Lincoln The Timneh African Grey's Story

– I had a gray that was very tame, I would hit my hand and talk and everything, he, he died a couple years ago And, so my husband thought he needed a mate So they went to this trader place and my son said they went in a cage of a thousand birds and they just picked on up and they were wild birds This was before they couldn’t bring– – [Woman] Oh, so they were literally wild– – So I believe he was literally a wild bird – He’s got a round leg band, it looks like, yeah? – He does though – [Woman] Now, it’s a– – [Dave] That’s what I mean – [Woman] Yeah, it’s an open– – [Dave] Yeah, he’s got an import band – [Amber] So my husband liked him well, but he loved my husband So, he once in a while he’d nip at him, but and me, but he was in the cage and we would feed him and once in a while, he’d get out and then, he would get out He would glide down to the floor, I’d get a towel and I’d put him back in and that was– – [Dave] Mmhm – So my husband died (sighs) a month and a half ago – [Dave] I’m sorry – And so I brought the bird here ’cause I’m, you know, live in Fort Lauderdale now and I’m afraid of him now He’s really dug his beak in my chin and my head and he aims for the head he just dive bombs I’m gonna be honest with you, I brought him here and I had a parrot once that escaped and he stayed home with us, but he would fly around and he would stay– – [Dave] Oh really, he just stuck around – Yeah, for four years – [Dave] Wow – Until one of the neighbor kids captured him and broke his wing– – Oh no – And then I took him back in So I was gonna let him go and see if we could build that kind of relationship here with him, but that’s when he started attacking me, so– (high intensity electronic music) – Depending on the amount of work that you are wanting to put in, ’cause this doesn’t appear that it’s gonna be an easy case, but depending on the amount of work that you want to put in, we can start to get you in the right direction, and equip you with the tools to be able to hopefully, you know, make his life a little better in captivity and make it so you’re not as afraid of him – [Amber] Well my fear is I’m 80 years old and when I die, I have to give him to somebody and if he’s this wild nobody’ll want him – Mmhm – Someone said that there’s a sanctuary around here and– – [Woman] Yeah there’s quite a few of them – That he could probably go there So he just has a good life I just don’t know how to do that for him (soft piano music) (Lincoln screeching loudly) – [Woman] That is uber pissed (soft piano music) – [Amber] But when I took him outside and he got out of the cage, he can’t fly – [Dave] Okay – [Amber] He’s never been clipped or anything but he– – [Dave] Yeah – [Amber] He would glide it down to the ground again and he didn’t fly (soft piano music) – [Dave] He’s gonna be a tough one – [Woman] Do we wanna just try and see if he’s receptive to the target training and stuff? – [Dave] I think so – [Woman] We can at least try and see see how receptive he is, I just feel like the longterm is he’s gonna have to go somewhere – [Amber] Well that’s what I really want, someone to see him that knew something about birds and if you can train him, fine, if you, if I can’t then it’s He deserves a decent life My son wants me to give him away If I feed him, I take the hawk glove, put it on top of the cage, he goes up and he likes to chew on it And so he will go up there and give me enough time to open the two things and re-lock them, because he can open them, so that I can feed him – Okay – So that’s our ritual with feeding right now – She’s got that hopeless look that I have, it’s like ugh – [Woman] Yeah, I mean, I wanna see how, no you’re fine, I wanna see how receptive he is to the initial stages of training before I make any assumptions about him, but just from the stress level he’s having with us in the room and the fact that he doesn’t understand the benefits of a human relationship, and then when you do go that he’s gonna be in the hands of people that don’t want him so he’s gonna end up in a sanctuary anyway, I’m just kind of like do we just jump ahead ad make that really comfortable for him? Or do we try to fight through? ‘Cause it’s gonna be stressful for him – Yeah so you’re saying help coordinate a sanctuary or are you saying to? – [Woman] I’m conflicted at the moment – Yeah – [Woman] I just worry he’s spent part

