Whirlwind Girl EP16 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

Bai Cao! Senior Xiu Qin! I am okay! I can do it myself Be careful! Senior Xiu Qin, why are you here? Bai Cao, I want to tell you something Do you remember, you only got the chance to participant in the competition because I got hurt? I know Do you remember that day when I realized Coach Shen was coming to the competition How happy I was? She is my idol I always believed I had a chance to be choosen by her If… it wasn’t because of the car accident Maybe she would have choosen me and not you I know you did really well in the later matches I am really happy for you But everytime at the matches When I see Coach Shen watch you I always wished it was me up there and not you Now you have a chance to work with Coach Shen It is a dream to come for you It was my dream So no matter what happens, I want you to beg Qi Bai Cao I am begging you Please focus all your attention on practice Work hard every day Make it worth both our whiles Qi Bai Cao, please Senior Xiu Qin I understand! I will work hard every day Don’t worry Good Senior You gambled your future for her ticket, and now you get Xiu Qin to encourage her Does Bai Cao know you spend so much effort on her? She doesn’t need to know So beautiful! I am glad there is a program I can join Although I am not in the same class, but it is at the same place So I am really happy Whao! The Fang Group was really willing to invest in this Let’s go! I can’t wait Whao! I never thought I would hear you say you want to go to practice in my lifetime – It is like seeing a ghost – What did you say? Do you want to fight? Hey, wait and see what I am going to do to you Starting today, I must work hard! Stop stop stop! I am wearing a skirt today or you are dead for sure I am still going to get you Stop goofing around Let’s go in – Let’s go in – Okay Stop! Let’s go Okay From today on, you guys will spend three years here

You are in A Team, a professional team From Monday to Friday, you must practice for 4 hours each day On weekends, your practice time doubles Understood? Understood! I will do roll call now – Fang Ting Hao Here – Sheng Bo – Here – Ruo Bai – Here – Hu Yi Feng – Here – Ling Feng – Here – Mei Ling – Here – Ko Zhen – Here – Luo Shi Qi – Here – Xiong Yan Wen – Here – Ni Wei Jia – Here – Qi Bai Cao – Here Every half a month, there will be test session If you can’t get through the test session, you will be kicked out After three years, I hope all of you will be here Having improved greatly Can you do it? Yes! Louder! Yes! I am growing the wings to fly A boiling heart fills my chest The rhythm of my breathing matches my steps I’ve never been panicked Even I can’t see the end Even a lot of people fall and get hurt Before I become exhausted, let me enjoy this light shining on my path No longer afraid of the desolation of the night I am growing the wings to fly My youth doesn’t live for love I only want to fight for my dreams What I’ve missed is a thing of the past So I’ll let them cheer for me from behind Here it comes! Our famous beef noodles Here you go In the recent competition, the winner was Qi Bai Cao from Anyang As a new comer, she has done great in the past 2 years Winning many competitions Do you see her! She is my adopted daughter! Number one! Whao! She seems pretty great Of course. She is great She is also pretty and really kind and hardworking Everyone, please order more Half price on everything today! Next, is the award ceremony Let’s invite our guest of honor World Champion Fang Ting Hao I am so glad I can see him even if he is not competing I am a little jealous now I wan to get an award from him too Mr. Fang Ting Hao will now give out the award Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Bai Cao! That’s enough Why are you guys cheering so loud? Her performance was only so so Oh, well if you can kick better, then you go on Who was cheering so loudly earlier? I I was afraid if she lost, that would be embarrassing for my aunt My aunt My aunt Are you afraid people wouldn’t know your relationship to the coach? Anyways, if it wasn’t for me, you would still be on the B team I know Guang Ya’s ability isn’t good enough to make the team But I am Guang Ya’s aunt So if you have any issues please come to me Don’t punish her – Fang Xiao Ying – Here Come over Coach Shen Why don’t you joing the team too You can practice with Guang Ya in the future Really? That’s great! Thank you coach! You are too beautiful That is true How do you want me to thank you? How about when we practice next time, I go easy on you? What?

