Essence of Forest [EVENT] Secret Challenge -Forest Quest Guide Black Desert Online

hello guys welcome to the channel so welcome to episode 3! We will complete the quest Secret Challenge – Forest! We will find the Essence of Forest! so this time im going to use my main account from what i read on the forums we need a few items and a farmer character to get the items we need so i cant list the items we needed today. Because its the first time i will do this quest But i will link the items on the description as soon asap when i descover what items we need So lets start Actually i already started it earlier! Lol So i already got the quest form alustin and i got the quest Illusion Tree in this NPC Serbianca in Trent. and so he gave me teh quest so the quest we need to complete is the Illusion Tree so to complete this quest i need to go back to terrmian waterpark Here. and we will find the npc the npc that will give us an update to the illusion tree quest lets go there but i will not travel back. because i alreayd have an alternate account stationed there so lets switch S we are not at terrmian beach using my alternate character so lets find that npc actually the npc is right over here building a sand castle and a Male this is him so lets open the quest. [NOTHING LOL] so as you can see there is no quest its happening because AGAIN! we need to complete the Daily QUest of the previous quest we already did Again We need Beef and Cold Draft beer so lets go and get them here are some beef we need to redo these quest every day before we can proceed [LAG-LAG-LAG] so lest complete this quest then the other daily quest should open its kinda hassle that you have to repeat the daily to open the succeeding quest

[I MESSED UP AGAIN] LOL we need to deliver the beer first to the drunk guy above the cliff where is it so completed [WTF] so the quest is finally open So he needs 5 logs i think i dont have any Lumbering Axe lol NO AXE! so i guess there is no material vendor here. so il switch to my other chars to buy one so see you in a while so now we have logs 5 pcs. so lets give it to him so where to next? I guess next one is Sleeping Tree so we will go back to TRENT and since i already have a character there lets just switch okay guys we are now here at trent using my main character at Trade Manager we are now at illusion tree quest we need to search for rumors on 3 NPC about the mystical tree we get the rumors from thsi npc the trade manager this is the quest. do you know about the mystical tree so young next is next one is in General Goods And the last one is on Furniture NPC [[[[THE CLUES ACTUALLY POINT OUT THAT I SHOULD EXPLORE THE AREA BUT SINCE YOUR WATCHING THIS VIDEO YOU DONT NEED TO DO THIS ANYMORE]]]] [NOTE: THIS IS A MISTAKE. I WENT TO SERBIANCA AND THERE IS NO UPDATE TO THE QUEST. LIKE THE 3 NPC SAID I SHOULD EXPLORE THE AREA AND FOUND THE NPC WE NEED TO STEAL LOOTS FROM. ITS THE TRENT NODE MANAGER!] [AFTER A FEW MINUTES BUSTING MY HEAD WE FINALLY GO TO TRENT NODE MANAGER TO STEAL SOME LOOTS] okay now we are here! [time to steal!]

NOTE: you need lots of energy in this quest. i have used atleast 500+ energy to complete it. Took me so much time because you cant use alternate character to steal this is the npc we will steal loots from NOTE: Ancient Sap – This is one of the items we needed and we need 4 of them And NOTE: Mystical Pieces of Wood – We need at least 5 of these. I actually got so much of this and wasted lots of my energy so i changed server so that i could get the next loot It eats lots of energy every time you steal so make sure you brought lots of energy vials so far i got 5pcs already we need 4 of the sap Heck is that?! *FRUSTRATED* I WANT SAP! GIVE ME SAP! I ran out of energy! SOrry Guys i dont have any money. Im poor in this game we can also buy energy on loyalties 74 *FRUSTRATED AGAIN!* so looks liek we are going to waste energy here the whole day 1 DONT WANT ANY BRAAAAAAANCCHH! I WANT SAP! okay

i THOUGH OF USING ANOTHER CHARACTER BUT REALIZED AFTER ITS NOT POSSIBLE BECAUSE THE LOOTS ARE BOUND! okay guys I found out its not possible to use other characters because the items are bound to character cant put them in storage So looks like this is going to take a while because i have to wait for my energy to reach max 321 I guess il cut the video here for now and be right back later when i have sufficient energy finally guys after two hours and 500 energy consumption finally got them everything we need to get the magical tree branch this is the order to follow Iwas having a hard time to get the weathered leaf on calpheon 2 i only get branches so i decided to switch server to kamasylve 1 and finally i got the last item Weathered Leaf So you need 4pcs of weathered leaf. 4pcs ancient sap and 5 pcs mystical pieces of wood so we arrange it like this. So we can combine it now. Branch Imbued With Forest Magic so this is the item that that npc wanted. what was his name again well anyways i dont really care what his name is so lets go back to TRENT and give this to that npc SERBIANCA! so lets give it to him this quest will be so long SPECIALLY if you have low max energy you will really have to spend a lot for energy vials which is 5 million each lol I bought 6 pcs of those vials because if i waited for my energy to regen, for sure this quest will last until night time if you dont get any weathered leaf just change server so so serene sleep

so this is where we will go next okay we are here now at Balenos Mountains This is where you see the – mystical tree SO SO MANY OPTIONS! BUT DONT TOUCH THEM YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR ENERGY. IT WILL NOT DO ANYTHING So what we will do is to get a Caterpillar. and to get a caterpillar, we need a farm and this one is the 2nd bug we need [Itsy-Bitsy Bug] to really wake the tree up we can get this bug at Olvia. It will drop from GRASS BEATLES Okay Il show you how to get these first before we proceed with the quest. Lets switch to my farmer now okay we are here at my farm. what we need to do is find a plant that needed to kill some PESTS theres an option that will show to kill pests. and you will get caterpillars here so thats how you get caterpillars so lets give this to our main character okay now we are here at olvia near skill instructor then we kill grass beatles first try and we got one right off the bat itsy-bitsy bug now we completed getting them caterpillar and itsi-bitsi bug so lets wake this tree up using the caterpillar first Now the quest is accomplished but the tree is still asleep so we need the second bug which is the Itsy-Bitsy Bug place it on its back and Quest Completed! He is awake! so he is giving us a quest to get him Food! So I went to valencia to find Some Cactus to get a GOLDEN APPLE! Iris Canyon and Kmach Canyon KMACH! KMACH! Kinda hard to find these cactus

We are going to use a Lumbering Axe these tall cactuses are actually not farmable cant gather from them NOTE: THESE WATERMELON LOOK CACTUSES ARE THE ONES YOU CAN ACTUALLY GATHER and Golden Apple it’s a pretty easy okay guys so i got the Golden Apple which you can get on valencia catus and we need also special strawberry and special grapes we only need 5 pieces each and we use simple cooking this will end up as SPECIAL RAINBOW FRUIT [I COULD HAVE JUST PRE ORDERED THIS IN MARKET LOL] so finally we only have the last quest essence of forest location so lets travel. il pause the video see you in a while we are now in the cave near elric shrine WTF! Essence of Earth! here we go essense of forest Okay we are now at Terrmian Beach and for some reason there is a Tornado! LOL! yeah is there any damage? so lol your beach party is over! Lets Turnover the Essence of Forest to end the quest, Finally! wew! i got tired. I started playing 7 am and now what time is it already? 4 pm! Lol

*COMPLAINING* atleast the reward is ez 40m so guys the materials that is needed for this quest will be listed on the video description I’ll end the video here goodbye Guys and i Hope i helped you a bit subscribe to if you liked the video. Hit Like or dislike if you dont like it lol. So Goodbye! have a nice day