Road to the Premiership: LLM Playthrough #4 – Playoffs in Sight | Football Manager 15

okay guys here we are back with episode 4 of my road to the premiership player true with Lewis FC and today we have a semi final fixture against Karns knee guernsey guernsey episode and it’s in the image manly Cup semi-final so we’re quite a bit to recap here and since the last yes since last episode name I’ve played quite a few matches actually I think the last episode was letterhead we play the way and we copied since then I’ve played quite a few games the whole way through not the whole way true were quite a few games true reason being is I was ill for a few days so I said I just play quite a few matches true and then I get back to you when I felt better so here we go now with quite a few games don’t recap so after letter had we had kingstonian last two one not great and next up we had peacehaven we want to nail against a team good result there two goals for rust relevant after that we had the FA Trophy first qualifying round not that last toenail to grant him knocked out there pretty early with disappointed with that one after that we had Canvey Island back in the league last one nil after that we had burrito no not a home game last one nil after that we had initially cup third round against win game in Finchley at home won four nil to four ish malee 2 for Australian good match all in all and push through to next round after that we had with him in the league we lost three to close game and finger on the scoresheet saw the tree lovin em up after that we had grace with one more nail we went on a bit of a winning streak there and all things were looking well but as you’ll see in a minute that didn’t keep going and after that we had AFC hornchurch we won fortunately not our clothes again boyish Malaga Patrick change forgot me gargoyle as well and next we had wingate and finchley again at home 143 again as you can see like the last result my song goo hennessy napper james megami getting on the scoresheet so another close one after that we were prints made stolen away 121 m calvin Bosma mr. penalty ish malli on the scoresheet and rambling on squashy next we had margot disappointing result lost 3-1 away after that we had with him again in the league cup fourth round at home one two nil forgot me and dixon scoring up next we had East Turk in the league we lost three two ish Miley gettin two goals at three injuries here as you can see and after that we had a drought Villa Ricky 22 Jack Ramsey got an injured ish Malaga injured bosman gurgaon hey I think Carrie of El Fink scored an orgy australian girl ball as well next up we had tunbridge this was a disappointing one and lost 5-2 away each malagant scoresheet trailer forgotten scholarship after night we had Harold not at this point he won four nil so you can see we had a couple disappointing results down alone here in this period here after that we had in the league and had last listed and we drew 1-1 trade one got injured not much and next up you see we went one two three four five six six games well by even the league and then we had one and cook so we had Metropolitan Police one channel 24 elephant one without ya think don’t watch hamlet we won’t try to rush a living again some more and feel town we won 4-2 Thomas Go Go which is a new player that Brian got to rush through even got one Jack Ramsey got one after that we had vcd betham 31 and next up we had the quarter-final of the English manly cup against herro we were playing away we went for two as you can see not straight and had a great match got 9.7 averaging four balls that put us through to the semi-finals which were playing today after that we had made stone in the league we won 3-2 mobridge got injured Thomas goal goal goal Ross trailing tattoo after that we had an away match against bognor regis we lost Trey too disappointed with that result after peanut such a good run Australian got

gall ish medicago after that we had at home to Kingstonian we won 2-1 my song who got and score she and got record after that we had a way to graze and disappointing we lost 4-2 win that one go go go go trailing go gold next up we had Hendon in the league away again lost to lil disappointed with that as well and enrichment we lost 53 very bad much said least we got three gold but still about much Ishmael he got to try looking at one as you can see trailer principal school are quite a few gold ya he’s dead clubs top goalscorer I think so in a last match we had a nil nil draw at home to let her head home we could have wound up but we didn’t end so we’ve had a bit of an up-and-down season so far and at the beginning of the season I was fairly confident with players we had that we could push on for promotion but as things up as a result of control I’m not as confident at the moment I think we are lying in 77 place and yeah seven players will not really might as