Flight Night 75 | Popham to Kemble | Real Weather | VR

Welcome back to Popham airfield on 19/3/20 for leg 75 of our UK Tour Today we’re heading NE to EGBP Kemble, but expecting a low cloudbase and limited visibility Today’s leg is about 42NM on a heading of 313 degrees There arent many distinctive features to pick out so we may struggle for definitive positioning as we progress But we’re still only using the chart and our eyes Start ya bastard Correcting the gyrocompass as always First up will be flying between Whitchurch and Overton Mag check Should state that I’m only using Oculus Touch controllers here, no yoke/pedals/throttles etc It’s harder, thats my excuse Let’s get going before the weather gets worse Danabb transport depot down there Starting off at 1200′ but there’s higher ground ahead That should be Overton And Whitchurch to the left of our track Picking out the A34

It runs all the way to Southampton We might be able to see Andover to our left, but it’s a way off track so maybe not Higher ground approaching Should also note that I don’t pre-run or practise these legs, so this is all as legit as can be At this point besides a few very vague peaks, it’s hard to pinpoint our exact position Looking for forested areas on the chart This could be Savernake forest (Which would put us to the south of our track) But we’ll find out when we see Swindon over the hill A slight step up in alt, but must avoid the clouds X-Plane cant quite decide how bright today will be Constant weather changes hampering my CPU

Again trying for definite locations, but nothing to cross-check with here Doves Farm Foods This distinctive driveway puts us over the forest a few miles SW of Hungerford, so only about a half mile north of track Of course the subtitles are retrospective, so it’s not helping me at present Looks like my garden Ramsbury We’re over a mile north of track now Swindon will get us back on track Hillwood Stud, if you’re into horses!

Cycling OVR to aid smoothness Getting back on track based on the shape of Swindon Picking out Chiseldon I think Definite fix on the M4 as it passes south of Swindon And then on to Bristol Now we need to pay attention to avoid missing Kemble Nationwide Building Society Wroughton, a former RAF base and community Ridgeway school A local Waitrose Driver navigates as well as I do We’ll be looking for lakes to the north, and Oaksey Park airfield to the South as we go

Purton Lakes up ahead Minety And a railway line as expected, though they’re often hard to tell from roads in this Need to be sure at this point There’s Oaksey Park There we are Fast prep for landing Lining up for RW26

Exiting onto Alpha and we’ll join the 1%ers on the D-Site Apron Thanks for sticking around. I really do appreciate the views, likes and subscriptions. Much appreciated Next week we’re back on grass again, Eastbound to RAF Halton Flying Club Please join us!