Ehd e Wafa Episode 16 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 5 Jan 2020

Father Yes Mr. Haji, yes Ok I will be there May God protect you Is it the doomsday? You scared me What is it? Father, there is a good news, good news Sibtain Shah’s heart attack has taken him for a long tour He passed away by the will of God His chair is vacant Get ready for by-elections Father What are you doing? I am watching a drama To hell with this drama Tell me, have you told Raheel that Dua is not Shahid’s daughter? I did not tell him, he forced me to tell him Neither am I a fool nor are you that innocent that a kid can force you to tell him something which has been kept a secret till now We consider Dua as our daughter, our own blood Have some fear of God How could you take out something after 22 years? So that Raheel forgets about Dua Neither he gets himself insulted nor gets humiliated You did not do the right thing You are scared for no reason, nothing is going to happen He considered her as his honor but he knows the truth now Why would Raheel marry a girl with no family background? You have given a razor in monkey’s hands Now just watch how many people is he going to kill Dad! How could you think that I cannot handle the truth after making me so strong?

I wish you had told me the truth sometime that I am not your daughter I would have hugged you right away and would have told you that I am only your daughter You trusted me that much at least The only sorrow I have is that you lead a fearful life that I will leave you I did not leave you dad, you left me instead Who does something like that with his daughter? You left me alone I miss you dad, I miss you I have a news What? Sir Faizan has been put into a quarter guard Has the inquiry been done? There was no need of an inquiry, he has been caught red handed This is why he is in the quarter guard What has happened? Tell me at least Don’t you know? I swear I don’t know and neither of you is telling me anything He has been caught cheating in tactics examination No way Yes Why did they take a serious action on this? He has broken our basic code A cadet never cheats Never steals And never lies Whoever crosses the line will have to face what Faizan is facing What? Term out What the hell is going on in the Academy? Gentlemen, foundation of a soldier comprises courage, competence, comradeship and most importantly character and any character failure has no place in the Academy BHM! Carry on He stayed afraid as long as he lived that you might get a shock after knowing about the truth or you might maintain a distance form us You might not start inquiring about your parents I would have definitely asked you if it was important to me Neither am I shocked nor do I want to know about them Father’s name will always be there on my ID card and I will be recognized by this name only and I will require your name after I die Why are you scaring me? We had a funeral in this house recently Don’t talk nonsense May God bless you with a long life I came to visit Shahid Uncle’s grave…thought to meet you How is Aunty now? She is fine We have forgotten about what happened that day Anyone other than Aunty would have said the same after such a big accident Someone’s evil eye got our family

It is not the evil eye Raheel, your stubbornness has done all this Your claim to have a right over me for no reason has destroyed everything One claims a right over the one he loves only I don’t need such love who took away my dad from me Finished everything Forget about what happened Marry me I promise I will keep you happy I will not stop you from anything…I will help you fulfill your dreams Just say yes once….don’t get married …instead get engaged for now Raheel I don’t want to discuss this nonsense It would be better that you leave my house Your house? I think you don’t know that you are Shahid Uncle’s adopted child and such kids don’t have any rights You can ask a lawyer if you don’t trust me I think you should consider my offer with a cool mind for everyone’s betterment otherwise you and Aunty will suffer a lot Those who are on the top ten of the course enjoy the luxury actually They can go to any regiment they want to Let’s suppose if I come in the top ten… Why suppose? I am sure you will I have some doubts too Wow! My dear don’t be so generous You have not become an ASU just like that I think you are among the top three candidates for the sword and you will definitely get the sword It is not easy to get the sword of honor I have asked Mother to pray for whatever is better for us I am sure that you will win the sword Ask your Mother to pray for me that I come in the top ten and go to the Armor Armor is your parent claim You will win the sword and go to Armor as well, isn’t it? I want to follow my Father’s footsteps but if I am given a choice then I will go to the infantry, I have decided What are you saying? What I am listening to? You are listening to the right thing But why? Come My Father is no less than a role model for me but I have understood this great hero living in this room I want to reach the milestone he reached following him Whether I reach the milestone or not but if become a martyrdom like him while fighting for my country, I will think that I have accomplished the reason for my existence in this world I want to live looking in to the eyes of life and death like this lion I want to see Pakistan Army following his footsteps This is the reason I have decided to go to the infantry No one can move you from your decision You are absolutely right I would have been saying the same if I was in your place Ok then, you carry the lion’s legacy and I will go to Armor riding a horse with God’s will What is this thing my dear? It is a mare Grand Father, what else if this is a mare than I am not Malik Allah Yar, I am Prince Charles My dear someone has made you a fool in the carnival and handed you a fake thing instead of original Grand Father it is a pure breed 10 people gave a guarantee only then I bought it Really? Ok You will not remember anything I say but still listen to me very carefully my dear A mare for sale in a carnival and a girl in a jungle are not trustworthy

