Wake up, Humans. Find Your Real Self!: OnCharm Lee's Guide for a Genuine Life – Part-I/III

you okay hello youtube this is Annie with dr. Lee I am here with him to talk about things that no one ever had talked before but before that we begin dr. Lee could you introduce yourself to the YouTube viewer mm-hmm yeah hello hello YouTube and all the audiences before we begin I’d like to share this happiness to amateur or over the world through YouTube and I am very delightful to have this with you and Catherine I was born in Korea my name is Nam Healy and the pen name is Anton I want you to remember me with my philosophy you know Sophie this talk you did said you knew Sophie and also I already heard this several times through our printer be meeting but I know that you create this word uni Sophie that is a combined world could you explain to the viewer what is uni sophie is yes yes I am calling the characteristics of my philosophy Yoona Sophie it is it is shortly the meaning of softly Easter unified philosophy that connect everything in the universe without any contradiction I believe you will be able to grasp this meaning and the intention through listening to this conversation Hey so it’s a combine word so of youtube please mind this uni Sophie because we’re gonna mention many things related to this a lot throughout all our talk and also the future talks to so dr. Lee do you call yourself a fully enlightened or realize everything or where you at are you getting there or is it even worth it to react reach that level the subtitle of my book is life awakening process the day of life is a continuation of the United Nation yeah so the point is what we realize and how great will realize so you should ask what kind what kind of realization I have completed any I have never said myself that I have completed a realization but I just feel that every day is bright calm and free without any doubt and worry I like to talk to people I like let’s discuss anything I want to receive any questions from you anybody for we start from anything over for the strong bacteria with the laws of physics no good and evil spirit cardi Astra I can explain everything in this universe connecting them together without any blockage and the contradiction oh I talk

to people I can explain I am the diocese and religions cannot be connected each other ok so um I heard that you were going around to people and talking just like ahsoka says in the past so what’s going on about that you made out your years but I open feel like the author of the second incarnation of Socrates because I shout out know yourself know the exact position over from beings in the universe if so you and the mankind can live freely and peacefully without any authority fears greed and pride moreover I think that Esther Socrates second I have a disco disco body and perpetual truth he ambiguously test so that’s the second okay I know that you went to Himalaya mountain after quitting very very successful professional teaching job in computer science and communication what made you do that what made you decide that so it’s so sudden yes I did my childhood motivation to pay attention to philosophical questions was after seeing an article in a newspaper in middle school it also about an affair or in a very cold winter that happened you know slow in the soul yes the father over family borrowed money from his neighbor to Chris Tucker his young son down the town to buy a Prius and who noticed them on hand okati the father directly in front and the son pushed from behind it and the climbed the slopes and the winding ice Alice there how I was lacking after being pushed back yes his son was hit by the briquette and cut and neither so sadly well my question is this the hardest love photo family well is it human suffering then my question you deeply hi scientists and philosophers can communicate with each other I humans are divided into CMA CGM spiritualism materialism in innate goodness Brittany’s melindam dualism and so and who knows Anton mystic without harmony and her ordeal card war absolute truth why so many gods and the religions are in the world and in the human history how the universe the life became to exist what difference differences between in any metal and life are high people sophist oral English and death didn’t life hi nature continues to change hi nature natural laws have a unique mathematical expressions and the

particular constant negative eight the imagining of imaginary numbers mean in nature and this so on so forth so I decided to find here the automated truth that explains everything in the world in one without any gap and a contradiction especially I wanted to understand entirely correctly what the human being is okay those are a lot of questions to be answered yes how did you spend your life like your school your work the time you build your family and building of your social life because those question is very hard and lot – dissolved while you have a worldly life I guess I used to make a firm commitment every day that I would find out the source of truth to the end as I can find the first spring water oven I go to chase the water of the valley I was reasonably happy with my professional job however I was continuously haunted by somewhat emptiness and the sorest because of no answer for the ancestor essential questions especially for this document being and who I am I spent most of my spare time to study philosophy religion mathematics physics astronomy and biotechnology with profound meditations even though I imagine computer and communications I became more severe with operator pressure while approaching old age that I could not take the questions to my grave I have had a lifetime mottos and made a living goes through my life in junior high school days my motto was completion of my life in senior high school days United philosophy including science and science were to connect everything in the world as the iteration of science and philosophy in universities beautiful human in the social life days the grasp of truth the practice of love while Hashim to his life and recently permanently stable peace on earth based on real truth as the product of my or lifetime every morning I maintain that wherever anybody asked me intently if I’ll still be my side what are you thinking I have today’s be on my one only good thought so that I can say I was thinking about this and I began the day’s work with a prayer not fall into the temptation were wrongs of society unity and reflected today the evening and I had a bad thought I used to dream

