February Beauty Favorites | Jaclyn Hill

hey guys so today I’m going to be doing my February favorites I know that it is coming a little bit late this month but I asked you guys on Twitter and you said better late than never so let’s just jump into it I do want to first announce slash address slash introduce something and if you follow me on Twitter then you know exactly we’re going to talk about because it’s been blowing up recently on my Twitter and that is my Sigma Beauty Expert box I am super super excited about this I have been working on it with Sigma for a few months now and I’ve just been wanting to tell all of you guys so badly so this didn’t release at midnight this last Saturday and night and the reason I’m talking about it in this video is because I want to quickly show you what it is and tell you the situation so I was able to pick out my favorite seven brushes by Sigma of what I think that all of you would enjoy the most what everyone needs in their collection so of course I picked out the f80 face foundation brush like come on and of course the f-86 which is not a concealer brush I use it for concealer I encourage it everyone else use it for concealer it’s absolutely beautiful the tapered highlighter brush and all over big fat blending black brush the all-over eyes shadow e55 and then the smaller more precise goat hair blending brush and then a pencil brush so right here is pretty much all a woman needs to do their makeup and it is at a discounted price so it’s a really great opportunity to get these brushes that typically do not come in a kit for such a great deal on top of it there is of course always the 10% code that Sigma offers and then you can use that to cover the cost of shipping and that extra 10% so I am so excited about this box it is limited edition it is only here for the month of March and it did sell out in the first two and a half days of being released so because of that I just wanted to address the situation because so many of you on Twitter have been thinking that it’s gone forever and you didn’t get to have a chance to buy it that is not the case you can set it for an email to be notified this second it comes back out and it is released again they are coming out with a bunch more kits for you guys so that all of you can go ahead and purchase who did not get your chance to so I will link all that down below the brush kit the email that you can sign up for they also the and answer with me just about random things in my life you really get to know me and stuff like that so I will link all of that down below so that you can check it out for yourself you can sign up for the email list or you can just wait I will of course announce it when it comes back on my Twitter Instagram and here on YouTube so I am just super super excited Thank You Sigma they’ve never done one of these boxes before and I was so honored when they asked me and I truly do believe that anybody who purchases this this box will not be dissatisfied so now that we got that’s over with let’s move on to my favorites I have a lot of cheek products this month well actually I have a lot of everything products this month but I’m going to start off with my cheek products and try to just breeze through things pretty quickly and the first thing I want to talk about are my new favorite highlighters of all time and they are by the brand Becca they are the exact same highlighter but they are in two different shades one is moonstone and one is opal I have talked about opal and quite a few of my tutorials in the past two months and I have mentioned that it is an amazing dupe for a Mac whisper of guilt which if you are familiar Mac whisper of guilt is a extra skin diminish dimension extra dimension skin finish boom extra dimension skin finish that released a couple of years ago and they did not make it permanent so because of that everyone wants it and this one is so similar it’s the perfect amount of bronze in it but yet the fairest of girls can still wear as a highlighter but it just has this beautiful bronzy effect I just absolutely love it I’ve been wearing it for pretty much two months straight and that is again in the shade opal this other one is the exact same product but in the shade moonstone this one is more of a vanilla more neutral base and this one really reminds me of mary lou manizer by the balm you can see right here it just comes out a little bit more vanilla e and if you are super super fair then this would be the perfect highlighter for you since it doesn’t have that bronze effect in it like opal does both gorgeous both so creamy so easy to apply so natural just beautiful they just truly feel like butter were you waiting for it only took like a minute into the video I’m using the word butter another product by Becca is their blush this is in the shade wild honey and I absolutely oh my gosh this color is such a beautiful shade it reminds me a lot of Mac Sun bask but yet it’s different at the same time it doesn’t have the shimmer that Mac’s on vasquez so this looks like it’s a matte when you’re looking at it and when you put it on the skin it actually has a slight sheen to it but there’s no shimmer in it and that’s actually the thing that like all these blushes have in common that I’m going to talk about so it’s very very useful and great for more mature skin or people who are concerned with blemishes acne you have issues with tons of texture on your face you do not want to

use a blush that has any shimmer in it so a blush like this is just gorgeous because it brings attention to the blush and the light reflects off of it and gives it a nice natural Sheen but there is no shimmer so it’s not going to draw attention I just love it it is the perfect color for summertime it’s like a bronze with a little bit of rose in it it’s just absolutely gorgeous it looks beautiful just like blended in with bronzer so yes wild honey by Becca I’m sure you guys knew I was going to mention these but they are the Clinique cheek pops I did go back and get another one I mentioned two of them in my haul and I went back and I got the ginger pop because it’s they are just my absolute favorites right now I absolutely love these blushes and just like the Becca one that I just talked about they all have this gorgeous sheen to it but there’s no shimmer in them which is just so complimentary on multitudes of skin tones this one right here is the peach pop so you can see that it has such a gorgeous Sheen in it but there is no shimmer so it’s not going to emphasize any imperfections on the face but it is just so beautiful and on those quick days in the spring and summertime when you’re just doing tinted moisturizer mascara coming through your brows and putting on blush these are one of those blushes that you want to go with because they don’t have shimmer but yet they’re not matte so it’ll give you a really beautiful glow from within without being too much so this is peach pop plum pop and ginger pop so as you can see ginger is more of a burnt corally orange where the peach pop has more of a springy pinky feel to it and the plum is just a gorgeous gorgeous pinky with a little bit of purple but not too much purple they’re just gorgeous I absolutely love them they’re so easy to apply they’re not too intense or overly pigmented they’re not dusty or chalky they’re just absolutely gorgeous I’m not a clinic girl I’ve never been a clinic fan but these take the cake they are for the win I absolutely love them last blush I’m sure every youtuber is going to be talking about this month or their favorites is the hourglass ambient lighting blush this is in the specific shade a radiant magenta I am wearing this color on my cheeks today as my blush I just love it it is this gorgeous cool tone pink shade with a bronze shade or running through it like a little river and I love this because I have such a hard time wearing pink blushes that are cool toned because of the way my skin reacts those blushes it just washes me out and doesn’t look good with my bronzers and I always like to do at least a little bit of definition in my contouring and when I use too cool of a blush it does not mix well and it just doesn’t blend and it looks like a disaster so I am just loving this blush and same thing with Plum pop by Clinique they are both just perfect washes of color they have a cool undertone and a little bit of purple in it but it doesn’t wash me out so if you have some yellow undertones in your skin and pink blushes washed you out these blushes are the perfect color for you I just love them so beautiful the way it goes on it’s like impossible to overdo it with this blush it’s the perfect amount of pigment where you can really build it up but it’s not too intense at all so absolutely love these ambient lighting blushes I have two bronzers to mention the first one is the Smashbox Sun Tan matte bronzer this does come in two shades and this is the Sun Tan matte absolutely love this bronzer it takes a lot for me to like a bronzer because I am extremely picky well I’m pretty much picky when it comes to everything but I am very picky about bronzers because it needs to have the right amount of orange terracotta neutral and brown I do not like a bronzer to be too orange or too Brown and it just starts to come out muddy and dusty and ashy this is just that gorgeous perfect color so easy to apply very blendable very easy Georgie you are not going to go down that road the next bronzer is by Too Faced I have spoken about the Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer this is the endless summer 16-hour bronzer I am wearing this one today I absolutely love it I don’t know if it truly does last for 16 hours because I’ve never had an issue with my bronzer fading throughout the day I do always wear foundation or anything my bronzer to help hold it on tight and I do not have oily skin so my bronzer doesn’t really move around unless I’m in the beading hot Sun but I just love this color it’s very blendable very creamy goes on easy and it is right here so you can see this Smashbox is a little bit more red in tone and the Too Faced is a little bit more neutral and tone both gorgeous both easy to apply if you’re anywhere near my skin tone or even lighter or darker you will like both of these they’re very beautiful this is a total Rando but this is a Mac pigment from the collection fantasy of flowers it came out a few weeks ago and this is the shade lily white I don’t know if this is going to still be available for all of you I’m sure some of you still have this at your local counters and

stores if I can find it anywhere online I will link it down below for you but it is just the most gorgeous Oliver lid brow highlight inner corner highlight cheek highlight Cupid’s bow highlight everything this pigment is like an a bottle it is so beautiful it looks like it’s yellow but once you get it on the skin this is going to be a gorgeous highlight on a pretty much everybody it is just beautiful Matt cosmetics please make this permanent I need this permanent in my life it is so so pretty it honestly reminds me a lot of nylon eyeshadow by Mac so if you cannot find this and you really want it nylon shadow is very very similar just a shadow instead of a pigment I have used these Sigma Eclipse eyepencil a few times this month and I really really love it I did use it any tutorial it was my Valentines Day tutorial I believe and it’s just super creamy extremely black goes on really smooth doesn’t leave my eyes irritated and it stays for a long time sorry I’m having a hard time speaking right now my words are like stuck in my mouth I feel like I reef all in love with this product every single spring and it is the NARS a larger-than-life long wearing eye pencil in the shade Rua Bonaparte I believe oh oh I believe that’s how you pronounce it I’m not positive on that it is just a gorgeous beige cream color I am wearing it on my waterline today it’s just a really nice way to make your eyes pop make them look bigger and fresher and especially if you’re really tired if you’re wearing a smoky eye and your eyes just seem to look small and like weighed down this is a way just pop it in your waterline and just wake your eyes up and make them look fresh it’s so beautiful in the spring and summertime you can’t even see the swatch in the back of my hand it’s literally just the color of skin but it really does last on the waterline all day long I used to wear this at work all the time and I never had a touch-up so I really love that that is the NARS rue Bonaparte of course I will put the spelling down below my description bar in case you’re like what I’m sure you guys do that I was going to talk about oh I’m sure you guys knew that I was going to talk about this foundation in my February favourites because I pretty much talked about it all month and that is the tarte maracuja miracle foundation this is supposed to be a 12 hour where foundation and I absolutely love it I do not have anything bad to say about it other than the fact that I just love it it is amazing if you are normal skin dry skin very dry skin or you just want to have that dewy glow this is the foundation for you I don’t feel like it moves sometimes a dewy glowy foundation will slip and slide all over your face this one it does not do that if they do it does not it stays put and I really really enjoy it I’ve been using it all month long that is where I’m wearing today is my foundation and I just love it let’s talk about lip products this one I just realized I don’t have ever mentioned it on YouTube and I was like that’s really weird when I was putting it on last night because I’ve been wearing it since January and it is the philosophy pink almond candy lip balm mine is totally flat because I use it so much when it came it was like a round top like the eos falls but now it’s just a flat one it is just so so smooth buttery creamy a luxurious smells literally like pink almond candy and I just love it I put this on before I go to bed and it’s so moisturizing so nice to lip glosses and I feel like everybody has been talking about these lip glosses for the past month or two but there’s a good reason for that because they are really awesome and that is the whitening lightening color your smile tinted lip glosses I have the color nude and Fiji Fiji is a baby pink and nude is a perfect nude I love these because they have a little light right here so when you’re applying your lip gloss it lights up your face and it has a little mirror on the side so you can literally be like hey on Valentine’s Day I wore this nude color and I kept pulling it out to touch up and every single time I pull it out a girl would be like where is that from that is so adorbs I’m like oh so it definitely sparks up conversation so this right here is just one fast swipe nudists on top Fiji is on bottom so as you can see gorgeous nude perfect baby pink absolutely love them both I have been loving this lip gloss for two months I believe now and it is the NARS Angelica I just love this formula from NARS because it is perfect in the sense that it’s not too sheer and it’s not too pigmented because I don’t always like my glosses super pigmented I prefer my lipsticks pigmented and my gloss is more on the sheer side and I just love this it is the perfect pink rosy shade it’s not like a hot pink but yeah it’s not just a rose it’s like a raspberry that’s the perfect name for this it should be called raspberry it is the perfect raspberry shade I absolutely love it it just brings life to your face and again I love that it’s not too pigmented or too sheer it’s just a beautiful wash against the lips so pretty for spring and summer this is a new Tarte lip product and it is a lip surge in the Shea tipsy I love everything by tart in the shade tipsy the blushes the cheek stains I just love the shade tipsy because it’s a gorgeous Coralie with a little bit of

pink in it and I love love love this lip color I love that it’s a crayon that you twist up I always think that super convenient it has so much pigment and it lasts for such a long time so for the past month straight I have been layering the tart tipsy and the whitening lightening gloss in nude and I just love the combination it is such a gorgeous coral nude color which is so in for spring and summer I think everything is spring and summer but I’m just ready for spring and summer what can I say absolutely gorgeous and if you’re darker than me and you have a nice tan naturally this will be a gorgeous gorgeous nude on you but on me it’s more of a coral not a nude I have a new a favorite mask by lush which is a big deal because for the past couple of months masks of Magnum NT has been all my rage but now I have moved on to the sacred truth I absolutely love this mask let me say starting raph the bath this mask is nothing crazy it’s not gonna like pull everything out to the surface and you’re not gonna wake up with a whole new face but it is just such a beautiful basic mask I would definitely say this is geared towards hydration and calming of the skin it does say that it has wheatgrass antioxidants and green tea so I know that it will help with redness it will help with calming and hydration whenever I have used it this month I always just feel like my skin is so much softer and so much calmer so if anything is inflamed or just coming to the surface this will really help take that down and bright in everything and just make it feel hydrated and fresh again it does have a slight exfoliating effect when you’re like washing it off it has like little tiny beads in it that you can feel which is also really nice this is one of their masks that you need to keep in your refrigerator so just be conscious of that if you do purchase this put it in your fridge soon as you get home you can read why on the side of the bottle and everything but just keep it in your fridge and that again feels so good when you’re applying it to put a cold mask on it’s like oh so amazing you guys know that I am a huge fans of the Clarisonic I use the Mia – I made a video about it I absolutely love it I can’t live with like Clarisonic I just I love it moving on the new cashmere a brush head came out I believe in January and I have just been in love ever since so there’s standard Clarisonic brush head is about half the size of this this one has two layers of bristles it has these standard bristles underneath and then these longer ones on top this whole thing is made of cashmere it is so luxurious and the best thing about this is that it is so great for sensitive skin they say that it is supposed to increase hydration and be great for mature skin it’s super super sensitive the other brush heads I would use the sensitive or the delicate I could only use it one time a day so I’ll usually use it at nighttime but if I use it in the morning it would just irritate my skin my skin would just get red sometimes it would just kind of get like some little marks on it just because it would be very sensitive and just annoyed by me constantly using a brush this I can use it morning and night my skin doesn’t get sensitive and I just love it that it has so much movement in it as opposed to the other one there was so much stiffer I just love love love this and it really does help hydrate I can very much tell a difference with the old brush head and this one as far as hydration goes so I love love this cashmere brush head I have owned this product for months and finally used it in the month of February for the first time and that is the glam glow bright mud eye treatment I was having an issue with my eye area I was getting all these little bumps all over my eyes that were just tiny and I could tell it was dry skin and I was so confused because I used so many eye creams and oils to prevent dry skin around my eye area that I was just confused so I busted this out and it literally changed my entire eye area with the dryness issue right here it has these two little things in each pack these little pockets one pocket will do both eyes you just tap it on all over the eye area wait three minutes gently wipe it off and then go on with your nighttime routine and it just hydrates so much supposed to help with everything brightening wrinkles aging dryness everything you can think of I only had to use this one time and I could immediately tell a difference the next day my makeup one on so much smoother the bumps were gone it’s amazing so you can use this times a week I’ve been using about about twice a week for the whole month and I just absolutely love it so it’s the glam glow bright mud eye treatment I rarely talk about hair products here on my channel but I just want to mention these because they have really really changed my hair in the past month and it is the pure ology pure of volume shampoo and conditioner I have major issue with volume in my hair I have extremely fine hair but I have a lot of it so it looks like I should have voluminous hair but I don’t it wants to lay flat all day every day and no shampoo has ever actually helped with volume until this I have been using volumizing shampoos my entire life and they’ve never done anything but the pure ology volumizing shampoo conditioner truly makes a difference I am not lying to you I actually have volume in my hair for the first time

pretty much in my entire life so I am very thankful for pure ology so if you have issues with your hair laying flat I would definitely recommend spending the money and trying pure ology volumizing shampoo alright guys that is it for my February favourites I really hope you enjoy this video as always every single product that I mentioned will be listed down below with direct links to where you can find every specific product and of course any discount or coupon codes I have for you guys I will list that down there as well along with all the info on my Sigma Beauty Expert box hmm that’s a mouthful alright I love you guys so much I’ll see you in a few days in my next video bye oh my god my allergies maybe we should dab a little bit of this all right now let me use the mirror oh my god this is so good why was I not wearing this little video hello well there’s a whole allergy section it’s the one that you squeeze and it shoots up your nose yeah hold on one thing should I get a salad or share the sandwich let’s check in with the check and sandwich

(ENG SUB)GRWM 미미박스 WBC 다녀온 날! 함께 준비해요+VLOG| Lisalog

Hello I changed the structure a little bit I did because I always take videos at the front The tripod is slightly small So it’s quite low I bought That naked electric bulb Which is a necessity to make YouTube videos I had nowhere to put it, so I put it on the drawer and tripod I’m using the lighting in a different way My skin feels tight I need to wear lenses, but my skin feels so tight So I should moisturize first Without using the forefinger I put Dermatory Gauze Pad here Which got very popular these days It keeps the moist for long It’s fine But it’s really soaked That once you put it, the essence runs down I think I’ll get used to it Why can’t I put the tweezers? Today, I’m going to wear Freshkon Mosaic Charming Brown My eyes look really big, right? I’ll moisturize my skin with skincare products Because it’s too dry in winter First, toner as ampoule. With Hyaluronic Acid Toner It has slightly high viscosity, so it’s not a toner to wipe the skin So I usually pat the skin like this to moisturize Then Carmex lip balm lip balm Starbucks opened a store in my town few days ago I always get e-mails whenever they open stores But I haven’t read one Because it wasn’t in my town I wasn’t that interested But they actually have opening events This is Hyaluronic ampoule Anyway, they hold opening events If you donate 3,000 won, you can get a mug You can buy two at most And the money for the mug, This is Innisfree Milk Oil, The money will be donated to a welfare center in the town I wanted to have the cup You can also get a multifunction car mat if you buy for more than 20,000 won But I didn’t want bread and drinks for 20,000 in the morning So I thought I’ll just buy the mug and a cup of coffee Stores usually open at 7, right? I woke up late I woke up at 7:30, so as soon as I opened my eyes, I went out though I looked scruffy My friend was on the second floor, but I didn’t go up “I’ll just buy this and disappear” I wore glasses, A mask, A cap And a padded jacket And there were so many people Kiel’s Ultra Facial Cream If you buy for more than 20,000 won in Drive-Thru, they’ll give you a sticker If you put that on your car, you can enjoy free size upgrade for a year in that store That’s the thing I wanted, but I don’t have a car :> My friend has a car, so I thought she would get that, but there was longer lines at Drive-Thru So she just gave up and got the mug and multifunction car mat It’s really close to my house It was amazing I thought I’ll go to Starbucks everyday if it’s near, but I didn’t go there after that It’s cold I don’t want to go I wore Bobbi Brown product in GRWM few days ago And I’ll apply this today It’s Clinique pep-start It’s like a moisturizer with enough moist and oil So I could only use this after using a toner in summer It blends just like a whipped cream I’d also like to apply it on the neck, but the angora sweater is shedding So I won’t apply it on the neck To stop it from shedding This is the serum corrector and Naked 3 brush I always use The skin is really thin around the eyes, so you must apply gently But if you make it too gently, it won’t stay well So you need to press lightly For Primer, I used YSL Blur Primer It covers pores so well, but it makes the skin slightly dry So apply only on big pores Then I got this much left I try to use small amount only I ordered Skindinavia this and setting spray in a site abroad

I prefer Primer Spray than this Because when I apply it, the foundation settles in so well As if I applied liquid glue before that I think it was a good purchase It was worth spending This is the donation mug Huge, right? Bobbi Brown I did a livestreaming to unbox for 1,000,000 won I didn’t use it after that. I thought I did Bobbi Brown recommends us to use it with the full-coverage brush It goes well with any foundations But I like to use it with a stick foundation more But it goes well with it, so let me use it I’m using #sand shade I always use #sand For any Bobbi Brown base products This brush is good because almost all brushes with dense hairs provide high coverage It’s not thickly applied, and it even provides better coverage Than a flat brush even though you use the same foundation That’s why its name is full-coverage brush Serum foundation is to keep the skin moist So its coverage is poorer than the other foundations But this brush makes up for the weakness Oh and the other advantage is When you use dense brush like this, It’s not easy to cleanse The hairs are so dense that although you cleanse it, The color of the foundation remains It is dense, but it’s not that dense That makes it hard to cleanse So you can wash it properly The skin appearance is perfect for winter The color isn’t that different from the neck, right? So many asked me on the comments About brush mark when doing a makeup with a brush But this kind of brush doesn’t leave brush marks Although you can see that, Just pat the surface And it will be gone I like this way because I can apply foundation Without putting it on my hand This is my second one I used it for a long time Since it was released I used one for around 3~4 years and I had to say goodbye to it Bobbi Brown sent it to me, so I got this new one This is Milano Collection 2013 Gosh, 2013. I used it for a really long time This is my second Milano Collection It’s left only on the edge, so I can’t use it well But I’ll just finish it It comes out with a thin case in odd-numbered year And thick case in even-numbered year Thick case is much better Because it has no space to put the puff You can also get it on duty-free shops If you’re planning to buy, you must buy it in even-numbered year I mean, buy 2018 version This puff is super good So if you think this powder is too expensive You can buy the puff separately In drugstores such as Matsukiyo You can get Kenebo Milano Collection Puff I recommend you to buy at least this puff It covers pores so well And it keeps the makeup for long But it still keeps the glow The period of use is over. I don’t care I also used Elegance Powder before, But I don’t find a big different That’s somewhat lighter I think Kabone is better In pore coverage or lasting power So I’m going to buy it again Eye Primer NARS Which shadow will I apply today? What about this first? Kat Von D Light Shade Nope, it’s Shade and Light Eye Palette It’s so fine and highly pigmented It’s like a fine chalk I thought I’ll use it up until I can see the bottom But I didn’t use that much I’ll use the side color on the outer part This brush is Meepo bullet brush You can touch the bone on the eye, right? Dab the inner side to fill the outer part And contour the inner side of the crease Bringing it to the double eyelid line Look at the mirror And check the gradient I usually made a gradient By rolling the brush Today, I’m going to make the outer part deeper Bobbi Brown Metal Rose

Slightly low-chroma rose color I made the skin glow, right? Then it won’t look good If I make the eyeshadow matte So I’m going to make it slightly glossy On the lid It’s pearly, but the color doesn’t stand out When you apply it alone So I think it’s prettier when it’s applied on shades Eyeliner is Espoir Modern Kohl Eye Pencil This is pencil type but it’s not removed easily Match both sides And follow the line Then put it on the bullet brush again And roll it on the outer part again It’s stronger so it looks deeper When you look front I didn’t apply it on the opposite side It’s much stronger, right? It looks unnatural to have the edges So blend it gently Then black eyeliner, I’ll use liquid type now Use it on the wing once again Mix this pure black With the one you used a while ago To add color once more from the outer part Apply Bobbi Brown Metal Rose once again on the middle of the lid I used pearls today To match with the skin appearance But actually, if you do it like this at last You can blend matte shadows When they didn’t create gradient well I have to apply mascara, but it looks so empty Let me fill the brows With the pencil How many minutes did I spend for eye makeup? Highlighter and shading Chanel This is what I bought early this year I bought it because I heard that Chanel doesn’t release highlighter But two are released today With lion-shaped imprint on it I was caught in! They played tricks on me They said Chanel doesn’t release highlighters well But I used it so much until the shape is gone Shading Bring it to the hairline too I think this brush is really convenient Once you use it to contour, you can’t use other things It’s so convenient Mascara I forgot to do it Let me use the base first Majo majo On the bottom lashes too Waiting for the base to be dried, Let me contour the nose My nose is small compared to the face shape So if I contour too much, it would be like the blade of a knife Slightly on the outer part Mascara Majolica Majorca Long Long Long Mascara It contains fibers, so it lengthens the lashes But it makes the lashes much longer if you use it with the base If I have to pick out the best mascara of the year That curls and lengthens well without irritating, Then this will be the one Its shortcoming is, just like all mascaras with fibers, The fibers fall down slightly If you apply too much Lastly, just like what I said a while ago Fibers might fall down if you apply too much So just brush it away slightly With any light mascara Only on the ends Then it’s all for the mascara

