts to siphon back the other direction so we put a little valve in up here at the top where this quarter inch piece of coupler was welded on and what it does is when it’s pumping it has a little valve that shuts closed just like a check valve and then when it stops pumping the pressure comes off it wants to draw a vacuum here it lets air in so this side will have a check valve so can’t go down to this side they’ll drop back down to the water level and so it breaks the siphon that way your boat then filled with ocean water it’s bad thing when that happens now the check valve should stop that but I don’t want to rely on just the check valve it’s better to have two things you know a little redundancy especially when you’re talking about water coming into the boat so that’s it hope you enjoyed it would you make today send us your photos thanks guys