Ancestral Land. Russian TV Series. Episode 14. StarMedia. Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND -Did something happen? -No, everything is fine Where is Timka? He stayed at home We need to talk alone, Alesha All right I scared you so much I should have told everything from the beginning, but I thought that I would be able to forget it That I won’t bother you with my front memories I was raped by the Germans, Alesha There were ten of them Oh, God, Lilya I got it No need to talk about it anymore They cruelly beat me up That’s why I always feel physical pain I feel pains in my abdomen, lower back, left breast Sometimes, they come to me in my sleep, and then, my soul hurts terribly I relive that nightmare again God, my girl. Give me your hand Everything will be fine. We’ll manage Tomorrow, we’ll examine you at the hospital. We’ll check everything We’ll treat everything We’ll be happy, Lilenka We have Timka. We’ll have other children Alesha, I can’t have children now Holy Trinity, take mercy on us Lord, forgive us our sins Lord, forgive us our illegal actions Visit us and cure our diseases to glorify Your name Oh, God. Stepa? Father Nicolay? What is it? Read a prayer with me, Stepa I beg you. Read and remember It’s short Later, when I’m gone, you’ll read it OK My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner. Repeat, please

My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner. Is that all? -It is -It’s short What prayer is it? It’s Jesus’s prayer You shall live, Stepan Your son is waiting for you Your wife is waiting for you I have neither a son nor a wife Sleep Stepa! Barrack no. 8 Come out, faster, faster! Come out, all together Faster! Run! Go to work! M-174! Did you die, or what? Comrade boss, you shall send him to the doctor After the monk was murdered at night, this wolf made such a performance! It looks like he went out of his mind Stand up! Stand up, you! Send him to the doctor for examination Shall I carry you in my arms, or what? Come on! Move it! -Stop! -Stop, little bastard! -Stop! -Stop! I told you to stop! -Stop, little bastard! -Stop! Stop, bastard! -Stop! -Stop! -Stop! -I told you to stop! Get off, guys! Stop, damn you! Egor, why aren’t you at the nursery? -Is he yours? -He is. What did he do? He is a thief! He stole pies from me! Give them back, or I’ll arrest you and send you to prison! -Give her the pies, I tell you -Give them back! Here you go. Sorry. Look at me! How could you, Egor? I put them in a bag to hand them over to the buyer, and he snatched them away from me! Be more attentive to him! What a little bastard! I beg your pardon. Stop! I’m very sorry I’ll come back in a minute I’ll sort it out and come Where are you going? Be quiet, they’ll sort it out They will. Can’t you see it? Varvara, why are you holding him like a naughty puppy?

-Ira, later -What did he do? Kneel in a corner Don’t you dare move until I come back! -K-701 -Here -R-680 -Here -B-643 -Here Turn left. March forward Barrack no.9 Comrade Colonel, may I come in? You’re already here Why are you smoking? Is it a fire? It actually is, Comrade Colonel It’s a fire The 9th barrack is burning Damn it! The barrack is burning! I wish it burnt to ashes! Was there anybody in the barrack? Some people. Five criminal convicts Monya Bespredelniy and his guys It looks like somebody locked them in People, people… they were shit, not people Let they all burn with grey flames -Blue flames -What? Only smoke may be grey, Comrade Colonel Gaganov, don’t put me straight, I’m not crooked Yes, sir, Comrade Colonel They burnt alive. They inhaled too much smoke, Comrade Colonel Why did you place them here, like sausages on a counter? Take them away Let them have rest in the morgue now Yes, sir, Comrade Colonel Comrade Colonel, I got a telegram today On the 24th, a commission arrives It’ll check the second building site You should have started from this piece of news

And you started with the fire. All right Move all the inmates from the 9th barrack to the 5th and send a brigade to the building site at once People from the 9th barrack won’t fit into the 5th Fit them. They may lie side by side The more the funnier The merrier Don’t put me straight, I’m not crooked Yes, sir One lung is damaged The size and shape are considerably altered Does she complain of the pains? She rarely complains of anything This organ is damaged, Alexei Makarovitch, it shall be removed Alla Borisovna, I got you When do you plan to operate on her? In the nearest future We’ll start preparing her tomorrow Are you going to her? She refused to have injections today Alexei Makarovitch, everybody is ready at the surgery, we’re only waiting for you I got you. I’ll be there in three minutes Alexei Makarovitch, have you finished the surgery? The thing is, we were waiting for you to tell you that… Lilya Mikhaylovna left the hospital two hours ago What do you mean – she left? She just did She packed her things and left Alexei Makarovitch, are you coming? He is so exact! Just three minutes have passed! Sit down Eat Mum, what is it? Why are you looking at me? Come on, eat You must eat all of them, until the very last pie Take the second one You won’t stand up from the table until you eat all of them But mum, we don’t have the money There was money, I saved some You’ll now finish the pies and then we’ll go hungry for two months Mum, did you waste all the money for pies? If your dad was with us, he’d beat you up with a belt so hard that you’d remember for the rest of your life how it feels to steal! But he us not here! My hair grew, but he is still not here! I’m going to the institute, and you do what I told you to Don’t stand up from this chair until you finish them off By the time of the revolution, the old regime exhausted itself and was dying off We can’t even say that the February revolution overthrew monarchy in Russia The monarchy fell on its own Nobody was protecting it Ulyana Pavlovna, we beg your pardon but we urgently need Varavara Morozova Auntie Varya, mum sent me to you -Your Egorka is unwell! -You may go, Morozova I’m sorry. Thank you. Let’s go I beg your pardon Let’s continue our lecture -Varya, come here -Ira, what is wrong with him? -He has been sick for four hours! -Oh, God! What did you make him eat so much for? He must have gastric indigestion Varvara, you flushed all your money down the toilet