Blush is NARS Orgasm Brush is Yachiyo Slightly from the upper part, bring it up I don’t use Orgasm that often anymore But I use it sometimes and it really looks good This is all for the blush And for lip… This is Espoir with pinkish tone This is what I used in the last makeup It’s tinted color is somewhat pink It has lovely color After applying it, I’m going to apply lip gloss to have glossy look again Chanel All for the makeup I think my makeup looks good today I love this moist and shimmery look This is a hair iron for short hair which I obviously use when my hair is short It’s narrow, right? I bought it when my hair was short The plates are slightly curved It’s not straight, so this size is perfect to curl short hairs Especially when curling the inner side It’s easier when the plates are small, right? Then this is it! Time flies, so I have 10 minutes Before departure I’ll quickly pack my bag and I’ll go It looks quite plain I’ll really go now Suddenly starting a vlog I’m going to put some gifts for my subscriber Jella came with me to put the gifts together – Let’s do that – Let’s go – Let’s go Which one should I put..? Oh I like that I’m wrapping it with all my love Sprinkling my love What time is it? It’s 8:37 Alright, we all have loads That’s vacant too, but it didn’t stop – Do I look weird? – Do we look suspicious? Probably, this is not where taxi stops – But people in front of us got a taxi – But people in front of us got a taxi Wait.. It’s too hot. Let’s take a rest I will catch a taxi We have so many loads now We can’t even carry these and walk Oh, it came Jella left first Simultaneous live stream. Only one should talk We should go home with these and it will be a long journey I can’t raise my arms But – I’ll be happy carrying these Because these are gifts for you! – Yes, it’s for a subscriber Let’s go fast. I don’t know which event I should hold I first arrived home safely So let me think Bye Let’s go As I showed slightly in the beginning Meme Box provided me a chance To share gifts to my subscriber So I’d like to share these that I wrapped up I was thinking how it will work And I prepared a simple quiz Among those who answer correctly on comments, I’m going to pick out one and give these to you First question is, I’m Lisa, right? What do you think is the reason I named myself as Lisa? I think I didn’t talk about it in my YouTube So I’m sure this will be difficult To all of you farily Second one is quite easy I have a pet Guess the type of pet and the name of my pet. It’s my second question I mentioned it sometimes in my YouTube, so it will be easier than #1

Among those who got these two answers correctly, I’m going to pick out one and send the gift I think it’s a bummer That I can only give it to one But I promise to hold this kind of event often Oh and I finally have more than 2,000 subscribers Please participate this event By leaving comments on this video I’ll announce the winner at 10PM this Sunday I’ll put that on my Instagram and pinned comment on this video So participate a lot And see you again in the next video Bye

Produits préférés août 2013

salut tout le monde merci de retour avec moi aujourd’hui je suis contente et excitée je vous présenter mes produits préférés du mois d’août je m’excuse d’ailleurs c’est la vidéo est un petit peu en retard depuis je savais pas encore qu’est ce que j’avais fait mais aujourd’hui mais bon c’est pas grave j’espère que vous m’en voulez pas trop en plus j’avais ce qui paie le mois de juillet pour mes produits préférés donc je vous dis en nous ce serait peut-être bon que je tends présente certains pour résumer vraiment tout ce que j’ai testé ces derniers temps est ce que j’ai vraiment aimé ce que je vous recommande d’acheter quoi donc j’ai des produits maquillage aujourd’hui pour les yeux et les lèvres seulement j’ai produit pour les mains des ongles et j’ai un petit peu un niveau habillement c’est donc j’espère que mes achats vont vous plaire si vous avez les mêmes que moi la maison hésitez pas à me dire si vous aussi vous les aimez donc c’est parti on va y aller tout de suite avec le maquillage et j’ai deux pinceaux coup de coeur ce mois ci le mois passé c’était le pinceau 917 d’aynac qui est un geste on est on part je laime toujours autant et j’en ai même racheté un deuxième pour femmes les dégradés tellement je m’en servais souvent donc j’aimerais demeurer quand même pas en favori c’est moi si je joue mieux vous en présenter de nouveau donc le premier c’est un pinceau de riz techniques que vous connaissez sûrement déjà parce que c’est la maquilleuse et samantha chapman de la chaîne pixi vous qui les a faits et donc j’ai pu tester quelques uns de leurs kits les pinceaux se vendent individuellement ou un petit coffret donc si vous voulez avoir plus d’infos je vous invite à aller sur mon blog j’ai fait une revue complète de ses pinceaux là si vous voulez avons plus de détails mais le pinceau qui retient le plus mon attention celui que j’aime vraiment beaucoup c’est le bafing breuil donc c’est un pinceau style funk qu’on peut utiliser autant avec des poudres qu’avec des liquides et donc c’est un genre de pinceau un peu style sterling broche à cause de la forme c’est juste ce qui est plus en rond comme un don martin un pinceau qui dûe au fait donc ça donne toujours un résultat très très très naturelle dans mon maquillage et c’est pour ça que je les aime beaucoup parce qu’il est très versatile il ya une bonne couvrance mais vous maquillage mon rôle a quand même très nature et avec ça donc je l’utilisé pour appliquer montfortains en tapotant comme ça ça vous donne vraiment une couvrance maximale sinon mais on peut l’utiliser pour bouffer comme comme ce que ça dit bafing broche que tu as des faits estompé donc ce demi trop de fards à joues par exemple c’est vraiment facile d’aller travailler avec ça donc pour ceux pour moi c’est un outil vraiment indispensable je fais presque plus mais fontaine avec les pinceaux classique j’aime bien utiliser soit ça soit le bio libre l’un d’eux soi mais doit sa note toujours un résultat impeccable avec un fini naturel ce qui est très important pour moi donc c’est lui moi je vous le recommande vraiment beaucoup qui sont pas trop chers non plus donc aller jeter un coup d’oeil il est le deuxième phase où c’est le b 13 de chez sedona l’aise qui ressemble à ces six d’un petit pinceau rond qui est lui aussi dû au fait donc encore une fois qui va donner un fini naturel avoue maquillage et j’aime beaucoup ce pas cela parce que c’est un des plus versatile que j’ai dans ma trousse de pinceau je m’en sers tout le temps il ya vraiment plusieurs fonctions par exemple on peut venir estomper le maquillage sur les yeux avec comme iron ça veut quand même assez bien je voudrais mais ma fonction préféré c’est vraiment pour travailler les cachets non quand j’applique le cachons entre mes yeux je viens faire ce comme celle ci en dessous ça le travail ça fait vraiment un bon niveau de courances mais encore une fois avec un fini très naturel donc soit je suis complètement fan pour l’utiliser en dessous les yeux je m’en sers même pour mettre la poudre après sur mon cas shon pour qu’ils tiennent toute la journée on peut l’utiliser aussi par exemple pour faire du conteux ring sur le nez pour mettre la poudre sur un petit bouton c’est vraiment un pinceau multi-usages super pratique pillu aussi les pots cher donc je vous les conseille vraiment pour celles qui connaissent pas ces données laissent j’ai un article sur plusieurs pinceau que j’ai testé 2 qui s’en vient dans quelques jours ou quelques semaines donc soyez alertés sur mon blog puis sinon mais je vais le publier évidemment surtout mes réseaux sociaux facebook twitter instagram et compagnie donc vous regardez pas ce que ça donne en laisse est très intéressant comme marque de pinceau ensuite on veut passer pour les produits sourcil encore une fois si vous me suivez sur mon blog vous savez que j’ai testé récemment la marque anastasia beverly hills qui est spécialisé dans le sourcil et il y avait vraiment tout aimé les produits que j’ai testé mais les deux sont rendus incontournable vêtements dans ma trousse de maquillage le premier c’est le club rogers donc c’est un gel à sourciers et c’est tout simplement le meilleur jet la source et au monde parce que je trouve qu’ils fixent le sourcil comme aucun autre moi quand je mangeais la sortie je m’attends à ce que ça tienne toute la journée et qui ne laisse pas de résidus qu’on le voit pas et c’est exactement ce que celui le fait c’est vraiment comme de la colle je vous jure que du matin au soir ça va pas bouger d’un seul poil est par contre il dit cole ayez pas peur du mot on le voit pas c’est sûr que c’est

sûr que quand on touche décoller un petit peu mais je veux dire on le voit vraiment pas ça laisse pas de résidus le seul point faible je voudrais c’est l’odeur qui est un petit peu style alcool sans faux mais c’est pas grave parce que une fois qu’on le mette ça sans plus puis la brosse est vraiment vraiment bien fait aussi donc c’est juste meilleurs gènes associés au monde si vous avez acheté un il faut que ce soit celui ci l’autre produit d’anastasia que j’aime beaucoup que je me suis servi pour modifier un petit peu ma routine de sourcil c’est le crayon et je suis sûr que vous le connaissez tout c’est le beau oui donc parfois massa c’était un crayon à sourcils ultra-fin aérienne en plusieurs nuances évidemment et ce qui est particulier c’est sa mine sa pointe est vraiment vraiment tout petit donc quelques cas les sources c’est clair ça mais ou qui veut juste remplir ici le très très très finement c’est parfait donc je trouve qu’il s’appelait bien et tient bien puis a fini très très très naturelle parce que dit il trop précis ma seule tristesse c’est que la mine à vienne grâce à l’intérieur donc là je peux presque pu l’utiliser or vous avez une petite brosse aussi évidemment de l’autre côté pour les placer donc c’est vraiment mes deux profs du coup de coeur chez anastasia si vous voulez voir les autres que j’ai testé il faut aller sur mon blog mais qui achète ce point com dans la section produits et articles produits et vous allez retrouver rapidement 38 ont repris un petit peu eyeliner j’ai deux coups de coeur ce mois ci le premier c’est un produit de urban decay c’est le 24/7 war preuve les courbes liner donc urban concept vraiment belle gamme de couleurs niveau craignons au niveau high liner c’est le premier produit pour les crayons et les rumeurs de chirurgie indiqué que je testais et je n’aime vraiment vraiment beaucoup gelé dans la cloche à un rétrograde qui est un super beau violet pas été aussi je loue toujours du mauvais bord je vous met rapidement sur ma main la veille de le voir là la pigmentation est complètement folle puis infini qui reste lumineux comme métallique un petit peu et l’atelier j’ai vraiment rien à dire ça va tenir du matin au soir en plus ils voient leur prouve donc vous pouvez même vous baigner avec sa part pas il ya vraiment beaucoup de belles couleurs fait que chercher un bouc s’est longtemps je peux vous conseiller seul un bandit qu’est le prochain produit que j’ai beaucoup aimée en fait ça fait pas longtemps que je l’aimé je vous le présente parce que je laime des jeux et je suis sûr que mon avis va pas changer d’ici un mois c’est le nouveau gel liner de chez studio make up et j’ai pas testé beaucoup de gel en valeur dans ma vie mais celle là c’est vraiment mon préféré même par rapport à jean celui de mac ou celui mais comme power je trouve qu’il vaut autant sinon plus la texture évidemment c’est un gel mais je trouve qu’il est vraiment parfaite juste assez kremer pas trop sec ça glisse bien sans trop lisse et parce que des fois c’est ça qui était avec la légère c’est que ça glisse trop puis on déborde un petit peu celle de la texture est parfaite ils sèchent pas trop vite non plus fait vous avez juste assez de temps pour corriger votre trait aux besoins ici vraiment très bien c’est pas un waterproof mais il tient toute la journée ils vont pas s’effriter non plus il va pas être transférés sur la paupière supérieure puis gelé même essayé à l’intérieur de l’oeil puis maintenu presque toute la journée fac c’est vraiment très impressionnant ou si ce que j’aime c’est que c’est un noir très très noir un vrai nom il est pas du tout gris donc je les utilise avec mon pinceau en biseau qui vient aussi de chez studio make up et qui est mon meilleur pinceau biseauté parce que c’est le plus fin que j’ai trouvée jusqu’à la fin que ça c’est vraiment mon combo savait que ce que j’ai fait moins le aujourd’hui nous allons avoir un article aussi sur mon blog des nouveautés du studio make up pour l’automne et il permet d’abord un con or au mois de septembre qui est relié avec cet article donc vous regarde reste à fin septembre mais en attendant je vous donne un scoop que je vous dis que là le gel c’est vraiment un et coups de coeur il marche très très bien donc on veut terminer mes coups de coeur maquillage aux yeux avec deux pointures ça adonne les hydropathes titre semble un petit peu j’ai parlé de lui en premier c’est les nouveaux moteurs d’annabelle qui sont vraiment vraiment très impressionnant je trouve que pour du maquillage de pharmacie la qualité est juste dingue honnêtement ça aussi c’est un ce couple parce que je voulais vous en parler sur mon blog je vais vous montrer aussi les autres nuances ça c’est juste un exemple mais c’est une teigne que j’aime beaucoup pour l’automne secteur it shine cac a cédé nuances dorées de cuivre est un petit peu d’orange et brun foncé bref super beau pour l’automne puis ce que j’aime c’est que les couleurs sont vraiment ultra pigmentées je vais vous montrer ça tout de suite sap sap on n’a même pas besoin de repenser de trois fois avec le pinceau pour vrai j’ai toujours été déçu par les ombres à paupières en pharmacie c’est pour ça que j’en achète pas vraiment mais celle là je trouve que c’est vraiment comparable presque aussi bien que des marquis comme mac par exemple donc là je sais que ça a l’air fou ce que je dis mais c’est vrai sont vraiment super pigmentées la texture est très très très creamers donc sont pas poudreuse

il se travaille bien et puis avec une base du tiennent toute la journée fête si vous avez besoin d’ombré à paupières prochain en pharmacie je vous recommande vraiment les nouveaux quatuor de chez annabelle donc l’autre quatuor qui est juste un petit peu plus cher que j’aime beaucoup c’est la marque professionnelle studio mais club que j’ai une vous parler un petit peu et donc dans leur nouvelle collection de cuari sorte celle là qui est une édition limitée c’est au pin smoke et c’est pour ça que je vous en parle parce que si vous voulez mais allez l’acheter avant qui est que ça n’existe plus en magasin sur c’est vraiment le fun parce que vous avez un blanc et or et deux tons de gris celui là qui est plus bleue et celui là qui plus variable mais les couleurs sont vraiment le fun pour faire un smoky eye c’est aussi vous allez voir dans mon article comment ça ressort bien en photo c’est fou sont comme sup lumineuse encore une fois super kremer c’est vraiment impressionnant la pigmentation et didier lenoir super profond super pigmentées pour eux je sais pas quoi vous dire d’autre je pense que vous allez vous laisser convaincre par les soit j’ai rien à dire de négatif sur sa console c’est vraiment un beau petit bijou de produits donc si vous êtes intéressés à les y vite avant que ça existe plus je continue avec les produits pour les lèvres j’en ai testé pas mal ces derniers temps je commence tout de suite avec un rouge à lèvres de chez mac parce que je me cherchais le nouveau rouge à lèvres nude pour remplacer mme atteinte d un ministre qui est discontinue et j’ai pas trouvé quelque chose qui ressemblait mais j’ai trouvé celui là que j’ai trouvé vraiment beau je ne connaissais pas on y loge s’amuser absolument rien c’était un rouge à lèvres vraiment rose beige donc c’est un peu plus foncé qu’à new dont on peut pas dire c’est que sa part lire élèves au contraire mais sauf que la teinte est vraiment belle je pense d’abord être un bon news pour les filles qui ont la peau un peu basses année ça serait vraiment vraiment beau fixe et puis je trouve que le fini et comme un peu crème un peu mort donc qui est vraiment super beau puis je recommande ensuite j’ai testé finalement les gloss à lèvres ultra brillant l’imega shine les gosses de chez nyx qui sont probablement un de leurs meilleurs vendeurs la qualité de produit vraiment grosse pour le prix que vous payez et ce que j’aime c’est que sont vraiment qu’ils les petits packaging avec une voyant une boucle sur le dessus et ils sentent la cerise et ça sert vraiment vraiment bon est ce que j’aime c’est qu’ils sont vraiment pigmentées c’est pas le genre de gloss qui vont être transparent sur les lèvres et ils sont beaux collants et ils sont bons mais ils tiennent bien et tout ce que vous voulez et donc la cloche j’ai pris je l’aimé vraiment beaucoup ce que monrose gomme balloune et s’éteignent haber qui m’a convaincu de l’acheter parce qu’elle met tout le temps qui change c’est tellement beau donc tout ça un bon petit glaces polaires c’est encore dans le mix vous savez que j’aime beaucoup les stocks mais clip crime c’est ce que je porte aujourd’hui mais la version rouge et là je vous présente la version rose électrique que j’ai porté un petit peu cet été si vous cherchez un rouge à lèvres qui est vraiment rose flash fuchsia je vous conseille vraiment cela parce qu’ils ont fini moi ils sont confortables sur l’élève qui sentent bon la vanille sérieusement c’est juste les rouges à lèvres parfait selon moi donc pour les filles qui aiment les rouges à lèvres et un bain vous pouvez prendre celle là c’est la nuance addis ababa le dernier coup de coeur du bain rapidement parce que je vous savez déjà que ça une mes coups de coeur je lui ai présenté plusieurs fois dans mes dans mes vidéos restent les crayons aux crèmes les penrith de réserve naturelle est gelée dans la couleur 0,2 et c’est pourquoi je les aime c’est parce que la couleur est vraiment très très pigmentées latin c’est un espèce de roses rouges framboise il fait un fini très très brillant sur les lèvres vient vraiment comme les galbes et puis ça tient super longtemps donc franchement pour un petit prix ça aussi c’est un les meilleurs produits pour les lèvres que j’ai dans ma trousse puis je suis complètement fan autant maintenant dans les soins pour limer les ongles et le corps donc le premier c’est une crème pour les mains c’est le soin des mains obtenu tridion de jean d’estrées ça aussi ça fait pas longtemps que je teste mais j’en suis déjà complètement fan parce que tout simplement je trouve qu’il est vraiment vraiment beaucoup les mains sèches j’ai l’impression qu’il réussit est long dans ma peau parce que quand je l’appliqué même deux trois heures plus tard je touche je touche mes mails sont encore toute douce puis on le sent qu’ils sont vraiment bien pratiques sont souples ça fait vraiment des bêlements ce produit l’oeil derrière ça dit ça protège les mains des gerçures des irritations et fortifier les angles a tenu les taches pigmentaires et prévient leur apparition les mains son dos souple et retrouvent leur velouté naturel et c’est exactement ce que ce produit là fait niveau tâche j’ai pas pu constater parce que j’en ai pas prêt d’en avoir non plus mais franchement pour une hydratation c’est juste vraiment merveilleux le prochain produit et dernièrement j’avais vraiment beaucoup les ongles des mains qui arrêtait pas de casser je sais pas pourquoi mais c’était la folie à chaque jour cinq ans et que ça m’énervait été rendue supérieur mou et puis même mon souhait vitry que normalement j’aime beaucoup il fonctionnait pas donc j’ai

fait le tour de vos suggestions et finalement je me suis arrêté sur le neo et envy et gelé dans la version dual bretons qui est la bouteille rouge et au début j’avais pas les besoins de demain que ça marchait mais c’est parce que je suivais pas les instructions comme il faut c’est vraiment important de mettre deux couches à chaque fois je les fait un traitement choc pendant une semaine ça a pris plus de trois semaines avant que ça marche vraiment bien mais après sa maison était vraiment vraiment dur et j’ai même fait des photos avant/après de mes ongles comme cela pour qu’on voit à quel point ça fonctionnait bien donc je trouve qu après l’utilisation les hommes sont plus solides sont vraiment à envelopper dans le film protecteur mais en plus ils sont plus beaux parce qu’ils sont toutes courbe est plutôt de rien donc si vous l’avez essayé dites moi qu’est ce que vous en pensez mais moi je les ai pas mal aimés puis je pense que je vais racheter ce que je suis déjà rendue à la moitié de ma bouteille et ensuite dans les produits pour le corps j’en ai juste et c’est quelqu’un qui m’a rapporté sa de france à mon meetup et j’ai reçu plusieurs produits de la marque ico je suis vraiment choyé et contente ça m’a fait super plaisir je suis en train de le tester ils sont aussi dès que j’ai un petit peu de temps pour moi mais j’ai offert un article sur les nouveautés qui co mais ce pas une nouveauté mais je dois céder nouveaux produits que moi j’ai testé entre autres le yo yo le spray autobronzant effet naturel qui le prix d’orgue en fait je dois vous à tout petits pas du tout d’orques moi j’ai la peau pâle puisque ça donne à peu près avec deux couches c’est ça ici donc c’est vraiment pas un esprit foncé ou fait pour les personnes qui ont la peau foncée vraiment pas un spray foncé mais moi je laime beaucoup parce que c’est vrai qu’il fait un effet très très naturel quand je mets ça j’espère d’avant près du soleil une journée puis personne ne me dit que j’ai l’air de porter de l’autobronzant choqué la brune est super film est-ce qu’il faut nos six équipes u peau il sent quasiment bon c’est vraiment impressionnant pour une auto bronzants la couleur a fait pour orange et du tout c’est vraiment plus dans le style doré brin que orange ou rouge donc la teinte est vraiment parfaite pour moi pas trop foncée et ce que j’aime aussi c’est que dès que vous le si vous avez un fond de couleur donc avant une sortie vous pouvez en mettre si vous savez que la fin de la soirée mais le temps devrait être développé donc franchement est très très impressionné et c’est pas du tout cher comme produit le seul problème avec moi c’est que quand j’ai reçu l’embout était brisée donc j’essaye de faire sortir le produit ça marchait pas j’ai finalement fini par casser le bouchon et en faisant un petit geste comme ça ça finit par sortir mais je voudrais que ça sort en petites gouttelettes que ça va pas tellement bien mais je m’adapte que j’ai testé ce que j’ai pu tester j’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé fois que je pense que je vais racheter en espérant que la bouteille soit pas quand c’est parce que je sérieusement je pense que ça pourrait très vite devenir un les autobronzants a préféré donc niveau habillement je vous avoue que j’ai pourtant par beaucoup de shopping c’est dans l’état shan et dernièrement puis j’ai trouvé une petite veste en tentant de rendre cette veste pas de manche qu’on peut mettre l’automne chaud sol phone de faire un peu de lait au ring avec des foulards des gros lainages et caetera et savez la veste en jeans pas de manche était vraiment très à la mode cet été je crois que ça va rester un petit peu pour cet automne mais version peut-être avec des manches lever un peu plus froid mais je trouve que la version plus automnal la suite logique un petit petit veston en jeans et le veston actu et et ça on aime ou on aime pas moi perso je trouve que ça donne une touche qui très très chic et ça donne un petit peu aussi une touche plus rock et lâche pas pourquoi je suis en train de disparaître dans mon fonds focus lumière je les trouvais chez urban planet par la section des stades était seulement 10 dans leur musée à 10 $ on veut pas se priver d’un item de la mode comme ça très franchement je n’ai vraiment beaucoup au pij fière de pouvoir le porter avec toutes sortes de choses cet automne on essaiera de faire des détenus du jour avec ses preuves et finalement une chose que je me suis beaucoup servi cet été c’est ma peur de mes ballerines et qui sont les ballerines pliante je vais vous montrer si vous me suivez sur mon blog vous savez que j’en ai fait tirer le mois passé donc être aux chanceux qui ont pu se mériter leur paire de ballerines donc ce sont vraiment des ballerines pliante à 100 pour ça qu’ils sont ultra et avec un petit cuir justement qui tressautent donc super confortable sur le piége trop et en arrière c’est un petit peu ajustable indiqué l’élastique vous avez 2 petit alors tout fait j’ai trouvé vraiment vraiment 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2012 Paris JUC: Sebastian Bergmann – Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins

hi I’m Sebastian for 14 years now I’m doing stuff with PHP in the beginning and for 13 years to PHP and around PHP it was a really slippery slope from starting to figure out how this PHP thing works to finding bugs in it and asking the right questions to the right people on how to fix these bugs and became a contributor and then at some point a professor at university taught us about j unit and he knew that i was doing PHP and didn’t really like java and sorry wrong conference made me to tell to say that but and he said well you seem to like this testing and quality approach that i just showed you is j unit and all the other nice tools that started to come up in the Java world at that point and he said well would this be enough for you to make a jump to something like Java because you don’t have these tools I said well I’d rather stay with PHP and build those tools even if I have to build a myself maybe some others they’ll pick up and help me over the years and this is basically what happens and what I’m going to talk a little bit about this presentation so I don’t really want to do marketing and really bad at marketing but I have a company I’ve over the last years I’ve helped dozens of companies around the world from really small startups to fortune 500 companies get started with PHP quality assurance in their projects mostly using Jenkins some of them initially wanted bamboo or some other commercial solution I help them vez that as well but they quickly figure out that a commercial when there is really not as good as the open source community when it comes to customizations and books and fixing them in a timely manner and it’s not really my idea of a good product when you say hey I found a bug can you please fix this because I’m not productive this bug is fixed and this and Windows tells you hey by a different license and we give you the source code and you can buy fix the book yourself that’s not how it’s supposed to work so the one thing that I want to start with is a short history of continuous integration in the PHP world why are we using mostly Jenkins today so it starts very similar I guess when you compare the peach people to the Java world but in the beginning you were using cruise control which i have to say was probably the worst piece of software that i ever had to work with it crashed a lot it needed to be restarted multiple times a day at least for production size instances it usually ate your data for breakfast lunch and made me sometimes even dinner and was not reliable at all and it was and it was the most the biggest problem with it was that it had no concept of plugins if you wanted to change something you had to basically download the cruise control source code and hack in there and make the fixes that you want that you needed to get it to run even or add new features and then compile it and yet this one monolithic beasts that you had to deal with totally different compared to Jenkins or yeah so me in the PHP community started to use cruise control around early 2006 and it went on for a while and soon one company that I know in Germany they started to build customizations for cruise control to make it nicer to look at and easier to work with for PHP projects they wanted to commercialize these plugins and deliver a quality platform for PHP project or whatever they wanted to call it that never happened because Manuel officially had the idea of just taking cruise control and changing a little bit of Java code here and there adding a little bit of HTML and JavaScript and xslt style sheets and add something on top of it he called PHP under control it can also came with a command-line tool that allowed you to just specify I won the new project I want a new job in my cruise control instance and it’s for a PHP project and this is where my CVS or subversion repositories and I’m using PHP unit for my tests and please generate me an exam l configuration file for cruise control and generate me and

build script to actually orchestrate all these tools and it took a lot of lower the barrier to entry for using cruise control a lot but it was flawed in a way that it was still cruise control with all his crashes and nastiness is under the hood so it really never really took off and the community around it wasn’t really that nice either so I remember sometime in 2007 getting an email from someone after I posted something on the cruise control mailing list was a private reply not to the mailing list that’s why it doesn’t show in the public archive saying you people from the PHP will stop using our tools these were built by Java developers for Java developers and you are stealing them again not my idea of open source so I was really pleasantly surprised in more than one way when i came across hudson for the first time not only was it a much better product and had a plug-in architecture and lots of plugins around it but also the community was a lot nicer and then well the separation happened and whatever and that’s what we are we talking about Jenkins today still very happy with it at law made lots of experience over the last couple of years in trying to figure out how to make the best use of it in the PHP setting and it’s so much easier when you’re compared to other solutions because there’s a plug-in for almost everything and doesn’t really matter to the community if you’re using it for java project or for a ruby project or a heightened project or for a PHP project they don’t just care about the developers and not about one specific programming language stack sure there’s a focus on Java because it’s built in Java and the initial target audience was just Java but I never felt alienated in the community so now you know a little bit about that guys standing on the podium right here hopefully maybe maybe not but I don’t have the first clue about you guys in this room because this is very strange setting for me to present on continuous integration in PHP environment I usually have the Reavers where i talk to PHP developers that you want to get started with jenkins and tell them all about these tools that they have at our disposal and how to just orchestrate and integrate in this Jenkins so at least I think I’m now in a situation where I’m talking to people or discuss with people that know what continuous integration is know what Jenkin is and what it does but maybe have not so much of a PHP background so it would be really helpful for me if at least some of you could introduce themselves or explain why they are here and yes just sitting here and having water or whatever and space to work and network is a valid answer yes so let’s see if the few slides that I have prepared actually work out for this so so basically what i prepared slides before i go into more hands-on / demo kind of way of presenting it’s just a given overview what kind of tools exists in the PHP world and how you can listen to them in jenkins through various plugins so first is phpunit this is how it all started and of course I’m a little bit biased there because I wrote phpunit and take everything i say with a grain of salt plenty of other testing frameworks but this is the one that’s most commonly used and it turns out that i threw laziness 11 12 years ago also made the right decision by saying okay I somehow may at some point in the future want to do something useful this data that I collect when running the test so i probably should write a log file and it was too lazy to figure out my own log file format so i looked at what j unit was writing and so that’s why phpunit just generates j unit XML which is why it was so easy for cruise control to immediately do something with these log files it just didn’t care about that this log file was not generated by J unit but by another tool that just wrote to say mimics ml and all the other tools that I’m going to going through for quality assurance things in a PHP world took build upon the same idea took the

idea and also looked at other tools from the drama world mostly with regard to the way that they lock the results little bit later in couple of years later I add support for code courage in PHP unit once we had the low level of functionality for that in the PHP interpreter that only exists because I bug the right guy about hey I need this for phpunit this would be really awesome if he had that so once again I needed to figure out an XML format and I looked at clover because that at least to me as an outsider with regard to the java community felt like a de facto standard in the Java world so when working with Jenkins for PHP projects there’s a couple of plugins that you need it’s the x unit plug in to interact with the log files that jacket for unit generates it’s not a hundred percent compatible as I figure out over the years with genuine and external log files so you need this X units armed plugin that reads the PHP genetics and l test result log files and the reason why you need that is Rico’s phpunit users nested test suite elements because you can have nested test Suites and for a very long time we were using the clover plugin for Jenkins to get the code coverage statistics into Jenkins but there was something it always bugged me about that and bucked others about that because it’s expected not only a clover XML log file as input but also it’s somehow expected the actual clover product to be installed and have a license key and it would print warnings or errors when it wouldn’t find that and of course you don’t have a Java code coverage tool installed when you’re working in the PHP environment and you would have and just what what annoyed me at least the most was there was a button or a link in the build on the build page in Jenkins that said hey click here for more detailed clover information and it would always would always lead to a 404 HTTP error because you didn’t have clover installed so i ignored that for a very long time and at some point somebody just wrote a plug-in called clover PHP which is basically a fork or a rewrite of the clover plugin just just just just just read the exam a log file and just useful stuff with that and doesn’t interact mr clover tool PHP code sniffer is probably the oldest static code analysis tool that we have in the PHP world it was written originally just to figure out whether or not to detect violations with regard to coding standards formatting opening curly braces same line next line taps or spaces and what have you but over the years it has grown and now comes out of the box with a couple of hundred sniffs that sniff at your code and tell you where something is broken so it can detect potential performance problems potential bugs and so on and just as a trivia side note it’s the only code analysis tool for PHP that is used that is commonly use it is not written by a German I get this question at ph three conferences around the world a lot why is it always the Germans that built these tools that tell me that my code is broken I have no answer to that but at least their speed records new voyages the outlier that says hey it’s not just us that care about quality it’s also the Australians so she cooks liver generates check starlix and i’ll check style similar tool in a driveable to probably all know that so that’s why we use a check style plugin or the violations plugin because they just natively do know what to do with these log files they don’t care at all about the these log files are not written by the original to next caller static analysis tool that we use is PGP copy paste detector or PHP CPD for short and on the command line and it just does what the name suggests it looks for duplicate code it produces log file output in PMD CPD XML so for

instance Jenkins dry plug-in knows exactly what to do with that and how to visualize that and how to keep track of trends and so on PHP depend the name may already give it away the port of Jay depend or inspired by Jay depend collects and calculates raw code cover a raw software metrics information about your PHP project and stores the result in a jade appendix and L file and in a custom XML log file that you can use from some more data mining on your software and it also does software visualizations like a software overview pyramid and so on and of course you use a JD pen plugin for that again doesn’t care about DXM metallography I’m not coming from J deep end we have PHP md the HP mess detector which sits basically on top of PHP depend allows you to define rules that operate on the raw data collected by PHP depend and when one of those rules is violated you get a violation report and it’s inspired by PMD the project mass detector or program of mass destruction or pretty much done or any day now maybe the PMD project decides on what the acronym actually stands for last time I look at a website ever at least 10 different suggestions what PMD was supposed to stand for most commonly used ones probably project meth detector and naturally PHP emily just writes PMD xml log files as a result which allows us to use a Jenkins PMD plug-in to keep track of trend miss regards to the mess that we carry around no HP project it may be a bit overkill that I in my instances use both the textile plugin and the violations plugin and I may stop using your checks i’ll plug in at some point but at least in rigging and i find it interesting to have two different views on all of this data but since the violations tool or the violations violations plugin supports all of these different log file format that come out of the PHP quality assurance tools it’s a really nice central place to look at the trends with regard to the findings from a psychic analysis tools so that’s really useful to have and in the PHP project we use it to do the useful stuff is PHP code sniffer pitch recovery phase detector and pms detector there are a couple of tools that i left out for engine for instance there’s also PHP dcd the PHP dead code detector but it’s not ya ready for production or anything it was an experiment at it a couple of years ago on a flight home from Brazil it basically works as far as its unit test goes but every time I used it on a production code base it failed which is not surprising given the highly dynamic language highly dynamic nature of the PHP programming language where you can have variable variables and variable method calls and so on so as and its limitation of most of these static analysis was the more dynamic features user to language the more problems you get visitor analysis tools I mentioned earlier which is a company or that was a company that wanted to do a commercial support offering around cruise control a couple of years ago geared towards PHP what surance and continuous integration and they basically gave up on that idea one speech be under control came out but the centerpiece of what they did back then has been open sourced since under the name PHP code browser and this is just a small PHP tool that takes all the exam a log files from all the other tools as input plus the source code and generates a static HTML output where you can browse through your code base and get highlighted sections in the code with annotations like because never found something here phpunit says that this method has less than eighty percent code coverage and so on so that’s a nice integrated way of looking at your code and doing stuff there’s also an eclipse plugin from the same developers of peach and PHP code browser that integrates all

this information that’s gathered by your jenkins into eclipse and shows why you’re editing while you’re working on the code a peach because that I’ve found something here please fix that a generic plug-in that we use a lot of the HTML publisher for gender for publishing API documentation for instance or the output of PHP code browser or PHP units code coverage report PHP loc really small tool that initially just did what the name suggests just count the lines of code in your project but over the years grew and grew and grew and now also counts other things like how many classes do I have and are they abstract or or not or how many methods do i have in our day evil as in static or not and this tool grow grew over the years because i tend to do a lot of code reviews of code that i have not the first clue about and the first thing that I want to know is how much code do I have and how is it structured and by looking at how many of how much or to what extent new fever newer features of the PHP language are used I can make it guess of how old the code base is and how our new concepts are used and so on so that I was too lazy to build separate tools for that so I put all of that in PHP LLC the interesting thing though is that you can take this data and provide it to the plot the plot plugin for Jenkins and get metrics collected over time like this can be really interesting if you are refactoring a legacy PHP for code base with lots of duplicated code with no object-oriented features being used to more modern php5 code so as you refactor that a number of duplicate code goes down but also the number of lines of code goes down and the number of classes goes up and so on and because I’m really really lazy and don’t want to do the same things over and over and over again at some point as I said okay I don’t want to go through the same steps every time i’m configuring a new jenkins job for a PHP project so i did what i usually do when i found a problem like that i create a new open source project so i created jenkins PHP drinking stash PHP dot org which is first and foremost a template configuration external files or jenkins for a PHP job but also gives you a pretty good foundation of a Apache and build script for your PHP project it orchestrates all these different tools that i just mentioned and invokes then there’s the right argument and puts all of you build artifacts all the log files in a standard directory structure so the jenkins template can pick them up and you don’t or you almost have no configuration to do as you’ll see in just a minute so this slide is probably superfluous because you probably all know how to install Jenkins usually my audiences don’t know so for the demo I usually just download the latest archive and just set the environment variable and run it and then I instill a couple of plugins I’m I guess by now I’ve said it quite often I’m lazy so I don’t like to use the web user interface so install all the plugins and I need I just used the command line interface just tell it all the plugins that I need and there are very few things that I don’t like about Jenkins and one of them is that it comes out of the box with support for CVS and subversion but not for something that is from this millennium so I always have to install gate manually and I install the green balls plugin because blue is not really associated with success for me so it’s weird how from when you grow up and look at a traffic light for the first time and you are told you only go when you agreeing how that’s programming sticks with you and it kind of just easily adapt to something else so that was just an overview of all the tools that there are and what kind of plugins we use in Jenkins to pull the information in and get them in our Jenkins setup so any

questions so far question was do I use sonar not yet I tried or roll back every couple of months I try to use it for a PHP project so far it’s not as easy to set up as I would like it to be it’s gotten a lot better now that the dependency on maven is gone and it actually can work with and bass bills and it doesn’t run it does not want to run the tools twice and so on but it’s not really nice yet I can get it to work but it feels like I need to do too much work to get it to work any other questions okay so as I mentioned earlier I don’t install the service container or whatever because usually Jenkins in the environment that I work in Jenkins is the only piece of Java that’s there or at least available to the team that I’m working with so there’s no need for a full-fledged service container so out of the box it just works great what we usually do is put in a another HTTP server in front of it like engine eggs or live DVD just to have some proxying going on and some mechanism for HTTP authentication for instance that the admins are more familiar with than having to learn something new so this is the website de mentioned earlier Jenkins dash PHP dot org you can get a template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects it basically lists all the plugins that i mentioned mentions how to install them tells you how to install the required peach p tools which is really simple if you have a sane PHP environment you just do pair install para PHP QA tools org slash peach p QA tools this is just a meta package that pulls in all the dependencies all the required peach p tools and like phpunit PHP code sniffer PHP depende de pitch Petry copy paste texture and all of them and you’re good go in a minute or so okay so this is a template project that i mentioned earlier so when i create a new job like i have a project an example project that i use in my phpunit training called bank account it’s really boring but it shows a lot of different things that you can do miss Peecher unit with regard to testing the various layers of your application from really small pure unit tests over integration tests all the way to edge to edge and system-level end-to-end tests and then you just copy this from the PHP template and the only thing left to do after that is enabling the build and configuring the version control system and just for completeness specify the master and that should be it and of course we need to configure the bills trigger usually no I don’t want to do that but for demo purposes yes this is exactly what I want every minute and that’s it and now something useful should happen at some point so yeah why do I wait because when I started to use Jenkins the built now button didn’t work and it’s just maybe I think it was only in the one release and a week later it was fixed but it is something that just stuck with me so I usually just wait the minute and in the meantime do something

else that’s just me okay oh ok so instead of rat invoking the command line install thingy for all in plugins individually I can do it in one command I didn’t know that is that new 400 years okay for 100 raises 100 weeks okay I think I looked at that tried that one in the beginning and it didn’t work and then after that it was implemented ok thanks I’ll fix that because that’s something that nag me yeah good ok now we we have a built green bowl and the sun is shining although the sunset and the Oracle came up and whatever but it’s still sunny and this is what the project overview looks like for a PHP project if you use this template you get the code coverage report API documentation the PHP code browser output and test results and everything and of course this is really boring because it’s the first build there’s all these charts that need two data points at least to do something nice are not there and it’s boring because there are no violations as other person code coverage and everything but if you’ve never seen it before this is what the code coverage report looks like it comes out of each unit this is what the code browser looks like so you can browse through your code and it tells you where it’s will found the violation and so on and normal output from the JD Penn plug-in doesn’t care about the fact that it’s not a java project not the real JD pen was run but PHP deep end that generated in a deep end log file same with the violations and the test result i think i have this year it has some more charts but some more data points ladies actually see the charts but so if you go to the console output we see what actually happened it’s just plain and build that happens behind the scenes of course you can use everything every other to build tool that is supported by by Jenkins it’s just my personal preference that I like and or end is good enough for me it just works it works everywhere yes somebody ported Apache end to PHP the fing project which is also natively supported by Jenkins as a fing plugin that you can install but I don’t see the point in porting such a tool from Java to PHP just to have it in PHP I also don’t resent some people that implement continuous integration service in PHP because they don’t want to use something that is not written in PHP I cannot understand that I’m much more pragmatic than that so we invoke a couple of tools the PHP autoload builder PHP a b which is really the tool of choice to do your autoloading your class loading in PHP these days be prepared a build by creating a couple of directories we do a lint check no point in trying to run the unit test if there’s a syntax error you don’t need something like that in Java because the Java compiler takes care of that in an interpreted language it’s really useful to have tool in check and then all the tools that i mentioned PHP LLC PHP depend HP messy Tector or PHP code

sniffer HP copy/paste detector PHP dogs for API documentation phpunit to run our unit tests and then in the end PHP code browser at tools in all leagues and I logged miles and integrates them interlaces them with a source code to give us a unified browsing experience and then the build is done and jenkins starts to do its thing it collects all of the information publishes the results delicious any questions what’s the tool that I use for the lint check the syntax check and you just use the PHP interpreter PHP dash l it’s the only thing that you need there’s no other link checker that I know for PHP it’s it’s built into the interpreter it’s really easy to use so in the end script you just used you apply the apply task instead of the exact ask apply takes as an argument of file set so you can say okay every fifth every every file that ends in dot PHP in my source directory please give that file to the path to that file as argument to PHP dash L and it will do that unfortunately PHP dash L can only accept one file at a time so you need a new PHP interpreter for each file that you check which is really really slow but if you use the modified option here and will only run the lint check on all files the first time it’s run and after that it will only run it on the file that have changed in the last time you invoke the build it keeps track of which files have changed for you that’s one of the advanced our file set features of an that you can use and with all the other tools it’s just like invoke it with same defaults and write the exam I’ll log files or other build artifacts to a standardized location so that the Jenkins template can pick up on that that makes it really really easy to use and still gives you lots of flexibility to customize it to your needs so the question is in a typical PHP project you not only have PHP but also JavaScript for the front end and how how do I cope with that so there are unit testing tools for JavaScript that you can use basically every major framework has their own that they advocate the couple of standard ones like the one from yui is pretty popular there’s jas unit that’s somewhat popular PHP code sniffer most a lot of the sniffs of PHP code sniffer can also be applied to JavaScript code so there’s a JavaScript parser built-in in PHP as part of PHP code sniffer that allows you to apply those rules also to JavaScript code so you can use that to enforce coding standard for instance on JavaScript code I don’t know about any specific setting analysis tools for JavaScript but I would assume that they exist but probably have similar or even worse problems than the PHP tools because javascript is also very dynamic and you cannot figure out everything aesthetically but I believe that there is at least some rudimentary tool that you can use but i would probably put it also into jenkins probably not into the same job though because just because i want to test my my PHP code shouldn’t necessarily mean i also want to run my JavaScript unit tests so I would what I’ve done in the past is have one job in Jenkins that runs the PHP unit tests and then one job that runs the JavaScript unit tests and when both are ok run a different job that runs selenium tests for instance

because now you know the bag and code works correctly as according to its unit tests and the front end unit tests work correctly and now you have to do the integration tests any other questions or requests wishes for things to look at because this is as much as I have prepared a broad overview of all the things that they are I again I had not have no idea what your level of knowledge is with regards to PHP development and quality assurance tools and and so on so if you’ve never seen one of these tools in action we could look at how to use PHP code sniffer of PHP deep end or PHP messy Tector and how to specify rules configure rules build your own rules depends on what you want to do so the question is how do i do a continuous deployment with Jenkins in a petri environment for instance okay yeah okay at the end of the build you build a package and it depends on what kind of package you want to use I’ve worked with teams to just build pair packages or far archives or build distribution packages like rpm there on redhead or all centers or Debian packages or whatever so so there are a couple of questions in there and I try to repeat them all right at the same time prioritizing them somehow the question one question in there was do I think it’s overkill to Jenner to create linux distribution based packages like rpms or Debian packages or whatever no I don’t think that’s overkill I think it’s a really nice way of expressing all the dependencies of your application so for instance you can make a new release of your software and say okay if you want to install this I need this version of PHP I need this version of MySQL I need this version of memcache de or whatever other system level components you have and this is the stuff that you cannot really express in in a package XML for pair for instance yes you can express I need PHP version 5 40 but if you want to install that using your parents all right you don’t have that PHP version it will just say okay I cannot install this because this dependency is not met if you do this with a system level package like an RPM or a Debian package and the dependency can be resolved it will be resolved for you you will get the new version of newer version of PHP and so on but it’s really easy to unify all of your dependency management in one place which also makes it easy going one step further of this roof is regard to provisioning of new machines using chef or puppet just say okay I want to set up a new web server and then your script knows okay web server means i need this distribution i’m going to install that and then I’m installing this list of packages and oh this application is supposed to be installed there so I install that package as well and pull it in there the remaining dependencies that is really powerful and not it’s really a simple solution for a complex problem there are a lot of complicated solutions for that doing it manually would be the most complicated one I can think of but this makes it really easy and helps the admit the admins stay sane so no I wouldn’t say it’s overkill to generate distribution packages so question is selenium for front-end testing or you should have as few selenium tests as you can get away with the larger the test gets the less useful it becomes the less valuable the information pays you back with a really large test can only tell you that something is broken doesn’t really tell you where something is broken that’s what I want to have as much as many unit tests as possible it has just one unit of code in isolation from all of the dependency so that then when it has fails you know exactly where something is broken but yes selenium is very

useful I don’t know at the moment something that’s better than selenium at automating a browser and similar and not stimulating but rigging triggering a real request that goes all the way to réserver does the real response and everything what I see more and more though is that in addition to just using selenium which can be further tests can be used for instance also for compatibility testing with regard to different browser versions and browser vendors and so on to also use something like B hat which is inspired by cucumber to have higher level tests that do something useful so we can test on many different levels and have something it looks like natural language while still let me see if I have something should have something in here just need to find it trip being here blower there for sombreros and so if you’ve never seen be hat or a cucumber which inspired it this is basically the idea behind it allows you to write what they call a scenario just plain text basically like given I have a fresh bank account then the balance should be zero yes this is behavior driven development and then you can just run that and it says okay I found these two steps in the document that you gave me no specifications we gave me it runs the code and for each sentence that is executed and successful you get the line highlighted in green and of course this does not work because there’s a crystal ball and artificial intelligence behind the scenes that just automatically figures out which portions of the code to invoke and how to verify it by just looking at the natural language you have to implement something called a B hat context that acts as a mapper between the natural language and the code that is involved and there’s something called mink which is a sister project to be had which just gives you a default implementation of such a B hat context for testing web applications so this gives you a lot of commands like go to this URL click here click there and verify that something is there and whatever and it has at least three backends like zombie JS for instance that to simulate real browsers so you can do the web based testing without having to use selenium because selenium tests are really really slow and expensive this is much faster than running selenium test because you don’t need to run start the browser and interact with your browser and verify in the browser it’s just native 8hp calls that go on from within the PHP process any other questions then I think I’m done I brought a couple of presents gifts whatever I have four books to give away that I here and also have one elephant if you don’t know the this elephant is the mascot of the PHP community actually a French guy designed them a french comic artist to started drawing comics around the PHP elephant a couple of years ago and then a guy from Paris picked this idea up and found the company that makes cash custom plush toys and just gave them some of the comics and the drawings and they came up with this this is a small one also the really big ones exist they’re really nice and they are I have one to give away so I think he should get one right okay thank you

