A Rookie And A Recipe Ep 6 | Tasha Low

Those lights are on, and that means it’s time for another rookie to walk into this kitchen This place, as you know, is already rigged up, top to bottom There are cameras there, there and up there I have one rule in here, and that is, no one comes in or out of my kitchen until this recipe is done Let’s check that we’ve got everything ready Pork, gochugaru, dough All these ingredients are for our very fiery and vibrant recipe today of Korean empanadas with a kimchi coleslaw “Who is this rookie?” you might ask She is Tasha Low She’s an actress, a singer, a model, and she was once in a K-pop group She definitely knows how to bust the move I am not taking any chances whatsoever If you look behind me, I have my usual set-up of a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit I hope we don’t need all of that I’m going to go up to my spy booth and watch all of the action It’s going to be fun Hello! Hello, come on in Hi! -Welcome -Hi, Chef How are you feeling right now? Good I understand that you do a little bit of cooking Yes, I love to cook I enjoy cooking, but I’m not the best chef in the world I fail sometimes Who do you normally cook for? My family, and when I was in Korea, I used to cook for my bandmates I like to try new recipes, so they will be my guinea pigs For how long were you in Korea? A total of seven and a half years That’s a lot of cooking Yes… kind of I’m quite confident that I’ll do a good job because there’s a recipe, but I don’t want to be over confident because, what if it doesn’t turn out well? You do have two lifelines When you’re stuck or if you just need a little bit of moral support, you can call someone and have a quick three-minute chat Three minutes? What do you think you’re going to cook today? I see some kimchi and flour So I think, kimchi pancake? -Kimchi pancakes -Am I right? What? “Korean empanadas with coleslaw kimchi.” What’s “empanadas”? Empanadas? How am I supposed to cook something that I’ve never heard before? It sounds Spanish -It is actually Latin American -Okay So it’s very common in Mexico and other Latin American cuisines The link to Korea should be pretty obvious here Tell us a little bit more about what you did in Korea I went to Korea when I was 17 Then I trained to be in a girl group I stayed there for seven years doing entertainment-related stuff Time flies. I’m old already -There’s something blue on the stove -Yes Can you lift it up for us? I know you are quite vocal about -people’s opinions on plastic surgery -Yes People always ask, “Tasha, have you done anything?” I love to let people guess Which part do you think I did or did not do any surgery on? Back to the recipe, Tasha There are a lot of ingredients I don’t even know where to start There are three sets of ingredients Do I need this first? Okay, wait I don’t even know where to start! Moving down, is the filling One tablespoon of mirin One teaspoon of soy sauce I thought this was sake, but it’s white vinegar Sake, where are you? Is it this one? What? Is it here? No, that’s honey There’s no sake here, though Actually, there is sake on the table It’s in a bottle with a green cap She’s completely overlooked it, but it’s there What next? Minced garlic I guess it’s this one You can taste it No, it’s not It looks like minced garlic, but it’s not It is! -No -Yes, it is What garlic have I been using?

