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hi friends I am Kiaan Nair welcome to body pro coach alright guys warm welcome to body pro coach Train To Look Good volume number 49 it’s a crazy one okay you’re going to see some biceps curls and hammer curls in between and that’s going to literally get you an amazing burn in the biceps so which means that the more the burn the more the results the more the calories are burned the more the after burn we all are facing corona at this point of time here but we’re making the point that we’re shooting videos every single day almost one or two video to get you the right content that you can work out at home so let’s go let’s begin this journey all right the first one is a nice and easy stretch to the IT band so hold on for about say 20 seconds out there all right you want to make sure that you really smile and feel great about the movement that we have right now feel great about it switch it over to the next side here comes the next side now push it push through it I want you to focus on creating the force on the palms to really push into the floor which means that you’re going to really lengthen that muscles onto the one side and lengthen them nice and easy change now that is going to be a standing glute stretch all right you want to keep that mind calm and really focus on the right side of your glutes and bring them up find that smooth full range of motion to the stretch, train to look good volume number 49 is in the house switch it over to the next side where you go after the last three two and one great work guys now next comes to be the hip flexors wanted to drop down on the knee the back knee lengthen the hip flexor and lean towards the opposite direction stay here stay longer all right good job done switch over to the next side natural breathing so you’re going to really lengthen the muscles by relaxing them staying up get ready for some real good work let’s go this is going to be the feet wide hamstring stretch so lengthen that feet push your butt back at the same time I want you to focus on creating force onto the heel of your palms so push them to lengthen them and then look down for the last five seconds great alright guys skater time this is the first exercise we’re gonna get ready for the work your main zone is here hit that up for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off little easy jump you want to synchronize the hand and the leg movement you can see that landing on one leg will teach you how to land on the lateral side a great and athletic movements and that’s exactly what we need to become fit stand up halfway down great job people a great start for volume number 49 of train to look good programs great easy nice 20 seconds is a little nice break really relax grab some water or do some stretch in between here come the next one all right let’s go Broad jump to pulse back so you’re gonna easy nice keeping that knee soft you’re gonna jump behind but small and easy steps really focusing on engaging that core keeping it tight and hard

and nice and smooth through the entire movement keep smiling keep doing it we got 15 to go all right if you once you got the warm-up done nice and easy to start to increase the Range it’s Broad people kicks it one of my favorite exercises coming up it’s a great engagement for the obliques three two in one let’s move it up so knees are bent a little twist on the hips is what you can see you can create a little jump once you are comfortable once you have got the movements you can little jump into the movement you can see a little kiaan doing it very smoothly over there trying to synchronize the hand and legs a lot of the hip rotation happening over there which is great for the overall conditioning staying up for the last five seconds turn this round little break out there short break crab crunch turn it on your back now quickly palms placed heel placed on the floor just try to drive it up tap the hand to the Toes all right good job good job people so really we really recommend you to work out with your family and friends and i think i think it’s you know whenever i work out with kiaan or probably with Maahek it always turned out to be one of the best session that I have done so I always recommend you guys to work out two with your friends and family last 10 seconds out here make sure the movements are really smooth and nice and we are getting stronger day by day awesome work people I’m loving it plank walk push-ups so we’re in the plank on the palms and then we’re gonna travel down to your push-ups okay let’s get ready in the next five seconds let’s go Easy And nice this is one push-up one step out one push-up these are great when it comes to adapting the functional movement so there’s a lot of coordination happening on your mind and muscles you’re sinking your hands your legs and of course your mind muscle to work really hard here which is really really something cool stand up for the last 10 seconds amazing people what’s going to come next it’s going to be hand up high knees all right let’s go it’s a great opportunity to bring the heart rate really up so please make sure to really bring that knee up get ready in five my little man is doing really really nice out there you can see he’s looking so cute out there so I wanna let’s challenge ourselves bring that knee up keep that hands at the back we’re trying to show you the side view all right here we go 20 seconds more to go last fifteen and five awesome people lateral shuffle is coming up next get ready try and move with us on the time in preparation five four three two now hit it up let’s go shuffle to the side switch reach the floor easy and nice and controlled the moment stay over here

