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This travel guide will guide you through San Gimignano and its white wine Securing a great deal on booking.com, a cottage like this at only $13 per day The famous Fiorentina steak The notorious Palio di Siena where James Bond was filmed. Siena – its main points of interest and some tips and tricks Monteriggioni’s fort and towers and medieval festivals Many castles scatter around the countryside used as B&Bs Castellina in Chianti and it’s romantic narrow alleys, wine tour at the Cecchi winery with a professional master sommelier and what to buy and take back home food and wine We rented a car on rentalcarsdiscount.net You definitely need a car to get around Tuscany We made a list of things that we really wanted to go and visit and so based on those We had to find a place that was near all of them and we came up with a small little Countryside town called Sovicille. The further away you are from the city centre, the cheaper it gets This is a small countryside town so it’s gonna be very cheap. Booking.com allows you also to sort it by price So you’ll have the cheaper ones on the very top Discard the ones that don’t have a good rating and then whatever suits your price and your needs and the pictures are good that’s gonna be your candidate. We rented this one right Agriturismo del Arnano and we really recommend it It’s high rated. The staff is amazing. It’s in the middle of the wilderness It’s not so far from small little castles and it’s cheap. It’s really really cheap. We paid nothing 324 euro for three people for seven nights 15.50 euros and it’s not even a hostel. To give you an idea This is the distance between Rome and our stay and also Siena 244 kilometres for 3 hours and 5 minutes car drive Today we are heading to San Gimignano It’s a very small town Well known for its white wine Vernaccia San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena Tuscany known as the town of fine towers San Gimignano is famous for its medieval architecture Unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses located on a hilltop forming an unforgettable skyline The town is also known for its saffron The golden ham and its white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano produced from the ancient variety of the Vernaccia grape Within the walls the well-preserved buildings of both Romanesque and gothic architecture with outstanding secular buildings and churches This town is very very pretty and look what I bought. For 17 euro pure Italian leather. Very nice The historical center of San Gimignano is a UNESCO world heritage site Here you must visit at least one tower for pictures and must buy a bottle of the Vernaccia. It’s mandatory Here’s a pro-tip. Below the fortified walls surrounding the town you’ll find a scenic walking path few tourists are here and few of them know about it. A good opportunity for beautiful pictures and a lot of silence This is echo foxtrot niner-niner approaching Agriturismo dell’Arnano, now repeat approaching Agriturismo del Arnano over Buona sera echo fox qui torre di controllo, please reduce speed and increase altitude to 6,500 feet The interiors are well done mainly bricks and wood. The apartment is really cozy. You feel like if you were at home Amenities were perfect We didn’t have to buy anything Even olive oil was provided and a full kitchen to cook at home if we felt like it. We were sightseeing all the time but we did have some Italian aperitivo at home a swim and Some yoga. We met the owner and she absolutely is a super nice lady She brought her dog over and a bottle of red Chianti. as I mentioned before this place is perfect because it’s close to so many Little small castles that you can visit just by walking there. It’s a perfect location. I really recommend it Now we are going to Piazza del Campo in Siena

