【ENG SUB】致我们单纯的小美好 14 | A Love So Beautiful EP14 胡一天、沈月校园甜宠爱恋,融化少女心!

-♫ I love your eyes, ♫- -♫ your eyelashes, your arrogance and pride. ♫- -♫ I love your dimples, ♫- -♫ your lips and your smile. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows and mocks me but don’t be annoyed. ♫- -♫ I’ll keep going, just get ready for it! ♫- -♫ I love your shirt, ♫- -♫ your fingers and your smell. ♫- -♫ I wanna be your coat, ♫- -♫ your gloves or your heart. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows. ♫- -♫ It’s a little awkward but don’t be angry, please. ♫- -♫ I’m patient enough, just see it! ♫- -♫ Love you for each minute, each second. ♫- -♫ Love you, everywhere, every corner. ♫- -♫ Loving you is my unchangeable habit. ♫- -♫ How much I love you? Just don’t know. ♫- -♫ My love for you stops the rain and makes the sun rise. ♫- -♫ My love for you warms the snow. ♫- -♫ My love for you is my belief, just can’t give up. ♫- -♫ How much I love you? Some day you would know. ♫- I love Chen Xiaoxi I also know that Chen Xiaoxi loves you Good, you know that But she won’t be anymore Then you can have a try When we were in middle school, Li Wei and he performed piano duet on the stage Everyone said they were perfectly match Let me take you back home Let’s go. I’ll take you to have fun Okay Are you okay? -Sure. Look at you, you’re almost worried to cry.- Who worries about you? You shameless The exam starts Independent recruitment? You must be disqualified Mr. Li asked you to go to the infirmary Look at this -Medical Result: Mild symptoms of depression, infirmity.- Li Wei’s matter is not like what you thought -Episode 14 Speech for the Flag-Raising Ceremony- Morning How’s your hand feeling? It’s okay How about your knees? Already stopped swelling Jiang Chen, I want to talk to you Why do you come so early today? I don’t feel like riding a bike today. So I took a bus I’ll go get some water Meditating? You don’t have a swim training today? What are you doing there? A cute couple meeting at the corridor? It’s been better in the last several times Your condition is getting better Anything on your mind? I can hardly sleep lately – Sir, can you give me more diazepam? – No We have to limit the dose of diazepam And the dose you’re having now is enough But I can’t sleep at night Don’t worry. Insomnia can be solved through other ways Before you go to sleep, exercise more, drink some milk, and listen to some music Sir, please, I really need more Sorry, I can’t Stomach-aching again?

This time… I have a sore throat Don’t always count on medicine Dissolve it in water. Take a good rest Thank you No problem – What’s that? – Why would I tell you? I already saw it. Can I have one? I don’t feel very well You can go and buy it yourself. Don’t grab mine I won’t give you I’m dead Farewell I’m back to life But my heart is aching because my friend doesn’t care about me I have heart disease, but I am strong I never complain to others All I want is a vitamin C tablet from my friend, If she can give me Shut up. That’s enough, stop your acting You’re so annoyed. Just one, okay? You’re wasting my vitamin C tablets I can help you get some water No, thank you Okay Master Lu has to help them Chen Xiaoxi, let’s go to the library at noon – For what? – To… borrow some books No, you can go there alone – Then you won’t be my friend any more – Fine Chen Xiaoxi! I need some water for vitamin C tablet What were you doing? What’s going on? Are you all right? Why do you ask me to come here? Sit here Do your homework here I’ll borrow some books See you Why do I have to do my homework here? Why are you standing there? Sit down I’ll show it to you 0 < x ≤ 1 < π/2 so sin(x)/x is greater than the square of itself Try to solve it yourself Jiang Chen

If you can’t tell me the things about Li Wei I won’t ask about her any more But can you not spend time with her? Come on. I’ll take you to a new place There’s one more self-study class Let’s skip it Why do we have to buy so many snacks? For a picnic? When people feel unhappy, this is called “retail therapy.” You feel unhappy? So I feel unhappy 78 yuan Don’t worry. I have money Xiaoxi Actually buying more snacks to cure your mood is very immature -♫ I’m going to my cute Li Shu. ♫- -♫ He is the brilliant Dr. Li. ♫- -♫ I will give him all these seeds. ♫- -♫ Then we will be together. ♫- Did you go to the library? Is Xiaoxi fine with you now? I can’t help you more. I’ve tried everything I could -Help you to say love.- Madam, what’s this? You can grow the plant inside There will be words on the leaves It’s very popular among students It can help me confess my love? Of course I’ll buy one It’s the seed of our love. Take care of it Jingxiao, I was about to say that first I’m counting on you, little seed Li Shu Lu Yang, are you insane? Yes, I am insane