Containerization for Reproducible Bioinformatics Research

And a part of my job is I give presentations at workshops and directly collaborate with researchers to develop containerized tools and workflows. So I’ve been using containerization for the past couple years on the job — almost on a daily basis. I am far from expert. So I am looking forward to a lot of interesting discussion and the happy to hear what you think today about these topics as well. Let me first start with a disclaimer. Everything in this presentation are my own and do not necessarily reflect a view of the NCI or NIH. So in preparation for this workshop, as I’m sure any scientist would, if you have a scientific problem and would like to understand the state of that field now, what would you do? You go to PubMed and look for articles to see who has done what Just for people in the room, if I search for “reproducibility software containers”, how many publications do you think I’m going to find? Give me a wild guess. Tens? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens! Very good Actually that’s why I did I look up a PubMed search using the terms “reproducibility software containers.” It’s actually interesting if you search “software containers,” it will yield slightly different results. But I got 38 publications. Not a whole lot. But if you look at this figure the first publication came in in 1989. A lot more have been published more recently. That’s interesting to find around 2016. I’m going to show that on the next slide. But the technology we really going to talk a lot about today is Docker. Docker: the software container company; not the pants company. Docker really became very popular in around 2013 to 2015 So it’s very interesting to me when I was looking into this list of publications, that you see this divide Between 1989 and 2015, they were fixing publications published that could be found in PubMed using the search: “software containers reproducibility.” But every single publication talked about an actual container like the one you would see in a wet lab. A container as an apparatus or as an instrument. And after 2015, there were 23 publications that were found and every single one, except for one, talked about singularity and or Docker — as in software containers which is really what we’re interested in. If you don’t have the time to go through all the 23 publications, I generated a word cloud for you. If you can look at the word cloud, there’s a lot of mentions of software containers, tools, workflows, analysis pipelines, and data. And on the top of the word cloud, you see the word Docker. Docker is really the company — shown in the icon here with the little whale with containers — is really now the de facto standard in containerization technology. There’s a lot of different technologies for containerization, but Docker is the one that really made it very popular and easy to use. This image was generated on NCI’s Cancer Genomics Cloud, Seven Bridges Platform, and the workflow was reused from the CWL Kickstart on GitHub. So in 2011, Roger Peng from Johns Hopkins published this paper on reproducible research in computational science. And in this paper he displayed a figure showing the reproducibility spectrum. A lot of what we currently do now in the publication is almost everyone is doing a very good job at citing a particular tool. We’re giving links to the tools they use in their publication. However according to Peng, getting the code inside a publication iss not nearly enough for your readers to reproduce your data. So what he suggested in 2011, which I think is also valid today, is in addition to putting the code in there, you should also have some data. Ideally

you should have the executable, which is compiled usually from the source code with the dependencies. So if you had that, you’re getting closer to a full replication. And according to him, that would be a gold standard in reproducibility. And I think from this spectrum, where containerization can really help us is this: putting all the tools that you’ve used in a particular study inside a container along with all the dependencies. So for your users, if they want to reproduce what you’ve done, it’s a lot easier for them. Just to do a quick check on the audio are we okay? Can the people say they can hear me? So far yes. Okay good right If you cannot hear me or if there’s any audio problems, please put in the chat box So reproducibility I think partially is culture. What people usually do in their publication. They will look at other people’s publications and try to do the same. And you’re starting to see a lot more publications putting in the reference a Docker container of all the tools they’ve used. And I think that’s really helping us to getting to the right side of the spectrum As I’m sure, if you’ve tried to reproduce other people’s work, it’s very very difficult NCBI hosted a hackathon earlier this year There was a one-day test and learn hackathon. Basically the goal for the hackathon was for users to come in to take a look at past NCBI hackathon products and try to reuse them. It turned out to be very difficult I joined part of the hackathon. Part of the issue is documentation. A lot of documentation was incomplete, not allowing people to use some of the tools, which might have progressed to a newer version, making running that tool slightly different. For some the paths were not set correctly So there are various issues that can actually cause problems in reproducibility in computational research. And this is not just me and you; everybody is facing this issue So how do we reproduce other people’s work? What is enough? When we talk about reproducibility and we say it’s hard, ideally if you were trying to design a system to reproduce other people’s work how would you do it? Next I’m going to mention NCI’s Cloud Resources, which are three very reproducible platforms. I’m goint to tell you how we are able to use container technology on our platforms to maximize reproducibility But I generally agree with if we can have version controlled tools, version controlled workflows, and we have all the information at runtime — your parameters, your configuration at run time — and you have a single consistent data source, we should be pretty close to reproducibility Assuming you have every single one of those steps: consistent data, version controlled tools, version controlled workflows, and runtime parameters. So that’s what we have on NCI Cloud Resources now. But that’s not what we had four years ago. This is an issue we faced in 2014 at NCI. It was a cancer genomic data challenge that we were facing At that time we had the TCGA: the Cancer Genome Atlas, which contains 2.5 petabytes of data describing 33 different tumor types from 11,000 patients. It’s a lot of information. A lot of very useful information if it’s used correctly, if we can get some scientific analysis out of it But in 2014 we didn’t have a very good way of analyzing the data part of the problem because the data were actually stored in various locations. You have the raw data stored at one location while process VCF files were stored at another

location. And you have various initiatives at NCI like the TCGA, the Cancer Genome Atlas, you have the target, which is the pediatric version of the cancer genomic data So all those are causing problems. Data was sitting in silos and there was no good way of allowing users to take advantage of the data, for an average research institution to use the data Just downloading the data, downloading the 2.5 petabytes will take you 23 days And we estimated that will cost the institution about 2 million dollars a year to store and maintain the patient data. So only very large research institutions could actually use the data and analyze the data. And the data continue to grow. Now it’s a little bit bigger So that’s when NCI came up with this concept and what initially was the pilot program, the NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots, which are currently called NCI Cloud Resources. The idea is rather than having each institution or each lab download the data they need with all data into the cloud By co-localizing data and compute in a secure environment in the clouds, we’re effectively democratizing access to NCI- generated genomics, and other types of data as well. Currently, we have two resources on the Google platform and one resource on the Amazon platform, which I will talk about on the next slide. When you have data in the cloud, for most researchers accessing the data is only the first step in their research. They need to be able to analyze the data. How are you analyzing the data in a reproducible way? For NCI Cloud Resources we decided to employ a few technologies The first one is Docker. I said before Docker is the de facto standard in containerization technology today It’s the company that really made containerization very popular and easy to use. And also in biological analysis, as I’m sure a lot of participants in today’s seminar will agree, is very rarely about one tool. It’s generally about linking together a series of tools to form a workflow or a pipeline. In order to manage that workflow or pipeline, we use common workflow language and/or workflow description language on NCI Cloud Resources So these are the two components I discussed earlier. When you have tools sitting in a container that’s version controlled, then you can also version control the workflows. We’re getting closer to reproducibility So starting in 2014, the NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots then were implemented by three research, academic, and industrial institutions. First from the Broad Institute, there is the Fire Cloud. Fire Cloud is built on Google Cloud The biggest advantage for me on what I’ve seen with Fire Cloud is the ability to run workflow description language, which is a highly human readable and writeable workflow language. Another cloud resource was implemented and developed by Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle Washington. ISB-CGC, as it’s known, is also built on Google Cloud and it leverages Google infrastructure on the web user interface Users on the ISB-CGC were able to to perform query and visualization on cancer genomics data. But for me I think the biggest advantage of ISB-CGC is for users to be able to access the virtual machine directly on Google Cloud that allows you full control of what you need in terms of allocating computational resources Finally we have another cloud resource on Seven Bridges Genomics, which is a company in Cambridge Massachusetts That’s the only resource on Amazon Web Services. The biggest advantage of the Seven Bridges Genomics platform is users are able to create containerized tools

and workflows directly on a graphical web user interface on their website directly. And that’s a big advantage for a lot of people without a lot of computational experience. So starting from 2014 to 2017, these cloud pilot programs went through designing, evaluation, and extension. I was part of the evaluation in which I used a lot of containerization of tools and workflows. Starting in September 2017, those cloud pilots officially became NCI Cloud Resources. That’s what they are known as today. A detailed description of the cloud resources is really beyond today’s presentation. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I’m happy to discuss in more detail. So the NCI Cloud Resources is part of a bigger cancer data ecosystem that we are building at NCI. The idea is for users, as I mentioned in a previous slide, a wide range of users — all the way from computer scientists to clinicians — everyone will be be able to access the data sitting in the cloud. And it’s not just genomic data anymore. We are also hosting proteomics data and imaging data where we expect the data types, just like the sheer size of data, will continue to grow as well. The idea is that you have a wide range of users on the bottom here. They will be able to access the data using APIs, web interfaces. They will be to submit data and tools. So this is a virtual extendable data science infrastructure that we’re building at the National Cancer Institute called Cancer Research Data Commons Where the NCI Cloud Resources fit in, I’ve always liked to tell people the NCI Cloud Resources are the analysis component of the bigger Cancer Research Data Commons. So they are sitting right here. You have all this data, and you need a way of analyzing it. And you can analyze the data through NCI Cloud Resources. But just being able to analyze the data using a platform like for example Seven Bridges; once you’ve built a workflow and you run the analysis, how can you share that tool or that workflow? Currently you can share it with other people on the same platform Collaboration is another thing we really focus on when we build these cloud resources. You can easily share your workspace with the your labmates, for example. But there’s really no very good mechanism in sharing that with the bigger global cancer research community. So we are working with A4 which I will talk about in a little bit to achieve just that. Being able to share your common workflow language or workflow description language workflows So I’m sure everybody’s familiar with the FAIR Guiding Principles. I was at the Galaxy Community Conference in June. It’s also where the Bioinformatics Open Science Conference is held. So FAIR, F-A-I-R, that one word or maybe four words are the most used words I think in the Galaxy and BOS Conference. Every single talk you go to, they talked about the FAIR Guiding Principles. In this publication it tells you a lot of details about exactly what those guidelines are. Basically those are guidelines telling you when you share data, you want to make sure the data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. FAIR for data sharing How about FAIR data analysis? If we can achieve FAIR data analysis, we have another step closer to the full reproducibility. When people create their tools, they want to make sure it’s findable and accessible or make sure it’s interoperable and reusable. I think the R here could either be “reusable” or even “reproducible.” Can we do that? This year in particular we’ve heard a lot about the reproducibility crisis that we are facing. This is one of the papers that actually talked about that in the microbiome research field In this paper by Schloss, the author

evaluated best practices of how you can increase reproducibility in your research. And some of the recommendations that he suggested in the form of questions, as you can see on the screen here, of what he called best practices These are probably what’s needed in order for us to make sure we do work that is reproducible by other people Highlighted in red you can see some recommendations he made including using Docker containers or Amazon machine images or automated workflows. And that is exactly what we have on NCI Cloud Resources. And I think having those can really help you with your reproducibility problem. In this first question, Amazon Machine Images or Docker containers; he put those two in the same recommendation, which is kind of interesting because those are, on the surface at a very high level, they are similar ideas, but they are very different Amazon Machine Images are probably not executable, cannot be run on other platforms besides Amazon; while Docker, one of the biggest strengths of Docker, is you can run a Docker image on any platform. So that interoperability aspect of Docker is really the key and automated workflows where you have a workflow management system or workflow language, like a common workflow language or workflow description language, that really helps with reproducibility as well So what I really like to advocate when I give talks is wish you had FAIR analysis in addition to FAIR data sharing. So once we have the data we run analysis. When we run analysis we make sure we document, we do all we can to make sure we have all the tools we use along with with its dependencies or the tool dependencies inside a Docker container — or it doesn’t have to be Docker — inside a container. So FAIR data analysis will really helped us increase reproducibility, especially when it’s used in combination with other technologies like workflows. So on the next few slides, in the next few slides, I’ll have a little introduction of Docker for those who don’t know containerization that well. This is an image I pulled off the Internet. I think it describes the process pretty well. A lot of people, including myself, use the terms image and container interchangeably. I’ve done it a few times in this talk aready. But these are actually two very different concepts An image is a static, inert, immutable file that’s created from a Docker file. When you run that image, running an instance of that image is a container. So you can imagine you have this static file, you can save it. So what a lot of people do including myself is save it in a registry. The biggest registry of Docker containers is probably DockerHub, Docker’s home registry for containers. So you can save it there. So you push it, push your image to save it, and every time you need to reuse that image you pull it. And you can actually pull other people’s public images as well. For people who are new to containerization, I apologize if this figure actually confuses you. But the analogy I like to use is imagine you’re getting a computer, a brand-new computer with nothing but the operating system installed. When you get that computer you pull out a hard drive The hard drive contains the operating system and nothing else Think of that hard drive as an image It’s static, it’s not moving, it’s not powered, it’s not changing It’s a file that is stored on a hard drive. When you want to install new tools on that laptop, you put it in there, you write a little post-it note: “I want to install word processing, I want to install spreadsheet, I want to install the presentation tools.” Along with all those tools you write out exactly how to do it “For this I insert a CD of Microsoft Office I select word processing and select spreadsheet, select presentation, and

click install.” That little sheet containing the tools around you want to install and also the instructions of how to do it is a Docker file. So imagine you have that harddrive in the laptop You’ve now plugged the hard drive into the laptop, powered it on. When you started running an instance of that hard drive, you have a container. Now you can install the tools you want using your post-it notes, which is a Docker file. Hopefully that gave you a little bit clearer explanation about all these terms that’s used in this technology. Now you can also build images other ways. You don’t have to start with a Docker file. You can build images using an interactive way, which basically feels just like when you install a Unix tool. You go in, you do your make install configuration, and so on. But one problem with doing it that way, is then if people are trying to reuse your image, they would not know exactly what’s inside that image. You know it Just like I know what’s on my computer. But if I have other people try to use my computer, they will know how to do it. So the way I’ve been doing it is I put my Docker file in GitHub every time I change that Docker file. I have that linked to the Docker registry. Every time I change that Docker file, it’s going to automatically build a new image. Since Docker has become the de facto standard in containerization technology, you can convert Docker images into other types of images. One of the biggest problems with Docker is you have to run it as root, which makes Docker pretty much unusable on a lot of HPC platforms So there’s another technology called Singularity. Singularity images you can run as non-root and a lot of HPC platforms allow you to run Singularity containers. So you can Singularity-riz a Docker image — by the way that is the word; it’s a word I took from the Singularity website. So this is how Docker really works One thing I think really clever about Docker’s file system is it is using layers My summer student asked me just a few weeks ago, “Now you have hundreds of images in DockerHub. There must be millions of people using the Hub. How is DockerHub able to manage all the images that’s generated by everybody? It must be a huge amount of storage that’s needed.” That’s true, it is a huge amount of storage. But this layered file system can really help in that aspect. So this is a very short, very simple Docker file that I’m using for demonstration purposes. As you can see in this Docker file you have three lines. The first line tells Docker that you should build this image starting from an Ubuntu 16.04 base image. That’s your operating system and the version for that operating system. And after you install your operating system, do an update for this tool, and then install Python So in the backend, what is Docker doing? So when you build that image, Docker is going to go get Ubuntu 16.04, put that into an image. Layered on top of that image, you have the updates, the files from the update step Put that in the image. And then you have the Python step. Put all those files in on the image Think of a cake. You layer that one on top of each other. And then finally you have your final image containing all these layers. So when you run the command Docker images, it’s going to show you the image, the name for the repository, the tag — I do not set a tag when I build the image, so it’s always the latest. And then when you break down the image, you can actually see the layers that’s inside the image So let’s say that this is your first image and you’re trying to create another image using SAMtools using the

same operating system. Ubuntu 16.04 When you create your Docker file and run that Docker build command, what Docker is going to do is since this layer is exactly the same, it’s just going to reuse this layer. It’s not calling any additional storage. Any layer that’s different, it’s going to build on top of that image. So using this layered file system is actually saving a lot of space and a lot of computational resources, which is really smart. So this is a more realistic Docker file if you’re familiar with installing tools in UNIX you immediately see that this looks very much like the steps that you would do when you are installing tools in UNIX. So in this Docker file I’m starting with this particular Ubuntu base image, and you can have some labels, metadata for this image, and then you run an update just like before. And then I have a section which basically installs all the dependencies that’s needed by the tools Then finally we have a section where you are actually getting the source code, running your configuration, and make install. This is how Docker knows what to put on that image. Once you create that image, once you create a Docker file, then reusing that is really simple. These are a few commands that can help you get started with building Docker build, give it a tag — this is my username on DockerHub and this is the name of the repo and the version. And this dot at the end don’t forget. That’s telling Docker to look for a Docker file in the current working directory. And then you can push that as described in the Docker concept slide. You can push that into DockerHub And every time you need to use it, just pull it. So I already mentioned to you the way I’ve been doing it is I put the Docker file in GitHub. So I don’t even push my image to DockerHub anymore. Once I create a Docker file like this I create a GitHub repo, put my Docker file in there, link my GitHub repo to my Docker repo, and have that image automatically filled. And I can set it so that every time I make a change to this, let’s say today I want to change to Ubuntu 16.04, it’s going to generate a new image automatically and I’m able to control the version. I’m able to revert, go back to a previous version using a different operating system or go back to the last change. And when you want to run that Docker image, you go to Docker run. What this command is doing is you want to mount this volume on your computer, your current working directory, to the same path inside the container, and you want to start with the current working directory inside a container. I’m going to show an example of this probably a little bit later. And run this interactively. And then finally you put the name of your image there with its version So one thing with containers you have to remember is when you are running an instance of container, it’s an instance of an image. If you’re using that container for analysis, at the end of your analysis you want to make sure you output all the files you put in. Otherwise if you delete that container, it’s not going to be saved. So the way we do this is using this. I basically mount a folder where I can go to write out everything from the container to the local machine. So don’t forget that step So once you have that Docker tool, how can you share it with other people that want to use it? So I mentioned on NCI Cloud resources, the way collaborations or sharing happen is that you can easily share with other people on the platform. How about people not on the platform? We are working with Dockstore to put NCI-generated containers and worflows on Dockstore. But you would say there’s already DockerHub, why do you need Dockstore? On DockerHub I just told you that you can store your image on the on the DockerHub, why do you need another resource for that?

Well there are a few different problems First, right now let’s say we want to use a SAMtools image from the DockerHub. We’re going to go to DockerHub, you type in SAMtools, and it’s going to find 200 some images. So which one are you going to use? It’s hard to say. Like buying it from Amazon. There are so many sellers selling the same thing, which one are you going to use? Probably the one with the highest rating There is some rating system going on on the DockerHub, but it’s not very useful. Not enough. Another problem we face is as I said biological analysis usually is in workflow. DockerHub you cannot easily share a workflow You cannot share and workflow into native form period So this is where Dockstore really can be very helpful. As you can see on this slide here I have my common workflow language and workflow description language workflow saved on Dockstore. So on Dockstore you can not only save your containerized tools, you can also save and share your workflows as well, and for us that’s a really big advantage. And you can very easily run tools and workflows directly from Dockstore as well So that’s my short introduction on containerization and reproducibility. From this point on, I’m going to show you a few interesting use cases — I think they are interesting — pretty cool use cases from various hackathons that I developed using containerization technology. The first ones from the NCBI hackathon. I started this project last summer, summer of 2017 Basically what we set out to do is to construct a workflow that would take SRA samples and annotate antimicrobial signatures in those samples. And we implemented the first half of this workflow in that three-day hackathon And we were one of the very lucky teams to be able to publish this work after just three days in F1000 Research We found two very good reviewers, experts in the field to review our paper. Highlighted in red are they comments They approved the publication with conditions. They were having issues reproducing what we did Although I promise you at the end of that third day, we had a running workflow. It was running but they could reproduce it. And again this is not just our problem. If you’ve tried to reproduce other people’s work, you know it’s not easy So what I did is I went back to our GitHub repo, modified a little bit, and rebuilt some of the tools, and put everything in a Docker container We didn’t have time to do that at the end of the first hackathon in 2017. So after I have this image, we were able to use this image to go back in summer 2018 to develop the second part of that workflow, which is visualization. Now in the first day we didn’t have to reinstall any of the tools; everything’s already pre installed version controlled inside a container. All we need to do is starting from that point to develop our visualization. That was having that containerized tool is really a very critical step in us being able to reproduce it in the second hackathon So when we talk about bioinformatics workflows a lot of times we think bioinformatics workflows are static. It’s kind of boring if you will. You have your SAMtools, you have your STAR index, STAR alignment, finding counts, differential expressions, but it’s all static. So I was interested in exploring how we can use containerization to help us with tools

that can help us visualize your biological analysis. So this is what the second use case is about I’m going to explain what the simplicity and lower the technical barrier points mean a little bit later. So this is another hackathon product at the NCBI hackathon in the summer of 2017 The goal of the project is to basically build a web portal to visualize RNA-seq data. This is what the result looks like. This is pretty cool. These are chromosomes and on the other chromosomes you have various levels of expression at various parts of the chromosome This is interactive. Users can select different experimental conditions to visualize how its expression changes. Very cool But this is a web portal with very complicated back end and it’s complicated for me. I’m not a web developer. I really don’t know too much about developing web servers like this. They documented really well. I spent a couple days looking through the documentation. Through trial and error, I was able to containerize this entire project inside a container. Now instead of you, which if you want to use it, is that you having to go through this two or three pages full installation of various Python packages and a web server like Django, polymer, plaque, and so on all you need to know if you were interested to run this. All you need to do is move online, copy and paste Docker run interactively mapping the ports, this is where the Docker image is, and open a browser. That’s it So all you need to do now is copy and paste those two lines of command and you have a running web server for that project. You can do all the interactive analysis that they designed So this for me is really helpful because this is helping us to simplify the installation process especially for people without computational background or expertise in a particular field Another use case that I developed at a UCSD hackathon is an API for interactive analysis. I was at UCSD at the start of the summer. They built this tool to compress protein structure data. So imagine your PDB file. They can shrink that PDB file by up to 70, 80 percent And they design the API system to analyze those protein structures. I was sitting there on the first day of a hackathon trying to install the tools. Fortunately I had my Mac with me and everything worked fine It required Java and a few other dependencies There were two other people inside a room that had PCs. Just imagine a room full of computer scientists, of hackers, that couldn’t get Jave to install on those two PC laptops. So I was sitting there and thinking to myself it’d be great if I can containerize it. So instead of having users have to install all your tools at the start of a hackathon when you are starting the hackathon yourself So that’s what I did My contribution to the hackathon was to generate a Docker container that contained JupyterHub. That’s a tool that uses Jupyter notebooks as an interface for analysis and then you can do analysis like this directly on a pop-up window. You can do visualization like this, zoom in zoom out Pretty cool Now again two lines of code. The Docker pull this particular repo and start your web browser. That’s all you need to do. Now you can do stuff like this and can quickly visualize it directly in it directly in your notebook Maybe I’m too nerdy, but I think it’s very cool So like I said, I’m not an expert on containerization but hopefully what I’ve been able to do is to show you my experiences, what I’ve done in the past couple years. I’m evaluating NCI Cloud

Resources and how we’re able to leverage containerization and a few other technologies to really maximize reproducibility. So from this point on I’m going to start with a little bit of discussion. This containerization is a very new technology. So there must be a lot to discuss. After you’ve heard me talk about containerization, this is the first question I would like to ask you. Maybe for the people in the audience here, or for the people online as well. Do you think the same Docker file will always produce the identical image? Well after all I’ve just spent 45 minutes convincing you how good Docker is for reproducibility. When you generate a Docker file, will we always get the same image? What do you think? Yes or no? Someone is shaking their head. Somebody is nodding in here. So the answer is actually no. It’s tricky Because remember in that Docker file, the first line when you say FROM Ubuntu When you have this line FROM Ubuntu image, you could have used FROM Ubuntu latest and always going to use the latest Ubuntu image that’s available in Docker. And the latest today and the latest three years ago might not be the same — well most likely it’s going to be different. So the idea is you should always always version everything inside your Docker file if you want reproducibility. If you say Ubuntu latest most likely a few years from now you’re going to get a very different image or you’ll get an image that cannot be built. Some of the dependencies might have changed. So there’s really a lot to think about when we talk about reproducibility and containerization. Another issue is defining reproducibility. In that paper it shows you the reproducibility spectrum. But exactly what do you consider to be the definition of reproducibility? With the dependencies and floating-point calculations, getting identical results are probably not as relevant. You want consistent results. But how do we define that? What’s consistent? Another one is I think containerization can really help you with running legacy software. Let’s say you develop a tool today and ten years from now you want to rerun that tool a lot of things might have changed. The dependencies, the operating system, what Docker can do, what containerization can do is provide a snapshot of the tool working using that environment at that time. And that’s really helpful. When I gave a containerization talk at Rocky Mountain Genomics Hackathon this past summer, a professor sitting down there apparently didn’t like that analogy and asked me, “Well it’s true that you can reproduce your result by using that container from let’s say ten years ago, but how about security quote-unquote? In ten years there might be security patches making the tool more secure, improve on the security features to avoid viruses and so on.” He didn’t like my answer. I told him basically, “Yes, that’s a valid concern; however, with a state of this technology today you know you have to watch out.” You have to understand that’s a valid concern, but on the NCI Cloud Resources, we run everything in a cloud VM. It’s very different because inside a cloud VM, when you start analysis — well actually when you start a tool — it creates a VM and when that tool when that step of the workload is done, that VM is destroyed. So we were really not as concerned with the security per se because everything will be destroyed except the output files after that step There are anti-virus software out there for containers, but frankly I’ve never seen anyone running any antivirus software approach inside any container that I’ve seen. So again you just have to know there are limitations to Docker just like it’s security concern So as shown in the second use case, I think containerization really simplifies the process to run software and it provides an isolated environment

for testing. It used to be that you have to set all these environments to run your tools; many tools can have conflicting dependencies. But what I’ve been doing is running everything inside a container by itself. It’s already isolated from the rest of the computer and I find that really useful Sharing tools and images is going to be a challenge. We’re using the Dockstore which is great, but eventually the Dockstore will have to face the same decision as what Docker is doing. How can you define identical tools and workflows to minimize or even avoid redundant images or containers. There’s no best practices. If you search best practice in containerization you’re going to find a lot of them. Which one are going to follow? Tool documentation best practices, for me a lot of these is trial and error. So that’s what I’ve learned. And training education is always top on any new technology discussion list. We need to be able to train people to tell them what we’ve been through and how we think would be a good way forward So in order to address some of the issues NCI formed a containers and workflow interest group in which we discuss a lot of issues here. You have a little link that can take you to the shared document we have, but basic idea is we want to start a across the NCI a strategy to facilitate scientific computing standards, guidelines, the best practices as related to containers and workflows and to develop ways to better share tools to promote reproducible science and to discuss approaches and technical solutions for describing workflows and sharing containerized tools. And for the past couple years we’ve accumulated about 130 members and we have monthly discussions. If anyone’s interested in joining us, we have use cases for our cloud resources, community efforts, and of course covering all scientific domains — genomics, microbiome, neuroscience, and imaging. So if anyone is interested in joining us our discussions, please let me know In my slides I’ve listed a few additional resources if people are interested, please take a look. On the GitHub repo there are these awesome lists, which are really awesome They’re basically a compilation of resources that people could very easily find everything in one place Take a look, you can find some useful resources. Finally I just want to thank everyone at NCI CBIIT, especially our leadership, for developing such reproducible platforms Someone very wise in history once said: “Never do a live demo.” I do live demos all the time and I’m really fortunate in that I have very reproducible platforms for me to run live demos. So all the Cloud Resources we’ve developed are such wonderful reproducible tools. And Sean Davis, who is in the room, he actually gave us a lot of very valuable advice, especially early on when we were planning to have this working group to discuss containerization and workflows. And a lot of the use cases I discussed are from NCBI hackathons, UCSD hackathons, and my collaborators especially Tim Meyers group at NIAID. Thank you very much Anyone has any questions? No? Okay I’m going to keep going. Just my last slide here, almost done. So about the presentation. When I was designing this presentation I thought since I’m already talking about containerization and reproducibility, I might as well run a container to run this presentation. So this is what I did on my GitHub repo. I have a page which contains the Docker file that’s using this presentation. I don’t know if anyone noticed anything different in my presentation. I was able to run some very interactive features and those were actually running in the background inside the container. So if you’re interested in trying it out on the GitHub repo you can directly launch using Binder, which is a tool that allows you to run Jupyter Notebooks without any installations at all. But in fact what Binder is doing is really just doing this part in the background. It’s

creating a Docker image of everything in your repo using the Docker file you have and it automatically runs it for you. It’s like magic. It’s pretty cool. So that’s it! That’s all I have to say. Thank you very much for listening to my little experiment on containerization and reproducibility. Thank you So this is actually the Jupyter notebook itself. If you’re interested in looking Do we have any questions online? No? Alright thank you very much

Finishing My CR250!

