Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1049 – Full Episode – 27th May, 2019

Yes! It’ll be great fun Get some water, please – Sure, Baby Hey! What are you doing? – Leave Leave me. – Leave him What are you doing? Richa, you go in – Hey, leave him Richa, go in – Hey, stop Richa! – Let go What are you Richa! – Come Hey, move. Get in – Richa! Life cannot be trusted It cannot be guaranteed We cannot anticipate what may happen at which time We cannot be sure if a person will return at the end of the day But many a times, a person himself creates such situations I am paying as much as I promised Now send a perfect girl who should be able to please me Sir, you will have to rate it as 5 plus if you want to judge because I haven’t had any complaints Don’t you worry. The lady will reach your room Just in case there’s a problem, please do call me Sweety, I missed you a lot Richa, I missed you a lot What happened? Oh! She is Yasha As I mentioned, my neighbour at Rajasthan, Ms. Sarla’s daughter She is like my younger sister She has come to Mumbai today, and will stay with me Yasha! Yes Quite a good name But not a usual one By the way, nice meeting you Greetings Yasha, this is my friend, Guddu Do you know, this is her first visit to Mumbai Oh, really Okay, rest for today and from tomorrow let’s tour the entire Mumbai Okay? Done. Guddu, come in, I want to show you something Tell me what it is – Guddu Hey, have this. Take this Enough. – You didn’t taste this You also take it, Son Good morning. – Good morning, Son. Good morning Daughter-in-law everybody is around except Ritesh, where’s he? I’ve been up since 6 a.m. and haven’t seen him since When I called up his number to invite him for breakfast his mobile was switched off Mother’s favourite and ideal son is missing since morning and his mobile is also switched off He might have gone to the temple so he might have turned it off He doesn’t dilute his meditation with movie songs, like you do Mother-in-law it doesn’t take so long for him to venerate It’s about to turn 9:30, and he is to be found nowhere Sister-in-law, he might have been out on some work You are worrying without a reason Don’t you worry, he will be back Look, he has called up Lucky guy Hey, Ritesh! Hello! What? It’s a woman’s dead body, sir She has multiple stab injuries May be she died on the spot Who saw the body first? I saw, sir When I was out for my morning walk,

suddenly I heard some screaming I came running to see what has happened By the time I came here, she had died, sir Yes sir, a big car sped away from here Did you see the model of the car or registration number No, sir. We couldn’t notice But yes, it was a black coloured SUV car Did anybody see anything else Yes sir, this is my shop Early morning a guy had come to buy water He took water and went I resumed my work Then suddenly I heard some commotion Then I could see two people were forcing that guy into the car And yes, there was one more girl with them who went with them Okay, which means that the boy was abducted Sir, it seemed to be so But cannot be sure about it Is that a CCTV? – Yes, sir Shirke, get today morning’s CCTV footage. – Okay, sir Is this girl familiar? Had you seen her earlier? Sir, I don’t know her name and address But her face is familiar She stays nearby She buys milk regularly Kale, circulate her photo in the neighbouring areas. – Okay Send the body for post mortem – Okay, sir Come, let’s have some tea – Okay, sir Give us some tea – Reduce the sugar Increase it for me I want to speak to the senior inspector Tell me what is it about? Karade! Sir, he is asking for you Ask him to sit inside Sir Relax What happened? Sir, my son, Ritesh has been abducted So you mean, your son left home around 6 a.m and then around 9:30 a.m. you got a ransom call from his mobile What was the kidnapper’s demand? Sir, it is recorded in this You can listen to it. Here Here ‘Your son, Ritesh is with us.’ ‘If you want him to stay alive’ ‘arrange for Rs.1.5 crores before my next call.’ ‘I will call you shortly.’ That means the kidnapper is a girl, sir Call this number, Shirke The phone is off, sir Do you have his photo? – Yes, sir Sir Karade, take details from them – Sir Tell him all the details – Okay, sir. – Yes Come Put the whole family’s mobile numbers on tracking Okay, sir Yes, sir, this is Ms. Richa She stays in this building in Mr. Gurdeep’s flat number 403 When did you last see Richa? Today morning, sir Is there a CCTV camera in the building? There, sir Why did they kidnap us? Why did they kill Ms. Richa? I think those guys were sent by the enemies Richa has made What? What did Ms. Richa do? Why does she have enemies? When Richa came to Mumbai a year ago Then she Then she received a lot of offers from the escort business And she told me this herself She did not believe in easy money That is why, to maintain her own dignity she made something of herself She started to earn good money She started wearing branded clothes She started buying expensive jewellery And she moved to Lokhandwala – I know that Seeing her progress, my parents sent me to her But what does she do to have such enemies? Look Hey, she turned out to be a nurse Look how she has bandaged him Here, make the call I won’t call now – You won’t?

