Day One China Holiday! Beijing, Temple of Heaven & Group Dinner!

so where are we mum where are we we’re in gangjae Airport in West y-yeah much so we got to go chicken now we have a 3-hour flight is it yep you have three hours okay to Beijing 7:00 yeah should be interesting and I think I was such a bad flier I had the worst fight pretty sick okay here we are we’ll just take a walk and we can look back look at the flowers my innovation I like to slide number two we’re tired now replying and the transponder and the heat on the side I’m gonna so excited for sleep the smell which I will check back in once we get them you good morning so it is now I guess day 1 we did check back in last night or anything and then I had a pretty decent sleep my mom had not such a good one hi hi mum oh good morning and then I think we’re just going to go walking but it looks so bad outside as in I can’t see anything past bring a couple meters that’s pretty bad so I’m not sure even what we’re going to be doing today police walk the search traffic yeah I should be interesting ok we’re going to get ready and then I’ll check back in once we’re walking or something that’s our room mmm oh don’t show it a big big mess and then my bathroom is tiny but it’s a really good place once you close the door it’s not too tight sure and then her and yeah Cordova okay today I’m wearing I’m wearing this baby I watched I haven’t heard a plat this jumper is from what’s it from Sport Max squat and then I’m just wearing a black tank top black jeans Miley writers and then these shoes which you can’t see yeah oh there we go okay yeah we got a room change from now going to a non-smoking floor so let me hook it up luggage and these people look like down to us I wish they’d say hi yeah yeah whatever you do a little bit under this is the new room I wouldn’t say it’s upgrade version and then the B still pretty much the exact same

it’s really nice lighting here though mm which is a 1-1 to have a look you can even just see with that mustn’t move they know it does move okay shall we go justice okay so we’re walking down straight Jen Queen commercial building I feel like we’re kind of lost like I don’t know where we’re walking what you’re walking to have a look and I guess tomorrow we’ll start sightseeing but it’s been about 10 minutes name pretty sure we’re lost already so we’re doing well we’re doing really well huh definitely on track now look here some signs I can see okay we’re gonna go undetermined yes a little it’s cute walking a benefit this we’re going to walk to check back in what to get there yeah and that’s my surroundings because again hi we ain’t trying it’s a very cloudy day it’s very warm at least for me and I will check from heaven let’s go that you are in the temple of heaven now we’re working against the lung corridors where they would sort of the animals have the divine kitchen and then something else the landing was not fit here so look at the paint our natural beans we got some nice and bright colors in here so we’re at the heaven of the temple temple heaven temple of heaven I’m walking away so you guys can get a better idea of what it looks like this is the annex hole so we’re in the fall of refres now I’m just chillin with my friends so Emperor Yongle telling mum losses in the French Open you were younger we asked about and for various a section model but can we just appreciate the room so beautiful so beautiful pretty girl having your photo shoot just so creepy so snobbish now I’m just showing them the pretty girl having the photo shoot she looks really pretty and I guess just in the surrounding it looks for me nice yeah mr. Walker there’s another one there’s another two in red dresses I have that one of the dress yeah that’s an interesting is the 70 year old dog because it was made for Emperor along with 17 purses help was decreasing their beauty my dogs and the history session and then he said because anyone who saw him using the dog that you can use the door if you were rich the age of 70 but none of the other employees ever reach the age of 70 so no I never used to directed him well you guys built in 70 1779 guess I can’t use that for another couple years mom you got a couple more years on user though he says people gathering in little spike here so I’m under glass here ah section de but it’s a pretty different view and they’re breaking down with the music cycle and the Temple of Heaven still have yet to go see that that’s on the next solo walking yesin stone carvings you’re all protected where I keep tripping on like little

