HIdden impact of COVID-19 on economic and enterprises in China

hello and welcome to our webinar with the impacts of cog 19 on economic center prices in China my name is ready and now guided through this webinar by my size and our researcher to give you an insight in the market today thanks for having me it’s my pleasure to be here to participate the webinar it’s a pretty good our camera is not working properly today so only our voice here but not with your faces whoa our voices are charming of the chat audience or the information we provide after our CC and industry development platform and the copper 19 and our e-newsletters you can review the energy policies and measures and relevant news during cog 19 pandemics in different countries and also understand industry developments in China under cop 19 by reading our research inside our platform don’t forget to contact our team if you have any questions and inquiries regarding market intelligence in China the agenda for this webinar is as follows first we’ll have an overview about academic and domestic and overseas then we’ll talk about hit the impact of coordinating on economic and in prices in China the next topic will be as better a deal on a corty processing industry during their damages example and at the end we’ll also have a look at the industry change in China under the impact of the copy 19 okay without further delay let’s get started with the presentation as you can see on a platter the overseas operator felt increasingly serious 188 countries have reported confirmed cases of code 19 of age more than 60 countries declare emergency and when the infection has been detected in nearly hundred countries there are four countries to be taken as it sample to show the current situation which are China United States Italy as they apparently the number of impressions in China stabilized and is falling gradually through the china government a straight response that academia exist in contains now in the meantime we noticed the number of impressions of foreign countries is crazy rapidly while the China’s is fallen there are reasons to believe that they’re given through what we did through therefore from my perspective as one of the world’s largest economists the impact of continuity on China has a reverential barrel for predicted foreign countries economics development and City not be here I wonder if foreign countries will come through the situations China under the spotlight in I believe there must be some more details you can show this house the coronavirus imparted verbs in the current situation worldwide my love tree has been hit hard because of the Potomac Franken some losers because the north end on March 22nd and 23rd two days about forty thousand fights have been cancelled Google and nurse a bollock countries have recently closed their paws and fact siege importation have I also been effective for example Thailand has closed 51 border posts in emergency and America is also in an emergency operation to close two terminals and in March 26 2020 South Africa’s Sharon’s neck Porter no group has now stance to comply with their governments quarantine box under transportation for Sarkozy including their South Africa’s largest our own oil pot more in wall pots really Falls to coast until the outbreak is contained our record introduce policies and actions have been taken in most all Syria following results the Adamic calls a sharp decrease in air transportation pasady and the cost of air Y transportation increase shopping all the miracles for the e-commerce news can no longer afford your affair that had air face it means that they chose to use C around transportation which lengthens the cost border transportation chain and inventory turn on vervain is reduce the efficacy of capital flow is also reduce and the company’s cash flow is tight

lockdown of the city and even the country due to their intensive academic situation aboard we need to inactivate no power in customs clearances trailers warehouses so the efficiency of common handling will be greatly reduce a natural part of cargo will be that locked in the terminal stranded in warehouse and both their sounder and Jew States will be suffer and our international troops also being effective a lot of country have mass travel restriction during the epidemic and medians have also been released revenues like us like we have to cancel their CC fic trip to Shanghai and our business trip to you can t Germany in fantastic spear months and also dir T in the u.s. lotsa ambitions were sharp and the myths are confirmed on the castle which mixture in time and actually MUC introduced more important and that’s why we launched our industry driver captain to my undercover 19 to monitor the velu situation and shoulder room time and sake entry policy and measure in new countries and also show the local news related to community besides a researcher share their insights under towards the fur industry in China on the platform and we gathered the policy policy government introduced for records and we are also holding more webinars each month to share our insights we have okay thanks for sharing let’s move the best part in March the National Bureau of Statistics released the data on the operation of the net national economic from January to February consumption investments and industro production contracted sharply from the data of the two months later shows that the total retail sales of consumer goes was five thousand two hundred and thirteen billion times in the year on-year decrease of 20.5% and the national investment is in face except it created including bombers was three hundred and thirty two point three billion yen a year decrease of 24.5% meanwhile the industrial production has also contracted significantly from january to february the industrial active volume actually decreased by 13.5 percent year-on-year as for delivery volume was also greatly affected with the year only decrease of 19.1% this reflects the in part of the shut down Anna can you please elaborate on the current situation of China economics and enterprises under the conduct from the virus yes production sharply in the first two months and many indicators have bothered most in history with over war they mark for reduction is considerable basic industry prevention materials yes we do still in fact there was a time than we could ha together mosques supply

