Words on the screen: Be careful! This video contains foul language. Sorry, bros. That’s how the real life sounds sometimes N. Uncle clown, is there anything for me? What the fuck is this, a dick? Welcome to the AgentShow Land universe This is the third episode and our guest is Instamka (literally from Russian – Instafemale) Yarik, go and clean it here Voice-over: Instasamka. 19 years old. Real name is Daria Zoteeva. Blogger and trap artist Became famous under the stage-name Dasha President She gained popularity mainly due to haters: her content (photos of her ass, ambiguous vines and fights with other bloggers) is perceived … in different ways Nevertheless, almost two million followers on Instagram and the total of her album playbacks (8 million!) speaks volumes: Instasamka found good shelter under the blaze of hype N. There are five categories, with three questions about you in each, you need to answer 10 You choose any you want, and aim. You need to throw these darts, so, you take, aim, knock out the question, I read it to you, and that’s all, in fact This is the Truth Shooting room. We begin We thought so as we thought so Voice-over: They often try to trip Instasamka, but lie won’t work here You’ll face the most sincere attraction in amusement park ever – Truth Shooting Room It’s pretty simple: hit the balloon, answer the question honestly, there are 5 topics and 10 darts. Here we go TRUTH SHOOTING ROOM N. That’s it, by the way I. InstaShame, I adore it N. You have something to say on this subject, don’t you? I. There should be more questions N. and the question is very interesting indeed We watched the show Clash of Thrones, the first two minutes Then there was blood from all over, and this, of course, is very funny content How did you agree to participate in this mess and what did it give you? Tell me, please I. Money N. Dough? I. Yeaaahh N. You mean, you didn’t care that it was nasty stuff, a piece of crap of epic proportions, holy fucking mess, well, that’s bad And if they pay dough for it, okay, even if it’s bad, then anyway, because for money I. That’s not that I’m ready to do anything for dough, but I was not a participant who went there for no reason, N. Well, to be the hostess I. But I don’t plan to stay long. I think so, but such working questions, I don’t even know how to answer this correctly N. Yes, answer as you like, not as it should be I. Guys, well, damn it, friends, they suggested one amount, first I refused, then they offered another amount, and I accepted N. Well, in short, you are for sale I. Well, not always N. So, let’s say, I’m watching you, I really like everything you do, then I see the Game of thrones, oh, the Clash of thrones I. By the way, yes, the Game of thrones N. and I suddenly think, well, what the fuck? I. Well, but that’s N. just everyone will start it over again, you will be disappointed I. No, why, N. well, because this thing is so fucking shitty as you host the Clash of thrones I. You rock! Well, in general N. In short, you are for sale, sometimes I. Not always, but yes. Okay, Come on N. Super! you became so straight, that’s it .. Instamusic Which of the girls on the modern stage is your competitor, I mean in music? I. Nobody N. None of them? I. Well, no Well, if we talk about pop, rap, then none of them, in rap especially N. Ah, what about Aisa? I. Alizade N. Aisa Anokhina I. Ah, Aisa Anokhina, I don’t know her N. Listen, you picked up the pace, I like it, I like things like that

How do you feel about singing bloggers? This is very interesting I. Oh, honestly? As for me, I didn’t even know when I just started doing music, what kind of thing, well, somehow you need to get either into music, or in different stuff, I took both paths, and at first, I didn’t understand what it was like in general They say kinda, phew, bloggers fit into rap, well, I mean if it works well, the most important thing, I think there is a result here – if it is, everything is fine N. Does it work for someone? I. If it works for someone, it turns out to be cool, it turns out to be trendy, then why not, and if it’s just about two thousand playbacks and that’s all N. Aren’t you annoyed as a musician already, that there are people who do real shit and every other tries to be a singer I. In Russia, just few people do it well N. No swipe! I. Therefore, there is