tiny stone if I can paint stairway to heaven mr. Hoyer to see things pretty good on the hunt for ever in front of things my mum shits whether she like came inside and then hopefully we’ll see a bit more in the background we’re really sleeping these music these guys over here playing your time then singing it’s precise enjoyable place yeah to really be pleased I can understand to them some people are saying that you really need to spend more days in here yeah but just got a quick feel that go through yeah okay I will check back in later buddy see ya I’m getting tired so sleepy I’m so tired us we’re at the West annex hole I think it’s called I’m not too sure after you read the sign and make sure yeah that’s where at so we’re walking to the secular mound now then yeah it’s Finnick Nikki cool yes please yeah I got pins and needles in my left foot oh I’m so tired I don’t know okay we’re gonna go see where are we see the palace summer palace and then I think we’re gonna walk back to the hotel and just chilling no no we won’t see the moss and apologize yeah no I don’t know what we will do yes the rays gotten us if he knows God has for the time being nervous a little yeah colleagues okay I found the temple I will check back in once we get this is called the three gates and then the fasting palace is just three them yeah look my is right I think we’re both retired um I didn’t find out and then I would check back it okay so we found the column foundations of the sacrifice Oh should be sincere and yeah so it essentially says that this outer enclosure was for the temple of the heaven which was a sacrificial hole which is up there yeah okay so this is the Sun apart nice huh I don’t know have on say hi I it’s called the double ring longevity Pavan pavillion yeah nothing’s gonna sit down here next to the bamboo that’s my feet are killing me but it’s such a beautiful view though it’s kind of surreal being here it’s really really nice it’s gotten a bit um foggy and there’s really pleated I think it’s becoming less and less but still nice so I think we’re gonna stay here for another hour or so go through the rose garden and then head back to a hotel and rest so yeah okay hey there’s not a lot of people around it’s kind of nice just to have the whole area yeah to ourselves yeah it’s just chili dog okay we’ll go have a look your fest okay and I think it’s very season they’re all shriveled up we’ve got them and anything else I think I’m for sure these are meant to be the roses I just don’t think they’ve had enough water for it’s not maybe the season I’m not sure yeah sure dude any that’s what I said it’s something I think this is the raised garden oh we’re in the race gutter we finally found it and they’re cleaning so pretty I’m gonna go for a walk through it I think it’s been a successful day I’m

tired so I think if you’re tired then you know you’ve had a good day because you know that you’ve like that’s how you achieve something yeah and we’ve seen a lot you know really important so that on tonight we’re just meeting up with our group and then we’re going for dinner somewhere succesful recover yeah okay we’re going to chill out and just enjoy the surroundings and we’ll check back in later so he found a little alleyway I’m not trying to sell her but we got a someone that any money I’m doing fine our hopefully my animal but interesting to me they just following the grout seek the truth because in the trailer so we stumbled upon this cool shopping street no cars or anything is there because I don’t really want to do shopping they have another place this office firstly business experience so we’re back in our bathroom because the other two were really dingy so I’m going to show you a clean – this is our room again without all this stuff so I’ll go from this angle yeah and then the bathroom is all part get steady now I’m coming into the bathroom yes you’ll come in yeah there is no missing clean I’ve gotta show up it looks nice nice then everything care about to be ready for dinner and then you just said that on camera by the way we’re just waiting half an hour and then we’re gonna get you I’m so hungry and I’m so excited to try some actual Chinese food today my feet really hurt though I think we did wait what walking so I’ve ended up putting on my flats just because they’re like I clouds that I can walk on yeah so how great I’m excited for food and then yeah yeah we don’t fit enough be happy there some sort we went without really I’ve really nice day oh yeah it’s a lovely bonding time what Matt yeah okay okay we’ll check back in once we get through so hey guys so I’m back in the hotel now I’ve acted asleep so I guess I’ll end today’s video on that note and we’ll clean thank goodness but the shower is so cold yeah I don’t know if that’s normal but I usually like my shower to be really nice and warm I ended up having to get the hairdryer just for me off a little bit but yeah so I’m about to go to sleep tomorrow we’re going to the Forbidden City and then I think there’s one other place and then the next day we’re going to the Great Wall so hopefully they’ll be interesting for logs as well everyone in our tour is so so so nice and yeah so hopefully I’ll get a bit of them here and there and yeah so I will speak with you guys I you