of his life as a wild parrot, then was captured, then was sold – I’ve had two wild-caught birds that have become performance birds – [Woman] Yeah – I worked with an umbrella cockatoo that I later found out he was wild caught And then a Swainson’s toucan who traveled to like 20 countries with us performing in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of people in arenas with 20,000 people and she was fine So there’s definitely– – [Woman] It’s doable – It’s definitely doable – It’s the time commitment that I’m worried about like the timeline that we’re working with – Well mine is the timeline too ’cause of my age If I were 40 that’d be– – [Woman] Yeah – Something kind of different and I– – When you booked our consult, what was your main Your main hope or focus? – That he would sit on a stick and I could move him to a standing thing, put him there, clean his cage, and put him back – Okay that’s what you’d really love to see happen – Okay so we almost could use like a dowel – I mean he literally comes right at me – [Woman] I’m just gonna see if he’s receptive at all Do you want a pine nut? – [Amber] He loves those – Yeah he just swallowed it. (laughs) – [Amber] Those are his favorite – Okay can I get you to touch this? (clicker clicks) – Good Good job Good job Super cute Can you do it again? (clicker clicks) Good (clicker clicks) Good! Oops, dropped it, dropped it He’s being very gentle (clicker clicks) Good Seems to get it really quick (Lincoln gurgles) – [Dave] He does this weird like twisting thing – [Dave] I’ve seen him do it a couple times – Yeah that’s like a gurgling thing – [Dave] But he like twists his body (clicker clicks) – Good Good job (parrot gurgles) Yeah he’s doing it now (clicker clicks) It’s okay Has he ever been to a vet? – [Amber] No When I first got him, there were no vets that did birds – Okay – [Amber] And I’ve just had him for 30 years and he never goes anywhere, so – ‘Cause somethin’s up, like some– – [Dave] Looks like scoliosis or something – Yeah I feel like maybe structurally like maybe with his back or something, like something’s up and I think he has hypervitaminosis because his feathers are looking really really greasy like he has too much of all that stuff Hey, it’s okay (clicker clicks) Good job! – [Dave] He doesn’t appear to have a lot of the dander, like the powder – Yeah he’s not producing a lot of powder (child whispering) Yeah, um, hold on (clicker clicks) Good job – [Dave] You can probably get him to go to the bottom perch again – Can you come over here? Come down? – [Dave] He’s like “Wanna make it a little easier for me?” (chuckles) – I was studying his foot it’s almost like it’s broke and re-healed or something (clicker clicks) Yeah I think he needs like a full work up for us to know exactly what we’re dealing with ’cause there’s something off and I don’t quite know what it is (inspiring classical music) – [Dave] He’s also– (clicker clicks) Looks like he’s been on the same perch sizes – [Woman] That could be part of it He’s missing a toenail (inspiring classical music) – [Woman] I mean that could be one thing is we get like a play stand tea stand thing that we could target him to

and she can use that to move him around, but I still feel like if the quality of life is just move him around so that you can clean the cage, that the sanctuary would be a better quality of life (inspiring classical music) – Do you wanna check? (sniffles) I’m gonna give him a treat okay? (clicker clicks) (Lincoln flutters) So that spooked him a little bit Just make sure you just give him the tip okay? (child mumbles) – Sure (inspiring classical music) (clicker clicking) – Good – [Dave] Good job kiddo – Good job I want him to have to move for it though Can you bring it over here? Can you do it? Yeah wanna touch this (clicker clicks) Good Well he’s smart, he’s receptive I think we can get there with, if we had like a play stand or something to attach to the cage and then I can move him out? (inspiring classical music) – [Woman] I actually thought he’d be better with a man – [Dave] Do you need me outta here? Do you want this? Oh, you’re just so terrified okay – [Child] Can I try? – [Woman] So something with men? – [Dave] Maybe hats, maybe – Do you wanna try it with mom? – [Child] But can you click? – You click – [Dave] I need to just step back ’cause last time he did well I was over here and out of the way – [Woman] Do you remember this? Do you remember? Can you touch this, can you touch the stick? Can I try? (clicker clicks) Good job (clicker clicks) You’re a acrobat – [Dave] Part of