well from playoffs like I mean we’ve 60 points to our place team of 63 saw nah impossible to get into the playoffs as you can see Hampton Hampton enrichment of 71 points pretty hard to catch them at this stage I think book maybe possibly a chance again it’ll play off so then top goal scorers rush straight events got 24 average rating roster 1726 Easter as well more success from song goes under 16 some and yeah let her head wingate and finchley Tonbridge and Bernie are all in the bottom folder so we played 48 games we have one two three four five six seven eight games left to play and hopefully we can cement a place in the playoff and the top five here and get into the playoffs and with a bit of luck we might just win the playoffs and get promoted but them the way things are I think personally I think the players are just the players I have are just not quality enough and some of them are doing ok some of them are doing fairly bad like I think I’m going to have quite a big change for the beginning of next season bring in them secretly bring in some prior quality players as for the youth intake we had a youth intake or just give you a quick look at what we brought useful potential yeah here best potential we have that we brought us there partridge Dave Partridge is 15 I believe if it load up for me there Partridge age 15 decently not too bad didn’t think it’d actually be we’d begin anyone this decent right here we go where are we going Dave partridge yeah you’re 15 year older and plus on the right wing is got a better pace which is nice strength a little bit weak dribbling crossing like I mean for this level he’s not too bad at all 15 player 14 determination 12 aggression yeah it’s not bad for this for this level like so next like I mean they’re not spectacular players but for this level or a pair like yeah this guy is well is a central defender 6-foot jump and rach is called working heading is a bit low I’d like that to be a bit bearable you see how he develops my pale improved a bit and broad first broadhurst yet another 15 year old goalkeeper not too bad so we didn’t play in the terror of any decent quality put a few all clearly RI players like this player here is no no excellent boys not to Panama developing something but then yeah just have to see the transverse that I bring it on internet data brought in see who were brought in I think did you seen nine McManus 9 McManus abroad in 20 year old from Ireland yeah pretty decent players only 20 years of age 16 flare 17 natural fit this year looks like half decent player and Tom Scavo brought in his own place on the right wing can’t lay on the left as well he’s got called Pascal crossing I think this guy might be 18 years of age you think this guy might develop

into a good little air force after that we had jamar breaker and another 20 year old seems half decent finishing as a it mentals or not to about physicals are playing our I produced level so yeah he might we want for the future first we’ll just have to see another guy were brought in was marez Batoche mirage Batoche and from Algeria I think is the only problem with this player is a decent enough player for this level but the only problem is I can’t get work on the farm self and just gonna have to keep working on that try to learn about but nobody was interested so we’ll just have to see what we can do and next guy a bra in was this guy here 15 year old and snatch them from a couple of clubs that em didn’t have in contract so he’s going if I just thought I’d take a punt on them and see how he gets on half decent not too bad after that we brought in another one Pete Allison little 15 year old nothing fantastic but we might develop into something finishing is for just sub-ceo gets on Flair and breviary good see how it gets on he might develop and the wheeler we got rid of a few players here nobody amazing to know if we like Tom Baker’s kinda lon Jack Wilder when the Lord that’s about it really M finances wise were in the red minus eight four thousand so at this level it’s not that great for them but also we got to recap here on facilities wise and stuff stuff nothing’s really changed the board keep telling me they don’t have enough money to do it with that so we’re just gonna have to keep on and see how we get on maybe we forget promote we might be a blur we might be able to increase some of that stuff but then wage balloons are still are a without not in the red renting darshan that’s all that’s there and tactics wise i think a change texted tactic opiate just and playing now what 4231 then just change it up a little bit we were starting to get bad results i said i change it up and see what ins and as you can see the results have kind of been opened down as you can see winning streak here then we lost few pretty bad matches so we were in second or third place and we had come to lose matches and then drop this down a little bit