not much competition, all the seats are vacant Here in Russia you may do what you want, because here they either do poorly, or if someone does a good job, well, they seem to be just in their position There are a lot of vacant seats N. What do you think, are you doing good or bad? I. Music is good N. And blogging? I. Due to the fact that I give all the time to music, I abandoned a little bit… N. Are you more blogger or musician? I. Oh, these are two completely different persons I’m actually afraid to get confused, but so far both are in balance now. Fuck, my nails N. Okay, okay That was good. Oh, instashame Tell me about the deed you regret I. Well, actually I don’t really regret anything N. Well, you’re ashamed of I. I am ashamed that I, but I cannot be ashamed for I started earning too early, and I enjoyed kind of free-for-all, I expressed very sharply, very often, almost always, I fucking spoke out sharply, therefore now I’m a little uncomfortable for my, well, damn it, some kind of interviews or participation somewhere in the show, somewhere something, but I could speak very sharply in general in any direction When I saw the people and my followers, my listeners live, I realized that you don’t need to be off like that, not everyone has the opportunity, in fact not everyone has any opportunity at all, so you need to be more careful N. Ten out of ten, but you understand that due to all these manipulations you have earned yourself a certain reputation Now every other person thinks you’re such a bold hussy, then you can speak sharply, whereas in fact you’re a sweet little girl I. We are all changing, well N. Are you not worried about this? that you gained some kind of … I. No, I’m not, what’s done is done, where to go I’ll tell you more – I pumped up my lips, and I twitched in process, and I got such a lump I was afraid to go to remake it, because it hurt, I was scared, I just was with this fucking bullshit, I was so profiling, was fucking showing off. It was unprofessional and no way, I mean it was nothing at all I don’t know how you watched it, all these episodes, the interviews somewhere, something, there’s one and a half, two, three million views, I’m just N. But that was exactly because of what .. as you said, you can sharply express I. well, I can speak out sharply even now, but I’ll think N. I’ll go I. Let me go N. Let’s do it together This is my favorite category Do you want me to lift you up, you will get that on top I. Hey everyone, everything is fine, we are shooting here. Fuck N. Heavy I. It’s okay-okay I. So N. Come on, come on N. Fuck, again, oh instadough N. What does your monthly income consist of? I. Well, it’s probably music, and now I’m getting 0 rubles from Instagram, because not everyone can get commercials like that, I mean persons, some blogs, and I won’t advertise people anymore, like this – she was in 5 rehabs, pumped her ass and she is not afraid of anything, follow her and she will tell you how to live your life N. And how much is your advertisement? I. Oh, how much N. How much? I. Advertising story is a hundy N. Well, okay and a post? I. I don’t do posts. In general, I’m sending a lot to my mom, I’ve already lost count, she now decided to make a hostel, like this: I am done, I can’t be your freeloader, give me work N. Give me money so I I. Yes, give me money, give me the first contribution, I learnt everything about it, and, well, that is Yes, I’m sending to mom, then I can spend a lot of money on different stuff, but I don’t know, well, we pay a lot for diggings too I. What the fuck N. Dasha, get your head straight on. Yes damn, that’s counted I. that’s counted N. What did you say, it isn’t? I. I said it is

