GTA V The Truck Road Trip

hey guys and welcome to finally the GTA 5 truck road trip as i’m just about to hook up to my trailer here and there we go and let me just see which directions to go right in this thing left is to go right that’s fine just so I can get it all straightened out ready to turn on to here there we go and we are ready to go guys now I’m going to be playing this very properly and making sure all goes well now i’m recording GTA so it shouldn’t be too laggy anyway let’s get on the road and let’s get going on the highway our doll guys is to get round the highway not with the trailer we’re going to drop the trailer off somewhere we’re going to drop it off at the garage here i found this trailer on the road on the way back so we’re going to drop it off where it belongs there and then obviously well obviously if we decide to get a car we get a car and we speed it along or we keep on in the truck and we keep going so let’s do this oh that’s why right here we go just going to turn out a second I know Eddie I crashed into a car so I’m just going to the roads down here in it yeah so let’s see what goes on now got a lot of stuff in this trailer by all rights so I’m going to try and get it all there in one piece sure sure just any old you have a bit more guys just you guys can have it Thank You Man I’m literally going to turn on into the empty lane and we’re going to speed it past all these cars as I take the first corner with ease on that during this 60 car and one truck race on the handbrake as well because i’ll definitely wasn’t stopping for normal brakes and that is a nice four by four you’ve got there dude but yeah guys so as we wait in traffic amylin planes game entirely properly and yeah i can’t unfortunately I can only go slow mo look at this guy it’s going to take us till nightfall at this rate guys on this game so just sit back and relax and you should be fine yeah that was a bad idea oh well just turn back in a second there we go right guys I may have to cheat a little bit I want to do this and any problem with these trucks is they accelerate faster than normal trucks I think with GTA 5 you should have made the truck driving experiences that little bit more painful but by making it really hard to go up hills now yes I am using the hard shoulder was I raced past that please car just an optimized didn’t bump into him but yeah this could get fairly dangerous and I’ll take my foot off the accelerator there while we’re doing an f1 commentary seriously guys can you explain that please please please I don’t know oh hang on fool you ain’t taking me well then I’ll take you on the Sebastian Vettel of truck driving i am guys I’m not amazing at it but I do well my god daddy oh right then so we’re not far off actually guys we’re going to get there fairly quickly um yeah we are going to get there fairly quickly at this rate we’re more would just cut almost coming up to the halfway point now so should be pretty good let’s just put the pace a little bit sir guys have you been this is coming out oh I don’t know does it come out tonight I mean do that will it get it edited in time i don’t know i’m recording this attend to at nine o’clock on a sunday night the 18th of january 2015 guys Wow in 2015 already i never thought i’d hit it I didn’t think i’ll be on youtube for as long as i have been but obviously i’ve

made it so as you can see a lot of things bumping around inside the it’s as a lawyer here I don’t know what’s going on with it but pacifica near d and then the 100-plus horsepower look at that all on the brake handbrake the f do j am breaking the truck guys on this because the brakes are just rubbish and it’s the thing I’ve ever find on this my only complaint is that you can’t modify trucks or tractors or or police case you can’t actually like make a police car like undercover police car like an unmarked a skylight you can’t actually take the lights on in dear rockstar please make trucks modifiable stay become yours please do that as an update if I can imagine I’ve it’d be awesome if rockstar just tuned in to this episode win it if when it goes up and they treat me going yeah what I’d updating my normal I awesome thank you rock star I’m just slow down a little bit hello I have to otherwise the headset won’t that’s anyway that’s my mom telling me do or just too loud gimme guys actually is she might have a point there we go it’s the range rover tries to overtake me awesome so yeah dad sir that is my plane that is my pledge she’s never been at me about Benjen Oh mom I asked you I shouted at me pain to you now you should hear me when I’m playing Skyrim them anyway goes warmest there now so yeah I’m after quiet down all right she my mom will come in and roundhouse kicked me in the face not literally obviously but your roundhouse kick me verbally it’s Frank came as I got it and then got a lot of stuff in the back of this blooming truck I’m not gonna lie like you guys we’re almost there half-hour far we exactly oh we’re there oh we’re practically there nice and then I don’t know what we’re going to love this guy’s I might get a car we might go for a bit of shenanigans I don’t know I mean I want to make it back into Los Santos in a truck technically I might just change trailers and do it that way it just take a trip back to Los Santos I’m actually actually yeah i’m doing i’m gonna see if i can find that’s why i put pic this trailer up from I swear it’s where I pick that this trailer what form the trailers all seem to be blue I don’t know what’s going on here I mean the colors fine so hello anyway we’re going to turn all do it do it yeah we’re going to turn here we’re going to take the safe route then we’re going to overtake and we’re going to take the safe route in guys actually I don’t know what the safe route is for this for this town actually for to getting is there this is a workman’s town guys this is one just works out that this is actually a workman’s town I don’t know whether being here is a good thing for me I don’t know we might even take of oh oh we could do the fuel and can’t we oh yes Mike Mike on move it move it fools I’m out of here if you reject your trailer dude I can take that back to Los Santos for you and there is a fuel trailer in there we’re going to drop this off this could be this is going to be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done oh yeah girl let me a nickel a minute let me in let me in it ain’t gonna let me eat definitely the Millennium bloody out what if he’s going to let me not stop it there we go as he’s still parking so I’m just now going to swing this thing round and I’m gonna really should just gonna plunk it somewhere guys I don’t want to swing it too hard because knowing this thing yeah I definitely put that in too hard I’m

