Hi guys welcome back to my channel if you are watching this video first time, please dont forget to subscribe not only press the notification button and turn it as all,so that you can get my notifications of new videos the reason in which why iam laughing is i said about subscribe before starting my video from today onwards, there is a change in student visa so iam going to discuss about new change of student visa tier 4 visa is changed to student route and child route visa this change is affected to international students for this month and for EU students it will come on after brexit now transition period is going on, from dec 31 Britain will exit from EU union after that students from EU countries have to follow same procedures we pass through the people from Eu countries get same benefits as a british citizen get British people is not like to share with others now do you ever believe that most of the people from eu countries dont know english like us people do daily jobs dont know english even like us they cant understand what we said to them talking about a malayalam film comedy scene related to this) iam not saying we are fully perfect..atleast we know some words in english ya? but africans say english very fluently,their ascent is too good they are highly qualified and very much brilliant iam not shaming any one or any country, the reason behind this we 29 states have their own mother tongue, it influences a lot but atleast we have to study english from 11th standard but they have no need to study english and their mother tongue is important to their country thats why they are like this and only the benefit as an eu member they can come here (joking)

after this,all of us get same importance and will benefit for us not only that in the case of job too same importance i wii do a detail video of work visa now,70 points for student visa according to point based immigration system they can filter best and brightest students in the world same process is needed to European students as we do this student route system is both efficient for student as well as the sponsor{university} 70 points{non tradable} is needed for this system in 70, 50 points is for confirmation of acceptance of studies{CAS} letter the process for getting CAS from each universities are different as in the case of my university{university of east london} firstly they sent offer letter to me it contains course details,fees,duration and so on they provided a specific date for us to pay the deposit fees,,for me its 3000 pounds if we pay that fees,it means we accepted that offer next step is credibility interview, i already done a video about it. please check it out if we pass interview they will issue cas letter it differ from universities to universities next 10 points is for our maintenance fund maintenance fund means rest of the fees and our living expenses its differ for inner london colleges and outer london colleges it specifically noted on our offer letter approximately i showed about 22 lakhs for that for my husband its 7 lakhs dont do illegal transactions or anything they will be tracked

clarification of the fund will be given by head of my agency through an interview i heard about tracking of your fund,so be careful rest 10 points for english language requirements most of them have doubts regarding IELTS in jan intake om my opinion they will check only moi or gcse marks instead of ielts what are the benefits of changing the tier4 visa system to student route visa system? point based system helps to get work permit compared to tier4 instead of 3 months now we have authorization to apply visa 6 months before our course starts this will be very much benefit for us during this pandemic as the pandameic reason ,vfs mostly didnt issuing prio or super prio visas as in my case i started my process from june and my classes starts on september we struggled a lot at that time. now we got enough time for visa processing we can do unlimited course as the part of student route visa

this wii be a good chance for students {talking about the reason behind my admission rejected on greenwich uni} talking about the reason behind my admission rejected on greenwich uni} talking about the reason behind my admission rejected on greenwich uni} if you are trying for pr it will also benefit for it t there is a limit of international students to come here and study in uk now that limitation is also released