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Vergaser Ich werde in den oberen Hilfsrahmen Pop Bolzen, der mir einen kleinen Hebel gibt mit dem Hilfsrahmen kann ich das so halten der luftstiefel in position während ich Ziehen Sie die Klemme fest, wie Sie sich vorstellen können den ganzen Weg auf dem Boot haben Vergaser und Pflanze runter, das ist hübsch wichtig, das wird immer dein erster sein Quelle eines Luftlecks und damit Schmutz so sehr in Ihrem Motor unterwegs Wesentlich, dass das Ding jetzt eng ist Lassen Sie uns ein kleines Schloss fest auf die werfen Hilfsrahmenschrauben und Sie werden golden sein Das Drehmoment für die Hilfsrahmenschrauben beträgt 20 Fuß Pfund jetzt könnten einige von euch verwirrt sein, auf welchen schrauben ein drehmoment welches diejenigen, die nicht auf welche Schrauben Loctite verwenden und so weiter und so fort Also hier ist meine allgemeine Faustregel der wichtigsten Schrauben wie der Motor Aufhängung Gabelbrückenachsen montieren all das Zeug muss angezogen werden die Werksspezifikation und dann etwas weiter unten Ein acht Millimeter Faden habe ich typischerweise nicht anziehen, das würde also gerne gehören Gasbehälterschrauben Kühlerbefestigungsschrauben Luftkastenschrauben und Kupplungsdeckelschrauben I In der Regel wird nichts davon angezogen All dies geht vorbei und fühlt sich jetzt so weit wie möglich an welche Riegel Sie offensichtlich festziehen Ich möchte nur feste Bolzen verriegeln, die es nicht tun habe eine kontermutter drauf also eine kontermutter Nuss sieht aus so was gibt es auf dem kettenrad will die nicht fest verschließen notwendig, aber auf Schrauben, die häufig Lösen Sie sich wie die Schrauben des Hilfsrahmens Schrauben Sie die Kickstarter-Schraube und die Bremse Pedalbolzen, die auf jeden Fall müssen verschlossen sein und dann so weit wie möglich kneifen Schrauben wie die Gabelbrücke und die Achsöse diese sind unter achtung also nicht nötig verschließe die ich hoffe das hilft dir Jungs und klärt jede Verwirrung, wenn es kommt fest zu sperren und gut anzuziehen Wie wäre es, den Schalldämpfer wieder einzuschalten? Lass es uns versuchen Ich habe keine Ahnung, wie ich vergaß diesen Trick wenig Kohlenstoff faserwachen gehen sie an der gabelöse an Beschütze diese schöne Serakote, also diese Ich komme aus CMT Carbon aus Italien Habe einen Link unten, wo du kannst Finden Sie sie, in denen Sie eine Waschmaschine betreiben möchten zwischen der Wache und der Nase, die wir beschädige diese schöne Kohlefaser nicht Sie können nie so viel Kohlenstoff haben Wir haben den Kohlenstofftank Carbon Master Bremssattelschutz und Rotorschutz nach unten hier alles von CMT jetzt, wenn es eine gibt mehr was ich in kohlefaser machen will das wäre der schalldämpfer oder zumindest die abschlusskappe auf diesem also wenn ihr seid kenne keine cr250 carbon schalldämpfer oder auch nur die Endkappe gehen voran und markieren Ich würde mich über einige Instagram-Posts freuen Ich denke, für dieses Fahrrad eins zu holen Das wäre die Kirsche, von der ich wusste, dass ich sie bin ein paar dinge mehr fehlen also dazu Stück geht auf das Gelenk des Sound Sir und Rohr und dann haben wir den Gastank Gurt und wie ihr gesehen habt haben wir eine Werksanschluss Unterfahrschutz also los geht’s dieses ding festgemacht siehst du das Rahmen hat bereits eine Delle und die Schiene von vorher wollen wir also unbedingt verhindern, dass das wieder passiert und wir habe auch diese frischen Fälle so zu schützen Wir haben hier drei vier Klammern welche sind gleich und welche hat man dann eine kürzere Klammer oder einen kürzeren Winkel dazu man geht rechts hinten die Unterfahrschutz und diese Schrauben werden Sie auf jeden Fall wollen Sie nicht fest sperren Habe sie fest verschlossen, kleiner Rücken raus ziemlich schnell bei all den vibrationen Lassen Sie uns diese Halterung in die bekommen rahmen einfach so jetzt nur noch eine sache den Rest dieser Klammern zu bekommen angeschraubt bevor ich die vorne bekomme Klammern drin Ich werde den Schaum stopfen innen hilft der schaum nur verhindern Sie, dass sich Schlamm im Wasser ansammelt Unterfahrschutz und jetzt haben wir gerade festgezogen Dieses Baby sieht ziemlich gut aus da ist meiner meinung nach einer der Besser Skidplates oder wie manche es nennen würden es ist eine Gleitplatte, die Sie für einen kaufen können Moto Applikation aus schön dickem Aluminium und es wird nicht a verursachen Tonnen von Vibrationsproblemen und natürlich Zum Waldreiten willst du welche haben Wachen, die auftauchen und die Wachen beschützen motor etwas besser aber dafür moto ist das Ticket, das ich einen Link unten fallen lassen werde unten zu dir wo ich diesen aber gekauft habe Mann mit dem Unterfahrschutz, den Sie können sehen Sie definitiv die Delle im Rahmen jetzt so als hätte ich früher an die gabeln gedacht suchen ein bisschen nackt und ich habe

Ich habe etwas, um die Show zu verbessern mit Aufklebern hoffentlich bleiben diese dir die treu Ich weiß, ich hatte ein Problem mit Seracote das in der Vergangenheit, also werde ich etwas verwenden wärme und das sollte mir ja weiterhelfen Isopropylalkohol gerne vorher verwenden Anwenden von Grafiken zum Reinigen up stuff ist nicht ganz so hart wie Aceton auf Haut und Lunge Das Rot ist definitiv etwas dunkler als ich erwartet hatte, aber ich denke, es sieht so aus ziemlich gut da drauf, also musste ich einen benutzen Tonnenweise Hitze, damit das Zeug klebt zum seracote aber ich denke es ist an dort gut jetzt so in letzter Zeit war ich Ich arbeite wirklich hart, um euch was zu besorgen gute Angebote für Dirt Bike Teile und so Du wirst hier aufpassen wollen Holen Sie sich Ihren Notizblock aus Ihrem Telefon und schreiben Sie diese auf alle euch, die ein besitzen Zweitakt Ich weiß, dass Sie ein Billet wollen Zylinderkopf mit austauschbaren Kuppeln Also dieser ist von Fathead Racing bis Sparen Sie 10% bei Verwendung der Code-Cam 10 und dann für das schwingenschwenksystem Dies ist eine gefettete Schüssel, die Sie einrichten können zum Schmieren der Schwenklager Ihrer Schwinge mit nur einer Fettpresse das Ganze hören Mit der Taste können Sie 10% sparen code cam 10 nochmal ich hab das alles Links zu diesen Firmen sowie diese Codes unten in der Beschreibung offensichtlich können Sie Jungs sagen das einzige, was wir hier vermissen Punkt ist Kunststoff, also warum graben wir nicht in das gerade jetzt das erste, was wir haben oder Plastik ist eine Reihe von roten Gabelschutz hier zusammen mit einigen Grafiken von Rocky Mountain das sind von ihrer Grafikfirma angerufen Angriff Ich werde die Wachen abwischen müssen mit Alkohol hier, um sie aufzuräumen Grafik, die Sie hier unten aufgereiht haben Holen Sie sich vor der Heißluftpistole ganz schnell um beende sie, sie kamen heraus und schauten Ziemlich gut, also lasst uns diese Dinge besorgen verschraubt, obwohl ich vielleicht ziehen muss Das Vorderrad ist so hübsch geworden Cooles Befestigungskit von Bolton für alle Die Kunststoffe sehen, ob wir welche finden können Schrauben für den Gabelschutz sieht aus wie es ist diese hier ist es sehr wichtig, die richtige Länge zu verwenden Schrauben, wenn Sie eine zu lange Schraube verwenden Sie werden tatsächlich die Röhre verbeulen, es wird zu weit einfädeln und die Feder hinein wird dort stecken bleiben, es ist eine große Ärger mit so einer kleinen Sache nervt mich wegen Hondas sind diese vier Schutzbolzen, wie schwer sie zu erreichen sind Sie aber, wenn Sie einen abgeschnittenen Allen haben Schraubenschlüssel, als ob wir hier wären, ist nichts Das nächste, was wir haben, ist dieses coole kleine Bremsleitungsklemme von Zetas oder aber du sprichst es aus Ich denke, wir sind bereit, ein paar Kotflügel zu bekommen auf diesem Fahrrad kann man das sehen Thema und die Farben gehe ich mit hey Wir fangen tatsächlich an, einige zu sehen Farbe auf diesem Ding sieht ziemlich gut aus Nun zu euch, die hier geblieben sind für das video bekommst du auf jeden fall Dein Geld ist es wert und das sage ich weil die Verbindung funktioniert, wird sie angeboten euch einen Rabatt als auch Favorit was sie verkaufen, ist dieser Elitehebel und Barsch macht Ihre Clutch ziehen butterartig glatt habe ich auch ihre kühler klammern das skid plate haben wir gerade installiert Hauptbremszylinderdeckel die immer aussehen Super-Trick, um 20% an Werken zu sparen Anschlussteile verwenden den Code Nocken 20 verdammt viel und natürlich haben wir einige Seitenschilder mit meinem Namen und meiner Nummer auf ihnen bekam dort auch prime von X gespannt, wie diese auf das Fahrrad passen Rocky Mountain hat es wirklich rausgeschmissen der Park mit dieser Grafik und Farbe Lassen Sie es uns jetzt für die überprüfen Frontplatte Ich werde einen Psycho verwenden Stadionplatte für einen CRF 2019 bevorzuge ich diese über die OEM-Platten, weil du bist

in der Lage, sie mit einem Reißverschluss an den Gabelgriffen zu befestigen sie auf ein bisschen besser und ich denke, sie sieh auch besser aus und es hat eine eingebaute Bremsleitungsführung ebenfalls welche ist jetzt ziemlich glatt, was die Reittiere angeht Diese Platte verwendet zwei obere Halterungen, die offensichtlich wird nicht mit der Fabrik arbeiten Center Mount, also brauchen wir jetzt eine Halterung Paul Sport bietet eine Klammer mit das restyle kit welches wir hier aber haben Was ich gefunden habe ist, dass Klammer macht die Anzahl der Teller ist zu hoch dieses und sogar mit der platte das Sie stellten zur Verfügung und es sieht wirklich kitschig aus dort siehst du auch die große Klammer oben oben hier, also habe ich beschlossen, Dinge zu nehmen in meine eigenen Hände Also ließ ich diese Halterungen herstellen aus Edelstahl passt genau richtig die vorderseite der triple clamp gibt es hier schraubt einfach an das werksbohrloch wie das und voila Sie haben zwei Gewindelöcher für Ihre neue Style-Nummernschild jetzt, bevor ich es verriegeln rauf und teste es aus, finde es heraus Sehen Sie auch, was der Scotch Brite kann um es jetzt zu glänzen, ist es aus rostfreiem Stahl darum müssen wir uns keine sorgen machen rosten, damit man es nicht pudern muss beschichtet oder seracote es lassen Sie es einfach frei Verdammt, das ist frisch. Mal sehen, wie es passt an den Fahrradhaltern an und vorne Platte ist bereit zu montieren, aber lassen Sie mich zeigen euch etwas ganz schnelles also für alle von euch, die eine neuere Front betreiben wollen Platte und Kotflügel vorne zeig ich dir wie Ich würde mich an die Montage des neuen Stils machen Vorderradschutzblech da muss man bohren Ein paar Löcher darin gewährten dies nun Kotflügel ist bereits für den CR vorgebohrt Klammern dieser kam jetzt mit dem restyle kit ich Habe hier einen Kotflügel für 2020 oder 2019 CRF verwendet die neuere Art der Montage Löcher, also werde ich dich durchschreiten, wie du würde diesen Kotflügel auf den älteren montieren stylen Sie die Klemmen so, dass Sie anfangen können will deinen alten Kotflügel haben Unterlegscheiben am Kotflügel aber verkehrt herum installiert, also werde ich Dreh diese um, wir werden sie nehmen die vorlage diese kommen mit der Klammern und richten Sie es mit den Löchern aus Wir nehmen so etwas wie einen Bleistift oder ein Schlag und Mark durch das größer Loch und erhalten Sie die Vorlage zentriert auf das Loch und nehmen Sie einen Kotflügelbolzen oder eine Sechs Millimeter Schraube und schieben Sie es durch Loch den ganzen Weg so durch Jetzt sollte die Vorlage an Ort und Stelle gehalten werden Ziemlich gut, dann nehmen wir eine Schraubendreher einen Schlag etwas scharf und Richten Sie es mit den kleineren Löchern und aus Dann klopfen Sie mit einem Hammer leicht darauf Scheiße, mach das Gleiche für die anderen drei Löcher jetzt können wir diese Vorlage entfernen und jetzt können Sie den Schlag sehen Markierungen, die wir jetzt gemacht haben, nehmen einen Bohrer und einen kleiner bohrer ich habe eine 8 zoll größe an dieses und bohren Sie durch jene Schlagspuren, die wir gerade gemacht haben jetzt tauschen wir das achte aus Zoll Bohrer oder ein Drei-Achtel jetzt Die Hintergründe werden etwas knifflig weil sie diesen so nahe stehen vorhandene Löcher also im Grunde bist du nur werde das Loch dort stechen und dann knallt es in deinen Kotflügelwaschanlagen Diese Unterlegscheiben halten irgendwie alles an Ort und Stelle mit denen geschlitzt Löcher und jetzt ist der Kotflügel bereit zu gehen auf dem fahrrad diese die vorhandenen löcher von früher werden von der versteckt kennzeichen übrigens jetzt diese template es ist eine vorübergehende idee, die ich habe Ich plane den Bau einer Schablone, die verriegelt zu diesen Löchern hier auf diese Weise können Sie Nur durchstoßen, die Löcher holen brauchen und ich denke, das würde es viel machen Einfacher ist es ein Mist, es gibt keinen sauberere Art und Weise dies ehrlich zu montieren ich könnte wahrscheinlich einige größere Unterlegscheiben verwenden und helfen, diese Langlöcher zu vertuschen aber ich habe das selbe setup auf einer 125 für laufen lassen wahrscheinlich vor ein paar Jahren, Leute Ich hätte es wahrscheinlich nie gedacht Da ist ein gehackter Kotflügel dran, aber ja funktioniert super hatte noch nie Probleme damit Jetzt zeige ich euch, warum wir es nicht konnten Verwenden Sie die vorhandenen Löcher, um zu sehen, wie nah die kotflügel ist an der triple clamp hier wo Der Schritt ist ja, deshalb mussten wir Bohren Sie alle vier neuen Löcher, und los geht’s vor und sehen, wie das Nummernschild passt hier denke ich, dass das aussehen wird ziemlich gut genau richtig jetzt der grund für den schlauch über den Krawatte ist so, dass die Krawatte nicht trägt In den Belag auf der Gabel gibt es eigentlich passierte auf meinem 125, also dachte ich, ich wäre ein diesmal wenig proaktiv auf die 250 so das ist es für das Frontend Alles ist schön und solide montiert wie om und eins ist mir aufgefallen

irgendwie komisch mit diesem kotflügel verglichen zum anderen sieht dieser eigentlich aus wie natürlich da der andere der Restyle Fender zeigte es höher und sah irgendwie irre aus, so ziemlich froh, dass ich montierte dieses stattdessen jetzt für Sie Jungs, die dein Frontend umstylen wollen Genau wie ich es hier getan habe, verkaufe ich das Halterung, die wir installiert haben, damit Sie die verriegelt die Schablone und natürlich die Klammer selbst alles vorhanden über meine Website Prime MX com so ist diese Klammer für 2002 2003 cr125 cr250 und CRF 450 und wenn du eine O 4 oder neuer hast habe ich eine unterschiedliche Variation der Halterung sie benutze also ein wenig andere Befestigungslöcher Diese Halterung ist 404 207 und es kommt mit Schrauben an der Schablone beide alles bereit zu gehen, also werde ich einen Link zu fallen diese Klammern unten im Beschreibung nur als Referenz ist dies Wie die O 407-Halterung aussieht auf dem fahrrad ist das auf meinem 125er gerade montiert Richten Sie Ihr Nummernschild ein und schon sind Sie fertig Okay Leute, das ist der Moment, den wir haben alle haben darauf gewartet, endlich fertig zu werden rauf aufs Fahrrad und natürlich das Letzte ist der Sitz Sie wissen, welche Jungs ich dachte, ich wäre fertig aber der Postbote ist gerade aufgetaucht, also lasst uns Mal sehen, was wir hier haben etwas Öl kühlen und was hat das a Bremspedal Alter, das wird sie wirklich fertig machen Lass sie schön gepumpt durchdrehen Wie das Pedal dort aussieht, ist es hab ein klapp-tipp ganz nett bekommen und dann Dies wird als Bremsschlange bezeichnet. Sagen Sie also, wenn Ihr Pedal fängt eine Furche oder eine Wurzel oder was auch immer dieser Draht das verhindern wird Pedal ausklappen und machen die Pedal unbrauchbar, so dass diese mit dem kommen Crimps locker, sobald Sie den Draht bekommen Zum Ziehen an der Motorhalterung befestigen das ding eng willst du ein bisschen von schlaff kann man da so noch Verwenden Sie das Pedal und crimpen Sie diese anschlüsse gibt es ja offiziell die 250er Ist endlich fertig, fühl dich so gut, lass uns zieh das Ding raus in die Sonne hol einiges Schüsse und lass ihn krachen So wird dieses Fahrrad für immer etwas sein Wirklich etwas Besonderes für mich. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich kann es immer so viele von euch loswerden Ich weiß, dass ich mit diesem Build im Dezember begonnen habe 2017 zahlten sie 400 US-Dollar für einen verprügelten CR 250 aus dem Jahr 2003 und kurz danach auseinander gerissen begann einige gute Fortschritte zu machen und dann im juli 2018 bin ich gerade dabei Hatte der Motor gebaut, kam das Fahrrad zusammen wirklich gut und ich fing an zu fühlen wirklich sehr, sehr krank und so ging ich in der Arztpraxis und mir wurde gesagt, ich hätte eine aggressive Form von Leukämie und das Für mich war es nur ein Herzschmerz Offensichtlich wurde dieses Fahrrad auf den Rücken gestellt Brenner aber als ich mich gut fühlte genug, dass ich noch raus konnte den Laden und drehen Sie ein paar Schraubenschlüssel drauf tatsächlich ziemlich viel Fortschritt gemacht und beenden Sie es beim Durchlaufen Krebsbehandlung so aufbauen zu können ein Fahrrad während der Krebserkrankung war Etwas, von dem ich nie gedacht hätte, dass ich es tun müsste Gesicht, aber wir haben es geschafft, Jungs von mir und allen Du hast uns dabei ein richtig geiles Bike gebaut einige ernsthafte Hürden nehmen

Leben und ich möchte nur danke sagen jeder einzelne von euch von unten von Herzen dafür, dass ich bei meinem Wissen bleibe dass dieses Ding irgendwann bekommen würde getan und alles was ich sagen kann ist, wir haben es uns getan Krebs besiegen Wir haben ein Fahrrad gebaut und hatten eine Menge Spaß auf dem weg also zurück zum fahrrad für eine Zweitens hier sind meine Gedanken über die Paulus Board Restyle Kit also insgesamt ich finde es sieht super aus es wirklich modernisiert das Fahrrad und für die meisten teils passt es eigentlich ganz gut Es gibt einige Dinge, die ich wirklich mag der hintere kotflügel sieht toll aus es richtet sich mit allem darunter aus Wirklich gut, wirklich gut Hilfsrahmen die Seitenplatten sehen toll aus wie gut wirklich neu erstellt das neuere CNI Stil jetzt für die Leichentücher, denke ich Sie sehen zum größten Teil ziemlich gut aus Das einzige, was ich ändern würde, ist ich würde dieses kleine Stück richtig abschneiden hier weiß ich nicht, dass es nur irgendwie aussieht fehl am Platze, mach einen Schritt zurück und zeigen euch das kleine Stück genau dort, denke ich, könnten wir verzichten und es würde jetzt ein bisschen besser aussehen für die Frontplatte im vorderen Kotflügel die Vorderradschutzblech Ich sah irgendwie dumm aus dort, wie ich es früher sagte zeigte ein wenig hoch und die Frontplatte war kein großer Fan von die Standard- oder die OEM-Front Ich wechselte also zu einem Psycrow-Stadion Platte und eine Sache ist mir aufgefallen Cr250 s, die dieses Kind auf der Rückseite hatte Schock, eine Geste steht nicht sehr in einer Reihe Nun, es sollte im Loch zentriert sein aber als ich diesen kit auf meinen 125er legte der Der Schock reihte sich so komisch aneinander mit den 250ern und noch eine sache mit 125 klingt es gibt eine menge kürzer und ich finde das kit sieht ganz gut aus ein bisschen besser auf der 125 gegenüber 250 Sie können sehen, wie weit das dort klingt steckt da nicht wirklich ein fan davon raus gibt ein paar umgehungen damit bin ich nicht Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, was ich damit machen werde Art zu denken, das zu trimmen schalldämpfer runter wie ein 125er rohr aber dann hab ich denke, es würde auf einem nicht sehr gut funktionieren 250 Also, woran ich denke dabei bekommt man eine andere davon Schalldämpfer montieren es auf der anderen Seite Seite mit der Seitenplatte Stil gibt es Platz für Schalldämpfer zu beiden Seiten also im Grunde tun Dual Shorties auf der zurück von diesem fahrrad würde es meiner meinung nach aussehen Ziemlich cool, aber zum größten Teil wirklich grabe das Kit zuerst, wenn ich es lege Ich war irgendwie säumen und hauen darüber aber irgendwie wie die Federung Je mehr ich darauf schaute, desto mehr fiel ich verliebt und nach ein paar Änderungen mit einem anderen kotflügel vorne anders vordere Nummernschilder finde ich eigentlich sieht dort wirklich toll aus Lieb es jetzt und ich muss einen großen geben Vielen Dank an Rocky Mountain für die Lieferung und das restyle kit sowie das tun Grafiken auf diesem Fahrrad, damit sie Eigentlich ist es eine Grafikfirma Angriffsgrafiken nannten sie durch baute diese Grafik komplett nach meinen Wünschen aus Gefallen und so groß, großes Dankeschön an sie Okay, jetzt, wo die 250er viel getan haben von Ihnen werden sich fragen, was Als nächstes habe ich ein paar Ideen, was ich bin werde als nächstes bauen, ich werde ein abholen fahrrad in den nächsten wochen wenig deuten Sie an, dass es ein weiterer Zweitakt sein wird wirklich aufgeregt so weit wie Zukünftige Videos mit den 250 werde ich sein ein Video über das Brechen machen einige reiten damit, sobald ich bin Es ist hoffentlich klar, dass es das sein wird in diesem Herbst aber ja viele aufregende Dinge, die auf den Kanal kommen, bleiben also hängen da nochmal vielen dank dafür Video ansehen bei der unterstützung schätze ich es mehr als Sie wissen, bis zum nächsten Mal behalten sie Pratt