Egorushka! I’m sorry Mum, I ate everything. As you said I’ll never steal again Sorry. Forgive me Why did you leave the hospital? I can’t stay there I spent three months in the hospital, and since then, hospital walls are pressing on me… I’m sorry. I can’t stay there You shall have a surgery Is it so serious? No, it’s nothing serious We may wait, then I didn’t leave the hospital in vain I took Timka to the circus today He was so happy that I got infected with his happiness I recalled my childhood Dad took me to Petersburg when I was eight I had a huge lolly, and there were clowns there I put my lolly on my dress, and it got stuck And it was Madame Yevlatskaya who made that dress for me… Lilya… The surgery is absolutely necessary Dr. Morozov, you know that I can see you through I’m in a terrible shape. Why lie to me? Lilya? Were you drinking again? You promised! It’s easier for me this way, Alesha Sorry Don’t talk in the column Don’t stretch out Widen your step No talking in the column!

I beg your pardon Do you have a piece of paper? I want to write a letter to my wife and I have no paper I’m your new neighbour. We will have to spend nights side-by-side now We shall get acquainted Excuse me… what is your name? Leave him alone, fool He has recently eaten soup together with this tongue He went numb No, he gave a vow of silence Don’t worry If you lost speech due to a nervous breakdown, it’ll come back My name is Lyova. Lev Levitskiy I am a scientist I was a scientist My wife has a weak heart I’m afraid that something may happen to her I shall write, but I don’t have any paper He was robbing a passer-by He had a knife in his boot And then the police came and started to shout: “Show your hands and your weapons!” That was how Mishanya was caught He deserved it! He didn’t know his place What shall I tattoo? What did the poet say about the roads? “I walked so many roads, I made so many mistakes” Tattoo that Blessed are the crying for they will be consoled Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the world Blessed are those who look for truth for they’ll be satisfied Blessed are merciful for they will be saved… It’s ten minutes until the start of the séance, and the queue is at least half an hour long! My neighbour liked cinema very much She watched this movie yesterday and she is simply impressed. She says that Kryuchkov is simply brilliant Plus, every single song is a hit Do you like actor Nicolay Kryuchkov? I like it when people avoid idle talks with me Is it a violin? If you’re a violinist, it means you have kind soul

-What is your name? -Leonid There is one good man, a front hero, who has never been to the movies This good man won’t get a ticket if you don’t help him, Leonid Please buy two tickets to the movie! Sure. Give me the money Let’s go, Comrade Senior Lieutenant Show me your machines Well, where are your air giants? Here they are -What do you mean? -I’m Senior Lieutenant Svetlova Senior Lieutenant Svetlova What camouflage! Yes, she put the art of the military camouflage very high Please tell me… Are you really pilots or is it camouflage as well? No, sir I understand your concern, Comrade Major They are girls, of course But they don’t paint their lips -Not at all? -Not at all They even decided not to have any affairs until the end of the war -Did something happen? -No You’re as if a stranger tonight You’re with me but at the same time you’re as if somewhere else I’ll live with you now In the dormitory. I left him. For good You ended it, and now you have doubts, don’t you? Alyona, you wanted it yourself I told you to think well first There is the end and here is the start Don’t talk nonsense I didn’t change my mind Let’s go drink something and dance Attention, convicts! The column is to keep strict order Don’t stretch out. Don’t step on the feet of a convict ahead of you! It’s prohibited to talk in a column! You may only look forward and not turn back! Keep hands behind your back A step to the right or to the left is considered to be an escape The guards will shoot without warning Brigades 22, 34 and 46! You’ll work at the building of the second building object today I’ll be present there too For your good work, I promise each one of you a money bonus You are familiar with the principle of brigade work in our camp Let me remind you about it – if at least one person out of the brigade idles, the entire brigade will be left without the wages For the smallest violation of the discipline you’ll get 20 days of lock-up without walks. Consider yourself lucky to work under my supervision today I wish all of you a lucky working day, strength of spirit and clean conscience! Turn left! March forward! You’re as if dead. Widen your step! Don’t lag behind. Come on! It’s not a promenade!