‘By tomorrow morning, transfer Rs. 12.5 lakh each’ ‘in all four of Ritesh’s accounts, 50 lakhs in total.’ ‘If you do not do that and if you go to the police’ ‘then remember that Ritesh will not remain alive.’ I don’t know who this girl is She is after my Ritesh Video I’ve received a video Hey! – Hey, are you crazy! Give her whatever she is asking for Please save my Ritesh Please save him Mother, we do not have that much money to give her Yes, if father is willing to sell the company Hey, shut up Sell the company? I know you and Mr. Karsan want me to sell my company You don’t care about your parents You only care about your father-in-law Go and be a live-in son-in-law So? What am I doing wrong? At least I’m not lying to people and incurring debt saying that the company is doing very well Besides, Father, what good is the company? Sell it At least Ritesh will survive Okay, fine You want to sell the company? Wait for me to die Until I’m alive Stop it! Fight later Save my Ritesh first L-Let me inform the police – No! No We can’t tell the police What if we tell the police and they do something to Ritesh? No Yes, Father. Mom is right We shouldn’t involve the police Sir, the girl who was murdered is Richa Dhariwal She lived alone in the flat of a man named Gurdeep in Springfield society in Lokhandwala Sir, Gurdeep told us that he never received any complaint about Richa And she’d pay her rent in time Sir, we opened the door with the duplicate key Gurdeep had Sir, we found a lot of cash in her cupboard And yes, we also found a suitcase In which we found this girl, Yasha Rana’s, ID And, sir, when I checked the building’s CCTV footage I saw this girl and Richa leaving the building in the morning Yasha Rana The address here is of Rajasthan, Shirke Did this girl stay with Richa? Maybe, sir There is one more information about Richa, sir What? – A complaint was registered against Richa in Juhu Police Station – Who filed the complaint? Sir, I don’t know the details It was a case of fraudulence We’re about to receive the file from the Juhu Police Station We’ll know after we get it Okay Check Richa’s flat again We might find some clue. – Sir Sir, this is the footage from the shop in front of which the murder and the kidnapping took place Shirke, doesn’t he look like Ritesh? Yes, sir, that is Ritesh But, sir, I can’t see from where or how the kidnapper came Sir, this is that girl, Yasha Rana I saw her in the building’s CCTV footage Sir, by looking at this girl, it seems like she boarded the car on her own – Yes Shirke, is it possible that Yasha herself is involved in this case? Or maybe this is a love triangle Richa and Ritesh had an affair They both were sitting on the front seat as well Richa even fought with the kidnapper Leave! – Hey But, Yasha She didn’t make any effort She silently boarded the car with the kidnapper Sir, if at all Yasha is pretending to get kidnapped to wipe Richa out of her path then why is she giving a ransom call? We can’t say that Maybe it’s just to prove herself genuine Or even this is possible that both Yasha and Ritesh are involved in this Or anything else can be the reason for murder and kidnapping Have you checked Ritesh’s call details? Yes, sir I checked the details But I didn’t find anything suspicious But I found a personal laptop from his office I’ve sent it to the technical team We may get some clue from that However, I enquired in his office on this matter The employees told that Mr. Kamlesh’s business wasn’t doing so good Kamlesh and his elder son, Rajiv used to fight very often Rajiv wanted Kamlesh to sell his company to his father-in-law, Karsan Bhai Thakkar That means, even his family members had a motive Do one thing, Shirke Keep an eye on them Fetch all their details – Okay The car’s registration number is not visible in this Maybe there’s a CCTV camera ahead. Collect its footage We’ll definitely find the number somewhere Okay, sir Karade Sir Sir, try to understand It’s not the first time that I am borrowing money from you Whenever I need, I borrow money from you

