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so jess is really excited about going on another retro around the charity shop gameplay we’ll see i think he will i mean there’s even cherry shops that i want to go and lock in so we’re going down to rougely and it’s retro why don’t you say in a way people actually know hub shop is that better hub it sounds like you’re saying herb retro herb shop pub shop retro hub shop i’m struggling to articulate my words because of my own nonetheless i’ve got a bit of a lisp back to a hub shop there you go thank you well done [Applause] check it out one hour later and here we are in retrohub down in staffordshire in the delightful town of rougely and we’ve also got a giveaway you guys need to share this video using team 24 as many times as possible over the next week i will send the person who shares the most these two games or those two games you just saw in the last clip so get sharing so we’re going to be taking a jolly good look around this brand new store shout out to elric he is the owner of this store retro hub and he’s new here he had a market stall i believe a couple of months back and then when all this kind of stuff kicked off with the lockdown he got an opportunity to move to this shop and i’m delighted to be able to go down and get this shop some kind of you know recognition because i think retro hub shop is definitely an up-and-coming retro game store to kind of hold out for and they sell loads of stuff they sell kind of warhammer you’ve got game guides magazines um magic the gathering i mean lots of board games you name it i think there’s a little bit of something in here for everybody there’s gestures there taking a look at the board games actually now we’re actually cozied up in the back here this is some of the kind of off the grid shots that i like to bring here mega drive nothing major you know the kind of football fifa’s you know the the generic stuff here in the back i thought there might be something really juicy got some magic the gathering cards there love it absolutely love it it’s been ages since i’ve played magic the gathering and but i got some really nice games in this particular retro game hunt oh and can we just take a moment boxed ps1 controllers they’re obscured like seriously the boxed ones they’re very difficult to find i didn’t need one so i didn’t buy it but i suggest you guys keep your eyes peeled for boxed ps1 controllers because they’re they’re becoming quite valuable now we jump out to the front of the shop here elvic has some beautiful gba game boy and you you know game boy color loads of different cartridges and loads of a nice variety of box stuff they’re dropping down to some n64 uh we’ll take a we’ll kind of come back to that and again i did pick up one of the super nintendo games that he had in from a massive lot from stafford um and i was just going through some spares and i love i love absolutely buzz off boxes like this and i always ask if i can kind of have a rummage through i did pick up one out of here and there was lots of atari and everything obviously as you can see was kind of unboxed there was some japanese sega saturn really nice to see rampage i was debating there was a copy there and there was a copy in the cabinet which will probably probably clock later but i’ve never played rampage jess actually said maybe i should get it and i didn’t so i thought i’d put it to you guys and is rampage any good on the nintendo 64 now check this little beauty out he was 11 and i’ve completely forgotten his name but he was one of el rick’s friends dogs and he he was just such a delight i mean you know having a dog or bumping into like

pets on these retro game pumps is just an absolute flipping bonus for me but time stamp in the comments guys have you seen anything and in the second half of this episode because this is a double episode i’m going to show you guys exactly what i picked up so we have loads more to come so we’re still having a good old rummage through here and again these kinds of raw and pure shots when i’m just on my phone diving into a box full of games you know the smell of the old games the clanking of the plastic of the cartridges i mean it doesn’t really get much better than that and it really doesn’t get much better than that in fact what i am going to do as well and it’s just a little teaser for what you can kind of expect on retro game hunts i’m going to be using a lot of mobile audio and we’ll see some of that will roll you’ll hear some of that later in this video but i really want to pad these retro game hunts out rather than it just be voice over you know you guys can get a flavor for what it sounds like in the store nine times out of ten there’s a lot of um funny conversation going on that i have to bleep out and but we’re back in the front again jess uh just filming me here i’ve actually taken a look at some of the n64 magazines i’m having a good old route through and i’m really really loving the n64 at the minute particularly um as raw talent art hooked me up with the rgb um n64 i actually kind of got them all so uh pretty pretty pretty stoked that and uh shout out to el rick behind the till right there never seen disk watch before oh my god they’re probably not completely dried up amazing still that’s wicked cool dude i remember that thanks for the back of your head babes i’m not very photographed or not i’m quite shy actually so you just heard my excitement at the lovely el rick passing me over some ps1 goodies and