of falling into the sweetie and crawling up however I couldn’t be fully satisfied with my striving life striving life so that’s how you decided let’s talk more about your your worldly life down here how was your life before the mountain Himalaya I know you said you are you’re working and you are working in a teaching job in a university did anything happen dramatically or sad or accidentally to change your life decision well as I got older I have had more pressured by the questions that I had but not solved before living I went through the darkness at dawn alone for more than three years and climbed to the top of the mountain to meditate all the time I was told to leave quickly noted how interesting socially popular and stable the workplace was I was reminded that I couldn’t take the basic questions to the grave without solving in many dreams from time to time the Himalayas appeared I was I also dreamed of going up to the sky with a balloon and one day two young woman came from more distance to my residence and asked me to accept as all things coming while experiencing this I decided to live what others could do to them and to do what I had to do and what I only could do after the semester was over and when the vacation came with 28 questions and the ten preserved here without letting any acquaintances know I had it to the Himalayas with the intention of dying right away if all these questions are solved it was my educated to under on the plane I knew the day was my birthday I think I was born new year to the day the new name one sample that I made means to be a completely true that’s how you picked Himalayas and your pen name yes you said your age of 52 when you decided quitting your job and going to abort for many years is very big to many of people especially your families your your corkers let your friends anybody how did your apprentice or your life social life change where when you’re up in Himalayas especially your family because I know you have a son yeah actually I’ve never been interested in owning well yes I was a child in reality I’ve never thought of social

success yes I ever believed that if I work hard and sincerely all the cost are given naturally if not there is wrong war he was stealing society I was always confident and willing to work happy I believe our nature support support 70 to 80% of life for all living things the rest must be used for training enlightenment and immortality by means of the body yeah I left the retirement analysis an ad while I was at the research institute to end the university to use to supplement my children’s education for me the remaining money and was a few hundred won so yeah so you’re all clear a million yes so few million ones is approximately a few thousand dollar in u.s. dollar yes so are you saying protesting or wanting agreed of something is not good or against the truth or then have a Living Essential where do you live what do you eat how you survive day by day what and then like I said you already use your retirement allowance what will he do for your retirement plan Oh actually I expected to discuss it separately as a right attitude to the truth okay but but first of all I wanted to emphasize it there prospero realize the truth all his share without occupying producing registration as large and wide as the truth he has realized I currently have no property there are income over the years but there is no pension or insurance to prepare so-called for the old age and even the house is not mine since I came to the public to write a book soon I’ll go back to the mountain and the living nature Aristotle said that philosophers know changing reality and are very wise so if the mind they can collect a lot of rails but they are not interest interest in it only people who register their estate as public certification beyond occupying and protesting personality greed is the dot yeah the doctor prevented the deflection of the truth greedy is physical and material all relating to body historically Satan never had any property no matter who gave or not or drove it oil so the greed is dirt yeah it is not easy or I guess it’s hard to accept that the greed is

dirt because of all the people we need money to survive really money to live a long how come you’re so calm and not worrying about it without any worries without wells or money or housing but because I like I said before general people cannot easily understand that well in fact I don’t know why I am so calm and free and I only know that is happening since all the questions I had told we are afraid to go or not buck knife we are afraid to go to places that unfamiliar even during the day yeah it’s because we do not know the reality of surroundings if we are all ready we’ll know the solution we don’t know it it sounds like you don’t like to or or want to you don’t want to deal with all the the needs all the physical or material needs how’s your life essential goes like food or clothing or housing or sleeping eating how does it work yet I’m not different from all the people in eating reading and sleeping however as long as my body requires I respond to it already naturally I have no greed II won’t worry about it I feel my body is just like a body following the soul I eat anything I prefer vegetarian simple mirror but I’m not picky world on special cut specifically care about food or ability I have two meals a day but never spent time or effort preparing Gambia I I feel I am able to eat soil grass and dogs if I am hungry okay because everything is tedious nutritious and energy one of the plans I wrote is what is the difference between for the end shed before going over the throat is food and if it goes over it is yeah but people distinguish food and very very differently they even think their own and sputum Dottie Dottie all right until it is 20 that they consider the oh to be good here and the way we should to be less Dottie I don’t purposely chose anything very dirty indigestible were in nutritious if it is not harmful to the body right away and the stomach can digest it it is it is food it has very interesting point so that does it mean that you’re not overeat or scared about getting hurt or getting sick because you say you’ll eat anything even the death or death or afraid