N. Which of the popular guys hit on you? I bet someone wrote in direct, this is normal practice Do not be shy about this, tell me, they also wrote to me I. Honestly? There are no celebrities, there is one cocksucker from Morgenstern, Goody, do you know him? N. No I. Well he came to congratulate me on my birthday, and I had such a toy gun, kind of props just for videos and he told my acquaintance – I just left my gun with Dasha, I came to her place, left my gun there I just immediately blocked the person and ignored him Well, that’s all. There was nothing more N. Oh, great. Instadough What’s in Instasamka’s bag (unpacking from Nastya Ivleeva)? N. Take the bag. Come on, run. Ah, I wanted to tell your manager, okay And she fucking moved forward Damn, in fact, she’ll throw everything away now She will take everything off She will take everything off N. I’m fucking gonna die, damn it When she returns, we’ll say that we I. oh, Nastka, you will not grow N. We shot here I. Cool! Let’s go N. The bag is very cool. I have the same Fuck, one moment, this is very funny I want this video just in a 10-hour replay Now. Well, at least the air was cleared. That’s it I. Let’s go N. So let’s go What’s in Instasamka’s bag? Naturally, the first thing we come across is a brand passport cover I. Look at the photo N. Yes, that is what I wanted to do I. Just a small Tajik girl N. Well, here you are so – it is very difficult to believe that from such a small, just beautiful, innocent child, a person will grow up into, oh, okay Brand wallet I. My manager gave me N. Without money, attention I. I do not carry it with me N. But you wear like a tribute to the manager I. Yes, yes N. is beautiful Next – just a whole tank, so huge This is thermal water. Okay, I’ll spray I. Good thing. Here it is N. Now I’ll spray on my wound. That’s okay Yes, cool. Shining, glittering? It’s okay, the water is cool. We are moving on. Headphones with a hair The hair is fucking great – long, beautiful, strong The headphones are old model by the way I. No, well, I really like them N. and a brush for eyelashes also with hair, well, right I. For the eyebrows, I did lamination, and that’s it N. Is that all? I. Well, yes N. Still, she threw off the dope. Okay N. Oh, the most offensive review of your work from a closed one I. Oh dad, I guess. No reviews, he just ignores N. You mean he ignores you or your creativity, well, what you do in general? I. Actually me, well, I had a concert in Tyumen, I told him – will you come, he said – no And that’s all. And the conversation was kinda over and we communicate very, very seldom He probably just ignores me. He believes that making money on advertising, on some shootings, on popularity, on your website is a theft N. You mean such relationship developed when you started blogging Yes, I started when I lived at his place, they sent me like for good behavior Mom sent me to my father for six months. She said: I can’t cope with you anymore, you’ll go to your father And that’s all. And then I started all these blogging tricks there and just packed my things, when I earned something, my commercials then cost kinda 200 rubles I took my stuff and just bought a plane ticket, and took the documents from school and flew away All he was offended and that’s it N. And don’t you try to communicate in some way, make peace? I. Nope. Not at all, like, well, I tried, I invited him to the concert when I had a tour He said no and that’s it N. Dads they are like that, they like to disappear, you know N. So, oh, this is the first question in this category Instapopularity N. What is the most buzz about your popularity? I. The fact that I can afford, not to myself, but to my mother to do anything she likes

N. I wanted to say, choose where you want, which one you want to answer, and then I understood that it doesn’t depend on you. Instadough How do you feel about people who act in porn? Would you it for mill dollars? Well, again, I asked you – are you for sale, you said – sometimes. That’s it I. With a stranger for money, of course not Everyone gets pleasure in his own way, he decides it for himself, so I don’t know who is shooting porno for money, but I just ran into an interview with a chick kinda porn actress She said, no one communicates with her, no one wants to be with her, and so on Of course, there are such, how to call it, professional hazards – it is difficult N. Not the most pleasant I. It’s complicated, yes, but if you have a buzz, then do it, why not N. Well, look, you answered all the questions, didn’t hide anything, told everything, even more, and I suggest you choose one of the toys from this beautiful truth body and leave it to you for a long memory about me, about this show I. Okay, flowing – l had pills, round tablets and I brought Hello Kitty with me Woman: Wow Man: come on in, how do you like it? W: cool M. this is my circus, we are messing business with Nastya Ivleeva’s, make dough, share and share alike, I bought a car, I bought