There would be some fault in the mare and the girl will turn out to be wicked It is nothing like that There is no fault in this mare Look how she is standing up straight Wow! She is standing up straight Her back knees are filled with vacum Mark my words that lie down after 2 or 3 days and then she will not get up If she gets up my dear you can break my knees, we both are here I was waiting since so long that my son has gone to the fair and he will bring something big He has bought an item, wow! This is why my dear I ask you not to do something which you are not capable of What should I do then, tell me? What should I do so that you start taking me seriously? Now I have to tell you this also Do something big my dear Try something new, you have done one marriage and your wisdom has finished since then Grow up my dear otherwise this world will keep cheating you for the rest of your life, mark my words Your Father in law is here with God’s grace Welcome Mr. Chaudry How are you? I am fine How are you dear? I was asking Shahzain today that if you are dead or alive and no one has informed me I am alive Mr. Malik and standing in front of you Have some fear of God You have come for the first time after your daughter’s wedding Keep visiting us Life and death are unpredictable I am from the old school Mr. Malik I don’t find it right to have even a glass of water from my daughter’s house If not water than have some lassi Mulazim Hussain! Arrange for the dinner Bring everything except water Please come Let’s go Let’s go What are you talking about? According to shariah, I am entitled to 1/8th portion of Shahid’s property You deserve it Mother, not me I confirmed it with the lawyer, according to the law and religion I have nothing in this house I don’t accept such a law But you do accept the shariah, don’t you? Mother please agree to what I am saying We don’t have another solution That cheap boy is black mailing you I will not spare his life. I will take him to the court Why do you need to go to the court when it can be done so easily? You are asking me to agree to something so big just because of Raheel Even I am agreeing to it Mother We have to accept this bitter reality, whether you agree or not I have decided, I am waiting for your decision Ok then if you are ready to jump into the fire that Raheel has started than I cannot do anything Call them here, let’s finish this argument What other news do you have Chaudry? I have heard you are buying another 50 acres land… I am planning to but let me get free from the elections first, then I will buy the land as well That was the purpose of my visit here today actually If you give your blessings to Chaudry Waqar, his wish for getting into the assembly will be fulfilled Your wish is also valid and your statement is also valid but There are no ifs and buts among relatives Start in the name of God, wish him best of luck The rest is up to God Am I right Shahzain dear? You are right but Grand Father is making me stand for this seat in the elections Grand Father wants me to do something big So by the grace of God I will win the upcoming elections and I will try my best to do something big Hello!

Father! Congratulations Dua is convinced Stop it For God’s sake spare her Why are you after her like an incompetent lover? If I was an incompetent lover than she would not have called me herself and told me to bring Uncle and Aunty along Dua is convinced and Aunty has also agreed If you do not believe me, you can call them and ask them yourself I asked you to take a promise from Malik Allah Yar before giving your daughter But you never listen to me Why are you taunting me like women? I will make Shahzain change his decision How will you do that? He wants to do something now and he will do it now I have called Rani, she will convince him Greetings Father Greetings How are you? How are you brother? Are you fine? Father what should I make him understand? I am already at a learning age How can I ask Shahzain not to stand in the elections? Darling you are his wife? Who else other than you will convince him? Do not drag me in to all this Father Talk to Shahzain directly about all this Would I have been begging you if I could do it directly? Stupid! There is no need of begging her Father Order her not to ruin her Father’s and her brother’s honor She should convince her husband before things get out of control Father! Am I here to listen to his threats or to what you have to say? Do not worry about him darling He just talks out of anger Then brother you should also listen to me and stay in Wuddoo You will keep calm Father! Please excuse me, I have to offer the 4 mandatory prayers of the afternoon Sit here Do not do so much drama and listen to me carefully Start in the name of God It is your duty to make Shahzain understand In fact you do not have to make him understand you have to convince him to step back from this seat and support your brother for this seat What if I fail to convince him? Then consider your Father and your brother dead for you And I will not allow you to come to my funeral as well Here you go Rani, your Father turned out to be your master Even I have never given such an emotional threat that you have given me Father It is a limit Now what is going to happen? There is Father on one side and that box of butter on the other side and the innocent me in between them Think again There must be another way out Mother I have thought a lot about it and this is the most reasonable solution And any other way will depart us We can stay close together this way at least Are all the 3 here? Yes They are waiting for you Then let us go How are you? Greetings Greetings How are you feeling now? Very well I will be on my feet soon Get well soon so that we can celebrate the joys of our kids with health and a relaxed mind Why not why not? Ok forget the past and let us move on and celebrate