if you can kind of guess what they were you may have actually clocked what was on top but you’ll see that later in the video i didn’t even know the one of them existed so it was a real nice surprise actually to be able to kind of have a look at those and we’re just kind of discussing it there and i’m like where did you get them from how did you get them how did you acquire them i remember these me and my brother used to have them and it’s just having that nostalgia and the memories that i really just cannot get enough of i mean nostalgia is for me one of the most powerful things in the world and that’s why i love little things that crop up on retro game hunts like that now i was just here um and the n64 magazines you can see that the footage is just flipping flopping all over the place because the m64 magazines are still there and but no seriously joking aside you’ve got your game guides and there’s a couple of mangas kicking about so i do actually need to get back into reading tokyo ghoul i’ve watched one and a half seasons of tokyo ghoul on netflix which really engrossed me for the first season but then i just kind of lost interest a little bit so what i’m probably gonna do with tokyo ghoul is maybe just restart season two again um you know but we’ll see we will see tokyo ghoul if you’ve read it let me know if you’ve watched it i want to hear from you board games galore plenty to feast your little eyes on and you know loads of magic cards pokemon trading cards lovely display i was like you know i think you just let me point there this looks like a really nice piece of kit and star wars destiny boards game i think elric correct me if i’m wrong but you can also play this is this the one you can play one player because there’s one on here and now rick said you can actually play this by yourself because obviously with a bald game you need two or more players so i think developing board games being able to just play by yourself is freaking unbelievable i would love to see more of that because i have um zelda monopoly i have another board game that i’m not going to mention because you’ll see it later in the video i’ve got the tomb raider tomb raider angel of darkness board game and jess isn’t overly fussed but um i will be kind of taking recommendations and you know maybe we should get i don’t know some kind of little meet up or something and play some board games i don’t know i know there’s lots of like magic the gathering nights so like card games that you tended to take place on friday but that’s all kind of died down now but you know el rick did say that he is going to be doing that when things start to kind of ease

in terms of restrictions he’s going to have friday night magic the gathering and if you are in this area rougely staffordshire definitely go and check him out he actually came up with a great idea if you subscribe to my channel if you go in and you show him that you’re subscribed to me he will give you 10 off so i make no money on that you literally will get 10 off your purchase if you’re subscribed to my channel so i don’t know subscribe leave a like and uh yeah let’s continue with these awesome retro games now i clocks one of my first gen channel cards um the on the flip side of that there’s the banner art as well so i thought that was like super nice thank you uh for having that there and yeah it just made me smile from ear to ear it was actually one of the first things i noticed when i got towards the back of the shop there’s some random bits and pieces that is an amiga game minute that is yeah i thought so what’s what’s that oh that’s what i they were asking that’s wicked that’s right past gemma that is an amiga game i just had to like double check because as i picked um that off the shelf i was like wait a minute does it have tape in or does it have floppy disk and yeah it had a floppy disk ins um so yeah i was just had to kind of double check because i have in the past for like big box games thinking like oh yeah amiga stuff it turns out to be like commodore 64 games or whatever else i don’t know um but anyway we’ve got some sega goodness here now jess really liked the box art on turtles tournament fighters it’s i don’t remember if it had a manual i think it did have a manual i didn’t pick it up it’s one that i’ve genuinely been deliberating on for all this time literally all this time because you’ve seen my collection now and you’d think that that is a predominantly staple title in the mega drive and super nintendo um kind of genres but i don’t own it it doesn’t enthrall me massively and i do think that it’s quite an expensive game for what it is but i think a lot of the teenage mutant ninja turtle games tend to be pretty expensive and they tend to hold their value and which is awesome i guess let’s look at these uh cdi games encyclopedia these are there’s not movies games that’s cool that’s really cool yeah you think sounds even that’s pretty cool i’m doing it again anna i’m doing that thing again where i go back to shelves i have the most random way of scouring for games jess absolutely she just she pointed it out actually she’s like there’s no rhyme or reason to how i go into a game honey i just go in i pull games off the shelf as you saw there i’ll walk away i’ll come back i’ll walk away again i’ll spin around

