K102 Country with Herrick

just so yeah what a nice sitting it yeah I jumped under this that’s okay you can’t say as the damned in hell right are those swords oh don’t we on now I think right Oh crud Musti hello this is Herrick and we’re at k102 and actually what are we Sam work anywhere you are Sandpoint Idaho I don’t know where I am today long enough to get easier with that we’re late the traffic was horrible it was really bad I’m gonna prop this right here this is gonna get me more next to me already you can cuddle with you rapping hello and how are you that’s they do guys I’m going to playing do you love me right now awesome do you love me do you recognize the voice so last time I saw you guys was in a concert situation boys at the Country Club yeah is that I still there oh I heard it lesson so he said they were dirty so we closed that place down I thinking yeah Russia or drummer was talking about how the commando and easy oh that’s our first question first question is where’s your god oh my god you said my piece is still there’s real paycheck but they’re married we can hit them with the question guys I never length of time your amorous Congress really because what’s not gonna love that are looking for this was a long time hello those knuckle in the figure 3 winners Jimmy went for you by this time 10 ever use trying to have that’s a good run right it’s for a minute they’re getting some assistance right according to the thing right stopwatches when you go i’ll give it I’m gonna gateway I know however is that hold up i didn’t know if i was brilliant Alex right 500 couples that’s a lot of couple yes I just wanted you know somebody their timing yet okay great go now are they like that group yeah Carrie watch it no no there there uh just a different breed that’s all yeah they’re only my one day they’re down under ward oh so yeah you know right never I’ve never asked you guys it’s a lot but I know I don’t even know when you got married how long is merely a long time we met when I was 12 yeah I was back in the day when you can get married but every Christian is amidst experiment okay imma be nice ideally shut up in here Eric do you love me k 102 country as we cruise along on what’s known around here as a commando Wednesday and what a day we’re having today I’m so excited to have live in the studio and I debated whether or not to read this weed is funny your bio carry is on the website but for some reason hers i cannot find hers donna i’m talking about really hairy yeah and so i’m looking through there and I see this thing called a blurb I’m gonna read it and I want to know how you feel about the blurb ok here we go to great when hair takes the stage you see them and the spell is complete Donna let’s lose something the opposite of righteousness it’s a house full of hurt and anger and wife it starts on the highest see note that 99% of female singers cannot hit at all now this is I ring this off your side and somebody commented the blur and that’s true i’ve heard it somewhat like opening up the gates of Hell to a really screech yeah Donna’s pioneering vocal a kind of audible kiss whoa a blurted confession back by a fierce mandolin

let’s see Jefferson master guitar sounds carries legendary bass beats combined with its white harmony blend Bradshaw’s magnificent wash of drums and cymbals full of passion all of us through a dizzying hour-long crescendo until the final ban until if I have been hit this reminds me of the five minutes and 24 second average the entire show hair show five minutes for using one of the morning said he never kelo buddy hey how are you let me try to get this right i know it yesterday wow that I’m sorry about that now first of all where did that come from this is a professionals who’ve written a professional sense is that I mean that is really pretty it’s pretty accurate would you agree or disagree yeah yeah we we try how can you hear me okay all right yeah we try to have a really good time and we just let loose and yeah you know we’re just we’re having fun of theirs what we’re doing so that was um yeah we paid somebody to write that that’s the truth I think it was well we were very good everything but we couldn’t back it up right right it’s funny that you say that I mean I saw you guys on the last time we were all together and we’re having a great time we had dinner and everything was at a place that’s no longer there yeah the country club in court late and I noticed something right away during the show which I thought was fantastic your wife comes out in these high heels and she’s obviously drop-dead gorgeous you know that gives you marry her and you know if she comes out and she’s got these pumps on that say you know is there’s cool pumps and ouch and you went to us I’m runnin out out she’s gonna get a great look and so you come at about five minutes into the first or second third song I don’t know what it is the shoes come on they come up and they get tossed to the side and now about to get serious yo this is gonna be great and you guys really you put on a fantastic drink it thank you talk a little bit about your start and I know you’ve been in Nashville the new album coming so we’ll get to that because it’s fantastic and I’m glad you want me two copies of yes um but talk about your start I mean I want to know where you guys met I don’t know where you got married I want to know the average time Jeff yes we heard that on the way visit for an Australia for nationals got nashville