Dear Rush I Miss My Country

now just a couple more things for go to the break just to try to cleanse you of the panic give you some counter news counter information to the stuff you’re seeing in the drive-by media do you see let me just ask you do you see a single republican senator or congressperson trying to distance themselves from trump in their own races when trump goes and does a rally do you see no republican elected people there nope they’re there they are showing up if trump were an albatross if trump were losing and cruising for a landslide defeat you wouldn’t have other republicans want to be near him i see biden in nevada and minnesota he shouldn’t be in nevada minnesota because i’m told he’s got those sewn up now nevada and minnesota are done what’s he doing there i see trump in battleground states and in the midwest that makes perfect sense there’s some internal state polls that look better than they did just a few months ago north carolina is one 16 of black voters going gop that’s that’s not something to be happening in a massive landslide set up defeat i see hard core leftist democrat congress people begging for pelosi to allow this stimulus bill to pass they’re begging for her to let this pat why why does it matter why even if trump gets the credit why does it matter because he supposedly lost it already trump’s going to lose in a landslide the media’s telling this nate silver’s telling this charlie cook is telling everybody so go ahead the democrats want pelosi to close this deal because their constituents are suffering and she will not do it because she doesn’t want trump to get the credit for it why does that matter if trump is cruising to a landslide defeat then i see wolf blitzer on cnn try to push pelosi to an absolute meltdown over the same thing i don’t see any panic among republican senators pushing through amy coney barrett don’t see any panic they act like it’s a fata company it’s going to happen i don’t see the elements here of of landslide upset defeat like people are feeling i even see senate races like like john james uh martha mcsally tom tillis susan collins these are all tightening in their favor those senate races would not be tightening if the presidential race was being lost if the if the presidential race was widening but i know none of this makes any sense i’m just trying to tell you what i see i know how you’re k you’re terrified understand it understand why you would be all you follow not even if all if you just spend enough time with the drive-by media i guarantee you i understand why you’re terrified try not to be this is paul in baltimore great to have you and glad that you patiently waited hi hey rush uh thanks for having me um long time listener and huge honor to be on um i just wanted to make a comment to your first segment about people being afraid of the election and everything i really think the democrats including the media all know trump’s going to win on a landslide i also believe that they’re setting it up just like 2016 where they’re going to say that trump stole the election you already hear biden talking about voter suppression that the only way he’s going to win is if there’s voter suppression okay wait let me just make sure i heard you here at the beginning you think trump’s going to win in a landslide absolutely and you think you think they believe this too yeah and i think they’re trying to get the talking points out now that trump’s gonna have stolen the election that’s well let me share with you a note that i got from an official climatologist and see what you think because i i may have to hold you over for the bottom of the hour break i may not get all this in are you ready sure dear rush i am really worried this time an underinformed and overly indoctrinated public combined with immediate disinformation campaigns leading us into uncharted territory rush leftists believe trump is going to be repudiated maybe even suffer a landslide defeat so what happens rush when he wins when trump wins by a landslide i am genuinely worried about the riots

that’ll follow trump winning the media will claim that somehow the election was stolen by trump and they’ll point to all of these polls and charlie cook and nate silver showing biden was well ahead can this be their plan rush can this be their plan all along are they really this smart i suppose they have more time to plan than the working people in america do truth is dying in america is that something that you uh think’s got some credence to it absolutely and i do think he’s going to win a landslide maybe be worried about what could happen next after he wins but i just don’t think people in four years forgot that they were getting rid of the establishment when they voted for trump i don’t think people forgot that they’re voting for their country when they voted for trump in a short three years not even four years yet so i really think especially with everything going on this year um even uh obviously before this year even started with all the code that i really okay gonna win in the landslide all right well we’ll explore this thanks for the call very much so back to this email i got i just i had to hustle through there because we’re closing in on the bottom of the hour break rush i am genuinely worried and under-informed and mostly overly indoctrinated public believing everything they see in the drive-by media combined with a media disinformation campaign is leading us into uncharted territory rush leftists believe that trump is going to be humiliated in this election they have been told for the last two years that they’ve been told for the last four years that trump colluded with russia that trump should have been impeached over a phone call with the president of ukraine that trump hired prostitutes to urinate out of bed in moscow they have been told all of this and more when all of it has been debunked they have not been told that they think trump gets away with this stuff all the time they have been led to believe the american people are fed up with that and want trump gone they believe because they’ve been led to believe that trump is going to lose in a massive landslide so rush i’m worried about what happens when that doesn’t happen i’m worried about the riots that are going to follow trump winning the media will claim that somehow the election was stolen by trump they’re going to point to all of these polls they’re going to point to all these experts charlie cook nate silver there’s not a single exception to them rush everywhere you look in leftist politics or media trump is losing in a landslide there aren’t even any caveats rush they’re not even making the slightest excuse for well if this happens and that happens trump could with an even going there rush they are pointing to poll after poll after poll showing biden is up by double digits up by 17 biden a 91 chance of winning i am scared to death rush what happens to our country when he doesn’t lose rush could this have been their plan all along could it be that they’ve known all along they don’t have a prayer of defeating trump let’s look at this logically could it be ladies and gentlemen that the democrats actually talking about defunding the police know that that is not a winning issue that democrat mayors and governors allowing the the cities in their in their states to be rioted looted property destroyed burned down is they is this really what they think is going to win elections no it can’t be despite the fact that they’re trying to make it look like this and let’s look at something else let’s look at trump wherever trump goes or whatever they’ve thrown at trump there he is larger than life after

