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park break off heartbreak on spoilers armed starting engine one starting engine to

flaps one flaps two park break off thank you our set 100 knots has a good climb you’re up speed checked flaps one

speed checked flaps zero auto pilot one cross-check spoilers disarmed

I have a feeling my mic off was off that whole time well yes it was excellent well anyway can’t get one of these life strings right hopefully next week it’ll work anyway we took off from Cancun I don’t you guys realized that or not um for single 2-mile happy Cinco de Mayo we’re heading to Miami we’re gonna go along and kiss the shore of Cuba they’re on head over the keys and land in Miami so earlier live-streamed in a girl well this one bust started off well until I realized the mic was muted it’s been a real struggle today windows dumped into my computer last night without me asking and everything was broke this morning so not not computer wise but like all my sound board didn’t wouldn’t wasn’t putting into the computer like you normally would so I had to figure out how to get that in in my computer get the explain everything on the live stream was about two hours late on the live stream and then Joyce dictums didn’t work having the take off it just here at all and it was just a mess the earlier live stream and this one we just there we twenty minutes into it we’re already in the air so low it’s pretty good but but then my mic wasn’t standard Baro cross-check passing flight level one eight-six so that’s awesome so I apologize we’re going to get this right you need a tape a checklist on my computer or something hey dummy this is what needs to be happening right now all right 21:39 it is 21:41 21:45 so how are we going to go back in time to reach that hmm I don’t think that’s right Adam why are we honor 24 let’s pull out handy any calculator Haley computers all messed up again that’s awesome on the time so let’s we can for our ascent here yes well there you go hey you let me do a value I wanted oh we got a really a 62

not talen that’s awesome solitary you on 18 divided divided by 480 that is a quarter that’s 50 minutes so we learn 15 minutes Cuba off in the distance never flown internationally not explained yet so this will be my first international flight which is probably why all the problems saw merrily I didn’t do more international flights maybe Canada will do my next one I don’t know I really wanted it to flights tonight but sorry 11 I would have had it up and running like I wanted to three hours ago definitely could have done another one engines are all in green values that’s good everything’s cold let’s let’s cut Specter off packs back on sorry paying passengers all I’m going to be the next the next news story Delta plight sequel to mile no air-conditioning we are negative temperatures outside so let’s turn the dice on at work there we go we can probably five hundred miles an hour now while this is probably the fastest I’ve ever phone it helps when you have a 74 not tailwind we are going to make some time let’s be in that Gulfstream let’s redo that that’s not right

we’re 29,000 feet risen along a 540 nuts there’s tapas Sam where you beat that all right let’s take a look at after Maxim let’s go to okay all right now we can come over skyvector see what we need to do here what’s one out in the Atlantic all right airports jmaa rotates all right North is all right so we got east-west runways what are our wins they are to 90 at nine going to 14 290 we have 26 26 left right 30 I wonder if I tell them I run with helium doesn’t let’s try it see if 30 has an IRS ILS 30 I’m going to come in the cursor – Sean is that what he used let’s take a look here normally I do all this beforehand but it’s been a day no that wasn’t use so note Novaya you don’t eat UI or MTH nope that’s not either so no transition oops all that is holy men well we’re good it’s in there now okay

now we got a connect all right Maxim went to a Ven e eh e right e ad but there’s okay I didn’t add it e a de m okay you don’t like that it’s awesome so I strap Estie are a okay you’ll take strap strap goes to tie bar tie gar okay that’s worked tiger check our new our new and then that you wants to devolve hopefully click it that should correct alright that works right there let’s see here right so when we coming in from the southeast landing Southwest what is the cursor for take car parts see it should have an eat in transition but it doesn’t plus Oh didn’t like something says we don’t miles jumped up ah we’ll have to watch it so it doesn’t have the eat in transition like it should Plus no see cursor – they don’t according this there is a mth and an