And I’ve also returned the money in time Sir, I know that I have to give you money Dad will somehow arrange money and will give you Please give us some time My son Ritesh got kidnapped If anything wrong happens, then you’ll get your money Sir The cyber team has recovered the dad of Ritesh’s laptop Look at this, sir Sir, Ritesh has created fake accounts in so many social networking sites and dating sites using the name ‘Guddu S.’ Oh. So, this is the reality of Kamlesh’s innocent son Come on, Shirke. Let’s go to his house and have some tea Do one more thing Do the enquiry of all the girls whom this Guddu S. has met I don’t know anyone called Richa or Yasha And he’s not my Ritesh He’s some Guddu What are you saying, Mom? Guddu is his nick name You gave him that Sir, it’s definitely Ritesh S-Sir, there must be some mistake Yes, you made a mistake You deposited Rs. 50 lakh in Ritesh’s account without even thinking and that’s a mistake Just a minute What do you mean by deposited Rs. 50 lakh? Sir, the kidnappers demanded They asked us to deposit Rs. 12.5 lakh each to all his four accounts if we want to see him alive So, we had to do it, sir You guys didn’t tell this – We didn’t tell! We wanted our Ritesh back safe! What if they would do anything to Ritesh after telling you! Has he come? Has Ritesh come back? No, right? If anything happens to Ritesh, you’ll be responsible, not us Why aren’t you co-operating? If you won’t co-operate after this, then I Then what! Then! Will you hang us! I want my Ritesh back, no matter what you do! And I’ll bring him back at any cost! They both became friends in a dating app Later, they both exchanged their numbers But Ritesh didn’t tell Richa that he’s married Shirke, is it possible that Ritesh’s dual personality became the reason of his kidnapping? Have you got any information of the bank in which the money was transferred? Not yet, sir. But I’ve informed the people of the bank As soon as money is withdrawn from any of the four accounts they’ll inform us, sir One more thing, sir The car used during kidnapping doesn’t belong to anyone in the Shah family Maybe Ritesh took that car on rent That means, you couldn’t find anything about the car No, sir However, that car was captured in a CCTV camera ahead After that, it disappeared But even in that footage, number plate isn’t clearly visible But, Shirke, if it was a rented car he must have taken it from somewhere Yes – Then find that out, Shirke Sir, Richa’s file has arrived from Juhu Police Station Sir, a man called Jayesh Seth registered a complaint Richa took advance money from him for sending an escort and the number which she gave was later switched off Sir, the Juhu Police enquired about this Richa gave a statement that she uses a new SIM card for every new client and used to escape with the money Sir, she cheated many people like this but only Jayesh lodged a complaint That mean, she must have easily got bail in this case Shirke, have you understood? A girl, who used to cheat people had an affair with a boy who had a dual personality The girl is murdered and the boy is kidnapped That mean, this case isn’t as easy as we thought What! Sister used to cheat people for money? She just used to cheat those who wanted to cheat on their girlfriend or wife And it’s not wrong to cheat such traitors But yes The best thing was that she kept herself safe even after doing all that You knew everything about sister Even after that, you accepted her? Yes Because she was doing all this to support her family not for herself She used to tell me everything And how.. How could I leave such an honest girl?

Richa! Hey! Why are you being upset? Come on, it’s nothing Let’s have fun Father-in-law! Mother-in-law! – What happened! What happened! Father-in-law, I am getting a call from Ritesh’s number! Answer – Answer quickly! H-Hello ‘Come to Sigma Mall with Rs. 50 lakh.’ ‘And you’ll come with the money Understood?’ ‘I’ll call you back after two hours.’ V-Video – Open it! Open it fast! Father-in-law! Mother-in-law! Give them all my money and jewellery! Please save Ritesh! We’ll have to send her to Sigma Mall within two hours with Rs. 50 lakh! Otherwise, who knows what they’ll do with Ritesh What? Rs. 4 lakhs was taken out of Ritesh’s account? Yes, sir We got a call from the bank’s central office They said, Rs. 4 lakhs was taken from the four accounts from all the ATMs between Bandra to Borivali Hey Yes, Shinde? Sir, Ritesh’s wife and brother are going somewhere in the car They also have a bag I think, they are going to give money to the kidnapper The kidnapper shouldn’t escape Keep an eye on them Yes, sir I’m following them They got a call from the kidnapper They didn’t inform us again Do this Go and join Shinde The kidnapper shouldn’t escape Okay, sir Come, Kale Let’s go! Yes, Shinde? Their car stopped near a public toilet at SV Road The boy went inside, sir The lady is waiting for him in the car He left his house a while ago, he doesn’t have to go to the washroom so soon It might be a plan of his Go inside the toilet and check Yes, sir I’ll go and check Tell me, Shinde The boy came out with the same bag that he took inside The car left Okay, keep following him I’ll talk to the person near the washroom Yes Is anyone inside? – No Did anyone leave a while ago? Two men had come here One of them left a