time right australia time which is two hours later I mean you guys grew up in totally government area how did how did you meet I’m getting okay i was born in LA california uh-huh grew up in cheney Washington okay Carrie grew up in spokane washington went to West Valley I witcha Cheney yeah and met when I was 12 Wow married not long after 13-14 I try not to let you touch of it out cuz I don’t want other kids getting bad ideas I don’t want to be the one thing she did it we can talk to I’m very him and it was a bad idea what easy it is not easy to stay very okay so wait a minute 12 12 years old I so that’s like what sixth grade seventh great when you make it was for me it was six yes you’re going in i think it was a Jew so we were both going to win win a new EP you know we went to go to school together or did you notice me yeah like a bowling alley but blind date Junior High dance why Alan gainer you might be listening to you hey Alan yeah he was the DJ at that dance and carrying was a blind date Wow and was it just love it first time no well he was wait listen to that he was a rodeo cowboy okay again I was like no part of that because I was a big-time stoner heavy metal every phrase this a little bit though I knew great rodeo cowboys yeah I’ve been riding bull riders yeah i wrote bolts respect so you understand the difference I do yeah so an so let’s say I and i still love I mean it was fun I learn to rope them all it is real let me give my mind here’s a year on a horse somewhere in the background we gotta catch if you were a bull fighter at what we would call it that I guess well yeah not like a Spanish whoa everyone when you get them to marry turbo fire oh my lord you know the cowboy that taught me an old cowboy said you know the best way to fight your wife yeah I said how’s that he goes Brett with your hat like a wet because you grab it and run like hell and cover that yeah thanks you guys met you got married a local a kind of a local landmark really I mean right right close to know the hitching post the hitching post yeah we’re too young to get married in Washington we had to come to idaho Bobby dark and so how long is that for you guys I wanted to be may go a long time we had we busted that place is my guy I

don’t know it’s a long shot is a 19 whoa whoa Don I haven’t counted I tried no really that’s not so much better actually actually hey I had my what’s the guy’s deal call when you go out Oh bachelor bachelor party yes Kelly yellen’s respond be darned when he was still yes so cal it was a lot of fun that was fun yeah well you guys I mean you’ve been married long time now were you cohesive as far as musically right away did you know no Kerry and his brother were doing southern gospel okay and so I used to travel around with him and then Kari is like oh you can sing it’s like yeah but I was pretty shy yeah I would know I don’t believe that yeah i would not sing it for anybody so you know then we started singing as a trio in the gospel coming in churches thank you to all the churches that put up with me say but you can’t hear a word I was saying because I’m so scared yeah just had to get used to sing in front of people is so a while interesting idea so many stars that we talked to and I say this you guys are really very talented and I enjoy your music so much as so many of you have all grown up music look like that I mean everybody I’m yeah I’ll say did you start singing in church choir what did yeah that’s it you’re forgiving they’re really forget yeah sure sure oh really seven jobs for family there yeah yeah you were saying are you kiddin right that was that you’re doing it you throw down again what did you what was the first instrument you picked up a harmonica harmonica yeah I’m gonna host Susannah really is a whole churches well churches Oh Susanna oh yeah but still okay so you pick that up and that’s that’s not I don’t know if it’s harder not to play I mean it seems like it’s pretty hard I thought it was absolutely easy to play talk are taking it serious yeah and I started learning from you know again I play a harmonica I gotta learn from pros and I thought holy crap how do they do that how to get all these notes how this one little read right so I had a there’s a lot I matched out a long way to go I mean he’s just it’s like playing bass or any instrument yes there’s always going to be a jack bruce it’s always going to be a flea no one gonna be someone greater than you yeah yeah thank God right right yeah when you think he looks at humble that keeps you to prove it all the time we had we had Taylor Hicks in American Idol item again for what season yeah he was in a couple years ago and I was digging around the harmonica and then he walked in the studio and he had it out and he just started playing over me and I just dropped it oh you know like whoa half I’m out so hats on because yeah it is a lot harder than people think yeah you can blow and suck yeah but it mostly sucks so harmonica and now in the van what what you’re I mean I primary Mr Miliband’s the base base okay very good ms out that be all about it meghan trainor so because she so she comes into the gospel group she started saying you a while she can really sing then she gets up front she’s doing why did you bust loose and just go uncomfortable now I think I was more afraid of what caring Kevin would do if I did it I me because they relied on me and once it started and the love of your audience is very important and once I started loving