so just gonna have to push on shows here working on so i think was get into today’s game and see how we can earn a semi-final of the English manly cop against girls knee strike earns II think that’s a lotta so they’re playing the 442 and I think my team has already set up here I think I probably mostly players that I wanted or did I just have a quick look no I didn’t notice change around 10 to finish Molly in there forgot my damn nice work with whole band George Brown porter Cup embossment Rhys Jones like smullins how the defender is looking a little pecker Craig yeah I bring alex from my lines and put back all crack some core left back paddipaddi leave him there call goes out the right I’m so glad you think that’s about if beau bridges and as you can see so I’ve had to fit Dixon in Derek and leather bar it’s not a favorite position that I think I’ve central usual centre-back is injured or sign an injured suspended check roundels here too i need to injure no can only play by yourselves in this one will take off them too so i think that’s ever in there some of the conditions are a little bit low but was just going to struggle show that i think ok let’s get hit hopefully and get result how this no the final but I’m not too optimistic because the last viewers also penned by itself as you can see morale is not great to be honest so just have to see how we grow when this key insights Lord yeah guernsey guernsey third favorite white for perverts as you can see top scorers in this cup roster a livin where let’s hope you can score another one today okay and opposition instructions i’ll just leave that as it is for the moment let’s do it for the fans ok Sokka elvira free action corddry

action problems on let’s see what we can do girl hopefully we can get win right melons were local kids have to go go go go keeps lid currency not relevant have a shot of a shot habesha go go but pedi ish malli Hennessey Dixon what you’re gonna do Go Go just gonna catch on them push maleo enoki five minutes in currency on the attack he’ll spread cigar tomograph we’re going back to that Oh purple mama Queenie Oh bad kick-out kalimera has a spell Ram days in makueni well-toned sweeper keeper tripping pipe Eddie come on guys let’s do something here oh good effort just our target come on Dixon the net Dixon take free-kicks i think i might change it back to Los relevant sticks and has no relevant score and my niece off Alan Oh over the power right stats wise work taman ayun possession dominating shots to burnet hope we would actually here we go core Oh go go back in Australia and yes one nil get in one-nil up in this horrifying or its just oh sorry semi-finalists yeah as you can see her core has a nice shot Go Go puts it back in trailer and just hammers at home go call on and on nice cold I think I might just have a look here see can we turn off these are they get one background a MC ya gotta turn off them how that’s extended I don’t think so not from here just continue itself 11 run des oeufs carnival highlight little drop the quicker that time violent badmouthing was in an offside he looked offside to me baby done come on lads let’s get another one back come on lads Alan plays not around there I’m they’re back in talent it’s good player by guernsey Guernsey oh come on Louis trillion why is he gonna do it ich mal hennessy HTML go go children of the Dixon pretty good with the end call the trail of a TS two goals for child of an excellent performance brilliant well done Dixon hpc touched it on for Go Go Go Go has a touch website and trade wound head teacher Elevens on target man know which is his favorite position our favorite role to play 25 minutes into one house stats gone 10 shots six on target to clear called 56 yeah we’re doing better or not we’ll just stop them from scoring a few more goals though that’s a cork irrelevant ich mal e come on ich mal he’s paralyzed unit one for her man mcqueeney that’s it take your time mcweeny straight up their midfield trail oven ich mal trail oven yes go go bury your cocoa Oh buried into the net not wait that’s it ollie roll come on defenders gotta get this one out hennessy Delamere has a ram day has a Felton McGraw Hume oh how did he scored a keeper hell did you not save that unbelievable let’s have a look at this again Hume one-touch bank keeper how did you not say if that unbelievable right come on guys Dixon over there again every free-kick Dixon getting mrs. gonna have to change him off them halftime let’s see conditions who’s having the power game only roll by 71 condition then take a might have to take all the roll off so you can make your li get these let’s tune up a little

