The Spiral Downward! – China: Mao's Legacy – Playthrough – Episode 4

Hey guys, it’s Rashcroft with political simulators unite with episode 4 and the china mao’s legacy playthrough We left off and on January 4, excuse me, January 8th 1980. We’re gonna be continuing on from there We have the game loaded up and we’re gonna get right into it so Honestly not too happy with where things are at the moment as you can see We’ve got a number of Wars not going our way. Although there is one that appears to be going our way the one in Afghanistan the political situation is this kind of a some supporters some folks not too happy with us, but you know We can deal with that Doctrines we’ve made a few changes here science Still need to see some progression there But and on the economy Haven’t seen much growth there and that’s honestly been kind of disappointing but we’re gonna tough this thing out. We’re gonna keep it going Up. What? Do you know conspiracy? Let’s do the event first difficult neighborhood from the very beginning of anti-government Demonstrations in Afghanistan and the response of the DRA government many Islamic radicals terrorists and priests fled to Pakistan where they teamed up with their local colleagues Subsequently after the start of armed riots and Afghanistan refugees flowed into Pakistan who were awaited by his Lama terrorist organizations that had formed their Pakistan itself does not take special measures in relation to them beyond the usual It seems that Bhutto has enough problems there But it may be worthwhile to provide him with undercover assistance in order to stop to stop such outrages on the other hand the United States is very interested in the possibility of helping the Afghan rebels through Pakistan and if Bhutto cannot agree with the United States in any way Then he could with us by transporting American weapons and advisors through Pakistan We could cut money from Americans and strike at the Soviet social Imperialism so that’s the situation. Here’s the Different choices we have let Pakistan handle it by and by himself or Bhutto Sindh Pakistan assistance to patrol the border and catch the Islamists negotiate with the USA Our relations are not good with him right now I think we should send Pakistan assistance to patrol the border Okay, and the result transparently hinting to Bhutto that it was time to stop the terrorist ramp it on the border and sending him our Agents and military to help we in Pakistan began operations to patrol the border and track down radical Islamist groups I must say that it was crowned with success The Islamist did not expect such a harsh reaction from Pakistan and we’re almost up We’re caught almost by surprise the restaurant hiding and now cannot work with the same efficiency Good luck in digging tunnels under the border Alright, so looks like we’ve stopped some influence some Islamic influence Islamist influence in Afghanistan Let’s take a look. See how that impacted anything All right, well not too much there Okay, so we got this conspiracy we got to deal with. All right, so Let’s see Some money very few officers, I don’t think we can do anything. We may just have to ride this thing out Another event. Goodbye our sweet, Mishka comrade chairman on July 19th 1980 the opening of the 22nd Summer Olympic Games will take place in Moscow The Soviet Union struggled to secure the right to host the Olympics and spend enormous funds on its preparation Which had to be withdrawn from other expense items a large scale campaign was held to sell Olympic symbols for cost recovery However, the US leadership has openly declared a boycott of these games and called on its analyzed for this All right. So USA is boycotting the Olympics A number of party members urge us to follow the American example on boycott the Soviet games by sending a team to the American ones However, this will arouse the anger of the USSR and the misunder standing of the people Maybe you should not exacerbate the split and send our athletes to Moscow If I remember correctly this event requires some spending of money here Okay, so should we send a team to? The Soviet Games Soviet Olympic Games yes or no Okay, here are our choices, let’s declare a boycott but let our athletes go to Moscow under the Olympic flag We declare a boycott to the Soviet Games and sent a team to the USA