Fine, you just wait until we practice I am not going to go easy on you Okay Okay stop fighting You did a good job Keep it up Thank you Senior Ting Hao If you want to thank me, than do something real Why doesn’t he let go? What do you want? I am really stubborn You have to agree to something or I wouldn’t let go Do you want everyone here to watch me fight with you for this? Okay Great. I will come find you later Coach Shen, I hear you are picking the candidates for the World Youth Competition I hope you can consider Bai Cao Ruo Bai, Ting Yi is the obvious choice Bai Cao doesn’t stand a chance Why? Before you worry she didn’t have enough experience in competitions But she has won many recently Today, she even beat the national team This proves she is good The competitors in the World Youth Competition and those she compete against in China isn’t at the same level Korea Champion Li An Xiou dominates in the last few years Besides Ting Yi, Tell me, who else can face her? Even if Ting Yi enters, she can only win in the semifinals Li An Xiou will beat her Ting Yi can be a star in Yuan Wu Dao, but she doesn’t devote herself to Yuan Wu Dao Since that is the case, why wouldn’t you consider someone else? I don’t need to explain my decision to you You should go practice now Your stomach hurts again? I am okay I think I pushed myself too hard earlier – Let’s continue – Are you sure? Bai Cao? Why don’t you go rest for a bit? Thank you Here is your change Please visit us again Here is cash You okay? I want to do a few more problems It is almost exam time I am worried about getting the scholarship Let me see “Don’t hold out hopes.” Wrong, it means “There is no hope.” The tense for this sentence is wrong Also this, This sentence is wrong too Next time I will be more careful

Bill please I will go. You keep studying This year I will get the scholarship This way I can reduce my school fees Then Senior Ruo Bai doesn’t have to lend me money anymore and can quit this job I finished my home work I can wash now I will wash. You dry I can do it myself It is my job anyways Senior Ruo Bai, you shoud go rest You can’t touch cold water today *T/N Chinese traditional medicine says girls on their period shouldn’t touch cold water Girls should know to take care of themselves Why are you staring? From now you, every month during these days you shouldn’t’ wash cloth using cold water You should take care of yourself If you have to compete on these days, what will you do? How does he know? You don’t have to study so hard for a scholarship I will take care of your school fees and living expenses The only think you should focus on, is qualify for this year’s National Youth Competition But Ting Yi This time, I want you to win Senior Ruo Bai! Senior Ruo Bai! I made your favorite! Bai Cao! You are here too? What a coincidence! You are not feeling good today so I came to visit Your face is really red I guess you are feeling okay That’s right Don’t you have more homework to do? Homework. Isn’t there more you need to do? Right! I need to go do homework Bye bye! Study hard! I still have work i haven’t finished. I’m going first Wait, Brother Rou Bai! Brother RouBai don’t go yet I made your favorite soy bean pig feet soup I’m telling although my mom opened a restaurant, it not very healthy You worked hard. Here, have some Soy bean pig feet soup? Its one of the foods i never eat How could that be? Didn’t you become obsessed with soy bean pig feet soup? I delivered it to you for a whole week Who told you i like this soup Brother Yi Feng Then you should go ask Yi Feng because i don’t like drinking soup Hu Yi Feng, you’re dead meat Who is it?! This isn’t good timing Who is it? Who is it??? Whao! The Song Bai Talented Lady Cook brings the soup Wow! You’re here to deliver RouBai soup again? I will definitely safely deliver into Rou Bai’s hands Crazy Hu, stop pretending When i delivered soup to Rou Bai he already told me. You’ve been drinking all the soup all these years haven’t you! And you lied to me saying that he like soy bean pig feet soup. I think it’s you who drank it all Didn’t you like to him too saying that you made the soups yourself When BaiCao was the one who made it You are the typical business owner, you don’t work but take advantage of other’s work Hu Yi Feng, you bastard!! I can’t take, can’t take it You stole time during my precious youth, and you are making up excuses I can’t stand it Senior Ruo Bai specifically asked me He wanted me to look after you. These days you can’t use cold water to wash your face or take a shower This is red sugar water that I specifically made for you But the red sugar in there was from Ruo Bai.You don’t need to thank him Thanking me is the same How does Ruo Bai know?