my audience and care more about them than myself no that’s when the attention came off me and I started focusing and it makes it easy yes Jesus early does ya know I just shows after every show because no matter what i do matter what you know Jefferson is a world-class guitar so matter what you know those two are actually you know you know the quarterback of the Sierra hit but they all just congregate the doughnut yeah well I which is because she said the love she gives for example you can see that in all the great for people i mean yeah i agree there’s an X Factor that that is either there it’s not and in watching you guys perform you you have that you engage the audience and that’s really key I mean there’s like I’ve just sing to the audience but you actually engage them yeah you get you feed off what’s coming back at you and you adjust the show I’m sure constantly tweaking it as you go yeah and that’s the sign of you know get its how I think it’s how artists used to actually perfect the craft they used to go on toward the Myrtle hangouts and who’s having some trouble in the hospital right now which was thinking about him but he would go out and perform perform perform that was the perfection and then kept the CD and then yeah you know we play other songs out life first yeah this whole CD and all those zones like cotton fields for instance the reason when we cut that lead belly is where we got that song a lot of people think at ccr we got it for a bit yeah that’s where I know from yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s an old folk song are we done singing that our whole career I mean for evil we’re doing southern gospel and we’re doing that song so in all the you know all that the songs on there we’ve been playing for like a year on the road and riding and perfecting

them and just you know chiseling away you know because really um the road is what makes that your artist yeah I mean it’s easy and really and you can always tell I see a lot of the new artists that you know Nashville which are labeled made artists oh yeah he’s a good-looking dude yeah and you can sing a little bit let’s run out again two weeks later he’s does come in he’s gone and when you go to see he or she live you’re disappointed yeah no SI mi amigo well i didn’t sound anything i mean if you a Jeff and I we talk about artists all time like Sara Evans and people you go see her alive it’s the real deal yeah I was she can sing as well on the CD and you guys to me are the same way what you see is what you get what you get here is what you get live it’s not all you know can’t a tricked out by some guy yeah there’s no tuning right and it’s seriously we tune our instruments before we did I go but there’s no vocal tuning yes see in that local too I love that and that’s what makes it live the same I mean I think if you guys had to pick and we’ll get into a song here in just a second we’ll take a break if you had to choose one artist that has inspired you as far as i know a country in Iraq all of it comes from all but yet pick one artist what would that be where would the inspiration come from for me it’s emmylou harris Emmylou wow ok look when i first heard her voice as a child it just I was because I was a song wish i could give ya cuz i was unfortunate i was in the loo Ricky I was Angie era I was a heavy metal fan I loved Ozzy I looked all that we talked alleged blue leather and lace and when I heard in its funny cuz I’m seeing and I would sing it its own country I’ll be like yeah and then I heard any one day and it was like wow what’s your favorite anyone handsome if I could only win that’s beautiful we’re gonna hear more than said I you my friend I pick one artist I know that’s all I can ask well it easier one boxers or briefs or commando it’s neither Wednesday by the cheese one right off the top of the head my head the one who got me out of stuttered into writing yeah and performing something different was merle haggard ya know every single Christmas or birthday my mama gave me money to go down to the store yeah and I by merle haggard out why mean I have a collection really from heaven tomorrow Haggard yeah vinyl or the vinyl thing but I mean I love buying vinyl yeah and I still she came home one night one evening I guess then I was like she was what I had a record player and I had I’m sorry a record player Knight is playing big city album oh yeah was upon some left hand but I had a beer sit in the edge of the tub and I was laying about to sing about my lunch that’s enough what did you do haha that’s a good idea to show that I’m ready that sounds like trouble you Louise you go get him some candles were lit no no there we came very close to meeting Merle Haggard and I’m that’s something that you know we haven’t done yet hopefully we get to yeah great um because you know you go back and I looked at listen to my mom and dad’s old albums of his yeah it just such a voice you imagine that voice coming out at that arrogant cut off yeah I’m so 20 and southern I love Nashville oh yeah man yeah but you hear this crooner come on didn’t see her he’s not even really country back yeah that’s true I mean I mean just doing his own thing just and then he has that dobro but it all makes sense I can tell just what are you talking about it the inspiration is there and it’s fascinating to learn that about artists to me I think we’re the roots from you guys get together you figure out this whole thing musically we come up you’ve done a