I guess I’ll print the fire or deep water I don’t say I don’t feel afraid of death I didn’t say I should have lost this if take this in peace without any renewal worry about life itself the body it is is a just for the followers and I meditate every dawn I feel no good between me and the whole universe I feel for all the whole universe and the universe is full of aliveness so you have lost that so you say you meditate every dawn every morning I don’t feel any water you were this oh you did mention alignment or lighting or realizing a few times what is enlightenment or what is becoming fully lament or getting there is there any difference between realization and alighting or learning I guess realizing and learning is it different because we learn and we realize every every single day every moment in light what is is being brightened free through understanding awakening and the question about understanding and the early Jason should be what we realize everyone knows and realize every day every hour every moment but there’s an analogy of common sense to us of knowledge the more we realize the above the more will become understandable for the below ones what truth is realized and applied in numerous realities as an exemplar the truth the two plus three becomes five is realized in many physical cases such as the number of object war people money time distance speed size and quantity there is no end to knowing each piece of realization the other time I heard that there are several universities in China their study t just t as we understand more the irwin modules our understanding becomes simpler and clearer and going to the detailed realization were tech to get more sundry closely attached to trapped darkened and confused we don’t need to know we remember all the miscellaneous things and our stoma and were happy is filled with miscellaneous things there’s no space for for the good and everything that exists in the universe is always changing

it is never the same all the lives and the stores are all different even identical twins are different we should know about peaceful but not all the cases fully enlightenment it’s beyond the physical world by realization of the truth it is to be absolutely object or completely absent from the subject subjective world relative be point to have absolute knees reaching the whole telling self beautiful beyond critical eye in Buddhism this is called as it is understanding and is called liberation it is a full enlightenment through piercing or everything without any stumbling blocks from areas to gain complete freedom and peace and to ascend transcend to the physical world physical death beyond the physical world yes for the night went if to gain complete freedom and peace by the realization of the truth what happens to us to people when the person realize fully or fully lengthened alignment what happened to them actually yet can all questions have been answered what is that the anxiety disappear and the harm tranquility and brightness home and we are never caught up in the confusing changes were diversity over the physical world after all my questions were solved I spent a while hiking and then and then the series of histories that you must have struggling with fighting and worrying have a pastor like I described this as an epic over 60 page pages of repentance through human history I came up with three things to solve in the future after realization clashes with scientific material civilization clashes with patriotism or group rhythm with ideology and the clashes with religious sectarianism or female or SETI came to me from the distance and asked to take care of my life at last the meditation came to the point where people blame Mach speed don’t tackle with knives but I will never not anyone who do fight I will only do those things for good and peace so how good things happen so what what is this truth or true that we have to find out we realize because there’s so many you know department or filled they

say their gospel order choose real like a special specific site especially a religious field they say their gospel or their study is real what do you think about that yeah actually all reference you can notice this from it’s a completeness and the human beings are very self-centered people says that it doesn’t exist if then you cannot see it is wrong if they cannot understand individual is person a person centered and the entire human race is also very importantly they always evaluate and insist on their own someone even thinks there’s nothing without himself/herself yeah very very ghosty yep listen business always write logic regardless of the existence of the physical world distance of think is always already inevitability of course anybody anytime true sir if the reason that is being realized in our universe – no she is right everywhere anytime in our physical world so there are a lot of religion that are not realized in our universe so I realized only in other universes others are not realized anywhere and some may be realized by human beings artificially using not so true sister vision that nature realize realizes in our universe so it is directly helpful listen for our life if we if we know we should distinguish the truth from the factory and the reality the factory our physical phenomena taking place in space but the reality is about whether defect is correct work whether a person speaks rightly according to his conscience or affect health and realities can contain to us internally but they should not be called to us themselves and again the laws of physics were laws of nature are natural in themselves the truth inherent in them but not the same the difference between math and the physics is here mathematics east of formalization of logics as symbols and belongs to the truth symbols are been made but the notion is never man-made choose it yourself the laws of physics unity in the presence of matter but tourists don’t so that’s a very different view but