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham

the death penalty is a pretty controversial subject today at least in the United States where I live but regardless of your opinion on the legalities of capital punishment I think most of us can agree that we don’t want someone executed if they’re actually innocent unfortunately this is something that does happen this is the story of a man who was convicted of and sentenced to death for a triple murder that he may or may not have actually committed this is the story of Cameron Todd Willingham Cameron Todd Willingham was born on january 9th 1968 in Ardmore Oklahoma his parents divorced when he was a baby and his mother effectively abandoned him he wouldn’t reconnect with her until he was an adult when he was 13 months old his father who had already remarried took custody of him and he was raised by his father and stepmother different sources said different things about what name Cameron Todd Willingham went by some said that his family and friends referred to him as Cameron but most called him Todd so I will be calling him Todd for the rest of this video just for the sake of clarity as a teenager Todd got into the habit of sniffing paint according to his father and several other family members this paint sniffing drastically changed his personality affected his judgment and may have at least contributed to his later committing crimes in fact his stepmother would say he was usually high when he committed crimes Todd dropped out of school in the tenth grade I couldn’t find any records of him actually committing crimes as a juvenile I’m pretty sure they happened but the records were later expunged the earliest I could find was from 1986 when he would have been about 18 he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon he was arrested three more times that year once for burglary once on six counts of auto burglary and once on a contributing to the delinquency of a minor this last charge stemmed from him selling paint to a minor and another arrest for the same thing followed in January of 1987 from April 1987 to September 1988 Todd was arrested five more times for things like grand larceny theft and DUI according to one report he also stole a dog and killed it by beating it with a stick and running over it with a car he was also known for paint sniffing as well as selling paint and beer to minors in 1988 Todd met Stacy Kuykendall who was a senior in high school at the time it’s not clear exactly when their relationship became romantic but it happened pretty quickly on August 21st 1989 about a year after they met Stacy gave birth to the couple’s first child a daughter named Amber on December 18th 1990 she gave birth again this time to twin girls Karmen and Kameron Todd would later say that fatherhood made him what to settle down and not get into trouble anymore but his legal problems continued between February 1989 and September 1991 he was arrested five more times these arrests were mostly for theft but one was for making a terroristic threat he had tried to run Stacy’s aunt off the road with his car and had threatened two of her other family members in August of 1991 police were called to his house where they found him in his front yard screaming at Stacy calling her a whore a bitch and a slut she later denied this incident Todd Henry Bailey Todd’s neighbor who had claimed he had killed a dog also recalled a later incident where Stacy came to his house and asked to use his phone to call for help because Todd was threatening her if you couldn’t tell from these last two incidents Todd and Stacy’s relationship was a volatile they frequently broke up and got back together and multiple witnesses said Todd was abusive one report says he tried to kick Stacy in the stomach when she was pregnant with the twins to cause her to miscarry. she later denied this and said that he had never hurt their children she also later said that her doctor never found any indication that she had been abused while she was pregnant rumors swirled that Todd was unfaithful but Stacy only admitted to one other girlfriend and that was actually while she and Todd were broken up according to her she went by Todd’s apartment and saw his new girlfriend’s car outside so she scratched the paint on it at the time Todd was actually at Stacy’s house watching the kids other witnesses would later claim that Todd wasn’t really much of a father he never tried to

comfort his children when they were upset and wasn’t really around much anyway at some point in his on again-off again relationship with Stacy they moved to the small town of Corsicana Texas about 55 miles south of Dallas Stacy had family there and they wanted to be closer to them despite all of their troubles the couple married in October 1991 there’s conflicting information on exactly when the move Corsicana happened in a police interview on new year’s eve of that year which we’ll get to more later Todd said they’d been in the house for about a year and a half which would have put them there in the summer of 1990 but Todd’s father would later say he didn’t move in with Stacy until they actually got married in October 1991 I’m not really sure what happened there nevertheless by the Christmas season of 1991 the Willinghams had settled into their home in Corsicana but unfortunately this family life wouldn’t last in December 1991 the Willinghams were still holding things together 22 year old Stacy worked in her brother’s bar while 23 year-old Todd had worked several different jobs before recently being laid off from his job as an auto mechanic the couple was about two months behind on their rent and had stopped paying some of their bills to afford Christmas presents for two-year-old amber and one-year-old Karmen and Kameron on the morning of December 23rd according to Todd he woke up just after 9:00 a.m this was also around the time Stacy was leaving the house to go pay bills at least the ones they were still paying and to buy Christmas presents Todd heard the twins crying so he gave them bottles put them on the floor of the children’s bedroom and set up the childproof gate in the doorway then he went back to sleep another source said Stacy actually put the twins on the floor earlier in the morning and Todd simply gave them bottles and left them on the floor he woke up about an hour later when he thought he heard amber calling for him the house was filled with smoke he went to the children’s bedroom but couldn’t find them in fact according to one report the air was so thick with smoke he actually mistook a doll for one of the children he said he stayed in that room for two to three minutes but escaped when debris began falling from the ceiling after escaping the house via the nearby front door it was too hot for him to go back inside around 10 a.m eleven year old Buffie barber was playing outside with her sister when she smelled smoke at first she thought it was coming from the house of Sheila her next-door neighbor she ran back inside and told her mother that Sheila’s house was on fire Diane barber ran outside with her daughter where they heard Todd screaming my babies are inside burning up help me Buffie told him to go back inside the house and get his children but he just stood there she did claim to see him break a window on the front porch just a note about the barbers a lot of sources listed them as Barbee but the trial transcripts give their last named as barber so that’s what I will be calling them Diane barber went back to her home to call for help but her phone wasn’t working so she ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911. after she left Todd broke two of the bedroom windows open with a pool cue but flames only poured from the open space fire trucks arrived on the scene around 1026 a.m Todd was so hysterical and wanting to go back into the house he had to be physically restrained firefighters found amber in the master bedroom at the time it was unclear if she was alive or dead the twins bodies were found on their bedroom floor after the fire was extinguished the firefighter who found them said they were burned beyond any possible survival they were pronounced dead at the scene amber was rushed to nearby Navarro Regional Hospital her heart wasn’t working and she wasn’t breathing doctors attempted to resuscitate her but she never exhibited any vital signs about 15 minutes after her arrival she was pronounced dead the Corsicana fire department began looking into the fire immediately after it was extinguished it didn’t take long for them to become suspicious they searched the house for electrical problems or anything else that could have caused an accidental fire but found nothing they also had the gas company come into the house and look for a possible gas leak but they also found nothing a sample that they took from the house and sent to a lab for testing had charcoal lighter fluid which they believe could have been used as an

accelerant deputy State Fire Marshal Manuel Vasquez noted poor patterns on the floor that indicated liquid that had taken a while to sink in according to Vasquez if a liquid had been put on the floor accidentally such as a drink that someone spilled it should have been cleaned up right away the liquid in the Willingham house had soaked underneath the floorboards supposedly because it hadn’t been cleaned up and therefore had been poured intentionally such as with an accelerant Vasquez also believed that areas with more damage indicated where the accelerant had actually been pour there were other signs that they found as well metal springs from the children’s bed were white which indicated severe heat there were also burn marks on the floor in the childrens’ room that indicated a liquid accelerant investigators also noted web-like cracks through the glass something that’s often known as crazed glass this was thought at the time to be a clear indicator of arson overall they claimed to find about 20 indicators of arson there are a couple of other noteworthy things in the house there was a grill on the front porch around where the liquid accelerant was thought to have been poured the grill has been cited many times as a possible reason why the fire spread so fast but there was actually a gap between the concrete porch where the liquid accelerant was found and the wood threshold where the grill apparently was so the liquid couldn’t have flowed there another thing that struck investigators as off was a refrigerator blocking the back door seemingly preventing anyone from escaping that way on Christmas Eve the day after the fire autopsies were conducted on amber Karmen and Kameron their cause of death was determined to be carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of smoke inhalation based on information from Manuel Vasquez’s office their deaths were listed as homicide but forensics weren’t the only indicator that something was off Todd’s neighbors who witnessed the fire said he seemed overly concerned with his car and even moved it out of the way at some point seemingly so it wouldn’t get damaged after the fire Todd was checked into the hospital and stayed overnight when Stacy got the news and later arrived at the hospital she asked Todd point-blank why their children hadn’t survived but he had he had nothing to say sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 on the afternoon of the 23rd Buffie Barber’s sister Brandy went to the hospital with her friend Stephanie to visit Todd Stephanie suggested asking Todd if he wanted anything to eat which he did so they went to jack in the box and got food and brought it back to him but brandy remembered being surprised that someone who had just been through what Todd had would be that concerned about food another source said Todd was overheard at the hospital asking a friend of his to go to Whataburger and get him food a nurse at the hospital said that she saw a woman presumably Stacy in Todd’s room and that Todd was irritated because the woman didn’t want to go right up to the bed the nurse thought this was unusual behavior for someone who had just lost his children around 6:00 p.m. on the night of the fire Todd and Stacy talked to news reporters Diane barber was there as the cameras filmed the couple as she claims to have overheard Todd tell Stacy that he’d gone back into the house even though she didn’t actually see him do that she would later say she didn’t think Todd did enough to rescue his children a policeman who also witnessed the interview said Todd was a lot calmer than he had been earlier another report said Todd was partying at a bar immediately after the fire he was still in the hospital overnight so this might have happened the next day Christmas Eve a community collection taken up by Corsicana residents for funeral costs was reportedly spent on boots and darts on Christmas Eve morning their neighbor Todd Henry Bailey said he saw Todd and Stacy at the scene of the fire cleaning up debris according to him the couple was laughing and cutting up not behavior he expected from people who had just lost all of their children as well as their house after the police arrived later on Bailey said the couple suddenly became somber a police chaplain would say that Todd also appeared too distraught as if he was putting on a show around noon on December 27th Manuel Vasquez arrived at the scene of the fire to help the Fire Marshal make a sketch of the house it was here that he also noted the heater in the childrens’ room was switched to the off position

seemingly ruling out the possibility that the fire was started accidentally by that heater when Todd arrived at the scene later on that day a firefighter said that he seemed unusually upset about a dartboard that had been damaged in the fire at the funeral held for his daughter’s I believe on the same day witnesses said they overheard Todd whispering you are not the one who was supposed to die over Amber’s coffin Corsicana Fire Department sergeant Jimmie Hensley also claimed Todd had told people he didn’t want his children and in addition to all of this parts of Todd’s story just weren’t adding up for starters his injuries from all accounts were relatively minor he had first degree burns on his face and neck a second degree burn on his shoulder singed hair and blisters just a reminder an example of a first degree burn would be a sunburn so first degree burns aren’t really that severe at all he showed no signs of smoke inhalation at the hospital and his carbon monoxide level was about normal for someone who smoked or lived with a smoker and Todd and Stacy both smoked and his story of escaping the fire had holes in it since Amber’s body was found in the master bedroom I think it’s safe to assume that Todd’s original account of her running into the master bedroom is accurate according to Todd he then told amber to get out of the house this struck Jimmie Hensley as strange because as he put it if he couldn’t see where to go how is his two-year-old going to find a way out he also found it weird that Todd would just leave amber in the master bedroom if they were already together and could escape together maybe he wanted to go back and get the twins but leaving a two-year-old to fend for themselves in a house fire is strange yet another version of Todd’s story said he never even realized amber was in his room which completely contradicts everything else he had said Todd initially said he escaped out the front door then later said he escaped out the back door he also told police he’d gone to the kitchen first when he originally said he’d gone to the childrens’ bedroom first according to Vasquez Todd couldn’t have been in the master bedroom at the start of the fire because he would have sustained more injuries it was also impossible for him to have been in the childrens’ room as long as he claimed two to three minutes for the same reason when he escaped from the childrens’ bedroom to the hallway and out the front door he also should have sustained more injuries to his feet due to the extreme heat of the floor and the fact that he was barefoot but his feet weren’t injured at all overall Todd’s injuries just didn’t appear consistent with escaping a fire of this magnitude Todd was interviewed on New Year’s Eve by Jimmie Hensley Todd seemed to think at this point that the fire was electrical their microwave had blown up about three weeks before the fire and he said they could still smell wiring from loose wires and hear popping he also mentioned squirrels in the attic but Jimmie Hensley wasn’t buying it he thought Todd’s tone sounded more like bragging than remorse or sadness as he later said just his whole demeanor to me looked like he just wanted to tell a story Hensley showed Todd pictures of his daughters’ bodies hoping that this would cause him to break down and make a confession Todd did start crying after he saw the pictures but it didn’t last long and he never confessed to anything the physical evidence Todd’s actions and his contradictory statements led Jimmie Hensley to believed that the fire was arson as he would put it after a while in this business you get to judge people by their actions and their looks from the very time I sat and talked to him I just knew he wasn’t being honest with me on the night of January 8 1992 about two weeks after the fire Todd and Stacy were in a car when a SWAT team pulled them over Todd was arrested and charged with murder after his arrest he stopped cooperating with authorities Todd’s trial was set for August 1992 on August third a pre-trial hearing was held stacy and two of her brothers wanted a change of venue they didn’t believe Todd could get a fair trial in Navarro County because of the media coverage the request was denied before the trial Todd was offered a deal plead guilty and he’d get life in prison rather than face a possible death sentence he turned it down because he didn’t want to plead guilty to a crime he said he didn’t commit his trial began on August 18th

1992 the prosecution claimed Todd poured a combustible liquid on the floor in the childrens’ rooms hallway and entrance around mid-morning this started the fire with the intent of killing the children around the time of the trial the district attorney of Navarro County at the time had told reporters he thought Todd killed his children because they got in the way of his beer drinking and dart playing prosecuting attorney John Jackson was actually against the death penalty but eventually decided he would make an exception in Todd’s case because it was an especially brutal triple murder forensic evidence took up a big chunk of the prosecution witnesses’ testimonies a few things mentioned were multiple points of origin intense heat and attempts to debunk the theory that the fire was accidental the prosecution also called on another inmate 22-year old Johnny Webb he claimed he overheard Todd confessed to setting the fire to cover up an accidental injury to one of the children at Stacy’s hands the defense called very few witnesses two maybe three Todd didn’t take the stand because his lawyers didn’t think he’d make a good witness and he didn’t feel like he needed to the case went to the jury after just two days and they were out for about an hour before returning with the verdict Cameron Todd Willingham had been found guilty of capital murder the next day August 21st he was sentenced to death just another quick note about the trial Todd’s attorney at the time David Martin believed and still believes to this day that Todd is guilty a lot of people have pointed this out but I honestly don’t think it means a great deal most defense lawyers work with clients that they think are guilty like most prisoners especially those facing life sentences or death Todd did everything he could to get out while on death row he wrote to numerous different legal groups asking if they could give him a polygraph to clear his name another earlier report had claimed Todd refused a polygraph at the start of the investigation while in prison he met a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert via a prison pen pal program when Elizabeth initially met with Todd she just assumed he was guilty but after looking through the case files she changed her mind and ended up working in an attempt to get him exonerated and free but this was an uphill battle Todd exhausted all of his appeals and in 2002 a writ was denied in a federal court the case was brought in front of the US Supreme Court in 2003 but they declined to hear it shortly after this denial Todd’s execution was scheduled for February 17th 2004 but there was one last eleventh hour attempt to save him shortly before Todd’s scheduled execution his appellate lawyer Walter Reaves contacted a man named Gerald Hurst Hurst is a chemist and fire expert interestingly he also invented the mylar balloon that you often see in grocery stores and by when someone graduates or has had a baby Hurst took one look at Todd Willingham’s case files and concluded pretty quickly that it was a bogus arson case he claimed there was not one iota of evidence that the fire was arson and much of what they considered to be evidence is not evidence at all I’m going to get a bit more into that evidence later but one thing that hurst cited was the Lime Street fire on October 15th 1990 a house on Lime Street in Jacksonville Florida caught fire firefighters found 35 year old Gerald Wayne Lewis outside the house holding his young son but six other people in the house including Lewis’s pregnant wife had all died. Lewis was charged with murder but the actual evidence of arson was slim so prosecutors conducted an experiment flashover is very loosely defined as the point in a fire where everything in her room catches on fire at the time of the Lime Street fire it was believed that flashover took around 15 to 20 minutes to occur after a fire was set the prosecution assembled a team of arson experts who went to an abandoned house in the same neighborhood as the house that had burned one source said it was next door another said that it was two doors down they spent several thousand dollars reconstructing the house to give it a similar layout and furniture as the house that had burned the team has set a fire on the couch and watched it burn thinking that the room

would reach flashover in about 15 to 20 minutes instead it took just four this threw a huge wrench in the prosecution’s case because flashover was thought to initially take a decent amount of time they thought the victims should have had plenty of time to escape the fire if it truly had been accidental this made it more likely that Lewis had killed his victims before the fire or had at least done something to prevent them from escaping but since it took less than five minutes for the fire to cover an entire room it was possible the victims really couldn’t escape in time and therefore that the fire was accidental in addition to this the victims had co2 levels consistent with a rapidly spreading fire the case never went to trial and Gerald Wayne Lewis was cleared of all charges this experiment was conducted in early 1991 months before the Willingham house fire by the time of the trial Hurst realized these findings should have been common knowledge among fire investigators Hurst only had a few days to finish his report some sources said he had only 48 hours but he did manage to finish it in time this report along with a petition was submitted to Texas’s court of criminal appeals as well as then Governor Rick Perry four days before the scheduled execution they weren’t hoping for a full pardon just a temporary stay of execution but even that was denied Todd reportedly found out that his final attempt had failed just hours before his scheduled execution right before his execution Todd had one final visit with his father and stepmother he confessed that in the ordeal he had lied about one thing he never went into the children he said he lied because he didn’t want people to think he was a coward before his execution Todd once again proclaimed his innocence and hurled profanities at his now ex-wife Stacy saying he hoped she would rot in hell around 6:00 p.m. on February 17th 2004 he was executed via lethal injection his body was cremated and some of his ashes were spread over his children’s graves in 2006 the Innocence Project submitted a report to the newly formed Texas forensic science Commission this nine person committee had been founded in 2005 to investigate allegations of professional negligence or professional misconduct that would substantially affect the integrity of the results of a forensic analysis conducted by an accredited laboratory the Innocence Project’s report eventually led to the Commission hiring Craig Beyler to investigate the Willingham fire further beyler’s report was completed in 2009 and covered both the cases of Cameron Todd Willingham and another convicted arsonist Ernest Ray Willis Willis was convicted in 1987 of setting a fire that had killed two people the previous year this was also in Texas he was sentenced to death but was released in October 2004 after a judge concluded there was no evidence he actually set the fire Beyler’s report stated that fire science was actually a relatively a new thing in the 1980s and before fire science and investigation was an art based solely upon personal experience and the associated folklore NFPA 921 guide for fire and explosion investigations was published by the National Fire Protection Association on February 10th 1992 months before Todd Willingham’s trial beyler’s report also blasted manuel Vasquez’s findings as nothing more than a collection of personal beliefs that have nothing to do with science based fire investigation however he did acknowledge that the information in these standards while published in 1992 weren’t really widely known or implemented until the mid 1990s this report also debunked a great deal of the forensic science used by the original investigators I will get more into that later the Corsicana Fire Department released a 21 page rebuttal of the report standing by their findings the report was completed on August 17th 2009 and set to be presented to the Texas forensic science Commission in October but just two days before the scheduled hearing Governor Rick Perry replaced four of the Commission’s nine members some sources said he replaced three at least one of them had similar beliefs to Perry both

on the Willingham fire and I believe politics in general the hearing was postponed indefinitely many people believe Rick Perry made this move to sabotage the investigation other people have said his decision not to spare Todd Willingham or give him any stays of execution was political it would be difficult to get reelected in Texas if he appeared to be soft on a convicted criminal Perry called his abrupt Commission changes pretty normal protocol and stated a spokesperson for Perry said he still believed the original verdict was correct later that month Perry said the new commission members would move forward with the investigation in 2010 at their quarterly meeting the Commission acknowledged that flawed science was used in the investigation they also said that Manuel Vasquez and Doug fogg weren’t guilty of misconduct that they were simply doing what was standard protocol at the time in September 2010 lawyers from the Innocence Project filed a request to exonerate Todd posthumously the hearing was scheduled to begin on October 13th of that year but was postponed by a day when Judge Charlie Baird was asked to recuse himself from the case he was either asked this by Navarro County Prosecutor R Lowell Thompson or by the Navarro County District Attorney depending on which source you read Baird was asked to recuse himself because he’d been on the court of criminal appeals in 1995 and had voted to uphold Todd Willingham’s death sentence because of this it was believed he couldn’t be impartial in this hearing he refused to recuse himself and the hearing continued the next day October 14th the hearing continued but in December the third Court of Appeals ruled that he should have recused himself and that he abused his discretion when he failed to do so I couldn’t find anything about this hearing after this so the ruling seemed to bring it to a halt in April 2011 the Texas forensic science Commission released a report that said current fire investigation was outdated and recommended changes later that year a ruling was issued that kept the Commission from looking at evidence older than 2005 the year they were founded the ruling was made by Texas’s then-Attorney General Greg Abbott who we’ll talk a little more about later in 2012 it was revealed that Charlie Baird had been prepared to order Todd Willingham’s official exoneration but because he was asked to recuse himself bringing the ruling to a halt the exoneration was never filed so I’ve talked already about why Todd Willingham was initially met with suspicion and eventually arrested there is his criminal history inconsistencies with his story and his odd behavior after the fire but now I want to talk more in detail about why he might actually be innocent first and foremost Corsicana Fire Department sergeant Jimmie Hensley admitted that when they first started investigating this fire they didn’t really know what they were doing after the fire he even went back to school and trained to become a certified arson investigator because the team realized that they needed one as for the Willingham fire Hensley said that he was learning as I was going there was also some crime scene contamination which anecdotally speaking I’ve seen pop up quite a bit in these high profile cases by the time Manuel Vasquez got to the scene a few days after the fire firefighters had tried to clean up and put piles of things from the house outside along the walls and they had used tools to scrape debris from the floor so let’s get into some of the forensic evidence since Todd Willingham was jailed and since he was executed multiple fire experts have come forward and claimed the investigation was flawed in hurst’s 2004 report he noted that the investigators had initially claimed to find 20 indicators of arson which almost never happens usually only one or two indicators are found another thing that experts have cited is poor patterns like I mentioned earlier liquid that soaked into the floorboards was thought to have been put there intentionally because if it had been spilled accidentally it would have been cleaned up so these pour patterns were thought to be a sign of a liquid accelerant being used but these

patterns can actually also be caused by flashover which we talked about earlier multiple points of origin were also brought up the idea is that whoever set the fire was pouring liquid accelerant in different areas so everything would burn however this isn’t necessarily the case multiple points of origin can be caused by so-called drop down burning and embers from the fire as well as other flammable things like paper or other liquids another piece of evidence cited in the trial is the phenomenon known as crazed glass this is what happens when a fire leaves web like cracks in glass surrounding it usually in windows it was thought to be caused by unusually intense heat but it’s now known that this actually isn’t the case it can actually happen when hot glass is sprayed with water such as when a fire hose is being sprayed to put a fire out intense heat was also thought to be an indicator of arson such as the bedsprings and the children’s room turning white but a really hot intense fire can spring up whether it was set accidentally or intentionally in the trial Manuel Vasquez also testified that wood can’t burn hot enough to melt an aluminum threshold which had happened in this fire so he thought an accelerant had to have been used but wood can actually burn that hot on its own so obviously Todd’s defenders say that there’s not enough evidence that this fire was arson so it had to be an accident and if this is true what caused it the most common theory I saw in my research is that one of the children probably amber set the fire accidentally remember Todd and Stacy were both smokers and cigarette lighters are small enough that a child could easily get hold of one and possibly accidentally start a fire if they weren’t being watched the childrens’ bedroom also used to be a living room so there was still a space heater in there all of the children were constantly warned to stay away from the heater but amber didn’t always listen she got in trouble on what I’ve gathered was a pretty regular basis for messing with the heater a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid was also found in the house something a young child could have conceivably opened and accidentally started a fire with in his police interview on New Year’s Eve Todd also talked about sparks from his broken microwave as well as squirrels in the attic at the time investigators thought he was simply trying to divert attention away from himself since he already looked suspicious but a lot of these fire experts have concluded in later years that the original investigators didn’t do a good enough job of ruling out an accidental fire I’m not really sure how thoroughly the faulty microwave was looked into it seems to kind of be the original investigators word against the word of these later fire experts so I’m not sure how true their claim is that the investigators didn’t do enough to rule out an accidental fire so let’s talk for a second about the squirrels in the attic I know it sounds at face value like kind of a strange defense but let me give a personal anecdote a few years ago when I was in college and home for the Christmas break a squirrel chewed through a power line in our backyard the squirrel ended up frying itself in the process all of our electronics and appliances that weren’t on surge protectors were destroyed or at least couldn’t be used anymore and we had to call the fire department just to make sure a fire wouldn’t start so squirrels can definitely cause electrical problems even fires however in the case of the Willingham fire this is unlikely according to todd they had actually gotten rid of their squirrel problem two days before the fire the squirrels were also thought to be in the attic and the fire didn’t start in the attic one more thing I want to address is the main thing that I had trouble getting past and that is the refrigerator blocking the back door Remember when the fire department arrived at the house they found this refrigerator in front of the back door seemingly blocking it there were actually two refrigerators in that room and the one that was in front of the door actually normally stood pretty close to it is it possible that it wasn’t actually pushed there to block an escape route but that it was already there or close by and somehow got moved in the ensuing chaos so the last thing I want to talk about in the realm of possible accident is something I actually haven’t seen anyone else address the Willingham fire took place two days before Christmas and like many families they had a Christmas tree I’m not sure if their tree was real or artificial but the things I’m about to