a house in Spain G. In Spain? M. I’m a producer here W: wow M 2: Yarik, what are you doing here, and who will unload the dung that has just arrived, you need to change the maggots, the snake escaped, go help your friends, you are four people here, we pay you for shifts, are you assistants or who are you? Be quick like a bunny, Don Giovanni J: Who are you here? M2: Creative producer G. Will you show me around? M2. Look, there we have a dressing room and a lion growls from time to time, he is there in a cage, and every time we are in shock TikTok is trending! Thanks to this wonderful social network everyone can become a blogger! More and more trends, life hacks and memes come out of there Nastyushka and Instasamka will ride the TikTok carousel together The review will be hot. Let’s go! N. Dashulkin, can you hear me? D. Nastyushkin N. Listen, Dashulkin, well, now we are going to report, we’ll watch the top videos from TikTok, they really exist, people take them seriously, which means we have to watch them, and therefore comment on what is happening Some videos are funny and very exciting, and some are serious too All in all, all my favorites are there ELECTRIC SHOCK FOR TIK TOK I. Oleg, when I leave him at home alone And right now he’ll bait just to look at him, that’s all N. Well, that’s all, and nothing happens, that is, you wait so long, wait and nothing fucking happens, a very strange story I. But this is called making money out of nothing I. Oh, this is fucking amazing, I saw it, as if you still you have your periods N. It’s awesome О. It’s really Tobolsk, Tyumen, N. Damn, she is charming, she prepared for this I. Just people who think, well, damn it, there’s such a sublayer of people, a layer of people who think that these are cool jokes, like that, then show will show them to your relatives, to say shit, Mikhalych, I shot a vine today. Well, she’ll reach Nastya soon at that rate N. 400 K likes. So, I think that they are taking pictures with her already I. Ooo, Irishka chiki-piki, summer cottage by the sea, sea of luck, fuck N. this is fucked up I. Let’s go! I. It’s fucking AGENTSHOW backstage N. I have a question – they tank up I. It seems to me just N. How the fuck do they have so much energy? I. They just have a smart person who shoots them and pays a thousand rubles a day, they’re happy, they’ll get vodka, get drunk, fuck, and that’s it N. Yes, how you can, look, they’re do push-ups I. Then they were promised 2 K for this N. These are super sporty drunks, these are the drunks you are proud of Kind of here in Russia we have such drunks, it’s fucking awesome, this a fucking Mongol, look

I. What the fuck N. And that’s it I. This is such a dumb humor for kids, so my little sister would chirp that u ha ha N. Well, I think it’s funny N. Ohh, it’s me I. Gennadiy Yegorych N. That’s fucking cool I. Yes, that is, I like such jokes, this is funny N. This is the top, this is the top, guys, this is the content, I think it’s really legendary, and, to be honest, I wanted to try to do the same, and probably I will do it Female voice: We started tearing off the wallpaper and you know what we saw there Female voice: oh my God, and I. Well, there is nothing there, yes, yes, of course, go fuck yourself bitch, well, you can’t do this to people I sometimes rewatch it, try to get what’s there, what’s there, what’s there I. Oh, Dima Bilan (famous Russian singer) N. it’s fucking awesome I. Follow me, cool memes every day. Well done, well, why not, he just sang and added a meme, nothing bad. Cool N. It’s me The first of January I. This is me coming out of the van N. for booze I. And I say – yes guys, it’s me here N. Oh, it’s when I come to Razmetelevo But why not, that’s what I think, well, why not, but I’m only for it, well, why, she is such a cute puff I. Well N. Oh I. fuck N. Moreover, I mean they always tank up and shoot the videos drunk, well, pissed as a newt, it’s fucked up. Dasha, you just think that TikTok I. Well, if there was some kind of viral N. It motivates the drunks just to do content, and now I. Well, can they be caught actually, can’t they? N. They, teenagers, are sitting in malls, I. in Aviapark N. they shoot TikToks, you can catch them there, drunks are grouped into such ones Fuck, I would like to see from a window or live how a couple of drunks make shootings for