Yesterday in training, your face was pale and you were having cold sweats so Ruo Bai asked me if you were sick It was me who told him Ruo Bai was so worried about you While Yi Feng tricked me for so long, and Senior Ruo Bai wouldn’t help me If I didn’t you guys are just friends, I would be jealous You misunderstood Don’t talk Does that feel good? You can talk now Senior Ruo Bai wants me to take care of myself so I can join the World Youth Competition World Youth Competition How is that possible? Coach Shen will definitely let Ting Yi go Don’t even think about it Something smells bad No writing paper The ink you use is also the worst Ruo Bai, does Bai Cao know that after you paid for her black belt fees, you became this poor? It is for the World Youth Competition right? I saw the rules, All competitors must be black belts But, spending so much time and effort on her Is it worth it? Especially this year You spend more time training her than yourself She doesn’t need to know You really don’t care? That so much of your time is taken up by her Ruo Bai, I don’t want to pour cold water on you But even if she can apply There isn’t a lot of hope Because Coach Shen will definitely send Ting Yi What is this for? You have become quite skilled with your tornado doublekick But you haven’t been able to do the triple kick successfully I have been watching you. I think it is the way you start the kick I always make a small jump unconsciously You make too many extra moves It effects your movement I practiced so many times and haven’t able to do it Am I really disappointing? If it is that easy to learn then it wouldn’t be worthy of being a secret weapon Okay, all the basic moves Do it in the order we do during practice 10 times each Start Don’t make the extra move Continue Continue Continue You should cut your bangs too I will take care of it Wanting to look pretty is fine But don’t let it interfere with your practice or competition Yes, I understand. I will take care of it Continue [Anyang Training Base] Do I really need to cut my hair? It would be a pity to cut such beautiful hair Senior Ting Hao! How many time have I asked you not to call me senior? I am not that old Just call me Ting Hao Or if you want to, you can call me Gege T/N Gege = older brother. For a girl who is unrelated to you to call a guy that, it denotes special closeness, not necessarily platonic Stop playing around. People will misunderstand Who will misunderstand? From start to finish, only you misunderstands

Have you noticed you always obey Ruo Bai? See if he tells you to go east, you wouldn’t look west If he tells you to practice, you wouldn’t skip a day If he tells you to take care of your hair you are wiling to cut it off Say Are you his slave? He mistreats you a thousand times, you treat it like first love? What are you talking about? Senior Ruo Bai is really nice Also, what… what first love? Oh, it is not first love? Then who are you saving your first love for? How about giving it to me? If you don’t stop joking, I am going to ignore you Are you okay? What do you think? Are you okay? Did I kick you too hard? My heart hurts more Do you know Before I came to see you, I spoke with Coach Shen She said I should figure out clearly in mind What am I really interested in But I don’t want to do anything Nothing interests me The only thing that makes me happy is when I hang out you, and cheer you up But you, you ignore me all day You even beat me Are you… unhappy? That depends on you Senior Ting Hao, Actually if you don’t tease me all the time, I am willing to help you Okay, I am going to stop teasing you now Do you remember at the award ceremony? You agreed to do one thing for me? You must agree to do something for me, or I wouldn’t let go Okay I remember Good Tomorrow afternoon at 3pm I will pick you up here Wear something beautiful Bye What did you say? He didn’t show up at the matchmaking date? Ummm… isn’t he Damn him He stood her up That kid He doesn’t practice seriously He doesn’t want to settle down either He spend all day running around Also his sister Must go overseas These two kids, neither one lives up to their mom My sister was gifted and worked hard She won a world championship at 18 She broke many records Ting Yi and Ting Hao are excellent kids Regardless of when it comes to Yuan Wu Dao or business, they are both successful They have good accomplishments Kids as talented as them It is normal for them to have some stubbornness Ting Hao is gifted But he isn’t dependable He isn’t as hardworking as his mom If his mom hasn’t been hurt I would have left everything to her But her two kids are both disappointing Hall master, don’t be upset Tomorrow is your birthday, Ting Yi can’t come home from the US, But Ting Hao will be here for sure Tomorrow you can sit him down for a talk He will definitely listen to you We will see after he comes You have been working hard These are things I shoulddo When I first started in Yuan Wu Dao, you helped me a lot It’s getting late. You should get some rest too I will head out I am going now I am ready, why don’t you change and we can leave

I changed already This is what you are going to wear? Is that okay? Are you going to a kindergarten party? I knew you wouldn’t be ready, so I prepared for you Mr. Fang, what are you looking for? Pure, modern and elegant Not too much makeup Okay I understand Mr. Fang, here you go Mr. Fang? Mr. Fang? Which one do you like better? The white one Pretty good Okay let’s go Isn’t this a bit wierd? It’s not wierd. But it is missing something You need this necklace to make the outfit complete It will make it more elegant