My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner You shall be more careful. If somebody hears you, you’ll be in trouble My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner My Lord, Jesus Christ, take mercy on me, the sinner… -Brigadier? -What? The student is unwell What has happened again? I can’t do it anymore. I’m dying! Student, stop this shit You were dying yesterday too You did, didn’t you? Did I send you to the medical unit? I did What did they say? That you’re healthy! So work, work! Stop, bastard. I can’t! I have no strength left Shut your mouth before the bosses heard you It’s all your fault, bastard! Die! You’ll all die! I wish we killed you all! Die! Die, all of you, with your bloody Soviet power! -The poor boy lost his mind -The nerves failed him Red devils! I won’t! Burn in fire, everybody! You and your Stalin! Take the body away immediately Why are you standing? Take the student and take him away And you, take the log Move it. Come on, faster, faster! The Pacific and the Atlantic oceans have similar geographic position They stretch from the North Arctic circle up to Antarctica The Indian ocean, however, is almost entirely situated in the Southern hemisphere The Arctic ocean is situated at the North Pole, to be exact, around it It stretches along the entire Northern Arctic Circle It’s all covered with sea ice, that’s why it’s isolated from the other oceans Fyodor Fomitch, do white bears live there? Lyalina, polar bears, sea lions, walruses and many other northern animals live there; however, it’s not the topic of geography Please don’t interrupt me again, Lyalina I’m very sorry. I won’t do it again So… Fyodor Fomitch, what are you doing this Saturday evening? On Saturday evening, Lyalina, I’ll preparing for our next lecture Let’s continue our lecture You, as future teachers… Fyodor Fomitch! Maybe you shall forget about the lectures? Let’s go to dances with us on Saturday! No, Fyodor Fomitch! Let’s better go with us! We’re going to the movies! Shut up! The lecture is over for today I’ll ask each of you tomorrow Those who won’t answer will be expelled The task is clear. Execute. Now! What a psycho!

Who will allow him to expel us? He is not a director He seems to be concussed He is concussed indeed He spent all the war at the front and reached Berlin How do you know? Maybe you write lectures with him in the evenings? And answer lessons to him at nights? When he returned from the war, he stayed in my brother’s hospital He still goes there for treatments He had three serious wounds Varya, we behaved in a silly way But we didn’t know You’ll know now It’s all right, Nina What may we do when there are 20 girls for one man now? Will you go with us to the dances on Saturday? I can’t. Egor fell sick He is staying at home Recover! -Thanks. See you tomorrow -Bye! -Good afternoon -Good afternoon -Good afternoon -Good afternoon -Hello -Show me how you’re doing Here we go The works are going on… Lift! Listen, Stepan Some bosses must have arrived That gentleman with a stick is looking at you all the time He was staring at you when we were going that way What about the terms? The building will be completely finished by October It means that the object will be ready ahead of the schedule Great Mikhail Andreyevitch, let’s go to the camp now We’ll eat. The table is laid Yes, yes. We’ll go now. Wait. Stepan! M-174, come here Stepa! Damn it! This is simply impossible Comrade Captain… Why are you here? There was a battle All our people died I was taken prisoner Damn it, Stepa. Damn it!

Smoke I know about that battle, Stepan I thought that everybody was killed Why didn’t you look for me? I named your surname At the interrogation However, I don’t remember either the regiment or the unit after Gestapo I see I won’t promise anything but I’ll do everything I can Why are you here? You’re a military man No, Stepa. My wars are over I’m in reserve now My legs are made out of dead material Army people can’t have two prosthetics I won’t do the ironing I’ll iron when we arrive Are you hungry? Will you eat before we go? I made soup yesterday Do you want some? No, I’m not hungry OK I’ll leave it for the neighbours, then Their men are hungry all the time I need to take some clothes from there I don’t want to leave them However, if you’re against it, I won’t go there. I’ll do as you say You may go If you think you shall go – go The new residents are waiting for the room in the kitchen Will you go with me? No, Alyona. Go on your own -Varka, hi -Hi How are your studies doing? -Hello -Hello I like the institute so much! I learn something new every day We study grammar, math, history, geography, music and singing We also make figurines from clay, draw and do crafts so that we could teach all that to the kids later And my Georgiy will enter the Polytechnic Institute next year Oh, wow! He is repairing the third bike for Sanka He is a future engineer! When he repairs it, my Sanka will let your Egor ride it Thanks How is he? Does he still have fever? I don’t know. I’ll now come and measure his temperature All right, repair the bike! I’ll go Hello, Tatyana Nicolayevna Varenka? Varya! Your Egor is already fine

-He is, isn’t he? -He is Yakov Dmitriyevitch has been playing with him since lunchtime Yakov Dmitriyevitch? Yes. That was how he introduced himself He brought something to your son I heard laugh from Egorka’s room You have a very, very nice admirer, Varya I would have no doubts if I were you Varya, a boy needs a father I’ll go, Tatyana Nicolayevna -Hello -Hello -Hello -Hello -Hello, little one -Hello You blot it a bit, and there is left water Take this colour Then you may mix it with another one No, we haven’t washed the brush well yet Mummy! Dubasov is drawing Chernomor’s army for me! Hello, Varya What are you doing it for? But Varya… we… -Go away -Mum! -Egor! -OK No, Dubasov! I want to draw! -Egor! -It’s all right Stop! Listen to me, Egor! Egor, listen to me, listen to me! Egor, listen to me! You have your own dad, do you hear? You have him! We’ll wait for him! I promise, he’ll come for sure For sure! For sure!