TikTok It’s wow, it’s fuck me, it’s a real gift of God to come across such… Just imagine two years I. It seems to me, well I do not know, kind of Tambov N. Fuck, I just love these boys, I. and faces, serious faces N. kind of I was very angry, but now I really love them and they are fucking cool, like they I. Well, it’s like there’s nothing bad, well, we can’t judge N. but there is motivation I. Oh, that’s how I always went downstairs from school, but I did smoothly, I had my own manner N. This is cool I. Yes N. This is how TikTok should look and this is how it looks abroad, and here in Russia it looks just pointless… I. Сome and take pot luck with us N. Yes, in Russia everything is always in a special manner, in fact, this is cool. There’s even nothing to add N. Oh god, that’s crazy I. Okay. clear N. Okay I. Is that all? N. Well, why the fuck should you post it in TikTok We placed a person close to our guest in a transparent cube The task is to answer the questions correctly, otherwise the lovie will get in trouble. We mixed the questions, the topics are the relationship between the lovies and the amusing life of females in nature It’s interesting, educating and funny I. Nastya, have we reached the finale? N. Well, we actually did, and now we’ll have one of my favorite sections It is called – to save the lovie In this club there is a person close to you, so, by answering the questions correctly, you will decide his fate If your answer is right, nothing happens to him If your answer is wrong, all sorts of things will happen, not always pleasant It all depends on you and on how well you know each other and how well you know 5 interesting questions that are also hidden here Are you ready to see who is there? I. The shame is about to begin N. The shame Well, boys, open the cube and this is Oleg Oleg. Hello to all Agentshow viewers. My name is Oleg I am Dasha’s boyfriend. We are dating. I really hope that the bull’s sperm will not be poured on me, the dwarfs will not poop on me and I will just stay clean,

because Dasha must answer everything correctly I love her very much, we have been dating for over six months In general, I hope I won’t be in shit there. That’s all N. You can come kiss him there .. on the lips O. Do not touch the mirror N. Oleg, are you ready? O. yeah N. Well, you fucking pledged But I think that again, if we talk about the haters, some of our viewers will be pleased to see what is happening to you, and someone will be very worried about you, but this is life. So, we begin Which female insects pretend to be dead to evade copulation? – Tarantula, dragonfly, earthworm, mantis You don’t speak I. Is it urine? N. It is not urine, it is olive oil H. Which female insects pretend to be dead to evade copulation? – Tarantula, dragonfly, earthworm, mantis I. Dragonfly H. The answer is right O. Fucking awesome N. What do you mean, Oleg How many girls did Oleg have? – 15, 32, 44, 53 I. 53 N. And the answer is right, nothing happens to Oleg H. Which creature males can pretend to be females? – Garter snakes, Valvatid starfish, reaper ants, Pyrenean golden eagles. Oh Lord, what is this? D. Well. Which ones can pretend to be females? O. Dasha, please, if you don’t answer, H. Garter snakes, Valvatid starfish, reaper ants, Pyrenean golden eagles О. What is it? What is this, tell me? N. It’s cocoa О. What? I thought not cocoa N. You have 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3 I. Fuck, golden eagles, probably N. The answer is wrong, and cow dung is poured on Oleg N. Pour it, come on, Taras I. Nastya, what the fuck. Fuck N. Fuck, Oleg, I’m sorry, this is terrible Damn it, Oleg, I’ll tell you – nothing will be worse, you really went through all the worst I. He spits, which means he got this bullshit in his mouth N. Sorry, please, Oleg N. Why do male giraffes sniff and drink the females’ urine? – to understand how many partners the female had, to find out if the female is ready for breeding, giraffe’s urine is rich in minerals, to just to enjoy I. to find out whether the female is ready for breeding N. That’s right N. You, why are you so happy? You’re already in shit, man. What the fuck I. That’s fucking terrible N. Oleg’s favorite performer? – himself, Justin Bieber, 21 savage, Drake I. Drake N. The answer is wrong, Oleg, sawdust spills on you, man, this is crap