couple albums your newest one cotton fields was done in Nashville you guys went to Nashville you live there now right i mean you’re currently of course you’re on tour right now on this album I want to play a song if you don’t mind a minute you brought an instrument over there I have no idea what it is because i’m not very musical but it looks like a small guitar it’s amanda lynn it to Amanda yeah so we’re going to play a song in a min what do you guys what are you thinking you want to do some off the new album um yeah we could do the second cut its hurt like heat okay with a band and nothing it’s gonna be one of the singles so right on well let you guys get set up for that and we’re going to take a quick break we’ll be right back with Eric hurt like heat live in studio next you’re listening to the morning stampy play it like on the radio well we’re gonna do not eat in love I’m like collection hey God we do it here I don’t know you want to play why what do you want to play life you want to do something like a week and we can do favor like traitor over it you

know it’s like hardest and one area okay uh were easy i’ll just come back go change of plans now we’re gonna do did you want us to do you have to do a lot of what if you guys want to do i can play this one while you’re getting ready to happen that’s the one you want to hear love before you guys number to join us at the PDCA home and garden show at the bonner county fairground test drive the latest john deere equipment get coupons four dollars off a contact or utilities and save tractors for no extra cost Oh industry well John thank you our tractor package including a loader hedgerow snack no purchase i couldn’t find before join team play this that wand on the table and man hang after for your operation especially am I going the road I’m on to find the perfect affordable equipment for your needs and the dirt is looking at delta region right and bonners ferry don’t miss dr green with your dealer happy machinery interview extant in the garden show is this okay do this yeah yeah i’m always i’m straight away sorry to throw them in you really quit some reason this is not so great which is nice yeah he’s ready so i can attune oh it’s free for the harp I’m never have to stay back okay hopefully get better dude so y’all did hear you have you can you know he’s easily record Elena kitty creating dirt blues and Corey vehicles and hope where’s that at area I’m feeling 20 miles towards Montana descriptions about you yeah I just keep on going I used to live right here all the water near thing we had a great place and we sing you’re the first people to play this one from um yeah used to live right here and then I say to kids to college and we were like we gotta pay for another house and boise at another house here and so my wife she actually went to Portland and we were going to move to Portland and do this show from Portland really he back here and we had engineers all set up to go and everything and then we decided after a year of being apart and we’ve been married like you guys probably for 20-plus years of whatever anytime we’re just like why are we a party yeah it just is not why you got men we want to do your passion yeah exactly get supporters like nothing else is working oh that’s right I realize at the end of the day I you know I don’t understand to eat the fire mentality yeah it’s time my brother-in-law’s but i can’t i can’t comprehend that website I’ve never so we think going back and forth you get that it was cancer last year yeah that’s how I miss ok we go on the toilet in my schedule here reply back off I’m reptile three in the morning I sleeping in till two and we come back here another week it’s just a slim fit I’m not awake right now it really makes you that was what our thing was I mean we’re here dad it’s a forward fortune yeah you have a lot of year in it you don’t think I know you’re tired ivanovo singer like yeah kind of moment one o’clock yeah you know I want to i’ll get the street and it’s so full wildlife that i take a 9-millimeter on my walk cuz its forest it’s kind of like I want to there is you get taste like that but it’s quiet yeah probably belong to moose okay yeah oh

yeah yeah and did a couple years ago we did a three-week tour oh yeah now wish for my you look crazy Alaska is cool I’ve been down time yeah I often thought about going there too I couldn’t live there I was thinking there’s vampires there’s no dilemma what did we see your cell bill did yeah one point three people per square mile that’s the publish not get a lot of 1.3 so they’re gonna stand like well that’s why I learned that even the women are so impressive Yeah Yeah right he’s a pretty so I person won’t be the worst along who’s gonna work yeah baby knees every female how are you festival of new face do you want to my expedition oh here okay oh yeah it’s really cool its first time we’ve done this I guess I better prepared thank you that that Layton ladies Yemen was the very first time and that song has ever been get on the radio yes by this station thank you what are you talking about dang it’s on that of you i love it and that whole time we’re having some fun talking kind of off the air but a beautiful song and you guys are tuning up getting ready to play over here and I don’t even ok so you have that’s a mandolin yes it is and that’s a harmonica sort of mouth harp and some problem is dirty yeah I know nothing so this is fascinating I love having live music in the studio and I hope our listeners appreciate you I know they do what do you guys going to do for us and talk a little bit about the song before we do it ok this song is a song before new album it’s gonna be the first single off you can hear me okay I tend to talk really quietly so I have to watch myself but um this was written by Eric the whole band and produced by us and David Walker ok and uh we hope you enjoy it it’s not your story ok please call me Jimmy gotta come my way staking me where I never be here yeah no no no no nobody’s coming mississippi where the grass don’t grow I dont still nobody knows l my won’t be found come my way