bit yeah then we’ll take all the raw ice little bit too low plus accomplished lap game yeah I’m gonna take more put on Paco Craig here we round up all right guys come on let’s get another goal come on dickson tennessee Ishmael join the go go yes get in the back of the net 18 year-old Thomas Cole go scores fifth goal of the season come on guys gotta hold on to just leave him CD player ish Molly actually looking call them nice 11 worked per call that come on let’s hold on to this no come on get out that’s 51 minutes gone mcqueeney kicks tell hannity in the middle headstand strain of impact MC scope all the song go Oh get a tangoga drinkable no out of a mess in there come on let’s break that down have a feeling there’s gonna be another cold or two from which side I don’t know but I feel there’s gonna be a caller to come on Shane oven ich mal e da bad pass Oh class is really that’s a dixon well don dixon bad pass again batter patty with the tackle well done ish Molly what can he do with it into trailerhood shoots Oh 56 minutes gone who’s having a bad game Sam Chord left back and right back on the radio camps come on ish Molly Allen has it rammed a Guernsey on the attack back darlin Hume don’t let a man Oh Trey Trey Jake rum there come on lads crosses and bang on my strength back on the trail a word drip and golden Ishmael he’s injured that’s just fantastic okay go can we swap em women and let’s see Hennessy entire county Paul Hennessy in parish Molly so I push Molly wait George Brown fortune yeah the 78th minute should run on towards up my leg on this computer brand Prince call me a cold as long as we all could save on now guernsey on the attack come on guys run their cortical get this out lads come on get it out come on lads hope to die I was gonna whip this on in he has it and it’s in the back of the net and ice ornery can’t believe it can’t believe her lots for training after we dominate more so much dying unbelievable defense gon have to change this defense up for next season it’s our quick team talker gonna have to say show some passion come on let’s keep this one up as well who then had the one tonight eh it was all over come on Louis go ball as it heads down for even know he just can’t make it won’t put that ball back in Tennessee Traven come on my song go should have finished at masango dr. handsy with an inhale Z by a cross well it’s on the end yet even in plenty of time Sam Gore back to balance into hence a hence its trainable he’s getting crowded out by the pedi al to the wind nice ball Dixon relevant what was that corner kick Kasongo whips it in nobody there but a pedi back in branford yes Canada in our lads command scramble in the cold world come on Lance Dixon get your head on that someone Trevin Oh 84 minutes come on lads if we don’t care call here we’re

going out a cop and I see what can we do that Dixon by the petty excellent by the pending no bad play lots timothy entertainment co marching back Betty she looks well on taking my print on one last soccer so you can I change anything till winners I think I’m gonna put the two windows on the tack might be a little bit late in the game or gonna try it anyway and then good to put this was a winner on attack you know the labor will see defenders have had a really poor game yeah 666 really poorly collapse changed fenders for nexus Patinkin bring in some decent plastic canvas then the fenders I’ve had a really bad camp and they don’t really want to take off many other players here Rosalin Silvo fantasy trail ones holiday appoint a it solves a chance of him scores blase Jones maybe for pat patty home security and we put on Rhys Jones from bath patty let’s just see can we do anything with that I have faith in you look at oakton score let’s go Lewis need the goal here to level it up we know para colmo bono the copper some gore what can I do Branford we’re in the 89th minute song go not the handsy handsy into Jones controls to some special Kobol to tex equipment dexter trailer hub NSA no think it’s all over lads three minutes at a time yeah it’s all over I think unless something happens here portray against guernsey unbelievable Tom when i add match don’t be too harsh on the players after that the result was an ideal think we played pretty am not happy with forwards bad moments let’s point about that knock down the semi-final ads could add a chipped and final but it’s not going to happen this isn’t as you can see here stats wise look Lois 28 shots 12 on Terok at 55 procession only watery what can you do okay so let’s see if or tree were out at em disappointing collapse and that it was ich mal e is injured as well I think right so that was the guernsey result next up what I might do is I might play the rest of the games as 12345678 iliac implant i might play the rest of the games off camera and or without recording and get back to you with a first season recap done at the end of it and see how we’re gonna show em drop us a like lads if you think we’re gonna finish in the top five and get playoff spa and there’s anything you’d like to talk to me about just drop a comment underneath and then we’ll see you the next one thanks