while ago and a Muslim man left just now Yes, Shinde? Something seems wrong, sir He is going towards his home without giving the money They kept the money in the washroom You didn’t understand that I don’t understand why they’re doing this What else could we have done? If we’d have told you, they might’ve killed Ritesh Calm down Sit down Sir, I left Rs. 50 lakhs in the toilet How did you know in which toilet the kidnapper was in? I told him to keep an eye on me, sir We went in two empty toilets He knocked the wall and I understood it was him and left the money there Then, he took it You were ordering the kidnapper? You planned for him? – No He had called us to Sigma Mall but it was his idea to keep the money in the toilet That’s because going to Sigma Mall could’ve been risky Did a girl call for ransom again? Yes, I got a call on my phone I got a call on ‘Voice App’ I am worried We aren’t even able to find the car We could’ve caught the kidnapper today but he escaped because of the family’s foolishness If we could catch just one person the other two would’ve been behind bars Other two? There were three people involved in the kidnapping? We can see it clearly in the CCTV There were two more people along with Ritesh The fourth one was Yasha She sat in the car without anyone forcing her to Don’t forget that a girl is making the ransom calls I think, Yasha is the mastermind Sir This is Richa Dhariwal’s post mortem report Sir, Richa died between 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m She was stabbed by a knife What’s new about it? We know that, right?

Sir, these are the CCTV footages of the 12 ATMs from which money was taken from Ritesh’s account Show me Look, sir We can see these two men but we can’t see their faces because of the hat and the beard They might be the ones who kidnapped Ritesh Shirke – Sir Tell your informers to start working I want them at the police station Sir I did a background check on Rishi He was addicted to gambling Because of that he owes Rs. 1.5 crores to people Get him here Sir – Tell me.. – It hurts, sir You owe people around Rs. 1.5 crores because of gambling, right? You kidnapped your brother because of that You chose the public toilet to keep the ransom money, right? Right? Am I right? Did you repay Rs. 50 lakhs or do you still have it? Tell me No, sir It isn’t true I didn’t kidnap anyone, sir Is it? You mean to say, you still owe Rs. 1.5 crore and you seem so relaxed? Is no one asking you for money? I’ve to repay him He is threatening my life He won’t leave me without getting money Think about it, sir Why will I get my brother kidnapped for money? Please believe me I did nothing You won’t go anywhere till you’re proven innocent You’ll stay here You’ll stay over here Keep him here Find out about his history Sir.. – You have a textile business, right? Yes, sir You’ll wash our clothes as long as you’re here Please listen to me, sir Sir! According to our theory, Yasha was impressed by Richa’s success, lifestyle and boyfriend Maybe, she killed Richa and got Ritesh kidnapped to get all this The other theory was, Kamlesh Shah’s business was facing a loss That’s why, his son, Rajiv wanted to sell the business to his father-in-law His other son, Rishi owed people Rs. 1.5 crores We thought, one of them might’ve used Yasha for the kidnapping But we could’ve been certain if we could get hold of the kidnapper But the kidnapper was mocking us He was shocking us He was becoming successful in his goal Unbelievable! The kidnappers used the same modus operandi again They took Rs. 4 lakhs from different ATMs between Mulund to Ghatkopar Not just that, they also took Rs. 10 lakhs from different bank branches between Vashi and Vasai using bearer cheque They used Ritesh’s PAN card and Aadhar card I don’t understand something Ritesh might have his Aadhar card and PAN card in his wallet but how did they get his cheque book? Where did they get that from? Rishi said that the female kidnapper told him to drop Ritesh’s cheque book at the public toilet What are these people doing? Can they not understand? They can kill Ritesh even after getting the money Yes, sir But we have no choice but to trust them The kidnapper is making calls from the ‘Voice App’ We cannot trace it – Sir I have a shocking news Kamlesh’s elder son, Rajiv was in touch with a goon He was planning Ritesh’s kidnapping He was going to ask a lot of ransom from Kamlesh so that Kamlesh would be forced to sell his company to Mr. Karsan I’ll talk to him His phone is being traced, right? Yes, sir – Where can we find him? You’re useless! You’re a fool How will you manage a factory? I’m sad that you’re my son-in-law Why did I give you my daughter? You