PlayStation 5 Unboxing! We got a PS5!!!

what’s up guys it’s your boy d here back at it again with another video and as you can see right here i have a playstation 5 in front of me i can’t even believe i even said that right now but before i get started doing this unboxing video i do have to let you guys know that sony sent this to us as a review so i didn’t buy this or anything like that like this is just for review purposes and i have to make sure to note that ahead of time you know just trying to make sure i’m abiding by all the rules so with that being said we’re just going to jump right into this review playstation has been in my life since like day one since i was a little kid from the playstation 2 playstation 2 to playstation 3 all the way up to the playstation 4 right now like this is the og 2013 ps4 i got for christmas i specifically remember that so it’s been a journey so i love you sharon but now it’s time to pass the torch to this bad boy so i do want to just take a little bit of time to get the details of the box itself before we actually jump into what’s inside of it i mean you know what’s inside of it but we’re gonna just we’re gonna just show the outside first 8k 4k 120 and hdr so i don’t even i don’t have an 8k tv i don’t i don’t know who who does right now but that’s coming in the future but i do have 4k so i’m excited to see how it looks on the actual screen on the back side we have play like never before harnesses the power of a custom cpu and ssd with integrated i slash o that rewrite the rules of what a playstations console can do god damn that sounds beautiful superior haptic feedback adaptive triggers and 3d audio technology marvel at incredible i thought it was about to say marvel like miles mirage marvel but marvel at marvel at incredible graphics and experience new playstation 5 features it’s talking about software and details about all that but i can’t talk about that today because of the embargo but we will have videos and more coverage along the lines coming later this week with more talking about the ui and all that so stay tuned to look out for that but this is just a hardware video so playstation 5 console wireless controller base hdmi cable ac power cord usb cable and some printed materials instructions of course and astro playroom which will be pre-installed so that is one of the videos that you will see coming soon is we can show off playstation’s astro room which is kind of like a sandbox type of game to just show you all the features that playstation 5 has to offer all right we’re going to just start unboxing it but i got a knife right here gonna because i want to be delicate with the tape be responsible you know feel courteous and whatnot all right this the power cord here we go we’ve got this is i’ve been hearing a lot of things about this controller i wanna i won’t be able to show off the gameplay yet but damn damn son all right we’ve got we’ve got the the ps5 dual sense controller like i’ve been hearing a lot of hype about this so a little bit heavier but all in all like the just the grip and how it fits in my my hand like this right in the pocket so definitely can’t wait to jump and see what this feels like so if you look a little bit closer uh most of the time like all the ps4 controllers all the controllers always had colors to to signal which you know shape it is or what shape it is but this one is completely green white i don’t think that’ll make much of a difference for people who like don’t rely on the colors for the gaming stuff but i think that’s a cool little thing to do gray gray uh green and white i don’t think we’ll be able to get this on camera but if you look super close like they have the the triangle about all little icons on the the controller itself they have the hdmi cable and then this right here is the base this is uh what you saw on the box that says base so this is what you’ll use to place the ps5 on whether you want to hold it horizontally or place it vertically because the playstation 5 itself when you lay it down it can’t lay flat which i’ll demonstrate in a second so you will need this if you’re planning on laying this down horizontally so we’ll see this part in just a few seconds let’s pull out this this little girl all right oh okay it is pretty heavy jesus this is heavy as hell bro like four just holding this in the wrapping i feel like i can lift this and a couple curls of this bad boy and i’m to get a workout god damn power unit damn look at that look look how beautiful this is as big as holy so this is thanos gauntlet this is the one he wore on his big big purple hand like michael chitless looking hand this is on thanos’s hand bro and if that like look how big this is compared to like that should give you a frame of reference on how big these things are like jesus look at that it is beautiful as you can see here we have a power button any eject button you know that’s pretty cool we have a usbc charger port and we have a regular usb port right here on the inside as well the the same details as of that they have on the ps controller they have right here they

have little icons just scattered all across little uh triangle o x and square symbols just layered within this and i think that’s pretty cool so the outside has more texture more like it feels more grabbable i guess i don’t know if that’s a word and on the inside here you know it has feels more rubber it has a little rubber outline blackish i think it’s beautiful so here we have on the back some more port openings got the the power the fan all that back here so uh we have the usb more usb ports we have uh the lan cable you know trying to get that fast wi-fi and then we have hdmi and then that is where you insert the power so it’s beautiful um that is how it looks that’s the basics of the ps5 so i do want to talk about now equipping the base to it this let’s just say this is without the base you see you lay it down it does not lay flat because it is curved because of the the battery stuff so if you want to do it vertically first to insert the thing you all you got to do is take the screw out and then what you’ll do this is if you’re going to install it and want to leave it in vertically which i do so and you just pop that bad boy in and then what essentially what you would do is place the screw right here that’s how you get it you know um permanently not permanently but after the default vertically slanted on the base nice beautiful let’s go ahead and try to see what it looks like or horizontally with the base uh mounted with it so you have to line this with the marked areas on the console so i think these are the marked areas for the base side i would assume ah yeah it clips in perfectly right here you can see that so now we’re just going to lay lay it down like a little baby and cherish it you know you can’t you got to be gentle with the little baby it just it was just born all right guys so that’s pretty much it for the unboxing video i want to say thank you again to sony for sending us an early review unit to actually open up people will be able to buy once it is available for launch on november 12th but with that being said you can expect a lot more coverage from me here at collider and as well as geeksico we’ll be posting a lot of content just around the playstation 5 we’ll have some miles morales videos we’ll have a bunch of content so make sure to follow me on twitter make sure to hit me up on instagram and make sure to follow my subscribe here where you’re watching this video i want to say thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed and i’m so excited to get to do some more ps5 content for you guys peace out a town down deuce