It’s going to take a long… time -We did purposely find you a recipe -Why? that had quite a lot of components We had to try and match the person with the recipe So we thought we’d set you a bit of challenge, based on your expressed skill level I wonder if this is 500 grammes Yes I guess this whole thing is 500 grammes It’s 476 grammes! Never mind, go with it One spoon of gochujang I think the filling would be a familiar taste because there is gochujang, which is the Korean red-pepper paste Where’s the sake, guys? Tell me You’ve got a friend called Shawn, right? -Shawn Thia -Shawn is on the line He is desperately wanting to tell you where that sake is Yes, I can see you -Hey -Shawn! I need your help. I can’t find the sake Go to your table with all the ingredients It’s a little transparent, a little bit yellowish Can you find one with a green cap? -Was it here just now, the whole time? -Yes Yes, but that is the one That is sake, I believe -You try -I try? Do you want me to drink it? Yes, it smells like sake Great! Thank you so much! -All right, all the best -Bye! Shawn helped me tremendously! I really tried to read the label on every bottle, but I just don’t know why I couldn’t find it How could I have missed it? Okay, never mind -Who’s Shawn? -Shawn I worked with him before on this drama “Titoudao” He played Ah Zai and I played Ah Dui We are very good friends -Did you know Shawn before this? -No So you met him on the show and you just hit it off? Yes, I guess all the cast really hit it off because we went to Ipoh to film this and we didn’t have friends and family there, so we kind of hung out with each other and go out to eat and all that -You became BFFs from there -Yes This show follows the story of Ah Chiam, this wayang performer, and I acted as her sister My character is a very timid and shy girl In the troupe, there’s the brother of the troupe leader and he preys on all the girls in the troupe Andie, my co-actor in this scene, really helped me a lot because before we started the shoot, he screamed in my face really, really loud, so it got me in that shock state Then we started the shoot I’m going on to the scallion chimichurri I’ve never heard of chimichurri before The name sounds cute, but I don’t really know what it is Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce It’s a kind of relish, so it’s not cooked Half a cup of scallions Cilantro One shallot It’s so cute Thai chilli I guess this is the only chilli here, right? Chilli padi? One, two, three Salt and pepper Have you cut your scallions yet? It was at this moment that she knew I want to tell you that you’ve done something wrong with the first part of your recipe Oh, no! Why didn’t you tell me? Former K-pop idol, Tasha Low, is in my kitchen right now, cooking up some Korean pork empanadas She’s run into a couple of small mistakes, but these are very small and solvable What’s standing out to me right now is how calm and collected she is I can’t believe this girl Have you cut your scallions yet? No! What? This is not scallions? Let me tell you what you put in Spring onions! No, scallions are the same as spring onions Rookie mistake What you put in was leek I am very worried how it would turn out because leek is not the ingredient that I am supposed to use Is it really leek? It’s really leek But it’s okay because spring onion and leek, especially when the leek is young enough, taste quite similar -It’s this one -There you go That was what you were supposed to get and cut The name of the recipe is no longer scallion chimichurri It is now leek chimichurri Yes, leek chimichurri Now, I have to cut the cilantro, baby onion and Thai chilli, then zest the lime and squeeze the lime juice That is right You are on the right track We’re going to show another video on TV A lot of people think that it’s a very glamorous lifestyle It’s cool to stand on stage and perform alongside your favourite idols That’s the good part, but there’s a lot of the bad parts that people don’t see and they don’t know It smells like a coriander farm here

Are you one of those who like coriander or dislike it? I’m one of those who eat everything I’m a very adventurous person when it comes to trying new food This phrase I live by is, “you have to try it at least three times before you know if you like it or not.” Would you ever eat insects? -In Korea, it’s very common to eat -Silkworm -Yes, I love it -Silkworm larvae When you first bite into them, they burst, and all the juices come out It’s very nice I want to bring out surprise number one Yes, this is not fun for me at all I hate offal. I’ve extremely scared of anything from the inside of the body This is a brain, as you can see I’m going to hide it without looking at it as far as possible and will bring it out again later It looks like a dead creature Just pull it out for everyone to see My heart is pumping really fast right now Can I put it on the table