take you Oh whoo it was you know that’s a DJ’s favorite sorry passion and I was fantastic the harmony great I know this Jeff was plugging in headphones over there rocking out you guys do the fantastic jonnicks why is that as it is it’s almost like you know when you have obviously you’re married you guys are together all the time you think I have something to do with a blend of the voices well I think starting off in southern gospel really helped yeah really helped us out you know I like we said before you mean to regardless what anyone says about Excel the girls and microphones saying can’t seem to get that image you you have to be just like bluegrass you have to be spot-on yeah and you sing that saying everything I mean because there are always there’s always someone better than you that’s great and so they they would be seen with you so I think that peer pressure and the pressure from kind of just helped us perfect ourselves as we were younger and listen I mean I stops men sing harmony forever yeah but Donna Donna’s the show so I mean she’s she’s the go I can’t say that we get back in the car so I gotta just work okay I lookin for the show you guys have a CD pardon campus and release party here and this is this is a great cotton field to name of the CD yeah this is a 95 I’d have to do the math 95% written by you when I’m saying oh boy okay so yeah cocktails is the only well cotton fields the words owners but the way we perform it is totally different than what you write it on your own yes laughs and you do that as a group oh yeah we’ve got um there’s several holding all those answers yes yes okay well fantastic talk about the party when is it where is it and how come people get to it because it’s going to be s April fifteenth we actually undecided to bring our showcase home we’ve had so many fans in the northwest and thank you to all of you that have supported us in the past and in our career and some are like you know we’re going to bring this back and we’ve been traveling back and forth my dad has got cancer so we’ve been carried I’ve been yeah coming back and forth hey Dad hey mom um all year so we thought you know let’s take advantage of this and actually bring it home have people you know in the northwest get a little something of what we only get Nashville because you know you don’t get a lot of CD really showcases and spoken yeah so the flour milk April fifteenth it starts at eight o’clock Oh ticket wescom okay look at tickets yeah and um work door or at the door you can come and do it the door thicker get a lot of people that are actually coming yeah you know just paint at the door cool place a very intimate place first show I have never been there believe it on so that I can’t wait cuz I’ve heard a lot of that yeah it’s very cool you go to the bottom floor of the flour mill which is checked or even they have a little bar they set up in the back but it’s suzy bogguss was there okay i went with her last time yes we’ve worked with her did you for yeah she’s great yes talented but grace likes yeah if people will really enjoy this in this should be very intimate it’s gonna be intimately all the three yeah chateau real or the Reeve Enda and as for long enough is over go over the review phone the river is right there oh oh yeah but yeah it’s great it’s a great place you’ll have a great time there yeah everybody that goes we’ll have a great time yeah I able to buy this right they be able to buy the CD but everybody that comes to the door will get a downloaded the album free we’re giving away the chains and we heard so yeah come on out you’ll get a free copy of the album all right well remind everybody tomorrow too I will give us away for free country fridays and it will place more hair tomorrow get into and will remind you all to get out there yeah you taxes should be done by in 15 this courting or like we suck so bad it’s like sorry guys yeah when we have to pay but if you guys if you guys

go back to a national when you’re done is that what the plan is of yes oh yeah I know you’re going to be at four thousand holes yes yeah yeah I think it’s Saturday so yeah Saturday will be there three o’clock we’re promoting the event okay and again everybody that comes to four thousand holes will get a free download card I think album yeah and will you know we’ll meet them and talk with them and ask you no answer any weird questions yeah the talent is incredible and we honestly when you in your publicist called and said hey I want to do something with you guys I’m like sweet if they have been in Nashville I’ve been walking on facebook and everywhere you’re very active on social media so if you want to check in there what are the good spots for people to go to find you Twitter and all that Eric live.com if they go to Herrick live com they will get to every other thing that we