i mean fortunately everything in here was in great order you see you’ve got your platinums there everything’s alphabetized that was platinum ps2 and ps1 and jess was just asking me about one of the guides here which i had and so i didn’t actually pick up any guides this time i did last time i went down and i i absolutely think retro game stores should really make more of a point to put their game guides out particularly now they’re becoming more of a commodity because you can’t buy them with the new games that are coming out because prima went under so i think a lot of tangible game guides it’s almost like tangible instruction manuals you don’t see them a lot anymore but when you do you feel like you’re getting a little bit more for your money in terms of a game like you’d leave a game stall and you’d open your game and you’d have a manual and the game and it’s the same with game guides i used to leave game stores with the game and a manual and feel that i’d got more for my money so you know put your game guides out retro game store owners there’s a little one from me i don’t know i can’t believe someone bought a cdi in so i said we’d come back to have a look at this glass cabinet in more depth and i found it interesting i i didn’t actually think about it until el rick said kids bump into this all the time and obviously as you guys can see everything’s stood up so things fall pretty darn easy and he’s kind of tidying them up quite a lot at the time so i think again you just you know kids can get very excited and they go into a store like this and there’s lots of like mario that they recognize and pokemon and different pokemon and really cool stuff and they get excited and they end up banging into things i’m yet to make that mistake because believe you me i am just as clumsy and i am just as excitable and there’s rampage again um as as anyone that is under the age of 10 so yes i am a little bit clumsy fortunately i didn’t have any accidents in here and there were some beautiful things and some really really really nice stuff and just scoping out she always picks up steel books right now jess i know you’re not gonna watch this because you don’t watch my videos but what is it with you in the in the steel box just out of interest do they just stand out to you more on the shelf or do you prefer them from a collector’s point of view but yeah she kind of clocked that and i found it interesting as well that she also clocks that there were some sealed ps4 games in here so awesome source awesome and uh yes let’s continue the retro game so so i know that these particular retro game hunts and this entire playlist is really popular with you guys so what i’m going to do is i’m going to link it in the cards and if you want to go and watch another episode go and choose from over a hundred maybe even 150 but i know i don’t know definitely at least 100 retro game hunt episodes go and check that out i’ll also link it on the end slide now i just want to take this opportunity to just say a quick thank you to el rick for giving us coffee um collecting load of stuff for me as i was messaging him over facebook went down and really being really hospitable and i can’t recommend this place enough guys please go and check it out i’ll link everything in the description even if you can’t get down there just you know message him give elrika follow on facebook you know his retro hub shop and if there’s anything you like don’t forget guys message him or get down there get 10 off by subscribing to this channel you’re doing great

one thing that in that kind of last shot there that was really nice was the amount of original xbox games and it wasn’t just your generic xbox games that you tend to see time and time again in cex like the halo and halo and halo you know there was an actual really nice variety didn’t pick any up because i tend to only collect for ogx box what i will play rather than i’m not like an xbox collector i’m on the console front but i’m not so much with the games because well i i don’t know i think like the ps2 for me just has much more of a competitive library and i would much more rather play the kind of ps2 and besides i have memory cards full of save games that i can just plug and play into my ps2 with the xbox i don’t really have as much now as we approach the second half of this episode we just kind of dive into the back again and again loads more gba titles boxed up i didn’t kind of like i was kind of looking through waiting for that hidden gem to pop out and there were some beautiful things in here charlie and the chocolate factory um bart simpson oh simpson the simpsons anything simpsons branded it again game wise is definitely worth a looking don’t overlook it and then just really cool little um pokemon figures stashed in at the back there i mean this place is like an aladdin’s cave for retro gamers we’ve got a tomb raider pc big box there i want to pick that up but i actually own two maiden and two movie two two motor three and two raider chronicles i think on them big box pc um so i didn’t pick it up but otherwise i would have snagged it i would have absolutely snagged bagged and tagged it so yes this is the secret stuff of the store i don’t think elvic would let you back here but don’t forget there’s something you don’t see out on the shop floor just ask him because all of this stuff was stashed in the back so we are approaching the middle of this episode and i hope you guys are still here um we’re gonna be doing much longer episodes moving forward there’ll be two videos a week rather than three but i’m gonna combine the videos to make them longer so essentially you’re actually getting more content so yeah please hit