there we go for the last 15 seconds to go awesome drop squats so we’re going to stay down in the squats to really engage the muscles for longer to get the maximum muscle fatigue get ready in five everybody place the feet wide for the squats and get ready for the movement now hit it stay lower you can keep the chin up good the easy variation could be what Kiaan is doing you can minimize the range of motion if you’re someone like you it’s really getting that movement getting the strength to keep that back straight to get down to your butt now all right 20 seconds more to go we’re doing amazing and you can feel that so hang around all we need is muscle fatigue and that’s going to only happen when you push through the pain when you push through the fatigue let’s get the entry amazing all right Mountain climbers great time to engage your abdomen so let’s get on the floor palm plank turn you down for the next five seconds get this going now hands on key points shoulders forward brace that belly in and then you shift your whole body forward a bit okay stay here drive the knee to the chest so you want to really make sure that you maintain the palm plank and then create these movements side view out there you can try to go faster because you got only 10 seconds to finish this round keep moving faster in five four once again something great out here we ups focus to the abdomen starting in five on your back everybody lower back intact and left now we’re going to release that feet to the floor and bring them back again wait for the last 10 seconds three two one and change now all right let’s get back to the same round once again we’re gonna repeat all those things once again starting with skater again five four three two one let’s go and now hit it this is round two now stick around easy nice routine of 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off same moment lateral lunging bending the knees a bit and keeping that upright posture is very very important for us at this point of time because we are round number two and we are already a bit fatigued staying on it all right you can see some amazing transformations from bodyProCoach out here coming up next is gonna be Broad jump to pulse back get ready it is going keep the knees Soft jump through small and nice and smooth steps back stay on it last 20 to go

Last 15 three two one and that’s the Pause now check them out people you need some really good motivation we got it for you guys so you want to really check out the website check out the transformation read through it i’m sure that it will inspire you to keep yourself really fit uh at the same time make sure that you go to the playlist to know more things about the recipes and fitness is all about a great combination of good eating pattern and consistency on the platform of exercise so make sure that you do this two things and if you’re doing these two things the the third thing that you require is going to be some cool information so make sure to check out our information section on the playlist on the youtube spend about 10 to 15 minutes on each video which will educate you about what exactly you need to be there you know what you need to keep yourself really informed three two one switching over to the next one is going to be 20-second short break make sure you grab some water in between sip some water rather it’s going to be crab crunch get ready for the work once you’re back turn this around we’re going to be launching our kids fitness programs very soon so let’s go amazing work people to try to synchronize that try to sink their hands very quickly on the move on the go last 20 more seconds on the hit stay on it we’re going for that last 15 seconds out there and always I would say that last 15 seconds so 10 seconds is the time you’re gonna really focus on pushing beyond the comfortable zones because you have a break out there that’s about 20 seconds actually break coming up now amazing another one of my favorite transformations all right check it out next one coming up is going to be plank walk to push-ups so synchronize movement get ready on your palms on your planks in three two one push through the push-ups to the plank let’s go now take it on to the walk my little man doing nice push-ups out there so I believe you know teaching kids at a very young early age is very important telling them about the uh you know few important things about fitness teaching them discipline is the most important thing so keep moving on to let you guys know about kiaan is a brown belt at this point of time when I’m making this video is a brown belt in karate and kung fu second star and he’s won some boxing of fights too all right 20 seconds break out there staying on next one coming up it’s going to be a hand up high knees stay in the place all right now give your hands up in three two one knees-up awesome staying off the last 20 seconds out here last 10 seconds coming now in five great work all right watch coming up next now next set is going to be lateral shuffle get ready for this one easy nice shuffling to the side there we go people taking the last 30 seconds in the work you want to make sure that you get them speed up to really get your heart rate up so if you must have noticed when you do exercise for about two or three weeks the intensity that you have right now in these volumes

you may find it competitively easy so you want to make sure that you take more speed more repetition in the set to really challenge yourself beyond the comfortable zones to get results three two one and now change drop squats coming up into place everybody gets ready we want is a nice and neutral back just lifted through the movement so let’s make sure that we have it just lifted up all the way up in three two and now hit it good good good people let’s make sure that we keep that knee soft we keep that engagement of the muscles if you are someone who new to the program please make sure to do normal squats just an option so the key is to keep the knees soft and constant contraction to the muscles explosiveness is the keys to get fitter faster so last 10 seconds out here five yeah that jump up awesome mountain climbers here again last five get this going now let’s go get on the floor palm plank again shift the body keep driving it up knee to the chest so you want to make sure that you push that palms to the floor really formm and hard to really get that contraction to the scapula and keep the body really static so stay on for half time more which is going to be 20 more seconds actually here body forward keeping strong side view out here what we’ve got last 10 seconds one question can you go faster can you go faster let’s do this now all in together for three change it v ups let’s go now ready to go for the last 20 seconds out here in the last 10 last five awesome work skater coming up again for you guys are you surprised we need you to get surprised a bit let’s go get this going On last round of the work rolling out for this one schedule for 40 seconds shifting easy nice through the moment step out and breathe out synchronize your hands to really get this balance down here stay here people 20 seconds to go volume 49 of Train To Look Good programs from body pro coach fitness is here you want to really check out the rest of the videos on the playlist we’ve got about or more than 450 videos at this time of making this video change around all right we are known for the transformation that we do in the shortest time actually when it comes to transformation it’s all about the implementation of the right information at the right time and the person staying consistent all right broad jump to pulse back and we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing individuals who have shown amazing results and if you’re doing this program at this point of time, I wish you all the best please make sure that you check out all the things on the website the blogs the links on the youtubes everything that can help you get fitter in the less or the shortest time possible stay here for the last 10 seconds now