Eden there is no other one but that will work nonetheless just concerns me that our our nautical miles jumped up a lot let’s see here what it says flight plan 71 miles that’s right eat 490 miles that ain’t right what I tape it car knew and I carnal all so let’s try that again I am II yep let’s see what it does if I click you are you strap very old now those are not money okay that’s one yeah they didn’t lane runway 30 that’s fine but let’s go we’re sort of all our new Tiger strap you buy you sir okay how do I we’re going to have to bypass that one so anyway Cuba should be off to our Cuba up there somewhere you can see it underneath all the clouds on trail there nothing more clouds still got our 83 not tilling next one was 77 miles over here are there any flight restrictions yes at curse all we need to be we are landing West I would assumed for Northwest 14200 80 knots we can do that

let’s go knowledge at runway 30 coming over the ocean Sean hold up okay up right there oh we’re going to connect right there at 3000 multi bird catches all right that seems simple enough and might be able to bring those up for you guys later all right for the moment I have to go take a little boys break so be back momentarily all right I am back anything exciting happen I’ll John it look like it you’re 44 nautical miles away then we got to really start watching because I catch I really wish the clouds weren’t there what is that all the winds that’s what happened we had our not wind till when and we’re what I didn’t know I was gonna do that I want to done that auto pilot one cross-check why are we sending at seventy-nine thousand yeah no kidding all right well yes I learned my lesson there first cube will off in the distance everything okay auto pilot one cross-check

hmm well we made it Erick’s Cuba she’s a bit earlier alright let’s let’s tick it off again that was kind of fun time done I changes you into anything oh there it is I see it auto pilot one cross-check well that was kind of interesting I got that challenge your skill as a pilot I realize it was cloud cover over that was intelligence there’s a little bit of rain off to the west there either quads although according to this satellite there ain’t nothing up what are you doing explain whether that doesn’t matter where is e one you I’d other relationship this has me perked my interest oh don’t cause skyvector right Keywest area that’s our Key West that’s right we’re going to bypass that one Waypoint all right we are turning to strap which strap might be beyond where we need to go it is B to bypass this whole thing so let’s really take our airplane off let’s go correct you I you there we go that fixes everything right here distance 177 nautical miles feel on board almost four too much so

Oh now that works okay it’s just all right yup strap Tiger Kanu hey you know our new not carnal oh yeah I know is a problem of it there’s a one of the packages as a person or something that I don’t have so the otherwise the airport works yep maker so we need to be at 14,000 feet yeah alright that that looks perfect I wonder where car new is with you where were we going to go car No ooh Charleston home right there right here carnal so we were gonna fly up to Charleston and then back to Miami that probably wouldn’t have been good so here’s our source it’s the internet standard of Schmidt North Star step standard approach eat in which I believe is the ey W I’m not gonna represent on that one see there’s maximum so that works oh yeah that’s where we just where we’re in flying there strap tiger none of these have the restrictions are new these are just hold hold points if you hear air traffic makes you hold armed car new the wall I don’t know you just make up however you want in the sound I guess I don’t know the actual pronunciation and then right here’s the big one her so the named Waypoint we are right here they’re landing west 1408 50 then Mundi see following page continued for level oh there’s another page I realized that let’s see what the other regions Oh continued we are coming in yep Mundy Wow against all sorts of complicated wah-wah-wah we are landing when I say Oh DD o l DD where are we Chadda Paul jawed pull which is right there so we’re going to go this one too probably that one if I were to guess yeah we’ll sit then I this maybe no we’re just going to go straight to our runway from there so that’s how that’s going to go down do any of these have restrictions or anything no expect vectors expect vectors just gotta be above 6000 feet so now a big deal all right let’s get back to explain Firefox he go away all right right right over Adam checked out the map on this opening

oh he just like there is a map like that this is Key West right yep Key West and off somewhere over here there is just nothing but cloud cover Oh does your out on here too huh I realize that the next route we’re going to be able to record a mainland and then oh no that’s not a haul those are just Airways we are doing oh really and no you don’t want that all right point up on top of the sent here pay attention I just had a feeling my mic was not so all right there strap bring up some music here let’s some caffeine – it’s gonna be a late night you’re going to drop two what I say was her sir at what we’re gonna run away for 2,000 feet and every I’ve dropped quickly solve you’re close to top of descent I know thank you for telling me I appreciate it apparently horses feel what 27 we might have to drop a little bit more than that turn those on let them know where to sending their vacation is almost over welcome back to America all right