I’m not a big fan of either of those But again, you know based on choices. I’ve made previously this is kind of where I’m at You know, I guess just for money sake and this is really a minor thing, but I’m gonna do it anyway Let’s go that route. So the so our relations with the Soviet Union took a 10-point hit And here’s the result trying to join the American boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow, although not without hesitation So on so forth Ok, so at the closing ceremony instead of the flag of the United States the flag of the city of Los Angeles was hoisted Which hinted that the USSR would recall this boycott? so We basically traded 10 points of relations with the Soviet Union with the Americans actually, it’s probably not a bad trade so that I think is all right. I Just look at this stupid conspiracy We got to go to deal with our negative amounts on the budget Support of the party low support of the people’s relatively high You know what, let’s cut it out of propaganda Probably work best And the conspiracy went away Interesting Another event another gang Ok, so thanks to our efforts We were able to put an end to the remnants of the Cultural Revolution and the country is heading towards a bright market future however there are still those who might disagree with such a development of events and with all their might protest against the conduct of such a policy Disrupting good reforming initiatives. There are predominantly conservative method These are predominately conservative Maoist headed by four top party members All right, so we’ve got some conservative malleus consolidate our power It will be possible to promote active supporters of reforms that have gained popularity among the people and their wards that’s a pain only choice is to do nothing a Plague of democracy. Yes Conservatives continue to hold their posts undermining your reforms. Let me come on I’m the chairman of the Communist Party in China should be able to throw people over the place, but anyways Well negative on the budget We’re gonna get some money in that budget and what boom there’s our conspiracy. Oh now we’re actually having to deal with it Ok, so now it apparently is boiled over Senior party members who are dissatisfied with your role have agreed to remove you at the next Congress of the Central Committee you need to Urgently do something. If you don’t do not want to repeat the fate of the revisionist Khrushchev in 1964 The special services will not support us. That’s not good. We don’t call the loyal officers Geez people do not need another Cultural Revolution So we get two choices basically getting up and speaking at the Congress Typically when people over call the loyal officers, I think that’s our only choice Aim, before the start of the Congress officers loyal to you overwhelmed the conspirators who had arrived at a gunpoint took them to military jails At the Congress and the presence of armed soldiers you criticize them in abstention, which was supported by the delegates But it’s not so easy to get rid of hi party members. Yes All right Wow minor change We gotta get some money that’s what’s going on I Don’t – okay, let’s just go conspiracies back. Oh now it’s gone agent networks budgets coming up All right, so let’s try to make some moves here, mr. Xiao ping Okay. So look at the left radicals hate my guts now And I’ve tried stacking the deck with Reformers, you know, I think I’m gonna have to go back to moderates Just cuz I guess my policies just are not Reformer enough so Look at our army power. Jeez. Gotta bump that up man all right, so we got Industry that’s gone up a bit. It’s good services Yeah standard of living so Kay Welfare Corruptions growing I hate that I hate corruption growing Fully I can roll with an iron fist All right, so just kind of looking at the situation here

Wars This thing’s been going on forever you Know we just pumped money into the military hang on for a minute and just see what we can do here The end of Zimbabwe apartheid in Rhodesia also known as Zimbabwe Where the armed struggle of the black majority against authorities pursuing a policy of racial segregation has been going on for many years It seems there may have been a turn in politics in 79 the Lancaster House conference Was held at which agreement was reached On holding general equal elections sub ceasefire and the formal proclamation of Zimbabwe Rhodesia by the British colony until further determination of its fate as a result of left Nationals coalition left left nationalist coalition headed by These guys and Mr. Mugabe won the elections Okay. Alright. So now Maga blaze the leader in Zimbabwe or Now renamed Zimbabwe We supported the more moderate guys and they are the current allies So why don’t we continue in cooperation with the victorious Left parties? They can be friends with him later. Okay? No money Apparently that was the issue on that. All right, I’m gonna take a look at some of these options we have Now I don’t want to start an operation I can’t even if I want to We kind of get Okay, so that’s a question I have to everybody out there I’ve noticed on here that the agent networks I’m in the negative and I’m curious as to why that is I’m gonna bump up funding here to the MSS and I’m gonna see how that impacts things But if anybody has an answer for that, I’d be very much interested in knowing what it is Another event tito’s gone On January 3rd the founder and long-term leader of the socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and chairman of the Central Committee of Union of Communists of Yugoslavia and marshal Joseph Broz Tito They I’m doing my best was hospitalized at the clinical center. Okay, I’m not gonna read that. All right, so Tito was one of the heroes of the anti-fascist war Okay, so here the bottom line is this If we send a delegation we may well push them away from us Albanians have told us they will never stop criticizing Tito, okay All right, we’re going to send a delegation we’re not going to go ourselves and see what happens okay a bunch of people showed up Your leadership showed interest in restoring relations, but comrade Mr. This person refused to conduct any negotiation setting is lack of proper powers Okay, well that’s nice that was for naught Actually, I’m right above the requirement there to get a diplomatic agreement with these guys a friendship agreement All right, well missed an opportunity there let’s check the wars Before I do that Oops, sorry Guys just trying to find this particular screen here know why it’s failing me. There we go. So I wanted to see Army power Okay. Ooh Change in power in getting Our diplomatic reputation is incredibly high And I don’t think I’ve told the line that hard agent networks in town big time Aiming the low it’s showing a plus 0.4 increase And it’s still I must be reading that wrong. Yeah. All right rising going G After the coup in 1979. She’s power in South Korea became a merciless suppression of protesters against the military regime