Go Lu Yang All of you know she likes Li Shu, right? All of you just watch me chasing after her like a idiot. Is it funny? Lu Yang, calm down How can you know my feelings? You’ve always been so calm Boss, waiting for me? Let’s go I wasn’t waiting for you Let’s go. I’ll send you home Made your peace with Jiang Chen? How about you and Lu Yang? Don’t bring him up. I’m so mad at him Li Wei Li Wei, stay there, don’t move Stand still. Don’t move! You hear me? Li Wei, don’t go there What’s going on? – Miss – What happened? Li Wei, don’t move Li Wei, I’ll come to you soon Qiao Lu, calm down Be careful Li Wei Jiang Chen Li Wei Mr. Li Calm down, don’t move Think about anything can make you happy Do you think I’m committing suicide? No, we don’t I’ve never been here before But I just realize this is a beautiful place Li Wei, stay there Wait, I’m not What’s going on with Li Wei? Being dumped by Jiang Chen? Jiang Chen was so worried about her He hasn’t come back yet Li Wei has been acting weird lately The other day, I saw her entering Li Shu’s office Buddies, Li Wei’s mother is at school now She is fighting with Liu Xinxia Why does the school give my daughter this medicine? If anything goes wrong, I’m going to sue you – Mom – Shut up. I’m ashamed You were doing great in junior high Why don’t you ever get the first place in senior high? And you cheated? How dare you? Calm down. Don’t overreact Calm down? How? My daughter was all right at home How come she’s depressed at this school? And you even give her this medicine? It may kill her! Calm down, Miss Li I’m the director of this school I promise we’ll tease this apart, and tell you the truth Li Wei, what happened? I don’t know You don’t know? Okay, I’ll call the police Mom Mr. Li gave me the medicine

He told me, this will make me feel better Okay, I promise I’ll solve this problem Li Shu, are you competent for this job? You made this mess. Maybe it’s time for you to leave You should go back to class There she is Li Shu didn’t give you the medicine You stole it, right? Go tell Zhang Shiliang now Speak to me Say something! Okay, I’ll tell him if you won’t – Don’t – Let me go Give me the medicine 19, 20, 21, 22 Only 22 in the bottle, but there should be 30 Everything is clear. Do you have any defense? Why didn’t you tell them it wasn’t your fault? Go back to your class I saw it. She stole the medicine. It wasn’t you Stop You should go back I won’t until you tell me why Okay You saw how Li Wei was behaving like We can’t agitate her now You are her classmate Now she is more vulnerable than ever You should try to help her. Don’t stress her out Also, maybe you can help me to persuade her to go and see a psychiatrist This class is about reductant In an oxidizing reaction, reductant will be oxidized So some people think reductant is admirable He can give you all the electrons you need if you stay with him Look at this equation. Remember this Director, look here, the answers are wrong in this workbook Why is that? Sir, I stole the diazepam for Li Wei It wasn’t Mr. Li’s fault What are you talking about? Go back to your class I mean it. I stole it I thought Li Wei was not feeling very well, so I took some diazepam for her I didn’t know it was so serious You didn’t know? How dare you? It’s medicine. This is serious She’s a kid, just trying to be nice Stop protecting your students I’m sorry Your classmate, Lin Jingxiao, stole medicine from the infirmary The school will record her a serious demerit Also, ask your parents to come here You could have killed her What happened?

I’m asking you what happened I stole the medicine How is it possible? You don’t even know which one is diazepam The bottle has a label Lin Jingxiao, what’s going on? I stole it. That’s it I don’t know how to tell my mom I’ll help you talk to her No, thanks Here’s your order Jingxiao, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Mom What happened? Is everything okay? Someone bullied you at school? Feeling sick? Need more money? Zhang, what are you doing? The chef needs help. Don’t just chat with others Sorry, I’ll go there after a second Jingxiao, tell mom what happened Nothing. I just want to have some dumplings I worry that you’re too busy to cook I was scared if anything went wrong Just dumpling? No problem, I’ll cook it tonight I want pork and chives for stuffing Okay, you should go back now I’ll go back to work Don’t push me. It’s full You are so irritable So you knew Li Wei had depression -This stop is Langzhen Shopping Mall.- -Please get off from the back door.- Here’s more room Get on the bus, you can go back home earlier Lu Yang Li Shu is back Lin Jingxiao did it. She wanted to frame Li Shu Don’t say that Lu Yang, where are you going? I don’t allow you to go Have you ever heard of this? It’s none of your business Lu Yang Lu Yang

