Change your speedometer from KM to miles in the 2019 / 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

hi everybody thanks for tuning in my name is Kevin de Brito with Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC in London Ontario and you’re sitting in your new 2018 or 2019 Chevrolet Equinox you’re ready to cross the border and now you need to go from kilometers to miles or miles to kilometers depending on which way you’re going I’m going to show you how to do that right now using the five way buttons here and the Driver Information Center so currently we’re on the home screen we’re gonna shuffle all the way over to the settings menu second option down is units we’ll hit the check mark we’re gonna move up to us now we are in miles per hour you’ll notice that your miles per hour is located right down here so this analog speedometer is all changed to miles per hour and going back to your home screen now we’re in miles per hour this particular vehicle currently has 53 miles on it and a range of 369 miles the other thing that you’ll notice is in your climate control system when you switch over it will switch over from Celsius to Fahrenheit and back and forth so if you don’t remember that let’s shuffle on back we’re gonna use the side arrows to move us over to our options we’re already highlighting units we’ll click on the checkmark we’ll move it back to metric now while we are in here if you’re looking for some more information just stay tuned below that we have info pages info pages is going to show you what you have access to in your driver information center so speed trip one trip to fuel information oil life monitor tire pressures fuel economy stats average speed timer following distance indicator I’m in a premier right now which has the forward collision alert and the adaptive cruise control driver assistance battery voltage coolant temperature fuel economy trend oil pressure and back up to speed so these can be turned on or turned off depending on what you’d like to have access to below that is our homepage options so currently we have speedometer speed signs we can put the time in there and fuel range so when we go back to our home I’m not sure where the time is but I did turn it on there it is just clicked in right at the top right it’s 2:13 p.m. some of those other menus here’s your driver info menu we just turned on some of these features so fuel range average fuel economy oil life tire pressures going back to tire pressures I know they’re not all identical they should be a little closer than this but because they’re in kilo Pascal’s and we’re running air in the vehicle as opposed to nitrogen the tire pressures are usually gonna be close they also will change while you’re driving going back into the next menu we’ve got music so if you’re listening to music it would have that information on there navigation if you had directions programmed into your navigation system your next turn would show up there and then of course phone we don’t have connected now hopefully this is a quick little rundown of the Driver Information Center but why you tuned in how to switch from miles to kilometers or kilometers to miles let me know if that answered all of your questions have a great day from everybody at Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC and especially myself Kevin de Brito