have you guys are really interactive with your with your fans it’s not like you’re just out there on a podium something that is our distribution channel yeah we own our own label we have our own label says we work it 100% so everything you seen is us yeah so we have people and Claire’s great or publicist is great we have a good team and so we just work as hard as we can what we do so now how long ago was a country club Oh two years I don’t know was it two years I think you might even I think it was cuz new dance just came in oh yeah yeah so that was two years ago yes its busiest yeah yeah when you guys did this episode is it all the band members are going on the white you here is it ok sonic studio no music terms there’s the four of us and then we have a guest appearance of David Walker’s playing on yeah so I mean that’s that’s it fascinate yeah it was fun writing and creating a song with the band yeah we cut it live on the floor so it was it was so easy we’re always like we don’t remember cut this so it’s kind of a nerve to do that really I mean this is old-school yes but people will absolutely love it can they pre order it online yeah yeah make the park yep itunes right now a pre-order on itunes and amazon then you get our three bonus tracks you’ll get cotton fields hurt like heat and freedom love if you don’t love it now so you’ll get three silicium that’s Harry please Jen I hope you enjoy this what you thought how you guys thanks for coming out oh yeah appreciate y’all okay what is come on you guys are awesome thank you that door is always open road we don’t even know how to use the electronic lock barge in here and we’ve got a kind t-shirts we’re gonna give you a break we’ll be back to say goodbye one more time so stick around okay for just a minute we’re gonna check your full forecast that is coming up and i will say goodbye to Herot that’s thanks we had this happen was easy South Africa one yeah easy to say we’re done seriously well we talked about the songs which will ask us we’re like the kind of don’t remember like you’re gonna make up stuff well that one who play all right we’re good at despot yeah sure like oh yeah what’s he on he’s amazing I know what that man just I used to have a it’s funny that you said I used to have like my wife and I you got you know very a while so we have this joke it’s a long standing joke and that’s okay so let me crush I get to spend one night the comedy my husband Shania Tony I was on some talk show and I’m like okay I’m out just sounded like you were talking about I’m like and I don’t know if it’s because of her accent or what I’m like once she opened her mouth very alright and so and hers was Matthew McConaughey well yeah same thing yeah I know it shows me my master what Brad kitna spoof comedy then Hollywood actors were footing on uh-huh she says I’ll bet you that’s the way you really I bet ya he is rob you feel a little off right attack my phones are you ready k 1022 morning hi is this shot no huh okay well yeah you’ve got the studio line show me do you want scott’s number hi I haven’t but we’re on the air right now for the whole awesome so I have not no it’s okay I haven’t heard from him let’s see ya is that that’s a large you want extra larger extra large units no because they’re kind of dick is small okay we’re here we go ha nice yeah pleased 885 mm-hmm 49 oh just sent check that would be food 4096 yeah uh-huh bye buddy hey

Lori k 10 jun hey Jesse hey hold over you pray a lot 267 31 artist here’s a hot on the Facebook page when it looks at your picture he’s all love it they’re coming on and the guy that was it I know boy was on tour right now really it’s kind of a different air or you know an oil rig right wing in my time really I love we love me you know that sounds in a schematic well I don’t know how else to explain it I but he wrote a song called go commando minutes right here right so Savannah d hell yeah then we said back already yeah but he was over to ya hey we gotta get you more for exampie oh oh oh no we got a wand you know that’s craig Campbell first carnival raised again I’m not race cats means i’ll talk about him yeah we heard nothing like that boy Tom control this style of music oh you’re right about here we go heinous pretty sick fighting well yes indeed the trend should continue to wrestle eat great way they’re going to set some records and we’d like to set some records in at the Chateau reef for Eric that’s sound the 15th then we’re excited again thank you guys for coming by thank you and we have a questions do those shirts make Jeff his neck look skinny and my face look playback what do I just want it’s a nice jeans a little bit these jeans it’s like actually it’s like you’re like wearing rose player yo great Oh God beautiful it doesn’t great can people when they go to Chantal reeve are looking much better than commander oh yeah you never answered that question commander win see your participating right both of you are no I mr. Bradshaw are doing with his volunteer for OKC city wants to bring izzy tonneau cover calm peace and cake well again thank you guys for coming will people be able to get t-shirts we don’t have t-shirts but we have albums we have all that stuff keychains if they’d go online we do have t-shirts online yeah i just gotta say we’re on their uses your website a tree and you guys are fantastic get out there see herrig on the fifteenth eight o’clock chefs who ever you get tickets at the door while they last yes I would