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Hi kids! Guess who is there Yes its’ me bob Join me for learning street with bob Hey kids, Today, we are going to learn to make simple words that end with ‘e’ and ‘d’ in a fun way Without letters to play It can be a dull day So let’s all together learn and churn words that make ‘e’ and ‘d’ fun ‘e’ and ‘d’ make ‘ed’ that’s ‘ed’ ‘ed’ ‘ed’ ‘e’ and ‘d’ make ‘ed’ that’s ‘ed’ ‘ed’ ‘ed’ With ‘b’ they turn to ‘bed’ at night, you go to bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed With ‘f’ they turn to ‘fed’ I fed my dog some bread Fed Fed Fed Fed Fed Fed With ‘l’ they turn to ‘led’ I led the way in the dark Led Led Led Led Led Led With ‘r’ they turn to ‘red’ Fire Engines are always Red Red Red Red Red Red Red With ‘w’ they turn to ‘wed’ another word for married is wed Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed “E’ and ‘D’ made our day they are so much fun to play Lots of words they helped us make they deserve a pat and a cake Wow we have learnt a lot of words today ending with ‘e’ and ‘d’. Bed, Fed, Led, Red and Wed Wasn’t that fun kids? Thank you ‘e’ and ‘d’. That’s all for today, kids. Hope you had a great time! We’ll be back soon to discover and learn new words Till then adios!