cannot talk to me like that Just be happy that I’m only talking to you Do you know how much money I took from the market? You weren’t able to convince your father You tried to plan a kidnapping And yes, you said, he had no money How did he get so much money? I wouldn’t have come up with this plan if I knew he’d arrange money from some other place Stop this nonsense and listen to me Come on, keep talking Why are you silent? Keep on talking You’ve got an audience now Sir, we were just talking among ourselves Oh, just like how you were talking to an exiled criminal about Ritesh’s kidnapping, right? We only spoke to him The deal wasn’t finalised I did that because told to Hey, what the heck are you saying! Nonsense! Inspector, he’s lying He’s always been putting his responsibility on others and get everything for free He’s very lazy! – And you’re hard-working You work so hard that if a company faces loss you’d pressure the owner so much that he’d sell it for a cheap price No, sir You’re misunderstanding Is that so? Then tell me what the truth is Take him to police station Okay. – Listen to me It’s not like that.. – Come That’s it

I can’t take this anymore Kill me Yasha, what’s happened to you? Why are you saying that! It’s all my fault! Those two raped me like beasts! They got everything Money and everything else But they still wouldn’t let us go! Why won’t they let us go! Don’t beat Yasha anymore It’s the time to give you freedom Here, take this and make one last phone call If we get money, we’ll free you two Here It’s a deal. This will be the last phone call Shirke, have you found out anything about the car used for kidnapping? – Not yet, sir I’ve inquired all the car dealers, who rent cars all the way from Mumbai to Thane That car wasn’t rented from any of those places It means that the car could be private or from outside this state That’s possible but I Sir I’ve learned something interesting from Kamlesh’s CDR On the day Ritesh was kidnapped and a couple of days before that Kamlesh spoke to Mansoor Indori of underworld Mansoor Indori is blacklisted and right now, he’s out on bail Khade, Kamlesh’s CDR had arrived long time back Why did you find out about this now? It’s because Mansoor bought the SIM registered on someone else It took time to get the details Is that so? Call Mansoor. – Okay – I’ll talk to him I’ve heard that your bodyguards are outside the police station Are you danger even inside the police station? Well, I have to take care of my security You know how bad these times are What do you know about Kamlesh Shah? What can I tell you about him? Tell me what you know He’s greater criminal than me He took money for his from me because his son’s kidnapped He said that he might need more in the future You gave him money? What’s your basis? His business is over How is he going to return the money? I gave the money for his son, Ritesh What do you mean? Mansoor, I’m in trouble Help me right now. Trust me, I’ll return all the money Who should I trust the money with? Tell me! Should I trust your bogus business? I mean Mansoor, most of the kidnappers kill the victim after taking the money Assume if that happens There’s life insurance of Rs. 5 Crore for Ritesh There’s a an accident insurance of Rs. 10 Crore too There’s Rs. 15 Crores of insurance I won’t let you money go to waste I’ll return your money from that When was the last time you give money to Kamlesh Shah? Well, here’s the money. – What you mean? My man just delivered Rs. 50 Lakhs to his house Where are you going, Kamlesh! Stop, Kamlesh.. Listen to me – Stop! Stop! I’ll kill myself Get back That tall inspector who was standing behind you Where is he? Call him here or else I’ll commit suicide! Just a minute.. I’ll call him Where is he? Kamlesh escaped Mrs. Shah, this wasn’t good of you Look after her! Should Mr. Kamlesh show up bring him to police station – Okay, Sir S-Sir, I admit that I’ve taken money from Mr. Mansoor But, I haven’t kidnapped my son

Sir, I love him – That’s why you were dreaming about Ritesh’s insurance money after his death Because you knew that kidnappers don’t leave their victims alive Am I right? – N-No, Sir I-I said that to Mr. Mansoor so that he lends me money to pay the ransom Because, God is the witness if Ritesh doesn’t return home safe I’ll kill myself as well Okay, so tell me where did you drop the 50 lakh rupees today? No, t-that, I can’t tell you I can’t tell anything until Ritesh returns home safely We’ve got a tip from our informer that some suspicious activity is taking place at Sunny Villa in Madh Island Let’s go Sir, she is Yasha Shirke, we’re late once again The kidnapper got away! Call the forensic team And, search the