all right just checking sound there for a second we have 28 nautical miles +5 32 33 nautical miles let’s keep dropping at this rate our pink dots still quite slightly above us so we’re good where’s Florida hat on or should be out there something oh now we’re about the pink back that’s cuz we got a real strong went behind us we’re going to fly right over cursor right passe me that’s okay we’re not flying with air traffic controllers anyway so they’re not gonna give us a ticket looks like hopefully we’re leaving the clouds behind we’ll see much of promise what is the weather in Miami probably you set that up real quick or mints updates broken at 25000 view at 7500 23 degrees Celsius quite human 217 degrees dewpoint Celsius senator to nine eight seven to nine or eight six you the winds are 290 still at 12 gusting to 16 so the winds are picking up when I did there autopilot one cross-checked oh we’re going to pass that’s what that was Oh like Florida that was just the Winky Dink that I press that button then there were Eastside maybe just a little bit higher cursor all right let’s go back to flight plan what’s our next one mm hopefully we’re slowing down don’t really want to do another how handy

a slowdown nice be up for AIDS right she’ll slow down a little earlier I kind of forgot I could do that let’s I don’t need to be sole oh yeah we don’t we can’t be at wrong way too fast right now you manage speed for anything there you go all right wonder why the throttle Idol alright we’re below 10,000 feet lights on what else on our checklist since the ice we are we positive temperatures we are shutting on ice off phthalates those are Elsa iOS right yeah we are pretty much good to go just kind of line up Florida and the haze all right this is where we separate the men from the boys what did I want us to be at no 3000 wants to be right at 3,000 okay I can dig it bring it back to 200 knots here Oh No eyes are green doubt there never notice that let’s put you up to Green Dot it’s prior reason for it you go now you start sending again everything looks good there

it looks good there a peel we’re going to fire that up well really really hazy out right now so our airports out there somewhere oh I might be right there all right we’re going to line up on our runway here bird we need to be at what 1600 feet once we get over the ocean here I might send a little bit more here right over to shore and I hope that a book phase activated so lets you manage speed now there you go we can spoilers han schoolers retract it we can farm spoils actually let’s drop to for bring to our chart we can be below you that’s above 3000 read that wrong oh well I’d rather come in lower than higher speed check flat one let’s slow down here so we can make this turn line up let’s turn on ILS mode we got movement there 1600 2,500 sounds like our realtor is alive let’s zoom in their radio altimeter there you go I figured that was coming up soon let’s look at go-around altitude mm bird is only like five nautical miles out so let’s we need more dragster speed checked flaps – spoilers disarmed spoilers half gear down all right speed checked flaps three there six

nautical miles o speed checked flaps full total prank on next all I gotta do is are more spoilers spoilers retracted spoiler arm okay you did not capture that’s going to be a problem you needed a sad okay autopilot one cross-check okay we’re locked on there we go 1,000 just needed some love I guess all right lining up ah well to cross-check runway in sight above decision height we are going in four of the land we are lined up we got ourselves some nice Pope winds are almost exactly coming towards so that’s perfect landfire they keep you up 3-1 booth 200 got some nice variable winds out there right now 100 above 100 5040 the minimum Rita Rita Rita Rita her screen seventy-nine all right we have landed in Miami not sure why keep fighting No Oh Thanks all right where’s our taxiway sure let’s go down P it’s as nice as any of them

not so easy down on the ground now look like ups over there terminals over there surprise me actually got here the way these been going laughs simmer all right looking for a spot here there’s a spot there P spoilers disarmed right there eight-five looks like Fuller’s half you want it for you alright should work there run right on all right on love [ __ ] title sequence eyes off everyone can be part go have a great time in my heading if you please Ariane ship engines off and all stays on the screen tax off ah

if you bleed off on maybe you can shut off and batteries all right we are all full and dark we had a successful flight time is it come over here okay que mi a schedule schedule loading arrived 83 28:19 work American Airlines again how long 620 nautical miles you let’s try it all right I’ve never done this so let’s see how this works that down a touch oh it’s still there oh there we go it’s gone now good good good good good good all right we’ve got power you bleed on so no power can go off truck then we got fire this back up okay that’s good ladies time is it any six o’clock not bad all right I never shut the radio often before today oh no cheating this time on the loading of the flight plan K M I K P I don’t have to do that because that’s yeah sonal cruise flight that’s fine flight plan obviously ready part 30 again it’s one landed in this Oh do I still have isolate Firefox up hang on sorry guys there’s that took off

