LIBRA Timeless Love – This SOULMATE LOVE is so much bigger than you could even imagine!

Hello Libra, welcome to another timeless general love reading Okay, we’re ready to go this is the star card Okay That’s awesome Next card out is the knight of swords That’s awesome too. Next card out is Oh mice the ace of Cubs Wow Libra got a good reading going here so far okay, so this is the High Priestess and Oh man, the two of cups So this Because it’s in the center of the spread it now becomes part of your overall energy and that’ll be combined with Bottom of the deck when we get to it. Okay Next we have the four of Wands. Oh my goodness You are coming into union with someone. Come on camera. What’s going on with you you Are about to commit to somebody and come into union Wow, oh Okay, it’s the hanged man Okay Then we have the six of Pentacles So far you have an amazing spread and the final card wow This is you Libra king of swords This guy though Okay, anyways, wow, wow, wow, I am impressed Okay bottom of the deck Six of cups. Wow You don’t have a bad card in the lot Not one Overall energy two of cups combined with the six of cups Give me a minute to take a look at your cards get a feel for the energy and any messages coming through I have taken a look at this the energy on this spread is Phenomenal it is. So good Libra. Okay, let’s start here Okay, I guess I don’t hear like so for ya, okay, so you have like I said the two of cups and The six of cups as your overall and energy two of cups and the six of cups combined On their own they talk about soulmate partnership together This is someone from your past past life past in this life They are Definitely a soulmate somebody that you feel Extremely connected to they feel extremely connected to you. This is a very very special connection There is no doubt. No doubt But it is somebody from the past now I You know, this was virgos reading was the same thing I don’t feel as though you’ve had a Relationship with this person and I say that for you because you’ve got the ace of cups here as well. Now, that’s a brand new relationship romantic Excuse me, a brand new romantic relationship This is a partnership a romantic soulmate Partnership, and this is same thing. It’s just that it’s Someone from the past now look at what’s under there? The king of Wands, you’re gonna get exactly what you want this is what you want

This partnership now Your Wishes Are about to be granted you are going to have you want wish fulfillment and if you look at how this is sitting he’s heading right for His dreams his wishes He wants this wish fulfillment. So he’s moving very quickly towards this Whoever that is that’s going to give them wish fulfillment by Being, you know part of this, you know the other half of this very important brand-new romantic relationship You’ve gone with in the high priestess this is all about secrets and intuition and You are about to make this known that this is What you want this is your wish being fulfilled to be with this person in a partnership You are ready to commit you want this Union? You know, it’s going to be everything you want it to be, you know, it’s gonna bring stability you know, it’s it’s it’s The commitment that you’ve been wanting and just Whatever held you back held you back but you’re not holding back now you are this is This is the fastest-moving night in the deck and he is headed straight for wish-fulfillment You’ve made up your mind. That’s where you’re headed you want that you’re going after it you have with the Hanged man here you have spent time You did step back. You took the time to step back and try to see things from a different perspective and You were able to Because now what you’re seeing is Reciprocity you now get it You feel the same way for this person that they feel for you And you’re gonna be honest about that You’re gonna stand in your own truth and you are going to be honest So this is where you’re at ish time is fluid. Okay, which is wish fulfillment That’s what you want. This is where you’re headed or where you need to head You need to tell the truth if you want this wish fulfillment your energy is that of? wanting this soulmate relationship You want this partnership this relationship with your soulmate from the past? This is someone from the past, you know this person Some of you if you don’t already know this person. It’s a past life But I feel like you do know this person. You just have never been in a relationship with them and that’s what you want now But you need to be honest. You need to tell the truth You need to fess up so to speak but you are ready to do that and you’re about to do it very soon and it’s gonna You want this to happen fast you’re done done with You’ve done being in limbo here Definitely done with that Okay See, you know what you want Because you are able to tap in to your intuition That’s how you know, you don’t want to you don’t want to be here anymore done waiting you’re done waiting Totally done waiting Okay, let’s Wow, this is such a good reading. I don’t know what I need to even clarify here Just for lack of better things to clarify let’s go after this knight of swords angels why is the knight of swords here Hey, thank you The devil Hmm I have never looked at it like this I was just guided to take a look at the two people in this card If you notice the females looking at him like why are you allowing this to happen? Do something and he’s all hunched over like oh my god. What have I done?