still is very it’s not easy for general people to understand how can you prove that the truth that you realize is unchanging and its actual really true yeah the physical world is finite incomplete conditional always changing temporary and the passive it cannot arise on its own it cannot change will move by each will so something should do this before it presents it needs an original self sufficient and complete in a distance the world of reason is intangible and the self-existent and always absolutely right right and here anytime the matter is the existence of the physical world well the change of physical time in the space and some reasons are inherent as laws and the physical world or cross war changes for example mathematics was independently developed in other areas of all the days when transportation and communication were not developed at all yeah India stinker in the industry so the India’s Indus civilization the Middle East Mesopotamia and South Africa’s in call South America there’s some chaos the Incas validation independent area the mathematics were developed and even now everywhere in the universe mathematics always hold truth and also mathematics is always used to consistently to be correct in controlling satellite launched into space and observing and exploring changes in the reverse mathematic is used there are many self-evident truths that are not expressed in mathematics I hope to take some examples of it next time okay on the basis of this infinite world of reason the physical world is proved prove to be temporarily realized through the mediation of matter so the decent exists unconditionally anywhere anytime in all clinical voices or even without any stakeholder and the truth Elster realized to distance you know universe appear always right everywhere in our universe my question was on how people can believe this because I asked that because there are many many people only accept only believe what they can see it actually it’s a physical evidence in your world but you think the logical or the concept is so non-physical say non physical evidence is more certain can you tell more about those is it right that non-physical is more certain oh yeah very very good question and the

distinct question I think material history had told me Tony what they see or feel with the five senses so they try to take only material evidences they are trapped in the physical world and easily right in the world of reason what was that clearly released but is in video I do not admit those physical evidence is also true evidences because physical evidence is never complete and it is always changing conditional and temporarily temporarily existing so it is not recognized as evidence of true existence I admit only the reasons and the truth as the from every disease yet as we saw somebody said there’s no absolute truth well worse things are relative and the subjective they say like that but they are the words who can’t leave the ever-changing physical world often as one if they’re saying is right at least to say so itself must be the absolute truth so absolute truth mostly these two necessarily and inevitably as long as something you did well as long as phenomena such as or something from nothing or car material is to think that if we decompose or interpret metal we can find soul mind and spirit in it but they miss what don’t technology even the common place for that software can be developed or even listed separately from the hardware and work well together as one with the combination on a computer or duck contrary extreme I could sister spiritualist well your noggins think that everything is built by the one mind well all is made by God but they do not tend to acknowledge the existence of the body or the functions of materials so we must understand correctly each of the world of reason the physical world and the life world and we need to understand how they are working together well combined as one we cannot see if it is too far yeah and the two small well-hidden we cannot see them even though you can sting right next if they do not emit light like black holes yeah a lot of tiny black holes may be around us continously even though the logical occurs very far away if they do not get physical signal what there’s no medium for information transmission we do not feel them with

the five senses just according to the fittest invisible materials in the universe dark matter and dark energy all about 95% we can see only 5% in the physical world we must agree that they are certainly exist releases and the truth in on intangible rain that kind of explain so we cannot we only see very small portion actually even in physical world but we cannot admit easily about you said the reason in video because we cannot see yes then what happened to us if we realized that what are what is our benefit what are some good things or you did say that it’s gonna be worryfree but is there any more advantage or benefit that people can get from seeking the truth or realizing the truth sumasar need emotions that produce no animus that if they are hungry the gradient want and the lie down or sleep Effendi our food problems are prime it noticed to God according to the world of Buddhism human beings are in the second position among six world is avocado man Azra animals devils and hair we must awake we must be awakened throughout our lives someone died for its own existence death the truth must be must be always and be based on the body and the soul need to be cultivated to reach eternal life doubt fear avarice Darwin’s mistake pain all those things come from even auras as we realize the truth one by one we feel great joy and peace in every day we feel happy to know conversations common senses or general knowledge but we feel more delighted and deeply ecstatic and we realize the truth because the truth is the deepest and the most original the more we do the truth will become as we transcend the physical world and we become the brighter lighter clearer picture more peaceful and more joyful yeah Susu not only solve all questions but it also solves all real problems in afterlife by freeing us from what children oriented life their words are some cruel benefit um some people will passion you that a lot of your thought and lot of your truth that they might question you if you’re trying to start a movement or or new religion are you starting to think about that way or not yes we are I start a new

movement but I am NOT concerned about religion Legion religion is not necessary if humans are fully enlightened we don’t need to admire sacrifice worship as a religion separately for what is always right all fair and doesn’t change religion basically started from desire while seeing themselves as weak and thinking that God listened to their prayer if we know humans very exactly we will never ever any we will never ever need any religion belief and sincerity based on an understanding differs from test and worship based on joint acceptance I am firmly saying religion will disappear in the future I strongly urge a let’s know the truth correctly if we know exactly who I am and what human beings are we become peaceful and can solve all problems you