Piazza del Campo is the principal public space of the historical center of Siena It is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares It is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity. The Palazzo Publico and its Torre del Mangia as well as various Palazzi Signorili surround the shell-shaped piazza. At the northwest edge is the Fonte Gaia. The twice a year horse race Palio di Siena is held around the edges of the Piazza The best tip is to enjoy delicious gelato and the sun laying down on the floor. Everybody does it and it’s so relaxing You can’t miss out this amazing ice cream gelato and I have pistacchio flavor and the doggie wants it too If you don’t want to be fancy and you don’t want to eat in a restaurant or have aperitivo You can always take your own food and go sit up here. It’s really cool These balconies are the best spot for viewing the Palio di Siena, it’s usually impossible to get a seat But if you manage you’re gonna have a blast The Palio di Siena is a horse race that is held twice each year on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August ten horses and riders dressed in the appropriate colors representing 10 of the 17 citywards known as contrades A pageant the Corteo Storico precedes the race which attracts visitors and spectators from around the world the race in which the jockeys ride bareback circles the Piazza del Campo. They race three laps around the piazza and usually lasts no more than 90 seconds It is common for a few of the jockeys to be thrown off their horses. Seldom unmounted horses finished a race We’re enjoying wine just on top of Piazza del Campo so the way you get here is you just grab a glass of wine or something to eat at one of these takeaway restaurants and then you ask them if you can go on top and you go up this like kind of staircase and it leads you to this balcony and the view is really nice and It’s really nice to take a break and stay up here The Palazzo Pubblico is a palace and City Town Hall. It’s an example of Italian medieval architecture with gothic influences We are going up the tower Torre del Mangia as you can see it’s the main tower of the square of Siena. It’s amazing it’s very tall so let’s go up Construction began in 1297 to serve as the Republic of Siena’s government. The Campanile or bell tower torre del mangia was built between 1325 and 1344 designed by Filippo Memmi to be taller than the tower in the neighbouring rival Florence After 330 steps my legs are hurting a bit At 102 meters it is a second tallest after Cremonas Torrazzo 112 meters and degli Asinelli tower in Bologna 97 meters. The tower was built to be exactly the same height as the Siena cathedral as a sign that the church and the state had equal amounts of power You gotta come here. It’s amazing Hmm and you can also taste the pigeon poop. Not bad This is Il Museo Civico To enter we paid 9 euro each Nearly every major room in the palace contains frescoes main frescoes were commissioned to Ambrogio Lorenzetti Simone Martini, Spinello Aretino Many of them depict secular subjects instead of religious subjects a contradiction to regular customs of that era We recommend to go to Babazuf, we talked to the locals and they recommended this place so it should be very good let’s see And if you want just lighter, something to nibble on, it’s called aperitivo in Italian. You can just cross the street around here and you can have it Many students come here because it’s more affordable This is the place you can have aperitivo Here we enjoyed Chianti red wine with the renowned Pappardelle al

Tartufo Non-uniform wide long pasta with grated fresh truffle on top and Strongozzi with porcini mushrooms. Truffle is a must in this region Do not leave without tasting it Go up to 131 step stairway to walk atop the Facciatonne. Entrance is included with the Museo del Opera ticket You must try these traditional delicacies – Tartufo Nero, Bistecca Chianina, local cured meat Cinghiale and strong character sweets Panforte di Siena and Panpepato Big sweet olives, Grana Padano little pieces, black olives Focaccia. It’s called Schiacciata. We have the one with tomato sauce And oregano. I just wanna eat so bad and you’re taking all these pictures would you please stop it? Come visit Tuscany, it’s just so worth it Alla Salute During the conflicts between Siena and Florence in the Middle Ages the city was strategically placed as a defensive fortification It was a valuable stronghold that not only defended the Senese territories But also overlooked the Via Francigena main artery for trades and pilgrimage Ciao ragazzi! Today we are in Monteriggioni which is an old medieval fortress. Let’s have a look We are gonna light the candle now in this beautiful church. Let’s get in Tickets are 3 euro per adult and you can go up to this wall on the other side and also to the museum This used to be used to destroy the entrances to the castles, so it’s very heavy and tough You can see all the vineyards of the tuscan lands some great yummy wine comes from here From here you can see the church the main square and also spotting towers Passing next to Monteriggioni is the Via Francigena. The common name of an ancient route running from France to Rome although some think it may start from the English Cathedral city of Canterbury. The route passes through England France Switzerland in Italy. In medieval times it was an important route for trade and pilgrimage Monteriggioni is also featured in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. A famous game for PlayStation Xbox and PC The game is brilliant and will bind your heart to the place Even further. Featuring bloody battles between Senese and Florentines back in the 1200s. Below the town are hidden tunnels closed to the public They connected the inner town to the outer town right after the fortified walls They were used as an emergency escape path. Monteriggioni was never conquered It was only handed over to Florence hundreds of years later because of a betrayal. Like most towns and cities in central Italy