that subscribe button as we take our little intermission bow and go back to the lady lounge aka the game room and just like that we are back home in the lady lounge we have molly the dog right here chilling out and you may have seen that i did actually pick up this beautiful mushroom from smith’s toys a definite kind of hidden gem for your high street game stuff but we’re here to take a look at the retro games i picked up from retro hub shop don’t forget 10 off if you go in and show them that you subscribe to me i make no money you save 10 percent buzzing and so i have a whole box here i’m going to get right into it and so i actually have an amiga 500 plus with a disk drive as you guys know the 600 has the gotek drive so ah check it out i picked up and i’ll show you additional things of this final fight on the amiga i have never played the amiga version how insane is that like i love it on the super nintendo and it does a very good job in rivaling the streets of rage franchise in my opinion and so check how cool the box art is let’s just take a minute just to appreciate how fabulous that boxer is and everything is in here i don’t know if that’s actually like a poster in there or something like that and then we have the two discs itself so pretty stoked to have a little bit more amiga love as we’ve said there’s more amiga content comments so it’s like really buzzing with that um the box up does look very different as well to what i’m used to see like on the super nintendo um so i’ll show you i should now now this was going cheap in argos recently but i couldn’t find it anywhere and it’s harvest moon the lost valley on the nintendo 3ds and he actually had a couple of these and you may have seen on the retro game hunt itself i’m very much kind of angling myself towards um kind of harvest moon animal crossing and stardew valley i’ve been really contemplating getting stardew valley on a mobile mobile gaming oh god forbid um but yeah so i kind of i wanted to pick it up and a surprise [ __ ] that i actually don’t own

and that created crayfish storm at the time epic mickey um don’t own it like i actually sorted through my wii games a couple of weeks ago and um yeah i didn’t own it and it kind of came out just before me less got together and it was one that i just kind of missed so i thought i’d give it a blast um i’ve heard good things about it you know i haven’t heard like disastrous things by any stretch of the imagination but we’ll see how it comes to fruition when i fire up the wing now i was asked on stream the other night do i have any other fighting games and i remember seeing this particular game down at euro game there would have been 2015 killer instincts never played the xbox one version always been glued to the super nintendo version and this is the comrade comrade combo comro combo breaker pack and with a bonus spider included and the guy is already there so again i think the box that looks really really nice with that and i don’t think it will come anywhere near to rivalling the greatness of mortal combat and i’m still now kind of like in two minds on whether or not to pick up mortal kombat and maybe some street fighter games just to stream through the ps4 um squeaks knocking stuff over there and well in two minds about that obviously your girl as well i’m just gonna quickly show you this i love lounging around around large gaming t-shirts and i just absolutely love it so i’ll just be kind of wearing this at night after like a shower or something and i’m just going to put that down there so back to the games now we have what do we got here let’s get this whole entire pile out here and i did ask him to put some stuff away i’m going to show you guys this one it isn’t i’m just kind of looking back at the playstation 3. pretty soon i’m absolutely 100 i don’t own this but i’ve heard great things box art and spine art is stunning folklore okay so let me show you the box up first uh best of e3 2007 you guys can see right there how lovely is that box art first of all even the spine art is really really nice hello molly and it says here we’ll read it a series of unsolved murders a mysterious telephone call a letter from a dead mother these peculiar events draw ellen and keats to doolin a sleepy irish village that hides a gateway to the netherworld in search of answers they must travel to realms beyond their own seeking the knowledge of the dead by harnessing the power of nightmarish creatures lost souls known as folk so this is right down my streets and believe it or not you don’t see it around the often the manual looks really nice and it’s got some lovely box art inside and it just makes me happy it just makes me happy let me show you the um see it just looks beautiful doesn’t it so i’m up for a new challenge on the ps3 and i thought folklore would be a fantastic start now what else we got here i’m just going to quickly show you this now this is not something i would typically even show but this this is actually um a kind of action in a horror pack of umd videos um sort of movies silent hill resident evil and hitman you don’t see them around that often it was actually jess that drew my attention to it so shout out to jess and obviously elric said that you again you don’t see the kind of triple packs around and this is sealed so i’ll i’ll probably just kind of keep this as a shelf piece if i’m honest because i’ve seen i haven’t seen hitman but i love the other two films i’m not sure if i’d be so keen on the hitman movie but yeah