every incident after the mueller report after the supposed impeachment phone call to ukraine after every scandal that they say he’s guilty of he rises and is bigger than he was before he gets coveted 19 recovers in record time trump’s rallies are larger than ever the democrats have to know that just like hillary clinton joe biden cannot draw flies and the reason is that there isn’t any genuine human excitement about a biden campaign they know that when they report bidens up got a 91 chance of winning that he’s leading in some states by 12 to 17 points they know that evidence on the ground does not equate to this all of the eyeball evidence all the things that anybody can see going on in america indicate that trump is winning big and then we do have some polling data showing trump’s going to win 56 in gallup poll say that they believe their neighbors are going to vote for him that they believe their neighbors think he’s going to win and i have more on that phenomenon here in just a second but the it is true there’s not a single thing that’s changed from 2016 to 2020 other than what’s in the media what’s in the news and so forth in order to believe that trump’s going to lose in a landslide you have to believe that the american people have grown tired and weary and sick of the whole thing that is donald trump and there’s no evidence of that except for what the drive-by media is reporting and saying it really is a is a good point is this the plan all along look they have telegraphed that the russians are already planning on stealing the 2020 election for trump they’ve been on that for two years they have been corrupting the 2020 election on purpose for years they’ve been accusing the 2020 election of already being dishonest but on the one hand here every news story every bit of polling data shows joe biden winning bigger than anybody’s ever won on the other hand you’ve got donald trump being humiliated and losing and embarrassingly so and then on election day trump wins big why they’ve even said they’ve even warned their peeps be careful because on election night it’s gonna look like trump has won in a landslide and then they say wait wait until we count the mail-ins and wait till we count the absentees they’re telling their voters this on election night don’t be fooled it’s gonna look like trump already won in a landslide well that means they’re expecting it so what is going to happen to all of these democrat voters who have been indoctrinated with so much hate oh my my my friends it is incalculable the amount of hatred that the drive-by media has embedded in the american electorate on the democrat side it’s it’s it’s hard to measure and they’ve got them believing that trump’s going to lose and be humiliated they’re so prepared to be so happy they have been ramped up they they all their prayers are gonna be answered election night the next day they’re gonna be happier than they’ve ever been what happens when they’re not just just a couple things here before we get back to the the phones it’s from a very brilliant friend of mine who looks at this stuff in ways that i’m not capable of uh digging deep into polling numbers and cross tabs and the deep interns not that i can’t i just don’t have the patience for it especially since i know people that can do it i rely on them

he says i think there are two reasons the polls are wrong these days rush one the question of who are you going to vote for on november 3rd may not be the right question in the age of cancel culture and doxing and internet monitoring more representative might be the polls that allow you to express a view an opinion without going into the electronic memory bank as a pro trump in other words a a a better poll might be one that allows you to tell the pulse of your point of view without you going into their database as pro-trump like who do you think will win and are you better off than three years ago or what issue is the most important to you because of course the economy by far a guy who says he’s better off under trump thinks trump is going to win and thinks trump economic record is issue one they’re all likely to vote um for him two they still don’t fathom rush all the ways to calibrate the silent trump voter in their samplings from trump voters hanging up when asked to participate then the pollster goes right on to the next person to answer without acknowledging that they’re skipping over likely trump voters to self-select who’s going to answer questions but do not represent the actual november 3rd electorate or not calibrating that increased voter registrations are both running strongly republican percentage-wise and recently registered voters are far more likely to actually vote he thinks a lot of this stuff is just not being factored in properly by people doing polls today but during the cancel culture and doing doxing and internet monitoring uh a question that asks somebody directly who are you going to vote for and that that answer goes into a database people aren’t going to answer it in fact more people will answer they’re not going to vote for trump in the cancel culture in the doxing internet monitoring more people will probably tell a pollster they’re not going to vote for trump because they don’t want to be harangued they don’t want to be bothered they don’t want to be identified and i think that there is some a lot of validity to that when you understand how many people are scared to death of being tracked and targeted and followed particularly by a bunch of leftists you look to black lives matter culture at antifa and targeting people they think are the enemy you don’t want to make yourself out to be the enemy here is uh larry in hubbard oregon you’re next and i’m glad you waited hello sir hello rush you are talking about my favorite contrarian indicator and i wish you had just kept it a secret between you and me and that is exactly right who is not panicking it’s mitch mcconnell it’s the turtle it is cocaine mitch himself the legend he is not acting like a guy that looks like he’s about to lose the senate he’s not acting like he’s a guy that’s going to lose his position of leadership i know he’s seeing the same internal polling that donald trump has of course they got to be sharing that stuff they’re they’re on the same team he is acting like a man that’s fully in control of his own destiny well he to that point he’s not acting like a guy who feels any kind of pressure to get amy coney barrett voted on either maybe maybe not we’ll see what happens with it um you know that that just all winds up being what it is but he’s putting the pressure back on nancy pelosi if he wants to get the stimulus bill going and put that back in her lap before the election by saying they’re going to move on that before they’re going to move on her well sure it puts the heat on any sort of democrats he knows that he’s got uh at least a couple democrats for amy barry cohen already um there hasn’t been a single republican that’s been kind of wishy-washy on her so that’s true like i say he is he he’s in control of his own destiny by his by his own actions so you think the key to this is for people worried go out and look at who’s not panicked you know the things that aren’t said are as important as the things that are said well i understand that so if you do that like i saw pelosi on with wolf blitzer yesterday we’ve got the sound bites i keep saying we got in there coming up folks i may never get to him because i really don’t care about her but i’ve talked about it if i probably should but she genuinely seemed

mad panicked upset one of her own underlings wolf blitzer calling her out and i don’t see panic on the face of donald trump i don’t see it why there’s something to learn from all this