Lu Yang What should we do? Take him to the infirmary Go Lu Yang Lu Yang Jiang Chen, give me the oxygen mask Cellphone Hello, this is Chenxi School A student is having a heart attack He is 16, has congenital heart disease Nothing else is showing Right. How long will it take you to come? Please, as soon as possible Okay What’s happening? Why is he fainted? Lu Yang What happened to him? How is it now? Lu Yang We’re running out of time I have to give him a shot No, it’s too dangerous. School can’t take this risk Directer, we should listen to Mr. Li We don’t have time to wait Lin Jingxiao, get me the epinephrine. Over there No, wait, what if anything goes wrong? Are you sure you can do this? Wu Bosong, hold him Do you have any experience about this disease? You can’t just try to save him What if you can’t save him? Let me go. This is ridiculous Keep him away You’re just a doctor in a school infirmary You don’t know how to do this This is crazy Lu Yang Lu Yang It’s okay It’s fine now You’re okay now Awake? Your parents are dealing with the paper work Everything is fine now You need a comprehensive examination later Your doctor said, you need to stay in hospital for a while Better get the surgery done Directer Zhang said, you don’t need to go to school before the College Entrance Exam Sore throat again? Really? Are you leaving? Everything is done I’m not your Dr. Li any more I told Directer Zhang, I gave her the diazepam You had nothing to do with that He said he would cancel your demerit record But you will have to do a self-reflection in front of other students It’s very nice of you to try to help others But protecting yourself goes before protecting others But it was not all your fault Sometimes, truth is not so important Don’t you remember? I’m not only a doctor I’m also your teacher My responsibility is to protect all of you So where are you planning to go? Still be a doctor? I will go to Africa and join the Doctors Without Borders I always want to go but can’t make up my mind

Thanks to this incident, it mades the decision for me Also, don’t come to the infirmary so frequently in the future Not all the teachers are so nice as me All right. I’ll go now Let’s go Why are you all here? We come here to say goodbye Don’t be sad. It’s not a big deal There will be someone to replace me But no one will be nice and handsome as you are That’s true Mr. Li, what will you do? I’m going to Africa and join the Doctors Without Borders I’ll go find you when there’s a swimming competition Please don’t Africa is suffering from drought Please don’t swim there All right. I am very happy that I met all of you Hope you all have a bright future. Goodbye Bye Let’s go back to our classroom The senior year is very important for every student Yet some student doesn’t treat it seriously Lin Jingxiao, come up here Hurry up Lin Jingxiao Li Wei asked for a vacation She wants me to tell you, sorry What are you murmuring there? Come here Lin Jingxiao in Grade 3, Class 8, broke the school regulations She will do the self-reflection in front of you All of you should learn from this Don’t ever break the regulations again Who is that? What happened? Lu Yang You? What’s that hair? Even though you have heart disease I will force you to dye it back Sir, please calm down Directer Zhang, sorry, but I want to do a self-reflection here Don’t worry, I’ll go first Good morning, everyone I am Lu Yang from Grade 3, Class 8 Today I have to confess something I’m sorry But I fall in love with a girl She is pretty Her smile is beautiful She looks gorgeous even when she’s angry Stop it! I started to like her three years ago She never took my love seriously But today,

I want to make it serious by confessing my love here I love her I love her Stop Come down Lin Jingxiao I love you so much Here’s more Thank you Don’r rush, be careful Mrs, Lin Jingxiao is such a good student at school She is nice to everyone We all like her very much You must be nice to her, too She rarely brings any classmates back You are the first one That’s enough because I’m the most handsome one You are so funny Here Thank you You can come here when you want I like talking to you Can I have any discount then? Just come here whenever you want All on me No, I will pay Or Lin Jingxiao will beat me She won’t. I’ll protect you Here’s more Thank you Here. Be careful Thank you Be careful Lu Yang Jingxiao Great timing, join us You’re back This is better than what my mom cooks Come here, let’s have dinner – You should come here more frequently – Okay You promise? Of course I will Lu Yang This is the last time I can walk with you I won’t go to school in a few months My mom asked me to study at home Today I was so cool, right? You are Lin Jingxiao Goodbye Bye Lu Yang Go, don’t stay here I am Lin Jingxiao’s classmate Lying Jingxiao’s classmate doesn’t have this kind of hair This is for a drama Go, now You won’t go? – Can you leave? – No – Still no? – No I won’t leave I’m so tired Tired? Shall we eat now? I’m tired -♫ Maybe it’s fairy’s magic, I think. ♫- -♫ She makes you talk to me. ♫- -♫ This prosperous world is so noisy and crowded, ♫- -♫ where is my stop? ♫- -♫ Don’t care about it, the doubt or sufferings. ♫-

-♫ Calm down and follow the answer in your heart. ♫- -♫ What you lost and makes you feel sorrow, ♫- -♫ you must know. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in dream, ♫- -♫ I’m in somniloquy, ♫- -♫ drawing my future home, ♫- -♫ the home full of what I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, all the struggling has gone. ♫- -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫- -♫ talk to me gently, ♫- -♫ “come here, be easy.” ♫- -♫ The dream ♫- -♫ makes me sleepless. ♫- -♫ Full of bitterness and sobs. ♫- -♫ That’s my original intention, that’s my youth. ♫- -♫ Tell me it will come true. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in somniloquy, ♫- -♫ drawing my future home, ♫- -♫ the home I live with all I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, ♫- -♫ all the obstacles have been overcome. ♫- -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫- -♫ talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.” ♫- -♫ You talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.” ♫-