if you’ve seen it and you can sell me on it then please sell me on it um right continuing then we’ve got super nintendo we got we got nes oh my god it’s all going on um next up then star wars bounty hunter lucasarts now this stood out to me because i’ve just watched the mandalorian okay i just watched a mandalorian and i enjoyed it it was yeah i wanted it to hex i think i expected a bit too much from it because everybody i know has seen it everybody online has seen it and raving about it so i went in with this like yeah and i did enjoy it but there was this one episode it really really lacked for me it was the one where and they’re in that prison ship and you have to go and rescue one of the prisoners i’m not going to spoil it but i just found the acting to be a bit a little bit shady on that episode but it is what it is um it’s missing manual but that’s absolutely not a problem for me and next up then we’ve got zero

tolerance on the sega mega drive um this looks good i’ve not played it ever ever and it actually says here free exclusive exclusive link-up table let’s see if it has the link up table in it let’s see okay feels pretty heavy no it would it would have been one of them things you have to send off see inside for details there we go small prints um so there we go i don’t know why you would need the link up cable for that enlighten me and we’ll get rid of the list so we’ll shut it over there now i’m going to show you two wii games we have super paper mario and the ferrari race experience and both again i don’t own and both i will play i’ve become i’m kind of becoming increasingly attached to racing games on consoles of past so um this was i don’t i don’t know how much this was it was a couple of quid so pretty sick pretty gnarly and then super paper mario i think anything you can get on wii with mario branding on it it’s got to be the right price obviously but you know 10 quid bye okay you may have already seen it i’m just going to whip this out now this is the resident evil 2 board game now this was kickstarted and that i first became interested in this when somebody i know on twitter guest blogs for me and so while and i read his post on my website i will link it in the description if you want a review of this a really good review of this go and read it on my website it will be linked in the description just might have to kind of scroll down a little bit but i knew kind of reading that i was like was totally sold on it it’s well down my street there’s also expansion expansion packs for this now debbie my lovely if you’re watching i know that you just bought one of the expansions l recorded it in for you um he doesn’t stock this as standard he ordered this in especially for me and jess has kindly said she will play it with me so i will let you know what my thoughts are on this i’m really really stoked with that it’s flipping heavy as well and okay we’re going to continue i’m not going to show you the inserts that i got because i just you know now these are really special to me he gave me these albert gave me these blessing check this random inanimate um rarity and oddity these are playstation disc wipes they are sealed inside i’m going to keep them sealed a like elric said they’ll probably be dried up anyway and b i’ll show you i just think they look cool i just think they look really really cool so never actually seen them around before and then he kind of chucked these in now if you remember these demo discs there’s two different ones in here same artwork so we’ve got like back and front now me and my brother had one of these this is like one of them’s volume one one of them’s volume two and so he showed me these and i was like wow thank you so much i haven’t seen them for years for years and it just i just burst with pride when things like this happen because well it’s just a piece of history for me and you know things like this i didn’t even know these existed i mean these days you’d just have a little bit of maybe alcohol rub or something or just use a microfiber cloth but playstation actually had disc wipes you’ll learn something new every day all right then this bad boy we have a brand new super nintendo game this is bugs bunny rabbit rampage in a little sentinel case um so we all know bugs bunny i grew up on bugs bunny what’s that dog um and you know i just think that this is cool and the super nintendo is my baby hence me making a purchase on this i’ll show you guys the back as well looks pretty neat looks pretty nice and then finally um another kind of oddities for me an nes game got chippendale rescue rangers and it i typically don’t buy nes games like i’m not fanatical about the nes i don’t think the bulk of the games have aged very well but i have played this and i thoroughly enjoyed it and i don’t own it so i just thought i’ll treat myself it’s like five quid um so yeah we actually done all right there and then randomly some playstation decals because you guys don’t know this but there’s a shelf behind you which you know but on the side i’ve just got this like massive sticker wall so that bad boy is going on there so and shout out again to el rick i he gave me a ton of nintendo 64 magazines which i’m going to be siphoning through they’re actually still in my car because i want to put all this away before i bring them in so that was another thing really cool things that i picked up in this the retro game hall the hunt that you’ve seen earlier today so

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