stand up try to make more reps we’re feeling stronger last five time for the kick sits now here we go in three two one synchronize the movements let’s go do it on alright the beauty of the about the movement is that switching your foot as quick as possible and creating more reps you will feel exactly the work happening into obliques 19 seconds to go one last five next one coming up next one guys gets ready make sure you grab some water there’s a long routine crab crunch coming up get onto your back turn around everything now let’s move around and three let’s bring it up 20 seconds to go halfway down what a day people what a day we ideally suggest you to do exercise early in the morning that’s going to be way too much of beneficial last five all right 20 seconds of quick break plank walk to push-ups get ready on the palm plank knees straighten up form knees long body long spine I would say rather stepping stepping out into a push-up so if you’re someone who is doing for the first time or right who’s really getting that push-up with the range of motion please make sure to drop on the knees or do dead push-ups now what do I mean by the dead push-ups is that lying down completely on the floor then push through the hands to make the hands straight when you’re pushing the hips up great going great going people looking for the last six seconds Head up High Knees is coming up in place let’s go easy nice all right people we almost there now a bit of few minute remaining to the finish line everybody bring it out bring it up what do we look forward to burn how much calories do we look for to burn in an exercise of TTLG routine is about 400 to 500 based on the heart rate based on the intensity and of course based on your fitness levels stay here for the last 10 seconds now all right lateral shuffle people shifting onto the right side and do the left, right and left coordination take about a few bunch of steps and Quick changes what we need is a quick change to the side shift that the body gets functionally adaptable to this moment keep moving keep rolling we would recommend you to do about three to four times of TTLG routines

in a week to keep yourself really fit but if your goal is to lose weight we would recommend you somewhere from four to six in a week drop squats coming up staying lower is the key 20 seconds more to go here come the last 10 seconds can we stay down can we stay lower can we get some more work last five coming up awesome right once again guys this is Mountain climbers get ready get down on the floor we got the palms on the floor feet on the floor get the knees off and keep the knees straight and tight we’re gonna drive the knee to the chest now let’s go let’s do this driving into the chest speed is a strength for us right now we need speed to build up last 20 seconds to go last 10 amazing V ups coming up in the place do you really want to check out the base program available on if you’re looking forward for a transformation we believe a transformation happens when the correct information is shared and when you have that mindset and we’ve got all those things to get to these these two things that I mentioned already so check out for to know more about your transformation last 10 seconds out there what an amazing workout guys you’re done with about 32 minutes and 30 seconds that’s something amazing you know I really appreciate all your efforts 20 seconds of a quick break we’re setting up for the some dumbbell curls if you remember i said that you’re going to see some dumbbell curls at the end of the routine and that’s coming up now get this going is the last finisher for the routine of volume number 49 on the train to look good programs from body pro coach fitness we’re gonna go for 20 seconds on it Get ready you know the curls the key is to keep that lower back straight keep the knee slightly soft and going strong at the moment next, that’s hammer curls constant stress on to the biceps going for the last 10 seconds now feeling amazing feeling strong my little man is moving about a little light dumbbell but for his age it’s really a great work next round there is no break in the routine and that’s going to be the surprise shock in the routine to get your muscles working harder staying for last 10 seconds out here this is amazing hammer Curls you know what yet john stay here stay strong elbow in full contraction for lifting it up last five can you do one more round this is for 20 seconds we are on to the finish line you can almost see that finish line approaching you or you approaching that finish line make

it stronger you know that you are very strong at the last finishing off a race so this is the race and you are very close to the finish line hammer curls coming up bring it up three rounds this is the last round of it almost there almost there stay on it stay on it 10 seconds last three two one. all right guys one of the craziest Volume that you’ve done volume number 49 is completely ready to use for you guys now so I did this routine with Kiaan and with the weights how you feeling man very nice all right did you have fun yes did you challenge yourself yes awesome guys it’s an amazing routine please try and do this routine with your family and friends that even you get them an opportunity to become fit so being said that you want to make sure you subscribe hit that bell icon okay that you always get to know about our videos and as simple I’m looking forward to see you in the next video make sure that you do about four times of TTLG videos at home or probably in a garden and that’s going to look up to complete fitness we will see you in the next video bye and that’s going to be volume 50