And then we have the ten of swords Deceit like I said You haven’t been honest you’ve been keeping secrets and you are about Very quickly you’re about to Tell the truth let the cat out of the bag so to speak. Okay, so that’s I Guess for some of you with the devil here, it could be a Capricorn your person could be a Capricorn doesn’t need to be but that is King of Wands like I said going after what it is you want and getting it five of cups after after feeling Regretful over not being honest in the past. Oh Boy here we go Give me a minute don’t remember what this one is either. I’m sorry guys Temperance, okay. Yes. It’s the alchemy. I should have known that too the alchemy card. This is all about oh and the ten of swords again, so after you We’re deceitful to this person The Angels kicked in your guides kicked in and started kicking your butt making you feel regret for doing that because You know what you want and it is this soulmate from the past and being deceitful Isn’t getting them. It’s not getting you any closer Something is telling me to clarify the a sub cuffs What is ca subscribes here angels? Wow, okay. This could be your person – this represents Virgo Nine of Pentacles it’s also about Independence. You are ready to give this up You want this new new beginning with this person and you’re ready to give up your independence. You’re tired of being alone Wow Okay bottom of the clarifying deck check that oh you guys Again, you haven’t got a bad card in the bunch two of cups Wow. So now that again, two of them Crazy crazy crazy crazy. Okay, so Your overall energy still is the two of cups Combined with the six of cárcel. I want to get a moon ology card for you just as further guidance Libra So what can we give the brain enjoys here? Like they need more. This is pretty clear you guys are on the straight and narrow path headed directly for Exactly what it is you want what you’ve wanted what you’ve wished or dreamed of and you’re moving fast Look at the bigger picture full moon and Sagittarius Whatever any issues are that you might have here a year from now. Are they going to be important? No, probably not They will be so far gone. And so out of your minds you’ll even forget they were an issue a year prior to that so it’s about finding yourself a higher vantage point so you can look down on things and see the bigger picture and realize just Exactly what it is that’s important here now I do want to get a Card from another couple of decks for you. This is just ask Oracle And guess what else? Can we tell Libra in this situation? Thank You angels Leave the past behind you let it go Like I said see the bigger picture that’s part of what this is about a year from now whatever this is from the past It’s not gonna matter You know this truth that you need to tell I feel you know, what

When I’m done getting this card, I’m going to clarify that because what I’m hearing with that is you have a real fear about Admitting your truth here Okay, I’ll get a card on that when I’m done this, oh sorry, this is synchronicity, come on camera synchronicity Oracle What else can we tell Libra here? Angels? Ah Yeah, see this has to do with the bigger picture too the ripple effect what you do Every minute of every day has an effect Down the road. This is about the law of attraction Too. So whatever you put out is what’s going to come back. It’s going to affect Your future But have faith Peugeot got this car too. Some of you are connected to a Virgo because They also got the star card Anyways happy so the fact that there’s a number in this card. Okay, either you are or have been seeing 1:11 everywhere This is what it means if you haven’t you might start seeing 1:11 everywhere on the clock on license plates Wherever on your phone because you have three different areas on your phone where you have one message. That’s 1:11, right? It’s all about having faith trust Trust in the process and have faith So I’m going to put that down there, but I am going to clarify the king of swords here What is this truth that Libra needs to just what is it about the truth? There’s something negative around this What is the negativity around? Libra standing in their own truth and Telling the truth to this person Why does it feel negative? Please and thank you Okay Libra I I needed to edit this because I got into the extended and realized that When I said that there was negativity around this card and I wanted to see what it was I thought the six of Pentacles came out. That is my vision Not great. It wasn’t it was the ten of Pentacles Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that till I got into the extended version so with it being the ten of Pentacles what this tells me is that You need to tell the truth to this person and the problem that you’re having with that or one of the problems you’re having with that is that I feel like you might have been dishonest about the amount of money that you have or that you make and That’s scaring you you’re you have a fear of letting them know That you don’t have the amount of money that you originally told them you have and that’s okay Libra that’s okay. Do you want someone in your life in a romantic relationship? Because they want your money or do you want somebody there? Because they love you this person isn’t after your money you did have Now if I can find it You had the six of Pentacles in your reading this is reciprocity Its balance its reciprocity. They want what you want. They feel what you feel It’s reciprocated You don’t have to worry about it. If They’re there for the money and you tell them you don’t have it and they walk learn walk Don’t fear this this is not going to be a problem for you Okay. I just wanted to come back and Fix that for you because it wasn’t the six of Pentacles. So there you have it continue on with your reading Deck They want to work on this with you three have Pentacles so you have These now is overall energy this soul mate of yours, so I get five of cups regrets this soul mate of yours They do want to work on this with you. They want the partnership They want the committed Relationship with you you want to move toward this wish fulfillment? but you feel

Guilty you feel shame Because you deceived them and that Is going to block you but they are going to That is in the past. They have left that in the past obviously Because they reciprocate they’re crazy about you two So you say your overall energies this is where you’re at Now you want this wish fulfillment this is what you’re thinking about and this is where you need to get to being able to tell the truth about your feelings And they are reciprocated anyways So what I like to do is grab a different deck and Ask the guys whoa, what does Libra need to do be think and/or feel in order to Straight note their energy and head in the right direction energetically in order to have Everything they’ve dreamed of and wished for to come to fruition for them Okay have this wish fulfillment please and thank you angels Okay you have The Emperor Look at all the little fairies around this guy you have so much help. This is very divinely guided Libra Very divinely guided the only work you have is Controlling your emotion your thoughts and your feelings To see that this in this deck this Emperor is holding on to what looks like a crystal ball this guy always makes me think of the magician rather than the Emperor, but It tells me that you have the control The control is in your hands You have the control to steer this and make it Go in the direction you want it to go in whatever it is. You want it to be? You can do this control your thoughts and your feelings be happy See this guy’s face He’s focused Focus on what it is you want how good it’s gonna feel when it finally happens and then milk that amazing feeling for as long as you can because that is Your thoughts are the electrical impulse that you put out to the universe Your emotions are the magnet that draw things back to you so if you’re thinking and feeling Any kind of fear or worry in regards to whether or not they will reciprocate your feelings You want long-term, obviously Because that’s what this card represents. Oh, it’s not the six of Pentacles. I’m sorry. Oh man. Did I ever mess that up? Hey Okay, so the truth That’s what it is I’m sorry, it’s not that you’re afraid it’s not gonna be reciprocated you’re afraid that What is this exactly this is are you worried financially This card represents long-term relationships, but it also can represent the family money Are you you know, I guess for some of you if you have a lot of money If you have a lot of money maybe you’re afraid that this person is Is after you for the money Maybe that was part of the deceit. Maybe maybe you led them to believe you have a lot of money and you don’t