say could probably apply to both between 2013 and 2017 around 160 fires began due to Christmas trees usually from faulty electrical problems with the lights or from a heat source too close to the tree between 2014 and 2016 there were over 100,000 so-called winter residential building fires and a Christmas tree that catches on fire can engulf the room it’s in within a minute is it possible that this fire was caused accidentally due to problems with the Christmas tree in 2009 one of the jurors that sentenced Todd Willingham to death expressed doubts about the case not only was Dorenda Brokofsky not sure that Todd Willingham was 100% guilty but she was surprised she got on the jury in the first place her father was a fire marshal and knew Doug Fogg who was the assistant fire chief at the time he also testified in the trial Brokofsky was certain that this connection would excuse her from being a juror due to an obvious conflict of interest but it didn’t so now let’s talk about the other big indicator of Todd’s guilt his behavior much like in his hometown back in Oklahoma he didn’t have a great reputation of Corsicana especially among the police he clearly wasn’t a very good guy but was he a killer one thing that’s brought up quite a bit both in this case and in a lot of other cases I’ve looked into is seemingly odd behavior after a tragedy people who are eventually arrested for murder are often seen after their victim’s death appearing unusually happy or at least calm or not that upset but it’s important to remember that everyone grieves in different ways and people don’t always behave how you’d expect them to behave maybe Todd playing darts after the fire and laughing at the scene were his ways of coping and what about his statement you are not the one who was supposed to die reportedly spoken over Amber’s body did he really mean to kill his other two children but not her or could he have been lamenting the fact that his children died instead of him and what about the car witnesses said Todd seemed way too eager to move his car away from the scene as he was outside waiting for his children to be rescued Todd would later say that he moved the car because he was afraid it would explode and cause further harm to the children others in Todd’s corner have noted discrepancies as well Elizabeth Gilbert Todd’s prison penpal noted how odd it was that Diane Barber was so insistent that Todd never went back into the house after escaping she left to call the fire department and after that she didn’t see Todd again for a while it is entirely possible that he went back in after she left although he did later admit that he lied about going back in Gerald Hurst also questioned investigators’ claims that Todd would pour accelerant on the front porch since there was a good chance he would be spotted Hurst also didn’t think it was that crazy that Todd’s feet weren’t injured despite being barefoot according to him the floor in the hallway wouldn’t have actually been that hot until after flashover like I stated earlier after his arrest Todd completely stopped cooperating with authorities including refusing to take a polygraph this has been seen by some people as an indicator of his guilt but is it polygraphs have a reputation for being unreliable at best according to Psychology Today polygraphs actually measure nervous excitement and operate on the premise that if a person is telling the truth they will remain calm but remember people grieve and react to tragedies in very different ways is it possible that Todd was afraid of failing a polygraph even if he was being truthful simply because he couldn’t be calm after the deaths of all three of his children or maybe because he was angry that he’d been arrested for a crime he didn’t commit it’s also worth noting that after Todd was sentenced to death he wrote to numerous advocacy groups requesting that he be given a polygraph to clear his name in 2009 just after a Craig Beyler’s report was released prosecuting attorney John Jackson was interviewed for a segment on Nightline on ABC in his interview Jackson noted the pattern that the liquid accelerant had supposedly been poured in on the floor he believed that this pattern was a satanic symbol and that Todd worshipped Satan it’s not

the first time that something like this had been brought up in Todd’s case years earlier at the scene of the fire Manuel Vasquez had noted photos of skulls and posters for bands like Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin on the walls Todd’s serpent and skull tattoo has also been mentioned however evidence like this is something that most people today don’t believe is very substantial at all so the next thing I want to address is Todd’s lack of motive what reason would he have to not only kill all of his children but destroy his entire home as well it wasn’t insurance at least not in the case of his children the Willinghams didn’t have life insurance policies on them at all Stacy’s father had policies on them but the Willinghams didn’t know about them and even though they were able to cash them out after the childrens’ deaths they only paid out about $15,000 Todd also gave investigators express permission to search the house something you would think a guilty person would at least be reluctant to do when he testified at Todd’s trial Johnny Webb had claimed that Todd set the fire to cover up child abuse but there was no evidence that the children were ever abused remember when their autopsies were performed no injuries were found on them except the ones from the fire just for my own speculation and this is going to be really morbid if you really wanted to kill someone would a fire be the most practical way to do it anecdotally speaking in most of the cases I’ve looked into where fire was involved the culprit actually killed their victim or victims using some other method then set the fire afterward in an attempt to cover up the evidence wouldn’t strangulation or suffocation be easier especially for three toddlers you could easily overpower another witness who testified for the prosecution in the so-called punishment phase of the trial was dr. James Grigson Grigson had been a witness in hundreds of death penalty trials which earned him the nickname dr death but Grigson was also pretty controversial he was reprimanded twice by the American Psychiatric Association who eventually expelled him he’s also been accused of twisting facts of the case to fit the narrative of whoever first approached him with money in 1981 the Supreme Court ruled that defendants in a trial couldn’t be examined by a psychiatrist without their permission and that information from these examinations couldn’t be used in court unless the defendant was told about it beforehand Grigson was actually part of the reason why this decision was made as he often interviewed defendants without letting them know that what they said in these interviews would be used against them in trial another particularly interesting person in all of this is Todd’s ex-wife Stacy Kuykendall Stacy had divorced todd within a year of his death sentence but continue to support him for quite a while at some point shortly before his execution she changed her mind and became convinced that he was guilty a position that as far as I know she still believes today but exactly how she came to that conclusion is up for debate according to Stacy’s original story she visited Todd right before he was executed and he confessed to her which led her to believe he was guilty later on she said this actually wasn’t true and she had changed her mind after looking over the case files as well as hearing his conflicting statements during prison visits she also said she didn’t know about Gerald Hurst’s report when she became convinced of his guilt in a statement from 2009 Stacy also changed her story about the days leading up to the fire Stacy was also interviewed on New Year’s Eve of 1991 I believe either right before or right after Todd she told investigators her last fight with Todd had been about two weeks before the fire but now she said they’d had a fight the night before the fire she claimed in this fight that she threatened divorce and Todd said that she would never get custody of their children and in an interview she gave a few months after Todd’s execution she never mentioned a confession in October 2010 just before the hearing requested by the Innocence Project Stacy held a press conference in this press conference she once again claimed that Todd had confessed to her before his execution a claim she also upheld in a statement in 2012 why her story has changed so much over the years isn’t clear

in March 2000 Johnny Webb sent a motion to recant testimony to John Jackson the original prosecutor Todd Willingham’s lawyer was never notified of this and Johnny ended up recanting his recantation so his original testimony from the trial still stood in 2014 new evidence emerged that cast even more doubt on Todd Willingham’s trial shortly before the trial began John Jackson approached Johnny Webb pressuring him to testify against Todd Johnny was only supposed to be in prison for I believe eight years but Jackson threatened him with a life sentence if he didn’t testify he also said Johnny would get a reduced sentence from what he already had in exchange for his testimony in 1996 Johnny Webb wrote a letter to John Jackson reminding him of their original deal that he had already fulfilled his end of sure enough Jackson pulled some strings and lessened the charges against Johnny as a result johnny also became eligible for parole immediately there was also a report that Johnny had received money from a local businessman who said he did this because Jackson asked him to it was the resurfacing of Johnny’s 1996 letter that brought all of this to light Jackson denied all of this but a formal investigation was launched in April 2017 he went on trial for judicial misconduct but was acquitted the following month in 2012 Todd’s stepmother and one of his cousins filed a petition with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to get Todd an official posthumous pardon another report from 2014 said that a posthumous pardon request was rejected but this one was filed by the Innocence Project I’m not sure if there were two separate requests for a pardon filed or what became of the original one from 2012 if that’s the case despite Rick Perry’s earlier opposition Todd stepmother and cousin called on him to tell the board to investigate the case again Perry left office in 2015 and the current Texas governor is Greg Abbott if you don’t remember Abbott was Attorney General in 2011 when he ruled that the Texas forensic science Commission couldn’t investigate any evidence older than 2005 Abbott is known to be a supporter of the death penalty though he has pardoned at least one death row inmate Texas and the death penalty have also been in the news a bit lately after Rodney Reed was granted a stay of execution there has been a lot of speculation that Reed is actually not guilty of murdering 19 year old Stacey Stites in 1996 it’s not clear just how much influence Abbott actually had in the decision to grant Reed a stay of execution in the years following Todd’s execution Jimmie Hensley still seems to believe he’s guilty he’s speculated that Todd set the fire to cover up another crime such as the accidental killing of one of his children via discipline gone too far I’ve also read reports that Stacy’s family blames Todd for the children’s deaths because he should have done more to rescue them I’ve even seen speculation that said that Todd felt so guilty he may have subconsciously felt that he deserved to die for failing to rescue the children in a 2010 interview Rick Perry said he thought it was unnecessary to issue stays of execution because he thought there was already a good process in place to determine guilt as far as Todd Willingham he brought up that nine courts including the Supreme Court on four separate occasions as well as Stacy Kuykendall had all looked at the case and determined guilt he’s also said previously that the idea that Todd was innocent is anti death penalty propaganda senator kay Bailey Hutchison who was Perry’s rival for the Republican nomination for Texas governor in 2010 said Perry’s decision wasn’t a good one she supports the death penalty and says most Texans do but also said that most of them wanted to make sure the evidence clearly showed that a condemned prisoner was guilty so before we go I want to mention a few pieces of media on the case there are several books on it but one I want to highlight is Inferno an inquiry into the Willingham fire author J Bennett Allen explores the theory that amber set the fire accidentally by playing with the space heater it’s a pretty quick read and it’s free on Amazon so I will leave a link below if you’re interested there’s also a well-known documentary on the case incendiary the Willingham case it actually shows a lot of the hearings and court proceedings I’ve talked about here in addition trial by fire a dramatized movie of the case was released earlier in 2019 and of course I will leave links

for those below as well so that’s about all I have for you today on the case of Cameron Todd Willingham I know this was a pretty long video and there’s still a lot I had to leave out mostly concerning the forensic evidence just for the sake of time or clarity if you are willing to go down the rabbit hole I suggest you look into this case for yourself as well and as always I would love to know what you think in the comments down below if you enjoyed this video be sure to like and share it and for more dark content I hope you will consider subscribing and hitting the bell I just posted my video about my 3,000 subscriber giveaway a few weeks ago and in that time I’ve actually reached 4,000 subscribers which is kind of unreal and I really appreciate everyone’s support so far you can also still enter that giveaway through December 31st of this year 2019 and there will be a link for that below as well thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time [music]

Getting Started with thinkorswim | Michael Fairbourn | 8-27-20 | thinkorswim 101: Part 2!

all right well getting started folks with thicker swim welcome back for our part two uh series uh really kind of think or swim one-on-one we do this on a rotation rotational basis we’ll hit part one which are really the general kind of routines that investors will go through on the thinkorswim platform today we’re gonna be looking at more you know kind of features and tools that actually i use on a day-to-day basis as well so great to have you here folks my name is mike fairborne uh you follow me at my under my twitter handle and fairborn underscore tda facts in fact folks you can also follow pat who is a great coach a great great man in general he is in the chat box right now fielding questions for the next 25 minutes folks as we get through this presentation you can follow him at uh p malawi that’s m-u-l-l-a-l-y underscore t-d-a uh you might want to type that in the chat packs pat but uh good to have you all here today folks look forward to going through that so really uh we we do try to show in this presentation feel free to ask as many questions you want we’re here to try to address those one thing i wanted to point out to you is that this webcast is a little bit different we do try to address questions in the archive section because this will go through a process of being recorded and archived we try to address those questions for you and so if you type that if you’re watching this on a recorded version type the questions down into the the comments section and we’ll try to answer those for you we had one last week and uh was able to answer that so uh good to do that good afternoon to all of you bob osborne vid uh dennis joe and paulo good to have you all here folks and and welcome really to uh the thinkorswim platform we love to have you you know utilizing the capabilities of thinkorswim platform extending it from there so i look forward to going through that with you folks just a quick disclosure before we get started here please remember the following points on the set of disclosures uh specifically note that past performance of any security strategy just not guarantee future results for success all investing involves risk including the risk of loss so please keep that as well as these other points in mind folks a final just to look at uh some of the option greeks there just a quick note on myself folks i i teach a number of fundamental classes here i combine fundamentals with technicals love to have you join me if you are so interested in doing in the growth value and portfolio management classes it’s really pretty straightforward agenda isn’t it in this particular class folks it’s think or swim for beginners 101 part two we only have a part one and part two series we try to get it all in in one in one portion but i look forward to doing that with you right now so let’s get that started okay so jumping into the platform big picture and a few different items i want to take a look at with you here uh as we go through this and that is uh first of all and we talked about this a little bit last week but on the left hand side you’ve got the gadgets and the gadgets if i pull it up here right now i’m just going to lift this up kind of show you that see the plus sign right there that’s how i click to open up additional gadgets these are all the gadgets that are utilized on the left-hand side that communicate with the really the key functions functionality on the right-hand side i can select a gadget you can see watch lists right down there heavily utilized of course you have others in here as well that you could take a look at scratch pad i mean i’ve got that up some others in here uh live news as you can see so there’s a lot of good information on the left hand side that communicates with the key areas of the platform that we discussed really kind of last week and i’m going to pull that back down so we got a kind of a full screen to show you ah let’s do this come on down come on down a little there we go nope still not going there it goes okay all right folks looking at the platform big picture up top you can see yes we are connected we have real-time data it says our date in our account you can select the account up or down below here right make sure you’re in the right account you can’t have multiple accounts one cool thing about the gadget window that i think is really impressive caught my attention the first time about 10 years ago is that you can have futures over here on the left-hand side futures will show you just that i mean it shows you s p 500 futures and so it tells you you know what’s happening after hours are we expected to climb or drop after the market you know whatever the case might be that could be of interest how are things doing after hours you can click on that and certainly find out good reference guide for the futures over there now in addition this account info is another one of the tabs that can be selected and you can see this is a demo account sure i’d love to own that account there’s quite a bit of

paper money in it well not real not real money but paper money but a great source of information in terms of what is your net lick your net liquid in day trades what’s your total value of the account you can change the options in here by those three horizontal lines off to the right if you click on that right there you can see you can customize that gadget put in whatever you want over there folks in terms of account information i like to have this information in here because i think it’s useful how much cash do i have available was the value of my account and not so much forex buying power that was added in there accidentally but option buying power okay so that is what we have there now uh remember as we spoke last week the platform is really kind of organized in a couple of different ways so up top we have the key tabs section these are all key tabs main tabs you have tabs and sub tabs like last week we went through the monitor tab the trade tab we went through the charts tab in detail we showed a lot of information in there that you can utilize right but in addition to that i want to well let’s do this this is probably a good time to highlight one of the tools so that you can find that part one if in fact you are interested in doing so under education if you click on that and go to webcasts you can find that part one last week you’ll also find plenty of classes taught by none other than mr pat mullally himself who teaches great technical analysis classes as well but folks if you go under here under archive webcasts you can click on that just wanted to highlight this is a beginner level class and off to the right under instructor well i’ve got to throw my name in there just to show you but there it is thinker swim part one which is really kind of the day-to-day routine duties that you run into but this is part two today uh so we just go into rotation we do that so you can continuously ask questions as we go through these as well okay so once you keep that in mind and once again i wanted one to note that as questions and comments are coming in here i want to point out to you uh that at this point in time uh when if you’re watching that archive version feel free to ask any questions there because i will go back for sure and answer any questions you might have that might come up later on okay so that was just a key point that we wanted to address all right so folks let’s continue on with some of the other key tabs on the thinkorswim platform really want to make sure that you’re getting uh you know a lot of information that we have available to you here okay on the left hand side what i’m going to do right now is i’m just going to click on this little arrow and if i click on it boom it minimizes that left-hand window so that i can just focus in on this main portion okay a nice little feature to have i can open it back up right there as well but let’s continue on folks now if we’re looking at simulated trades over here i’m going to pull it in any stock here there’s twitter so under analyze you’ve got tab these are your sub tabs i want to go through some of these so you’re familiar with them now you can add a simulated trade now by doing that i’m just going to do that again twitter we’ll just choose any stock but if you put in twitter over here what this enables you to do is you can actually go in now and you can select different areas if you wanted to put on for example a fictional option type trade and just see what it would look like on a chart now i’m going to adjust these strike prices we talked about this a little bit last week but if i click on those strike prices right now as you can see and go over here what we can do is we can scroll on down and i can point out to you that if i were to put on a trade let’s just say we buy a put trade we put that in over here well by doing so what’s interesting about that is now we can simulate we can view what this looks like on our chart okay this is actually showing twitter here and you’ll notice that this just gives us a diagram of what the stock is doing in order for us to make money and that is funny because on a put side right you make money when prices go down what it shows you here is that yes when prices go uh down as you look down here everybody see that prices are counting back as it falls look what happens to your profitability on that put it climbs and climbs higher so you folks you can put all kinds of diff additional sort of information in here to kind of assist you as you go through this so uh you know in terms of multiple leg option strategies or whatever the case is so you can actually visualize how option trades work as i mentioned this to you i wanted to say going back to the education here that i pointed out to you under uh webcasts okay oops wrong one i’m sorry webcast right here we’ll click on it

under webcast connie hill will teach a second level a more intermediate term level of understanding of the thinkorswim platform you can access that going right under archives again under uh intermediate well you want actually might be under beginner as well but it’s a little bit more advanced than what we do i’m going to show you right here under connie hill and getting you started uh let’s see exploring think or swim is what it’s called and she goes down and breaks down more specifically uh saving time using gadgets etc now you could go in there and find the analyze tab and find out more details in this class it’s really a big picture beginner level so i’m pointing you in the right direction where things are and you can kind of play with it a little bit figure it out but if you want to learn more about it definitely go in here find connie hill it’s still under the beginner level you can go in here and view these as many times as you’d like look at that another exploring thinker swim charts you went into charts in a part two basis the whole 30 minutes is just charts okay so i’m just trying to get through a lot of content here with you right now all right so uh so that’s the analyze tab now the wrist profile kind of helps you explain what you might be seeing on the chart to make this really straightforward though and easy if i just go over here and i say well what if i wanted to buy just let’s see let’s go to analyze add simulated trades and we wanted to just buy 100 shares of stock what does that look like on the chart well what you’re going to see here is yes you’re going to make money as prices go higher here as prices go higher you’re going to make money it’s going to tell you how much money you’re going to make now that’s just letting you show that you can visually see this on a chart sort of like a you know a performance metrics in terms of profitability so there it is okay probability analysis now folks this comes back to options so if you’re into options it gives you more information about profitability ranges like a probability you might recognize that number really close to a standard deviation one standard deviation you see it right there so you’ve got a probability chart trading up or below encourage you to tune into our option classes to see that but that’s where you’d find that connie hill has more on that as well folks economic data right is actually under the analyze tab as well anytime you want to see visuals of economic data we’re looking right now the effective funds rate effective federal funds rate right here on a monthly basis but you can go back over historical periods of time and see you know where our recessionary time frames those are those grayed out areas over here whatever it is by the way if it pulls up to a chart you can always go back just by hitting home look at all this economic data you can pull up and take a look at it’s impressive just tons of information i’d love for you to have i mean you have access to just really glad that you uh you know that it’s here for you if you want to look at gdp or whatever the case is you just type it in here and you can find the charts historical gdp ranges very useful information very powerful okay let’s keep on moving next sub tab is think back now what think back does we’ll pull up any stock here’s facebook think back enables you folks to go back historically and look at options let’s see i’m pulling this up you can look historically at options for whatever reason oh let me close that pull that down no all right for some reason it wants to keep it up high so let me can’t try to pull it back down this shouldn’t happen on yours oh there we go okay so what think back does is just provide you historical option amounts or quotes and you can get to those just by clicking on the option chain over here going over here and you can actually see like a particular strike price or whatever it is now notice upper right hand corner this is what makes this tool useful you’ve got to go into that calendar you click on the calendar folks look at this i can go back years 2018 and just see how a particular option unfolded i could actually sorry i didn’t click on that but yeah 2018 was in there 2018 it goes back a few years and i can see what the options look like on that exact day so if i’m comparing that with chart data i can correlate that to options and what that’s going to do is it’s going to show me basically you know what’s happening in terms of what the options did relative to the chart if the chart dropped well this is maybe what happened with the options or vice versa so good information to have under think back just a historical read on option data now over here folks we have fundamentals i’m going to click on fundamentals right here as you might have guessed you can check out the fundamentals of the company i just used this actually in the last class i taught on growth and value here but as you scroll on down you’ve got the overview of the company you got some of the analyst reports up top that you can actually download if

you wanted to scroll on down it gives you an explanation of the company itself that’s the investor resource excuse me investor relations number right there their website tells you about the company it also tells you when the company was uh founded uh let’s see didn’t have it on twitter there you go facebook 2004. scrolling on down for example on any company if we look at different numbers down here it does give you annual it gives you quarterly numbers too right so if we pull up a company like ibm over here or apple let me just show you what you’ve got you’ve got one on the annual basis so all of this fundamental and financial data listed over here and you get to see is there a track record of that data 2015 on up to the present what does that five year trend look like it’s been going down you actually get a visual of the five year trend so good information to have let’s continue on down the line profitability you’ve got return on equity you’ve got charts on return on equity financial ratios valuation ratios additional highlights down below so keep this in mind if you want to examine fundamentals yes you have annual quarterly data to check out folks off to the right one more kind of fundamental indicator what is this well this is this is earnings and earnings is really quite nice because first of all it tells you if you look at this upper chart with me you know what that is this is this tells us what we’re looking at here is we’re seeing what prices did over the last uh let’s see eight earnings announcements can you see that middle line right there notice on let’s say uh fiscal quarter two 2019 we had a good earnings report and prices bounced up off of earnings so this is really nice because you can see a trend now of earnings going back you know really two years two years of earnings just visually say well is it down okay well yeah it was down last time well we kind of topped and we went down again this time how does q3 of 2020 look relative to 2019 it dipped how about 2018 for the same quarter the nice thing is you’ve got two reference points right there they went both down for fiscal quarter three and that could just be some good information that you might want to have down below earnings per share by the way this middle section is all about a little bit more advanced options so i’m going to skip that for now that’s more like along the lines of pat malalai’s wheelhouse for sure scrolling on down you can see earnings per share folks we have actual and can you see down here this is actually if i take that line out these were just wall street estimates how did the street estimates compare to the actual earnings per share darn close on this particular stock sometimes you’ll see a company that continuously surprises but really good information to have okay that was some good there was a lot of sub tabs under analyze let’s move over to the next key tab for tools and resources that’s going to be the scan tab now the scan tab just is just that it enables us to scan through tons of different data out there in the market for us to review certain criteria that we’ve categorized in here first and foremost probably the most important thing to get is what you’re scanning in now there’s a number of these you can scan through the options there’s spreads and other information here generally speaking though people are looking for stocks this would have option criteria the option hacker but the stock hacker if you go over here in the scan in what i’m going to do is i’m going to select that and the category is very important one that i think a lot of people miss is they might just have it selected for futures so you’re not going to pull up maybe all the stocks out there so you can go under here pull up stocks or a personal watch list or a public watch list like the s p 500 great capabilities here that you’ve got you can intersect that with another watch list you can exclude others key point folks these are main categories here that we’re looking at where do i get those categories follow me over here on the right hand side under add filter i’m going to click on that add filter right now and show you the broad categories we have stock categories option fundamental study and patterns you can seek for i encourage you to get more familiar with each of these but i’m just going to show you for example what is a stock filter well i pull up the stock filter it pulls it up right here i think ask size was the one we just added but if you click on the drop down now it tells you you know what we what’s in here what’s in this list earnings per share is the company profitable or not do they have a 12 month earnings per share that’s positive shoot i could go over here and just say minimum i want to have is 0.01 at least they’re making one cent a year you know at least they’re profitable you know other data as you can see over here there’s a max column as well i would just leave that open if you click on the add filter you’ve got fundamentals but really some key