using the Headley Headley to Eddie its Headley oh no no transition so it should end at Headley and we’re going to go along the J Airways J 81 I believe is what it said yep – zhe Sen chest H s something es and that work Oh did not work ah 30 insert that fairway je 1 2 CH e s she chested yes what okay Headly paint all right insert that then we I think we just got it one more way point O lar I do more Oh would you do oh I didn’t practice anything in that’s why um lar el el a I R I he didn’t add it Oh the high wonder why it’s not adding TR nav point so I thought let’s see here if the other one well let’s here we go letters no that’s not right gbto all currently 3:20 so it doesn’t

really matter at that point yeah we’re not gonna write you 26 26 left let’s do 20 flopped it was the smooth smooth oh you’re not on there well that’s interesting I’m going to give about two smart seconds to this and then we’re gonna get in here and figure it out on the figure it out in the air yeah let’s just get in the air temporary erase that I don’t know what’s going on with that okay forget to Chesson and then why buy a seat of our pants apparently all right let’s go back to this give our fuel changes nope let’s you’re gonna fight me anyway so I do that and be oh you didn’t fight me says it’s almost enough in there now you all right the old truck can go away for mints these beads flex 50 that 105 again all right that’s all set their nests that are altimeter okay now you updated cool two nine eight six is still good ah that’s much easier I should’ve done that earlier right now I know close all doors Papa Papa engine start alright let’s push back halt Oh got ring law go this is a pretty Airport model I just found it on the internet it’s freeware so just google explain 11k miami scenery and she’ll pop up that enough paint $60 for jets last thing you need to do is pay for scenery best thousand dollars in this game really easily well I did I did get a freeware Boeing 737 I have to check out so look over there walk brake on by toe learn my lesson last video on

you you made my video get all all the seat alright let’s fire up and get outta here start starting engine to starting engine one please don’t yell at me I’m just don’t want to wait right now I normally do one at a time all right you guys are fired up back to the start just that down touch look at that somewhere else if you’re gonna whine talking to my dog alright APU bleed off we’re running on our own power here Moe’s lights on that’s sexy but although it is no toy alright runway lights on all right we’re good to go let’s go break that’s so dark hey that okay that’s a lot better park break off let’s rock and roll police you’ll have voice on one take off here I suppose it doesn’t very nice let’s go on the runway there we go that’s not freeze computer you’ve given me enough problems for one day all right follow this taxiway make sure we take off the right runway here okay we gotta turn here turn here turn here it’s harder part no not the sign that came up quickly come on this would be embarrassing if this was like livers come on stop playing in the grass runways over there come on area now we’re going to plant in the that taxiway came up on me quickly or thicker than I thought quickly art what is quickly I don’t think that’s a word should be a word all right weather on a break well I think we’re all old flights take off plates packs off remind me to turn those back on when we’re in the air unlike last time all right we’re good to go all right mixed up Atlanta I hope

50 percent check let’s turn all the throttle on all right you’re down 100 knots rotate positive fine gear up speed checked flaps one and we are up rassee 900 feet that’s in a thousand go back to throttle climb I think we’re not going to hit anything I think we’re okay let’s pick up some speed here where we hid our melt Mets Waypoint speed checked flaps zero all right click on autopilot here one cross-check it’s going to speed us right up to 250 knots make our right turn here all right let’s start goodbye Miami probably can bring that up a touch that explained all right whole 45 okay it looks like the time that’s good I’m gonna fly out our or CID while we’re

doing that let’s see if we can get this figured out chest smooth one Noora runway smooth the last way point is GTAC see PTAC all right then tt Oh Oh II I didn’t see that one on there all right right there and then expect all right let’s see here what was my last one on chess see if they’ll take our you’re just not taking to anything after chesa Arnon point [Applause] it’s a waypoint I’ll he’ll a IRI oh no point let’s see what other from them Oh No okay in Atlanta 300 please Oh lights off you guys every mind me to turn the packs on either good job that was kind on you guys in thousand standard Barrow cross-check passing flight level one seven six hmm Suns going down looks like I’m redoing some night flying all right you loaded dunno doesn’t work it’s the next one thirty-two I think that one comes in from the north