what we can do, until we have a solution for a sanctuary is we’d like to go get him a couple different types of perches that are going to be better for his feet Maybe another toy or two and we can help install it and feed him in that process, so it’s not something you have to worry about since you have some fear with him – [Amber] If you know of a way that he could go to a sanctuary with other grays, that would be my choice right now I can’t be bit anymore. (chuckles) – [Woman] Yeah – [Amber] I have to get a mask and – [Woman] We can handle putting all the new stuff in He needs it because medically, when they are on the same diameter perch for their entire lives it leads to feet issues and grip problems So our main thing right now is like pretty much revolving all around medical So if we can get him I mean imagine if we take him from this and introduce him to a giant aviary he’s gonna freak out So if we can at least do a little bit of it today, it’ll all just be working toward that end goal I think is what Dave’s getting at So if we get some toys, we get some different diameter perching, it’ll be stuff that improves his life now, his quality of life until we can get all the logistics figured out, which may not all happen today if we don’t hear back from everybody in a certain amount of time, but we can definitely work towards that and get it going in that direction, but I think in the meantime having this kind of stuff is gonna be helpful for him to have So we have spent the morning kind of going around getting perches, getting toys to just kinda jazz up this cage that was pretty bare Then we did a few training sessions and Lincoln was very responsive to training with me, even did a couple targets for Capri, was super reluctant for Dave, – [Dave] Hated me – [Woman] But then we did this one last was it one last session? And he did it a couple times, but he does this grumbly noise that kinda lets us know he’s not super stoked about it The cool thing is that Lincoln’s owner, her name is Amber, was just kinda like can I do the training? – [Dave] Yeah and it was exciting because it didn’t seem to be a lot of not necessarily interest but initiative to pursue the interest – [Woman] Yeah – [Dave] And then all of a sudden she’s like

well let me try, so that was– – Yeah – That was neat, to see that she wanted to make that effort and so yeah – She’s been terrified to get bitten because– – Terrified – Because I guess she’s gotten nailed in the face quite a few times and it’s been really painful and she’s just at a point in her life, you know, she’s over 80 years old, she can’t be bit anymore And so we wanna really assure her that this is a training technique that makes it so that you are not getting bit and we’re doing it all through the cage to keep her nice and calm so her energy’s nice and calm for Lincoln as well – Unlike me who got destroyed by no see ’ems (laughing) – All right let’s go see what happens – [Dave] Do you wanna see if you can get him to maybe go back up to that perch, one of the perches? – [Woman] Yeah – [Dave] Just kinda get him warmed up for her – [Woman] Come on up here? Can you come up? Come on (Lincoln gurgling) (tapping dowel on cage) Come on (Lincoln gurgling) – [Dave] Is he grumbling? – He’s doing, he does like a, it almost sounds like water’s boiling – [Dave] Yeah, I can barely hear it – (sighs) Yeah, okay I’ll try a little closer Can you come up here? (Lincoln gurgles) But he does that and then he does the body twisting – [Dave] He’s percolating – Come on (Lincoln gurgles) Come on, remember? (tapping dowel on cage) He’s less responsive right now – [Dave] Mhm, has he used those perches at all since we left? – [Amber] No he sat in the bottom of the cage – Do you think we should move one lower? – [Dave] Maybe – [Amber] When you left, I took a peanut and moved up to where he always goes up for me and he came up and he stood on the brown perch – This one? – [Dave] Oh good – [Amber] Yes and then he took the peanut and then he went back down to the bottom and just sat there – [Dave] Yeah the only problem with a peanut is it’s about the equivalent of, I don’t know, 20 pine nuts – Yeah so that’s about a session – [Dave] So fightin’ a little bit of motivation now (inspirational classical music) (clicker clicks) – All right, and Good Little bit to your left this time (clicker clicks) – Oh, I know, baby (inspirational classical music) – Yep (clicker clicks) And we’ll end it on that (inspirational classical music)