There are medieval festivals during summer with authentic historical reenactments. Monteriggioni’s festival is in July from the 5th to the 8th And from the 13th to the 15th We’re in my favorite restaurant it’s called La Speranza. It’s near Siena, more precisely It’s really close to Monteriggioni and this place is very very convenient because it’s very cheap. You can find on the menu Prices that go from 6 to 10 euros for first courses. If you get a steak, that’s one kilo You’re gonna be spending like 40 euros which is really really cheap You douse the steak with it. look at this It has to be medium-rare, you’re not supposed to have this well-done The olive oil is so delicious Wash it down with really delicious red wine. Bistecca Fiorentina is a t-bone steak of Chianina cattle The steak is grilled over a wood fire seasoned with salt black pepper and olive oil applied immediately After the meat is taken off the heat thickly cut about three fingers and very large. Often is shared between two or more people traditionally served very rare garnish with lemon wedges Accompanied by a red wine. We spend 98 euros and 50 cents. If you go to Florence and you ask for just one Bistecca Fiorentina Per kilo, you’ll end up spending like 80 euros. La Speranza. Here you go guys We saw this place and we said oh we got to come here. Oh my god, it’s beautiful We have this castle, which is a compound We just asked if we could go up to the tower and they said yeah sure. We’re a bed and breakfast. Check it out So this is one of the rooms If you go to Tuscany, you’ll find castles scattered all over the place just like these ones This one is a bed-and-breakfast La Torre della Signoria Walking distance is another castle called Castello de la Chiocciola named after its spiral staircase Today we met this local gentleman And now he is showing us the way where we can find home made cheese and we can buy it there This part of the video recommends to do the following in one day. The two locations We’ll be seeing are 17 minutes away from each other about 12 kilometers distance This is Castellina in Chianti Castellina in Chianti is a municipality of 2800 inhabitants located about 15 kilometres northwest of Siena It is part of the Chianti hills The first settlements date from the Etruscan Age. In the early 15th century it became a stronghold of which today the rocca remains The city has remarkable Roman and medieval details tunnels surrounding the town have checkpoints with historical information to read. Little boutiques and shops sell delicacies such as olive oil wine and porcini mushrooms. Others selling local handcrafted leather

Truki please please! I want gelato! Okay okay While we were going we just read this Cecchi and we were like Cecchi? That’s the one wine we drink all year long and we always look if it’s on a special I can’t wait to get in there and check their line of production. To recognize this in the shop it’s like a small little golden head of a horse Now we’re gonna go and do a full tour of the area and then we’re gonna come here and have a little bit of food just some nibbles and Tasting of five different wines. We’re gonna pay thirty five euros each. This is a restaurant area and I’ll show you around What a beautiful experience Alright, let’s get down to business here. wine business! We got a extensive line of wines here And if you’re wondering where they come from, they’re all Cecchi wines except for one this one right here I’ll be talking about that in a second. But first I wanted to tell you Why are they on this table? So? After the wine tour, you’ll have a chance to pass through the wine shop and you may find these wines there But no problem If you forgot to do that, or you don’t want to stop you can go to a supermarket you can find them there on this side you have Cheap affordable but very very good wines Now this other side you have flagship wines Which are the sort of premium wines of the Cecchi line. This one right here is not Cecchi It’s Perticaia and it comes from the Montefalco region It’s the northern part of the region at the south of Tuscany Okay, so you have Tuscany, Umbria So right in between the two you have the area where you can find this wine, but no worries you can find it in the supermarket too These wines right here range from 5 to 10 euros while on this other side Perticaia is around 15 euros and Brunello di Montalcino is about 45 euros. They can go higher up in case they’re like 2010 or older kind of wine. What can you tell us extra about these wines. Tell me about it. Sure So here we have very affordable wine as you pointed out before Four red wines and one white one the white one is called Vernaccia di San Gimignano and is the one I was talking about in the video previously. La Mora Maremma Toscana, La Mora Morellino di Scansano, vino Nobile di Montelpuciano (I am so clever) and Sangiovese Toscana Okay, I’d like to point out this one because it’s my favorite one and you cannot miss it in the supermarket because It has a label of golden horse and is usually around 5 euro only and it’s yummy But truki we forgot one thing. What is this Over here? Good point. When you go to Tuscany buying wine is not the only thing you’re supposed to do you’re supposed to buy olive oil, which is really really good and premium and also these two things displayed on the table you got Sausages right over here and cheese right over here. So these sausages are not pork sausages They are wild boar sausages. Reason is we have too many wild boars in Umbria and in Tuscany and they get out of control They damage the harvest and crops. So we

Kill them and we make sausages and on the other side we have aged Cheese, and it’s a really good and really tasty. It couples well with red wine