now? Okay, you have a look at it yourself Brains, brains! That’s fine! I was surprised to see pig brains, but it’s something that I’ve tried before, so I’m not scared of it It was at this hot-pot restaurant and my friends said that they did serve pig’s brain Since I had never tried it before, I thought, why not? How did it taste? I didn’t like it It was quite funny seeing Chef being scared of the pig brains I thought he would be comfortable handling different parts of animals and different foods, but he is really scared of the pig brain Yes, I can tell you, I’m a chef, but I have this thing against offal So you are way stronger than me, I can tell you that Zest Zest -Is this your first time zesting a lime? -Yes, and it’s so fun, I just want to keep doing it Just be careful Once you get to the white part, the white part is bitter All right, I guess that’s enough I want to tell you that you’ve done something wrong with the first part of your recipe Did you actually read the method or did you just take all the stuff from part one and chuck it in the bowl? Yes! You were supposed to cook it separately Oh, no! Why didn’t you tell me? You do have to look at the recipe once in a while Tasha, she’s done it slightly wrong She was supposed to brown off the pork first, then start adding the other ingredients, like the aromatics, the onions and things like that Do you know what’s the crucial step here? If you’re going to put a filling into a dough -Yes -you need your filling to go cold Because if your filling is hot, -The dough will be cooked -Exactly And your dough is going to go mushy in your hands Oh, no, that’s not good So what you have to do now, is hurry up and get this cooked off Come on! I need a clean work counter, with flour Flour -Flour -Yes, you found it -Dough… I guess I need dough -Yes Come on, speed up How do I measure this, though? Is this in centimetre or millimetre? Millimetre Can you check on your filling? What if it’s frozen? Rookie Tasha Low is in my kitchen right now, cooking a recipe of Korean pork empanadas I’m surprised because I thought we set her up with a recipe that was rather challenging But so far, she’s just been breezing through this whole thing I boil that down to perhaps the fact that her rigorous K-pop training has helped her cope in stressful situations Okay, let’s get back to your filling You have to spoon it up into a bowl and get it into the freezer It smells really good I’m just going to open it up and put it in the freezer Hopefully, it will cool down While you are there, open the other door No… sorry My mistake. Your surprise was not there Surprise number two… Follow me happens to be the last beer on earth If this was really the case, I’d like to know from Tasha who she wants to share this with So we’re going to go ahead and just stash it here and we’ll ask Tasha about that later on Beer… “Last beer on earth” I’m really surprised to see the beer because, why would that be there? Now if this really was the last beer on earth, who would you share this beer with? I would share with my father Since young, he would always teach us dance and would dance with us He passed away a few years ago I didn’t have the chance to actually do a heart-to-heart talk with him because I went to Korea at a very young age

and he passed away when I was in Korea as well When we have that last beer, I think my dad would cheer me on and tell me that I’m doing really well and support me along the way He was a very fun guy He loved to drink beer, so I’m sure that he would like my ‘enchiladas’ empanadas Empanadas. Yes, I think he would really enjoy eating and drinking that with me How do I measure this, though? What are you struggling with here? “Roll out the dough to 3 to 3.5 centimetre thickness.” This might be a good time to use your second lifeline, don’t you think? -Okay -You still do have one more lifeline Is this in millimetre or centimetre? Millimetre We already have someone on the line for you Great! What’s your relationship with Constance? We were roommates in “Titoudao” -Not in the show, but in real life -In real life Yes She was really nice She took care of me so well Oh, no. What I’m hearing is that her video is disabled -So you can only talk to her -Okay, sure -Hello? -Hi! Constance! Tell me what you need I need to cut a dough with a thickness of 3 to 3.5 millimetre 3 millimetre… It looks thicker than that Really? Okay, I’ll just roll it out a bit thinner, then -How about this? -I think this should do, but I feel that it can be a little bit thinner because some sides are a bit thicker Look at my photo Do you know those beads that are in my photo? Yes Those beads would be 5 millimetres I’m sure the thickness of that would be fine Constance compared the dough to her headgear in “Titoudao” That’s very thin So that gave me a better idea of how thick the dough should be I’ll take note of that. I’ll try Thank you so much -Okay, bye! -Bye-bye! She did give you a very good reference point, right? Sequin! -You’ve got your four rounds -Yes -Can you check on your filling? -What if it’s frozen? It will not be frozen It wasn’t in there for that long It’s cold “Spoon the filling into the center of each round piece of dough and fold one end over to create a half moon.” Crimp the edges with a fork This is essentially like making a curry puff Why does it not stick properly? -This part is opening -That’s fine You’re not going to fry it You’re going to bake it, so it will not be agitated so much more Can everyone just admire how nice this empanada looks right now? Brush on egg wash -You’re brushing some egg wash on -Yes Immediately get this into the oven, please, because it will take about 20 minutes Done! “Trim and shred the white cabbage, leek and carrot.” Carrot, leek, white cabbage While you’re busy, let’s go to another video I’m sorry. It’s really my first time doing make-up for someone That’s Alfred! I’ve known Alfred way before I went to Korea He’s a very good friend of mine Let’s talk a little more about your friendship with Alfred How did you stay in touch, given the fact that you only had five minutes a week to phone your family? Yes, I guess whenever I came back to Singapore, my closest friend would always bring me out and update me about the world He was one of the friends that really kept in contact with me throughout and I’m really grateful for that What do you value in a friendship? Being real It’s difficult for me to be comfortable in front of people, so when I feel comfortable in front of you, I really treat you as a friend Do you find that sometimes you have to put up a front when you’re outside? When I first came back to Singapore, I was so lost, I didn’t know how to face people I’m a lot better now How have your leant to handle this fame? I met great people along the way, who helped me, pulled me out of my shell and broke my walls down They made me feel very comfortable and made me feel confident in being myself So it does change the way that you have to interact with the world because suddenly, people are watching you Yes, and they are judging you There are some people with thicker skin -and some people with thinner skin -Oh, yes I started out with quite a thin skin myself So I’m still very much affected sometimes 10 minutes left -10 minutes left on the empanadas, right? -Yes So how is your coleslaw going? Do I have to mix them? I have to, right? Okay, I’ll just go for it and use my hands, because in Korean cooking, there’s something called “son-mat”, which is “hand taste”, so everything they cook, like kimchi and similar kinds of food, they like to use their hands If you want to get more flavour into a coleslaw, you mix it a little bit more vigorously -Literally, you massage it in -Really? Okay, let’s pull out the tray slightly

How is that looking to you? It looks great! Is it cooked though? I think we can give it two more minutes -Shove it back in -Back in, you go! And I will see you in two minutes I’m coming in! -Hi! -It’s out of the oven Are you sure you’re ready? Look through everything -Empanadas -Yes -Chimichurri -Everything is good Slaw. Are you sure you are done? Yes, I’m very sure That’s the done-with-work dance, right? -Yes -Let’s do that dance Are you ready? I was definitely not born to dance -I’m sorry -We’re done! We’re done! Finally! Let me show you If you want to plate up something and you want to make it look really stylish, this is very trendy today What do you do is you put it all on one side And that is what you call “negative space” -Okay -It’s purposely artistic, that way Things always look better in threes -I am -Impressed? -I’m quite impressed -Really? Your dad will be happy with this, right? Yes, I’m sure One for me, one for you, and one for Dad Thank you. You’re making me tear Oh, my god It’s so flaky! And hold it right there -Let me sauce you up right there -Thank you We chase it with a little forkful -Oh, my god, okay -of kimchi coleslaw -Take a bite -Cheers That is good! I can’t believe I did this It’s a little bit dry, but when you put it together with this, then you go, “Oh!” and that changes the whole thing altogether -Well done! High five! -Thank you Another five, leg-five, another five! Let’s keep eating As a semi rookie, I was very nervous because I thought, “How am I going to handle this whole kitchen with just a recipe?” Chef helped me a lot, along the way I’m so glad that it turned out really well! Tasha, what can I say? She walked in here so breezily She didn’t even get flustered through the whole thing It’s not as if we chose an easy recipe for her In fact, we chose something that we thought was a little bit more challenging just because of the sheer number of steps and the number of things that needed to be cut We did not know it would turn out this way, but with Tasha, I really don’t know what else to say Well done!