what northeast yep I don’t work unless we have Northeast you’d think they’d have this all these on there since Atlanta only has the biggest airport in America No there isn’t a city Claire six but here what and kept her you um via ya know last night I work you’re ace I erased how are you in there now I have no clue nice of these things actually line get 24/7 right most our movia will trans okay and search okay so now I get from here to there but one of these wave ones has to work your let’s see if your orbs why Oh rrrr oh okay hey we might have got it there it work nope let’s try some yes ma’am oh yeah there’s an unknown point time the only approach from the southeast and

don’t recognize it thank you jar designs all right it has to be it’s well sink as six would work is that on there it is okay coming in oh there’s Chetan right there that work Craig one let’s just do no trans Sika we’re sinker okay you need okay let’s look at this be QQQ I wonder if that was come on I thought I saw bqq Oh aha right there this Arbor yep you see barber twice all right I think we got it the thing we didn’t wait on the ground for this see coconut husky yep and then Alice husky at him listen right where sir we’re going to have to make sure we don’t fly to Atlanta we actually just intercept our runway at Mercer

shouldn’t be a big deal you gotta go from murse no some reason has it on there twice oh no I want a wrong way that’s okay Chesson Baxley bbm yeah Chesson Baxley dbn rip up a dissent rip sink joking out Sika husky we want to be Atlanta it’s the wrong direction that we turn around at that’s not what we want to do we’ll figure it out here we might have to start our descent a little earlier all right where do we end up oh yeah now no Florida i lure the eye of florida huh oh no leash probably Jarrell oversaw boilers disarm ah let’s turn these star speeds 468 ah no tailin right now oh it’s blowing and the last should have flew to the Bahamas huh alright where are we at Oh wrong way again or Orlando also southpaw 329 aqua mile range we’ll give it to me no that’s okay Oh that’s the start of our star so what time does it say here Oh 31 it’s one an hour we’re going to land there’s an airport below us what my other map here that does not work on there that is Orlando all right wonder you more external

that’s kind of cool that’s us up there near the clouds where are we at I don’t know where we wrap some movie Airport there we are got a contrail and everything that’s cool explain 11 so much been explained 10 so much better I had a shader program I want to try out today but I kept crashing my explaining on the load so maybe we’ll see if we get that figured out here another view ah geez that’s a big airport down there that’s got to be Orlando some going down faster 4:17 down there Oh Disney World’s off to the left there never been there yeah or later international that’s right there I think that’s default senior I don’t think that’s what 105 km Cl let’s look yep no I don’t have I don’t have custom scenery there so that’s all default explained there I don’t normally fly this plane at night so this will be interesting I wonder what that beeping was everything it’s good there real pressure looks good flight control looks good fuel 32 kilograms per minute it’s kind of cold in there beep use all engines are running normally Google nothing but clouds out there today it looks like

under what the time is 23 seven pm three hours behind no you wouldn’t be getting dark feel like oh yes I am in later in the timezone the it’s dark like close tonight and I’m in the Eastern time zone here it’s saying it’s well no it’s 7:30 yes that’s yeah that’s probably right looks like we’re flying up between I 75 and I something over there I either I eat I ever eat let me look it up I’m not sure what highway oh I’m not waiting 95 okay make sense up fighting between the i-95 and i-75 quarters this is why in my other videos I fly no other conditions because it’s cloudy there’s mouth I don’t dare shut the clouds off because who knows what happens I’m playing planes where I find like this because got 63 not side when they’re from the West we are 344 nautical miles out driving at 12:30 which is 8:30 our time how that works yeah 8:30 our time forty minutes

son is gone oh right there even quite the contrary this light clouds what is it in Atlanta broken 20,000 I could get interesting landing you sky this might be an interesting landing here yeah blue dots all over Oh all right let’s hear what blue dot means OpenLink interactive man mm VFR what’s em here marginal visual flight rules means deteriorating conditions perfect 316 not custom 222 broken at 45 broken

at 3000 well low clouds when windy one point fine arranged in here try not some vqq which is all cecilia I they’re due tornado miles might be even less than that we’re not flying exactly how they want us to hopefully when we turn here we might get a little bit of a moose on our speed the ideal after vqq each other is there any all right do some reading here thank you okay / v DQ vor by a vq q radial 10 – chess and hints then by a craig our radial 336 in ebn radial 158 – DV n both for tech then by a DB n radial 314 to sync it it’s humble out 13 I’ll call 61 553 so on star picked up 20 miles an hour I’m bad somebody should work lights that back let’s see yeah we’re really are you switching toilets fuses I’m assuming oh we are gloves and