entire bungalow – Yes, Sir There’s no one here The entire bungalow is deserted Sir, it seems from her condition that she had been raped Look, her clothes are torn as well And, there are also scratch marks It seems she had been tortured a lot by the looks of it Sir we’ve recovered this cap, beard and a mask Shirke, by looking at these it appears as if she’s a victim, not the culprit If Yasha is here, where is Ritesh? What if Ritesh has been murdered? Send the body for post mortem – Okay As per her post mortem report, she had been gruesomely raped Dried semen were also found on her clothes which may have been of the kidnapper’s On the other hand, there was Ritesh What happened to him? Was he alive or had he also been murdered and his body was disposed? But, will his family who tried to deceive us ever find out what actually happened with Ritesh? Ritesh! R-Ritesh Y-You are You’ve been beaten so much! Are you all right? Let me see Yasha died because of me only That poor girl had gone through everything because of me After Sunny Villa, where did they take you? I-I don’t k-know, Sir First, they killed Yasha And, then they hit my head with some weapon I had lost my consciousness Then, when I opened my eyes I found myself at some road in the Borivali Highway Sir, the auto rickshaw driver had said the same thing Do you recognise the kidnapper’s face? Y-Yes, Sir I’ve seen it once Both of them were drunk and had dozed off without wearing their masks Can you assist in making their sketch? Yes Sir, we have received an information from our informant Two persons who don’t look like so rich have been spending money lavishly in Deepa Bar since last 2 to 3 days And they are consuming expensive alcohol Detain them – Sir Sir I am speaking the truth Sir

Sir I am speaking the truth Hey – Get up! Stand up – Come here. Come! Are you sober now? Or shall I ask to get more alcohol for you? Where did you get so much from? Hit them – Sir Sir – Speak up Sir, we were involved in a kidnapping We got money from there Check whether the sketch is ready or not Sir, here is the sketch Whom did you kidnap? Sir, we kidnapped a boy and a girl A film should be made on you You are very cunning You were the mastermind behind the kidnapping, right? Tell us as to when did you abduct them also why and how did you do that? Come on Fast I used to go to dating sites and enjoy with girls What could I have done? I didn’t have money Hence, I thought that it was a good idea to extort money from dad I used a car registered in Gujarat for kidnapping And I put a fake number plate of Maharashtra on the car So that you can’t reach me Shankar was our driver I gave him Rs. 1 lakh to convince him to kidnap me And he agreed too It was already fixed that they would kidnap me from outside of the shop I intentionally stopped the car there So that Richa and Yasha could be the eyewitnesses And no one could suspect me But Richa fought with those goons in order to protect me And Hari and Shankar murdered Richa And they took Yasha in the car which was not part of the plan I was helpless then So I let this happen I pretended to be kidnapped as long as Yasha was with me That’s why I had Yasha and myself tied up And I asked Yasha to make the ransom call It was my idea And Yasha’s rape Was that part of the plan? No, sir Hari and Shankar raped her under the influence of alcohol – I see Hari said that you killed Yasha since she became useless for you In fact, her kidnapping was not part of the plan Why did you kill her then? Sir, when dad gave Hari Rs. 50 lakh for the last time he reached Sunny Villa Sir, forgive me if I crossed the limits Forget it We have received the money, right? Take your fees Go and enjoy Yasha! – You were behind this! You are so cheap! My sister got killed while trying to protect you And you You are responsible for my ordeal I won’t spare you I will expose you Your parents don’t know that you are a monster Two innocent girls got killed because of you Now, spend the rest of your life in jail Take him away – Come Dry semen found on Yasha’s body belonged to Hari and Shankar Hence, they were punished for committing a rape, murders and a fake kidnapping And Ritesh was punished for pretending to be kidnapped being involved in Richa’s murder and fraud This case is still pending in the court Getting involved in frauds and choosing the wrong path to earn easy money are warning sings that you will land up in jail Recognise those warnings And stay alert On this note I, Senior Inspector Sunil Kelkar will take your leave now We will meet again with the next episode of ‘Crime Patrol, Dastak’ Till then, stay alert Keep watching ‘Crime Patrol, Dastak’ Our aim is to protect you ‘Jai Hind’