gonna there we go this straighten up straighten straighten straighten straighten straighten straighten thank you guys lovely stuff and we’re going to pick up that fuel tanker and we’re going to do the same route back well further actually we are going to do basically what we’re going to do guys is we’re going to go all the way down here all the way down all the way down all the way down or down or now an auto a down all the way down all the way down all the way down a hallway down in straight into town and will probably drop it off at like the cab cause I’m about that or restaurant or garage and then head back to the safe house so it’s Billy a fool and then I back to where we started so it’s really full circle I keep doing it I don’t know why anyway you know I want to see how much money I’ve got I think you should be able to do Laurie jobs on this guy’s honestly do oh but so spend 150 yeah i went to the barbers and got the hair changed i’ll show you when we get back to Los Santos but here we go it’s going to be the best truck John you’ve ever seen it gonna be truck simulator why is it gonna be nerd no cube-like but as I accelerate fuel tankers seem to be a little bit heavier the new original trailer that I had on my back but we shall see about that we shall see all this goes on the way back I mean we may even take the mountain route we may even just plonk it in a mounting grab a taxi and go we shall see all this goes guys but I’d like to make it all around so how long have we got we’ve got all this to cover that’s a lot of stuff to cover that’s a lot of road and we’ve got to get grinding so I may cut this actually I don’t really want to be recording the entire thing let’s just say that don’t seem to be liking look so you should be vibration think I may have to cut this episode i think i may have to cut this just to save a bit of time yeah it’s cool hey guys I’m back and I’ve just got to be quiet for a few minutes because my parents have gone to bed and yeah and now both is going to sleep they’ve got to be up early s’more so I’m going to shut up a second and I’m just going to say that right here right now but yeah guys so we’ll no way and I know I shouldn’t really be calling us on our but huawei I want to way back to Los Santos and we’ve got a bit of ground to cover now I cut it because mom came in and so yeah the rest of this would be recording now they shouldn’t be up to here anyway guys so yeah we got to be ground to cover and we’ve got two fairly quickly so I’m going to get on with it and hopefully we should be all good now actually we could drop this yeah we’re not we’re going to keep one guy just gonna get into the middle of this Lane catch up with these tankers I know there’s bound to be a barrier here in vibration vibration vibration right then so we are now well on our way and how long have we got to go in fact let’s have a look at this so we ain’t got all wet you got that long I could technically turn off here turn left and

head down and make the mood just a little bit shorter I doubt if you guys would like that though I don’t know what we’ll see how this goes my plan originally why guys was to take this truck all the way up to known to get a car take up to Blaine County and then take another and then get a truck then come all the way back from the top of loss and talks with it which would mean going all the way around the highways of all around and well and Los Santos but that didn’t work out 40 I failed first attempt he goes I blew up the car with a sticky bomb because I sort of pressed the wrong button I tried to apparently carrying a fuel tanker is infinitely as difficult it is more infinitely more difficult to get it up hills guy to this guy’s been trying to avert a promise to change later changelings again okay change lanes because these guys I want to overtake me so I’m just going to let them do it you won’t ever take change lanes guys will ever take change lanes how I say it boys I say what causes muscles as Muslims wasn’t wasn’t valued dick as you can tell my car’s got a bit damaged on our seven thirty percent damage after about 90% like when the trucks like majorly like breaking then you start to experience major problems and I’m literally just going to get well ahead of these guys before anyone else can there’s a whole load of time because in front of me I’m actually stuck in traffic guys wow but let’s do this oh he’s ass is he one of them sunday people that come out on know what day is Thursday people that come out on thursdays and just start like annoying you I don’t always ready to take you know what we’re going to turn off here we are back in Los Santos now guys so she’ll be all good to go and hopefully we can drop this off somewhere good perfectly in a warehouse somewhere on a field petrol station might be nice I’m actually going to turn right here because I can and we’re going to keep going up new vinewood guys hopefully we should be able to drop this off somewhere now and then I said even I silly nice City nice city nice city we’re gonna drop it off here I said someone nice this is nice enough dan I was gonna be made of a tight turn it

alright then see if we can line up properly you just add it right slightly go there we go there we go there we go there we go straight up straight up yeah it’s fine but that’s cool we should be able to go now there we go guys I’m we are out of it any guys probably thinking Tom while you just get a car from there I’m actually not going to get a car guys we’re gonna drop this off where we started 22 sep a gps is probably gonna take as like actually we can actually drop it off in grove street oh now i can’t go into the strip moves in a strip club can I you know what we’re going to do I’m going to take it to the property scrapyard x lightning go to ER twig we’re heading to the property scrapyard now for those who I thought I wondered the truck is infinitely faster than it used to be so I want to take it slow for the cameras take on the straights I’ll put my foot down oh my god I actually how much live a truck fill their pace guys your hips is done that’s the end of the road trip guys if

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