we know you need gloves all sorts smoke could remember a smoke hood is light fast we’re gonna need that light best that’s always good just have a co-pilot he’s gone now that is all right on the chest more of that that’s Oh I just nothing I don’t like that’s model right videos another one that is so no not that one Neville does that do anything firm buddy just off Oh but another day right now how’s the oh let’s drop down to 22 Oh Bax where are we well that that was actually the Florida Georgia line right there so we are now in Georgia well 27 right well 4,000 happy pi right yeah five minutes away huh

fear anything interesting in the world has happened well looks like we’re all still turning looks like everyone’s mad at everyone so everything’s normal all right slowly but surely here comes Baxley say map on there I can show you where we’re at just south plaster Savannah Oh you negative a man won’t knock the controller what’s after backs nerves Baxley right there well DME required above 10,000 in Bexley

we’re way above 10,000 so we’re good there maybe n Dublin and we’re gonna turn a little bit to the left back drown into Elena their house key we don’t want to do this 29 mile we went up go over to our runway salt which is right pretty sure that we’re going to intercept right there at Mercer firefox go we’re going slower than we’re supposed to be terrible stupid window all right we still on track land at 12:30 8:30 local time left three hours of fuel on board all right and cut back on feel a little bit now I was terrible like the first time I try to do a long flight on explain this is before I knew about the frame weight frame rates I think I was flying from Detroit to Phoenix and as you landed on a virtual airline back I see that and I took off and this is taking forever I don’t realize that my frame rate was an 18 so the simulator slowed down but it still is burning fuel at the same rate like it’s supposed to so I get halfway there I’m out of fuel wow that’s a lot of waste of three hours hopefully someday I figure all this help I seem to be a little bit better but this earlier this evening it was not it was not it was apologize to everyone I was probably about 45 minutes of live-streaming this disaster so this one has gone off pretty well except for the beginning where I forgot to turn my mic up because I was mad last livestream so I’ll turn that down then turn back up hope I can figure out some problems too I don’t know why the windows update would affect my Yamaha thumb were not taking infants or I was not sending the output the USB to the computer I have a setup where the computer would go into my soundboard and then I might goes in the soundboard so I can adjust the levels more accurately than the way I have it now and my goal is in and I only have one input to the video but that’s not happening today at all 44 not all right oh I I go let my dog out real quick he is pretty good to go out so we will do that and come back and get this plane landed and call it a night so thanks for sticking around on the Cinco de Mayo celebration live connect live cast live stream and I’ll be back momentarily and see that

all right hey we got the top of the cent coming up excellent 31 nautical miles still we are close to top of the sensor Thanks

all right Rippy the last long stretch here so learn 24 nautical miles I don’t think it’s quite going to be that long something’s killing my frame right there sure what I won’t go to 19 probably the sunset it’s killing it how do keep bouncing up and down all right what are we gonna jumped doesn’t really tell me no real restriction oh wait no we do right here turbojet vertical planning information landing west expect 12250 at your nut all we have down here No does not have that how far is that 13 8 8 when all right let’s start to seven would I say it was talked about not zero thousand I’d be a crash bringing drop us at all right that’s pretty good that’s pretty good clip right there no lights on you all right update let’s fill out that before we forget before Matt’s phase now you’re still filled in from before that’s not going to work 297 temperature is 90 degrees Celsius a little bit colder and Lana the wind’s 320 at 15 gusting to 30 not ideal that’s no no Harley all right she’s out we really need to drop here what was our speed restriction those 250

knots I’m not going to go too hard I’ll do like – II while their school some drag here this should help us make our 12000 – so it is pitch black should we try out the here we go how about that yeah that’s funny kind of like a fighter pilot work outside too who does that’s interesting I said I haven’t really done much night flight so I thought this would have got darker a lot later than when I did otherwise out of just the time sorry guys see ya supposed to be 23 we’re way below that that writer – Niner seven one well you’re one of those ones you can’t get huh all right I’ve had about enough of that this is all green huh okay that’s obviously a bug spoilers half all right all right there at Husky well alright let’s slow down more you’ve talked me into it spoilers full all right let’s see here what ya know we don’t want to do that at all but it oh hey there we go landed down there all right we’re right at 12,000 feet wonder what it says