ones that i think a lot of investors will run just to kind of show you is under stock they might do something like the closing price of a stock and they might want that closing price price folks maybe greater than five dollars maybe they don’t want a penny stock maybe they just want penny stocks but you can put an upward range in there if you want as well you can just leave it open at least five dollars or higher uh this one says at least they’re making money you know a penny a share believe it or not a lot of companies don’t make that money on the right far right hand side you can see it as you can barely see it’s hard to see let me see if i can just pull this over real quick folks i really do want to move this so you can see it ah i pulled the wrong one sorry let’s try that again i do need to point this out to you do you see the x’s over here on the far right hand side that’s how you close them that’s how you close did it again one second got to click on the right one right there and pull it over and those x’s will enable you to knock out that criteria now a quick one that i think is also really helpful that we just have time to show you right now but if i click on add filter i go down into it’s actually study it’s a study filter it’s been pre-built for you if you scroll on down you look at volume there look at this average volume a 50-day moving average volume of greater than i don’t know 200 000 shares investors utilize this because they want to find stocks that have liquidity associated with them they want stocks that are actually trading trading enough right 200 000 shares that’s good information to have especially maybe you know and this would be a basic search of course you could look for other fundamentals patterns etc i really encourage you to take a look at these look how fast i could scroll through all oh didn’t select all stocks back to categories there we go all stocks watch this click on it folks it was that fast we pulled up 10 of 1 1580 stocks that met this general criteria that’s too many right we want to filter it down but that’s an awesome way to really capture information now another point i just have to throw in because i want to provide you as much information as possible here right hand side all of these these horizontal lines these three horizontal lines each of these are really really helpful i mean there’s a lot of good information on each one of them you click on it i can save this as a watch list so whatever stocks come up i can save that as a watch list i can name it it’s going to show up in my gadgets over here and i’ve got to pull that back over again i’m on i’m on a new a new screen so it’s kind of tricky to get used to but now i can save that it would show up in my watch list so folks i could go into my watch list and i could find it in my personal folder here remember we select watch list by clicking on the plus sign in the gadgets and if you’re just getting this now this this will go through the process of being archived so you can watch it again and ask questions but i can click on watch list pull up another watch list and have that list of categories show up like this these growth companies this is one that i i ran through i pulled from a scan and so i’ve added this in here and i can go through and click on each one of these and look at the charts for example it’s very fast see that so just a cool way to show you how the scan tab is really kind of communicating with charts and providing you the information that you’re after okay but that’s the scan tab and of course you can you can take a look at how many stocks you want to show you can actually show 2 000 at a time so tons of capabilities and folks just very very fast for you okay let’s go down over now we’ve got the market watch tab over here this is a great place to go if you just wanted to look big picture i’m gonna shut down this left hand side again but big picture at what’s been happening within large groupings of stocks or indices specifically you can see over here i’ve got the nasdaq 100 and within that in fact if i click on this drop down there’s that that kind of familiar window you’ll get familiar with i can go down here and take a look at the s p 500 what companies in the s p 500 traded down today which ones were the biggest losers i just clicked on net percent change and it showed me it categorized it that way if i want to find the biggest winners i click on it again there are your biggest winners maybe you want to check out those stocks possibly you know what are the best performers out there so some really good capabilities there now alerts we talked about last week how you can put alerts on a particular chart in case it trades above a particular level let’s say agilent i just just happen to be a stock on my my charts here uh if i right click here i can go down and click an alert so that if the stock trades above let’s say 100 or whatever the case might be it will notify me now where do i set that up again we talked about last week under setup right hand corner if you follow me just right over there see that upper right hand corner setup i

click on that application settings folks i can set up my notifications so it can email me it can text me the text come in about three to five seconds very very fast in case it trades above a level i might want to know about that right it’s a resistance range or whatever the case might be this section in alerts here just tracks what alerts i have in place you can even do them on like indicators this is this is one that’s done actually on an rsi believe it or not so uh whatever the case is you can add them in okay uh in addition to that uh the visualize is just that it just gives you a visual of what the companies are showing us under for example indices now this is all indices so i’m going to click on it go to dow jones and it tells me big picture what was in red what was losing uh what was in green what was winning and the darker the green the bigger the gains that was walmart walmart had a decent gain today 4.5 in walmart okay you got some other information in here uh you know this this calendar is such a cool tool uh just skipped over financing rates you can check that out as well but but the calendar is neat because the calendar lets you see all of this information on the left hand side starting with dividends rolling all the way down on a month-to-month basis now key point here i wanted to tell you first of all we’re looking at august you can select the month right here but then also you have to select what visual you want to see i’ve got monthly selected there so this tells us what companies are paying dividends this particular month i’m going to pull this down so we can actually see it all there we go for some reason it got pulled up a little higher but uh let’s see what do we have we are is it the uh 27th today uh so companies paying dividends tomorrow there are 72 stocks that have the x date the x the x dividend date so you have to buy it before the x date to um to capture the dividend what companies what what amounts are they paying right there very good information for investors that are looking for income you know income-minded investors are looking for potential dividend stocks they can review them here another great tool i mean i’m going to take off dividends for a second i can plug in earnings and it will tell you what earnings are coming up such a powerful tool to scroll through and to see on a month to month basis just remember that if you’re on a week you can’t see as much you’re on a day you only get to see for the day now you might want to go back and forth with that but i do like the big picture of the month so you can just kind of scan and see what’s in there now if there was a particular stock you were looking for one that might be in your own portfolio that you’re interested in possibly that you want to see what’s out there well you can go over here and just type that in right there say for example if we’re just looking for jpm or jp morgan oh there it is jp morgan right there had earnings in july we moved back to july to take a look at this at that time now you can click on it it tells you what the earnings were what the estimate was what the actual was etcetera so keep that in mind all right very good all right thanks pat for keeping up in the chat and answering any questions there folks a lot of information i realize that and it’s tricky the first time but this is a one-on-one really just kind of trying to point you in the right direction if you get a chance there’s a survey link that we put out there as well uh love to hear your feedback and i’m morning i will read through every single question that you provide me there as well if you see that listed there so there is a survey link up there you kind of have to scroll up a little bit maybe to find that but there you go oh there it is oh thanks pat he put it down there for me so awesome uh yeah i’d love to hear your feedback and uh okay so we just wanted to give you our best efforts in trying to show you where to go on the platform right very first time now other information too just as a quick note on the calendar look over here you got splits i mean do splits come up what do we have in august for splits uh oh because i had jpm in the chat so if i take jpm out we should see apple in there right we got apple we got tesla we’ve got information in here that you can utilize going forward but really folks keep this in mind is a good place big picture to kind of look at things of course this is an area where you know when you’re looking at market watch you’re just you’re just examining what’s out there in the market calendar is a cool way to do it we talked about the visualize tab right and ways to select uh big picture you know s p 500 quickly you know what’s been moving in here well facebook was down the most uh abbott labs had a really good day whoa yeah i did i mean uh up eight percent very close to it how did i find it it was in green so it’s a way to kind of track what’s going on out there in addition

we just showed you over here on the quotes side too if you want to look at specific net changes for indices your own personal data or whatever the case might be okay so uh within this particular class that’s pretty much our part two so today we went through the sub tabs of analyze we went through the scan tab the market watch tab as well we actually showed you the education tab too so once again you go in here you can pull up the webcasts because these are going to be archived and once again remember now chad pat’s done an awesome job assisting with chats within this live section but uh when this class you know goes through the process of being recorded and shows up here let me just kind of show you where it might show up in fact we go we’ll just select right here so you can see a part one this is the part two of thinkorswim 101 you can ask questions in the comments section on this recorded version i’m happy to track that for you i want to make sure that all those questions are being answered okay so folks it’s been nice being here with you this evening we did go through a lot of information and i i i know it’s it’s been termed kind of like a fire hose here we just try to provide you as much as we can within the time frame that we’ve got here which is 30 minutes and provide you some information on where to dig in deeper and things to look for on the platform but it was nice to have you here as we went through thinkorswim for beginners 101 part two really the features and the functionality the tools a lot of the tools of the platform okay so folks i do salute you for being here this evening taking the next step to really understanding this powerful platform that has so much information on it that i can scarcely get through it over that time frame but i do i do try to utilize the time frame that they have provided me here as best i can and that’s just providing as much information as possible so uh that just shows me that you are you know you’re getting equipped it’s important to me because you’re showing that it’s getting you equipped to understand the capabilities and utilize those for your own portfolio and accounts so pleasure being with you i do look forward to future sessions with you you know and bring a friend along next time if if in fact uh they’re getting used to the uh figure swim platform as well all right folks so i just need to end on this disclosure item here just wanted to state that in order to demonstrate the function out of the platform we did use actual symbols however td ameritrade does not make any recommendations or determine the suitability of any security or strategy for individual traders on that note folks i do wish you a great evening nice being here with you again take care everybody bye-bye you

How to Maintain a Washing Machine | Ask This Old House

hey Richard hey keV talking washing machines today yeah I thought we talked about the care and feeding of washing machines you know many people have been that great devices but there’s some things to pay attention to the first one is probably to make sure they are level now you walk into a house and you hear sounds long some Rumble going ops is it’s because the washing machine is not level it’s got a cylinder and it’s going to spin this way or this way for front loaders so people don’t realize that there are leveling legs right here and then you take a pair of pliers and you would put a level right here on the front and lift it up and put it and it works way better than a shingle or a piece of carbon the newer models are spinning very fast it’s you can literally walk out of space right so the other thing is to think about the water supply to this you know at the back of the washing machine there are connections for hoses and there’s a filters inside here inside that you got to be careful of if say a washer broke off on a shut off downstream you could come up and clog the back side here right and then you wouldn’t have hot or cold now these hoses this is what most people have their rubber hose these happen to be red and blue but many times they’re black these are simple rubber hoses but they sit under full pressure all the time it doesn’t matter if this is on or not correct pressure to the hose right so this is what it looks like if I gonna cut away you can see it’s got a pretty thick sidewall but what you’re worried about is that rubber getting tired over time and and wearing out and causing actually allowing an aneurysm or a bubble a split on this side so what i always recommend strongly is this stainless steel braided hose it still has a high level of rubber inside it’s got reinforcement and then it has a stainless steel casing or sheathing on the outside but reduce the chance of a burst so this is always my recommended cheap upgrades absolutely they really don’t cost much more but it’s not just the hoses these things sit under full pressure so it’s connected to some sort of shutoff device so many times you just see a pair of these down here where the wash machine hose is connected nobody ever turns them on or off and but they should an innovation that was pretty terrific was this this this was a breakthrough you put the washing machine hoses onto here and then when you’re doing a wash you turn it on and then it pressurizes it then when you were done with the wash you turn it off and it would depressurize the hoses you could go away or not about these hoses but guess what no one ever no one ever did the only time they did it was the morning after the burst okay now another option came out which was an electronic device and connect the hoses here plug this in and then the washer machine plugged into right here would feel the amp drawer of that washer coming on then and only then would the hoses be pressurized and I worked terrific and it does work terrific machines not running it closes these valves only opens them when the machines run that’s right it has a little leak sensor you can put on the floor as an added feature to this that’s pretty good so if it ever senses water again valve shot yeah your protect actually loved so this was great and and then this is electronic and that’s beautiful this is beautiful and simple this has a spring-loaded lever that says I want to do my wash I come over here and I pull it to the side and that leaves the water pressure to the hoses for two and a half hours mm so when you’re done you don’t have to wait for it to come down you know the wash to be done you know it’ll be off safe no electronics to fail on you and unlike this one it defaults to the off position you have to do something falls safe so I like this a lot that’s great all right well thank you Richard thanks for watching this whole house has got a video for just about every home improvement project so be sure to check out the others and if you’d like we can see click on the subscribe button make sure that you get our newest videos writing your feet

Web Developer Workflow (8 of 10) – Production Server: Apache and VirtualHosts

hey everyone in this video we’re going to be setting up a patchy and virtual host so we’re finally going to be able to make some websites and host them and this is the video that I’m really excited for because this is this is what you know we want to set up server spores to host websites the previous two videos if you didn’t get a chance to see them we’re all about setting up our server and getting us to a certain point so that we can have certain levels of security so you might want to watch those but if you’re if you already passed that point on your own then we’re pretty much ready to go and set up apache and some virtual hosts okay so right now i’m logged into my server and i’m at my home directory it doesn’t really matter where you are for these next few steps though but that’s where i am and the first thing that we’re going to do is sudo apt-get update and a apt-get is a program that basically downloads other programs for us so if we’re going to be installing apache we’re going to be using apt-get for that if we’re going to be installing PHP we might be using app get for that too apt-get is going to be used in a lot of cases and so we want to update it so that our repository has all the latest information and the repository is like a big list of trusted software for this particular version of ambu too okay so we’re going to do a clear here and the next step if it’s to install Apache you might want to check and make sure that you need to do this because perhaps you already have apache installed if you’re doing this rackspace thing like i’m doing then you won’t have a patchy installed but if you’re doing a different hosting company then maybe there’s a good chance that you do so let’s do a really quick peek into the Apache folder and so if you do ET c apache to this folder should not exist if you if you don’t have apache installed and for me it does exist because i did set up a patchy just a few minutes ago before i made this video so it does exist for me and if you see this list of stuff here than it does exist for you too but just in case it doesn’t exist the only thing that i did to get to this point was sudo apt-get install apache2 and i’ll do that again with you here for me it’ll just be an update perhaps for you it’ll be an install and so for me it just takes a few seconds for it to realize that there’s nothing new to update but for you if you’re doing an install it might take a few seconds maybe maybe even a few minutes okay so we’re pretty much ready now you should be able to do this this LS for UTC apache2 okay so let’s go over to that folder where we’re actually hosting our websites okay we’re going to go over to VAR dub dub dub and this is also a folder that didn’t exist before you install the patch me if we do an LS here you can see that there’s an HTML folder and if we kind of peek inside of there let’s let’s see the inside of here and do an LS you can see that there’s an index file let’s open that index file up okay so here’s what it is not that you need to study this too much but just to show you that Apache by default does set up their whole environment as if you know you’re only going to have like one website going on it’s going to be like this default website and we’re actually going to be making multiple websites and so we’re going to keep this thing around for just a few minutes but just I just want to kind of show you what they have going on here so if we CD up one level back into the dub dub dub folder we’re going to actually make our own few websites we’re going to make one called example so we’re going to do a make der called example you can call it whatever your project name is oops and we don’t have permission to do that and that’s because the root user I think or the Apache user whichever one owns the varge dub dub dub folder and the Brad user can’t just go around making new things inside of it unless I use the pseudo in command and it turns out that we’re going to be wanting to make lots of things inside of here so let’s actually change the ownership of the VAR dub dub dub folder and all of its children folders to be owned by Brad so we’re going to do CH 0 W in which stands for change owner and we’re going to want to change recursively which means we want all of the subfolders of far w Bubba also to be changed and the user we want to change is ourselves so we have to do this this is the this is the user and this is the users group all users have a group by default and if you want to learn more about that you can somewhere else in another video because I’m not going to go into it any more than that and then here you do basically the path that you want to change ownership for for Brad

tone recursively okay so it’s going to be barred dub dub dub and actually this command has to be ran with sudo as well so we need to make sure we do that okay so now if we do our make der for example it lets us do it and if we do an LS we can see the example right there and so let’s CD into that and as you can see it’s empty obviously because we just made it so we need to make two new folders inside of here one of them is going to be called htdocs and another one is going to be called logs and notice that you can make two folders at a time with make der as long as there’s a space in between right here hit enter and those are our two folders okay so here’s the idea logs is where we’re going to log any errors for the site and also all the access logs will go inside of there and htdocs will essentially be our web rubes okay htdocs is where you’re going to make your index file for the website and eventually so let’s go and set up apache to acknowledge that we have this new site set up we’re going to CD over to UTC apache2 and then into a folder called sites available an inside of here you can see that default one that they set up for us and the default site comes with two files the the regular configuration file but also the ssl configuration file we’re going to be completely ignoring ssl in this video but let’s pay attention to this one right here this is the file that tells Apache that we have a site set so we’re actually going to make two sites right the example site so we need to copy that file and make a new one very similar to it so we’re going to do maybe CP and we’re going to copy this file into a new file called example dot conf oops and we need to add permissions for this as well this is not a folder that I want to change the ownership for to be myself so we need to do the sudo command but just so you know I don’t think I’ve shown this in any of the previous videos if we need to run the previous command as the pseudo user I guess you could type the whole thing over again or you can use the up arrow and use the back arrow to get to the beginning and type the word sudo but there’s actually a more clever way you could just type sudo and then to explanation points and that will run the previous command as if you had type sudo all along ok so now if we do our RLS you can see here is the example conf folder so we’re going to get into this and you know what i need to do sudo and this is what a virtual hosts file looks like so we’re going to actually clean it up a little bit because it has a lot of notes that we don’t need if you want to read them on your own that’s fine but I’m going to use ctrl k to delete things line by line and I’m going to get rid of all these things they have the pound sign in front of them except for this one because we actually want to use this server name so I’m going to enable that and this is where you basically get to say what your domain name is for this particular website on the server so we’re going to keep it as example calm because that’s exactly what we want and we’re going to just go down here and set up the server admin to be myself and if you were to set up email software on this server potentially the server now would email this email address if there were any problems with the server it’s not going to do that now because i didn’t set up that near that email software right now but in the future maybe I will okay this is a really important part this is where you get to say what the web root is of your project okay so we’re going to do VAR double double and then remember we set up htdocs and I kind of forget if I explain what that meant HT top stands for hypertext documents and it’s a pretty common name for someone to name their web root you can actually name it whatever you want but people would would understand what it was if you’re in conversation and they saw the htdocs folder they would anticipate that’s probably your web root because it’s pretty standard ok so then down here we’re going to get rid of a few things again okay we’re going to do our control k and we don’t need the ssl stuff so we can get rid of that as well and then going down here we can get rid of all these things as well okay so this is all you need and we don’t really need any documentation because it’s not really that much and it’s pretty easy to understand so far so here is where we set up the location of our air log and our access log the air log is going to get filled up with any time there’s an error on the server such as a missing

file like a 404 error or perhaps PHP has an error all those things will get logged into a file called air log inside of well right now at least is saying inside of Apaches default directory for logs and then inside of an access log is going to be every single time someone accesses the site so if you keep this just like this and then we set up another virtual host for let’s say our next project and you do this thing the same way we’re basically saying that we want all air logs and all access logs to be kind of combined into into one kind of master login access log for all of our websites and that’s not really how I like to do it because I like to have each project have its own so that’s why we set up that that logs folder so we’re going to do bar dub dub dub example logs and then I know that that file doesn’t exist yet inside of there because all we did was create the folder but Apache will create that for us when it needs to okay so we’re going to exit out of here and we’re going to save and if you didn’t open up that file using sudo then it wouldn’t let you save right now I would say you don’t have permissions and so that’s the significance there okay so now that we have everything to this point we need to tell apache that we have this new file example and it’s a new virtual host and we want to enable the site so the way we do that is we do well sudo a2n site and then we mentioned the configuration file name a to incite stands for patchy to enable site so we do that and that enables the site but then we have to restart apache so we’re going to do sudo service apache to reload okay and we’re good to go so now we have two sites going we have the default site and we have our example site just wanted to show you something real quick though let’s actually you know what we didn’t even set up a home page I think we need to do that so let’s go over too far dub dub dub and let’s do example and then the htdocs folder okay so we’re going to CD over there and right now you can see that it’s empty and let’s make a little index file real quick so there’s a few ways to do this actually this is a good opportunity for me to show you a few ways to kind of set up a file you know any time you ever want to make a file you could do nano and just make up a file name right here and you can open it up and say that make changes and that’s one way to do it another thing you can do is you can type touch and then any file name you want and that will actually make a file it’ll be empty and then you could nano into it and make some changes okay I’m going to remove that but there’s actually kind of a clever way to not only make a file really quick but put some content inside of it so what you do is you type echo and then we’re going to say new actually will say example website example website make sure you have the quotes there and then we want to put that inside of index dot HTML kind of cool okay so now we can just do an LS and it makes our index HTML file and if we nano into that you can see that it has that content okay so now that we have that how do we access this site in a browser well if we go out to the browser and if you still have your Rackspace account open you have your IP address right here and it’s also listed down here and if you go to that IP address in the browser it pulls up this page this is basically that index file that was inside of that default virtual host that we didn’t set up the one that was already there okay so please CD up two levels now we’re at bar dub dub dub and we do an LS remember this HTML folder and remember this index file okay so that’s essentially the DNX file that we’re looking at in a browser when we go to the IP address so why is it that we have two websites set up right now but when we go to the IP address it is choosy about which one wants to show well it wants to choose whichever one is alphabetically the lowest so in other words the 000 default whichever one i guess i should say whichever one has a configuration file that is first alphabetically which is why I think Apache calls that default file 000 to start it off with because they want that to be your you know your lowest alphabetically now in the past

what I’ve done is disabled that project so let me show you what we could do to disable it and then i’m going to show you kind of a newer way we’re going to do sudo a two-disc site which stands for patchy to disable site and then we’re going to do the 3000 default config file so we’re going to disable that and then we’re going to do sudo service apache to reload okay so since we’ve disabled that site now the website that is enabled and first alphabetically is our example site so if we were to go to the browser and hit refresh we get our example site but you know as we make more and more sites I don’t think I want it so that the whichever one is lowest alphabetically happens to show up if someone goes straight to the IP address because all of our websites are going to share the same IP address I want people to use domain names to go to these sites and if I have a Miss configuration I just don’t want the first one that’s alphabetical to show it by default so I’m actually going to do this this is what I’ve been doing lately I’m going to enable that site again and I’m going to run that Apache reload okay so now we’re we’re back at that point where the default is the is the default or you know enabled and I’m going to go in here and i’m actually going to remove this index file and I’m going to make my own I’m going to make one right here I’m going to do an echo for you know i’m going to call this wo one okay so it makes that so now when someone comes to my server just by typing in the IP address they’re just going to get this right here which is meaningless to them but it lets us know that we landed on our default so I’m going to leave that just like that okay so then you might ask well how do we access the example page well we need to set up domain names for that if you’re going to have a real website and so that’s actually going to be in one of my later videos but let’s say this is just for example purposes you just want to see like this is maybe a development server and you just want to have a little fake domain name kind of like what we were doing in our previous videos for some stuff so what you can do is let me let me actually open up the local computer so I’m going to keep this this tab open and i’m going to do command T so right now i’m at my macbook and if we do a sudo nano for our hosts file if you get in here you can see some stuff that we did for some previous videos and if we put that IP address that we’ve been using for our new site and we put wwl calm and exit out of here now I think this will work we should be able to do that there we go okay so we are accessing a live web site at Rackspace using a fake domain name but nonetheless accessing the live website and as long as you have this as long as you have this file your hosts file setup you can do a fake domain name don’t do this if you’re going to have a real domain name though ok so then over here if you remember oops I don’t know why that was blank ok so over here on the real server if you remember we were in that that file let’s see let’s go over to UTC I patch you two sites available if we do an LS and we do our let’s just do a cat so we can just kind of peek inside of this example file okay as long as you have this right here set up you can have a domain name point into this virtual host okay so just to kind of show you because that was kind of a slow with all the explanations let’s just show you how quickly you could set up a new website if you didn’t have as much explanations going on in your head so here we are at the sites available and we have example conf so let’s do let’s do a copy of that and let’s make a new one called example two oops permission denied okay there it is okay so we just need to make a few

little changes exit out of here okay so now we can see D over 2 VAR w ee missy the into that ok so here we are a VAR w double to ok CD into here ok so we just set up a patchy and set up our new site the only thing we haven’t done yet is enable this site and restarted apache so we’re going to do that now okay so potentially this website is on the internet right now except for there’s no domain names point into it so just like before we’re going to open up a new tab and get into the our hosts file and that’s it see we can go over here now and if we refresh on example we still see the example website and if we go to example to calm we get example 2 so that’s pretty much it that’s virtual host and now you can have as many websites on the server as you want they will all share the same IP address that usually doesn’t matter but just to let you know stay tuned for our next video hope to see you there