in early February we have two so that can each mission otherwise all C’s might be promoted with many difficulties encourage same as China it will take longer to become Western countries yes the situation poor there’s not optimistic right now but I think it’s also good news that we have been through all the things that they are going to that we really have attended for dealing with the coronavirus for China is rather happy that everything is getting better but it’s still not the time to relax that’s why the cinema is Katie vase and other entertain Venom’s are still not allowed to be operated for preventing chronic gonorrhea well it’s pretty that we call her commie activities I miss that for long well speaking of this the Chinese economics facing some difficulties and challenges in structuring their first Easter problem of email searching and reliable transaction normally small enterprises are involved in the production process of our enterprises to descend to introduce serious policies to how to help there’s more and medium enterprises survive epidemic in addition international cooperation of somebody else traits were effective due to the academic before make February international transportation of goods were standard to a certain extent resulting in some Chinese relate industries the most part of during the National Park came during the month however in late February the epidemics intubation in China has been basically control and nurture transportation industry has resumed operation intersection the model of shipments of Chinese thought have respond rapidly in very much China’s important export trade volume and has returned to the historic levels after taking a look on its own at less than one way for China’s we will walk import and export training to serve regarding the import export data in China I’ve seen journalist reports and as possible a sticky batter on China during the changes in indicators to find so whose no over emphasized during the second half of the year accounts for 55% of the whole year and for the 5% first half of the year we’ve only about 20% into first quarter as long as covers faster triggers that can culture to the size of the movies you know consumable and to yourself Oh doctor economics from you generally see February was really in active production capacity was not effective from January to February due to a point value of infiltrated prices from both technical science which never point five trillion to to the shelves of consumer goods where is my cashew chicken to the muslin in fixed assets was reported free three billion in order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic their

production capacity of rapidly and it’s increasing emergency demand was met in a short period of time during the period of January to February during outward of mosses and alcohol increased by one hundred twenty seven point five percent and fifteen point six percent respectively ten years agriculture production is less effective and supply of and cultured orders is basically stable and press during spoil that cultural resources such as seeds fertilizers and pesticides is the change some after net effects and open up new space for high quality normal development as you know now other countries situation are just like us invade generate a lot of impacts just getting started and different cultures and happiness and concepts relate to longer respondents files to make phase gap back to normal before China market it’s opening up burn ooh I like the opportunity well to say that I can get a coordinating operating pretty some opportunities explain economy know all the materials let’s take one industry as an example to see its change let’s say that cool the processing energy how has the English challenge under the curve 19 can you just learn a bit of the chain of this industry in the currents of China situation in early February effective fighters back after koala riders though chassis control was incremented in most parts of the country and villagers and rose again to be closed everywhere green sales progress was standing and poor logistics led to a decline in there’s a tradition of new claim making it difficult for companies to acquire more withdrew the sumption of work horn to the spring festivals the company’s inventory gradually decreased and arranger situation of tiniest second especially in north china their periodical supply shortage appeared and some companies delayed production therefore their national average monthly price on colony federal readers 1856 francis temman torture features forty one point two six four trend higher enter and revenge- in january a woman would increase up to 27 percent and an increase of two point one nine percent in order to have achieved entire supply of more materials for the breeding and the settlement and prices to the Ministry of Culture and refer Affairs issue and purchase notice On February 4 maybe came in German production order after animal husbandry industry and ensuring their supply of meat eggs and milk and an issue of sex articles including dirt provision for breaking and guarantee of construction specific specific measure and nine of the February 4th generation of brain or the Information Center will introduce measures to large possibly call option on battery cell and first Spanish the first first spend batch of 2.96 miniatures where its release really signals John sing them to expand supply thereby and retain their supply shortage price races starting from the lake every won’t just take some transportations leg will improve conversions and Salzburger restarted and the raucous apology came