Martial law was introduced may 18th the student organization excuse me demonstration against the closure Okay, so they got shot up the data The government is preparing to seize what these students have taken over with the Regular Army By supporting rebels so they can last longer Are you serious Okay Alright so what we’re talking about well, we’re not talking about we’re gonna to let them deal with it by themselves. All right So South Koreans retook the city or the university region You know what? Okay, so we’ve got some money now better start making some decisions here So I really do not like that situation. I don’t like that either man that’s gone way up Okay here I think we’ve begun folks the downward spiral When one of the things I’ve noticed about this game that you kind of get to a point Where you reach it the situation where that you’ve kind of put yourself in a box and it’s very hard to get out of All right what I’m gonna do I’m gonna cut funding to agriculture cut funding the state mechanism I’m just hitting the stuff. That’s a little it seems a little too high Industry I want that to continue to grow army. It’s growing our debts still going down But corruptions now doubling It was a plus point for knots plus point eight So yeah got some problems there, you know what let’s drop some dollars well not dollars Strip some money into science. I think that’s a worthwhile thing Let’s look at our doctrines, okay, so we got 45 moderate 46 reformers left radicals 3% conservatives 5% I Think we need to kind of move Yeah, we need to move in a more democratic direction You know, it’s up even more all right, ah The iran-iraq war Relations between Iran and Iraq have been strained for a long time All right, so we know what happens war is hell Okay, yeah that’s in that particular war Iran is on the outs with the rest of the world most of the world community Iraq gets heavily subsidized not I shouldn’t say subsidized but they’re given much more support I’m just talking history here and I think it might have something to do with just this just be thinking out loud guys Might have something to do with why Saddam acted as confidently as he did in when he invaded Kuwait All right. So we lost the Cambodian Vietnamese war that’s ended long. Love the peace So as you can see there Cambodia is now fully in the Soviet Union camp We’ve already got close partner with Laos Start in depth trading We’ve already done that as well We don’t have the economic Union hmm Let’s take a look. Oh That’s right. Sorry guys. I forgot my mistake cost some money. I think that’s what we need to do We need to look into doing that. Poland has not died yet Okay, alarming news from Warsaw Okay The country is now on the hardest political and economic crisis United with the help of the CIA Anti-socialist opposition headed by the so called independent self covering trading solidarity for almost a year now has been organizing mass strikes rallies and

Processions the tremendous national debt almost 40 billion accumulated under the previous leadership of the country The PPR is unable to pay the situation is clearly out of control USSR is already seriously beginning to consider the option of armed intervention which they’re so good at or they were so good at Okay, however, this will cause that so we have the option to intervene and take advantage of the current leaders indecisiveness and To ensure nationally oriented forces Let’s see. What by this these two folks come to power Alright, let’s see what our options are before we get too carried away and we don’t even have any options. Yeah, we’re going down We’re in the spiral Okay, so we now have no in Poland as you can see now. They’ve gone the authoritarian route They’re influenced by the USSR though. That probably won’t be for much longer. Okay? They’re kind of breaking from the socialist camp This is frustrating ain’t it networks, I just dropped some money into it Miss just assuming the conditions I’ve created are not ripe Let’s check the wars again, you know Intervention points Our influence is shot to hell that’s the problem Alright science before we take on the events So we just completed that one the full industry Rearmament I believe that was a-ok we re equipment Alright we go to agriculture agriculture is growing just fine I think we need to do more industry Or yeah, leave the military alone Ok machines modification Yeah Wait, what am I doing? I can’t Sir, all right, Monica Construction Tex. That’s what we should be doing and Let’s check the event diplomatic crisis, of course Organized dente our expense We don’t have the money for it we’re just gonna have to deal with it. Ooh tension grows, okay So I believe as we go here Yes, American embargo, so now we’re losing one income and 0.5 agents. So that’s compounding our problems there I thought I stopped supporting the Reformers Okay, well guys I hate to say this but this may be the last episode In the playthrough series this was my attempt to Be somewhat of a moderate character although apparently I haven’t been that moderate I mean Oh, more diplomatic crisis beautiful So I have the choice of not carrying it all again, let’s see what happens the tension grows, okay Party hates my guts Yeah, we’ll see what’s happening here we mean it’s a 1981 people love me man look at that Geez yeah, folks were in the spiral Okay, so now we’re gonna make some cuts That’s Celine giving me nothing. So I’m gonna go ahead and go crazy with that help corruption There we go out of control So we’re gonna slash it look at gold reserve is gone. Yep, we’re going down guys Okay, push the falling man I’ll act comrade chairman Urgent news from the sfry and the socialist autonomous province of Kosovo mass riots of the Albanian population began according to our data organized by the Albanian special service Yeah Protesters attack administrative buildings police stations and Garrison’s of the Yugoslavs People’s Army anti-serb pogroms begin