And now you’re having to come clean with that the fact that it’s on the truth card and I felt it as a negativity. I feel like part of the deceit was how much money you have? Okay, well that still doesn’t really change anything because If this is a soul mate and it is I Mean, I don’t have the twin flame card here. But if this is a very very special soulmate connection and This person loves you. They’re not wanting your money They’re not gonna care that you don’t have the amount that you maybe said you do have I I really wouldn’t worry about that. Okay anyways back here? Have the self-confidence standing your power and in your truth and in your knowing Have the confidence to move this forward Next card you have Here a fact This is divinely guided keep that in mind you do have help Get all the little creatures and stuff in this this is such a cool deck. This is the shadow scapes deck It really is a lot going on here But the Hara fat represents commitment Engagement marriage Tradition The Emperor Represents the know-how. This is a guy the Emperor is a guy that comes up with the idea And and Creates empires From scratch and then runs them like it’s child’s play. This guy has to know how So I Feel like that might be a problem for some of you too that you’re not sure how to move this forward into that committed relationship But this is telling me that you do Don’t worry about what you’ve said in the past Your your message here is leave the past behind let it go. Whatever you did in the past or didn’t do in the past Let it go Look at the bigger picture here if this is your twin That’s the big picture It’s not about what you said what you did where you went who you went with This is about your love for them their love for you the connection It is very spiritually guided For sure You also had the temperance card In the beginning of the spread that is all about the divine working behind the scenes with alchemy, you know bringing this to fruition, so You do have the know-how to Bring this around to commit to a committed relationship and It’s a gift The universe is helping you. They’re gifting you with this relationship with this person this new opportunity this redo because you also had Did you Know you didn’t have the Empress. I’m sorry. Never mind. That was Virgo This is a gift a Big look at the size of that pentacle. This is a big gift this this That’s big when it’s not a love reading this represents Large sum of money So when it’s in a love Situation for me it still represents big. This is big. This is a huge gift Gain the strength you need the the inner strength the

Self-confidence you can do this you have this in you you do know how to take this to commitment And you won’t look back. It is a total gift although it is gonna maybe break your heart if it was the money they were after because then they’re gonna walk but I Don’t think they’re going to my bro. I Have a feeling They want exactly what you want. You did have the six of Pentacles in the reading They are going to reciprocate Okay Okay, your first card out first light Beginning a news cycle Do you notice on one side of the card it’s like fall And it turns to winter on the other side Actually, I think it’s summer in winter. So Some of you it’s a relationship it’s a Winter summer relationship. One of you is older than the other for others of you somewhere between summer and winter when it’s going to begin and For others. It just means you’re starting a new cycle right now And that’s why you will be moving into wish fulfillment If you begin that new cycle And that new cycle is letting go of any fear letting go off the past so you can move forward You’re just weighing yourself down. You’re anchoring yourself into place Rainbow blessings Wow. Look at this picture. That is so cool Blessings are showering your life Wow That’s beautiful This new beginning is bringing you blessings like past Watching clouds Taking holidays relaxing Enjoying life being happy. That’s What’s gonna bring this to fruition? letting go of any stress and disappointment or Fear anything negative lie back rest and relax. Doesn’t that look awesome. I Could climb into that hammock right now And if you do this, this is what you have infinite abundance from every angle come on Come on camera There we go Abundance is pouring into your life. Oh my goodness. So you have Blessings are showering your life. Abundance is pouring into your life you are Beginning a brand-new cycle where you know what you’re gonna have this money Don’t worry about it Like I said if they’re not interested in you because they find out you don’t have that money that you told them you have Let him go they’re not right for you. Anyway, you want someone that loves you not uses you for what they can get from you Wow This you’re reading the energy off you’re reading was absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing So get yourself clear get yourself Strong and Self-confident you do have this you have the know-how You have the ability you have the strength the inner strength To do this to bring this to a committed Ending and it is a gift this soulmate Partnership is definitely a gift. So take that risk Go after what it is you want know that you will achieve wish fulfillment you will Thank you so much Libra, I love you guys. I’ll see you next time