Lets Play – Tales of Zestiria #18 | Ruine unter der Stadt | Deutsch

you can feel it can’t you I can there’s definitely strong malevolence coming from the center of town I must say your ability is indeed in packable it looks like you’re acclimating to your power already far faster than I’d even imagined i am the day when you will come into the true power of the shepherd is not far off what kind of power is that oh oh sorry about that you were saying well we’ll find out soon enough yep so beginning of its moms bye hello darling businessman co about it so ok santa maria we none it’s a Hellion get back no way I’m helping too I told you Lila and I have this get back finish up some initial all know the person inside be okay if we hit them climbs from solving physical attacks with their body does that mean it’s harder to defeat them no I just meant that the person inside should be fine well there’s some good news this isn’t over search I’m gonna live 9 for you come let’s check the ball down strike yeah whoa in search ready telescoping duster not Nicki go let’s run out yeah let’s spread out yeah okaii I mean so there is some kind of the fighting rod li fang xue snake good then you get on a net gun and come on no no you burn a position it’s not L what image cut off listen I’m not happy tell us message horse yeah Tiger play tiger blade yeah ready be gone strike ya know so get off the jobs ray let’s keep it up zigoola had nokia coprocessor Zoras comfort alonso risk a missouri time common sean elliott confer

sanna be artists and snares I know forget it turns on via to fish signal effect saina artists in lungs ama arbor venezie ines it’s pink in Frankie artist Nate’s enjoyment as I photographer moogly sent on the diva here to a food and a high of wanting women who feed ID ish legend is Finders just looking for air be before to Los terms until Shawn was almost okay thank you for rescuing me what on earth happened he wouldn’t believe you even if you told him you uh you were drowning I was thank goodness you showed up then I should head back and lie down for a bit I’m fine I promise I can get back by myself all right then now we can wrap around the ruins without that weighing on our minds Nikoli Oh from now on I’m fighting too but you don’t have the power of purification so what are you asking me to do stand around behind you and twiddle my thumbs I didn’t come along just to be a liability for you mec Leah Lila is there any way I could use the power of purification as well there is one way you could become a sub Lord and place your power alongside mine and like me you would need to dwell inside sarey my bethel I’ll do it no hold on now you need to think about this first I need to think about this I don’t recall a whole lot of thinking when you decided to become a shepherd that was completely different is purifying hellions your life dream I doubt it I am a seraph Helens are my natural enemy is it so strange that i should want to eliminate them I don’t know do frogs try to eliminate snakes am I a frog to you why are you getting so hysterical listen to me Mick leo I’m not getting hysterical Nick Cleo your liability will be waiting back at the end sir a we should go after him he said he’s going back let him have his way I see this is youth for other hood between men hmm but even so you should know what you did was cruel surely you understand how Mick Leah feels don’t you I’ve decided uh-huh about what moving on ahead yes this is a fine idea I don’t even get what you’re talking about well the ruins won’t explore themselves though that would be grand okay go finish listen if he belongs and shut strong push them too ok doing via the White Nick Nick ok I even Scott listen shadow Stevie hits here sushi right now omniscient mmm to verse are schlafen saw a man enters others feet Susie on Wubbzy hmm can you figure out how to open it a door with no keyhole marked with the crest of the kingdom of island this is no door is it it’s a seal a seal is it when authorities find relics or artifacts that are politically

inconvenient for the current regime they tend to brand them forbidden and seal them away from prying eyes and if the seal was placed there by the royal family I would suggest the key is connected to them as well huh what’s up you certainly are quite the budding archaeologist yeah ever since childhood exploring ruins was pretty much the only hobby Mick Leo and I ever had that Mick leo if I ever discovered anything he’d run up the next day and discover something else and oh that’s about it can you unlock the seal oh right I think I’ll examine the door a bit more it wasn’t of a moot all meeting hmm meh so could this be just need the key now no but I ought uses do-overs yes wow it’s certainly is a unique key it looks just like a knife that’s cuz it is okay I can sense the ancient tongue we’re near one rid of moles whoa thanks keep it in the dark you mean with sonar man I wish I could do that let’s spread out very well ready but we dreams let’s get away at all sim you guys though purification complete zero fish are tested even deserve a future artists are not seen as it’s an angle mikasa top like what I’m as keep some for my artists these costs in zero and another website and then do on after venutian groups i could work lips like this art festival on their own image a decir nexus one is not believe after falling okay mr. Moss for you a few dozen toothless sherco dessert arranged for theater commander mahadji funk Fister toothless V&A man under the field and gig yet outside from Allah mwen vle ask Allah to either art from spielen Cynthia MRI for Fassett worthless ok good mesmo Hadiya he’s on a cougar become unshy kamalini over here fish medicine yeah I’ll be clear with the Cornish the wife coffin I’m gonna mop over me so wouldn’t want his beams not at war dance toi pas ce o–

populated with anger would be Einstein which he 9th invited a theater mana stones 50th law says oh okay no samba da room on China needs timas in wasn’t see about it whoa check it out that’s sword it’s ginormous this is an altar to the sacred blade it was constructed in the era of Asgard Lyla do you know about this Lyla what’s that if dr. Marconi heads video zone food what this is where I formed the pact with the previous Shepherd really but then why couldn’t you tell us before you and Nick Leo looked like you were both having so much fun I didn’t want to go and sour your Explorer spirit by spoiling the end and on top of that I kept silent for your sake for my sake I want you to understand you must not feel obligated to bear the world’s burden on your shoulders alone uh-huh so how does it feel having reached these ruins you don’t feel as excited as you imagined you might be right by any chance do you know why this is um I well you do not wish for your friends to share the burden of your duty is that correct I guess I’m really that transparent aren’t I this is a problem that always arises between the Shepherd and their serif and friends no matter the era sarey you must understand how Mick Leo feels do you not yeah very well there is nothing left for me to tell you Thank You Lila and now allow me to show you the real reason I brought you all the way here I want to bestow this unto you a jewel they are called iris gems in the world of humans they are originally known as the earth and historia iris gems earthen Astoria so can you see anything huh like what the object you’re holding allows those with resonance that is the ability to send Seraphim to see the memories that are contained within they should serve you well as guideposts in your search for the Lord of calamity hmm but I can’t see anything you can’t hmm that certainly is odd sorry let’s head back there’s nothing more we can find out but hey we can come back anytime we need to indeed and with my clio of course Colonel venden let me Cleo

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