about it mister continuously release of calm through policy length except for parts of johann in the southern new cells every the enviro of corn has improved in century in southwest China which has Easter over what I’m supposed to issue turn Ahmad for presenting of car meaning whose college and the corn alcohol after their Spring Festival apparition way of constant industry has continued to drop sharply to about forty percent which is me because really lower than the level of after same career in the past two years why Colin alcohol operating rate was higher than der same premiere of the year the farmers of college and con alcohol is very different reason it’s mainly due to tourism needs of the downstream affected by direct pending after the combination occurred to a marketing model for this these infection orders in including 75 percent of corn increase driving up the price of improving profits and very industrious operating we was hired in the same period last year the Machine Kingdom on for college due to the planet situation Jos turn the streets operating range simplifying shopping on one hand due to their high pressure price of raw corn production of this increase and production companies have to reduce output to maintain operations on the other hand decrease in demand from adultery affected operating rates okay so no information we learned that the impact that cop 19 is varies on different industry no more negatives but some opportunities is hidden what will be changed to think after the code 19 well during the epidemic artificial intelligence with remote office work internet pass medical pharmacy century going fast this part of market dungeon consumption of information protective surprise having have suppliers increase significantly for selves from January to February increase by nine point seven young year new types of consumption and upgrade consumption are constantly extending and new consumption models are developing rapidly so after the epidemic if you ask me it’s for adultery is my flourish versus the Chinese on my shopping capacity will further increase after the epidemic second artificial intelligence and Robert applications will accelerate further importance of community business is gradually emerging what is their first safety and you have issues some more important concern health industries will change that’s about the ecology on white shopping comes to only few made only three left to purchase baby supplies more ammonia acts are being discussed market compared then the demand has never been some great entry careful the impatient sign has enough information to understand the use of the mom so as to like that to develop the application and motor being named animal dr. e-commerce market is becoming more competitive but also more opportunities in China the epidemic provides an opportunity to improve the capacity of online shopping donor shopping has never been so important and is convenient its conveniences has been like that many finding this upgrade due to this damn it lasts so long many people who need in the shop online before have also demand happy of shopping online so I believe even after the epidemic on my shop remove main don’t tell me the way off shopping no matter what industries see starting opportunity to devalue at all on my platform can be helpful the outside for safety and health issues are giving great they are dirtier come on a virus outbreak doing renovation is coming soon and how food health

ingredients will be more popular functional foods and drinks that enhance beauty and protein rich food and plant-based meats will make the new opportunities overall their instruction in a copter then they come consumption is large and it will be moderate intermediate track with chair introductions of series of national and local policies mobile function with calorie and potential release major consumption of the battery recovery during the academic term country’s daily necessities bar humerus of their critics apart the epidemic has caused China’s more and some conditions through which there will be a test but it will not change the development end of vulture instability and continuously upgrading of China’s consumption okay thanks that leads us to the end of this webinar tomorrow we’ll have a quill chemical well not to talk about challenges and opportunities under the cotton 19 you’ll be held at 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. and Friday 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. we’ll have the another can corner please contact your accounts to register us or check our web to see the Dino thank you all very much for attending and we hope you could get some key points out of the presentation if you had any questions left please write them down in the chat box or send to your account manager we’ll get back to you by email as soon as possible what information was enabled by our brand CCM and chalices if you want to find out more and remand you to have a look at our websites and come to our team for any questions and inquiries that’s again and have an awesome day thank you