4,000 feet as he has us 29 miles away so a lot of pride dropped like sort of 9,000 feet hot ski Oh big hand out spoilers hand schoolers retracted save some feel there as our checklist we can probably went at is positive that’s positive and some lights on and pass them thousand here soon anyway alright looks good what it’s so dark to Mercer if you’re new to explain don’t get discouraged if you screw up your your landings and stuff I did it for quite a bit you gotta learn how to fly your plane so you get you can do these all the balls on the fly or understand how they work in all the systems and stuff so that way you can you can get it to work for you make it till you make it you know that’s I 75 off in the distance there’s 10,000 feet pretty sure that manage now all right – now for miles one all right all right correct ooh all right 16:02 Salas 20 all right so let’s descend 1/4 out well that could be our Airport right

there so clouds aren’t as bad as they be so what won’t I’ll have to see here all right yeah you need to drop liquor we are closer than I thought what are you know a class for their schools all right to me control oh it’s not the altitude one aligned altitude wonder you gotta click on for it to lock in this not so much alright paint that’s coming up that’s good a toaster or whatever that is we need to be that’s where we pick up at 2700 feet so we only got drop 4000 more feet here so things are getting close that stuff let’s turn our ILS mode on those were oh there’s our clouds I knew they are out there somewhere you are going to be that easy we got broken broken clouds so we’re going a little fast but once we get to 4,000 we’ll pull up and slow right down yeah all right littles up speed drop Larry oh that phase activated approach phase active spoilers have spoilers retracted spoilers armed there is thats good there airplanes you have to figure that all out there are speed down once we hit that there i might drop a flat pier to continue our descent speed checked flaps one alright one last update on the weather nothing’s changed so we’re good there let’s drop to 3,000 oh there’s a scattered cloud right there change to ten no weather so let’s

sweater off some point here we should line up on the localizer Aries localizer coming around Airport off in the distance are the epu up case we have some issues I always like to keep it keep it out on the landing and one two three thousand so speed checked flaps top another flap let’s that we are lacked on the localizer 15 knot winds out of the Northeast there Northwest so that’s going to be fun speed checked flaps three gear down speed checked flaps full all right auto brake next next wonder why That’s not me Oh cuz brakes aren’t go Elena here no area oh yeah let max let me light on yes yes yes yes yes big fan that spoils her arm pray with me they looks good there now are we gonna clap kappa kick watch oh oh slide slope captured so we are all set autopilot to cross-check i have the plane just autoland no sir a lot that’s this blend here hopefully the closer we get to the ground unless it’s gonna be all right alright here we come in there lots of car where are we at just be out there somewhere oh well around altitude 1,000 go-around altitude set oh yeah she is fighting this win here we’ve got two red dots two white dots on our pet pie or Pappy here whatever it’s called we are good 1,000 I can see the runway welp decision height so we’re going to go in for the land still 17 knots or real ugly here one one right over 285 right there I’ll not stay straight bull

ground speed is honored pretty nuts all right 22 now hats winds oh good you choose to go to Atlanta tonight hundred above 100 50 40 30 minimum [ __ ] [ __ ] ecommerce screen reverse screen all right how do we get to the ah being slowed down last year looks like we taxi off right here look at all those empty empty gates for us I think this is concrete here no it’s grass pass the sign I should’ve followed the blue lights I’ve been smart I guess that’s what happens after three and a half hours a live streaming kind of lose sense it’s actually it was more like four hours but ran three we’re going to just kind of course be this looks I don’t really help you and it’s guessing here whereas can’t see it’s too dark out there isn’t one there playing there though everything right there I knew I thought I saw one on there hey put more lights there we go all right hey there’s a spot alright pumps off and sit them right down yeah

flaps three flaps two flaps one flaps zero spoilers disarmed i taw they ending down and it’s supposed to be down ah all right yes packs off few blade off batteries off you off just shut everything right down all right all right we are almost here that’s not there is it that’s fine so all right guys thanks for stopping by if you did or watching this after all after the fact but appreciate you guys spending your time here with me please like comment and subscribe if you want to see more videos like these I really appreciate your support so are trying to grow the channel here so until next time you guys stay safe we’ll see in the next video goodnight