The leadership of the province and the union of Communists of Kosovo. Do not offer serious resistance to the rebels de facto supporting them An urgent meeting of the sfry Presidium was held in Belgrade, which decided on a forceful suppression of the quote counter revolutionary separatist rebellion after the death of tito of the situation yugoslavia began to deteriorate It seems that the monster of the Versailles Treaty began to collapse So maybe it makes sense to push him even more into the abyss. All right So we’ve got some Albanian ethnic riots in Kosovo And Remember we didn’t sign that friendship agreement with Yugoslavia All right Well, that’s gonna well we can’t though we don’t have that well maybe we’ll just go negative let’s back up our ally Unfortunately refused our help citing the weakness of our agents in southern Europe. The rebellion was quickly suppressed Well, ain’t that nice all for naught See if you go we’re still tight with the Albanians got our Pakistanis And we got our Albanians sticking with us thick and thin You know what we’re gonna drop some weapons over here Not we’re gonna not drop them. We’re gonna give them to them and We’re gonna do some humanitarian aid. I didn’t do anything I Don’t know if that reflected Hmm let’s take a look at our political situation. She’s Handcuffed can’t do anything Wow, that’s frustrating And we’re waiting to crisis any moment, but before that we have an economic crisis Culture starting to smooth fall apart not fall apart, but go down state debt. Still going down. It’s good Corruption 43 out of control And boom Party hates our guts At this point, let’s see This is totally contrary to what I’m well, I don’t even have the money to do it Well, let’s see for propaganda peep, you know Let’s do that, maybe balance things out a bit, you know wondering if propaganda has an influence on corruption. Oh Man, it’s through the roof. Everybody’s grabbing what they can before they get out I’m taking a hit with the party every time we do that Up, here we go. Here come the knives Yep, we are most definitely in the spiral Okay, so this is where things stand Deng Xiaoping I’ve got a stacked with moderates. That’s pretty good Well a lone left radical reformer, well there’s a left radical there, you know, let me see here I Don’t think it’s gonna benefit us too much it’s probably gonna make a difference And slashing more funding Okay, wait, let’s check curl 50 Wow Okay and eternal president

So this is in relation to the first presidential elections and the Philippines This is friend Ferdinand Marcos The time of his presidency was characterized by rampant corruption nepotism and violation of human rights which caused a sharp increase in opposition activism one of the cores of which was Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines in the national democratic movement formed by it which have long been campaign campaigning and conducting guerrilla war Against the Marcos regime however, effective economic reforms based on state regulation of the economy Suppression of the Opposition through martial law and US support are likely to bring him victory in the upcoming elections So our focus here the options. Well, we have no options. It’s none of our business just something to shelf put on the shelf for another play through but we’re at the point guys in the game where I don’t think the spiral is gonna Stop so if this thing – yeah, we’re just gonna be going from crisis to crisis so And look now I got a dead, dude Empty position. No, so at this point, I don’t I think the game isn’t salvageable so I’m gonna go ahead and stop it, but I do want to say that you know This is the end of the first playthrough series for China Mel’s legacy here On political simulators unite now, I do expect to be doing another playthrough series Which will probably start up in a couple weeks and you guys obviously Subscribe to the channel to be notified of that I’m over 100 subscribers now, which is totally unexpected for my When I first, you know started doing this I didn’t expect it hit a hundred this quickly. But thank you guys for doing that I really do appreciate it And we’ll be doing some streaming Eventually and So I’ve already got a twitch Account setup and everything we’ll just I’ll let you guys know when that goes live in addition to that Well, there’s so much in the works right now, I mean there’s several games I’ll be releasing videos for here coming up shortly There’s a lot of awesome titles coming up and anyways, I don’t want to make the rest of this video just a bunch of housekeeping stuff, but anyways, like I said, thank you guys for watching and Look forward to talking to you guys in the future