I. Damn, well, the last time you watched his clip for probably 7 times, I think sure N. Himself is the correct answer O. I had to watch I. Ah, take a look N. The correct answer is himself N. When Oleg first saw you, what did he think? – Her teeth are fucking amazing, Her ass is fucking cool, Fuck, she’s beautiful, Where are the boobs? Oleg wrote the answers, we didn’t. Which one? About the ass? I. Well, beautiful, I guess N. Fuck, she’s beautiful – the answer is wrong The correct answer is Her ass is fucking cool. And real human hairs fall on Oleg H. Which of these organs does the female koala have in duplicate? – heart, liver, vagina, spleen O. She doesn’t know, what the fuck N. What do you mean, she answered two questions that were not expected to be answered at all I. let it be liver N. The answer is wrong, it is vagina O. Is it condensed milk? N. Shit with condensed milk, fucking yummy A. Is it possible, not just pour on my hair? Like this N. Ah, on the chest, yes, yes I. It is possible N. Microphone, microphone, microphone O. Okay, do it on my back I. oh my God N. Sweety I. Disgusting N. How many hours did you and Oleg make sex on New Year’s Eve? 9, 10, 11, 12 Do not prompt A. Please, you said the next day – oh, fuck. Come on, be a bro, yes you said the next day, fuck and named the number, for sure N. Do not force her I. Fuck, what are the answers N. 9, 10, 11, 12, these all are already fucking huge amounts I. 11 N. Yes, the answer is right N. and I have a question: did you forget the stop word? How the fuck did it happen, 11 hours of sex? N. Why do female bustards (these are birds) like it when males eat poisonous bugs? – Bugs have a lot of protein, which is important for posterity; this makes the feathers of the males clean; their courage and dedication are impressive; poison from bugs excites females I. Excites? N. The answer is wrong, the correct answer is this makes makes the feathers of the males clean and dust from the vacuum cleaner is on you Fucking shit, man, this is such a stupid thing

I. Fuck, sorry, please O. fuck N. it’s fucked up I. and you expected again that nothing will be poured on you today O. Fuck. With every wrong answer you still push our wedding away N. Let’s move on. It seems to me that someone will have a serious conversation after this show N. How much tattoos cover Oleg’s body? – 13, 15, 16, 11 I. 13 N. The answer is wrong – 15 I. Fuck N. it’s carbon I. Fuck, he is no longer visible there N. Olezha, please forgive me, this is activated carbon, and it will disinfect and clean everything That’s it, we went to the finale. Ah, that was the finale That’s all! Congratulations, you can go kiss your lovie Hugs! I. Fucking crazy N. Oleg, you can say hello I. A hug maybe N. This is love, this is love N. Let’s get out of here I. Oh, what a stink! Holy shit O. Wash yourself then I. Nastya, you are really nuts N. Just a few words about our show I. Nice O. Fucking cool show. I can’t say anything I. I like everything, everything is cool, great, Nastya is great, that’s what I understand N. thanks, yes. thank you it was Agentshow – God bless you N. In the capital and in the middle of nowhere, drink champagne and dance V. They ask about what I do in the Agentshow Vital brings dough to the Show. I’ll leave a nickel for myself N. Better, Yanix, Better I. Better than who? N. Better than Taras I. He always sucks N. And Yanix is fine today, high mood, there will be a show, there will be a show N. Friends, here is the picture is very beautiful, Dimas, sit still, you can go on, take a nap So you should understand, not everything in our life Come on in. Come on in So that you understand. Friends, you should understand, not always it’s so fucking rosy in this life I. so what? Came here? Shoot it Voice: What did you expect from the show? I. I already expect everything from this pink beast Voice: Keep your fingers crossed! A. Yes, everything is fucking fine, I’ve already fucked up Voice: Are you afraid of scorpions? A. Yes, damn it, I hope you won’t put them N. You know, like someone pooped and coated the walls with shit. Fucking vandal I. Just like – nooo I. Very decent N. It was a very decent episode, let’s applaud Dasha, a very fucking decent episode This girl gave the shit, as they say, yes I. Yes, come on, enough, you’ve already shot everything N. That’s all, bye