30 Minutes of Deadly Land | Review and Gameplay | Early Access

Hello friends, so just uploaded 30 minutes of deadly land gameplay i will just add a short review of the game. This is an early access game available on steam. If you like this game you can go and download it on steam, I will add a link in the description This game is a first person shooter available in single player and multiplayer modes You can change your display name and various character options are also available So this game is powered by an unreal engine which is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3d creation platform So as you can see it has some really good 3d visuals. Graphics are quite nice and zombies are pretty scary I really like when they have a good shooting and killing zombie effect and graphics, as they make these games even more engaging the overall environment gives vibes of being alone and surrounded by zombies It is a perfect action game. You get engrossed in the gameplay as waves of zombies come in Also, there is a boss zombie too. This game is not only about killing zombies but you need to have a good presence of mind You have to be on a lookout for various items and strategic points, to be able to survive zombie waves as long as you can If you don’t look back you might get eaten by a zombie from behind Items are also very strategically placed with loads of different gun options and money. You keep learning and in following stages you might end up surviving longer I was already really addicted to this game and loved the action it involved This game is still in early access but is available for download and I didn’t encounter any bugs while playing this game Many early access games come with tons of bugs as they are still in development stages, but you can always mention them in forums. This helps developers remove these bugs at early stages so I will let you continue watch this gameplay and make sure you watch it till the end You won’t be disappointed. Make sure you add games in the comment sections or my social channels, which you like me to review and add gameplays I will also be reviewing some mobile games. Also, join my Patreon channel for early access videos and more gameplays with no or special comments. Links are in the description