Celebrate for what? I am not here to have sweet Your son is threatening my daughter and you are talking about having sweets Great Zahid brother! Threat! Which threat? Raheel thinks that if I do not marry him, he can destroy me and Mother because I am adopted and he thinks this is my biggest weakness I and Mother have invited you here today so that I can tell you both that this is not my weakness, this is my biggest strength This is Shahid’s house, give me the amount of my share from it and then you are responsible for this house What are you talking about? I have never thought this way But Raheel has thought about it already And I am sure, he can do anything to achieve what he wants I have become a challenge for him now He wants to shatter me But I will never let that happen So it is better that we break this relationship without making it an ego issue Give Mother the share that she deserves in this house, we do not want this house Ok if both of you have decided to break all the bonds than I cannot do anything Why can’t you do anything Father? You keep quiet, you shameless man Whatever is happening today is because of you Keep quiet and let me talk We have discussed everything, take me inside Dua The Academy senior under officer Saad has won the Sword of honor in the passing out course Greetings sir! Greetings sir! The company senior under officer Gulzar won the Presidential Gold medal in the passing out course Oh look look! Our Gulzar is getting a medal Greetings sir Where? Everyone looks like Gulzar to me You blind! Look over there I cannot see anything Niaz Hussain The tears of joy have made me blind You blind look over there Greetings sir! Greetings Greetings sir

Greetings Whenever I come here and see this PMA road, there is only one thing that comes to my mind that if I would not have walked on this path, I would not have reached this position A lot of memories are associated with these trees, these walls and doors The cadet inside me comes out whenever I come here and he runs on this road like an innocent child runs towards his Mother and hugs her Saad! No matter how senior officer I become, I can never forget the golden days spent in this Academy I am proud to say that I am a product of this prestigious Academy The roots of both of us are in PMA and PMA is in our roots My eyes were wet only once in my life and that is when you were born When I held you in my arms, my eyes were teary Today when you are proudly handing over your sword of honor to me, I am scared that my eyes might get teary again so it is better that you keep your sword in your hands You have earned this success with your own efforts and hard work Now preserve the honor of this sword Do not hesitate in taking a life or sacrificing your own life in fulfilling your duties You can keep this sword I will try my level best Father I know son Well done Good job Now go and meet your Mother and Rameen also, they must be waiting for you I am also waiting I know Then step forward I have moved forward as much as I had to, now it is your turn, move forward, lead the way God bless you my son I am proud of you Brother I am so proud of you Think about how proud I will feel when my friends are going to find out that my brother is also a sword winner along with my Father I am so proud of both of you Why are you proud of her? What else does she do apart from spying on me for Father, tell me? Mother I think it is about time to tell brother who I am and what are my achievements And brother! Hold your sword before you fall down after knowing about my achievements What is she saying? Yes, one of Rameen’s paintings about environment has been selected for an exhibition in Japan She is going to become an international artist What? There is more And her name is on the top of the Army Medical College’s merit list How did you like my surprise? Not bad Thank you! Be careful! It is fragile Put that one over there Take this and call her To whom? Dua I will call her when I reach home I feel shy talking to her in front of you Oh! My shy son! Are you calling her or should I tell your Father about Dua? Call her! Hello!

Hello! You are talking like a newly wed groom Hello! Dear I am Saad’s Mother We have called to tell you that Saad has passed out today by God’s grace Now he has become an officer by God’s grace Greetings Aunty! Greetings my dear! I have heard so much about you that I feel like I know you already Come over for dinner tonight if you are free We have arranged a small dinner in Saad’s honor at our house today Please do come so we can meet Aunty I am so sorry, I am leaving for Abbottabad today, I am really sorry No problem my dear, do come over whenever you come back Our house is your house from now on Ok dear, Bye! Do not touch it, it will get dirty Have some Fear of God Niaz Hussain Let me see what is it? This is the product of my son’s efforts, what else Mother nothing will happen Father! Have a look at it Wipe your hands first, it will get dirty Is it ok now? Do not cry Niaz Hussain, do not cry It is a happy moment You were also crying The tears were rolling down because of happiness God Almighty has blessed us with the biggest happiness, the biggest happiness If the tears do not roll down today because of this happiness then we cannot do justice to it